The Conspiracy Farm Ep. 143 Billy Carson


Live your life boy. Ladies and Gentlemen Welcome to the conspiracy. Faw where we? Don't start to conspiracies. We just had the water in now. Your health of the most state of the art in four cast on the inter-web I present to you. Ladies and gentlemen rear naked. Choke Cocker Spaniel. Brian and brings a neighborhood of conspiracy farm. Go check it out alright. Lis Gentlemen off to the races yet again. For another one for the archives really stoked for this one man always joined with my homeboy partner in crime. Ufc Hall of Famer Pat militants. What's up? Hey I am excited to speak to billy again. This is going to be exciting Considering some of the new revelations that the United States government has released refund. Be Fun to hear about this and also you know current affairs that are going on and Tien may be a little bit of Huxley on Me Scientific Dictatorship. I'm sure Billy's pre educated on that well it's going to be interesting in again. He is joining a seat. I mean look I wanNA be Billy Carson. When I grow up ladies and gentlemen the man has no difficulty keeping himself. Busy is falling apart. I don't even know a few months ago. Bill you're almost literally living in an airport or on a freaking plane dismounting. All over the world. He is an author. A researcher author of compendium of the Emerald Tablet His new venture Forbidden Knowledge that TV. That's forbidden with a four. We're going to get into a billy. What's up how you doing? Hey Man I'm glad back stationary locked down. But I'm still busy like you said it man. I'm just happy to desperate to me and didn't come back on your show. Yeah without a doubt I mean you guys I mean this subject. As we've mentioned many times I mean we we get easily mired down by the the right left and more the for lack of a better term terrestrial subjects you. I mean you were one of my favorite guesses favorite subject Matthew Lacroix. Clearly you may WanNa just I mean just mind blowing stuff you guys do. You guys just did a video not too long ago with the two of your mic. Oh my God this is a tag team chance to break it off those just really sweet to see man again so you know obviously let us know what you've been doing. You Got Forbidden Knowledge Dot TV coming or going down right. Now you've been working with dame dash former Al half as with Jay Z. Rafael records which have been up to a man so much stuff as the list is downstream and around the corner I'll start with forbidden knowledge. Tv Forbidden Knowledge Dot. Tv launched about eight weeks ago now in my own streaming TV network kind of like No other streaming netflix and Amazon prime video except all my content is conscious content. So it's content in your heavily curated content. A lot of it's probably sixty percent of the content of their right now are workshops. Lectures Egypt's and mystery schoolteaching entertaining. Teaching technology talks like that This hours and hours and hours of that and then there's a lot of great speakers from Other well re well renowned well known speakers from all around the globe every everybody from not in urban to Oh my God. The delicious people really off the charts But we we have so many speakers and it's just it's one of the things when you get into just start going from video and you find yourself binging without even knowing you're busy you know Yusuf I. It's just incredible man so pretty excited about it and we already moving fast. A lot of great subs. I'm offering up. I gave away. A free Macintosh are ready to one. I went Sunday on the handout. But the people who registered by midnight last night next week. I'm giving away another I MAC. Computer brand new to the subscriber so which trying to find your back everybody. Yeah absolutely when I knew it. All the time your Contact the desert series. I've been kind of checking that out. You definitely all around speaking. You know spreading that word fastening and then your your work with Dane. Well how did that come about Dame Dash? Yeah you know He was following my account. And I I didn't even know they said Hey. Maintain ashes followed your account and I was like really. Wow so I went to his account was follow neon back and then I sent a direct message. You know. It's tough dealing with some content force network contracting gives number. I called him and he said well. You know one of my network will do because I said well hop on a plane tomorrow for the plane and finessing was at his house and set for this topic Beverly Hills nine of In you know we worked at out and started filming episodes. I think he's got about twenty episodes of conscience upon Dame Dash Studios Right now Which is great great. Well entity content Just very professional rates facility rate studio. Great workers man put work and He's the one big thing history network as well for now so what was was did he have any kind of frame of reference for anything. You're laying on him. Contaminate your person you do drops their mind blowing stuff. So did he have any kind of relative knowledge of any of this stuff. You were laying on him. He has a general in a knowledge of how law attracts works out to events such reality the fact he he does feel which in my friends true that we're all of the divine nature. The Creator is in a so. We should deal with the create realities. Those things are a lot of other stuff that I break. Just close fine just barely you know he just. He loves them you know. It's not the norm. He doesn't go with the norm. So it's something totally out of the norm and it really really loves and he's been very gracious to advance and I felt a lot of knowledge from for them on the entertainment and Choi Soaked up on the Terek size frequent balance. Yeah symbiotic relationship because honestly I mean we all wonder me the tough you talk Steffi talk about. It's where did we come from? Who Are we? What is the nature of our reality etc? So I mean that's I think anybody Kinda resonates when they hear you speak on. It's like wow I mean even the most hardcore religious person because a lot of your research and evidence you have whether it's the new militia. This stuff precedes modern day religion. And it's it's really really tough to ignore yet. It really is in the way that I try to. I try to tack fullest possible without insulting or may be. We'll be ready but given them enough information for them to scratch your head scarf. Maybe I need to look at the others who already had the general concept of what I'm saying and teaching. They couldn't recruiting really. Wrap it up tight and make it a very simple understanding. Very simple statement. Theon would after the urban talk while the peace process he gets up the internal confirmation of what they already understand mine and that makes them feel good. That's a great way to put it to 'cause I think a lot of us do have that I mean because again on my opinion I think yours is well the essence. We are of the source. You know what I mean so it's just more. I think the I think of Jim Morrison said we're looking for something that's already found us here at kind of us kind of uncovering it let me get in getting into this and again. I'm so glad to have you on mostly because we're about to ask you but all of this stuff is fascinating. I've been suffering from it. I'm sure the champs been suffering from it. We are like in lockdown. I mean this is. This is extremely extremely stressful for a lot of people use the domestic violence as rising suicide. Rising people meeting their animal's talk to me. I mean this is going to stay. Extend to a lot of our conversation. How big of a role our mind in our mindset has to do with how we react to this and how it impacts reality around us. 'cause we talk about all the time billy they use the social engineers constantly use this fear conditioning with us and then it just takes over our lives man and so if you don't mind talk to me about that and what that does to to not only our physical bodies but reality is around is marinating and fear the way they have is doing. Oh you're absolutely so. They've done a phenomenal job over any now. You know the mainstream tapes competency. They've really affect this now. How to get the fear pumping in human beings for eons and now with the invention reinvention of modern technology like radio. Tv and Internet these mainstream outlets themselves like you know the overseas the mainstream content say. They'll delete it. They have done a phenomenal job. Continuously puffing fear. I remember what the death toll is going to be two hundred thousand by. May and all these crazy numbers you know and all these false positives done a really good job. So what happens is because they got you at flight fright at all times up to buy a lot of cortisol. First of all which is caused new Have an adverse effect on your actual fifty. Algae is GonNa make you gain weight around the belly. It's going to bring your up was up. Which is going to cause you to your immune system which is going to allow you to get another problem with this whole thing because people are so fearful on your subtropical fear there is susceptible not only get sick but also Himself sick right actually literally can make yourself physically ill with no viruses bacteria would know interventions outside whatsoever all internal list of scientific. Right it really. I don't mean to interrupt your audio's kind of going in and out you'll be clear for fade. But I don't know if you're on a cell phone using skype no yeah yeah it is. It is actually okay. I just want to make sure your spot here. Yeah that's great are graphs. They rightly so so basically. What happens is if pumping? They've got you believing that could potentially switch you. Can we know this already? It's all about mindsets health to fears pumping so hard you completely. Y'All going almost schizophrenic. Over this thing you can literally make yourself sick. You could physically without any external sources to downside coming in internally you can create a sickness in your own body with the mind and this happens all the time so The really crazy that your frequency the fritzy the frequency of your body drops and when it drops you have less accidents or less power access to the law of attraction now the ability to manifest the ability to reprogram your DNA. They're really did have a positive mindset of positive outlook. On all those things start to degrade disappear once you operating fear. They know that when you're in fear that's what happens so they keep up your non-stop non-stop stops so they all you could worry. Worry worry allow them to whenever they say that's literally what they shake well not just this covert nineteen but so many other things. Yes and I'm not saying Cova. Nineteen has accused about my own daughter. Had it it's a real thing that does exist first of all but the amount of fear they've pumped around it versus other things that I think are actually more deadly than and we say it all the time they've kind of piggy back a whole bunch of stuff of you know almost dog trained. You gotTa wear a mask you gotta you know these kind of different mechanisms to control it society and you know not alone not the collapse of the economy. The decimation of the middle class like you know this global shutdown and I mean that's kind of dominated it now it's over I mean it's it's rich and poor. There's no in between. Yeah I mean and it was overnight. It was like almost literally within a month. They completely turn society upside down. That's right and if they prove now we can even once the proof that you could turn sports off. You've now completely completed your mission. No yeah when the circus goes down and you know. And they're fighting for the bread said in. It's it's it's it's it's in that is that is very true. I mean going back to whoever built the coliseum. I think it was. One of the whole point was to distract the masses and now they're taking that away from US and now we're not even distracted. We're just I mean I don't even know just in that in that limbic fight or flight like you said honestly that's another fascinating aspect of kind of the mental. Ism if you will and I know you call it that or that's where it's called because Doctor Dr Bruce Lipton his book the biology of belief your thought process dictate your biology as for and that's just not even that's not even new wage business. That is straight science. That's right and straight real science not Mississippi not no conspiracy. And that's why won't these kinds of things happen? The first thing you need to do is why do I'll tell you. What are going to a meditation right away. So as soon as I heard about this covert nineteen in the I. I moved to corona virus when I heard about heard about long China. These like too much. I didn't really think anything of it. I'm in Australia out in the Bush at this time. By the time I get back to the states it becomes the issue and I'm like wow so the first thing I did was instead of going into panic mode. I set myself down and I went to meditation for about thirty minutes just to clear my mind clear. By by Amtra he'll give some cosmic energy coming into my consciousness and then regroup myself and now go into logical problem solving mode when you're operating from ocean now you can. You'RE GONNA make mistakes. Motion will allow you to make crazy states. You operate biological state of mind sets it calculated decisions to your own benefit so as the mode that I like to go into. I said this is just getting ready to pop off so I think groceries probably going to be scarce so I went on Amazon dot com or too much food online. This is before Amazon was going crazy. Nobody gets delivery right right two months while the food shorter but miles. Wjr there okay. I got that done the following week. People relaxed I waited in line three hours to get this food. You know. Look at two months food already. I already had made all the other rangers that I needed to make to be able to re set the way down operating off from the house. I built my green screen studio. I got everything up and running and ready to go to have my extra. Mike's got all my trust us. Our contract to instructed on what to do next. I got my extra ammo for my gun. I got all my stuff man. You know second. I just sat back and watched you know. So it's about logic logic clarinet regrouping and being other make logical decisions. Think ahead of the game beyond top it away. Don't a lot of ways to crash over and that's a very good point man and not even just about this. People are so reactive about everything as opposed to being proactive. And I think that's a huge component in again like you said you know your mindset in your overall energy in your vibe in your environment you create that jump on. That was important. Yeah no I appreciate it. That was that was important because I had that question of you know because a lot of this stress can come from basically understand what's going on adding known what was going on before it happened You know a for instance you know anybody like ourselves that was following global bank stocks. Knew that this was coming. They were paying attention. You know I told people not to invest in the stock market because the collapse was going to happen this spring right now I now and so there is some stress there. When you know stuff's coming and for five years you know Japan. I've had this show and talked about. It keeps coming true Bro. I WANNA be right anymore. So that's the thing that's the thing that causes. Hey listen man this is like the Jeff says look. This is test time now. The studying is over with it's test. Time in America's better wake up and so it's just luck man. I'm tired of telling you guys what's Goblin and you're not listening. You know what I mean even. Break it down to a more simple analogy. Someone like Billy's flying down the street and his jeep. Hey we'll stop the bridges out. You know what I mean. Don't go the bridges outgrown your like yourself and you go you go off the bridge. That's not there that almost how we feel sometimes. It is exhausting bro and again I try to balance that you can't save everybody. Everyone's got their own lane is GONNA think they. WanNa think you know. You can't assume you're going to change everybody's mind but you want people to be safe and you want them to see what's going on but you know not everybody will not everybody will. I mean look back in November of two thousand nineteen or Mark Forbidden Knowledge facebook account and my forbidden instagram story. I posted that Ray Dalia when article that got I think we're seeing news Ray Dolly O. The author Hedge Fund operator Durant's up one hundred sixty billion dollar hedge fund and He put a one point. Five billion dollars put in options which means he bit that market crash for March of Twenty Twenty reported on November. The nobody saw that I saw yes. People were doing a long distance up. Okay whatever and ride around 'cause actions almost every day right around the middle of February. I said this is getting wild. I backed out. I said I need to stick to set back and then I went to Australia and when I got back right. Don't time then white when this guy said it was going to go down about a hundred billion dollars off for that took so wouldn't it? I mean just I mean. We'll see because we know this was planned to some degree Bill Gates during this event. Twenty twenty we got Feinstein and other Congress. People selling stocks. Those did he was. He hinted that far ahead of time. Well when you run a hedge fund that large all the elites are one hundred fifty billion dollar. You only put one. He only put one percent of the market one quite fast but the big boys so we have Tim Foschi. You specifically corona virus. But he knew that March twenty twenty that something according to properly who his inner circle that something was going to crash global markets and he could have one point five hundred dollars put in the whole world. Went crazy when he did that. Because what you know that we don't know but what was this clandestine Wisconsin because that's only crashed markets. Yeah without a doubt. Well I just served as I've said before it just served as a camouflage jacket over the biggest economic collapse in robbery of the middle class in world history. Absolutely no doubt. Yeah this is really a doubt you know you have to have the acid. Australia's exactly what's it's a roll over to the it's GonNa be really basic but discuss about create some new on Unrealized SOUP ENTREPRENEURS WELD. Siegried aren't with different opportunities that you can. We've Wade through in this situation yet. You know what's what's alarming on a on a financial side also is the massive amount of energy. You know like like like the West Texas oilfields that China just bought up they own the Chicago Stock Exchange. The Chong Chonkin Casson Enterprise Group from my research says that they own own the Chicago Stock Exchange the Dalian Wanda Group owns the AMC and calm like cinemas. They they own movie studios in this in this country. They tried to buy paramount. Viacom rejected that luckily smithfield foods which is one of the largest food processing companies. That owns two thousand. American farm is owned by a Chinese corporation. You know you can go on and on down the list and it's it's terrifying. They run the Panama Canal. If I remember correctly could be wrong. They owned most of the Bahamas fail most of Miami. They own a lot of these areas. Now and they've also found out something they take. They took a page. It'll be off trial book and Rockefeller Book. You can just print money so they just start printing money back and interest rates to the government's pay back but when you can't you know when you can't fit what just take over. Part of your government will put a military base. We'll take some of your land. And so they just gone around the planet really masked mining taking over the world and very covert way overt but covert. Yeah no doubt the one about one road. That's the you know. The railroad the road route the maritime route. They did that same thing with Sri Lanka. I think it was a lot of money. You can't pay all right. What is going to build a base here which is a key part of that. I think they call it a string of pearls down there you know South China Sea etc. But yeah me as a part of this and you know. I let me get your thoughts on this. But we say on the show a lot and I'd say I mean this is all freaking wwe. We had a former bear stearns guy on the other day. He was like Y- publicly. Daniel Patrick Moynihan and Alfonse D'Amato they hate each other when they went at each other and I went into some private club or whatever. They're hugging talking hanging out like dude. It's all a showman until I honestly believe that even now as we all argue about right laughed into China do it like this war against China for me I think everything is so economically interdependent anymore. I leave behind the scenes. Everybody's kind of working together to some degree. What do you think about some kind of some kind of very strange Qu practice or Took a very strange. Tug awarded orchestrated and practice. Lord you talk this way a little bit. Okay we're GONNA pull back this way a little bit. Okay now you go youthful yet. We're GONNA talk back. It's just where the dance that's going on The kind of reminds Cold War America. I remember half school in one thousand nine hundred seventy s underneath the desk because we've got a practice for Covered dies if just boggles off. Get under the desk doing. And but but come to find help Russia. In America the best funds suppressed the France sharing and scientists sharing in space exploration won't whatsoever all posturing trillions of dollars in rent star stripped. Yes if you can try to find the sweet spot in there because we're losing a little bit we're just because they're here you okay. I'm in the same spot. Well so that's that's what happened man and I thank you fast forward to what we have. Now it's just the same story you know it's painted book your You know they find a way in eight that You know they're Harvard. I think it was the first relief minute there. Harvard University who got busted by the feds in the CIA four creating this Nanno box viral technology. Which was Dan Taken out of there by two espionage agents from China were posing students and he was doing that for a fact like fifty. Grand Suites in on stuff made it back to Wuhan so this is all correlated. This is all playing. This is all orchestrated in a way where he comes over here. Goes over to behind money you know. They're playing both sides of the fence. Yes always that's always how we're I mean going back decades. I think this has been planned. Not just the supposed planned DEMOC but the economic reset and I WANNA get your thoughts on that man. Because like I said it's social political economic and a large part of what I see. I see China being debated Beta test in like Pat alluded to in the beginning man. We got the navy coming out with their old footage about you know supposed. Ufo's we literally have this train of lights in the sky that it's not even like hypothetical or conspiracy. We all see it now and I think this is a part of this new five G. Internet of things smart grid etc with again China being the Beta test. They'll get rid of cash. You know. Yeah you can go to a UFC fight. You can go to a basketball game but you gotta have this band or something. You gotTa have something. Some kind of mark that shows you've been vaccinated and if you don't get it like China your social credit score drops and you can't travel on mass transit etc. What are you talk? What do you think about this literally this next evolution the Space Agency Smart Grid etc? Yeah that's exactly what I want to go. You know. Tesla's launching. I think two thousand satellites agreed this. This Wifi great around the planet. But it can be used for multiple not just given out free Wifi be able to track every single human being on entire planet It'll be able to tap into other devices near the ground near where you may be to scan for body temperatures in bio readings and everything else faces and everything face recognition and. I really do think that they're moving towards the way where you've got to have this barcode or this to our code. That says you're free of viruses. You gotta go get so many tests a year probably potentially To to show that you're you're okay and then date gives you access to the. It gives you access to first class light sick. You know in any of those things like that so I think that's probably what the whole thing behind us it could be boy towards now. I'M NOT SAYING FOR SURE. But if you think like it's the technocracy. They've been planning on since the thirties and the forties and the fifties and that's another part of this and you. You mentioned this. I really want to get your thoughts on this because I find it fascinating. I think you know the eugenicist. The rockefellers etc. I started out with you Jensen. It didn't quite work so they kind of morphed it into chew climate change all of these ways to kind of demonize human beings while creating this technocracy and I think expedite that because that stop playing. Well they're they're using this covert thing to also changed the game going on on climate change. And I don't really necessarily want to get into necessarily the veracity of the studies but we talked about it many times on the show and bringing up. Why don't people talk about the role of the son in this? And if you don't mind talk about you broke it down so you break it down so great the not just the role the sons playing with us but throughout the solar system. You know it's really interesting This whole global warming thing. I've been analyzing since the very beginning and initially I started saying well. This is pretty interesting so I said let me start researching this global warming and finding out more about it as part of a natural cycle or not and I came across incredible ice core research and this is core research show. Ads came across several Really High Quality Well presentations about ice core research until I came across one. That was done by Greg Which to me was the best of the Best Greg? Bread from episode of missing links and Dice core research was all done by real scientists. Geologists it gives you the rise and fall of temperatures global warming over thousands and thousands of years. And you do you could by looking at this ice core research you can predict the future of this planet Geologically are and right now. We're in sacks spotless. Global warming period Zaki. Were supposed to be and were not as previous global warming period. Now you tie that into their massive has done extensive research so satellites on the sun the solar maximum minimums and the fact that they kind of correlate This rear tenths of maximum correlates with this orbit of an additional star in our solar system called Brown Dwarf Star. This Brown Dwarf Star was discovered years ago. It's orbiting just outside the order to put out in the inner ordinary not the Outer Outer Orkla. What the outside of our solar system is on the Internet cloud area which means it's part of our solar system and it has plans or if and it orbits our son Now Lane Street to Richard Sites. This anybody can look this up. So a binary solar system one giant Yellow Star and the other star White Star Really Looks Yellow Perspective on earth at times but Then also you have the brown door which is a a failed star in the mall of Owner to yourself did quite make it so but it has saint reputational bass so now you have. These repetitions waste emanating from this massive object. That's moving around our star and is sending these gravitational waves Through the Star software yellow lights on it is a weird solar maximum which which then increases the heat going out to sources and nothing does it actually creates waves. Emanating rippled through auto plants owns and that is civic type of friction agitates Adams and creates friction. Which generates heat might worksheet. Shake the atoms up in your food and boom automatic foods. Hot Heats up. Speaking same thing is happening with these roped in snow white which were discovered three years ago. Officially a minute today exist saw the graphics and away from the Brown Dwarf you have them also interact with our son created a very clear soult maximum events and then you have Gaudio ourselves but it's just a very small amount to contribute to what's happening with the global warming but ice cores told the whole story. We're not even his hot. It's been in the past before cars sauce. Fives at Florida. Cows at everything else the wretched volcanoes. I mean Jeez. Those guys spit out those things. That are way more season of big thing within that I mean just more kind of mind blowing stuff you also sending video checking out that this solar system was not originally part of the Milky Way Galaxy. The one we're in wasn't how did that work out? I mean I was. Yeah yeah so now this or Peer Review Real Science. That could be looked up. It's actually B. T. colleges the fact that our solar system is called originated from somewhere else. It's called the Sagittarius Dwarf Galaxy Not Sagittarius Constellation. Don't get to not to get games. Yeah Yeah it's the Sagittarius Dwarf Galaxy now our galaxy that we originate from secretary. It's still in the process of merging with the Milky Way Galaxy as we speak as a process that takes millions of years and right now. The Milky Way's gobbling up. The Secretary Dwarf right at the pinpoint where the two galaxies into connect at one of them is our solar system is setting and scientists now conclude based off of bottling computer that we were put here or off our our souls profit to this galaxy in the milky doing the process of this merger between the Secretary of Dwarf and the Milky Way and then eventually and if you bring years the march with the and drama galaxy and it'll be the milk dominant galaxy so this is a part of the national process of science and Astrophysics You know we're not even from an actress. We actually are aliens to the Reykdal. It's a trip man. We'll role in all this and we've heard these new discoveries. I remember when I first started. I think it was the Twelfth Planet. Maybe Zachariah citizens book and they talk about this whatever planet they call it new be replanted. Accident comes in this three thirty six hundred year interval we NASA said it were. There is a huge planet out there. Whatever you WANNA call it planet X. Talk to me about your thoughts on that. Is that something? That's in that elliptical orbit. That will return soon. Is it just out? I mean what are your thoughts on this planet act? It's a real thing was basically now what they're saying is orbiting this. Brown Dwarf Star. So if you go back to my earliest work realize that I kept telling people that planet X is not a free floating broke planet. It orbits a Brown Dwarf. It's actually very first. Coast Apprentice Abid. Sell basically is proud to offer you to court. It's too I looked on worldwide telescope dot org and I put the satellite into to mass infrared monitored. I could see very very faint objects because your brand over to make it. I have to go to mass infrared MoD. Look for heat and that's why I picked it up outside the concentration of Pluto facing Recall that Off The constellation of Leo. And it's right there exactly. They're not moving. This is the same brown off now. Astrophysicists and astronomers say is orbiting our son but instead of thirty years they're saying that it orbits every forty two hundred years according to want that came on Fox News of budget stuff so past forty two hundred thirty hundred. Forty two hundred. This is the object asked planets orbiting it potentially bureau to our planet which is mentioned humilation. The seven times in this. This many solar system has been captured. Gravitationally by our solar system is an innocent is interlocked orbit. Now which other. So it's a real thing. It's a real planet. Orbiting is proud. Look people that have come from there to here mine. Melania Patrick anything from a Man. I still got some questions here. No by all means keep listening mode. That's always visibility. Look the last time. Billy came on. I just sat and listened. I'm not learning talking with billy. Honestly man that's why I love having you on like Matthew like the more the more questions get answered. I just have more questions man. Because it's like it's never this like oh I got it now but as we move forward man as you as you talked about mental ism in the biology of belief in our mindset kind of controls our body in reality etc. How do I question this? It's You had a great phrase and tell me explain this phrase and how we could learn from this because I think we are so polarized and divided and we were even saying before? This toll thing started leading up to the two thousand twenty election. They've got is divided in so many different groups racial religion politics at Cetera. It was just a powder keg and now with this they just laid a whole nother layer and a group to be divided on this bullshit. Is this real? Are they lying to us about the numbers? And kind of a long way around to ask this question the the phrase or the term. I'm probably massacring this inland Allah Kin. I am another you. Talk to me about that. How we can learn from that man. Because we're so freaking polarized like Eckhart Ole said Man. We get to divided into caught up in our life situation and our life is. We are infinite conscious awareness but we allow these different life situations to divide us. Talk to me how we can learn from that phrase. Bro Gets a massive phrase. The phrase in our ten is very ancient Mayan saying and it means I am another you and what it really means is if everybody understood the power in that once the person that you talk to like. You're talking to me right now but interviewing me but you really really interviewing your self conscious good. One main source of controversy exists would just aspects of that same consciousness and the reason because once I realized that now have to respect now after. Treat you with love because how I treat you was how treating myself see right. So how you treat. Somebody is way is what are you treating yourself because that person is another aspect or another part of you that you may not realize it but you understand how energy works. Then you begin to allow piece on different frequency and so once you've seen and exercise uncle others being of service to others and respect towards other than this changed it now. The cocktail which are more collapsed. All Democrat on Republican. There is no such thing as does our these oligarchs that torture men worldwide period. Nothing else. There's no black Hispanic and Asian and all this because the first trip your skin off and it's going to be nothing but revie bones credible way to put it man. Yeah this song. Got Cow Stand six feet apart. So let's say again. That's not to say like you're some kind of pacifist like you said you're exercising your second amendment if somebody comes to threaten you then you're Kinda done crossed the line from being my brother because it's either me or you and it ain't GonNa be me the people cottage fixing to happen. You Got You. Try to predict something understand. Even though he'll be buys last again asking good we all young inside of us. Everybody has everybody as back inside of every single one of us. Not One person is is can escape that right and so if a person up inside wisdom to attack this aspect of me. I have my own self preservation Wisdom that's GonNa lock case then. I need to send this person back into the carnation cycle. What it is. I've never heard it put that way. That'd be great if that was. That was like a Gangsta rap album reincarnations cycle son. Back back you gotta understand and you know you could separate a person's spirit from the Avatar body in a split second if you need to not. You don't have to do that so you're gonNA. I'll do everything I can to avoid but now come back out there. People go and have had a few crates talkers. Some have had to get a restraining order. Put against you know just because you know people I think this information it is so powerful and so strong a lot of people. Maybe a slight sanity or sits schizophrenia if pushes them over the edge and they don't know how to come back. We'll themselves back in. You know it's unfortunate. You know the mind won't I've tried to keep my curses to a minimum but the on the mind F can be significant. I mean when you again have been raised in a certain dogmatic very rigid fashion. I mean I say all the time on the show. That's why I like star wars now. We don't start training people to be after a certain age or you're in the Matrix we don't Wanna read pill somebody after. They're too old their mind just freaking explodes. I mean you you probably already answered this but as we. I think part of this recent. We've talked about it on. The show is not just a physical one necessarily. There's also a spiritual aspect to this but then you also have people in their physical world tired of this man. I mean whatever you WANNA call it tyranny. These guys are horrible with their models and then we don't get to make a living. You know what I mean. The the level of insanity of the reaction not matching the threat is affecting millions and millions of people middle class has gone businesses are gone so people are teasing all the time about civil war to civil war to from a physical standpoint. I part of me that gets that going to your level of talking about self preservation but I think this is a larger standpoint a spiritual war versus. What do you think about this being a spiritual war versus just a physical war? I think both are viable in the world. We live in. We gotta have self preservation but from a larger standpoint the best way to affect mass also is always do skirts concept because independent in spiritual war you. Basically effect is a war against energy you know. How can my energy overpower you're anti? Can I use a frequency that can cancel your frequency out because multiple frequencies canceled out? Then that's it would happen if you take the resonant frequency of white glass and projected against itself to wind glass explodes and breaks into pieces. The same thing happens to society. Same thing happens to all the citizens of the world when you get him in that That mind state of that frequency and they have mastered the frequencies of spirituality to adjusted path to control and often to destroy. So what's happening right now experiential or and what's what what they'll look to do is to You know I like these. Where FRAC allies people even more breakdown to other small small parcels? Some will rise up and still succeed and but the majority of them won't be until allowed himself to be put under control. Here's what we have to do is a massive people on the planet. That's the last I checked points. Seventy billion people on Earth Now. Seven point seven people and only one hundred families control everything we hear smell touch feel and can do right and even eat dead. That's got that's got to come to an end. So at some point we have to look back and ourself. Saint Neal just happy to ourselves. There's no way world that seven point five eight people to allow this to happen now. We got to go back to the checkout can't go back to brotherly love unconditional love to get this divide and conquer tricks. They're trying to give us an then. We've got to unite. What Scooby can't panic. You have to organize what we need to do. We need to stop participating in their system and we just precisely nothing going on out here but we all everybody like. I suggest people you praise. You'll never have happened now and where. I'm I'm breathing. You're breathing and people are struggling and hurt. Get Robert Saints out with making it through for weeks and weeks. We would organize something like this. Do this all at one. All on one accord we can collapse the system in one week. And that's what we've been saying man. The only reason this can go on is because we participate in it. That's it literally literally and again we've talked about you know civil war civil war to possible. I mean it's like I would rather change. I would rather change your mind than beat the shit out of you and or shoot you. You know what I mean because once your mindset change your behavior is going to follow that but again if you come a knocking on my door and talking about I need to see your kid and get this vaccine. We're about to help you out with the transition to the reincarnation you know what I mean right I hear you. But it's it's a delicate balance because like you said all of these you know when they have that fear mode. We're at our route shocker. Our lowest energy. We just like you said man deal with these things from the standpoint of power not reacting out of fear and I think again that it sounds overstated and eat pie easier said than done but I think that's so crucial because like you said man they got seven billion of us just just rocking us to sleep with whatever nonsense it. Is this your whether it's nine eleven Gulf of Tonkin. Whatever it is they they just rockets asleep with lies nonstop. And we keep you know when I was a kid and It was the With was at Jimmy Carter Ronald Reagan. Jimmy Carter bigger Jimmy Carter and Reagan at Nisi. Wash Jimmy Carter Danko often. He was a good guy and everything but I just noticed I was living in. I noticed ghetto got worse. I said just make sense to me so I said right away at this. Voting for preferences faded. It didn't work. I said that outlet my parents and everything next thing you know Ron Reagan goes in. I watch it again. I watch all the adults race to do this. Voting thing again and I looked to see what happened in four note for more years. Go by always up until the time when he got shot. I notice that that that He shot in the Groin at one time and then but I looked around. I said nothing changed not worse. So I knew that this whole voting thing and all this stuff was into crack cocaine the drugs and it was getting worse. The morning talked about it on TV. About not or Scott and I said this is ridiculous. Big Scam so now who? I am now many decades. These adults racing to these voting booths to fight over. Who they're gonNa you know what I do. I go to every four years to the voting box and I put my own name on the ballot and I. I submitted submitted present. Just aren't doing the last this last. You'll see the coach really cost cost less. Ram. And it's because I am my own president. Who's in this office? They're calling the White House. I don't care who is he. This legislation Congress Center. I don't take who's WHO's the police. Sheriff I don't care I don't know what I care about. I feel about how I create my reality. And because writing top of ways at the bottom of the great crash on the top of the wave and seeing everything is is coming. I'm able to wait at the experts can't and won't be able to do because I've got to the top of Wade is a Senate mindset and it's a mindset of this of complete disarmament and you writing cultural all too real time because we're not really in real time with our start disarmament levels really high close very close to real time. You Make split-second decisions in boobs. That people can't even see coming before they even comes and but I at the bottom at wages wait for the crash over their head. Yeah so they could react. It's too late by then. Yeah I'm sorry. I wish I wish you lived next door to me. Because you're so enlightened I wanNA be your bodyguard for free just to hang out with your man for real but I'm going to bounce around a little bit with the five g. The Internet of things. Everything about that coming up we had a guest on talking about five. G. And I was wondering how do I say this you know? As much as we try to route ourselves to source in elevate our consciousness and tap into whatever kind of energy that is do you think this internet of things these frequencies they're gonna hit us with is going to interfere with our ability to tap into that kind of source? I think that's what they're trying to do. So because it's so many of us so many of us on slightly they know they can't get everybody but The frequencies will definitely affect a massive amount of people and also in offspring. So they're trying to weave starting to become a little to be so ask for being bogged daughter. She's twenty nine hundred her first baby and Joan. You know all the things gonNA affect the generation a lot more than it's GonNa Affect the generation of center alive now. Panicking like crazy. But I think this kiss this frequency wars targeted more towards the next generation of generates astronaut trying to nip it in the book. Kind of like when you read though. Biblical in the Old Testament Allah Found thought death. The deceased character was born and he he went sent his arm. But IT STARTS PLAYING THE FIRST THORNS IN TOWN. And everything else you know. So it's one of those kinds of things like Go back in time. Their mindset eliminate the problem like the Terminator Movie You know. Yeah and that's where I've wanted to their. I mean as much as they want to get rid of some old heads to. I think the focus of their next because you know we do moment to moment stuff. They're playing chess. Not Checkers Twenty thirty years. So they're definitely looking at the next generations. So do you think I mean we've mean just crazy now. The navy announces whatever they announced. We're seeing lights in the sky. That aren't some random couple lights train of thirty. Two fifty to seventy lights is going across these guys. Clearly they're saying they're satellites and you know with the Space Agency. Do you think we're going to see some measure of real disclosure or some kind of soft disclosure or do you and do you think a plot project blue beam could be added into something like that to create the notion of whatever aliens or ships. You know that whole problem reaction solution. We've already said Space Agency which is another branch of the military. So it's like we there now but are they going to use this supposed threat to start some wars and space now is a couple of ways look at it one way or the first part is i. Don't think there's any from any outside alien race except for the grade who do abduct people under an agreed agreed. Act that they've been given ability. They've given to take a certain amount of people and I. I think they really do that. But they have us off the face of this planet a very very long time ago. Bay this this Breeding Program. Would there are various different rates civilians? An article look just like those look just like and I do believe that. We're being observed on a consistent basis especially more than ever right now as lights are lighting up all over the skies over the planet's. They are coming here. This ronin virus covert nineteen is a beacon. And how's it a beacon when you shut down a planet? Dan Formation about the travel throughout the entire the fact that this planet got shut down the way did that frequency that information gets out goes out spreads round just like gossip. They're all here observing because why because they're waiting to see I believed it to his sis- available to us but it's not gonna be give you don't give a baby assistance. Debate kit crawl. You're not teach US walking out the baby girl learn how to get opponents knees. I hold his neck up. That's the first thing rollover get up underneath flop down and escorts across the carpet. A few times eventually get up on these crumbs. Then get up on the edge of the township. Start trying to take a step or two now. When when you take steps to the I follow these beings To me are watching is again a reality. Show Psalm. The scientific level and they're an observance of to see. How are they accept point? Seven billion people are going to respond to this situation how they're going to respond to the rulers end. Aletha controlling them. Just WANNA SEE. They are going to take a step forward or get up and lean on the couch. They crawl yet can take two steps fall down on third step but their wedding. I grew up. A lot of people are preach this this alien rapture in we're GONNA be raptured away and we're GonNa all this. They're coming to help us in. Bail us out the only person that's coming here to save yourself tears. There's nobody coming to say there's nobody come and save us. We haven't now. If we were walking a little I would say you know what he got a chance. But when you create a a farm and you put the sand and yet you put the incident. You travel up Aplin if you walk away and go budget cutback chocolate five six take a class. That's about it you know so it we're we're we're walk steps before we can expect any assistance any races of people that are split standpoint. You don't you don't you're not gonNA just chopping start feeling people out and they can't even walk yet when when we take over his planning. Overthrow this one hundred families that's when we're going to make A name for ourselves. That's what makes be close to it so early soft. Yeah Yeah I forget who it was not meet you cock of the level civilization like we're still harnessing energy from from coal and stuff like you. We're not the level Serov type. Yeah there you go. What's that say. No the I was just gonNA pointing out. The mosque tweeted out yesterday. And this is very interesting because he said I am selling. Almost all physical possessions will own no house and I want to tweet back to him and say if I were you. I wouldn't want to own a house either when everybody figures out what Sky. And that's going to be used for and it all comes down to educating people you know that's the that's the thing you know you've reached a level of consciousness. You're very very intelligent. Just listening to you is amazing but for most people. They don't even know like I mentioned earlier. The you know the Chinese companies that own so much so much of America and Canada and other countries but at the same time we've got former politicians serving as agents for these for these Chinese corporations a speaker of the House. John John Bainer is one of them. You know. They're registered as foreign agents. Charles Bussan from Louisiana John Christianson from Nebraska. David Vice I from. He's been a career diplomat. His whole life adviser for the Clintons Mike Holtzman who was the guy that got the job. Done the transfer the technology for satellites over to China that gives them the ability to shoot down our satellites these guys and purdy from the Bush administration. So that's the thing people need to wake up to the the basic facts first and then be able to attack this problem by saying Whoa Bro Hug. This system is broke. We gotTA bring it down and change this. Yeah absolutely you know Depending on where you are world you may not be in a You may be a democratic society or not but either way the whole planet space of capitalism and because of that capitalism It has no regard. You know that's the big thing. Just a big problem with capitalist. The way that it's set up now no wonder just you know people are just fodder with this. All we are and We're completely expandable which ends to the means of the people where ten thousand dollar suits and You know they city has nothing. Just you know. Okay they're gonNA put somebody else in that spot and that's the way it's been really all the way back. Since the beginning of the human race on this planet once genetic modifications occurred so got a man. That's what I say man. We gotta really push our to wake up people on this planet and get next generation conscious and the next generation conscious. This is why a lot of my stuff is targeted towards younger people. Because I'm trying to go after the future generations because those future generations now will end up in a judges chair share of share a political seat somewhere potentially and if they're conscious enough will make the right decision or press the right button or help out the right people. The right people in to make some significant changes as he tried to move towards brand new type of economic system which needs to happen in Mexico APP because you can't go into a golden age capitalists so the fact that there's no capitalist golden age collapse so how'd you what what what would be the best transition. What would be what type of system would you say his best Everyone's everyone's a- sovereign energy producer. And you know I I don't know you know tell me it. It could be Well Lotteries Look at it. We released a lot of the technology's not there'll be no need for a power plant. Wouldn't be any for electric company. Everybody will be Every every device access have access to energy on its own and so energy built the international thing solution would be when you can't even meet her at the metered anymore all have utilized to TV the workload of human beings and get the get the Get those worked without a on. The basic basic piece and people overseas. But how did you society will be based on? How good you are how to kids. Maybe what would you do? How how are you And and maybe an energetic type of of our economy where everybody's their own boss. Everybody does their own thing. But there is some type of sort of you know. Many miniature miniscule legislation that allows parameters guiding. But nothing to you. Know kind of where it is right. Now with this complete dominance of very small few and create an lobby and create their own rules in their own laws. Even if they're even if they're evil or kill people they can still walk and get away with it but a guy that grows a marijuana Clinton's backyard goes for twenty years. I mean the balance is way off. Yeah right yeah I mean it's almost think there are some obviously. I don't know I'm not very smart about that. But I think it's more whether it's religion or or government less the government style if you will than it is. The people who apply at like I didn't capitalism has its merits but when you get into crony capitalism and then everybody just becomes like you said just once Zeros and it really is. It's not a level playing field. Everybody can just pick themselves up by their bootstraps because so many people monopolize industries etc etc. So yeah we'll shit man I I don't want to keep you much longer. Actually pat you got anything left for him. I think when we get John next time we're going to have to go simulation talk simulation because I really dig it when you get into that and I find that so fascinating as well I think in my own opinion I think this could be like a big fucking ten thousand years down the line version of the SIMS. You know what I mean so absolutely the Westworld care if you go in hard on it. Where westworld right the Netflix show? I heard that's pretty good as a dope. Yeah Yeah it's actually an HBO and see one two three. It will blow your mind. But it's it exposes this guard shooting that we're living in Saito out. I've heard about it. Yeah I don't know what it is. Man Face or skype does not last time. We had some audio stuff and it's just been kind of in and out here but hopefully everybody has been patient with limited audio issues absorbed. This incredible message from this freaking big brain patrick any closing any closing question. I don't I don't need. I don't need any more knowledge from today. It's a falling out of my ears. Right I try and keep it on sale bill. Thank you so much for joining us man. This is amazing just to get you back on love talking to you brother. Thanks I appreciate your. Yeah man that is forbidden. You let everybody know work and we find all your stuff dude. Because you've got you've got. You're wearing a lot of hats right now. We'LL GO TO FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE. Dot TV with the number four or you can type in FSR but forbidden knowledge DOT TV on any mobile device. We're going to be on ROKU APPLE TV and a couple of weeks already. Forbidden AUSE MOBILE APP. You can stream. Tv Available right to your house. Good for everybody in the family amazing content. Great shows documentaries. It's only GonNa cost you twenty five cents a day. Check it out. Try for free for free for three days. If you like it keep it. Don't like it. Don't worry about it well and if you happen to need a couple of Incredibly sexy and halfway intelligent podcast host to provide some content for the show. A happy fantastic. Yeah we've been trying to crack into the TV world with just different subjects like this or just a myriad of subjects that we cover so maybe we can talk about down the line. Billy I thank you so very much brother. You are very inspirational. And your knowledge so very game changing to help people's again mindset changes so then of course hopefully their behavior changes man peace and so much. Love my friend again. Thank you for your time. Thanks FOR TUNING AND EVERYBODY PEACE. So much love stay tuned. There will always be more.

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