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Episode 10: Diane Boothe | Diane Boothe Business Concierge


Hello and welcome on. Today's episode of the cash flows show. We have a guest who can be seen as a bit of a wizard. Someone who basically takes your day of twenty twenty four hours and extensive into maybe a week. Who knows the skills that this person has is something that we all need in business and something that we don't necessarily always recognize that we want or need until happens to us if that intrigues you? You'd like to know more. Please listen to the INTRO. And after that we'll come back with guests. Thank you hello and welcome. I'm Clayton and coke and I'm also the host for the cash flow radio radio. Show that disguised in the shape of podcast. But with so much every week you'll be interviewing someone inspiring from the business world and finding out how they're started in business with their trials and tribulations were and how they intend to grow their business in the future we will also be finding out about what they do in this space time as well as ask them to pick a book a film and the favourite single or album and to share their reasons for doing so so why not join us at the cash flow. Show it's not just a radio show. It's a whole new way of doing business. Hello and welcome to the cash flows. Show my name's Clayton M. Coke and now guests on today's cashflows. The show is the wonderful Diane booth. She is the CEO and founder of Diane Booth Business. concierge Diane Welcome. I thank you for having me. You're most welcome. Thank you for taking the opportunity to come into the cash flow show. We've been trying to get to get you you for a long time finally here and the pressures of work and the pressures of life the purchase of business have kept US apart. But I'm glad to see that you finally made and thank you very much. So people have heard the name now dying booth business concierge. That sounds very very up there. Doesn't it the to- people dying booth business. Concierge does a thank you for listening. Say Yes as Clayton says. I'm dying beef the owner dime. They've business concierge edge and it really is kind of my push title Clayton Full Lover. I'm sticking with it because it's my title. Oh for an online business manager and for those that are unaware of what an online business business manager is. Well basically is my job really to kind of help help you with your systems uh-huh and your processes within your business basically helping to implement them making sure that they are very streamlined. So that you can essentially have a business that what's the buys without you because if you don't have systems and you don't have prices unfortunately don't have a business so I really help you to get organized so so that you can live and I'm going to use a term coined by Denise duffle Thomas Kuhn's the chill so my goal is for everybody buddy that I support all those business owners. As hardworking business owners is to really kind of support them to become a chill. That means they're living the life that they deserve to live there. Having more time more freedom to be able to focus on the things that they love to do simply by making sure that they have the right systems and prices in place. So if you could say that last part again you said the living the life. They're supposed to live explain a bit more about that. Well I think when you're a solar printer as many business owners all over your businesses self generates it and therefore the your constantly wearing so many hats during so many things but then your business that you have very little time to work within your zone genius so when I say that it's about living a life that you want to live ultimately yes we enjoy what we're doing within our business but really what you want to be able to achieve is a business that can really survive about so I want you to think about is not imagine right. Let us this analogy of being on the beach being on the beach and and just enjoying yourself relaxing chilling sipping on that champagne you know and then you wake up. There's just and then you wake up all of a sudden and where are you in the office with piles of paper paperwork in front. Frontal view feeling exhausted filling out. But you can make that into reality so I think they say that in terms of the amount of work that we should be doing it should be within our business. It should be five percent of the work should be done by us. That five percents really be the type of what that you enjoy doing the type of what that allows you to be in your owner genius but work aside. You should be able to have more freedom more time to do things that you actually love to do. Whether that be a spending time with family self-care indulging in self care. I mean there's so many things that you could be doing just even for yourself and so that's my ultimate goal. When I say that you know helping business owners to live at chill permanent life doing more of the things that they love to do so that if they getting help if they're able to outsource their task to somebody you know they have more freedom to focus on other things excellent I think for most people when and they start a business and we've always discussed this on various other episodes of the cash flow show? People are obsessed with doing everything themselves and I have to hold both hands up to that. You think that you can do it all and then ultimate Yudin soon begin to realize that I wouldn't necessarily call it my zone zone of genius. I don't think I'd be that brazen but the fact is that there are certain things that you do very well and there's certain things that you don't do do as well and that the more things that you can get two people who can do stuff The more that you can be in a position to actually help to work as part of a team and I think that's where the difficulties for most people. So you know now that you've you are in a position where you won't to help people zone of Jesus expression tell us a bit about your role in business. Is this your first. Say yes this. This is my first business. I do have an events company as well but at the moment this this particular business is taking president I must have met and I. AFC lavar yeah is my business. I started off as a teacher. Yes I was a teacher for fifteen plus years. I don't want to give away my age. You Look Young is coming through here looking younger dot com. I hate to get people to divulge. Yeah I went over to my my age. Nevertheless I was a teacher prior to do what I'm doing saying I am a mother. Were free as well. So am I left teaching because I always had this dream Disarm Bishen to start start my own business and what better time to start after. You've had your child her right time to stop child. Silence and Yeah I just I just followed that five second rule literally that five second rule where you come over and I day you make a decision and and you just roll with that and that's exactly what I did the moment for me. The I started doing my research wanted to do with the moment for me. The I started. Why wasn't wasn't making any money at the time? Obviously I've left my credit. I had started because I had. I had invested my own time into researching researching what I wanted to to do for the rest of my my life. Basically for my future so Yes I it was a bold move. It was above maeve. Save and Would I advocate for anyone just to literally take for five where they leave a career where you're earning a decent amount of money to then venturing into some think where oversee. You're not getting paid as much when you first start a business. Keep it real. I wouldn't necessarily Advocate by I did it and it worked for me and obviously you know it was an easy road at all but I finally enjoyed the the journey. I must admit I fairly enjoyed it. So yeah a lot of my time is invested into the business concierge at present. So as as well what's come across to me is that teaching is a very interesting subject in itself. I live next door to write husband and wife and they're both teachers now. What's fascinating about? This is that sometimes I see the Lady of the couple and I used to see her outside looking really really And did that play a factor in the reason why you left a M- education. Yeah yes it did. When I also have my second child I came back ultimately and I was extremely excited about going back into teaching because I can be honest and say that there was never a day up until the time outside to leave the. I didn't enjoy my job. I always had job satisfaction formerly enjoyed it but after having my second child and going back after maternity leave it was then that there were a lot of changes happening in the curriculum mm-hmm and I just didn't feel as if after a few months in fact the job really resonated with me anymore and I'm always someone bats preach to others that if you're not really enjoying what you're doing why stick at it. Try something else you know. Life is way not show right very much. I agree I'm listening to what you're saying in resonates it very much. Yeah so it was a bold decision but it was I I think. People underestimate what what life as a teacher is actually like. I think because you get the fourteen weeks possibly more holidays depending on what type of go your in your living a life of luxury but really truly you're spending a lot of that time Working the amount of books that you're bringing home the time the I was going to sleep in the evening and then waking up early to start my day again. It for me really wasn't congested. As well to then having free children you know when trying to run a household at the same time so I felt that I really didn't have so much of a balance between my work and my home life as well I can see either. I mean the problem is is that has its own innate challenges so you've gone from a very stressful but at the the same time enjoyable role so what made you choose to be a business concierge high right now. This is something actually when I'm ever whenever I'm speaking to People that want to venture down that road of becoming an entrepreneur and they always kind of stuck on what could they do. You know the one thing I always Discussed with them is I will share with them. ESPEC- think about what you'll passions are oversee your Your Business will evoke evolve over time as mine has an explained that in a moment but always think about what you'll zone of sorry you're passionate within And the things that you enjoy doing and so for me. Why did I share with others as well as I literally wrote down? Because I think when you've been in the industry for so long you you forget what your skills are and what your qualities are so what I did. Is I literally right down on a piece of paper a list of my skills and a list of all my qualities and then I just went and did some research around what type of businesses were synergy with those skills and those qualities and what I fi- I found at the time other what everybody finds that you have so many ever plethora of cheese right you. Just forget them right for you. Have a plethora skills and qualities so. There's so many things that you can do. And I always knew that I wanted to continue with is educating so even as a business concierge yes I'm supporting businesses Mrs Like I mentioned with best prices but I find that I still have that kind of teacher. Oh you know because still still educating others. And I'm I'm also learning as a teacher. You're Qazi learning. There's a lot of planning involved a lot of organizations so a lot of those skills. A teacher that I fell l.. Married ray well. With that of a business I can see that because obesity those skills and very transferable and to a certain if you're teaching a curriculum limra syllabus. You are effectively teaching a process. Absolutely yes so you then have that five second or five minute MMA a flash of inspiration you said and heavens opened up a new said you will be business concierge. Then how did you go about it. Well like I mentioned. Actually I didn't start off as a business concierge. I must admit I started off as a personal concern to a relatively new concept for many people I think his own needs twenty plus years out the whole concept of a pest concierge just explain what is it's like a business concierge way you all going in supporting voting people but it's on a more personal level so this was more about helping people with assistance. I suppose within the household so that they could balance their home in their work-life a lot better but what I found with that is that that type of what was actually taken out of the home. I'm what I wanted was a career where I could work around. All my family is really important to me as it is with a lot of people. So that's how my business if volved anyway from moving from a personal to a business concierge. I'm GONNA on the personal concierge is and I think what people normally associate personal personal concierges were was effectively. People who had were high net worth individuals which is push term for those that. Don't know rich people so high net worth individuals had personal concierge an ranging in sometimes what happens or what would happen is say bank so if you were in coots they would have a personal concierge. That would make sure you got tickets to escort or whatever he asked me and lots of other things. I think yeah question I was asking before I sidetrack to you. There was no. That's no problem would be was basically start. You had the idea that you you didn't necessarily directly start off as a business concierge. You start off as a personal concierge. So it was of not being being being away from home for such a long period of time because effectively if you are somebody's personal concierge you. You're doing they're beating. Sir Yes it. Yeah it's not running errands really full someday and actually I know I know most people when they think over a personal concierge. They do think of somebody that is accommodating those that are wealthy and it's only a service that is full those people back really afford it. But that's where I I felt that my my business at the time is very different because I really want to approach the. If you could say the ordinary fasten unites. My price is also reflected that because I wanted everybody to see that they deserve that life. Because obviously you went into ties that basically and that makes a lot of sense because obviously there are a lot of people title who necessarily mean necessarily be rich or high net worth individuals but they would benefit from that type of service so you then make the transition from personal to business and how did you find going out and saying when you got your little business card for business. How Oh did you set about finding people yen to to work while I was really fortunate? Actually because I was already associated with with somebody that was Is still is a business coach when I started my business as a personal concierge at so I'd worked with her and and how I made that transition was that She was rebranding her business and she knew that she needed somebody in her team to help her with her whole rebrand and having what with her oversee within that capacity of having a business coaching and supporting me with my business in the early stages she really believed moved to me so she had approached me and said basically. She says she had the vision. She had the vision. And and the PIFF UNIE and immediately. I had sprung Tha Mind when thinking about who can get to help her with her business so it was really I can say is really down suit hurriedly why I made that transition from personal to business because the type of work that she was giving me because she was rebranding Was Very Komo bit was much more business orientated. And then I was like Genoa. I actually really enjoy this like she was giving me lots of things. That were very technically Bastan Stan. I love technology J I just loved solving problems and finding solutions and because we were the early stages of rebranding business it was. There's a lot of problem solving in finding solutions. CEOS Ri- my straight. So how'd she had not got in contact with me. Maybe I don't know. Would I still reading the surge islet now. I'm grateful that she did approach me because now my business is what it is to be honest. You probably would've personal concierge thing taken okay. Can you so far but probably would have gone onto another level absolutely ashtray. That's very nice so I can see why that why that why that would happen. You you can see that okay. So how long has your business been going now. Also nearly free is now. That's interesting because the fact is is that we have different people Flemish show and obviously everyone's businesses ranges from you know startup ball. Seventeen twenty you know it. It varies from person to person. I think the problem that for me is that when you are starting up his. It's a very interesting concept that you're coming to you when you become so bitter and twisted jaded light me your your your life is becoming. You know you become cynical about the whole thing so threes in. What do you think has been your biggest success? Oh for oh well For years in what's been my biggest success. I think once I became very intentional about who the type of people that I really wanted to target. Why notices that people flocking to me? I remember one day just thinking waking up and thinking oh my gosh like is so important and I am not saying not to do this in terms of marketing yourself. It's so in some market yourself I found. Is that free one Klein I was able to get another and from that client is getting another so a lot of my clientele. Come come as a result of recommendation. Which I'm very proud of that because to me it really is about adding value? You know I do go above and beyond and not to the point where I'm going to bet myself out because that's not so important not to do that but I do. I do really give Value Alliot so I think those kind of my proud moments when you know people recognize. They wouldn't refer me if they didn't see the value in well so I am able to offer. They didn't see I'm bringing value to their business and helping their businesses to grow and scale. I think that's an interesting in concept because for me I think recommendation and effectively that sold that facebook does really not facebook so Amazon does it just keeps on recommending you stuff. It's every based on recommendation like spotify. All these these these APPs effectively astray holds for recommendation. And I think that's why it's powerful but when you see your business people tell you spend a lot of money on Seo pay per click and whatever I find that to a certain extent. That's good but the reality of it is if somebody likes your work and you can deliver on what that person has Has Blown they trump about you. You know that can be such an effectively. Homelessness for wait does so in terms of being able to be recommended walk has an how networking played any part in what you do all Okasha. Networking has been key. Think it's so important. That's another thing but I've been so much more intentional about yes. I show media because people he pulled look at it. As if you're on social media then you have more credibility they always talk you on social media which is fine. I get it to avoid these crazy day now is light Lynton I see love platforms. I am lightning ten but what I found is that in person contact is so much better because people see you as you walk by. You can't hide in social media. You can hide right but you can't do that when you're face as to face with somebody. And if you all people see right free straightaway so networking has been definitely been a key factor in helping me too Obtain clients had a networking event. You have a day and managed to get to to clients as a result you know and for me. It's not an impression anybody Asia in order to use my services and admittedly now. Everyone's going to be a great fit for you. Correct as well and I make that very clear very transparent inspiring as well and I think that comes across when I am networking aflame predominantly is that transparency in. I so I think is what really helps me to gain and gang clients and then again is that process of those clients author appeared time with them referred me on. Refer other people to me as well. I'll say that's I think for me. That's where I think. A lot of people get networking wrong. I think that constant thing of expecting ting. I'm going to network with people so therefore I'm going to get business. Yeah and it. It does happen organically and I think a lot of people don't understand stand. You may be selling something but if you're selling something in the wrong room you know if you're selling you know pork sausages and at the end of the day it's the vegans weakens conference is like it's not gonNa work now. It's not it's not an a lot of people have got something to sell so you need to buy and I and I think what is like the get thought it should just really just be a conversation as we're having right now right should really just be a conversation and if people like you then they'll buy from you you you didn't have to go with the heart cells in fact that's more of a deterrent. People are less likely to buy from me. If you go in with the intention of I can just going to sell my services. I'm going to sell my products. Go in and have a conversation build relationships and I think that takes place that should be taking place offline as well as online as well is about building relationships. I I think you're right. Because a lot of people spend too much time and I think what they do is that they see in front of linked in and they go through Lincoln and they look at it and they right fi find the the word founder and they go through found and they find every founded a confined and basically tried to contact. Yes I like the people who basically look at your profile uh-huh and then turn around and say what do you do and I'm thinking okay. I'm the guy with the Smiley face that you clicked on so therefore did you look on the. How did you just look at the smile? Selbe think nobody actually wants to see the content. They just want found humor. Your decision maker. You'RE GONNA buy my mic goods or services now so it's not. It's not a great approach. I think you're absolutely right. If pe- people have to like like you you have to build that relationship. Yes when you're a teacher you were working with people or you were working with pupils wherever you like the more you didn't like that's what we were given even now as an entrepreneur you're there and you're ultimately thinking to yourself. Well I would like to spend my time with people that I like to spend spend my time with as opposed to enforce to exactly that's a that's what I meant by being more intentional as well. You definitely have to be more intentional about the the circle. Oh cool people of course night that you around so you used and you touched on linked tin shop so that you also mentioned that you are very much a person that light technology idea when I liked it and all the big fan of technology can you think of anything of the best resources that have helped you in terms the European and this might be a bit difficult because when somebody else. I'm sitting there. Let me get my phone me too but you. Can you think of any of the best technology. That's helped you all okay Wamba. I strongly advocate is a project management tools and in particular. Okay Awesome affiliates and. I'm going to read your mind. I can't go Salaam. You'RE GONNA say go. What's the fridge avenge Sauna? Yes how did you know you might because it's on my website but anyway you've been thinking as well but yes I absolutely love it so I must admit I have branched out into using another tool but I I like in this one's called Aura again. Another really good project management. So it's still kind of developing but I can still see It has a lot of potential but my whole point of really kind of advocating the use of project management tools is that it really does help you just to lay out on your projects or your toss awesome. You'll systems or your price says stress that enough it allows it to you to lay them all out in one space and be able to communicate with your team because Watson the moment you may be excited you gotta think long term long term. You're going to need that team in order for your business to grow in scale and going back to that whole hokey live to live up to your life right but yeah I absolutely love Asana And I when I went with my clients a lot of the some some of them are familiar with that particular tool summoned not familiar but I always get them setup on a sauna and that's how we went through their projects really helps to streamline nine projects and gives better clarity some people like post it notes but it doesn't work nothing on post it notes on the beach don't work yeah. Yeah it doesn't it doesn't always at least at least with the saw and the other project management sue nowadays anyway he can use your mobile device and be able to access everything that way as well so I am a strong advocate. Pretty from Asana listening. You need to go and this is a Diane promoted to you. I have to all the time the Asana pay attention because flu show has spoken. I personally use Trillo. Oh yes okay and you'll visual your the vision of getting a board. I pop a nice picture to make me feel good and you don't do that on a sanity and it was and it was a toss up I think trump go had more integrations at the time. Might WanNa go check out Asana because I think it tops trello sorry for they try us out that but I think in Kim. We're GONNA cry cry kind of got the best of both worlds when it comes to us on Ashley Okay you've got the board style the Cabal installs it's List all there are lots of integrations as well say check it out and check this trauma that looked so trello is one for project management. Yeah what about any other ones that you think are important for people trying to live. The children are children. automations rights is key. There's so many things that you don't need to do yourself but you don't even need to pay me to do for you because you can actually automate so I mean there's so many toes out there you've got things like Zappia which allows you to integrate various tools and automate the if you're talking about Social Media then you've got things like timely and buffer. That can how are you may or your social media united. There are so many tools out there that you you can use to to make sure that even if it is comes the things like with bookings and things like that you know using tools like Kallio acuity. So you don't have to we doing it manually yourself. There were tools out there that can really support you and Give you the gifty with the extra time to focus on other thing. Since you mentioned mentioned with those tools about allowing people to be children. We're about to take a chill a break here on the cash flows show and we'll be back right afterward from auspices as you see you on the other side bad. Debtors can rob you of your time and money they can destroy your whole business within weeks are kicked debt collection agencies and expensive pensive legal fees will drain your cash flow but in one day the PR ask business debt. Prevention course will teach you how to create late payment management procedures seizures invoice for immediate settlement and eradicate existing debt. You'll study real life examples to drag your business out of the red visit. Www you w. dot p. r. M. S. Ltd Death Co dot UK or. Call eight zero two zero three eight six five seven one three the eight to register now before bad debtors. Make Your Business another failed statistic. Hello and welcome back to the cash flows show a my guest Miss Diane booth founder and CEO of Diane Booth Business Concierge said in a Frenchaccent So Diane we were talking with you after the break about your transition from being an educator and then obviously a personal concierge concierge and onto a business concierge and obviously that journey that you've taken so now we're at the stage in the cash flow show where we always ask these specific questions and you may have had these beforehand but the only ones that are still stuck in stone. So let's start with. What is your favourite film? And why right can I just be honest and save. I don't Actually Watch TV honestly because obviously all of this gives us an an insight enthusiasts if there was a lady that said a couple of Joanna Gedoan Yep I got her name right and she's basically said as far as she was concerned she didn't what films keep still what you'd films also watch TV. SICARIO yeah I mean I must admit okay all right but when you used to watch gone so I quite light like models. I'm really into those kind of action type films. I must admit I like things like buy forget horrors. I was betting raising my time underneath Dave case but yeah I'm quite into models if I were watching. Yeah okay okay. Anything from the marvel cinematic absolutely. Okay what is your favorite book wine. So I I'm into all DA. So I've got subscription audible. People getting sports voted Wednesday right. Yes so basically I just love listen to jazz because I listen to them on the guy so I mentioned that Whole concept with the children know which I got from Denise duffle Thomas who is the author of the opener highly recommend that burke if he wants to if you're feeling overwhelmed or burnt how how and you just want to be able to have more freedom to do the things that you love to do? I've mentioned that my business takes the same kind of shape. All has the same kind of e I I than Highly recommend another book that I'm listening to is well is one by Michael Hyatt. Okay and that's Fredin ridden to Focus hopefully I've got the name right but freedom to focus and again it's all about the same. Based around the same concept that you'll spending only a small percentage of your time being to work within your ZANU genius whilst being colaver for outsourcing the rest of your toss it comes up a lot and I think that's that's the only way you're going to grow your business. No that's it okay. And the loss on. What is your favourite album stroke single? And why or just your favorite music goes so I'm definitely in our invade. I'm of that kind of I'm not era mmabatho dove definitely Louis. You're definitely when I say R. and B.. I'm talking about like I like the the noughties is like Hula. If that's still view the entail exactly so. Yeah that's my type of music. Come very much into that type of like right. Yeah more mellow type of music. I must admit I think you know something when I think about the way to our be has gone or black musical soul. All music has gone in to to give its earlier definition. The more I think about it the more I think that in terms of songs actually sounded like songs MHM exit as as opposed to a man standing in a recording studio chain a holy Rubbish that nobody understands and only only he and his mates understand. I think that era of Wvu said jade to nine thousand nine hundred Chelsea Compi just when he was starting to gain his old and where I think because he has gone so far into the mainstream in the it's almost become pop music. I think the problem of hip hop is is that it's it's it's starting to eat itself into get into a situation where people are just putting out records and in Kim. What is this and I think a lot of? It has to be sensitive nowadays. You can't just Ted on the radio a K.. Right I know they have set Set now is of the day where it was Lee. Only guaranteed listen to music. That's not so explicit but nowadays you have to be careful when you got kids around as well you're playing right I can win on What is it spotify? And just think a you can listen to every tune in the call with your family. When you're on your family trip now you have to really you have to be a household please? And that is that is to me. What's sad about out because no other music has that even something like death metal and I don't see people who swearing I nine? You don't be every five minutes I'm thinking. Oh my God you know. And when they try to edit these records they go and I told him yes but united how even on some of the songs you can still duke just of what they were trying to say like without wasn't really that well educated and my region that might profanity. It's not something but you know I can dine at a tool say. It's a big turnoff for me so I'll go back to the ninety things. Were a lot more. I think. Not Nineties R&B R&B and New Jack Swing. I think that's where that's where I think it's peak to fingers clots this way but don't worry these things coming cycles we did so. They'll they'll come back again lately. Now we always ask the question. What is your advice to anyone thinking of starting in business? He's Oh I would way seek advice. I think that's one thing but I must have met. I didn't do so very much when I did my own research but I didn't really seek advice from others already there where I want to be so I think that would be the first piece of advice that would give anybody is actually my first piece of viruses. Just do it anyone that wants to start a business festival. Just do I think everybody. It should be an entrepreneur or at least try. It doesn't have to be a full time thing that's been to people back have their work. They jobs there ninety five and still running the business of at the same time On a part time basis so my first actually my first piece of advice would be just do it go for it if you got to lose your only got something to gain nine right because it's all a learning process and there's no such thing as failure the next the next piece of advice going back to what saying earlier was would be to yes S.. Seek advice from people speak to people in in the know. Already get advice from learn from those that already up there doing what you you want wanted. GM ultimately what you are going to achieve as well in the future excellent. So what have you read or listen into recently in Seoul is still the opener. I use that term. It's like a mentor for me. I'm not going to lie. Some people are going to get sick of me saying no me that whole chupin life whenever Whitefield. Because I think it's so important to listen to your body right because you so easy to get burnt out the moment that I failed I might be getting overwhelmed. I just sit back and I just chill I really do and I don't have any issues with that because I know Uh. I'm going to be more productive when I have the right mindset. I'M NOT GONNA get y needs to get done if I'm fading. My brain is feeding frazzle. All my I bodies finishing exhausted so I really do sit back and chill and it could be a few hours. It could be a day. It could even be a week honestly. I just listened since my body a lot more. Now say everybody's got their mentioned. Miami's Asha tennis player. Start where you are what you have wouldn't care enough that that to me is that's that's my mentioned is like you know every time I'm thinking I can't do this. Because it costs infers empower okay. Okay us what you have that exactly and you'll get there the fact. Yeah exactly. And that's what works really well in terms of what you you do. Even though business concierges and personal concierge is to a certain extent are in you phenomenon. What is the one common myth about what you do that? Get people that you want to debunk that you want to say 'cause we've made its people always died. Yes seriously the more I K Ombu. You're the last person that not rea- really to so you get a lot of people based on what I did because I suppose as being on my business manager is kind of like into a virtual actual system so often in the early stages of my business it was a case of winnow. Really kind of marketing myself I got a lot of a K Khanna Fuji Right now but maybe down the down the line when You know my business grows be able to use your savage says well let me just just debunked that myth right here. Because I think that's where the problem starts. I think all of us we seek help when we're feeding out out and when we're excited and we feel like we can't coach that's when we seek the help a that's that's a big the biggest mistake you could be making what you need to do is get help from the beginning stages to help your business grow. So when people think conor Fuji now well you don't half to buy my services for say ten hours or twenty hours. It could be free hours because if you think about what could you do in those free hours way. You're not focusing on something that way. It may not be your forte. And therefore you just wasting time when you could be out there generating money Gaining more clients so Even starting off small so you could outsource delegate for free hours unite free hours a week or month forever might be to start off off small really so it is affordable because you could be earning even more going out and making making money from gaining more client. I mean it Spec to yes. I have heard that book all of those things. It's common sense really. The reality situation relation is for many people. They don't seem to understand and I've been there so I can tell you from bitter. Experience be turned cynical experience. No seriously but bitter experience that if you don't find people that can do stuff stuff. Yeah reasonably well who can be do stuff efficiently while your hands are wrapped up tight then at the end of today. You're you're going to have problems now. I mean as I said everything that you say is that getting help shouldn't be something that to even even getting a little bit of help at the start especially when you've got a little bit of money coming in you know I. It seems like it so I'm giving my money on your way. I'm going to hold on but you actually not realizing that what three hours can do some somebody doing your social media again in your buffer for three hours your your your your your buffer pilgrim. Somebody winning your offer free hours and feeling it for for a month complacently just relieve your of that situation and then all your social media's coming up left front and awesome while you're sitting there champagne chilling Langley. Think about it as well if you'll if you're paying somebody like thirty thirty pounds. Forty pounds an hour to do to do the toss that time today. In that time you could go and sell the course for four thousand pounds right so if you look at the Ingraham learn if you're charging for two if you're paying for our free hours you know about ninety pounds and you'll you'll seven a cool set a thousand pounds then you've made a profit and at the same time you know because you've been able to spend that time you know selling the course of bachelor children of Genius and then you say those free hours so it's amazing really excellent excellent. So you've given us a great outline outlines and what you do at dying booth business. Concern tried to the people this man but you know you've given us a great outline of that. Where can our listeners? Connect with you online where I mentioned about linked linked ten so. I'm trying to be intentional. Actually about using linked Ting's I think it's an amazing platforms. You can definitely find me. They're just put in Diane With one end and a and a dime base just put in and before the knees. Well yes I forget. The crucial of vimy so yet so diabetes. You'll find your niche in that also on instagram and facebook dime booth concierge. You'll find me there as well okay. Excellent so how'd you find using. I won't there. I started off using it. So this is the thing actually and is a good piece of advice for all our listeners. As well about starting a business is when you when you start start off you think you have to be everywhere right so you think you have to be on all platforms. And that's what I did. Initially I was on facebook linked in I was an instagram when NFS started ten. I realize this sly stallone for now. I can't be everywhere and I've got to practice what I preach myself right so I literally took myself off instagram. I used it to kind of still covers. May I did. I used it to soak up as but I took myself for awhile is only now the I feel I'm able to manage my systems and prices is better that I'm using it now. So yeah you'll find me posting on me but I wasn't oh quite sure whether I'd find my ideal clients there but I've been advised to give go. I do believe that you should give every platform go and see if it works free for periods of time. So yeah I'm giving it a go and seeing how I like instagram restaurants reason. Even keep it real. Well I say keep it really do have people. He's he's live. Yeah I mean there were really made a career out of showing this themselves on too much of themselves. That's not right up girlfriend. She's not the platform. One is the platform for the Lincoln can go that way. Jeeze it for basically it's about humanizing the business and that's what certain extent people what this podcast is about the cash flow show but we don't pump people for for information about their cash flow in their business. It's about businesses about entrepreneurs. What this does is humanize what we do what we do? As a business we'RE WE D- we've late payments ethical recovery business that prevention but reality wise people. Just think you're the guy that takes. Somebody's telly and and that's got nothing to do with what we do. So it's all about humanizing. The business let people have an awareness of what we do and why we do and that would there are a real people behind and the fact is when I don't see any guys that were involved in late payment management or debt recovery out events and so therefore that that's fine that's maybe not attractive chances kind. I'm just doing my but ah but they don't do that so therefore I feel it's my job to do that. So people can have an understanding that when you contact us you're contacting us for a reason and we all human and we understand that so therefore to me. Works wouldn't be standing outside the court insane year. We've just taken somebody to call outside. It's picture of back for events and functions that we go to go to work. I get more engagement from Rome instagram than I do. Even from linked. Well I get what you're saying because again for you. I suppose that helps the dima debunked the mess as well around you because you all sharing that human side I of your business as well and I think similarly for me because my businesses mainly is mainly virtual is online people to see me in a and on there and isn't about me just selling on there as well I tried to give valley know exactly and the fact is selling his is pointless. I said this is where we are. This is what we do. We are nice people and you can have a conversation we miss and we believe in whatever it is that you do so on that no of instagram Diane booth founder and CEO of Diane Booth Business Concierge thank you ever so much for joining us here and amazing thank you. I'm really glad that you enjoyed yourself. Self we've been really been happy having here in hearing your stories and your growth arc and what's happening for you and I go forward and learn to be the eight children are you. Are you already thank you very much. It's been wonderful having you and fantastic and thank you for having and I feel in your continued growth and we look forward to hear from you again soon slightly. Thank you so much. You're welcome so that's the end of another episode of the Kestler show. Thank you for listening to another episode of the cash flow. Show if you've enjoyed what you've heard today and would like to hear more than please subscribe via your chosen podcasts provider and you will be notified when you episode is released. If you wish to like comment leave a message off follow us on social media. Please do do so owes. We would love to hear from you so until the next time. Take care from everyone at the cash flow show goodbye and

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