Thanks to Casper for sponsoring our show. Don't forget some time while you're online today go to Casper Dot Com and use the Promo Code Crime Junkie Eight to get one hundred dollars off select mattresses high-crime junkies. I'm your host Ashley Flowers and I'm Brett and our crime junkie listeners. I will know that violent crime doesn't always make sense. I mean just last week. We told you a story where one of the theories or possibilities of the case is that someone totally totally random committed the crime with almost no motive at all so while some killers and other offenders can have motivations guiding their actions. We all know that others I don't these attackers often have no real motive no incentive they just do violent things because they want to. This can often often lead to cases where the investigation struggles to find a suspect and even when they do answers can be hard to come by and this is without a doubt the case ace in story which began unfolding in a popular college town back in two thousand seventeen it it was Friday June ninth in two thousand seventeen when friends acquaintances and even professors of unions began to notice her absence she was normally a very punctual and reliable person who on this day seem to have gone off the grid. No one can reach her by phone or by text and her friends at the university. We knew that she was planning to meet with an apartment manager that afternoon to look at getting a new place but that couldn't have taken all afternoon that should have been very short. She'd been gone several several hours at this point which was a major cause for concern around nine twenty four at that night and associate professor who she was friends with reported her missing to campus police ace this led to an officer heading out to speak with unions friends who all expressed worry for the missing woman now this officer was able to enter Giddings apartment and quickly quickly discovered that Yingying wasn't home surprisingly though most of her belongings were still bear so it was unlikely that she'd left voluntarily when the officer Surinamese more about union. He's told that she's a foreign exchange student. Originally from a small city in southeastern China and she was the oldest of two children and she earned good grades. She was always near the top of her class. She had hoped to become a professor when she was older and you know when she was young she began to express herself musically as ah she became a teenager she's saying she played the guitar and according to this article in the Chicago Tribune she actually played in a band whose name can be translated as cute horse. There's a great band name. I love it yes so she was just like this all around like friendly fun expressive person so following secondary secondary school she attended both Undergrad and graduate school in China and graduated in two thousand and sixteen now while she was in college she started dating somebody who she felt madly in love with and the two dated for years and eventually got engaged and planned to marry in the later half of two thousand seventeen however before before they could marry Yingying decided to live abroad for a year so following her graduation in two thousand sixteen she decided to become a visiting scholar for the Chinese Academy of Sciences and says which is the largest research organization in the world and there she wanted to focus on photosynthesis crop productivity particularly in soybeans and in corn and this focus actually led her to America for a year where she was going to do research at the University of Illinois at the Urban Champagne campus now now. I didn't study abroad ever but this has to be the most like life altering flip your world upside down kind of experience yeah. I'm sure I mean I haven't spent a lot of time abroad but I did spend a couple of weeks in Malaysia and Singapore and that was a culture shock and four like a quarter of a year I spent in Miami me that even turned my life upside down yeah you were in the same country so I can't imagine I mean she was way from everything she'd ever known away from her parents her brother her our friends her fiance and even China itself however ganging was excited for the trip and the opportunities that it presented for her future when she first got to Illinois she she began renting an apartment at the University of Illinois Orchard Downs Complex which is roughly one mile south of campus and it was super affordable for her however after a couple of months she began looking for something a little closer to her work center to make her commute a bit more manageable and this is exactly why she had taken that meeting on June ninth but knowing all of this about being knowing that she didn't have a car knowing that she was here in the US about family her fiance and she only had a couple of friends ends who now couldn't get a hold of her. The responding officer began to suspect that foul play could have been involved in her absence and union was officially named a missing person. The first thing police needed to do to track her down to figure out her last move midst according to her friends they knew that she left to go meet with the manager of the new apartment complex so they go talk to this manager and he says yeah we had a meeting scheduled for like two o'clock and at one thirty nine I got some texts from her saying basically she was going to be ten minutes slate and again. She didn't have a car so in order for her to get to the apartment. She was going to have to take two buses so it's about a thirty minute trip so he's expecting her to be ten minutes late late. When she still hasn't shown up to thirty eight the manager texts her again saying are you still planning coming by but he never got any kind of response from in her so what they piece together from this is that she likely had been hanging out in her apartment until about one thirty nine? Whether she fell asleep or just lost track of time or whatever she realized she was going to be late for the meeting so shortly after texting the manager she would have left her house and maybe this was they think maybe around one forty five the rest of her movements. They were able to track down using security footage. They know she caught the -til line bus which took her from the Orchard Down Apartments Complex Complex where she lived to the intersection of Springfield and Matthew streets there. She's picked up on camera now. She hopped off the bus and and she was hoping to catch the twenty two limited. This is the next bus that she was going to take to one north apartments where she was hoping to move into. Unfortunately it wasn't until she's already already off the bus and waiting that she realized the connection she needed to get on that twenty two limited picked up on the other side of the road so she could instill see the bus as it's picking up as it's starting to go off so she starts running down the road after the bus trying to catch it but that didn't stop the bus from accelerating down the road road with her just following behind a block and a half. That's Kinda rude like why wouldn't the bus driver just stop so I agree however actually looked into this and believe it or not that is totally holy within company policy for most bus companies or public transportation drivers are not supposed to stop for pedestrians on the wrong side of the road because doing so generally leads to people illegally crossing they can get hit by cars like its own thing yeah exactly so now that she's missed her connection Yingying being returned to the bus stop slightly defeated and she knew the next bus wasn't coming for several minutes and so she was undoubtedly going to be even more late for her appointment with the apartment manager and it was here at exactly this point when police are watching this video that they get their first clue as to what happened to union and dread sweeps over them when they realize what they're seeing remember when you were a little girl and your pants had the same amount of pockets as pants worn by little boys in your class. 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I say they're the most comfortable pans. I'll wear ever but whatever that's B. E. T. A. The R. A. N. D. Dot com slash cranky all lower case to get twenty percent off your dress pent yoga pants union is standing there alone on the sidewalk and they see a black car drive by then three minutes later the same black car drives by but this time it doesn't pass her the car stops next to the curb and the driver seems to have started chatting with because on the video they can see her leaning into the passenger side window and the to the driver and you seem to be speaking to one another for about a minute whatever the driver said or however desperate hanging was to get to her meeting at the apartment. She was convinced to get into the car with this person. Yingying shuts the passenger door the car accelerates forward out of frame and union would never be seen seen or heard from again while the video was helpful in determining when and where she disappeared from it only gave police one really tangible lead to follow the car they could tell that it was a black car. It was a four door Saturn Astra but they couldn't get a plate number or really leave a clear description of the driver other than he appeared to be a white male. Luckily though this particular Saturn was a pretty rare car which was only he sold between the years of two thousand and eight and two thousand and nine and the fact that they could tell it was a four door to door narrowed it down even more so so they look into this car and thankfully there weren't many of these in the region in fact there were only eighteen registered in Illinois champaign county so this help them create a list of people to speak to which would expedite the investigation significantly in those first couple of days while police are making their list of Saturn owners that they wanNA talk to a few of beings loved ones flew from China to Illinois this included her father and her fiance and later on her mother and brother would join them as well and they all wanted to pitch in on search efforts and help raise awareness for the case and they told the media the press anyone who listened that we're not going to return to China China until union is found and it wasn't just the family and the police looking the disappearance of the twenty six year old student had galvanized the large foreign student population poppulation who helped organize search efforts around campus they even begin spreading into the neighboring towns and cities but unfortunately they were unable to pick up any a trace of being investigators in searchers were unable to uncover any clues pointing to her whereabouts. What about her cell phone? Were police able to track down that title so they actually tried to they were able to see that Yingying had been texting the manager of the apartment complex just like he said but just minutes after she had gotten into that Black Saturn her cell phone stopped paying off cell towers in the area so to police this indicated that it either turned off or it had been destroyed but they might not need her phone records to find their suspect because within two days police had met with or spoken to most of those Saturn owners in the area including a young college student from the area who quickly became one of their main suspects just a few days after unions disappearance police I went to the apartment of a man named Brent Christianson. He lived in Champaign Illinois with his wife and as police approached the apartment. Do you want to know what they I noticed. Just a block Astra of course it's the vehicle that led them there. In the first place sitting right in the parking lot a two thousand eight black Saturn Astra which looked exactly like the car in the surveillance video so police walked up knocked on the apartment door and met Brent Christians and for the first time fine this is just like their first meeting very general they ask him if you questions mostly about his whereabouts for the few days prior particularly between the hours of two o'clock clock three o'clock on that Friday and he's basically like I don't know I probably would have been sleeping. Maybe playing video games all day long but he makes it seem like his afternoon was a bit of a blur so in this chat brand did verify that the black Saturn was his and he allowed police to search the the vehicle but they weren't able to find anything of real value just by glancing around and and after speaking to rent for a bit they end up leaving empty handed and they continue Tinubu down their list of possible suspects and continued looking for any vehicles that might match the description as investigators continue to hit the pavement so to speaks some other officers continued analyzing the surveillance footage and within another day or two they were able to learn more about that vehicle that she'd gotten into beyond onto being you know just a four door black Saturn Astra the vehicle. They also could tell you know again. This footage is like super grain. It's not what you might be imagining but they're able to like clarified here. Fight a little bit analyze it. They realize that it has a sun roof and after inspecting it even closer they find that the front passenger side Hubcap Hubcap of the vehicle was cracked and it was cracked in such a way that it would have a very unique look so officers decide to revisit all the saturns that they previously looked at effort to see which one really fit this description and after looking at all eighteen vehicles again they discovered only one fittest criteria and it was Brent Christians and Saturn which was black had four doors had the sunroof and had the exact same damage along along the front hubcap and to the naked eye. Those vehicles were virtually identical yeah so now we are at June fourteenth now. This is the day that the identified Brent Kristiansen's car as vehicle that union got into they obtain a search warrant to search the vehicle more extensively in particular. They're looking for any evidence that had been inside the car. Maybe hair follicles. DNA clothing fibers whatever if they could prove that she'd been in that car at all they could proved that Brent Christianson had been the last person to have seen her and likely had lied to investigators about his whereabouts that day I mean which is a crime in and of itself Ray exactly exactly this was a big deal and police treated as such early the next morning we're now June fifteenth police executed the search warrant on Brent Christians vehicle and even asked if he would mind coming down to the near. FBI Field Offices to conduct an interview so he accepts and within our was being grilled by federal investigators instigators. During this interview Brent went back on his original statement now he does remember what he was doing and he told police that he had actually been driving around the U of. I campus that previous Friday again the same day that union disappeared he made it seem like he just confused his days like Oh. I didn't lie to you you before I was mistaking Thursday for Friday or something like that. His story is totally changing oh totally and he even admitted to seeing a young Asian woman standing on the street corner under near campus who he said looked distressed now. He says he never got this young woman's name so he wasn't sure if it was being but he does now say a that he stopped and offered this woman a ride which she accepted and he said they drove off in a minute or two later. The young woman became panicked. He says so he pulls over to the side of the road. Let's her out in a residential neighborhood a few blocks away and that's it he drives away that seems like the most ludicrous story I've ever heard going from not even leaving the House that day to be on the campus seeing her talking to her and then Oh yes actually I did pick girl oh but I dropped her off. Even even if you confuse the days like if pleaser coming asking you about a woman who's gone missing you. Oh you what you thought it was Thursday and Friday you know what I mean. It's not adding up clearly. His story is changing and police didn't really seem to buy this story either at least not the particular series of events and they didn't think that Brent Christianson had just so happened to pick up a woman minutes before she disappeared forever so as they spoke to Brent the police officers back at his apartment start talking to his wife who he had been at home with that morning that they came by so she says that she'd actually been out of state the weekend that ganging had gone missing so there wasn't much information that she could offer but she did allow police to search their apartment and she gave them consent to take away multiple pieces of potential Ngel evidence and this was like their computers cell phones like anything like that that they could potentially get something off of these collected items would eventually prove to be the building building blocks for their entire case but before we get into that we have to step back just a little bit and explain who Brent Christianson really was so he he was actually a graduate student at the University of Illinois and he lived in the city of Champagne Illinois with his wife the two had met while attending the University of Wisconsin and had and they had married back in two thousand and thirteen and they were at the time to thirteen and like their early twenties so for awhile their marriage was stable. Things seemed to be fine line but in the winter of two thousand sixteen things began to take a turn for the worse Brian started ignoring his classes his grades began to suffer for and eventually he had to fully drop out of his doctorate program in physics and instead he set his sights on obtaining a master's degree which for him seems like a derail of all of his life's ambition xlt now in this time period his relationship with his wife had begun to fall apart he began turning to drugs and alcohol all which only made things worse and he began to develop a dependency on alcohol in particular that really drove a wedge between him and his wife now eventually they reached a the point of no return and in an effort to keep their marriage intact they decided what they needed was an open relationship so Brent's wife quickly got a boyfriend and Brent himself joined several dating websites and apps where he described himself as being in an open relationship he was very honest about it and he got a girlfriend of his own the following month and she began to introduce him to the world of DSM which normally wouldn't be an issue right like it's two consenting adults like everyone has their thing sure however his introduction to this bedia world through his girlfriend only seemed to exacerbate a Brent's existing issues which had apparently been festering for months at this point you see he'd started falling into a spiral of repeated dark thoughts which are only made worse by his substance abuse so in March two thousand seventeen this is again roughly a couple of months before unions disappearance Brent met with a counselor at the University of Illinois and he admitted that his marriage was on the rocks and contributed a part of that to his own shortcomings in particular his alcoholism awesome however in this conversation he also admitted that he'd recently been drawn to certain very specific negative thoughts not only causing using harm to himself but thoughts about harming other people and he even claimed to have been drawn to certain idol's like horrible people like Ted Bundy Lundy who he seemed to admire for their ability to kill without being caught. That's a pretty big red flag. I yeah and I think that's putting it mildly so during this conversation with the counselor Brent said that these issues you know they're all in the past. I have no desire to act out on these dark thoughts. However months slater these statements would become incredibly incriminating so if we fast forward now police have in custody and during his interview he he made himself out to be a pretty normal guy so he denies any wrongdoing? He said the only thing I admit to which he obviously knows the only thing they could prove is is that young had gotten into his car. He said that's it. He sticks to his story that he lets her out. Just down the block. He refuses to budge and it's like listen she got in. I didn't even know name. I have nothing to do with what happened to her. However while he's speaking to the police and holding firm on this they get their extensive search warrant for his car and all of those electronics that they pulled from his house and so while they're searching what they find in the vehicle is that his vehicle had been extensively cleaned recently and what was strange was that while the entire car had been cleaned in particular the area around the front passenger seat had been cleaned like way more diligently than anywhere else and consumed the majority of the work there was a real focus on the passenger side where Union would have gotten in but what they find on his phone and Internet history are even more incriminating evidence there they discovered heard that he'd become enamored with abductions and in fact his exposure to the BCSM community had exposed him to some extreme fetishes which which included forced abductions like he was looking up stuff about abducting women like how to fantasy video stuff like that and investigators would quickly learn about Brennan long term interest in these violent abductions as well as his idolization of serial killers but even though he seemed like their guy none of this was getting them any closer closer to finding out what happened to Yingying or where she was right now so proving he did something to her just on him? Being a creepy guy wasn't going to be enough enough. Police decided they couldn't arrest Brent but they could put him under a microscope so they let him go but they start to serve surveilled him and their hope was that he would lead them back to Yingying somehow whether she was alive whether she was dead like maybe he would panic and try and cover up the crime or go visit somewhere something like that right but in their surveillance police had someone on their team who Brent never expected Ed police were able to get rents new girlfriend to wear a wire now Brennan spot a lot of time with his girlfriend who he'd been saying for a couple of months at this point and and they had become incredibly close. She seemed to spend more time with Brent than his wife dead so she was probably be closest person to him. During this timespan now now she literally recorded the conversations with Brent for the better part of two weeks and I think deep down she did this and she kind of alluded to this that she was hoping to clear him of suspicion because for almost two weeks she felt like she was proving her own case see like he couldn't have done anything he hasn't said anything to me not even like insinuated ray but after two weeks of him not saying a single incriminating thing the floodgates opened in the most most unlikely of places okay. I have been on the hunt for a natural the for at least ten years. Now you name it. I've tried it. A lot came close to being what I was looking for but I could never really find one that I loved until I tried native. Native Deodorant uses fewer simpler ingredients so you know everything. That's in the product that you're using ingredients in native aren't just simple their ingredients. 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That's twenty percents off your first purchase of native native deodorant when you go to native Deodorant Dot Com and use Promo Code Crime Junkie at Checkout on Thursday state June twenty nine twenty days after unions disappearance her family members and her fiance organized a memorial walk on campus which they hoped would raise awareness for her still unsolved case this memorial walk was attended by hundreds of students who came out to show support frigging ings loved ones and and among them was none other than Brent Christianson who attended the event with his girlfriend now Brent again at this point. It's totally unaware that his girlfriend was quite literally wearing a wire and he made several alarming comments during this event saying that he only came out because he wanted to see how many people attended then. He said that everyone was there for him as if he was the star of the show Joe and I don't know what his girlfriend had to have been thinking when all this was coming out if she thought he was lying or if she finally saw what police had been seeing him but she didn't drop it that evening over drinks Brentwood ended up detailing to her exactly what happened to union. Oh my God he confessed to abducting beating raping and torturing her in his apartment and eventually hitting her in the head with a baseball bat got a baseball bat that he had lamented was now in police custody he then claimed to drag innings body to his bathtub and and then stabbing her in the neck before decapitating her oh my God during this confession which took place over several hours Brent proceeded to get increasingly easingly intoxicated and he would even brag about being an amazing killer who had killed multiple women over several years and by his count he said he'd murdered about thirteen women over roughly a decade long period dating back to when he was just nineteen years old however in his words Yin Yang was the only victim whose disappearance had led back to him the rest he said we're women whose names he didn't even know Oh and he tried to Brad to his girlfriend and say that he was just like Ted Bundy. I found something particularly chilling within the trial transcripts when Brent is talking to his girlfriend about young he said quote Yingying is gone. She is never going to be found the FBI has looked for her the police the FBI. I don't know where she is. I'm apparently very good at this. The family won't leave until she's found and they are going to leave empty handed because they will never never find her she is gone forever and quote the FBI. After hearing all of this now had confirmation from Brent himself himself that he'd been involved in the disappearance and death of Yingying and so that following day June thirtieth two thousand seventeen which also happened to be Brown's since twenty eighth birthday he was arrested so after his arrest police began conducting a more thorough search of his apartment and eventually found evidence that seemed to validate what Brett had confessed to the prior day. What do you mean a more thorough? I thought they already searched it. Honestly I have no clue like I I would have hoped that the first time they went through his place would have been like with a fine tooth comb. I Dunno like the extent of their search warrants. I don't know if they were just looking for items that first time when they came back they're looking for blood. I honestly have no idea but I think based on his story. What I imagine is maybe they had come back and Dan spent like extra time and given particular interest to maybe that bathroom if he took her in there and that's where he stabbed her decapitated her okay? Perhaps they are focused on that following his arrest Brent was charged with federal kidnapping which if it had led to the death of someone could result in either life imprisonment or the death breath penalty on July twelve he was officially indicted by a grand jury on July twentieth he would plead not guilty to the crimes he'd been charged with breath now. The next two years would pass with the state and defence preparing their cases. I mean this was a massive case and all the Wile Brent refused to cooperate with investigators refusing to give up the location of unions remains at least that's what the public would be told at the time his actual trial didn't start until this past summer June of two thousand and nineteen and this is when the public learned a whole lot more the prosecution argued Gude Brent Christianson had become enamored with dark violent fetishes in particular those abduction fetishes in which he would abduct someone particularly the young woman and forced her to do sexual acts out of her control he would abduct this woman and forced her into a large Duffel bag in in this fantasy which which just so happened to match one that he had purchased online just days before unions disappearance in all of this seem to fit with the official narrative narrative that prosecutors were working to establish their narrative was that Brent Christianson had premeditated every facet of this crime down to the victim profile he was going going after a young woman of small stature that he could easily overpower and force into his Duffel bag and who had no official link back to him and that's what led led him to prowling the University of Illinois campus on that day the ninth so from what I can tell from this case and from everything the prosecution is saying it's not like he drove by and it was like a crime of opportunity he had been driving around the entire day rallying looking for the perfect victim and it eventually led him to singing who accepted a ride out of necessity or some other reason and made her the perfect victim so along the lines of this premeditation what they brought up in trial vile is they specifically read a text that I think is pretty ominous that he had sent his girlfriend and here's a direct quote from the trial transcript quote fading into nothingness is the default for most people. You want to know what terrifies me. It's that I will not fade away. I refuse. I don't care how I will be remembered bird just that I am good bad revered infamous. I don't care think back over the past two thousand years. Who Do you know the people who pushed the limits and those who supported them? Fading into nothingness is not an option. I would rather destroy humanity then let that happen. I know most would disagree and quote. Wow Wow that is some really dark stuff it really is I mean and it shows you where his mindset wise. I mean again. He's he is plotting and planning something something so that he can become infamous and hopefully be remembered now. Another thing we learned after that trial started was that Yingying might not have in his first attempt at abduction day. There was a woman walking on the campus who had reported to police that a young man pulled her over along the side of the road and he pretended to be an undercover officer he had intended to lure the woman inside his vehicle but she refused and eventually informed the police about this man like basically attempting attempting to abduct her okay so maybe you didn't just go with him because she needed to ride she could have fallen for this undercover bit right yes so according to CBS Chicago. Oh that's what they're saying. Federal prosecutors are alleging that this was his ruse and she had fallen for it whether it was because she was trusting staying whether she actually needed the ride thought maybe a police officer was giving a tour maybe because she was from another country and not used to you know what you need to be asking of an undercover officer so it very well could be now based on the evidence that police gathered it's believed that Brent had incapacitated hanging inside his vehicle forced her into that large Duffel bag that he purchased a week prior and then he was able to sneak into his apartment where he raped and murdered her over a span of several hours eventually eventually he would murder her inside his bathroom by hitting her in the head with the baseball bat cutting her throat with a knife and ultimately decapitating her in his bathtub following this the prosecution alleged that he disposed of her remains and then disposed of her personal items in numerous garbage cans throughout campus trying to separate them so none of them could be traced back to her after this he began an exhaustive cleanup effort which lasted through most of the weekend and again remember his wife's. He's gone all weekend so he had the place to himself right. He made numerous trips to local stores where he was buying several cleaning items like roughly half a dozen bottles of drain o which she used to erase all trace of union from his bathroom drain yet despite his exhaustive cleanup efforts which focused again primarily on his bathroom and his vehicle vehicle Brent missed numerous spots he cleaned his carpets but missed the flooring underneath the carpets there and along his mattress actress police were able to find numerous red spots which were later determined to be blood that positively matched with Yin Yang Okay so how did bruns defense even try to argue against that I mean I feel like it's a pretty clear cut case of murder right. Yes so here's the thing is they didn't you didn't try to argue against the fact that he did it. In their opening statement. Brent attorneys argued that he indeed killed Yingying verifying that much of what the state alleged was in fact true however what they pushed back against. We're like some of the minor discrepancies in the case in particular the confession that he made to his girlfriend which is what informed much of the follow up investigation so bruns attorneys argued that he was incredibly drunk at that time so like fruit I the forbidden tree. I don't know I mean basically they're saying he superdrug so you wouldn't have had that if he wasn't super drunk and you got the rest of the stuff so the rest of the stuff doesn't mean I don't know to me it to me. It seems crazy and luckily I'm not the only one who thinks that because it was surprisingly not very effective Brent attorneys seem to place the blame for his crimes on in his substance abuse but they also debated the merits of their own clients authenticity they contested that the FBI had found no evidence of brunt being a serial killer or really committing any other crimes throughout his life so much of what he said not original confession could be chocked to B. S. so I don't know if they're saying like you know that's BS. This other stuff could be a defense is just to me very muddy and I didn't really understand the point of it. It's almost just continuing saying like but maybe not yeah I think the logic was to you. Try to like pivot certain arguments in favor of the defense but it didn't work the jury would deliberate for less than two hours before returning their verdict and on June twenty-fourth Twenty Nineteen Brent Christianson was found guilty of kidnapping resulting in death and to charges of making false statements to the FBI agents agents he would have to wait a few weeks for his sentence but he received good news. When he learned that he would not be facing the death penalty rather he was sentenced to life imprisonment imprisonment without the possibility of parole? I mean it's still doesn't seem like enough cases just so heartbreaking and tragic and and like you said the episode really truly senseless yet but wait till you hear this part so following his sentencing it was announced that in November of two thousand thousand eighteen months before the trial even started Brent had actually disclose the location of beings remains however he done and so as part of an immunity deal meaning that the information couldn't be used against him in trial so they had even more information that they possibly Sibley could've used to secure a harsher sentence but they didn't because of this deal so following the resolution of the trial that's when his information in come out and prosecutors were able to meet with unions family and her fiance and they told them about the information that they gathered which they had unfortunately been sitting sitting on for the better part of a year so unions family is actually the ones who released a statement and in their statement they alleged that Brent Christianson had disposed of of unions remains in three garbage bags which were placed in dumpsters at his apartment complex and picked up by the waste disposal company on June twelfth wealth. This is just three days after her disappearance from there they were taken to a nearby landfill in Danville Illinois where they were buried and compacted multiple multiple times making it nearly impossible for officials then or now to find her remains yeah I can imagine that would be an incredibly lengthy the an expensive process and you'd have to get like some sort of green light from the government right. Oh yeah and I mean unfortunately as far as I know that process hasn't even started it yet and I'm not sure if it ever will so it remains unknown if young's family will be able to make good on their word of not returning to China without her but only time will tell despite making himself out to be a methodical serial killer the likes of which hadn't been seen since Ted Bundy Brent Christianson was was nothing more than an opportunistic coward who took advantage of a woman less than half his size police would even reveal that in the months after his arrest US Brent had agreed to give all the information about the case in exchange for a life sentence because he was so afraid to lose his own life at the time prosecutors shooters had rejected the deal hoping to pursue the death penalty through the trial process. Unfortunately that subjected unions family to a really lengthy trial in which horrific doc details of her death were aired in public forum making it so that her family was basically victimized again and again and as they had to learn about what happened to the report twenty six year old daughter day after day I I just can't imagine being put through that today. Jong Yang's remains have not been found and despite receiving a life sentence for kidnapping her and her murder she very much remains missing person. I only only hope for her. Family's sake that her remains can be found and returned to her home country where she can finally be laid to rest. If you like to see pictures from this case or check out our sources read all the trial transcripts you can find those on our website Crime Junkie podcasts dot com and you shouldn't follow us on instagram at Kremlin podcast. We will be back next week with a brand new episode the Crime Junkie. He is an audio chuck production. 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