FLASHBACK FRIDAY - Dr. Vivian Chen: On Allergies, Gut Health, and Food as Medicine


Welcome you guys to flashback Friday where we replay some of our very favorite episodes in this episode. We have Dr Vivian Chin. Here's the questions. What are we really ingesting when we drink cow's milk what are mother's passing through their bodies to their children when they are drinking cow's milk and breastfeeding their human babies? And do you know what in the world and actual dairy allergy is not to be confused with an intolerance to Jerry? Dr Viv is. I like to call her. She dives into the dangers of dairy and her story of transitioning into a plant based Diet after a battle to diagnose the of her infant's feeding problem. Dr Chan is a double certified physician and has seen a host of improvements in her patients when they cut dairy and address their lifestyle. She's GonNa tell you in this episode this sneaky ways dairy might be affecting you and your children. You do not want to miss this one doctor. Vientiane goes deep. Today's guest is Dr. Vivian Chen she is an MD from the United Kingdom who lives in the San Francisco Bay area with her family. She graduated second in her class from the prestigious university. College London Medical School. Vivian is double certified in the UK in Internal Medicine and Family Medicine. Because of what she learned treating her children's allergies her own mercury-poisoning and her husband's high blood pressure and cholesterol. Vivian now specializes getting her patients healthy food and lifestyle without a prescription pad Dr. Vivian Chen can heal where conventional doctors cannot welcome. Vivian to our Pine Castle. Thank you so much for having me on the show and very warm introduction. Well a very true very impressive second in your class in Medical School Vivian. Many of those folks none of my doctors by the way. But Vivian your physician. But you're when your daughter got sick you found that you couldn't help her and this started you on a huge journey and basically changed the course of your career. Now tell us a little bit about what happened okay. So as you've heard I'm a conventionally trained Md. and when I gave birth to my daughter I was a family decision at the time and as a doctor I so I had it all figured out I a soul anew what I wanted you know how I wanted to sleep train her. I want to defeat and actually turned out that nothing is further from the plan. Had for her so when she was born. I breastfed 'cause I sold that. Was We know that the best thing for babies from about four weeks of age she's daunted to no eight property so she would notch on and then come off the breast star arching her back and look really uncomfortable and stop crying and after a while it kind of really start to set off that panic button. Emmy as a mother you repeal. Mom and will child doesn't eat it. I think it's probably one of the most frustrating or devastating things. Anyone can experience so I took her to see Doctor I don't like to treat my family. You know as a doctor. You're told not to trio families. I took her to the doctors. I saw like patient specialists. I saute advice from from a lot of difference. Ashley's and I was told things go from Ohio. Letdown his to quick Let DOWN HIS WHEN. The milk comes out your breast to quickly. So she didn't like it all the way. You breastfeed Her to reflects so my doctor. My own family physician diagnosed with reflux and colleague because she was crying all the time so even when she wasn't feeding was crying all the time she never slept she during the day she would not for fifteen minutes. Wake up and in the night. She woke up every hour so I was like a sleep deprived. Desperate mom whose baby didn't feed you know when I go out I would see or these mums who so happy with their babies breastfeeding them. And and I'm kind of thinking what you know what is going on. I'm adults. I should know how to help mine daughter right and it was a really really dark time. But you know as a mom. You'll you'll maternal instinct takes over and also the physician that that kind of need to help people takes over and I I think I completely node my emotion. I just WanNa push that to the side and got on with the job at hand just to help anyway. It was really competing time as well because people would tell me different things and you know listening to different people doing ten million different things but she was on an to acid medications and after a week when it didn't work they. The doctor added in another one and she was ramped up to maximum dose. And even that she was still not feeding and still crying law and no sleeping and things got so bad that when she eight weeks old. She had to be hospitalized because she was so dehydrated. So they at that point. They passed a Chook down her throat through a nose into stomach to feed her and she was also given a test. It's cooed P. H. Task where they put a probe into the stomach or into the gullet to see whether acid is actually coming up from her stomach. That's kind of like the the gold standard for diagnosing reflux and showed that she didn't have reflux so we had all these medications and it wasn't doing anything. Was THE WRONG DIAGNOSIS. But anyway that diagnosis was kind of pooh-poohed then got to work to work out. What's going actually going on with her on. I think they were as helpless clueless many because they one of them. Actually she was under the care of so many pediatricians because nobody knew what was going on but one of them said she had behavioral disorder. So what two month old has behavior issues that makes them not feed right? I think that was the final Straw for me to just interfering because you know up until then I didn't WanNa put my doctor hat on and start interfering and feed like the vanquished mom. I was anxious anyway but I didn't want to interfere too much with her. Kara but when they told me that she had the beef haven issue. That was kind of lied. No Way No. No baby has behavior issue. Where they they refuse defeat so I started to do my own research reading and to my absolute shock and surprise. I came across all this material in the medical literature published in medical journals and textbooks on how has symptons actually may be a manifestation of cow's milk protein. I was so shocked. Because you know go through medical training and as you kindly mentioned earlier Alexandra that I actually did very well medical schools. I studied a lot and even then I never loved. That has symptoms could be dairy allergy so dot completely turned my world upside down pose as a doctor as a mom. I STARTED TO LOSE. Trust in in my medical training and started to question is says something that they didn't teach me at medical school. So that's that's when the world of nutrition and lifestyle opened up for me. Can I just jump in here? Your daughter was diagnosed while you figured out that your daughter had cow's milk protein analogy but she wasn't drinking. She was drinking your breast milk. So explain to us how that was happening right. So this is my scientific hypothesis. Too much research studies on that. But I didn't know at a time I know now but I I had leaky guts. Had A lot of digestive issues that's related to the macree poisoning. You mentioned earlier as well. So what was happening with that? I mean we. We know that the dairy protein is very hard for the human body to digest so the casing the way that tree quite hard to digest. It stays in your intestine and if you have leaky gut. Those on digested protein molecules. Actually start to pass from the got into your bloodstream. Which is actually not meant to happen but when it happens it will go. When basically went from my intestine into my bloodstream and then into my breast milk it is rat but it happened with me and actually when I look through the literature. There is a type of dairy allergy or food. Allergy Code at high Food Protein in Jews enter Clijsters Syndrome. Where I think they found up to. Forty percent of children suffering with that condition were exclusively breastfed. So even though is not reported in a medical nature I don't think is it's as uncommon as it may seem so what happened so tell the story she gets better because even is so I then went and spoke to a dietician. Who Specializes in dairy allergy? And another friend's MOM. Who's a pediatrician? Both said yes. I think it could be dairy allergy so we switched her to a Hypo allergenic or formula so the formula that doesn't contain dairy coaching and within two weeks she was holding a bottle so she went from feed refusal to feeding her cell within two weeks. So I'm confused. So if if you realize it's a dairy allergy and you're the one consuming the dairy. Why wouldn't you take out the dairy and keep breastfeeding your daughter right so it took a? I actually did that. I did that and so we were kind of going along at the same time but actually she was she was still so i. As long story shortened it for actually started eliminating dairy eggs and not from my diet while she was going through all of that and then even then she was reacting so we had to go to this woman. That was this. Because she was Chook Fed and the Dietitian said the fastest way to get H- Abacha was to go switch to the formula so I had to basically give up breastfeeding. So was the problem. The fact that you had a leaky gut and the cow's milk protein was getting through to your daughter or was it that your daughter has a dairy allergy and she happened to be exposed earlier than people thought she would be exposed in other words would every child who has a mother with a leaky gut. Get this problem or was it just happened to be. Your daughter is susceptible. Yeah so it's both so it has to be that she's also allergic and had leaky got it was kind of like the perfect storm So so there could be a dairy allergy in a newborn which is common and beginning the dairy through the breast milk. Even if the mother doesn't have leaky gut right because it's just it's in her diet. It's in her. Is I have a question and it just A. I'm so disturbed by in confused by. I was with my sister this past weekend hiking in Colorado. We were talking about this very subject. She can't really get away from me talking about the subject. She's probably really tired of it. And we were talking about what happened to your daughter and she lives in the in. Kentucky in the southeast so not nearly as much access as I feel like we have out here in in the West on situational problems with consuming animal products. So cute she said. Oh dot she goes. I know at least fifteen friends if not more who whose child was allergic to their breast milk and they went to see their physician and the physician pediatrician told them to stop breastfeeding their child. Not Look into what. The mother is eating or ingesting drinking. That is in their breast milk. And so yup which is just blows me away because that milk that that mother of every species right makes for their own young is a specific formulation for that baby to thrive and so these these pediatricians do they just not know that there could be something that the baby is allergic to. Whether it's a cows milk allergy or nut or what what I just I I I literally was tripping down the mountain hearing this almost in tears because what a horrible thing for the mother to sit to know. I now have to stop breastfeeding. And maybe even to you us. An excellent question and I was absolutely heartbroken. I was told to stop breastfeeding but I think given the severity of her situation day suggested it as a quicker route for her to recover but the fact is that it can take up to four weeks for the for the protein to come out of your system so if someone I if the child is severely sick and you have to do something very quickly you you. You have to feed her something right during those four weeks wall. The protein is working. Its way our of the milk but if they having the kind of less. Severe symptoms may be props when she first started have symptoms. I immediately eliminated dairy. I could have been able to help. Opened probably carried on breastfeeding because it takes that long to get rid of the protein from your breast milk. You know I think that's one reason. Is the severity of the symptoms. Bought what I when I went back to work. That's exactly what I did. Like giving breastfeeding was so hard because we. I know that breast milk is protective against allergies. Because it has always immunoglobulins and proteins. That can help. Child Thrive and fight against his easy later on in life so when. I went back to work I helped. Mum's the eliminate dairy and that's actually at the time my colleagues though I was mad because they kinda like why. Why would you eliminate dairy dairy? Your Mom's need dairy the Calcio man you know. It was such a such a battle and that was eight years ago nowadays. I think people are more aware but back then you know. It was really founded upon them. My my my colleagues. Almost I was kind of practicing malpractice saying because I was telling them to cut out dairy from from the Dia but I think that's a really good thing to to raise awareness off. Is that the first thing to do. Should be intimate elimination of these allergenic foods from the MOMS Diet rather than switching. Could the mother. Let's see just because of awareness and education knowledge that we're speaking about right now then. A mother might have a baby. Who's not feeding well crying? Cramping IN THAT. Maybe just only goes on for a week and now they have the nonsurgical hot. Okay could be analogy. Let's test out would would an opportunity for the mother to continue breastfeeding be. They stop continue pumping so that they continue lactating. You know maybe the Until the proteins out in they can successfully breastfeed for the next two years. Yeah that's definitely an option. But I think even with pumping so. That's what happened with me. I carried on pumping but the supply just dropped though option for me but I think if it works and keep the milk supply pumping is definitely an alternate would just kind of throw the mill. You'll pumped milk away right but just keep supply up right. Hopefully go back to breastfeeding. You mentioned allergens so there are other things that also a mother could be coming out through her breast milk. That are giving reactions to children. I know we're focusing on dairy but there are others than you are an expert on allergies. Can you tell us a little bit of the of the top? Four top five allergens. That mothers should look at is very number one dairies number one and soy is number two and actually there's a lot of cross reactivity between soy and milk out. J. So anything in the data between fifty to sixty percent of those who allergic to Jerry might also just soy so we always say intimate soy and Stereo. The same time is number three so these the milk eggs soy and then maybe seafood fish. Sometimes ten does on all kind of the main ones but could still play a role in nuts. That's the famous yeah. It's interesting because I learned about this from hearing you speak at a at a seminar and the thing that struck me is that you are of age you are Asian and your kids are either full or partly Asian so tell us a little bit about Asians and dairy and ethnic groups and dairy because white people actually don't have as a milk allergy nearly as often and maybe this is the this subject obsesses made. This might be why the words not getting out in conventional medicine because most white be. This is not something that is only fifteen percent so of white people who have dairy allergies. But it's so much higher than other ethnic groups. Can you talk to that? So can I just make little corrections or do I think the fifteen percent figure is lactose intolerance saw? So there's a big difference so you might be like does intolerant. But not dairy allergic. So an allergy is where your immune system is activated and trying to fight the food so it seen an enemy in your system and the whole body becomes inflamed trying to get rid of this food whereas intolerance is more localized reaction. So you'll got break down lactose. So that's lactose intolerance dairy allergy very different things. The fifteen percent. I think we're supposed to inculcation. Refers to the lactose intolerance rate and lactose intolerance rate for Asians is shocking. Ninety five percents blows my mind. That dairy is now such a trendy food in Asian countries. So you know when I went back to Taiwan Originally from an I wanted to get coffee and tea with soya milk. Where actually I grew up drinking soy milk. You couldn't you couldn't find dairy very easily back then. You would drink soy milk. It's kind of revised so now when I tried to look for coffee antiques with soya milk. They not willing dairy that most. You know ninety five percent of those people consuming dairy. Aw intolerant which means that they cannot breakdowns. Lectures in God suit. Electric passes through to the CO long. Where basically Ross and then you get these symptoms. I blow teen diarrhea. Cramping it's yeah. It's not just the sugar and dairy to yes to clear that up for people. I just recently saw crazy. Rich Asians very funny movie and the actress in it. Who's Asian was trying to just prove that she really is authentically fully one hundred percent Asian and the way she did that was saying she said. Yep I'm much. Intolerant Theater starts laughing because ninety five percent of them were this movie. What about other? What about other groups? How how So I've read is I think. His Hispanics is fifty percent and African Americans around seventy five cents so it's actually really the occasions who can tolerate it and what's really interesting is. I came across these studies showing that Asians who are born in this country is born in Western countries. Uk USA and Canada. Half a much higher like something up to forty percent higher. Rayo dairy allergy intolerance allergy compared to Asians who born in Asia. So that's really interesting to me. And you know we see data that relating to breast cancer for example so Asians who on live in America have a higher rate of instance of cancer compared to Asians living in Asia. And I I for me. I got suggests everything to do with that right. You have the same jeans. Is the environment that you're living in? That's predisposing use a hacks. His you know the food at the MOMS are eating when they're pregnant when they live in this country. So that you know when that born that already sensitized so so as. I said earlier the food proteins if mom has leaky God is passing through to the child so the Charles Immune system which is immature in the MOMS Wu is still seeing or these food proteins and thinking. I don't like those I don't like I'm just going to be allergic. So maybe that's why Asians own in this country has a higher instance off allergies. So when you giving the stat of ninety. Five percent of Asians are lactose intolerant right. What percentage are allergic is it? Is it a big difference? The data is really hard to interpret. Because maybe we'll go onto that later but there is no gold standard tests for allergies. So I went into that. Let's do it the difference between the types of tests because that's what people are wondering now like they're sitting there going. Oh my gosh. How do I get tested? Do Clear the center and the difference between G G test in. Ge is the perfect time. And you've stated that they are not they're not very accurate turns out to texting and sometimes they won't detect best depends on the kind of biology so just quickly to answer that his previous question. Because I think it's an important statistic. The incidence of allergy has gone up fifty percent in the last ten years or they. They have estimated. But if you re different studies they'll give you different rates of prevalence because it depends on what kind of test use so the day. The data suggests anyway between two point five to five percent of people. But you know that's quite a wide variation as well so so now I'm going to talk about the the tests so we can come to understand a little bit more why it's so difficult to diagnose. I said has a quick question. Oh Go- we have Michael. Who owns the network studio where we are and also our board engineer? He is our local dairy drinker and meter. So Michael. What would what would you like to say? Well I mean is there. Is it an adaptation thing? I mean we're talking about numbers and we're talking about having you know data not you know the data is changing. I is it just because we haven't really had the proper testing and the proper you know sort of follow through in identifying with people in their diets that the number Seeing a you know a change in a number but is it really a change in a number or is it more that we're just having been good at assessing people affectively. That's an excellent point and I do. That is definitely at the back of my mind when we look at things like the exploding rates of Instance Balaji because is it just that we're better at diagnosing. Because ten years ago nobody could diagnose my door. I wear now if I took it to a doctor with US symptoms. They probably have a better chance of her. Being diagnosed in a timely fashion. So I think definitely were recognizing it and more more doctors trained in kind of knowing that there are these delayed symptoms apology. So yeah I think that's a very good point in this discrepancy between Caucasians and other people you know is it because of classical conditioning is it because of the fact that our bodies are super intelligent more so than we even imagined at times and they are able to adapt and become conditioned to what you're feeding it because I mean at some level it may announce early on that. Hey why are you putting this in my body but you know over time it starts to accept it in become more conditioned to know dealing with something like milk as normal dietary supplement? Yes exactly so. I think that's the reason why Caucasians have a lower incidence of lactose intolerance. Because they're you know many many thousands of years ago. They're the ones who started to drink dairy. And you know if you had symptoms or you had dairy allergy. You've already die. Echinacea's days and so your genes wouldn't be pasta on so they're the ones who are going to be. I WANNA say mutated bowl to be able to drink daria the the ones who can tolerate this or maybe that those genes kind of empty evolved with time whereas in Asia. We never drank dairy. So it's it's something completely foreign to to Asian gene one. I've got one last thing to hear. I've heard a lot with people who Have introduced the Paleo Diet to me and other diets they all come out at you know and I'm forty two years old now and I've been drinking a gallon of milk a day for the majority of my life It feels like you know. I think that's why I've never broken a bone because my calcium is super high but nonetheless. Let's talk to Vivian. Dr Chan about that but I I'm curious about is there an age to which your body just simply doesn't accept milk anymore. People were telling me by the time you reach forty. Your Body says not milk and I'm forty two to cow's milk in my body does not I don't have the diarrhea or the other effects that I hear Typically people my age have and I just think it's because I consume so much of it in just different. Maybe different Michael I would say on. The human body never debts to something. That's inflammatory may be a you know maybe over generations. If you're you know you're not passing your chains. You may be able to adapt. But here's the thing does so much hidden symptoms that people don't associate with an allergy or intolerance right so in view. Imagine that what I was talking about earlier. The immune system is activated you. You can literally have symptoms from your head to toe. That's dairy allergy that you're not associated with dairy because you're consuming. Every day in the effects are delayed. An insidious onset. So you're not seeing it. It's not like someone drinks milk and they have this. Iga The reaction. Where they you know the throat clues Auburn. They stop breathing. But if your immune system is activated and you're in inflamed stages of your body then you're more prone to other. Chronic indies conditions like diabetes heart disease cancer so night sweating and things of that. Nature could be a component of allergies to milk as an example. Did you say sorry? Did you say night sweating or just sweating general night sweating sweating at night under sleeping? Yeah so so that could be. I'm just guessing here because I don't know your history but hormonal issues vary commencer that how much coal mine there is in. Jerry's is really scary. People don't know that even when you buy organic mill it's still full. Hormones GOES WHAT IS MILK. Milk is a bruce fluid that the produces to make a baby calm for very rapidly so it has to have hormones to make the cows a cops grow nuts how it grows so you are literally drinking tons and tons of hormones which then stopped interfere with your body's innate hormone system and then so we see things like acne ingenious. We see weight loss. Resistance Insulin Resistance in adult so you know people who can't lose weight. Why is that. Because they're ingesting these homelands that's interfering with own audience The body doesn't know what to do anymore. Research is the so many symptoms that I'm pretty sure if I spoke to anybody. I'm the party pooper right so I go to politics. Inevitably they come to me with symptoms. I'll I have this. I have that and I just asked them on you. Are you drinking dairying a people rejoin problems? They get better when they stop drinking dairy. Because there's no inflammation the body so if there is inflammation there's GonNa be something that's impacted. And that's you know depending what your gene genetic makeup is what you'll predisposition predisposition is. It could be up migraine. It could be skin. It could be Joints it could be a number of things like sinus issues. They're all you know if you trace back. I'm worried about route cool. So what is at the heart of causing of those orders conditions? It's what are you putting into your body Rhode if we if we go back to the origin I mean. We're we're using a lot of terms that we've created and made up in our society so that we can get a little further away from the connection and what we're really talking about. So dairy is one of those words. I mean you know whoever thought of that. Dairy is cow's milk. Lactose intolerance is cows. Milk Intolerance in. So I think it's I personally think it's important to to to change our verbiage around this because we keep people disconnected from what it really is. It's the fluid from the mammary. Glands of a mother cow made specifically for her baby. Cow Grow three pounds or more every single day. And we're using dairy. Some people are as a diet food which is really quite hilarious. Because it's the exact of that. It's made to make a baby cal. Turn into a two thousand pound cow and we get two thirds of the hormones in our food via animal foods and so when you have guys especially being concerned that if they have a sip of soy milk they might get man boobs. We really have to peel back the layers and go. You're drinking straight up full blown away from the mother cow so as a FIDO. Estrogen nother conversation but the amount of estrogen that men are taking in when they're drinking that much milk is well. How much is it I? She's not she's pregnant. She's also pregnant for a lot of it. You know because then they only give her two months a year of not being pregnant so most of the time she's actually she has all those pregnancy hormones going on the milk so he is another epidemic that People on POPs talking about because it's may be a bit tabooed which is facility issue so semen quality is going down Men have low testosterone nowadays compared to ten years ago. And you know they're not linking that to the food eating knows that the food contains eastern like dot C. said earlier it's not just fighters Jim which is weak. That consuming full blown east agenda has a direct effect on all receptors in our body. Now also for people who who say will. I'm I'm I'm not allergic to dairy. But they might have had some of the symptoms you talked about like Nukus or acne and they might be have some gut issues Canadians by lactose free milk. No because most of the time is the protein in the milk. So that's why I had to correct you earlier. Alexandra sorry about that but auto corrected by Dr who was second class. So hey it's the protein that usually illicit the immune reaction so it will be casing way. There's actually twenty different. I think twenty plus different proteins in dairy that can trigger reactions in our bodies so lactose male just doesn't have Doesn't have the sugars broken down. It doesn't mean that there's no proteins are the proteins that can elicit immune reactions are still there so is it kind of a Bologna kind of marketing thing to have lactose free milk and hope that you don't ask same thing just just not the way to make make money by the daring distri right breakdown. The lactose while. I mean the Asians who are lactose intolerant. They can buy that milk and not have the blow team diarrhea. But their bodies police still reacting to the casing and they're still ingesting homelands so do you I wanted to ask. You gave a whole list of things that can happen to people. When they ingest dairy is there are there different between symptoms between babies kids and adults. And can you talk a little bit about that right so? This is from my own observation as a clinician so thinking in children. The more kind of common presentation of allergy is acute types of food allergies. Everybody thinks oh EPI pen and you know people you know with the lips blown up there going blue. They can't breathe guts an acute allergic reaction. And that's more common in children but as you get older and especially in with society what we're eating. I'll got his damage. So if you are starting to develop leaky gut than slowly you start to not tolerate foods that you used to be able to tolerate as children so we are now. Also seeing allergies developing in adults bought. They don't tend to tend to be a candy but they don't tend to be the acute type reaction so now they'll be delayed types of says when my nose talking about with his friends saying they can't they can't handle it anymore. Forty right exactly so so. It's NEOM those proteins from food that normally your body wouldn't see but if the gut is broken down than those proteins getting into the bloodstream. Intriguing all reactions. Then they can start have showing symptoms and also how that continuum of symptoms right as how much your body can take. You know when you're younger. There's probably more of a a Gif in your body that you can abuse it. It more than you know lay trong as the toxins and homes get messed up and toxins build up. Your body is not able to tolerate as much as what you used to feed it so we earlier. We talked about the different types of tests for allergies and intolerance and basically at worst. They're inaccurate and invest their confusing for people. And so I've learned that a two or three week is delimination diet of whatever you think the Allergen in in this in this case dairy Is really going to be your best indicator. Is that true in what you suggest for people who are who are listening going. Oh my gosh have so many of those symptoms a one figure this out but worried but to go get a test because if it's not accurate so the Elimination Diet. What what should they do okay? So elimination diet you the several different types. It depends on what food usually go. Jerry okay say if we just doing dairy it's it's super easy. I mean what's what everyone concerned about. Especially with adults with dareez calcium right. We heard Michael earlier about calcium in dairy. The fact is that you don't need to drink dairy to get calcium right. You can get calcium from so many other food sources and puzzles. Calcium is superior. Anyway more bioavailable Over dairy source so And more doboy the depends. I think it depends on how knowledgeable on nutrition. So you know I. I tend to go and meet people where they are at so rather than kind of overwhelming them with knowledge. Right right now. You need to go an eat three cups of Collard Greens. Who EVERY DAY? I might just say to them. Hey just removed dairy. And you're worried about calcium take a supplement for the next three weeks. We're just doing a test. We're just turned to see whether you feel bad at the of the three weeks. And if you do then let's move on and give you a implementations that you can do so that you don't have to stop them if you don't want to so cutting out dairy so you're looking at cheese GO TO RE START READING. Nabil's because I'm saying products for example from trader Joe's that says soy cheese and then on the back as casing which is which then you'll still going to react to so you're doing a elimination diet properly. I was I normally take people through how to read labels and then obviously to replace this. There's so many pump based options for pump mill and Yoga. That you can buy a switch is fairly easy. It's the hidden dairy in processed foods that get people. That's such a brilliant point and it's just amazing to me. How many places they stuff it into. There's a fair amount. I mean about fifty to sixty percent of just the crackers on the cracker aisle. They've stuffed dairy like. Why would you terry in my crackers? Thinking wires dairy well right yes. I want you to keep buying eat the crackdown. You get this high or the case a morphine with casings. Monopolized in your body is an is a based Chemical stimulates addiction there that reward systems. Are you gonNA associate reward with that particular brand of cracker? You're going to go buy some more. This is really just such a backhanded way of Industry. Trying to make money okay. So that's a huge. Can't just skim over. Can you just quickly were not just express an explain what happens when when the case goes in how it is then converted to case a morphine case of morphine is an opiate very specifically made by nature that way so that babies latched to their numbers. Yes and they bond rights part of the bonding process but when we're eating the case seen in human milk I'm sure produces. The fact is the exact right amount for that baby to develop that kind of reaction without the the ill effects. So for example where I seen studies linking case a morph into for example crypt death because what an opioid does is that it can suppress your respiratory function can suppress how much you'll breathing basically so cases morphine from a cow's milk. I just or from breast best from his house melt sorry. Yep and casing is linked to increased mucus production in RESP- Richard Tracks. It has so many effects in the body. We have to wrap their some forever but we have to come back on us that I wanted to know up there in San Francisco. What restaurant is your favorite restaurant at which to eat? Or if you don't have that maybe what what's your favorite dairy cows. Milk Dairy alternative okay. So my favorite dairy tentative is made almond milk and I also like hemp milk. Hemp milk is really easy to make just soak it and then blended vitamix and you'll make oatmeal. You just literally pulled out. You don't even need filter. It just pulled the whole thing in your oatmeal and hemp himse has the complete amino acid profile and also has amiga three so. It's really great sir. Can it has more protein per ounce than meet does just by the way nine two seven so exactly protein is is a great source of protein. Amiga three for my family now in terms of restaurant in the bay area. Were not as fortunate as you guys. Down there with the the choices. I'm hoping that will change. And you know out the we'll see more pop up over time but I really laugh a restaurant Millennium in Oakland they retain dishes usually different dishes. When of I go that but They are often Khamees. So that's one of my favorite restaurants wonderful Yummy so win in Oakland. That's where we're going and that's where we're going next year when we go to our international conference in Oakland with that all right. We have one last question for you. What does switch for good mean to you personally? Switch for good for me. Initially meant healthy bodies Healthier Family. S I switched. I realized that switch for good also means switching thought planet bed environment more compassionate lives. It's really funny. I science based right so I want everything scientific and to do with health so I did. I switched for health reasons for might kids but the more I've caught animal products out. And you know for me as a Buddhist. We believe that when animals are killed over the suffering they release chemicals they actually scientifically proven the really site two kinds to the body which is highly inflammatory. And I think that when we eat products like that I'll compassion is not is kind of inhibited. In a way I did not know how dairy is formed. Embarrassed to admit I'm I did not know how dare is bombed until I became Vegan after became Megan. I was so shocked and but for some reason that you I'm just able to feel so much more compassion now without an products in my body so switch for good means I'm switching for the good of everything switching for the good of your health for the planet for your mental. Who's held everything? Excellent point and thank you for saying that and one of the biggest points of this. Podcast is encouraging self empowerment. So don't just believe us. Don't just believe Dr Vivian. Although I think you should believe Dr Vivian but go out there and understand research. Look under the cover. There's this thing called the Internet. You can find anything you want an understand where your food is coming from. In every way shape and form every aspect. So we're we find you. Tell everyone instagram facebook. Where your website? How can we find you? So I have two blocks one his Particularly for For Allergy so when I realized how much neither is education in topics allergy. I started blogging. So that one is www dot algae families dot com. I also have another one code. Plateful hells though. That's health through your plate. That's what do you mean so. Www DOT plateful held only one word DOT COM. I'm also on instagram. And my handle the is plate for dot health. Great thank you. So Much Dr Vincenzo Amazing Conversation Le Great. I had a great time. Thank you all right. Take care. We'll talk to you soon. I so thank you so much for tuning in today. If we helped you in any way then click the subscribe button. And let's keep hanging out together. We have so much more to share with you and if you need more information on actually making the switch for good please visit us at switch for good data work for loads of Info and you can subscribe to our mailing list. You receive all sorts of super bowl gifts. Discount codes are very Fav- dairy free product and a lifetime a powerful health tips so join us other journey to switch for good. This is the future.

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