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Good morning. What is up best friends? It is may twenty third a Thursday. So it's not Franjieh Friday, but I'm here with Andrew Renee, and it's Franjieh Thursday. I guess. Yes, it is. That's, that's what's good. That is what's good, right? Andrea, that is what's good. How are you doing Fran? The you know on tire she's laughing. She's trying to hold it fine. Although she's going to be traveling soon. Some sure she's had a lot on her plate in mere hours, but she hops going going to Lund in the housekeeping. We're gonna get to that horses in the show, you don't have to, because I we have it covered for you. Andrea hopped into my stream last night around eleven pm was it or some? Yeah. Was editing. The show for what's good this week. I was waiting for file to render I was like, well, I'm sitting here I got the notification because we follow you onto it and I was like, oh, let me pop in there and see what's going on in France channel. Appreciate professional operation going on you. It wasn't bad. But yeah, I got a little nervous that was the first time I've seen. I think what's good and Andrew in there. But we were playing destiny too, because the grind is on them to shoot for the June fourth worlds. First raid with the destiny community podcast team. And I am not max level. So I've got my only got two weeks. Any good luck? This isn't a destiny show. A show that tells you about all the nerdy video game news, you need to know about it. Of course it's called kinda funny games daily. If you don't know already, you can catch us live right here on twitch TV slash kind of funny games if you can't catch it live. Of course, you can find a silver on YouTube dot com slash kind of funny games rooster, teeth dot com and podcast services around the globe. Well done. Let's see what else. Oh, yeah. If we get anything wrong during the show, you can actually tell us live at kind of funny dot com slash you're wrong. Please keep it limited to you're wrong. It's lots read at the end of the shows, I often say, we don't like to just stared a giant spreadsheet of general chatter. But anyway, let us know if we get anything wrong. Let's remember as well to be a part of the show. You can actually head over to patriot dot com slash kind of funny games where bronze members are above. Get to write in and silver members or above get the show ad free on today's show. Andrea. Not not a bad amount of news. There's a new gaming hand held console coming out to black and white. Yeah. I'll tell you more about that in a second black and white. Yep. Just, just wait for division to raid Ubisoft come back with state of the game date. I wanna talk to Andrew about that because we play a lot of division two. There's a Neo to alpha tests coming soon, and a lot more news beyond that, so stay tuned for that in just a second, but first, some housekeeping Andrea, tell me what is going on in. London. So what's good crew myself Brit, and Steiner all going to be at the marquee in Westminster the marquee of Westminster? Yes. On Sunday may twenty six from three to six PM or from fifteen hundred eighteen hundred in the afternoon, I try to get time. Time going, and we would love for you to come by as I mentioned on the show with Gary yesterday. We've had a lot of best, friends reach out and say the, there's going to be a whole league of best friends that are coming. So if you guys want to come by and say, Hello. That would be super fun leak of best friends. I feel that's like a cinematic. It's got cinematic potential the league of best friends, we should we should do that. And if they wanna follow you enter in a also Facebook dot com slash what's good games for updates. Yes. So we have the exact address on our Facebook events page. And if you are planning to attend we would love it. If you would as piece we get a general headcount of who's all going to be there that would help us out a lot. And of course, you can follow what's good underscore games, or myself at Andrea Rene for those details. If you forget, maybe are jogging right now if you're driving to work. Yeah. Do it later. Yeah. Don't neither jogging nor driving? Don't, don't read tweets, not a good idea. One of the, of course, are patriot producers for today for helping make the show possible, blackjack Tom Bach and Mohammed Mohammed, thank you very much. And also today were brought to you by quip and third love. But I'll tell you more about that later. Kevin. Was there any other housekeeping the boys, Greg, and Tim are in Orlando? I think they're just done with the major meet ups, but they're still there for the like today, right? Kevin's do believe. So I think they're coming back tomorrow. But if you had to Greg's feed either his Twitter or Instagram you can see some photos from the meet up last night. Looks like a an amazing turn out a ton of best friends showed up to say hi to Greg Tim in Florida, Orlando brought it. I already said, we're brought to you by quick and third love. But I'll tell you about that later, just making sure I said that, but for now let's begin with what is and forever will be the Roper reports. For some news. We have five stories today. Kevin bakers. Yep. See now he's the one that's. I wasn't even I passed it on to you. While I do the shell. All right. First up Andrew, you saw this play date a new black and white hand-held will cost you about one hundred forty nine bucks. That's the short summary. Do you want to have you caught up on the story yet? So I saw this making the rounds yesterday after the show after Katie yesterday went off the air and I was looking at it going. Glut one. My question was this one four very limited edition run. But let let's get the details here from John fingers over it. A N gadget thought I'd put from some hardware experts since it is in hardware. I also also said experts, and I also just said, also gonna call you. Anyway. I'm gonna call myself on all my mistakes today. So the story goes like this veteran software developer panic, which is best known for writing transmit and publishing. Fire watch has on veiled a hand held game system called play date. It aims to break the rules of game. Consoles most conspicuously. It has a hand crank on it. You have to treat your system like a fishing rod to play some titles. This comes again from gadget who says it looked silly but panic is clearly betting on that added whimsey to help it stand out. And it sure does it actually looks really cool. It's like this sort of GameBoy esque kinda simple feely, Kevin shell show. Thanks for the gift action perfect. But yet kind of looks like. A small Gable is got this little foldout crank on the side. It's all I thought it was glossy yellow, but anyway, it has a black and white screen is well, so maybe also harketting to that GameBoy style and the game delivery model is also the big noteworthy part, the titles are actually secret and you're gonna get twelve game strung out over three months, so about twelve weeks. So one game per week and panic wants to keep the game lineup secret beyond this first how they've shown right there, which was cranking time travel adventure. And so what it's doing it's just showing you're using the crank to actually move through the world. So that was most of it. The machine won't ship until early twenty twenty. They said it will cost about one forty nine with all the games of season, one included and supplies will be quote very limited is what panic says. Hi Neal, is it. I didn't see Kevin was really tidy keeps didn't see. I didn't see the holding it, it looks like a potato chip with us Craig on this spend my iphone excess. Do you have a what's not though? No have the excess. That's yeah, I know. But like when you're talking about playing half the size of an excess dumb right? We can all agree with that now. Okay. It's done. It's a novelty collector's item. It's got a little cranky advantage of dumb hipsters at wanna get like, yes. Okay. Let's try to see the glasses half full here friend. Friend, trying to I don't think it's worth hundred and fifty bucks. No talk about that. I'm not gonna I realize it is twelve games. And so I wanna start with that point, at least, which is always games. Did you see this this game that they were showing us is this a game? Hang, it seems that you crank it back and forth to make him move Kennedy. You crank it better. Is that a game? Is that a good? You are you doing anything? Besides just cranky in the crank. Yeah. I don't think it's a game. I think it's like a movie essentially that you get to his it's like you member. Those viewfinders are used to hold to your face, and you would like crank it and would like move. It's basically like Charlie Chaplin game, basically, is what you're telling me. Anyway, what I wanted to point out was actually to be fair. We always talk about any platform is very often. Find by the games that are on it. We don't really know what the games are like if they're very complicated or not. So is really hard to judge the true worth of it because we don't know what these twelve games their weekly games. What I like about it is I actually liked the little crank on the side, and that was a little bit of an intendo move is very tiny. It looks to me about maybe sixty percent the size of ex- excess iphone or something like that. Whatever the case, I'm just trying to say, I don't know who it's for where this came from, and what investors got all who is about as after reading the story about the death of yesterday and knowing that, that company spent over thirty million dollars wasted watching that thing swirl down the drain. How does somebody take something like this, and go, we should fund invest in this? I don't understand it Fran. I agree with you there. And by the way, outside the crank and even then you could probably argue that I wonder if on switch you could do this stuff with the Giro. I don't know if it could pick up on it that minute, but outside of that. I mean. Yeah. Like why not just release these games and color? And so it is more just by a GameBoy if you are so nostalgic, for a black and white gaming experience, that has a massive library of games that you can play. We were discussing it's getting press, so that works and it's very limited supply. What were you just Kevin? Oh, no. It's okay. Nick was gonna go to birthday is going birthday party for three year old and he's like, I don't want to get the kid and I was like you should get him a GameBoy like an old GameBoy. Oh, yeah. Break and real simple games. I guess. Game by maybe a little too much for three year old. Hey man, they're smart. They'll figure. They are very smart, but they're touchscreen smart. The buttons, it'll stump through your. He'll get it. Anyway. Sounds like the verdict is still out. Let us know what you guys think in the commerce, if anybody actually is gonna like I don't know if you can pre-order yet or not in that but my God. Oh my God down to me about this story. Ongoing buying you'll have their weird black and white hipster thing. Andrea, jeez. Exactly. That's what it is. Saying no one saying like, oh hey don't buy this now. It's just your few by your dumb dumb. That's all I'm safe. You buy your dumdum the final word on play day before it's even out from Kevin Koa. I just want to make a note to people that you can buy a PlayStation, slim on EBay for one hundred eighty bucks. Just thirty dollars. More. He put that day Andrea. And I'll tell you what else you can't with the PlayStation, slim crank, it, it's true. I guess if you really wanna crank it play data's for you need is like a really good like commercial around that crank, like I was thinking about there was this old construction commercial nineties commercials. Cranking out the big balls Craig get out the big ball. It was like a whole song around cranking. Anyway, said cranking enough on this story. Let's move. It is something that is a lot more familiar to Andrea. And I division two's raid. We tried it last Friday came out last Thursday. It's now been a full week and it was very difficult, especially for console players. Everybody on read it blown. Up. We heard from one of the I think it was Johann from Ubisoft commented on read it, you know, we're open to changes so we got our hopes up state of the game, which is their weekly show release yesterday. And on it Chris Gansler who's the community developer commented on this much discussed Ray difficulty and the lack of parody on console admitting there is one and here's what he had to say. We know the rate is harder on consul. But we are happy with where we were at we have seen apple clear it, and I've cut out a few in between comments, but this was basically, we've seen multiple people clear. We're always open to changes if the community is giving us feedback on something that is not how they like it or not afraid to do changes at the moment, though for the rate. Specifically, we don't have any balance changes right now. How you feel about that Andrew? I'm mad about a friend mad. Not what's good. That's what's what's mad listen. We have talked about how there are market difference. Ses between the rate on council and we as gamers know that PC has always had more power has always had more precision, that's nothing new but to see it so starkly side by side and having console players being prohibited because of those differences is super frustrating. What? Yes. So I moved to destiny to on which, you know, quite some time ago October of twenty seventeen. So when it came out, I guess, so. So I moved over there then, and actually like right at first it's the frame rate. Right. And destiny has raids which is why I'm bringing it up. In addition to being total fan boy about it. When I was playing I was like, yeah, just like smoother it's faster didn't really occur to me that it was like that much improved. Because your input which is precision aim with mouse. And keyboard something, you can't aim on controllers, but there is quite a big difference in whereas going with this. I started to see raid, completions, tending to always be on PC I there was never anything like this situation with division, where thirty six hours before anybody had beaten on console. And it only took about five and a half hours. I believe I mean when you have a speed run. That's twenty three minutes or twenty four. Now they've got down twenty five fastest speed run possible on consul is like three hours. Yeah. I mean, there's clearly a different already there, right? Yes. And this was the last point I was gonna make one. It's just part of it. I just didn't believe there was that big of difference because of my desk days. I'm like, well, there's some difference, but you get through it. Once you get a console team together knows what they're doing. But it is much harder on console when I was sitting back to play it. I started to realize just the way a lot of the stuff works. I have so much trouble aiming on console part of that is just me. But quite frankly, I just like, oh, is such a world of difference in my last point here was just that I can't believe they balanced this on the P C. Apparently, that's what surpr-. Prizes me now. I don't know that they did. They never said that we played it on PC to balance it. But like who at the studio had been playing on console. Do you think they spent significant time with that as the main platform, I feel like it must have been? How do they not spot this? No, I'm with you. Because because the designed server was obviously on as far as I'm aware, they didn't do a private test server for console players and so, yes, exactly. When you when you're gonna take data from PC players only then you're going to potentially balance. Tweaks certain parts of the mechanics of her game with PC only input data, then you're going to have a skewed experience, and it's unfortunate because you would think if they skewed it for console PC players would then just have a natural advantage. Anyway. 'cause they're always going to have an input control advantage over console players, regardless. And so why wouldn't you do it for the people who are going to have the most difficult time and balance it for them? And then everybody else, you know, that's kind of up the chain is going to benefit from that. Anyway. Yeah. But, you know, I was thinking about the internal development team just themselves. And you know, you never know all this stuff works. Sometimes you do design something that is so complex. You gotta wait till you get it out in the wild as well. And to your point, see how it goes, but the one sort of glass half full thing, I'll say is it is, if it's half full, but it's interesting. The fact that massive is so dedicated to making this such an elite experience. I mean, eight people that know what they're doing that have top tier builds by. It's an eight person rate, if you didn't know yet eight people together on console or have Molin a chat room, and that alone is difficult, because there's no matchmaking which was before all this. So it's such a high tier to get everyone together, but also all of the need for the most part. No other doing, and it's interesting that massive seems very dedicated to, like, look, we're we think people are going to do this. We want it to be a big challenge. So anyway, it's interesting to see where it's going, they're sticking to their guns for now. Right. So we have in tier later on the store that Ubisoft community. Manager also said that improving Bill diversity the classes and abilities required to complete the rate is focused moving forward. Quote, it's important that we take the time to properly, analyze data and take a deep look at suggestions in order to avoid making major changes. That might shift the balance too far in one direction elsewhere. So you be Johann road. They said that increasing. The viability of a healer focus role. Something specifically mentioned developers which is important because generally in a raid, you have a diverse group of classes or diverse group of load outs to complement, the play style of everybody in to make sure that you kind of have your basis covered with the game playing on exit. You're going to have to face and what I experienced in the operation dark hours rate is that everybody had to go in with the same high DPS build with the same skills in that there was no room for diversity in order to be able to just clear the first boss, and that's like super frustrating, because it kind of takes the fun out of it. And the thing that Steiner, and I were talking about on this week's episode of what's good was that clearly raids are taken from traditional MO's raids have on memos have way more players in them. They have way more diversity and of skill sets across the player base within your rating group, and more importantly, there's more ways to get the gear that you. The need for the raid in traditional memo's than there is in the division two. And I think this Aren g Luder shooter and tally doesn't necessarily lend itself to being raid, ready. When you lock your players to a specific build in order to be successful in the raid. And that's what I think, destiny kind of, you know, has been successful at with their raids is that they allow players, whether they're a warlike one hundred or titan total sub classes, right to pick the subclass that, that works. And obviously, there are certain weapons that do better than. To do better than certain bosses, and things like that. But. With everything, right? You still can have a more diverse makeup of players than you can have in the division two's. Right. Yes. That's that's accurate. I mean to be fair, we need to learn more about it. I feel like it was so hard and discouraging that yeah, I haven't heard enough about different builds, if people are mixing in say, all shotgun with you know, there's probably strategies that are still being found, which is interesting. But yeah, it look it's played a lot of raids like you have and is very off pudding, because it's so difficult. But the biggest part for me again is trying to get people together that I can do this with very challenging. I would actually really like to. But I tried to do it. I went into the division to discord on the Saturday night. We talked about on Monday, and I was up super late with just a Suba. Random group hard to hear them, and we barely knew each other. But for hours, we try to, but I would like to play with the team altogether that alone selves, very difficult. Well, it's tough because Percy like I mentioned with the way that they are in g loot drops in the division to getting eight people. That have enough damage against Leeds weapon damage critical hit incredible. I didn't know how to use the recalibration statement station. It's just it's rough rough joss. That is what division to is. It does strike me. It is not following the trend of other games. It digs into the artists past of what massive as always done. It is still a talk about it as a spreadsheet shooter, and it very much is sticking to its guns there. So when yes, exactly one big. Con. That's why said twice one big controversial thing here is that the players have an advantage. There were going to put a portrait in the White House cross all consoles of this the team that did it. So everybody's like what? It's harder on console so we don't get our photo, and then ran into the problem with, like, all right. So they are doing it. They're gonna put photos of everybody from each console that did it. Good. That's the right call. So there's a little bit of an update here 'cause they released that, you know, everyone finished they release the official confirmation of who were the first teams to beat it on three teams beat the raid within thirty minutes. Of each other. And yeah. Like I said it was about five hours after launched and as I recalled console players about thirty six hours, developers of vision to say they will honor each platforms teams, not just the first to beat the new games raid, and this isn't gain in terms of putting the photo in the White House of those folks. So that's nice. That is the one thing I think they responded, very quickly. But that's the right call like the teen the place that would have exaggerated the issue because there are people who worked very hard in the face of this to get it done. And in fact, they did and are getting recognition. That's gotta feel awesome. Thirty six hours. Yeah. Yeah. I mean it's have. I mean destiny is going through similar stuff with twenty. I watched to still ask wish. Yes. So I think we need to get away from rates that take up entire days and people were barely eating why they do them. You know, so all right on to our next story Neo to alpha Tess. It is coming soon. This is from Michael mcwhirter over a polyglot rounded this up. There is a new trailer. Teaser came out for this says, just as it did with the original Neo developer team ninja will give select PlayStation. Four owners early access to Neo to as part of closed elva test. The test will run for may twenty fourth to June second. So that's Friday through three time. I don't know. Maybe it's a Friday, Friday. I almost had it on Twitter team ninja said that the closed alpha is designed to quote help gather feedback for development. It sounds like the alpha will be limited to a small pool to quote, ensure the team can manage the feedback there are no plans to expand the alpha at the moment. But please keep an eye on our channels for more in the future said team ninja. Ennio two's, development L. Michael is saying if Neo twos, develop anything like the first games, there may be future opportunities to play test the sequel before the official release, which I think is still plotted for twenty nine hundred somewhere but it doesn't have official release date. And this was just I think announced last year at three. So get team ninjas Neo sequel, Kamen, maybe getting that closed alpha. So keep an eye on that Andrew. Did you ever get a chance to dig into Neo? It's very yeah. It's, it's not you know, it's not an engine guide in exactly. It's not sick hero, dark souls. But it's in it is in that world. And I've heard nothing but good things about it. So regardless. I'm still very excited for everybody. That was a fan of it that the sequels come in, and hopefully get seal and more game play out there. We got to see some in this little teaser trailer. So be sure to check that out if you haven't yet. Sony had a lot of like updates internally has been talking about a lot of stuff. One thing that came out of the woodwork that I hope wasn't already covered that I pulled up was that Sony has said that the big exclusives, like goes to Shema last of us are still plan for PS four. They want to add clarity to this, because there has been questions like is the ghost. The next gen game is going to shift is going to go away from PS four. So Cowan Stevens over rounded up some of this information, and I thought it was be good thing to talk about Callen says Sony confirmed that the biggest PlayStation four exclusives will still be coming to the current generation pencil, but they didn't specifically rule out them. Appearing on the next generation, PlayStation five during a Sony investor relations day presentation president and CEO of Sony interactive entertainment. Jim Ryan spoke over a slide including key art, for the last of us, partout death stranding and goes Shima. That focused on the critical role of PS four over the next few years, the quote that he spoke over this for the next three years, or so PS four will be the engine of Sony. Interactive Entertainment's engagement and probability probability. They mean profitability, maybe not engagement and probability as we seek to keep the existing owner base engaged in delighted and attract new owners from different markets and different. Demographics said, Ryan speaking over the side in this, we'll be massively helped by an outsider roster of new and exclusive games that have yet to be launched. The story continue the inclusion of these games and the PS four Centric, slide confirms they are still planned for the current generation. So there's a little reading between the lines here, though these comments don't rule out the possibility of them hearing on PS five and also, maybe naked receive some cross generation releases that has been an ongoing discussion is well. An incubator session that followed the presentation, PlayStation, heads suggested Sony is exploring PS five cross Jen play with PS four via the backwards compatibility there. So I mean I don't know. Did you ever think these weren't coming? What do you think of the news? I mean, this is the same news that we've had. Yeah. Confirmed that these three titles are going along chump, PlayStation four for a longtime. He's just reiterating that, obviously, if they were going to be PS five launch titles. Of course, they would launch on PS four as well. Particularly since we've heard that PlayStation five will be backwards. Compatible with PS four doesn't make sense that they wouldn't launch on both consuls. Yeah. There is. There is a strong possibility. We're going to get one of these sooner than we think. Yeah. Thinking that we haven't really heard much about release dates really for any of these, and that means either, they're, they're ready. They're going to be ready sooner than we think, or they're going to be out next year. We'll be part of the launch slate. Five. I believe that, that ghosts Shema's farthest out, I'm just making that up. But I mean I mean based on what they've shown in the order to you could write for that. I agree. I think we're probably going to get of all of these. I would imagine we would get death strand. I know it's crazy to say, yeah. I also was thinking that I'm like there's a chance that it could come out this year, still so muse been teaser trailer, Tim. And I were saying, like, you've gotta have a reason if you're going to put a trailer out, maybe released eight coming, but it would be nice. I mean, they have a lot of Vail ability in fall this year. They don't really have anything coming down the pipeline. So I mean that's of the scale and this, we don't I don't think we know for sure with last of us to as well think they've ruled out twenty thousand nine haven't, but we have discussed release dates for the last of us to and win. Don't we discuss? Right. I still maintain that. It just doesn't quite make marketing. Sense to release to Dombi style games in the same year as I party exclusive, especially with how well days gone has done like they wouldn't it wouldn't make sense to me for them to step on that success with another zombie title, especially from their star developer. So I don't I don't know that they won't need it. That it would be better if they push it to spring, twenty twenty it's a fair perspective. I mean, you could also say, hey, I'm gonna games are doing so well this, you get another one. Like I know what you're saying that you don't want to the marketing. They spent a ton of money, we know in days gone, and it seems to be paying off a bit women. Get the got second best selling in April. Right. But I don't know how well numbers wise it. Did did we get numbers on days gone, yet, he think firm, I don't believe we got a number two number two on MP for April, but I haven't gotten a total sales unit. They said it was the highest selling game for Sony bend, and it was the seventh highest, PlayStation, exclusive causal. Yes. Okay. By the pulp, yesterday's news. But anyway. We don't know when the coming, they are going to be PS four that continues to be the narrative. And, and you're right. It it's kinda just telling us what we already know I'm sure some of you feel that way, you're like, yeah, we know that. But it does continue to be a question. Is it gonna shift is death straining to get pushed his last like no we're pretty confident? All these will be goes as Shema in particular. You know, I think was one of those. So, so, yeah. Let's see. Did we have anything in between hair? Yeah. I mean what do you think? Andrea for for should we jump to the telltale story. I. Yeah, I think so just because this, this other one, I got along great. Okay. Let's jump over to this quick story that telltale games are being pulled from. The Gog the geo G storefronts are you sad about it BARRET. Barrett is. Yeah. But they'll hopefully get them restored somewhere. But here's what's happening. Telltale games remaining game catalog will be delisted from the digital storefront geo g do they say God is, that's just me. They're also delisted from steam as last year. Yeah. So this is I feels like the last spot. Right. So they'll be delisted from the digital storefront on Monday may twenty seventh according to the announcement from GIO g the delisting is the result of tell tales tell to- game studios kosher last year. So the move will see games like the wolf among us Marvel's guardians of the galaxy Batman enemy within tales from the borderlands, as well as salmon max and puzzle agents here is deleted from GIO G 'cause whereas who purchase those telltale games prior to the delisting will retain the games in their library. So you shouldn't have to worry about them disappearing or anything. Tell tells the most popular game series, the Walking Dead was removed from geology, and other digital retailers November of twenty eight teen and other telltale games including series based on traffic park monkey island and back to the future where moved around the same time telltale games Walking Dead has since been revived through the game store under its new publisher sky bound games. We know telltale shy. Down in twenty eighteen. And so that's what led to a lot of this. And then there was an update from two K or from euro gamer. That said two games has confirmed to euro gamer. It is working to get tales from the borderlands back on sale as soon as possible. And yet as they mentioned before it was recently pulled from steam and is going to be removed from GIO on Monday. So lock going on here. If you wanna get those games, they're getting the sounds like you still have time to get them, doesn't it? Yeah. Two days and you'll keep them in your library, now's the chance. Yeah. If you don't have it, otherwise, I guess, because of all the many contracts is that how this is going. Somebody's got to get them into epic store is that I'm saying jokingly. Jokingly steam, obviously not every game is going to be picked up by somebody like sky bound or two K. Right. Not all of those titles like the wolf among us was didn't have a co publishing partner. So that game is kind of lost digitally for good. But they're the good news is that there are retail versions of almost all of these titles that are still floating around in the world. So we talk about like, digital preservation, and in an era of digital streaming, there are physical, retail copies of almost all of these titles, still available. So that's, that's good to know. But yeah, if you guys are interested, and you still want to get a copy of some of these games. Get a couple of days left. Yeah, what I was thinking about is. I assume that, you know, these franchises are out, sort of are they still like for sale or people picking them up? You know, is that what's going on that kind of got to put them on hold from storefronts until somebody says, okay, now that I own the wolf among us franchise in is that maybe what's going on? I'm not. Totally clear. In other words, on why they're getting pulled and not. Oh, sure has to do with the liquidation of telltale these meeting. We know that guy picked up the Walking Dead stuff. Right. Maybe this other stuff has been picked up, although tales from the borderlands it looks like to K as obviously in control of now. So I think that's work to be done. In other words, these will come back eventually. Yeah. I mean, it would be nice since t h two Nordic is buying everybody. It's exactly what I was thinking up lot. I'll tell tales I Pete, they have a shit ton of IP just added to that list of almost two hundred IP. You already have not. And that's and that's where I was going with what I said before about the epic game. So I'm like, oh man epochs got all the money put him on your store and buy the franchises while you're at it. If that's out could definitely afford to buy that IP for it may not really be of interest to them. And I'm not trying to say this shouldn't come the steam, by the way, I don't wanna be painted as an epoch store fan boys value by them. Valves got the money in order to be able to. Afford acts well, but they don't care kidding more. They won't even make ever. That's it. That's story yesterday. It was interesting. You know that Gary and I had a nice chat about it sabre. Yeah. Wanted to remake half life to the folks did World War, Z, bro. We're good. I mean to be fair like I probably would have said the same thing. Look like I really appreciate it, but I would love to do it myself someday and thank you. But no. We'll we'll do it ourselves someday. So could you know that they're never going to do it? No. But at least I let black Mesa happens, though. I go and the index is out there, so it's coming eventually. Right. And they're working on their VR index platform right now. So they, they did say, remember it was either last year, the year before they, I know it's like everything takes forever. They said they were working on games again. Remember when gave came out and said that Dont'a was working on a game, and they just bought them, but valve is well, yeah. Remains to be seen actually seen. So, yeah, maybe we've got some required reading. You it is a big story this one, I it's been reported a few places, but I pulled from games industry biz from Brennan Sinclair, so Sony interactive. So Shawn Layden was stressing. The chairman sorry, Interactive's chairman, Sean, Laden was stressing, the importance of diversity in the studios and the game play and everything that they do at PlayStation. So this was in a center stage address at the collision conference in Toronto the other day, where Sony interactive entertainment. Chairman shown Laden delivered advice on fostering creativity. From games industry perspective to a more generalist tech startup audience. What he said was the video game industry straddles creativity innovation, entertainment, and technology in ways. Unlike any other industry, our fans are boisterous, passionate vocal, and extremely unforgiving. The lessons learned since the birth of the PlayStation back in nineteen ninety four conserve many of you. Well, whether you're a founder entrepreneur. Startup or starting a business through this next wave of innovation late and talked about Sony's task managing thirteen game development studios across three continents stressing that the company focuses on creativity and quality in its products because it's no use trying to have one if you lack the other. So basically just skip ahead a little bit here. They what he said, was, we empower our development studios to constantly pushed, the boundaries of gaming and give them opportunities to experiment. And explore we encourage them to take risks. We enable culture that learns for mistakes, and failures as leaders we encourage developed developers that fiercely share new ideas, we try to be approachable, billable response say a lot to say about this. He showed up with the example that sucker punch, which is a North American game. Developer went onto the there were thinking about making the next infamous of course because infants did pretty well. And sucker punch wanted to do goes of Shima said Japan and rooted in all that culture. And so they said they were. Very proud of the fact that one hundred percent American development team was researching honoring, you know that culture and so they're really just saying we need more of this, and well, and they also give the example of media molecule, and how they made what Sean leading calls a conscious effort with greater outreach to make their studio one roughly one third female, which is incredibly uncommon in the video game development space. And so it's a really great article again games industry biz. It's a nice write-up up over there from Brendon Sinclair, we references his stories on the show all the time. It's just way, too long for us to go into on the rest of this show. And you could use a little time to digest it versus Mejias blab boarding it out. But is important topic. In a good one and yeah. Coming on the heels of Phil Spencer's blog the other day we talked about yesterday. So a lot of good required reading for you out there, unless any news broke, I believe that as most of the big stories for today, and go sashimi Andrea is so far away, if I wanted to know what is coming to mom and. Crop shops around the world where it I look for you would go to the officials of coming software across each and every platform as listed by the kind of games daily show, host each and every weekday do to. To, to know. Love friends like jazzy version of Jiang, Greg do once that I've been trying to imitate it. Did you? I never occasionally learned here. Unique snowflake. I love it. I try to mix it up. See, I used to do like, oh, whatever you'll hear it on another show. Maybe tomorrow. It's nobody Mike. All right. So what's coming out today, decent swath of stuff, we got pathologic to part, one on the PC, total war, three kingdoms on the P? C T T, isle of man ride on the edge is coming. Switch battalion nineteen forty four eastern front on American fugitive and wonderboy returns and star sky are all coming to. Switch abstract ball. Run clam man and Overlander. That's four different things. By the way abstract ball. Run clam in overland are all coming to BC. In addition to blood, we'll be black blood will be spilled, end vampire, sorry, vampire and monsters hidden object games. Coming to see more PC releases beyond this as well. Darpa zombies in the city and swine HD, remastered who'll be available worldwide on PC. So we've got some new dates coming in as well. Andrew, you actually just pulled a couple of these as we were going live universe online. Yeah. So this is the big one daybreak games announced that DC universe online is set to launch and then intendo switch, this summer fans will be able to experience three hundred. I kind of DC characters on the go with handheld mode TV mode options for the consul. And yes, as you can imagine Greg Miller is losing his God, damn mind. If you go to his Twitter account, he is tweeting about it, it was so funny because I was about this. I was going to tweet it to him. And I was like there's no way he didn't see this announcement. And of course, a bazillion people have like added him to Greg, Greg. Good. Did you see? DC you switch. Yeah. I thought that it was like I thought it was a dead game, but I was mistaken to our savvy fans will be very mad saying that so that is a cool announcement. If you guys are big fans you can play it on the go on your switch. I'm coming to XBox game passes dead by daylight metal gear survive and more. Plus, we've got got robots the feeling lead adventure from developer doing soft and the catnip covered team devolved digital will reach the Nintendo, switch and PC later this month. I really love their press releases so much this classically informed side, scrolling blends elements of mega man, blaster master and metro patriot to the internet's all time. Favorite animal will also giving it a pilot. -able MEC sounds awesome. So on thirtieth, and then got panache digital games and private division today announced the release date for ancestors, the humankind odyssey. The game will launch for PC via the EPA game store on August twenty seventh twenty nineteen and digitally on PlayStation. Four. An Xbox One in December. So that's, that's quite a big gap between PC and council on is usually it's the reverse usually we get a conta- launch first, and then a PC optimization later on. But do you think this is another EPA game store exclusive may maybe but I don't know that that would account for the difference in the release dates actually because it's a smaller studio. Isn't it from an excess asan's? Yes. Patrice injuries. So I think presumably the teams covered it for for the games cast. Remember Devon saw. We sent Devon Sawa to Montreal to go and play ancestors. He talked about it on the games cats here for that one that one. That one, I think that was why. But anyway, it's probably just because they were developing on first and smaller development team, maybe take some time. I don't know. Private division is a take to inter-active label. They've got money. And we've seen that take two has done deals with EPA game store already look at Borland's three another. Maybe you're under the take two interactive label as well could be could be. All right. That looks like it takes care of all the big new release dates and release dates rights. I believe so went over let's see the XBox game pass off. You already summed up, there was a bigger list on major Nelson's blog, you can check that out if you want to know what's coming out over the next several weeks on games, pets friends that are watching live on twitch. We love you guys. Tune in live every day. But don't throw me you're wrong about a game update until we've gotten two new dates yet. What was it even about? It was about DC you. Oh, oh. There yet. Yeah. Come on throws a bone. We got your back, shaking my fiscal Kevin any messages for enemies that are watching messages for enemies messages for friends. I gotcha. Got to be so dark, Kevin. What do we tell the kids? Yeah. Deals of the day. This comes from warriors sixty four Andrew found this one is well, everybody's golf peaceforce twelve dollars and ninety six cents on Amazon. That's a deal good game for under thirteen bucks. It's a good fine. Check it out over there. We gotta get into reader mail, which, of course you can write into patriot dot com slash kind of funny games where you get to show ad free. But speaking of ads, this episode of kind of funny games daily is brought to you by quip. It's time for some spring cleaning, quit Scott, an easy way to start with you're brushing habits, just two minutes twice a day can help pave the way for a healthier mouth end mind. And now the whole family can get refreshed with quip the new kids quip has the same two minute, timer and guiding pulses as their original version with no child gimmicks. So they can brush just like a grownup. The new brush is the same as original version, just tweaked for size down mouths kids, are inspired to brush, better. And more often with oral care that looks and feels like the products, the adults use in their life, and they're proud to use quip help them develop a grownup routine without childish gimmicks. 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So right now, they're offering our listeners fifteen percent off your first order, go to third. Love dot com slash games to find your perfect fitting broad now and get fifteen percent off your first purchase. That's third. Love dot com slash games. For fifteen percent off today. Very much Andrea. And they get your sponsors. All right. Let's get into some reader mail. Let's see. I one coming in from, let's see TIs. Let's go with this one says, what's good Franjieh, as to of funnies most adept shooters. I'm curious to know if any of you enjoy playing with gyro motion aiming when it's a ported I play a lot of split. Tune to Andrews are shaking your head. I play a lot to which has fantastic motion controls. I'm so used to find tuning my aiming using motion that playing twin stick shooters. Without it feels archaic Fran, I assume this is similar to what PC players experience when comparing twin sticks to keyboard mouse, though. I'd imagine filing taxes, using a regular controller would make it difficult dork burn. Those are words. All right. So let's see. Yeah. Then some the question, do you think that motion controls are not more popular and shooters, due to the higher learning curve, or is it that they still carry the stigma of being childish spawned from the gimmicky motion controls of the we area. Thanks bunches. Andrew enjoy London and your Spice Girls, concert Francey tomorrow. With no, Mike, Mike stay wonderful. Thank you for keeping up with the show and knowing so much about us in my filing taxes. Which is my main new says, you know. And are you shaking your head? You're not into it. No, I do agree that what they're doing with the gyroscope with aim is something that's really intriguing. Particularly. I think of what Nintendo was attempting to do with motion controls with arms taking a very traditional Jon Rao in video games. The fighting game genre. And adding this new mechanic to it the really let you find tune your input controls for a fighting game in a way that we really hadn't seen before. But it was so different in new unique that a lot of players. I know that tried it were having difficulty wrapping their heads around. And even though it did allow you a lot more precision what you learned the mechanics. But I think we've spent so much time playing with dual sticks. Now, if you think about over the last really the last three consul generations, we've had the dual sticks and we haven't really had another input method, that's broken through and really surpassed that. So I appreciate what you're saying here, and you're. Right, that it does carry a stigma of being childish, because it's mostly associated with more of these Nintendo focused titles, so doesn't mean that it's worse. It's just not something that a for you also have to have the right input. In other words, like if you're playing PlayStation, just because it has gyro. You don't suddenly have to quote full sources of input. Like, in other words, it'd be a little hard to like, steer yourself around, while moving you could do it. I personally I haven't played a game like that. Let's say it's a shooter in, you're using the stick and moving around. So it does tend to be on stuff like switch, and we bought forms like that. I think, yeah, when it's done. Well, like metro prime, when they converted it to that I was really impressed. They changed from the whole lock on system. And at first, I was like, oh, no. You know, they're changing it but it felt great because I like eight and actually when you tweak it, it feels pretty good. And you're right a lot closer to what you experience, mouse, and keyboard, because it's the same difference as long as the input is fine grain enough. You're aiming and shooting. And you'll see this in VR games a lot actually. You know, actually, maybe that's the big comment here is that you are going to be doing this a ton in VR too. Yeah. It's not like a different way. It's like the only way to do it with an actual, you know, Ghana radical in your hand or whatever. So anyway, I actually dig them when they're done. Well, I just, you know, again, like I'm playing PlayStation or XBox like I don't know how to do that in less. They release like custom, you know, a pointer type control for those otherwise, I stick the mouse, and keyboard. And yes man, does it make a difference in games like division, too? So a timely question, it sure does onto our next question from BJ, Bernardo says hi, y'all question about the future V three with time to think about it now. And a few state ablaze state of plays in the books. Do you see Sony coming back to e-3 next year in twenty twenty with Microsoft already having something nearby? But not at three do you think they could leave us as early as next year without Sony? Are you guys still excited for three where it was like without Mike, soft already having something nearby, but not any three? That's right to Microsoft is at e. But they're just not inside the Los Angeles convention center. They tore their booth out right for that there's a mixer booth inside. Anymore. Right. So because they, they do what they do is they utilize the, the stage presentation area at the Microsoft theater to do their hands on demos. That's what it is. They did last year. So I'm not sure what their plan is for the show. Similar. I thought it really worked out, well, and thought that it was a really nice utilization of their own branded theater like why not it's there a lot of money as well. He is very expensive. I've paid for you know, worked with in those booths and all the fees, and I always joke about witches or it's insanely expensive because, yes, union dues and all this other stuff. Yeah, it's that in addition to eat three is now becoming a question of should it be more public which some publishers don't like that. So maybe we're getting off track here. But things are indeed changing question is, do you see Sony coming back? I mean, if you mean back inside the show floor, I think no, that's the trend. You're seeing. Yeah. Microsoft, Sony, not necessarily think about it. If they announced, either at the end of this year or early next year dates or, or launch window for PlayStation five it would be, I think there's definitely. Argument to be made that if PlayStation brings the hardware, the new hardware to eat three next year and or has demos of new games, getting not only members of the press, but members of the public hands on time out of show likey three would make a ton of sense. There's people out there saying, well, why doesn't place just do their own event into that? I would say because asking people to spend money to come to a PlayStation, dedicated event like PlayStation, experience is not the same draw as getting people to spend money to come to an event like e three where they can see multiple publishers multiple platform holders, etc. Etc. It's like the difference between somebody wanting to spend money to go to something like a Pax prime versus a guardian con. Right. Right. Because they're very different shows because one is hyper focus on very specific type of game. And then one is a much larger like cross section of glacier. Yeah. So I. I wouldn't disagree that it might make sense. But I would be surprised if they flip flop that fast. But also. Yeah. Why not just have your own event? You know, almost like you're getting in vain of guardian cons or PlayStation experiment. I said, why not I said, why not Fran? Don't do it which why both why not both come to eat three and bring PlayStation experience. Like that's I mean, that's part of the, the time they've got time to make twisted metal TV show have money that's like the time, you know, or you know, meaning you have to make vertical slice of your games for that date. And I mean there's a lot that goes into it, but I'm not disagreeing. I just think it'd be surprised if they suddenly flip flopped, and we have seen three is it does seem to be going the other way like Nintendo got out of doing the press conference. They started doing direct and everybody starts doing that. Then there's more of their own events than EA pulls out. You know, then, you know, Sony's pulled on Microsoft's run the show has a bigger presence now than they did when they were doing the press conference because they have the competitive tournaments. True, they flip the wake what they're doing the style. It's right. It is more of a community event in a lot of ways. But you also get your hands on with everything. Absolutely. So, yeah. Anyway, we'll, we'll see I don't personally see Sony going back there. I actually think he three is going to be in a different form next year because of the just the amount of people that's gone off the show for that's a lot of presumably missing revenue in less. They somehow mixed it up and filled those spaces, good. Just make it south hall. Yeah. But again, like, if you're three and you're, you are making money on the show. In addition to all the work that goes into a but, like what we now you're down to half the shows is maybe, maybe maybe scribe to this, the school of thought that three is dying going away on for three. It's gonna be great. I've made a lot of appointments for games. I'm really excited for it's good to be an awesome show, one, one of Argo. Now. Now I can't get break in barring because you ask Deisler play this unannounced, western action game. You guys it's going to be great. Three. Devas hopefully just make up whatever. Okay. I think that's probably good on questions for today. Let's do our squad up coming in from demon waffle. Actually, I I've seen around chat, good to see in squad up demon waffled, the username on PS four is demon waffle, six, just like it. Sounds demon waffle six and what David Scott here is real name has the say as I recently got a job at a game studio in LA. I just moved here Zona. Yeah. Congratulations. I was talking to him about interviewing places and congratulations. Seems like you done. Did it now. I just moved here from Arizona and would love to play some games with some best friends. I've been wanting to get into Dulles, but most of my friends play at times that don't match up with mine now that I work later in the day, later in the day, shifts, I'm looking for people who play after ten PM Pacific time that FM three hundred score time on twitch after ten pm Pacific time. I'm down to play apex, dauntless or any other. Other free to play game. So check out demon waffle, six. And thank you for getting your squad up. And remember get yours in, you don't have to do it by day. I mean, sometimes we go back if there's no new squad ups, we'll go back in the list, you can always dot less cross play, you can be playing on XBox as PS four or game store and you can play with Dima milwau- fix outstanding point. Andrea, expect a kind of funny guild to be created ASEP. I assume it already is, like, what helps out how the community normally but that's a good point hundred players per guilt really better than division to get fifty. No. I'm picking on all show today. We love it. All right. Let's check into your wrong, and see if there's anything so I missed this one from yesterday. I gotta give shout out to our friends at digiorno pizza when we were doing your wrong yesterday. We also were talking a lot about that teach Newark story. They said, we will send every kind of funny patriot aver, every kind of funny. Erin, a free pizza coupon for every teach to nor game that sells over one million copies, keep best friend. You heard it here for every vermilion cells over a million copies. Wow. What if something blows up, it's like two million pizzas. I mean. No. Think of how many patrons are on our on the are the, the patriots for kind of funny, right? Oh, that's good point. You're not gonna free pizza coupon for every cells over a million copies, because we were talking about there's just too many games because they have over they said, they have around eighty games in development of which forty eight of them are unannounced. We're like who's funding the development of all these titles, and all that we were like there's no way that they're going to be big triple A's, because it's just too much money. But I like giorno love it. But I also it took me a second, obviously, if it's just going to the patriots unless you get a suddenly say they sell two million copies so million pizzas, they won't have to unless there's a million patriots, but it could happen. God, that'd be really cool. There were a million. We would need. Studio roasting. Kevin would exactly all right. What else did we get wrong potentially long when it we get wrong? Let's see. Let's see shit. I mean, I'm going to bring this up because I'm gonna throw a bone here agnosio us, so the argument that the five launch titles will come out on PS four PS four exclusive launches like kills on in intimacy didn't come out on the PS three, I think that's worth pointing out mostly because we know that the PS four is not backwards. Compatible with the PS three but the PS five we'll be backwards compatible with PS four. So I think it's a little bit of a different scenario here. But I appreciate you pointing that out. Else. What else are we got here? Well, we said that already. Oh, we missed a new date. The Nanto biologist says miss new day rooster teeth gains. Of course, you know, kind of funny is partnered with the restrict, let's play network. So this is extra bad that we miss this one announce vicious circle vicious circle pits for Merck's competing for loot against a terrifying monster who wants to kill them who will win coming this year for P C, you can check out official artigue games on Twitter. If you would like to see more about that game. Thank you Bye-bye Al just. A release date reminder from yesterday from Spencer, the house in fod, Amore, Ghana finally comes to PS four and Vida next week may thirty first thanks to limited run gains. Looks like everything doesn't it? Yeah. I do like Spencer's note here that says, in regards to teach doesn't just by all the old telltale games is due to tell tales p agreements. That's a good point for some of their titles. When it goes shooting rights for their video games with things like the Walking Dead wolf borderlands. They only obtain IP rights development publish that one game. So this couldn't just be bought from telltale liquidation, because the right still be need to be negotiated with the current IP holders and assure to be a costly venture. Yes. And no. The way that those agreements, work isn't is a little bit more complicated for me to explain like on the show right now. But that is a very good point. Still would like to see somebody do it. Yeah. I mean, either way, the end of the negotiate all of this stuff and just get done. So sometimes that gets locked up for years, we shall see. And then anabol- GIS confirmed. Maybe this is a confirmation that per the three twenty nine hundred floor plans. There is no mixer booth on the show this year. I wonder where it's going to be wonderful, be Microsoft eater. Maybe there's just doing as much as they can over there, which, again, makes sense, makes a lot of sense. All right. That's all the big news that we have for you today tomorrow show is going to be me and snow bike Mike cancels. Again, I feel like I was supposed to be on the show with them once. No, he got stuck on the mound. I think I hear earlier was he gonna yet he was going to come to the meet up in San Francisco. I missed the show. I think but he'll be here. Tomorrow is far as I know we love you snow bike my show just throw more than happy. Right. The whole thing and all that to jingle. Oh my gosh. I would love if you're watching now snow by Mike, if you'd like to do the run that they normally don't do that. Call now. Not gonna make them do all that stuff. So France just tired staying too late. Stop streaming. No. Absolutely not great, segue, by the way, if you like me on the show and wanna support me a great way to do that as head over to twitch TV slash FM three underscore, also have an epic store, creator code which is Fran Mira Bella, which hasn't understand it works in Dulles, just like four night. There's in store purchases in the game. So all that it's just Fran Mirabella just like my Twitter handle Andrea. Or can we find you can find me driven a on Twitter? But the thing I would love to promote is that from today through Saturday may twenty fifth the what's good games merch store is doing ten percent off everything in the store with code fan Fave. And the reason I bring this up because we have to what's good games pride designs and one hundred percent of the profits from our to pry designs are going to glad the gain lesbian alliance against defamation. So if you guys. Are looking for another pride shirt to add to your kind of funny pride shirt that you got from us here. We have two different designs that come in a variety of styles t shirts tank tops, white shirts. That's what good games dot com slash store again code fan Fave. So. A. N. F. A V E get you ten percent off of everything in the store through Saturday night. And again, one hundred percent of the proceeds from the to pride designs Goto glad awesome. That is fantastic. Thank you for making sure we'll knew that Kevin, what is a up next after this internet explorer's with the usual cast. No, that's right. Because Tim's out who's on it today. Do we know believe it is nNcholas and one Nick Andy so? Dose. Yes. Or stream eases. Probably yeah. It's a double dose this week probably. But Internet Explorer is up next. Be sure to check it out. Best friends. Andrea. It has been a pleasure. And we'll see next time.

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