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I'm Jay Farner, CEO of Quicken Loans, America's premier home purchase lender. We've created a new way to protect you from unpredictable interest rates are exclusive rate shield approval. I we lock your interest rate for up to ninety days. Then if rates go up your rate stays locked. But if rates go down your rate drops either way you win. Call us today at eight hundred quicken or go to rocketmortgage dot com, racial approval. Only valid on certain thirty year fixed rate loans. Call for cost information and conditions. Equal housing lender. Licensed in all fifty states NMLS number thirty additional conditions are exclusions may apply. The Brexit may not be certain. But one thing is clear. You business could face serious challenges. Enterprise. Wide range of supports will help you plan innovate compete on diversifying speak to your enterprise Arlen development adviser or visit prepare for breakfast Dodi an initiative of the government of Ireland. A radio news. I'm Rita Foley. Did the president change any minds last night? He says the nation needs a five billion dollar wall at the Mexico border. All Americans are hurt by uncontrolled illegal migration. It's strange public resources, and drives down jobs and wages. Among those hardest. Hit are African Americans and Hispanic Americans. But Democrats aren't convinced house speaker Nancy Pelosi accuses the president of misinformation and malice top how atop Senate democrat Chuck Schumer Democrats and the president both want stronger border security. However, we sharply disagree with the president about the most effective way to do it. What does the nation think this morning political analyst Larry Sabato on President Trump's Oval Office address in the democratic response? He didn't transform any mind. Now, the Democrats didn't. Either the border wall battle has shut down parts of the government day nineteen of that shutdown. Oh, something we weren't supposed to see investigators or accusing former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort of lying about sharing information with a Russian contact information was accidentally revealed in a defense lawyer filing that was meant to be redacted. It says Manafort shared polling data during the twenty sixteen presidential campaign with an associate accused of having ties to Russian intelligence and lied to federal investigators about it at Donahue, Washington. Paul Manafort has pleaded guilty to conspiracy charges. Police in Phoenix are collecting a DNA sample from every man who works for a Phoenix long term care facility. They're investigating a case in which a twenty nine year old woman in a vegetative state for more than ten years gave birth to a baby. Boy, the woman's family says the child will be well cared for. They are asking for privacy. This is AP radio news. A new study shows the dad were tising for drugs and medical devices has nearly doubled in the past two decades. And there's a warning there. Researchers estimate medical marketing reach thirty billion dollars in twenty sixteen. Nearly a twofold increase from nineteen Ninety-seven ads. For prescription drugs were run about five million times in just one year spending on consumer ads climbed the fastest. But most of the dollars are spent marketing to doctors, the Dartmouth College health policy expert who wrote the study, Dr Steven willow Shen says consumers need to be skeptical about those drug marketing claims he says, marketing drives more treatments and more testing. Which patients don't always need. I'm Jacky Quin gases to Twenty-three a gallon. This morning demand is hitting its lowest level in nearly two years says the AAA a year ago gas was almost two fifty a gallon. I'm Rita Foley, AP radio news. This is fire fighter Raphael. Poor yet for firehouse subs. Introducing the new spicy Cajun chicken sub Cajun seasons grilled chicken, breast zesty, cherry peppers and housemate Cajun male just five fifty five for a media member. A portion of every sub you buy helps provide life safety equipment for purse respondents via subs until more subs. Save more lives. Limited time only plus tax participating locations by ourselves. With donate a minimum of one million dollars in two thousand nineteen to the firehouse subs public foundation by donating point one one percent of every purchase.

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