Who Has Higher Testosterone: Bobby or Lunchbox? + We Crown A March Riddle Master + Name That Country Artist: St. Patricks Day Edition!


Good afternoon would you like to try a free. Sample of our double fudge brownie. Oh sure ooh that's very good. I'll just take one more just to be sure. Yep still very good. Some things never change like never being able to take just one free sample and gyco saving folks. Lots of money on their car insurance Macadamia nut. I taste you. Take one more search. I thought so fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more grad gun down walking his dog a young mom michelle parker vanishes after dropping off her little twins the babysitter. Nancy grace here. Every day on crime stories we break down the biggest breaking crime news and studied the clues left behind so we can help crime victims and their families every day emission every day another chance to stop crime and keep one more person. Safe join us. Listen to crime stories with nancy grace on the iheartradio app. Or wherever you. Listen to your podcasts tragedy. I walk welcome to wednesday's show more studio morin. Why don't we start with our segment. What the happy. Hey what's his first. What's happening in my life. You know we have two dogs now. This new dog that we adopted pretty smart in that she can jump the fence outside. She's figuring how to do that but secondly she has like a room but it has a sliding door on it. So she's figured out how to get the door over and over again to give it a little bit of space and take her nose and open it or the bulldogs. Stanley can't do that. Because there's no is flat so she so we okay fine. We had a crate for when she was a puppy that we've now turned into basically door shape and we put it up over that crack now. She's figured out how to push that to the side knocked the door open in the news. We can't keep her in a room. she's not going to be contained. Yeah they're doing pretty good without fighting. We got too late last night with no incident that played together perfectly all day. But then when there's like a toy or there's a treat she's hogar she guards it so much and she took stanley's toy in stanley with like toy bag and then our home apart again. But i feel like we're doing slightly better but our life at home is all dogs all the time right now because we have a puppy that six months old who's pretty big for a six month old and then we have a puppy ish dog who was like a year and nine months old. But we're getting through it but that's my what's the half say. What's that amy. What's the hatch with you now. This part of activities with the kids is baking spring break adventure just going to say yesterday on the show you said they were having spring break right now. They have you have to work. Yeah my husband's working. i'm working. Its business per usual for us so then for them. We're like oh no what do we do. So we and baking like it's a lot of fun and my daughter is super into it and we baked a pie and she even brought some for. Y'all so there's pie here. Yeah well she did these cute. She's i like she was You know trying out new things so instead of just putting it in a normal pie crust. But she did she also put. Salmon is like little cupcake cups with no crust and then just poured the piping in there and baked it. And it's so good. I'm like these are this is genius. That'd be really cool if you taught her to love to bake because then you benefit. Yeah like if she do stuff by herself. Yeah well she wants to start selling it of course and she had these always and so my husband and i were talking your last night. We're like so. There's this one little cupcake thing and we said. How much do you want to sell it for. And she was like well. Let's just go around to the neighbors and fifteen bucks. We're like for the whole thing. And she's like no per thing in now since the whole concept of money it was like no. We just have to tell her. Nobody's gonna pay fifteen dollars for cupcake but yes. She is are trying to think of ways to make money all right. Thank you very much a would go check in. With eddie eddie. I'm on a mission guys to find myself a four leaf clover yesterday when i got home my whole yard was covered and clovers. And i'm like. I'm going to find a four leaf clover. I spent four hours a not all in a row before hours yesterday. Completes the boys are playing basketball. I'm like look and look and look and look and then one. Today's is that right saint patrick's day no more see. I didn't know that so today. I'm getting back there. And i'm going to be busy. I wanna find one. Why just. Because i've never found one. That is that being busy. How busy is four hours. Four leave cook. My boys like to play basketball. And they're like watch this this shot. That's the fact that i'm outside. I'm be like oh of our guys and keep looking. It's a win for me. All right thank you very much. What's well my father-in-law's really starting to thin me. I every time we talk on the phone or facetime with him. He makes a comment. Hey thought about getting rid of that car yet. Hey thought about getting ratto. Five ultimate yet. you know that all five ultimate is not going to last very long like hey man karston ron's what's the problem with. It is it because his grandkids maybe his grandkids and his daughter ride in it. And so he's maybe a little bit worried but yes it has two hundred eight thousand miles on it and i just. I'm like hey man. Don't worry it's still running. But he makes a comment every single time he slides in that little about ovalles ultima. Have you had any incidents with the car whereas breaking down or anything. no. I mean not for years. I haven't had any problems with it. You know you just do tune-ups every once in a while. Oil change. Get those tires balanced. The rotated runs like a charm. Well i'd like to inspire you okay. If you can get thing up to two hundred fifty thousand miles. I think they'd probably go. I think this is someone. We'd like to do a little blow work with like the new car company. If you have two hundred thousand miles we get some instagram ads. tv commercial. Because i've kept her in good shape she is looking l. Don't tease him with a tv. Commercial while i'm saying i think they'd want to work with them if he kept car. Going for two hundred and fifty thousand agree but it's dangling out there he just said. I'm going to get a tv commercial. Go about i'm gonna be on tv you then. What are you going to say. I think there's something to that all right. Good luck okay friends. Let's open up the mailbag a male. Hello bobby my name is tracey. I'm twenty years old. I recently started working in a grocery store and have a really big crush on a co worker. But i'm not sure if asking out a co worker. These days is an option. I normally wouldn't hesitate to ask her out. But i don't wanna causing you drama. I don't want to get in trouble. I feel like she likes me to flirts back with me but my friends told me that i should just forget about it because if it doesn't work out then i'll be out of a job at this point. I don't care that much about the job. I can get another job. But it can't find girls that i really like. So what do you think i should do. Signed trae been there. When i was twenty two and austin i dated people that worked at the radio station. Twenty one and twenty two year old turns. It wasn't a big deal at the time but it's just a slightly different environment. Now i would say as long as the ranking system is the same if you have the same job on one of you. Don't oversee the other one. That's where the trouble comes in if you're her boss or she's your boss. That's where you can get in trouble. That's the one thing i would say to avoid to is. Make sure that it's allowed. And if you check off both of those boxes then you're free to do it. It's probably not gonna work out. It's probably gonna be uncomfortable. But that's a lesson you gotta learn here. He said he's willing. He's not worried about finding another job. Yeah most relationships don't work out meaning it took me a million to get to my good one. The one that's gonna last me forever but it did. It took me a lot of unsuccessful wins so just playing the is dated dudes. Yeah i mean especially at twenty. You're i. I don't know where it's going to go but i i say you ask her out if it's allowed if you're the same level and if the job allows it go for it if there's no rule about it go for it just don't tell your job keep quiet if your boss. You can't do that. no no. no what about the people you dated and then like when you broke up awkward because you start to see him every day eddie. Yeah worry about right. it was it sucked. Yeah but again. I was twenty two years old. I didn't know any better and is a good experience for me. You know my grandma. Don't poop or you eat. that's see. That's what i was basing it on I would tell you that too. But you're not gonna listen to me say don't poop where he like as a person i would say you know if you like the job. Don't do it but if you don't care about the job and you're only twenty. Who cares and he already said. It's been hard for him to meet people and he finally found somebody that he's interested in. I'm all for trae. My final verdict is as long as there's no hierarchy were one of us over the other and as long as the job allows it go for it ask her out get dumped. Feel awkward learn life lesson. That's the way it's gonna play. Yeah that's the way it's going to play out probably go for it. And that's the mailbag closing up. Dan was mailbag. If you want to send us an email. Morgan what are they do. Mailbag bobby bones dot com today saint patrick's day so i will play a country artist. Wishing you a happy saint patrick's day just named the artists. Hey rights ranchers down. There is no example. You just gotta listen closely. Which artist is wishing you a happy saint patrick's day wishing you a happy saint patrick's day. What's i have. What was that hard here does again wishing you a happy saint patrick's day. Oh wow i got nothing. We'll see how you guys do. I'll give you seven of them wishing you a happy saint patrick's day. I mean it's guy that's got mine wrong. Amy tyler hubbard. Garth brooks dirks. Pantley okay played again. Wishing you a happy saint patrick's day that is your now. Listen to it now that you know. It's okay here. You go wishing you happy saint patrick's day. Of course i barth one zero. There are seven of these number two wishing you a happy saint patrick's day wishing you a happy saint patrick's day love it. Okay interesting you have that one. Amy came brown kane kane brown charges on every day. Here in this half said wishing you are happy saint patrick's day all right next up wishing you a happy saint patrick's day. Do you have that one though. Wishing you a happy saint patrick's day. It's tough right right. You're down this is oh wait okay. Midrangers amy carrie underwood. Marianne morris erin more. It's mayor and morris owns. Don't just get here and again here. It is wishing you a happy patrick's day number four here. You go wishing you a happy saint patrick's day wish you happy saint patrick's day wishing you a happy saint patrick's day right now log. Wishing you a happy saint patrick's day three teddy's to amy's one man good and let's go to the leader. Now let's by jay demarcus interest good played again. Wishing you a happy saint patrick's it sounds just like them. Good eddie. i don't think it's him that. I think it's brad paisley. Oh oh my gosh. I'm here wishing you a happy. Saint patrick's day. Amy brad paisley. But i think. Jd margus josh. Brad paisley you would man. Brad is written on page paisley twins. Not really i mean you hear the voice. i mean. yeah that sounds just like here it. Okay next one up here. We go wishing you a happy saint patrick's day which country artists wishing you happy saint patrick's day and yet o n n living in wishing you a happy saint patrick's day Wishing you a happy saint patrick's day wait. Wait played again. Wishing you a happy saint patrick's day changing. Let's go go ahead. Jennifer nettles switched it to tricia. Earwood eddie thank you tricia earwood tricia earwood this year. What it is there are two left. The score is lunchbox and eddie. Four amy three on name this country star. Wishing you a happy saint patrick's day what wishing you a saint patrick's day hold off wishing you happy saint patrick's day hold on these. These words happy saint patrick's day so we'll just feel like with these particular words happy saint patrick's day we're not getting certain inflections or something that we would normally get at the beginning of this clips are going. Hey i'm other. We cut it off because 'cause that'd be the worst game ever we can't put their name. Here's amy hear him one more time. I'm wishing you a happy saint patrick's day. What do you have over there. Jimmy allen eddie. I hope it got his name right math. You ramsey old dominion okay. Amy darius rucker dairy as i heard the game feel like lady and wishing you happy saint patrick's band seconds. All i heard was hey girl was up was up with the same day. I there is one left. Eddie is not taking the lead the day the irish we go last one. Wishing you a happy saint patrick's day wishing you a happy saint patrick's day feel about that. I mean i don't know. I mean i. I need to hear it again. Wishing you a happy saint patrick's day here a little something. Wishing you wishing you a happy saint patrick's day everybody in it's nico mu. That's i don't have anything. That's what it is eddie. I just got a bite. Nico play my song. Lucia a good. Yeah you are the winner now. His songwriting don't stubborn breakouts. No problem sensitive skin type with pimples. No problem proactiv. 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Bones friends nashville. In hollywood and walking over to thirty seconds. Dolly parton is teaming up with the popular ice cream brand jenny's for a brand new flavor. It will be dolly parton themed and we'll be out soon. Proceeds from the collaboration will benefit dolly's imagination library. Brett eldredge started the good day movement to help communities in need. He just partnered with a restaurant in new york city to donate meals to a women's shelter and fans to take part in the movement by visiting brett eldredge locals on instagram for challenges. After the last year gave carly peers lots of ups and downs. She says her music and her fans made her feel loved and supported. Music has always been the thing that made me understood or made me just say like stage me and that was such a beautiful thing that i don't even know in the midst of it fans really understood what they were giving to me. I'm morgan number two. That's your scanning. It's time for the good news. Twelve year old built a website. Right first of all. That's just cool that he's able to but the whole story is you know his name sam. He knows the pandemic's and rough on everybody especially seniors so was like okay. He his grandparents were also split from in forbid so he set up a website he built it called vaccine helper. That helps new yorkers find out if they're eligible for code vaccine if they are sets up an appointment for him at a place close he built that he's twelve years old. We'll tell them sam's gonna be rich. Yeah he books the appointments for each person who signs up so it comes in. He sees it finds it matches books at after they find their spot mazen. He's made thousands of appointments for senior teachers and people with conditions that put them at higher risk and so he's twelve and that's a big deal especially for seniors who we know aren't getting on the internet and crushing it and going. I know how to do this. But shoutouts sam twelve years old and new york. That's what it's all about. That was telling me something good show. This story comes to us from denver colorado. A man is facing up to twenty years in prison because he was flying from seattle denver. He got upset about having to wear a mask so he stood up flight and urinated in his seat. Oh wow so. He wasn't under the influence. When i read the headline i thought he was just so messed up. But that wasn't at all He admitted to having several beers. Shah's before getting them combination of drinking. And then just not wanting to obey the rules. Right when i don obey the rules. Happy everywhere to. Don't we all sit down and his own. see right. why would you don't care care. I'm much rocks at your boneheads story today. A guy in michigan had a virtual court hearing last week after license suspended and the judge wasn't happy when he showed up while sitting in the driver's seat of part car. Not supposed to be driving. So here's the audio of the judge. Basically calling him an idiot. You're also sitting on the driver's side of a vehicle driving privileges presently suspended. You're not supposed to drive the michigan horn. Indiana i believe you drove to worry lar vehicle. You're you're done enough to come on video where you sit in the driver seat of vehicle. You haven't really found the message as pressure down. Hopton the car to have a meeting. You don't get in the driver's seat. And i don't think he hopped in the car just to have a meeting. He claimed it was his boss's car. He was only using it first. Court appearance a people can't verify that claim. The judge ended up putting on a payment plan to pay off all the fines and tickets that he had racked up generous. What dum dumb hop in the driver's seat meeting thinking about our history in court which is mostly just been lunchbox having to go to court over and over again. Did you ever have to go to court. Whenever we in trouble for robin the store. no. I never went to court. We handled all outside the courtroom. Thank goodness which we didn't rob a store. Would they claimed they claimed. We try to rob a store on the air which we didn't but you didn't have to go to court. He went to jail. I went to jail but never never court opposite lane about to get led into the courtroom to appear before a judge win. The lawyer showed up. And i had to go into one of those visitation rooms and he discussed how we were going to get out of jail the other time. Was you got a parking ticket. Yeah doing a bit for the show. No we were doing some charity breakfast or something downtown and it said Before after seven. Am to five pm yet to pay to park. And so i went in. I got a ticket at six fifty. Three and i was out of their six fifty seven so i went to court and i was like these signs are wrong and i went and fought in court and you find in front of the judge in front of the judge. I went up there and they said how do you like to play and i said not guilty and they said come on up and i go up to the stand the let me hear your case and i present it photo evidence and the guy the coptic gave me the ticket was there to fight it. I go there every morning. Because i know that people park there so i was like see judge. This is a proof that these sides are misleading. If he goes there every morning and i said and the judge looks that goes. You know what you're right not guilty guilty. Just did he banged the gavel. Has he did ask yourself. I represent myself dressed up in a suit. And i had my counsel eddie with me Who brought a briefcase and when he went through the x-ray machine they open it full of toys my kids and then head. He thought he was going to be cute. And sit in the back of the courtroom record audio and he got yanked out by the bailiff it was right after they said you know reminder guys. There's no recording anything in this court. And then i'm like slowly pulled out of my pocket and then pushed record and like seconds later on the shoulder you outside. I mean they're dressed head to toe in suits. I'm looking at the picture back in the day bones. You should have seen the security officer when the x ray in my briefcase. They're like can. I please open this. There's a plane cars and slinky's bears. They must've crazy but he wants his case. I wanna know oh okay. We played this game once a month. I give the adults in the room riddle is. They're all kids rentals. Amy is the real master for february. Catchy repeat and be the real master for march hopefully. Are you ready to play me. This when i finished reading the riddle the second time you have twenty seconds to finish a riddle when i say time pins come up. Riddle number one. I'm always on the dinner table but you don't get to eat me. What am i. I'm always on the dinner table but you don't get to eat me. What am i riddle me this. What's always on the dinner table. But you don't get to eat me. What am i and that noise means. That's time amy. I'm always on the dinner table but you don't get to eat lunch box tablecloth eddie. You're the plate. I would have accepted. Played silverware or tablecloth. All three of you can eat that stuff but your table next up. I am so simple. That i can only point yet. I guide men all over the world. What am i. I am so simple. That i can only point yet. I guide men and women all over the world. What am i is so simple. But i can only point yet. I guide men and women all over the world. What am i. Time is still ticking. I got what is it i. I am a compass lunchbox. I'm a compass eddie. Sorry amy convinced. Compasses right up to your acting. Like you don't have because it just seem to live early on that one next up. If you have me you want to share me if you share me you haven't got me. What am i if you have me. You want to share me if you share me. You haven't got me. What am i read on me this. If you hire me if you have me you want to share me if you share me. You haven't got me. Jeremy have me. You want to share me if you share me. You haven't gotten me five seconds there. We have it amy. If you have love yes if you share a lot fit. Try to maybe. It was the secondary on. How guys eddie. Yeah i have hugged. If you have a hug you wanna share. You hugged someone. You haven't gotten exactly now because you're while you're hugging pretty dumb ya lunchbox feels like he has it. And if he has it he's champion. He's the riddle master for march. How confident are you feeling. Really good about myself right now. I'm sitting up high in my chair. I had one thing written down halfway through reading. That erased. It and i have the right answer. I cannot wait to share it with you guys. You heard my pin drama as you are still reading the clue over there so i'm ready to go if you have me. You want to share me if you share me. You haven't got me for the win for the title of march riddle master this secret. It's a secret guys can't tell you a secret. If you have a secret you wanna share if you share it. You haven't got me scherzer's this no longer a secret. That fits works is lunchbox riddle master of march. Two thousand twenty. Not everybody off. Is the new riddle master and in customary fashion. Take us out box with the riddle media own. Wow martin you hate doing taxes. A lot of people out there would love doing for you. But i'm not talking about tax specialists and talking about cybercriminals and identity thieves during taxis in your personal info like your name your social security number. They may be emailed and shared more than usual right. Criminals can still from your devices and then sell it on the dark web or use it to commit other crimes even years down the road. Tax season is a great time to be a cyber criminal making it best time to help. Protect yourself by using norton. Three sixty with lifelock this tax season opt into cyber safety help protect against cybercriminals from stealing the info shared on your devices spying on you over wifi or stealing your identity. No one can prevent all cybercrime or identity. Theft or monitor all transactions but don't let cyber criminals make tax season extra taxing. You save twenty five percent or more off your first year of norton. Three sixty with lifelock at norton dot com slash bones. That's twenty five percent off norton dot com slash bones pile of stories so a guy named andy naval to to social media to share that for his whole life. He thought he was an only child. But then he took an ancestry. Dna test and found out. Well that's not the case. His results showed that he had a number of siblings but most shocking linked to him was that his dad was actually his biological father. And here's a clip. From his tiktok after google are find this which is my sperm donor. Dad and fifteen of my siblings. That i didn't know about partying in mexico. I woke up two days ago. Thinking i was an only child and now i find out that i'm the second oldest of thirty one thirty one day it. We even know where i would be. Only mildly surprised. If i didn't have any other brothers and sisters same. I'm i'm i'm i'm kind of nervous to check it out because i really think i don't know i could probably have some. I found out later in life. That i have a brother i didn't know not through. Dna but through word of mouth in this case all she need to do is just say i was a sperm donor. Right and then everything's taken care of. Just assume well he said in the comments of his tiktok or whatever that he bought the dna testing kits for himself and his parents for christmas yet. Nobody gave them a heads up like maybe they didn't know what all was discoverable. Open a gift and the gift. There's a snake right. You probably go opened his carefully. Snakebites a little warning. It's like hey mom dad. I'm adolfo boxes the snake in at least tell me. Yeah that stinks. What else sell. I have why you shouldn't take a with your vaccine card. A lot of people are doing it. So there's swing to put a warning out there like hey sharing. They got the vaccine great. But if you're showing your vaccine card not so great because there's plenty of information on there for scammers to steal your identity of my car right here. I took a picture with it. But i blurted out with white omar smart young. See your your head of some people have been posting all the info name address. Got your birthday. A even what shot you received stuff like that they can use for things. And then lastly one of my favorite movies ever is dirty dancing. So i just think this club of jason dean with his daughter navy. Who's two years old were. They reenacted the famous lift. Scene is so cute. Here's one to this is funny i do. This is just me giggle. Have you ever. You still haven't watched dirty dancing. I don't think so. I challenge you to watch it with caitlin. You love it. You would love it so good and then you could see if you could lift. Caitlyn do the famous lip just like that. I can live caitland on sold me. No it's like over the head. It's not as i mean they Baby they had a practice it on dirty dancing like tons of times in the water to get it just right. I will only watch dirty dancing. If you let me pick any movie and you have to watch what i suggest. Well i've done that. No but that's part of the show segment. Why haven't i haven't. Evan accepted you. Let me think of the movie. And then we'll see if we trade. But i'm giving you a good one so i would appreciate you return that i wouldn't give you a bad one on purpose. Okay let me think what i would recommend to you but you have to watch for. Is that it. Yup pile was amy's pile of stores golf. It's time for the good news. You know what a super centenarian is super centenarian person. Plus years old or something hundred and ten plus okay. So i've got the oldest person in the world kane tanisha. She just turned one hundred and eighteen in january. And may she's gonna make history Carrying the torch in japan for the olympics. And she's the world's oldest person right now she's gonna do this her family's gonna take her down in a wheelchair for most of it but she said the last few steps she wants to pass the torch to the final person on foot so she's gonna get up and walk across to the hundred and eighteen. Yes she survived. Cancer twice lived through to global pandemics. Two world wars and she worked at her family store until she was one hundred and three. She now lives in a nursing home and still enjoys. Fizzy drinks doing math and playing othello. Because i'm nervous about this. You're gonna make it means may It's we're march. She has lived a long life. What's not only that guys like. She's got a whole the torches and light no light like oh she does. That's awesome irv closer to the date. No she believes in herself and now too busy drinks and math and playing hotel. Oh all right. that's what it's all about. That was telling me something good before. I read you the top three songs and country music. What's the best song on the radio. Right now come on man. Of course we all feel like that's the best song on the radio. Good even john. That's a gym. That was number one last week. It's not even the top three this week. Good time is my favorite song and my second favorite song is jake. Owen was made where you go. Damps here are your top three songs this week. Brett young lady is at number three acura mama and your thomas rhett what your country song number two and the number one songs parmalee and blanco brown just away. That was pretty good. Sometimes here number one. And i'm like not really number one but that's pretty good. Well even that's a number seven this week by the way nico seven. I know radio's not accurate on what people really feel. Yeah jake a number twelve with made for you. Climate on people told him that song too slow to make right. Yeah look at that. The number one song in hip hop as cardi b. Up and the number one alternative song is glass animals heatwaves lane as been big music right there. Let's go amy. Get the morning corny. War morning corny. What kind of shoes are made from. Banana peels what kind of shoes are made from. Banana peels slippers knowing. That was morning. Gorny sometimes you guys will send me a story. And i'm going okay. There's no need to send me this story because we know i'm not gonna talk about it because sometimes it's a story that insults me for example. Tell me who you think this story in okay. Maybe this is. Why bobby is so. Generous and lunchbox isn't men with high testosterone levels. Are less generous in. There are more likely to display selfish behaviors lunchbox incident psychologists measured brain activity and apparently testosterone was found to dampen activity in one part of the brain which you claim you have more docile. Lutely i mean you are like low. T. all the way low t. Why do you think. I have low testosterone. I mean dude. You're so feminine. I can bench more than you. That didn't have anything to testosterone. Sure that means has doing muscle things but okay. You don't have the you don't. You're not manly. You're not raw. Testosterone causes the voice to deepen who has a deeper voice buddy body hair to grow. Who's got more hair kaelin genitals. It didn't say boys. Bobby who's more generous. You ask them your then. I'm asking how bobby okay. I mean guys all the sides we're going to test you know i'm sure he does have more testosterone box. What i take what's deal. Who cares more muscular. It's just it's just a hormone right okay. I think women are over here carrying around. Who has more estrogen others. Who i think women like guys that have more testosterone. They want a more raw guy than a plenty of linen forgoing by that. There were ten women right. Yeah and they had to pick between lunchbox myself. What would be in your opinion. Oh like how many would go to him. How many would you think we go to you versus me. Or they just hearing your voices or they're like oh they're all the things. Yeah of course it's a full thing we'll have any nine would go to me one to you. Nah in the one go to me. Why because some some women act like the all they care about your generosity and your soft heart and so they're like oh you know he cares about other people. He does all this stuff for charity. So how can you not like someone like that. They'll treat me well when they're really just saying okay. You know. I guess i'll settle. What do you think the number would be. I feel like it's more eight. Two two eight two nice at what what. How do you figure of this. He asked me to give numbers. I gave them if it was you. Who would you pick this at all. But funny dot. I di- mill testosterone levels tend to be the highest one guys around twenty years old and decline naturally with age. I am a year older than you tested just for fun. I'm not testing as a bit. You imagine bringing those results. Sad bobby would be. I would know how many had more he would beat out devastated. Hit tv calling foul. He'd be like this is there are many paths to finding your family's story whichever way you choose tracing your family generations back with the family tree or uncovering your ethnicity with an ancestry dna test. It's easy to get started with ancestry an ancestry. Dna test tells you where your ancestors are from and ancestries billions of records and millions of family. Trees let you discover their personal stories and you can find a famous relative or perhaps a photo of your greg. Grandma's a little girl. Whatever you find it's sure to change the whole way you look at your family history and yourself after all. The story of your family is the story of you ancestry. Dna can reveal. Ethnic origins provide historical details that bring unique family stories. Right to life ancestry. Dna doesn't just tell you which countries you're from but also can pinpoint this specific regions within them giving you insight bore geographic detail about your history. It's easy to start making discoveries with ancestry grabbing ancestry dna kit. I started free trial to amplify your discovery with ancestries billions of records. Start exploring your family today. Head to ancestry dot com slash bones to get your ancestry. Dna kit and start your free trial. Ancestry dot com slash bones morals. Amy's birthday what are you going to do Well dinner tomorrow night. Then i'm going to austin for the weekend like with some girlfriends. That'd be my sister and that'll be great this weekend this weekend. Yeah like i'm just gonna go to austin. Get away even yeah. My daughter's like well. I'm a girl it's a if it's a girl biking goal and i'm like no i need i'm just going away die myself. Is there a feeling about age forty. Because that's what you'll be more ali forty no. I don't really feel that weird about it. i'm excited. I was talking to my pastor. And he said that someone told him that for his forties. We're gonna be the best decade of his life and he's like i'm now forty three and he's like i. I must say it's been pretty awesome. And he's someone that was in a band back in the day like he lived a life that he really loved But now he's like you know forties for me is where it's at so i'm just hanging onto that saw your girl group for a walk and part of your girl. Group is migrelief caitlyn. Guess because you grew photo. What did you guys talk about on those walks with seven women. Now it's interesting to see how it flows like we go back and forth. We don't all just walk in one big thing and talk you kind of see the flow of girls just switch and you kind of we walk in twos and we'll catch up with one and then you'll kind of see the natural progression of people move onto the next and then you catch up with that person. It's kind of interesting how it works and it's fine like and we haven't done it in so long. What are you talking about. It comes back and she acts like it's fight club. She talked about what we talk about. We don't you talk to each person about lots of individual little things and then occasionally we're all together and we do our group talk but what happens on the stays on the largest all my secrets being given away on these walks. trust me. they're not. I can tell you that much. I don't think they're secrets the giving away just getting tell. Don't worry about it it's fine. It's what do you talk about when you play golf with the guy's not anything personal exactly. Yeah neither do we doing. We're talking about like man. Nice day from women We don't talk about are women and they were like good shot. We're like day talked today. Sports that's it. We got all kinds of things. Is it. you're not necessarily the topic jealous. Okay oh you want to come on girl only going boy walk. Y'all start start a boy walking love. We started at years ago. In east nashville. We try to have our golf playing club and we're always told you can't play. It's four hours maybe. How long is the walk. Oh don't even get me started. Like forty five fifty minutes tops. Yeah and a golf game. Four hours the worst thing that you guys can say to us if we play golf. Just play nine holes. Yes we play nine holes and we don't even know how good we weren't that round nine is the sweet spot. Play a half of game monopoly. You don't want to play the whole thing. Do you want eat dinner. No no do you want to go to the bathroom. Halfway hurt Okay your point but go talks crystal in south carolina a crystal. We appreciate you waking up and calling the show. What's happened not nicest driving to work and hurt you guys. Talking about how lunchbox think that men with higher testosterone or more mainly. Yeah said that's probably back. We'll let me let me re. The story is men with testosterone. Are less generous guys with less testosterone or more generous and he said that proves he has more testosterone than me. Because he's not generous. And i am. That's basically what the story was. Okay crystal europe. Go ahead That's not true. My husband actually got tested a few years ago and he has not generous at all and he was sold strictly by the doctor that eighty year old men have more testosterone than he does know. Let me walk through this hold on. He's not generous at all but he has a lot of testosterone. He has noticed it. W went after your husband here on this call. Big just trying to think about why this is happening. He's driving to work was all about. And then i thought her husband was eighty low. T. plus not generous. It's the worst. Mix okay right crystal. Yes okay now. She's now she's wondering if you should've called okay. So how did he come home from. How does he also not a thing that a doctor should say to a guy man more than you that good bedside manner i don't know how do you feel about this. Call that you. You gave us so far pretty good. Believe it or not. Low t. Has nothing to do with the bedroom. Oh point point point oneplus. Okay there okay. What does low t mean like less hair or less muscles are less. I don't even know. I'm completely ignorant on testosterone crystal. Shed some light on that please. It for men the equivalent for women. It controls their mood swings their energy level. All that stuff so he's probably pretty chill well. My husband wasn't wasn't able to stay awake for anything like he'd sit down on the couch after he took an asset. He'd be right back to sleep so now. Okay crystal thank you for the call. I think your husband may be a little irritated you later today. I'm not i great for you called the show but if someone calling way bobby is not generous and has no don other national show. His own jeep crashed into a building. Wisconsin and the incident is being blamed on the dog in the jeep. The police say that they were sent to an art museum. Where jeep had crashed hard into the building. The vehicles owner told police. That jeep been part of the gas station. While he went across the street to a bakery when he came outside the jeep it went across and crashed into the building becau- because of the dog the dog had knocked it out of gear. Are there any listeners out. There who've had their dog in the car. Because i don't think that this is extremely uncommon. Now i mean i feel like yeah this i could see how this happens easily for my dog just back and forth the whole time but i have an automatic. I don't drive a standard. Anybody has a dog out there. That's knocked your car outta gear or has caused some kind of crazy damage. We got our carpet cleaned in the living room. Last night i guess yesterday late afternoon. But i was gone. I went to valdosta georgia yesterday evening to digital speaking so i left and the carpet because it had been raining. Both dogs have been outside. I came back and it was extremely clean except for one spot. I was like. Oh no what happened. She was well. The carpet got fully cleaned. The guy spent like an hour over here cleaning it and as soon as he left. Stanley vomited right there. Oh right on the clean carpet. He could have picked somewhere else. They love to do that. They always want to do it on the carpet. And i don't know why vomit control a vomit now and she was like i'm so that was like well if it had been pooper p that's probably controlling it. Oh yeah you don't you can't control the vomit. Yeah so. The dog did that but the dog also crash. This guy's jeep into a building. Police that no one was injured and he said his dogs driving privileges. Privileges have been revoked. Let his dog drive anymore. There's also a guy. I've been taking a driving test. He's failed one hundred ninety two times old guy. It's the written test is failed over seventeen years like when do you just give up bill. Here's what i wanna know. Maybe on the physical driving test. Is he doing okay. Don't think he gets there yet. Oh a fifty year. Old man from poland has attempted to pass his driver's test nearly two hundred times. He recently failed one hundred ninety second test. It's driving theory test. Which is us just getting the book out. Either he's not studying at all he's just going in crossing his fingers of playing the lottery and be like okay. Maybe this time. I'll get past or he's just never going to pass any price shouldn't be driving after about seven. I think it's time to figure out a new way. Okay you might have a learning disability though right. Because when i was in middle school i failed a lot of tests and they made me take different tests and then i got better. Yeah he needs to take the different one the special hundred ninety two times. Maybe not verbally administer it to him and see if he can get the correct answer. He has spent about fifteen thousand dollars on exam. He's alone that's awful keep paying today. I don't feel bad for him if if you can't if you're an adult and you're not learning you it's up to you to find different ways to learn okay. You're raising money for. He's doing a gofundme for the guy who can't pass his driver's test. I don't know. Because i as i do struggle with test taking so feel for them. All right kate in pennsylvania's on she's a first time listener today. Kate how are you. i'm good. How are you a pretty good. So how did you stumble on our show today. So i usually have something else on my phone. I play something to my phone I have a forty five minute drive. So i usually have that i saw was pretty much dead today. So i got. It plugged in and just decided to go with the radio. And i i just stumbled across the show. I'm talk about the testosterone things. I kept it on. And then i couldn't turn from their so as a first time listener. Are you thinking now that you'll be maybe a second time in third time listener. Will you come back after today. Probably after that. Only because i've heard people have the same response as me like i. I heard from Responses it did not entirely with what was being side with testosterone thing. Because i like this gonna me okay. Well first time listener first-time caller same day amazing. This never happened now. So what lunchbox earlier. He has a lot of testosterone. And that guys with a lot of testosterone are less generous and he thinks women would pick him way over that they will pick me. What do you think okay. I don't know. And see. I wanna be your. I remember or is that. What name bobby right. That's correct right now. I'm so whoever. The other guy was lunchbox. I hair out because i've wanted to pull our hair out though we're lose your your cell is getting bad. Let's try one more time one more time k. Try to talk about. Can you hear me a little bit. Yes go ahead okay. i choose you dhabi. Every day of the week Easily and i am a rough and tumble girl. I cinch outdoorsy. I do all of that. I had grown up. I'm sorry to the other guy. But it sounds like he's bringing your head you're time on my voice deep like i wanted to scream and i haven't really protective. And they were also choose eight bobby. Every day is a week. We appreciate that very slight. The greatest call ever. We can only hear like half way. She has no idea what we look like. Either is what it says here too but we were very grateful you call. We're just start. Your phone was cutting out when you call us. It's time for the good news out for the last two years. Billy tosh has been living in his. Rv traveling just enjoying life on the road well. The rv caught fire up in flames. He lost everything suffer his dog and the clothes on his back. Will the people of all community got together raise money and one guy had an old. Rv nine hundred ninety four. These can keep it in storage. He said here you can have it. You can have this rv. So here's a him talking about what it means. I heard on hlavac liberty trying to get my guitar and everything has been replaced by can tar government. That's awesome. I mean that's great news. Thanks that community. Guys are great people and says it. That's that's right that's what it's all about. That was telling me something good. Hey guys did. Is bobby bones like to hang out with your friends. more often. sure accept these days. It's not so easy but you can still spend time with your fiends best. Means it's the super popular puzzle game that you can download for free from the app store or google play when you hang out with fiends. There never a dull moment. There are over five thousand levels to play each level more challenging than the next and the game keeps coming back for more tons of characters to collect away fun puzzle to solve in something new to experience every single time you play with its thousands of brain. Busting puzzles that. Put each player the test. There is no wonder best fees has racked up so many five star ratings. Chances are your friends are probably already hanging out with best scenes download best fiends for free from the app store or google play. That's friends without the our best. Means you're gonna love it. You're going to collect all these puzzles. You're gonna tell your friends if they're not already in heck some of them may already be and you don't even know it yet all right best fiends friends with the our best teams go. We're talking about the guy's jeep. He walked across the street left. His jeep goes to the bakery was dog knocks that gear that she flies crow boom crashes into a museum it was all on the dog or so. He says bob believe them right. Idea right even drunk aren't you. It wasn't your bonehead story of the day But other people have called in to about their dogs. Canine not a dog human. Who has a story canine. Now what's happening more in studio morning and it's pretty cool. This is my third time on the show. I know y'all remembering the man. Canine from florida. What's up baby. Rapper country singer rapper. I went to this guy's instagram. Page and watch videos last time he was on. What's up dude. Hey man doing pretty good. What do you want to say kanai already so i was driving with my pit bull. One of my pit bulls. He was hanging halfway out the window and I got pulled over and whatnot. Got me out the car He thought he smelled weed and stuff like that research. My car didn't find anything but he ended up giving me a seatbelt ticket for my dog hanging halfway out the window. How much is the dog. Seatbelt fine hundred dollar in you name. Bobby i'm broke. So i pushed it to alaska and they actually ended up calling me and telling me my license was going to be suspended again. If i don't pay the fine so i ended up going down the courthouse paint it. But yeah i mean i got one hundred dollars fine and i don't know those cobwebs out. He didn't find any. But that's the car price smell like weed though for real Real oh yeah i definitely did i okay. All right dogs i guess. State to state. And how do you do that. I know a we have seatbelts for our dogs. Different than the regular one. Yeah but only because they wouldn't stop running around the car. Not because we're buckling. A member safety was buckling it for our sakes. So maybe that's it. It can be super dangerous. I think about it. I don't buckle my dog up. But i think if i ever had a slam on the brakes she's gonna come flying up to the front and it could harm me or the kids or you know it's probably smart. Stay safe bro. Fair yeah remember. K nine hundred. Four florida bobby. Give me a little man. I love you okay. Nine underscore florid you me bobby. I should know if you're still listening right now. You hung up but you should make us like a morning show like thirty second song. Like intro type song. I hit us up with that. We'll play it on the air. We'll give the guy a little publicity. I don't know if he's a good dude or not like him when he calls. But i hit us. Okay nine here is mindy minnesota. Hey mindy we're talking about our dogs where you got friday morning studio morning. Oh my gosh. My daughter and i tried to get through all the times. He's going to be so jealous. I just dropped her up at school. And then i started calling So we have a dog lola. She was six months old and she was having some stomach issues in the middle of the night. And i got up multiple times to change your bedding and the next morning. We had to leave. And i liked her in the bathroom. So i wouldn't. She wouldn't have to fit in her filth all day and somehow she flooded our whole house. Oh no she hit the to turn the water on some hell. Yeah so you turn the water on plug the sink and let it our full house. We had to replace the furnace a flooring the ceiling and the basements a whole bathroom ago. Tom meighan. I'm sorry to hear that. What what that run. Yeah run insurance It was about a twenty thousand dollar set but the better part of the story is we got new everything and we were able to sell our house in now. We live in our dream house. That story man. that stinks. Thank you for the call. Mindy appreciate that. Thank you for calling. You're welcome if you have something you want to say about what we're saying. Eight seven. seven. Seventy seven bobby. Let's do the news. Bobby's built a new poll by dating dot com found that dad bonds are now the most attractive body type. Single people told you guys. I'm telling you trying to lose weight to for your wedding only i. I'm not. I don't know i know i just wanna look good for your wedding. I wanna look good in tuxes and suits and whatever but after that bones. I might just go straight back to the bed by according to a new poll. Flabby dad bods now. The most attractive body guy have to use the word flabby descriptive make people. Soft yeah i would describe dating dot com pulled. Its members and three or four. So they're a fan of the dad bod'ed look meaning not too big but not exactly in shape either. I think this is again. My opinion on the dad bought. I think people like the things that are associated with the dad baud so they just learned to like the dad bond. You mean the lifestyle given a not just not giving a but putting your time in other places instead of children hour and a half in the gym and you know the drive there the drive-by s it's living a life if you could have that same life living with the kids and still be ripped everybody would pick ripped. That's true because i look at people. And i wanted. They're really ripped. I'm like you must spend a lotta time in the gym. You're happier Me yeah that. What do you think you're happier because you just get to live your life as dad bought a absolutely. Yes but is your wife happy with daddy. She loves eddie. Lost a bunch of weight. She's fine with that. I thought she wanted to do to stop shooting. She says she's fine with it. But and that's enough. She's like do not get any skinnier. I can't take want. She said i don't wanna put my head on bones. She's better head on me. You bobby on like real boats. So eddie is going to adopt my new method up until the wedding. Because i've now started getting into wedding shape. Which i'm going to do it slow than hit it hard but i'm already on track. Do you wanna tell them my my theory on the air. I think you let me see if i got it right so i drove home. And i'm like a sounds cool but i don't five one one don't mean so. Let me let me see if i got it. Five days strict eating very clean. Yeah you get to eat. You're normal mills but clean. eating meat. Noticed day away from bread. Eat go to bed on time. Five on one third cycle water is important. Go ahead okay. And then one is the middle ground where it's like healthier but you can also have a fruit like fruit. I don't think i'm going to do on the fives. Okay so anything like fruit little maybe little the dabble navy. We'll chips and then the one letter ripped tater pete's have full pizza five one one five perfect one medium one a yes and so. I have a aside. I've assigned sunday through thursday. My five friday is my medium. Saturday let it rip tater chip five. Strong one comes. He comes off the one rocket. I in principle. It sounds good. I'm ready to try it. That's a good theory. We'll see how it works. I'm on it and we went to. I had a little bit of barbecue last night. It was is what they had for dinner at that advocacy kids place. I was talking about last night at low barbecue. little salad. i. I know that is a good day. It was only the only thing available. And i ate it moderately d- sometimes that's all it's available you've got to do it. Let's do more news here. We go bobby's story. Tiger woods has been released from the hospital in los angeles continuous recovery from last month. Horrific one car accident at his home in south florida. He was in the hospital for a month crazy. Which is wild wonder what the hospital is going to be Probably no big deal. He'll just opened wallet. Nobody a few coins out but yeah he suffered a serious injuries in a car crash in southern california he says i'm so grateful for the outpouring of support and encouragement that i received over the past few weeks. He is going home back to florida. Yes finally severe weather heads to the south. Many parts of the south. If you haven't already you should batten down the hatches. I follow a lot of arkansas news on twitter. Because i go from there. I lived there still a part time. and so they were getting hit hard last night even some today. still so from arkansas alabama. A severe weather outbreak is predicted Southern missouri. Florida panhandle louisiana tennessee. All of that so you probably already know this the days of having to find out on the radio what the weather is but you know just a heads up to everybody out there. Things go real bad. Hopefully we can happen and help if we need to forgive me for asking what is batten. Down the hatches being like on a on a ship by down the hatches. I would think. Close all the hatches. Water doesn't get a flood plain storms coming over. I don't know. I've never say i would think that hatches is from a boat or submarine get ready for craziness. Yeah like close everything. Because it's time to go. Michael you look at that up because we know i know what it means. But i don't exactly know the root of baton downs and what's baton through. Never heard those words anything all right. Batten down the hatches. It's to secure ships hatch especially when rough weather is expected or just in general prepare for difficult situation or crisis. So you're like a captain right now. Is waters coming phrase. Okay nice nice word flex on this googled it. Let's go over to michael in georgia. Michael what's going on with you. Not much are y'all doing morning it's going on. I had another dog story forty right. I was sitting in the mcdonald's drive through love lapdog beside me. Related opened a window dugway across my lap and to know he jumped. He jumped into the restaurant. Chain right drive through window inside. I gotta out tripping everybody jumping on the tables everything he gets his mouth on. So what did they do. They threaten the cops on me and they banned me from coming back to that store. Owner accidents still. I'm assuming stupid you don. Your dog walked out the front door and jumped in the car and drove off right. Yes did they ever call the cops on you. I didn't stick around long enough to find out. That is the funniest thing that's ever happened with adult. Where you halfway laughing and halfway like oh my goodness oh my goodness oh my goodness i was laughing the whole time because that will be a helpless feeling if your dog jumps into the drive through. Did your dog eat a bunch of fries or meet. like where did he go. First he went to the fries while the prize are on the ground. Hamburger buns meat everywhere and imagine. If they're workforce dog you don't you don't see the document all of a sudden there's just the dog in their own michael. That's a great story. Appreciate that call. Man have a good day. Yes sir you are. i see later. I do want to talk about this because sometimes we walk into a room. At least i do. And i go. How did they get in this room. Like what in the world did. I do to get me in this room. You ever do that. Yes all the time. Then you go back and you walk back to your other room and as you sit down and remember you're like oh i now i remember and then you go back at that all the time. It's the weirdest thing You talk a lot about dr into subtypes you're like i don't even remember how i got here. What how long. It took me. But yeah i do it all the time you drive places and not and you don't remember the drive at all. Know why you're going. Yes there are times where i'm subconsciously driving and i end up at a place. Never get somewhere in my car and go so. Apparently our brain is working overdrive. When that happens and we're we're so focusing on something else that when we get to our spot we've forgotten that really recent thought of to go there. It's not us getting older. It's not forgetting things so this is just a. Oh thank good. I mean we're all doing so that gives me right for it. It is that we have too much going on that. We're kind of blocking down the small recent things and we're focused on the heavier things that are weighing on us at the time. So if that happens to you don't blame it on getting old. Don't blame it on getting senile. it's okay it is absolutely okay. It happens the people of all ages. So there's that also lost her wedding band news Well so right now. I'm wearing the one my mom's because i inherited that from her. But because yes i have a the band part not the engagement ring. Thank goodness but i have little tiny bands that i stack with it and one of those which does have little teeny tiny diamonds on. It flew off my finger. And i don't know where it is so i i was washing my hands and the stack keeps them altogether. When i was washing my hands one flew off and my we found it on the floor right away. My daughter luckily spotted it. But that means the one that was holding it in. Its gone somewhere. I don't know where we've looked everywhere. And i was at the kitchen sink so who knows i check down. The disposal is so discussing the minute in. I am terrified to go down there. But the minute i thought my ring was down there. I was like i didn't think twice. My hand. went straight in there. i'll like swirling around the already be gone though i had turned it on because it's the disposal so i don't know guys i retrace my steps. I've called some places so maybe it will show up. I dunno good. Like what are the odds. If she finds out ring not very good. I always tend to find it. Let us know. The i always tend more on. I always ten. we will find it. I always typically get my stuff back. Okay let me play this voicemail from this is miranda in virginia beach and this is a segment on yesterday's show where amy actually called nine one one right and it's on our our instagram wasn't accident but you did it mean for them to answer noonan and i. I meant for us to d- to disable the emergency call before it did that right. So here's miranda leaving us voicemail. Last night morning studio. I was dying at amy showing the nine one one trick on her phone. I played it for my husband and he thinks it could possibly be staged because talamante. What are you doing. wanna be on the phone. He didn't wanna be on the air. Oh we're going to assure you. That wasn't staged well what i want to know. Why because what are you doing up. So we don't know because who hangs up on nine one one is probably say. I do accident accident. You hung up. I got nervous. I got flustered and yeah watching that video back. I was cringing at myself. Just say something. But i couldn't. I just freaked out when i freak out. I just throw my phone freaked out for sure. You can watch it on her instagram ad. Bobby bones show but we assure you that was real. You can hear all of our reaction's going. Don't hang planning on watching the game tonight. Well here's a way to make it. Even more interesting is free bed of up to two thousand and twenty one dollars when you place a bed. With william hill sportsbook. Every sports moment becomes even more interesting every slapshot every bucket every touch every play. A wager elevates your night pushing you to the edge of your seat get to your heart rate going. Your stomach nodded your goosebumps bumping your faith in yourself rewarded. Oh and with two thousand and twenty one dollars to play with risk free. There's no reason not to get started today. Download the william hill mobile app. And when you sign up you can get started with a risk. Free bed of up to two thousand and twenty one dollars. Use promo code. Pod are f must be president. Virginia twenty plus only terms and conditions apply gambling. Problem call tech support. Shed are confidential in toll free helpline at one eight eight three two three five hundred. Let's make it interesting with william hill. Sportsbook i'm curious. Amy if you think we should play the next segment. I'll tell you what it is. And i'm sitting here. I'm looking at it i'm going to replay this on the air. What is it. Well remember when might come up with a bunch of the first one was will at pizza and he had lunchbox. Go to the store with microwave. Burn up grocery store any little caesars. Cook the pizza in the store. We couldn't believe it. Mike d. had on that list he had another bit now was a little bit when i saw it on the air. Will it taxidermy. Where lunchbox calls and tries to get someone to taxidermy. His grandmother who passed away okay. Well let's talk did that. We have this call. Well i mean. I need to know if there will. You need to know deal. I do 'cause this is. It's a joke right so i think it's fine okay. So tell me why you're hesitant. Just feel weird grandma died. Yeah you taxidermy. Who is gonna be so nice. You know somebody has actually called and tried to do this. Well lunchbox did they have. I met. let's vote. Who thinks we should play this segment next. He i okay. I let's rox oh i for sure okay so called one place. How many points you call then called. His one took a while a while. Yeah Interesting while to get someone to admit to do it. We will do that if you guys want it. Okay here's the segment. Lunch marks calls a taxidermist to see how much it would cost taxidermy. His granny great so. Send me up box. So i mean i just called places and i was just i explain to them kind of all you know passed away on saturday and i just wanna have it in the house and i didn't refer to it as grainy until later that way. I can keep them on the line. And he thinks it's an animal. And then when i hit him with granny kind of goes downhill so but this is one call to one place. This is one call to one place. Did you try to call other places. And they just wouldn't even know. I had to change my strategy because i kind of went in with the granny at the beginning and they would just hang up and they wouldn't. They didn't give me the time of day. Then i realized okay. You can't say granny right off the bat because it gets people little like i'm out click so i did it a different way. Like here's the lunchbox calling taxidermist taxidermy. He's a grainy okay taxidermy. Hey i was just calling because we lost her this weekend. I you know. I'm trying to see how much is going to be her stuffed well. We're talking about here. How big your your specimen there. She's about i mean five foot two. Oh wow got a deer something near and dear to my heart for sure near and dear to my heart. It's just so hard because she always went on family vacations. She always came to the little the to watch us play baseball. And just we've had her. You know just my entire life. And i'm i'm sorry to hear about that. Although it seems a little strange Take an animal to a baseball game. that size and so when i bring her into do i bring granny's outfit that she wanted to be buried. You know that she wanted to be stuffed in hold on by granny deeming your grandmother like a human being grandmother. Yeah okay listen. I'm going gonna tell you this straight up. You know If you're expecting me to taxidermy your grandmother. It's illegal in the united states to do that. And so i'm telling you right now but you just better get a good grasp for this is that i'm not gonna step. Your grandma always like unnecessary. He's very passionate. He went from being caring. I'm really sorry. I hate that too. Specimen lot is an angry. That's how good call. Nice job westbound. I got on a conference call yesterday on this app it's called clubhouse and it's basically we talked about on. The show is basically this app where you get on. You're listening to a conference call by people that you probably never get to be in your life because they're cool but you get to hear what they're saying. So i was invited to go on because our ceo was speaking any message man. Good job on this thing for a few minutes. I'm like yeah. So i was here at the show yesterday and turn it on eddie sitting across from me and as soon as i pop on bones is here and there's rooms packed full people like hey talk about the future of audio and i'm like for me. I consider to be an evenings on your phone. It can be a podcast. It can be radio. I talk about how. I think that we have developed relationships with our listeners. Because we tell long-form stories we. You know it's much better than tv in many ways because we can actually sit down casual conversation and people can feel like they know on and on and on i start to look in this little room missile clubhouse room and i see katie couric and the room listening no way. Yeah and then i see someone else. And i'm like is that really her so as i'm talking i clicker profile. Page opens up and it is her eddie. What do i say loud. I sorry guys. I just gotta take a minute. I see paris hilton's in the room right now. I gotta say hi real quick. He says hi to paris hilton. They're listening i zone and what up. That is hilarious. She comes on goes. I was in the middle of work. And i look like what does have pretty funny. Did you tell her. I liked her documentary but affinity. I know it's just funny. How we seek out. Let's we have a job to meet a lot of people but that doesn't mean we're cool right but you're seeing pictures of everybody who's in there. Okay so and then okay and then someone's you if you wanna talk you. Just tell the leader Allowed on the stage. You can talk at anytime. Okay you just turn your mute off there's also hundreds of people who aren't allowed on stage if i'm just saying katie. Couric wanted to chime in. And she did later. Shot her out so it was pretty funny. Oh hope you guys are good. Hope you have an awesome day to day tomorrow show. We'll be a lot of fun because the front man of country are coming in now. It's the lead singer of lonestar. Probably going to get him to do amazed. It's the lead singer of little texas. I'm probably going to get that way. Of course after it's the lead singer of restless heart so probably going do this ad one straw so good. They're going to be in tomorrow to play on the show. Which i'm very excited about. Oh we talking to brothers tomorrow to now. it's not tomorrow. What are they coming on the show. Brothers osborne to be on monday. Okay we got guest out the wazoo this week so you guys hang out be back tomorrow. Have a great day everybody. By by bobby bones lost hills is a new podcast about a mystery. And i'd ilic malibu california when a man goes camping with his two young daughters and doesn't make it home alive after his death the cops follow a crumb trail of clues and arrested survivalist. They find camping in the woods. That's when things get complicated. Law hills is a shocking story that uncovers a dark truth about law enforcement in malibu california. Listen to lost tells on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcasts. How far would you go for enlightenment. Westerners have long been drawn to the spiritual mystique of india while many find what they're looking for them return home some vanished without a trace or even end up dead. If we got to call today he's not gonna be the same person that left beyond us. Maybe it's better a dented. That cole. i'm carolyn. Slaughter the host of the new podcast astray where we investigate those. Who paid the ultimate cost and of spiritual awakening listened to a stray on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or every bit your podcasts.

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