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So how's working from home being going for you? Remarkably remote from Goto meeting. We'll help you succeed in today's new normal in just three minutes or less we'll share simple but to keep you on track from managing your motivation workload and relationships to hosting attending virtual events that keep you connected with your clients and colleagues so checkout remarkably remote on your favorite podcasting platform or had to go to meetings dot com slash tips. We've got a hot went on line. Four Eddie from Manhattan. Good Morning Sweet. World and welcome to the no dump podcast on the athletic network. It's Friday may fifteenth. This is film session and today we're breaking down. Nineteen Ninety six basketball movie. Eddie I'm Jay skis alongside meet. Thanks TO THE POWER OF TECHNOLOGY TASS Melles everybody. Hey task got the bearded one trade Kirby the international man of mystery taking it to the Max Ellis Friends Last but not least the man making the magic cap and JD. Hello there isn't here. We Are we all storm the court to save the Knicks. Email us your questions and comments to know dunks at the athletic dot com will be stepping it up next week's accusing your comments in follow on social media both twitter and Instagram at no Dunks Inc. We had a huge guest on pop impacts yesterday. Li well done. Yeah thanks yeah. I told you it was a monster earlier. In the week I built it up and delivered. Yeah area was great. It was great. In fact he fact checked me mid mid pop and packs. It was incredible and he was having so much fun. He said you got another back there and I did so we busted I from two packs up thirty five minutes. I was like what the hell happened. Here did not know any. Nba Players. The opposite man. He's Knowledge Randy and so go get right in fact so great we are going to in full on podcast with aerial sometime. Hopefully next week the audio from that we could do that. Yeah but we're going to get a little bit deeper into it this. Yeah a lot of a lot of fun stuff to talk about so look look forward to one all right and you know we're on facebook at FACEBOOK DOT com slash. No dunks Inc. We'll I guess it's official. We're now on facebook all right. Today's basketball movie nine thousand nine hundred sixty directed by Steve. Rash might want to get that checked out. This one stars the incomparable Whoopi Goldberg. Who was busy in one thousand nine hundred ninety six? I think she films something like five or six movies that year and they all generally sucked the IMDB synopsis. For Eddie. It's one of the weirder ones. I think we've shared it. Reads COINCIDENCES LEAD TO THE NEW YORK? Knicks getting its loudest fan any as coach and then the next sentence season victory question mark. What A WEIRD SYNOPSIS? That is a weird movie. My first question tasks. Let's start with you. Did you find this movie funny at all? Did you laugh? Because it is supposed to be a basketball comedy. I'm going to say yes with several caveats because I think it was. Every line was a one liner type of funny. It wasn't very funny. I think there wasn't overextended grape. That's just a great positive. I think my mindset. We're when I was watching. It has has a lot to do with the way I felt about it. I mean I. The set of the movie is Madison Square Garden so that just puts you in a great mindset. Especially at this time we're in a basketball arena. That helped me out. I'm watching on Youtube as like every youtube not youtube. Tv Not Youtube premium not to read. That doesn't exist anymore. But you know you're in that mindset or you're not paying anything so. I'm watching Youtube like you know. The bar is lowered and just the snappy one liners. I like asides from Rick Fox. Who's talking about patent the superstar? Forty three thousand dollars a game. They pay him a dollar. A shot you know. Just quickies Greg Ostertag. Who'S THE GIPPER? You know? There is a cab driver cabdriver. Drinking a two liter bottle of sprite which is really really weird but whenever you get a cab or a left or an Uber. They're always drinking. Something huge is a real big big gulp. Maybe not a two liter. But you know they're packing it in for the rest of the day so even Walt Frazier the funny line there. Lots of cameos. Lots of cameos. Yeah Yeah and listen you said. He's run their pulled. Them quote sucked. But I look at least the lead actor here is an actor. A comedian of some some bread some shape or form. So you know. I thought the movie followed all that to say. You know it wasn't all that good. Yeah I'd like to clarify so. Whoopi be in the early nineties. Was knocking it out of the park lately. And she was in Ghost in Sister Act. One and two. She had a voice role in the lion. King I know she was in Star Trek. Tng for a while but yeah then in the mid ninety. She made a lot of just bad movies. I think this is one of them. I hate to say it like if you took away the Cameos from this movie. This is what I kept thinking about. Take away all the NBA players. And just make them. You know actors and take away all the broadcast. Cameos like Frazier and Chris Berman. And MARV ALBERT. Take away those. Oh my God like this movie would be atrocious. Wouldn't it without at least give it a little bit of life to US basketball nerds hundred percent right? I was thinking you know after we did the podcast yesterday. I said I saw this in theaters and I'm just thinking. Why did I see this theaters? I mean like you interest an early nineties. Whoopi was on top of the world. She could do no wrong. Up until Nineteen ninety-six. It seems I guess the whole reason was oh almost every single basketball players in this movie for a little tiny bit you know there was obviously quite the buy in from the NBA. But if you take away the NBA Angle. The movie gets pretty tough. I like to always making notes when I'm actually laughing out loud at one of these movies the only time that I had a legitimate chuckle. A Horse wearing basketball. Pretty funny still funny. I also thought wild bill was Sean Connery for like it was like. Wow they had sean connery like. Oh man definitely not have yeah. It's funny you said the NBA Angle. I actually watching it and thinking back on it. I was a little surprised that the NBA the Knicks will whoever that they allowed so much like poking fun of greedy players. Foreign players and like egotistical coaches actually it was a little shocked that that was allowed with the NBA branding. John Did you think that as well or not. Dan Never Cross my mind. I watched half this movie and I was like. Oh Rick Fox. Is he the only basketball player in this? Movie is no idea after doing some research I was. I was pleasantly surprised to see that most of them were basketball players. I mean from the NBA's point of view from the NBA fans point of view This movie is is a wet dream. Right it's this is the ultimate fantasy for any NBA Fan. I would think right And I think they kind of blew it in. That sense is just a tiresome piece of garbage and it it actually tasks it hurt my viewing experience watching it on youtube like half of standard definition is just. I don't mean to be a SNOB by common. It's twenty twenty. Release the thing on itunes. I'll pay a dollar for it. Why can't we? Why can't you rent this movie on any of the of the streaming platforms? That is the weirdest thing. Is that jam? James Dolan decide that actually believe that he's like no no no. This is a puts the Nixon badly. I guess a little bit. I don't want this out there. Yeah that's the most excited. I go this movie when I couldn't actually find it hoping I wouldn't be able to watch it but unfortunately you guys came through and delivered so I had to sit through it but yeah it's It's a rough watch but I will say look. I won't be has got some credit with me because of those things you mentioned early a ghost. Great movie she was fantastic as the as the fantasy. What does it Tara Tara Card Girls? And then the Hyena in the Lion King. She's also great and that and sister. Act SISTER so she'll go eddie. Yeah it was. It was tough. I mean I spent most of the movie trying to figure out coach Bailey. Where new from now I knew he was in snatches cousin. Avi and then I kept thinking he was billy batts in Goodfellas as well. But he wasn't Frank Vincent but before I google them like it's going I think it is him. I think it is but I got there and I was like not. That's not him so I WANNA I don't WanNA knock whoopie because I don't actually think this is Willoughby's fault that this movie stinks. I can't believe this when I found this out that it took eight people. Jd to write this move. Eight people have writing credits. And now I dug a little deeper and and four. There's two of them are listed twice. And I guess there's four people who came up with the story and then six people are however many people they overlap to to actually write the screenplay and wow I mean that's red flag right there if there's so many writers because it's been rewritten so many times yet somehow feels like a first draft. It's really made me angry in that. What a blown opportunity because you had an real NBA players. You had access. I know they didn't shoot inside him. Msg THEY SHOT IN CHARLOTTE. But but you have all this access you have these players who actually Kinda hold their own. I mean I didn't hate any of the performances from the players. The the real the the ones that made me. Marv made me angry The streeters made me angry angry. The president made me angry like it was just those those little those little cuddle ways of the cameo so to speak those were so stiff and obviously just thrown in there but I I felt like this could have had this movie could have had a lot more heart it could have just been as I said the NBA Fan ultimate dream like the fantasy. You have a chance to actually coached the Knicks and weirdly. Am I crazy is it is the premise? Almost plausible. Sitting there going okay. Let's Talk I just too into it like I was like okay all right like I thought it would be an earbud situation. Where a dog playing basketball? It's IT'S A. It's a fan coaching. The Knicks Right. Like I thought it would be like that but then I was like okay. Wins a contest sheets. A free throw the owner. Doesn't really care about the basketball. Is just a publicity stunt? Okay I'm Kinda I'm Kinda in on this I I I'm gonNA suspend my disbelief to the point of I'm buying this. You know what I mean but it's just tasks you weren't buying it the the story of her becoming the coach. I think you've been a little too close to basketball the last few years. Jd maybe or drinking the KOOL aid. I know it's not the premise. The premise part. I did like she is booted out of the arena. That's a very James Dolan thing to do. That's a very current thing to do. So that part kind of played played but I like the I like the fact that we're back at a basketball game for most of I mean we're seeing opening lineups in a PA announcer. Does you are your fan being yanked out? Yeah honorary coach or whatever she had on her Jersey to be named the coach and as a fan. No I can't I can't even even in this stir-crazy state I'm in. I'd just could not bite even watching it on Youtube. It's like I'm watching. I'm tune in for like a four-minute Handyman video. And then all of a sudden it will be pops up. I'm like WHOA. I'll watch this low expectations but Nah can't can't buy that. It's realistic Lee. Lee What did you think of the whole plot where yeah we'll be? Eddie comes down shoots a free throw three three people shoot a free throw. I forgot about that part. You got the guy in the slick suit who I guess is like Harlem Globetrotter Player. Get free throw. He actually throws over the backboard. Doesn't he think so? There's another younger girl and misses I. But what is it? Eddie's free throw technique and just how fun that contest would be Li. Yeah I mean if that's all it took to coach the Knicks then. I'd begun every single knicks game to try to go for sure and really. I mean considering how the Knicks of Gordon lightly wouldn't be the worst idea to just say. Hey let's just give someone a shot at this. Why the Hell Not so? Yeah I mean it's kind of obviously you go into it knowing us a stupid movie. Then that idea that she shoots a free throw and then she becomes coaches like. Yeah sure why not. Let's roll it and see where it goes. So it's I like it. I like it as as an idea and are definitely be down for. It's like it's sort of like in a weird way. What was the baseball movie? Rookie of the year. Type vibe right like I know. He's the athlete. I guess the kid is the athlete because he's got a crazy arm. We've seen other movies like this in real life. We this am bony driver. Go in as long. So why not you know. It's it's a fantasy movie really I mean. So that's what I mean by plausible. I mean the way. They got to her sitting on the bench and coaching the Knicks was. It was okay like it. Just it just. I don't know I was fine with it. I mean I guess but what okay. Let's go through the Knicks roster because there are a lot of NBA players playing characters. And then I wanNA talk about what the Hell Actually Eddie does to turn around the Knicks. That weren't really bugged me. I'm with you JD. Plausible enough. The Ted Turner two point. Oh up there wild bill. He sees something in her. Let's sell some tickets. So they they rigged the contest. We should've pointed that out for her to come down and shoot the free throw. I think there's a Goof in this movie. I read that they announced the seat number. And I'll and it's actually not the she's sitting in one letter off or something funny but the Knicks Roster. Okay Mark Jackson. He is Darren Taylor. Aka The preacher. We got me Celia rest in peace. He is Stacey Patton. Rick Fox Terry Hastings John Salley Nate Wilson Duane. I know I'm probably saying that wrong. That's right that's okay recipes to him as well he is he. Is Yvonne Make Basket? He's the big Russian Ivan Ivan. Just any of Greg Ostertag. He's Joe Sparks. He's the dummy and then for some reason I don't know why they throw in an actual actor Verdel singleton. Is Jamal Dunkin? We don't get a lot of him but he attended and played basketball with shack at Lsu yet skill you could hang. That's the team so a lot of NBA players there. But what does any do when she comes in? And I will say I liked this movie. I like that should be becomes the coach or the honorary coach. Where you'RE GONNA call it and they don't win right away like I sorta did like that little twist like don't you lose three games in a row or something. Seven is a seven up to just strolling with John. Salley spiders so we have more losses than you have legs spider so okay so yes she loses a ton of games but is I guess. Great bad publicity is still good. Publicity is the idea from Ted Turner while Bill. But what does she do? What does won't be due to turn this team around. Someone explained it to me. I know there are little things with each player but even barely right the big thing with Rick. Fox's the bonding with him and helping him in his relationship because he's like maybe getting a divorce so she helps him with that. She helps Yvonne with playing defense and speaks his language a little bit. And and what stacey patent she spends benches them. I mean that that's what she does right. That's it yeah. That's a an gives the general inspiration right well and she takes that charge from Stacey practice you know the troops are just rallying around her. They're happy to be playing for Eddie in that moment. And she gets all the hanger on out of the Locker Room. She tries to make that or fashionable lunch. True she says rights when she first meet Meets Wild Bill. She's in she's outside the Limo and she sang. She saying exactly what they need to do. And it's you know it's very simple. I may get into his head in the game. Have you tried apologizing for cheating on your wife? Have you tried that? Rick but You buying that plausibility. J. D. just happens to driver around the owner of the team. Why not? She's a limo driver and she didn't Bhai was her driving the Limo right up to the plane and then while bill being on the phone and say like just noticing. Oh my limos here Fino eight little almost knocked you over next year private plans. Okay but yeah I mean. Every player had a personal problem or something that and that's where this movie fails right. You could have gone sort of deeper into rick. Fox's problems and and and and the the language barrier with the Russian and I can't remember any of the other ones but it's just You had a great opportunity to sort of go into a dysfunctional team. That needed some psychological. Help maybe and then she. She helps with that. You know that that's fine. I mean you need simple solutions again. This is the NBA players dream rights. Ambi it's fan base so you just go in and you you fix the team. And how do you fix it? While they're they're simple problems that you can fix but you know trying to get trying to get What's his face to be less selfish? I mean he. She basically gets his mother involved right. I mean the whole scene. Yeah the ambush at the street. Ball thing which is very plausible. Now not so weird but again It's a it's a blown opportunity. I I want to remake this movie with with entirely really just make bring him in there and It would be great. Okay Lee what would what would be your your first thing that you would do if you're suddenly coaching the Knicks Twenty twenty. What are you doing the play coach? So you're fine. Yeah that's what I'm doing. I'm going to call the shots rang. Point Guard yeah. I mean I'm the coach so I can't really can sort of bench. Guys and Rod rotates can't really sign guys though. Can I so? I can sort of picks on my old favorites at Light Rally. Very Allen against they come out of retirement income. Play with me but yeah I would. I would just have a lot of fun out there. As a WHO is lucky enough to be a blake exactly seriously like would that be a worse? Storyline than what we saw was. I don't think so. I think I'll do the same thing if I was play coach. Would you walk into the locker room into the shower? And point out how small thirteen forgot about saving. That's right back to back movies with Pena's Oh my God okay. Back to her limo driver. I always also confused. I get it that she is a liberal driver. Driving Limo. She also the dispatcher. Doing that whole thing where she showing us. How die hard of a fan she is. She's basically doing play by play in the game for all the other. Limo drivers right So they can. I don't know why they're not listening to the radio. The actual professional broadcast but they decide. It's gotta be Eddie telling me what's going on in this game but I guess she just sort. It does both in a weird way. Or maybe that's like that's her boss is like come on. Get out there and drive. Do I do have some trivia questions though early. Okay what was their old monroe's nickname and I mean in real life. The pill and how many consecutive games did don't Shays play when he was with the Syracuse Nets to questions date with? We'll be is on the line here lately. I seventy I duNno. I don't know what the answer is to that one one of the movie. What about the fact that they did pick guys who have had previous acting experience as basketball players? Nice little positive there John Salley and Rick Fox. Yeah they didn't join selling fantastic actually in this. He's for the best same. I was like how come he doesn't have brick. Fox's acting career they both launched it around this time and he's just so natural out there. Yeah what A. What a gift to the movie. That they completely squandered. 'cause he's really really great he could have been the one that took Eddie under his wing and just basically just told ever told her. What would the problem with any kind of does but yeah it could? He could have been the iota of the movie. You know like this is what you gotta do. You gotta go out and and you've got to believe in yourself or whatever use the forest go out and change this team but and he has the chops to pull that off. I thought he was great in this movie. Yeah I agree I mean. He's is he not playing. Basically the exact same character as Tom. Barringer in Major League as the Catcher Jackie Taylor sort of what he is and it's a great point and he's fantastic and I do agree with you guys. I think John Salley awesomeness and I would have liked way more John Salley in this movie I at one point I thought they were like I thought they were. Bonin down for a second central got a little central and they're walking inside. Msg that one time. Yeah them the spider once you get wrapped up in that Web. He was good when you think of all the other. Rick Fox has been in a lot of stuff. I thought he was fine in this movie. I guess but well. Did you think Dwayne playing the Russian or Greg plan the dummy and all these guys like any other of the rules? I thought they were all pretty fair. To be honest. I thought did a great job carrying a basically the comic relief of just having the same line every movie and then even when he speaks in Russian he says the exact same thing. I thought he did a fair job. And I thought Greg Ostertag that scene where he's trying to check in and he leaves his pants on than we see his ass he falls over. I'm like that's just classic star tag there physical comedian. Yeah he had. He had a few lines in there. The old The nineties questionable line in there when he tripped somebody called him a retard and the fact that whoopee was calling the team girls over and over and over and Orien- like he's Lee Ellison twenty fourteen over and over. What was the point of that like to put them down? I mean is that was that the the point? Yeah I notice. Did you notice how many times and I thought this was odd? How many times wild bill called whoopee or Eddie? Little girl says it all the time like. Yeah but you're right. The team to there was a lot of this in the nineties. I just thought it was a sort of Toronto. Motivate them to try to say a little girl stuff like that. That's the way I took it but yeah the little girl stuff as well was it does look pretty bad now. Does at the time and again. It's a movie so there's a there's a little bit of leeway but it just sort of uncomfortable watching. Eli can't really enjoy it. I mean the movie sucked anyway down another run but what about Scott Burrell making another jacket? Yeah directly to Scotty Burrell quick quick. Yeah what was your favorite like not the guys that are on the Knicks not actual NBA players on the Knicks. Roster in this movie. But what was your favorite other. Nba Player Cameo. Because there is like Brad and Avery Johnson Dennis. Rodman there is. There is a lot. Did you have a favorite trae. Rodman was Great Spurs Robin. You even see Jack Haley. They're running up and down. He sidled up next to Eddie. Bad shots bag coach. Would whoopie chimes in bad hair. But at least I look at how great the Dennis Rodman also loved olden polynice explaining what a black hole is. That's that's the best funniest part. Yeah but some of those quips could have been a little quick beer. I mean bad here. I mean why not insult Whoopi. I don't know had ten writers on this time. I was so disappointed that that was the jokes. They came up with Dennis Rodman. That was it a the mail that in like from. Yeah but I did like the old important. I thought that was funny. Scott to hear Avery Johnson's voice again. The old squeaker on the basketball floor. We get we get a weird montage in this movie where the Knicks are starting to win this. Is You know after had her sort of heart to heart conversations with some of the guys and she sat patent and all that and the montage like the Knicks playing well playing better spliced with Eddie picking male cheerleaders. Yeah Holy Crap. I was like why what is going on here. But you guys know. I was very happy to see the Macarena being done during that dance audition but I was not happy to see that. Move that the guy who eventually won was doing where he had his hands on his knees and he was kind of bringing his shoulders forward. I was like this is too much like an actual insect man. A just an odd is so weird so many things and this is where it back to the holy story. Jd like in real life could an MBA owner higher? Leila's to coach. His team is like. Is that legal is. There's there's some like weird coaches association that he would have to be a part of you. Tell me I don't know I think you would think you would have to write something. Like that. Would have to be approved by the coaches association to just have Li come in there as they said at the scorer's table when Eddie's finally becoming the real coach but there's nothing in the book you can't change a coach right before the game just like. There's no rule in the rule book that a dog can't play basketball just like if a player hasn't played in the tournament. You are allowed to play just as long as their name is written down. There are a lot of rules that weren't covered in the nineties. Assume they'd been changed in a subsequent. Cbs possibly. I will say another realistic part of this. Unrealistic movie is David Letterman hitting us with and the number one reason. Any Franklin has the Knicks playing. So well right now. Coed showers and the reason. I say realistic. Because that's not that funny at all but the number one of the top ten list was never that funny right number two always the banger. So I wonder what they had for number two anyway. Didn't didn't number one didn't number one have to make sense. Well yeah but it always dunk. Remember always disappointed. I thought it was all as Gimme a softball I was like. Oh Yeah you're right when it's yours doesn't make sense. I don't really get it. I guess they're just like a woman. Is Their coach excited? Shower together so weird. I mean if this movie was made today you would. You would get a room full of comedians like comedians. Hire them for a week and then just spit ball and come up with Burns and jokes and and do all that which they didn't bother doing the only comedian that they had on in the production. Was Whoopi. And I love Whoopi Goldberg. I've I've never not liked her in anything. She's been in no matter how bad it's been including this movie but I never find it. Funny ever really. She is very charming to me but I never laugh out loud. She never she's never made me laugh. But I do. I do like her right. Never offensive never hilarious. Yeah that's that's that's right up the alley for sure but you were offended by Marv Albert. I need to go back to this because I. I didn't mind Marv at the scores table whatsoever. Why did MARV angry? I just found it. I found it very scripted. And very not real. I've list having the years having listened to Marv Call Games. And he's just been a ubiquitous part of our lives and just to hear him speak like this was just seemed really stiff to me like he was reading off of a script which he he never sounds like that to me so it was jarring for me. Maybe I'm off base. I don't know but the point a good point I mean he's done it for so long that every time he does something quote unquote scripted. It doesn't sound scripted. That's true this was probably I read. There was never. There was never any point in this movie that I didn't. I wasn't one hundred percent aware that I was watching. A movie is never a good sign. Yeah and then the negative about having it on Youtube was I was going over in a side window and watching Dwayne chinses makes makes them jokes when he was with the Boston. Celtics I wasn't fully fully am dedicated to this movie whatsoever so that I think that helped my rating to Steve Rash. Jeez what did you think of the whole street ball scene where we get John? Starks Anthony Mason rest in peace a lot of NBA players in this movie passed away. Gary Payton plays States patent one on one. Yeah then we get the weird part. Mom shows up but what do think of that whole scene. Yeah that was good basketball again Could atmosphere good craft? There is was not good basketball. Gary Payton is one of the greatest defensive players of all time and he gets blown by every single time for Stacey Patton Dunk would've put me on stacey patent and the first three games. I would've taken him down in one on one. That's the I remember the the address of those costs but I played the last year when I went to New York and there was nobody there but I played against some kid but it was fun. But Payton hit a couple of Florida's. Oh like he was okay he was just you know he's not going lay down. He's not going to lockdown pattern in the movie be great if he did though started talking trash to. Maybe that would have added a little something to the movie if they They actually like Gary Payton. Play for real but yeah I mean I was fine basketball. I suppose I mean it was just sort of thrown in there really at this point of the movie again. I'm just waiting for to win. So it's like you just looking applies and you gotta get that guy go to yet okay. Next right right right. Well let's get to ending of this movie so because we get the whole we find out that while bill has plans to sell the team and to move the team to saint. Louis you're in New York. You've just bought the Knicks winning games. There may be going to make the playoffs and this guys. He's already thinking about selling them it was. I found that shocking You may want to keep them there in New York and have a winning team but so we find that out in any of course. Is You know upset she. I like this one line. This is my favorite line from the movie. You don't own the Knicks. New York owns the Knicks So she basically tells me off. Come self when they're out there on the balcony and but now she's in the dilemma of if we win. This final game against the Hornets were in the playoffs. Which means then that sale is going through. And the team's being moved to Saint Louis if we could I could throw the game. We could throw the game. And maybe that sale doesn't happen but TACO I mean and then we get everybody coming onto the court. I mean somebody else talk this out. This is insane. I hated the. Oh Yeah I actually light this movie for the first two thirds and then I started wondering myself man. Where's wild bill? We haven't seen that guy for a while. And then he shows up and he's trying to move the next the most insane possible ending. This could even conceivably have like the Knicks and the Lakers are the two most valuable franchises in the league largely because of where they're located right like every team basically moves away from Saint Louis so this guy comes out here. He brings his horse looking like Matt Austin around with a horse wearing basketball shoes. And we're supposed to. I mean he burns. Down Walt Frazier's Jersey. The very first thing that happens. Yeah once he gets introduced right so we're supposed to know this guy. This guy doesn't care about tradition but Supposedly he cares about money and he's trying to move to Saint Louis come on but and and all it took You know any going to half court. Basically telling the fans what's going on and everybody storms the floor and like lines up perfectly and then he's like okay. God You guys got me. You're right. We're keeping them here like nothing. Nothing happens to him in the end right my missing something like while bill just says st he lost We lost the sale. He's going make way more money in the I know it's Weird. A little correction. He wasn't going to move the team he was going to sell. There's only wanted to move it. Yeah so and who would want to do that? I mean nobody. It's completely implausible. But the climax of the movie is that I guess and then the Russian takes charge right. Wow that's the climax of the movie is the second movie we've seen where the game is decided by a judge so but this is not to win the championship either. This is just make the playoffs. Yeah so I'll give the movie credit for that that it wasn't the championship-deciding play that we climaxed on instead. It was just like what happens in the United States. I round I was I was actually just. Everybody was on the court like that I was. I was actually a little hopeful as just this. Does this movie have the balls to end in a in a? What's IT called Defunding four didn't have the balls. This movie in four would have been pretty ballsy. I would've enjoyed that. Actually it's like we. We're willing to miss the playoffs. We'll keep the Knicks where the Knicks are supposed to be in New York City. But yeah yeah or or like next level. Allow the Hornets to score. Like right open right and me like you said same idea. Let them win so we can lose but keep the team in New York. Yeah yeah that would have been a surprise. One of the writers didn't speak up and throw that idea out there. They just went back to the classic basketball movie. Trope of if you talked about a basketball strategy. It has the payoff in the end. Somehow what coach is coming in to an offensive puddle and saying go right at the Big Guy? He never planned his feet. Men will never take charge a layup. Well Larry Johnson. I think he'd double dribble twice. I mean that was brutal. I know it was. It was cut me. That looked like he was doubling dribbling. But he did and instead they call the charge and they they win in. They're headed to the playoffs to lose it. Four or five games in the first round. We talked about Eddie. Maybe having a little something a little something would neat Wilson with John Salley. Who knows who knows they were reaching here. I also WANNA ASK. Though did she have she. Sex with muggsy. Bogues was crushing when he's on crutches. Maybe that's why he's in crutches. It's possible yes you could eat. She was very friendly to Muggsy. I'm reading from one other relationship. I found out about doing some research in this movie. Yvonne takes a girl into his hotel room when the guys are telling them P. H. A. Say Your say she's fat Ph Eighty. That woman is flawed. Divas actual wife on a diva actress really trivia there. I hated that scene more than any other is just so you got any in hotel room. And then all of the play the entire team returning from the club or wherever. They're coming from the bar and they all decided to. Well it's bedtime. Let's go everybody. Bring your girls bring your drinks? We're all going to our separate rooms at the same time and the Russian just happens to find the one Russian girl in the bar and it's just like A. This is the laziest filmmaking I've ever seen like it's just like I understand their NBA players. You GotTA budget you gotTa time restrictions but God damn it is just. This is ridiculous. Hated every second of that same. It was weird. She's rushing wise and he talking to her in Russia. I can't speak English. It wasn't an American girl that would make sense. You said there was a time constraint. I read that Mark. Jackson said he was on set for a month and a half. Oh my God. I don't know how that's possible. Like I mean unless he was just saying he was in Charlotte while they were filming us for a month and a half and maybe I know he was injured around the time to Oh my God. Where did you find the information on this movie because I could not find anything any articles? Anything A review. I couldn't even find so I don't know man stars Roger Okay. Oh yeah this does not do well with the critics or the fans I would say We'll get to that later though. Another relationship question was Eddie married. Okay Okay yes. She was to the media now did her so. Her father had died and her husband had died. That's the question 'cause like when she first comes down she's in that first huddle with the next. She's talking to John Salley. She's like I met my husband. He was wearing your Jersey right and then we saw watching the home. Video of Clay Davis has a COP coaching. Kids Yeah I guess he was dead. Yeah I think so because she does mention her husband was in the hospital and what I think there was a real throwaway line right and why why do I think her dad was dead then to? I don't remember her down. Maybe I thought it was. I thought it was her husband but it was so quick and I really only noticed on my second viewing. I can't believe I watch us. Think my own my watch this twice. What's wrong with this guy? I gotTA talk about it. I got a lease talk about. Yeah and if I'm putting on my producer hat like my first is we need to see this guy earlier. We need to see the dead husband like not near the end of the movie at least halfway through the movie and it has to be at her lowest point right. Yeah but why? Why does her husband has to be dead? Yeah I mean because there's no real like it's not like I the only thing I can think of is to show us. Just how invested in the Knicks. She is because she's got no husband. No kids to a club jerseys. I don't know I just don't get the it's not like it didn't feel like the team was filling that void in her heart. You know what I mean. Yeah if I definitely could have felt that if we have been introduced him earlier or learned learned a little bit more about him and also. We should have seen her. The first scene of this movie should've been her. Coaching coaches total right. I mean really. That was the that was when I was like okay. Maybe this movie has got something. Maybe there's a little bit of hard here because I really loved that scene of of cheesy and it's a cliche but it's like why are you mentioned my kid? Well he got a D. N. English of Blah Blah Blah. Yeah but it shows that she's got heart she cares about more than just basketball more and and that would make it a better movie. And that's why if she if that's what. Her approach of coat of. Coaching Kids as she applies to coaching the Knicks. Then you got a better movie. I mean it's still simplistic as Jalan and totally. You know ridiculous but at least you have heart and maybe maybe I'm crying a little at the end. So you'd think there. Yeah it sounds like you think. There's a strong foundation to this movie. It's just they built the worse. Look and house ever absolutely. Yeah okay. Let's get to some random observations. We'll get started here. You know we said there's like seven or eight writers. Whatever it was on this movie I think I figured it out why they had so many and where all that energy was being put into this movie. I think it was writing the signs that because I want you to tell me what was your favorite sign in any. Was it straight up. Nick Stink. Okay was it a little bit later. Eat them alive or by far my favorite. You really had to pause your youtube screen to see it up in the top when she headed up. Their nose bleeds. Showed it the sign read for this? I'm missing BAYWATCH WEIRD SIDE TAKE NBA game but people start taking that side. Games Prime Baywatch Times. I wasn't a mid nineties booming. Why does it say for this missing? I'm missing Baywatch for this. I feel like a lot more than I got. I got a few more. I don't know if anybody else back to her. Like the whole limo thing and she's calling into the radio station. She gets other radio stations so quickly because she just says. Put me on with this putz and like the producers like when we got a hot one that's all it takes to get on live radio sports radio we got put me putts where we got a hot one. Get her on. And that's basically all I got the only other thing I wrote down was at one point. Eddie pronounces defense. She says defense like character on. Oh hello oh I just found that weird pronounced defense in a very strange way. She's actually fixes it later in the movie but yeah any other random observations. You must have been happy to see nick. Vanik will get a couple of buckets out there wasn't dds three basically this movie. Yeah I was very happy with that. That's all I got. There's the scene where basically the dance coach brings Eddie out to dance with the team. All I can think is which. Nba Coach would most nail a half time choreography leaving. He's got the best moves out there. Oh Wow wow. Wow probably yeah. That's exactly what I was thinking. Stressed R- like those karaoke things kind of control in the room. That's a good pick for some reason. I don't know if he'd be horrible or fantastic. Sneaky Great Dancer. Got Rick Carlisle high on. Maybe it's because sleep great. Maybe I'm a looks like Jim Carey so I think he's bendable and movie or something this sure that's why they call Lloyd Pierce limber. Lloyd Pierce is Bendy No. I'm taking yeah I think he is. I'm taking a young man. He's loyd pairs. That's a good question. Pierce out of Atlanta coaches. The Atlanta Hawks. If people don't know that know the hawks picked up a win in this movie early on I think so a blowout win if I'm not mistaken. Tries to give them a guilt trip in it doesn't work Funniest NBA Cameo for me. Was Joe Wolf Shooting in eighteen? Jump Joe it's shot Joe. Wolf looked like a looked like he didn't know he was filming a movie. Did it look like he knew it was going on? Maybe he's a great actor. I don't know. Yeah the the hawks blow them out. You're right the Spurs win one. Twelve eighty nine the bucks win one twenty six ninety three. I mean this is. This is the ninety s scores. Like that just didn't exist. One hundred twenty. That's a lot of points. So that's how bad the knicks work Anything else tasks any other. Random quickies Mark Jackson. The preacher didn't get preachy. At all. I didn't mind he just didn't like the cursing I think there was an asshole and mark was like Whoa. Whoa WHOA WHOA. Not Going to have that on my court. But he didn't really get into anybody's face anything in mind that so it wasn't you know I like that. It wasn't over the top. Just like the Chris Berman Multiple appearances. Yep You know. This wasn't Dick vitale. Love and basketball where you get a three minute. Dick vitale diatribe. This was Chris. Berman was talking about the next or get. They're getting better and they could go all the way they didn't he didn't push it girl. It was just a quick buck. They could go all the way so I like. That was a little subdued. Not Bad at all. And I like the reference Whoopi Goldberg's seats and how much they cost. And she's she said they're two thousand bucks and that is bang on. Yeah what seats would cost at that point. We actually when I purchase seats in two thousand and one with a mandate sense. The whole package cost two thousand dollars exactly so their banging on they might be a little bit more in New York. The Knicks were actually good to Yeah Yeah I agree with that. I thought that I was like not bad. I also like the little misdirect at the beginning of the movie. When she sat with her friend down low heckling her own coach on her team. And I was like okay. She sits there. Wow okay. They got wounded. Get him out of here. Yeah they went to the nose bleeds. And you've got the guys wearing the paper bags that was realistic for Knicks fans. So I didn't mind that little part to one more note I wrote down. Oh my God final game. It maybe do it twice in the movie but yeah they do. The weirdest huddle break yet. You know basketball movie. We've seen Ho Ho. Oh Ho yes. Anybody ever heard that before. No no it wasn't that her husband's thing with the kids on the ice. Yeah but why I mean. Tommy Mottola planned Santa Claus. What's going on nine? Maybe they're playing against Scotty Burrell again. I don't know it's good okay. Before we grade this movie a quick word from our sponsors Sundays. Am I right? Sundays are worse than Mondays. In a lot of ways I mean for other people not me. I Love Sundays these days looking down the barrel at a week of talking about a documentary survivor and a random basketball movie. Nah I'm good with Sunday's or any other day of the week I'm talking about people who actually work for a living. It's that feeling of anxiety. Knowing on Monday the grind starts up again. It gets under your skin. It can ruin your weekend. And that's no way to tackle the week ahead introducing Sunday. 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As the nation's largest hunger relief organization the feeding American Network of food banks is committed to serving communities families and children facing hunger in America wherever they are. You can be there your neighbors in need by donating now at feeding America Dot Org Slash Corona virus brought to you by feeding America and the Ad Council okay critic score on rotten tomatoes for Eddie eighteen percent. Yes I believe. That's the lowest we've had in film session audience score not much better based off of twenty five thousand user ratings thirty six percent so yeah this is. This is a this is rough. This is rough I saw. I just wanted to share this with you. Guys made me laugh. I found this one review of this movie and this I laughed harder at this review than the actual movie. The person wrote quote. I have a friend who mentioned that. She'd been looking for a used copy of this movie for her collection. And I found one by accident at a flea market the other day and not seen the movie and I wondered why out of all the movies that a person might possibly want in their collection. She wanted this one so I decided to watch it before sending it on with the excuse for opening it that I wanted to make sure it was still watchable being a some of the movies. I found it flea. Markets have proven to be. Well worn out copies on occasion. Well there was nothing that I did not predict way before it happened. In this one it was an enchanting story but about which to think deeply. I did notice a veiled feminist. Wien in the premise. And I suppose this is what my friends saw. That made her desire this movie. It will not bore you but I doubt you'd find yourself wanting to tell everyone to go see this one either. I hope my friend is happy with her gift. That's the review from this person. That's it that's where it stops. So what a weird one anyway tasks. How you grading Eddie? While I was happy to see one Mark Jackson Post up at the end and out of five Mark Jackson Butts down low in the post. GimMe two out of five Mark Jackson. That's four out of ten cheeks. I guess just two hundred five two zero two five M J going down low preacher man. I guess I'm not a critic. I guess I'm right in line with the fan scored their Lee. What do you think there are three types of weapons in this World Whoopi Goldberg Whoopie Pie? And the whoopie cushion. I give this movie. I'll be coercion. Did Not like right. I can't deny it. I enjoyed watching any. I can't say anything to the contrary the first two thirds of the movie. I was just happy to be seen Whoopi again. I was happy to see and all these basketball players and I remembered why a young child as a twelve year old. I WOULD WANNA see this being said it completely falls apart with the cartoonish steal the team villain right. It's basically the exact same plot as a major league except for Major League was super funny and you can imagine a team moving away from Cleveland. A rich businessman would never have the idea of trying to or any businessman with try to move away from New York City. That doesn't make any sense to me. I guess it's the only way you can kind of get an US against them mentality. You have to be fighting against the owners that being said. I think you're right skeets. I think the reason that this movie is so hard to find in there so hard to find any information about. It is because the Knicks. Don't want fans to actually do this and occupy Madison Square Garden. Because that is something that might actually work to get some movement in the front office. So I like the first two thirds of the movie. I'm giving this twenty eight thousand seven hundred stacey patent dollars out of forty JD. What I think that this movie has good bones. I think that they could have made this a decent movie anyways an NBA fans wet dream. But they just it fell short so out of five. Nba Fan wet dreams. I'M GONNA give it zero nine. What would not even a one for the bones not Roman? Oh now because I'm I'm angry that they messed it up. They had something you know what I respect things. If you have a bad premise and you end you screw it up. That's one thing but if you have a really really good but a decent premiss something that you could make work and you mess it up then then I cannot forgive that serves zero. Okay okay. That's rough I'll graded a little bit better than that. Not much better. We've talked about it. Six writers seven writers eight writers who ultimately cares his way too many writers for what we got from this movie. Because there's a lot of funny lines in that and then saying you know. I do like Whoopi and I think the NBA players Cameos are. I don't think they're that bad. In fact I think John Sally's quite talented. So I'M GONNA I'M GONNA grade this two out of eight Eddie writers because I like some parts and I think maybe tasks right the more I think about it. It's just like Oh that was cool to see basketball for a little bit. That was sort of Nice and then all the other stuff going on in this move. The ending is absolutely atrocious. And I'm glad you said it there trae. I did like wild bill. In his fine his fine suit with the don't like diamonds rhinestones on it. And it's got the white Capi did look like Mad Austin in our extreme horse video so I like that part too. Just like Mad Austin. He was always doing something with this hat. Guys always putting on his hat and some point true. Okay that's what we think of any not that high on it. Maybe you disagree with us. Let us know on twitter at no dunk sink. Hashtag NO DUNKS or email us. Get your questions and comments in two step next week. No dunks at the athletic dot Com. What movie should we do next? Gentleman run out there. You guys really want to tackle. I'd like to do a good movie. That's not gonNA be over here. Yeah well I mean what are good bass. He got game. A lot of people like game never seen it. Okay Hoop Dreams a documentary. So it's a little different Let us know out there. I know there are other good movies. I think he got game would probably be on a lot of people's lives and we have so many people stop telling us to watch space jam by the way. Oh God I watch and space jam space jam earlier In the quarantine. Because I wanted to show the girls Michael Jordan and bugs bunny all this kind of stuff but I also at the same time taking notes the entire time so I don't have to watch it a second time if we ever go. Wow that's smart okay. Okay well let us know what movie you want us to watch next. Session at. Dunking clipper rose. You heard it here. I have a great. I'm turn up. Love you guys awesome. Thanks for joining US and remember. This would be the point that I quote something from the movie but Looking up and down here now worth embrace the day people you can stay. It's been so long the

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