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Outtake: Claire Has a Hard Time Hearing in One Ear


Actually deaf in one ear is II I can't really yelm herein lay easier when you're a two weeks. Yeah I can't really go anywhere because Kind of came back at me. hopefully will keep negative check. Those had I yeah. I had to say a issues that they may she last week? I was thinking fuck. I don't go to get but the thing about it is drive you mad. It drove me like better off going. Yeah going how's it going around? Nobody is allowed to interact with anyone before. Works when it came back and then it went down clearly dance He got drops for it now. So certain declare great. I thought go away With complete they prescription drugs are prescription shots. Go and get sources. Tarini Weird's we had the same tanks. Must be another virus going around incidence. I tell you what I I just probably a wax to like. I didn't want to go to the doctor. you know these like airboats. Jeevan innate unlike I ended up actually infecting myself. So that's why I had to go to Dr Shit. I better I better. Bettering tomorrow starts ticking figuring to fix it or anything. It's just awesome noyon Oakland last night in Japan in Japan. There's places you can go where you can get like a little Asian girl that will like a get a little mini spoon thingy and blow to hear wack Saudi area. We saw documentary out where things in weird places in that was one of them so hard as lay there and then the girl just. Kinda like you know polls other earwax ear with like little mini spoon. And it's GonNa Ram this irritate virus It's not connected. Sugar Daughter Simpson's like have no respiratory symptoms writing this have thing's rates if you light if you come on no separate eared known it's supposed to draw Detroit. Try that up for these prescription drops obvious lake stuff that you put in there and it kind of bubbles in your incidentally. I feel like a drugstore would ever think really nervous not anyone people.

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