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is breeding citations. Well hello there. Welcome friends foes heels baby faces all are welcome there the we watch wrestling podcast mournful darling red bearded host mat based wrestling. Mccarthy with me always professional wrestling encyclopedia Amir fifteen miles away. Mr Vins April I. That's what they're gonNA name their kid. I bet you man boy or girl or whatever it may be like instead of screaming in the delivery room. The kid the babies I scream is just time. Podcast THAT WE PODCAST DOT COM Pro Wrestling tease patriotic. You could be watching video of this right now before the audio even airs and just last week we watched the episode of Walker Texas Ranger that starred Roddy Piper also. I hadn't heard before but some people were saying that in other countries that are having trouble watching that youtube so working on trying to get it onto a different platform so that everyone can enjoy it. Other countries man always causing problems he We GOT ANYTHING OVER THERE. The big cartel anymore. The Dad has gone every everything is is sold for now. But you never know What's going to happen and I'm the shirts I have the ups tracking for the for the preorder. Malta shirts and those are going to drop any day and those will then be sent out e mmediately. I also need to mention right off the top of our dear friend. Our dear producer. Rob The Rock Sibley the film that he helped write and edit called. Zeros is on Amazon Prime. Now it also. His words not mine has a part in the film that is played by the ultimate mark trader. Tom Sibley I need a Sibley fixed. Both Tom and rob are involved in a film called. Zero's that she can watch and Amazon Prime. And if you do he asks you please rate the film. After you've done it will help them so we want to help. Rob I know you do to the old Zimet Mark Trader Rob so funny God. It's been a long time since we've gotten to hear rob take a shot at Tom. Funny Shit is funny You know those are all the things Yeah the plug their. You haven't yeah donate to the Patriots Yeah did you see where I let me? Let me say I saw everything. I think that Luke gallows has been drunk almost every minute that he's been awake since they left. Wwe like he's working because every time you see that guy want. He's got a beer in his hand but he's also acting crazy. Well have you. Do you listen to their show I I listened to one and the audio so bad that I I couldn't oh but I think that they hopefully have made some some changes. I did see that. Fuck in Phnom Anderson posted this thing where he is like in September of whatever year we choice to make and we obviously made the wrong one in sixty three days we will. We will discuss that and everything else you know. They're trying to get people because they have the Patriot on now. You know where there where they're putting stuff up so so they're not is he still there. Are they still not like allowed to talk about something? Hey Sixty three days was they must they must have A. They must have a ninety day. You know so so. They're saying like when they're when they're no compete is up then it'll be open season to say whatever they want to say. How funny writer and Hawkins Just they just started talking to. I mean they didn't start talking shit but it was like the very first episode of their show After they were fired they both started saying like man. Awa figures are so cool looking. Yeah Berry very tongue in cheek though but it was. It was just hilarious. They were like Oh man he. He's awesome difference of I don't know who knows what the you know but did I. You know I'm not in the car ever. So it's there's a little more difficulty from listening to podcasts but I I listened to the episode where rider talks about. You know filling up like like renting a dumpster so clean out his fucking garage and it's just like it's brutal. It's brutal just to hear him 'cause they're like you. Didn't you like not even like sell any of this stuff? And he's like now just done with what I mean just like random shit that he had just like random shit They would figures there. Were I think that there were even like action? Figures that it was just like either doesn't need it or it's like a double or it's a whatever you know but then the like the boxes and boxes of DVD's he threw out. You know which which on the one hand I mean. I know hand. Should anything be going in the garbage? That could be reused or recycled. Or you know okay. Sold OKAY EAT. Mattie come on. Maddie I mean here's the fucking thing like just call you a good. The goodwill will come pick something up. You know sure you know I mean I mean if I I understand the convenience of renting a dumpster throwing all that shit in there but it is it is at thing of like. It's not it's a perfectly good condition it would sound. Sounds like and if someone else would be able to use it then. Why not try to at least take you? Don't WanNa if you WANNA go through the effort of selling yourself. Yeah I mean I understand you know your from Long Island. So you've got a soft spot. For landfills fastball. Well the the difference being that you know I like every so often Mick Foley is like hey has anybody on long island in need like an old couch. Because I'm getting rid of this couch. Go through my basement. Grab this and that like yeah. You know and it's talk about like who's who's going to. I mean the idea of of a celebrity giving out their home address. It's like I would think Foley needs to worry about like he's he's a much higher profile and would surely attract more psychos. You know yeah he must just have a real a fondness you know or belief in the human spirit or something that clearly he does so. I'm not asking anybody to do that. But Yeah you could if you don't want to sell it yourself especially if you're Zack Ryder. And it's wrestling related stuff. You could probably make two phone calls in some somewhat would be like. I'm coming over the truck. You don't even GonNa come out of the House Cova. Stay inside Al Shit. Do I mean at least what the DVD's? I'm like? Okay well he was. Surely He was getting free. Dvd's from wwe like when he was there so it's like I can. I can appreciate the volume the overwhelming volume of shit. He had in like ten plus years there even even just in terms of that. But I mean it's like just breaks my heart. Yeah there was some other fucking somebody tag me on it on twitter some some journalists some somebody from some website like again filled said. They filled a dumpster with their old observers and torches and I'm just like what what are you. What the fuck well. That's where all mine went when I when I wasn't there Right but that'd be one thing if he's like. I can't believe this happened as opposed to well. I did it. Dust off the hands you know. Yeah Yeah I don't know man I think on one hand. People are are trolling. You now On this on this topic but Because I think also too I mean I'm not saying if we didn't do the show whatever whatever At a certain point if there were observers that I could access you know I obviously am not the physical media collector that you are. They don't know that I would keep three boxes of observers. If I knew that I could just have them at my you know I mean I know there's something to be said for having your fucking name and address on him for wherever you lived and there is that sort of thing but Dude I can't I just can't. There is something about staring at the screen that I it just does not hold my interest like when I'm looking at my phone. I can jump around from like twitter. Facebook instagram. You know I can read a couple of. I can read the updates on the observer like the actual observer newsletter itself. You're not getting hard copies now are you know. No but but if there's something that I I really do want to read depth like I can skim. That's the problem the phone is like I'll skim like when he wrote the article about Dr D After the other weeks dark side that I printed out. Because I'm like this I I'm not gonna I'm not GonNa read this otherwise right now It right I guess what all I'm saying is like if I know that I can access I if I need to. It's not like I'm anxious to go read on a computer screen. But it's like yeah I get it dude dude I get it but I mean it's like you know the for two thousand eight episode of Dark Side of the ring was billed as the David Schultz story but it you know. I'm in my what about this week. Stark side man. You love the road warriors. That's going to be very exciting. I mean are you going to be able to how much Joe Lauren either? So you're GONNA be able to handle dude. I've just never gonNA huge fan. I mean I I remember. I had the DVD when they had their their doc on wwe and Shit WBF PD. And that's fine I just hope that somebody over at the dark side has the balls enough to dig a little deeper into that puppet that Homeboy was was using for part of the time. They're when they were dooms name. Rocco yeah right yeah fucking mcman man fucking mcman Man Kara. You bought that from him didn't you. I did I ran back inside while you were What were you doing? You were just waiting probably hanging out. I was just waiting for the for for our lift for right. Yes yes So hopefully oh I do. There's a Power put out is putting out a dvd of the first season. Really ooh coming headed to. Your place already took care of it. What the fuck. So you'll be able to relive all the moments. Why are you the best? I don't know about all that but I did watch There is a unaired pilot of show called pro wrestling weekly that Les Thatcher hosted. Yeah from Nineteen eighty-four that Zahn Youtube. Now that you could watch And I don't know if I don't know someone involved is like putting stuff up from unless it's less Thatcher himself but because there was a some other thing I saw. That's coming out. That's like kind of specific documentary specific heartland championship wrestling. Which is the one that that's Iran? That was sort of another developmental for a minute. You Know Ma Moxley training there obviously but before that you know it was it was in that. Mtv Show Yeah But this this pilot from eighty four is like one. Thatcher is so bad at reading from either cue cards or a prompter come. But you've got like it's got Kevin Sullivan doing like a squat. Like attempting a squat record. they show some shit from one of the very first pro wrestling conventions in the seventies at school. It's worth it's like seventeen minutes long. Oh Wow that's what. I got geared up watching the herb. Abrams dark out of the ring. When like it started at a you know a Razzie I guess right wrestling weekends or some young like I mean like what what do I WANNA do more. You know than you know. Be doing comedy in front of an audience again going to see wrestling again. And but I mean like those conventions just like I kick myself because there was that one that was in Charlotte like every August so almost every year. I'd be like I'm going to go for my birthday this year through my birthday. I'll go from my birthday. And then it just like either plane was too much or whatever but they would do the like the convention where it was all the old. Nwea guys you know when they would have like a like a bank where you sat at a table with a couple of them and all that shit and people selling stuff like. That's my shit. Dude I mean I miss like comecon did you go to. I've been to comic book conventions but I've never been to comic con the San Diego Right while. Yeah I've never been to the one in San Diego like I went to New York comic con one year That's where I got the Blue Frig. No Jerry lawler autographs right. I vented javits but then there would be some there would be ones around like the Detroit area. You know there'd be one big one which I go to is like several days but then they would also have same thing with card shows where there'd be like smaller ones. That still had a bunch of tables. You know going like every so often with. That's just that's the thing because like I went to La Comecon. Maybe last summer you know fairly recently And just it was. It was just madness. You know it was madness But the I just wish I could have gone to one when they were. It was just tables with maybe some people selling autographs. Maybe somebody doing a talk but just selling old comic books right. That's that's what these ones in in Michigan. Even the the big one for three days it was mostly just like a giant room of people selling stuff signing stuff. You walked around. There wasn't like over in hall be. There's going to be you know right and all or whatever you know which is maybe. I mean I guess it's just I don't know is it? The Internet has just because that's what it was like. You had to go to these places in order to cause this is also in the days of like in the back of the Observer. Was Vince Averill. In Detroit is looking for copies of U. WF and pw is and has these two trade or whatever. Where's your Google search away from finding anything you want really the real fucking shame? Is That The Times that we've been in Michigan together? We've never we never went to a place called time travelers. Which is in Berkley Michigan? That's just like this huge store of like all old toys comics cards like it. The place it was it was the best I I don't know if they'll survive this but it was. The place was the best it was so I mean I gotta think I mean unless it's just rent is going to kill some of these places unless they you know they don't own their building but I gotta think like some places like that are still going to be able to sell stuff online right. Yeah I don't know if they ever did stuff like that I I should probably look but the other thing too is like right. We just found out today. Three more months of stay home in in La. What I know other people in other states are already eating in restaurants. So who knows Michigan? Maybe they're maybe they're in time travelers right now looking at the next wing fighter with a mask on. I don't know my parents are in Naples Florida. And they drove down the street and they were like there's restaurants open and people just sit next to each other like nothing's going on Jerry lawler. He's got his place going God in heaven but I mean anything to have been and one of those places or if if hopefully something will happen again at some point where we can leave our house but just the conventions just mean autograph signings. Now which is not it's like an autograph signing is is as a great element. But it's like you know it's it's go to star cast and it's like harder and harder to get or wrestle con- like there's maybe maybe one table saw an old magazine. Ads Right. Yeah it's like I think that that's the piece and that's the piece that I think we're both talking about it. Was the best was like going in there. Be Like this guy from someplace. And he brought all his boxes stuff. This yes Hopefully we'll be able to go back FRANKEN sons or Franken suns at all but yeah. You're right I mean because that's the thing is like the Internet. It's I just miss. What I love is the element of browsing finding something. I didn't know I was looking for with the Internet. You kind of have to know. You're looking for something specific. You know what I mean. Yep Yep there's no shopping really yeah there's no there's I mean you can fall down a rabbit hole of like. Oh what is this? What else is this guy selling but to be in a room surrounded by it and to see like you know 'cause I though it was wasn't frankencense where where's where's Henry's thing Oh yeah that's in that's in Whittier The name of the places escaped me in fact Henry get a hold of me dude. Usually you know he'll exchange an email here and there and I don't think I heard back from the last time come on and let me know what's going on Doodo flare. Everything's good entry Also I want to mention on on twitter. There's an account called the four pillars and the actual. It's it's at the four pillars one. The number one okay And it's just that dude. It's just an account dedicated to the four pillars of heaven really and it's dope the F. O. F. O. U. R. P. I L. L. A. R. S. One. I'm Ari following them there. You go get your Vicks Dude. This is the problem with these fucking algorithms. 'cause it's like they do this. Never pops up at my feet. Well I think at this point your feed twitter just thinks you wanna see when Bryan Alvarez tweet something I know. It's the problem. Did you find out who owns the? Wf Tape Library. No but what's curious is on archive dot org the full series and the pay per views have been uploaded to an account that says they that. Like who is this uploaded by? And it says her Abrams. He's alive very well might be. That's what I'm hearing that. He faked his death. He's covered in baby oil and cocaine somewhere. Just I can feel it. I did I did. It was one of those moments where I opened up twitter and like see him punk had just tweeted like three seconds ago so I replied to because. He's you know promoting backstage so I replied I one of the first replies or I wrote A. Do you regret getting the chance to work with her Abrams. He didn't He didn't reply speaking punk. My Buddy Dave. Sarah sent me this youtube of the Chicago. Blackhawks Plane Sesame Street and hockey and I tweeted at this. Is this right up his alley. Nothing this Kinda. He's only got two million people homeless. How can we can't watch my youtube? I sent him. He's you know he's busy he's busy. He's He's busy walking his dog. I guess I don't know did you. Did you happen to catch this? Jeff Hardy matched that was on the kickoff show Sunday now it might have been my favorite match of the entire night all right. Check it out. it was good And let me ask you this though. So I I had I saw meltzer was is one of the best like empty arena wrestlers And I was like I don't know exactly. What what do you think that means or how a wha what what goes into you know? We're not talking about someone cutting a promo empty room. This is like you're working a match like you would work a match but gee so is it just that he somehow has better feel for what the crowd might be reacting to and so he? What do you think it means? I don't know what that means. I guess he is keeping Meltzer's interest at least when he's you know that Rapson well. There's yeah there's I guess there's put it this way like when when and Otis and Mandy had their big moment like when when Mandy came out at mania right right that needed a crowd like that whole match was like shirt for a live crowd. You know whereas Like this perfect example. I think the the triple h Stephanie Angle rows rematch. That's the kind of match that has to have a crowd because of the way that they're working at right. Yes yes yeah I really. I mean like triple h insisting that that needed the live crowd and a lot of help a lot of help because once the N. W. Oh you know makes it down to ringside job. You know eighty yards later. It's it's it's rough but like something like I mean this is an odd example but like hard and Ken Shamrock in the in the Hart Family Dungeon Right. You didn't need a crowd but there is a element to the location where they're at but like even like a you know. I was just watching I was just watching Antonio Inoki an Hulk Hogan and I've never seen Hogan do more you know mat based wrestling. I think I think more scientific new wants type matches what meltzer maybe talking about. But also I don't know did you hear Meltzer's say that. He has a a imaginary crowd in his head now when he watches matches. Ooh That's nice yeah. I hear crowd in my head. He says cheer for me says there's an imagine he's like he's like oh. I mean I you know the Imagine Crime. I loved that spot. I know what a front face lock is to. Anybody talked to a no key. So you're GONNA do the job. Call me back over. It was really impressive. I just was not expecting it at all And by the Finnish I realized Oh I have seen this match before. Because there's the one where inoki is knocked out in. His tongue is hanging out of his mouth. Yeah I would love to see. I'd love to Hogan in a singlet and some headgear. All my God talking helmet. I'm not talking about the helmet. I'm talking about you know like the helmet. Mitchell wrestling gear strange. I feel like that was around the same time as the Rocco. The the the VENTRILOQUIST's dummy that was hanging out with the Legion doom right I thought seth in Seth. Andrew had a had a good match on Sunday as well see. That was one where Meltzer was lake. You know it. It was really good. Needed a crowd but he had a crowd in his head So he was he was able to know he knew he knew what the crowd would have would have enjoyed. I love how. And it's funny because I unite both have had this experience. But now when he's like he's like you know. I I look at the number. I I know that Orange Cassidy is good for casual fans. A casual fans like they they. They're other people want to say that. He's running casual casualties. It's not the case. Look at and it's like I've had both of our you know we had this experience. Where both of our wives where like what? The fuck is this and were totally into it. Yup So we've seen the casual fan but it's just funny to hear him rally like I know I know I know some friends who are casual fans it's Yeah he needs hard evidence. Yeah but I mean Look No. Further glenis follows aren't cassidy on instagram. Now I mean freshly is that's our that's our key. That's our key in Grad now know what we're gonNA I was just GonNa say are you of the opinion that the The money in the bank match was was pure. Comedy was mostly comedy or just comedy Yeah I mean it was There there wasn't a whole hell of a lot I. It was everything I expected and I frankly I wanted more. I wanted more. You know Cameos I wanted more Brother love making his big return In the men's room the undertaker room the undertaker. How did he get out of the undertaker room? Did I miss that part I don't need a steady back. I don't remember while he went in. I love the. Aj's just haunted by the undertaker. Now will he was buried in the but it's like any other company I'd be like. Oh Wow they're going to have a rematch any other company. I'd but now just it's like well gotta gotTa do something. Can't just not acknowledge it and it's like but you did not acknowledge it by him being buried alive and now he's just not yeah. I did When I filled out my Survey that they sent me the next day. I definitely One of the highlights was was. Vince McMahon. Oh my God. That was incredible. I was that was when I was hoping for and would have been shocked if they didn't do it. You know I mean almost as much as you know having people say the risk is worth the reward I feel like they said and this could even go into Mr McMahon's office they would like right. It's funny watching Because was they were definitely they definitely want parts of like of the building that I never went to You know like I never never never went to the gym. Okay but I loved that. It's so funny that the men's started in the gym because it's like The course it did gotta you gotTa Start. It in the gym. You know yeah I do want more follow up with McMahon or someone being pissed off with Baron corwin that he smashed the Mirror in the gym. Yeah of course enjoyed the pushing the chairs in. Yes let me ask you if what if you when you use like You know hand soap or sanitizer like McMahon had. Would you administer it into your hand? The same way he did or would you use the secondhand to put it in June. Do you remember how he did it at all. He grabbed it down with one hand right. Yeah he kind of grabbed it with one hand and just seemed awkward and weird to me the way he did it but everything he does seems awkward and Weird to me. You Know He. I mean I don't think he had full hair and makeup if I had to guess at least it's so funny. That like Stephanie was clearly at home in front of Whitewall. Yeah right and then. Vince is like but but it also tracks. Because it's like well. Vince lives there in his office so I wouldn't he he almost. It's almost more safer him to be there than it is own home. Yeah probably I just fucking loved you know I mean like that was legitimately. I mean they cleared out all the tables but that was legitimately the the cafeteria where Paul Heyman was sitting. Yeah you know and then went into. I don't know why John Lauren. Itis was in the empty food serving area on his rascal on the rascal. I guess he's still riding the rascal from two thousand twelve. So fucking funny you know. Do you Do you know or remember about there. Is this a hotel downtown? La where a woman went missing and then was found in the water thing yes Only because someone then tagged me in in it but it seemed like Oscar was doing a parody of that footage. They have of the woman in the elevator when she's like clearly being freaked out by something when the door opens and she's like moving overlooking and she's going back in it and it's like I I I'm guessing there's not connected at all. I am going to go on record as saying there's no way and when I when I should at the Georgia she was like well it also like the woman was Asian so it sort of is like another level of it but but I think it was. Just there's only there's only so many ways you can act freaked out when you're riding up elevator right and you're like trying to Asia thing that's outside right right. No I'd there's no there's not even a fuck in trying to explain to Oscar. This what we need you to do something weird with your arm to Yeah and then you know The only other thing that obviously doesn't matter especially because it's wwe. But why not? Just let Otis Win. Why does it got to be like a banana peel? You know where he just catches a briefcase. That goes flying in the air. But because it's got a yeah well why. Why did two wrestlers dye? Well you know what's what's better is they. Actually because the I guess because they went through it together then they tagged on Monday. You know they Ray was like I was down there. And then and then Alastair landed next to me and now we've decided to tag very disappointed. We didn't see somebody hanging from the logo. I really thought that was a sure thing. Yeah but yeah I remember It it's funny like the there at one point like and the women starting in the in the lobby I appreciate it a dive. Yeah the big die from the top Wrestling Federation please hold. We're has that lady Yup I dug that Oscar was in the center elevator. That was the. I don't know if anybody could make it out. But that was the. That's the hall of fame. That's the physical hall of fame. If you go into that elevator there are you know. In the Gold's it's got all the the names of the hall of famers ear. And then the two two TV sets on the door side of the Elevator. One has w network on and the other one has Fox News two great tastes that go great together and I think I think it was Mardi Derosa who said but I tend to agree that they should now just do all their TV on the roof in that ring yeah fuck to shoot TV up there. I it's also strange because I I saw that. They like did a marathon taping on Monday and then they're doing another marathon taping on Tuesday this week but I thought the whole thing was like we. We gotta go live so like. But they're taping next week. So no kidding no kidding try and make any fucking sense of it fair. What happened to the shit that they taped like before? That has any of that. I mean it's just McMahon's out of his mind. He's out of his fucking mind dude and A that show is pretty sweet this week. That was great. It's it's funny that they're they're backing the the stadium Which made it feel emptier. Just like the 'cause like the cheering echoed right. There was a hollowness to everyone and plus the breeze blowing. I mean I was waiting for a tumbleweed to go through But you know. Jericho non on commentary was very noticeable for me. I know he so goddamn good but his match. Was you know I loved that match? Yeah Super Fun. I can. Sammy Guevara Gain Hip. Had God. Damn I like that. I like I feel like Omega is getting a little chippy online. Now he's like he was saying I told you that. Dt would work in the United States like related to that match but then he also said in some interview or something he was like. I'm like I'm I will once again prove that I'm the best in the world and it won't be a matter of when Not If but when like and it's going to be sooner than you think that people will once again know that I am. I'm the best fucking wrestler in the world's wow people people online getting to him. I don't know I mean I think that was from an interview so it wasn't as if he was like you know bickering with the with the twitter people but whatever that means. I don't know he's definitely you know responded to Cornet Online. Sure which is what did they appoint. GotTa be blocked. He's gotTa be blocked. I mean with with the hair trigger that Dole Cornet keeps. There's no way that because that's like that's his bread and butter fucking taking a shit on Kenny Omega. He can't block him on twitter. You wouldn't think you know. Let me so. I saw this article about the wrestling content. That's on to be. You have to be right. Yeah there's all kinds of shit onto dude. There are all these movies. This movie is one that caught my movie called Grunt. The wrestling movie from Nineteen Eighty Five. A documentary filmmaker looks for the truth behind the supposed suicide of a professional wrestler and the new identity he created in the ring it features. John Carlos Billy Varga Dick Murdoch Dick Beyer Billy Anderson Pat Barrett and more But I'll send you. This dude untold amounts of wrestling related movies on that as as well as a lot of old. I feel like one of these is a tape. I used to have an in Brooklyn that I got a flea market where it's like the Kangaroos and and you lose and fuck in June kangaroos. Definitely yeah I mean it's just like old fuck in you know you got it. Hold on hold on. Don't talk about this okay. All that way talk about anything else I was going to. I feel like I can't talk about it. It's like when Matt and I are together and we're not recording. There's so much shit that we're like. Don't we can talk about that. Save for the show. This feels like another one. Oh this is this is where the Patriots on people are winning here. We got Maddie like stretched out trying to get something off the top of a shelf in arena mic. See and it's a hell of a visual. He he needs to be carefully. What he needs is a step stool quite frankly I was going to start talking about the undertaker doc. I can't I can't talk about anything I can't talk about any of this shit man. I couldn't find. That's the kind of shit that's going to get us a few more patrons when they find out that they get to see you trying to climb up on the top of the shelf and now I can't read I it's up there. Is I definitely have grunt or you have grown. Yeah on a A DVD actually. Oh Man I just realized there's some urban wrestling federation on On to be as well which I remember going to one of those that was in like the was in the fuck in What was the Big Room in Manhattan Center You know what I'm talking about the one. That was downstairs. The one that you know the the Big Room Something ballroom with within our the The cab. I can't think of anyway. I remember going down there for that. Show meet up with Nana and go in there and like the IT. Was You know a couple of other people on the floor? Like the place was empty for this like Urban Wrestling Federation pay-per-view so funny how many fucking places have used the acronym you. Wf right so what else does to all movies or is there. Actual there's there's MOU there's there are these like a few compilations of like glow and then some old stuff like I'm talking about where it's like You know southwest championship wrestling or The super bowl stuff and there's a ton of movies that have that are related or have wrestlers in them And then as far as TV series. They had the underground on their They've got the first season of glow repackaged under the title the original ladies of wrestling and they've got the tiger mask animated series from two. Thousand Fifteen Wou So they got some Shit Dude. It's almost as exciting as the iconic being back on. Tv Eye Conic. You had a pop for that. Oh my God the fuck way while the one was you know hanging out in her Indoor pool that's another wrestling couple. Earn Shawn Spears. That's right you don't even consider them as the best couple. What do you mean her? Indoor Pool like You know a pool. That's no I know. What was this her instagram or on his. Oh that's a Sibley follow. I don't follow her. I I used to follow Billy K. I was like just because I thought she was funny. But I'm like Oh these are all just glamour shots This is boring as fuck. Yeah it's Yeah I think it's unnecessary but nevertheless content is content and content is king did. Here's my question okay. did melt sir. Watch the herb. Abrams dark side of the rings. I saw you trying to get answers about this. Well what the fuck you know. Maybe he just There there is an actual. Ufc Shell over the weekend. He's busy again. Yup Bullshit I because it's he watches everything and then I remember leading up to it. He was clearly showing a lack of interest in it. Because he's like. Is There Guarino her Abrams? He did a lot of cocaine. I don't know what what the there's no story there and then in trying to do some research on twitter. It's because really because I sent in my question on who owns the WF tapes. And I sent it at like the time of day when it's almost always going to be the first question in the bunch and it was not asked. Let me ask you this though. Do you think that the person who asks the questions on that show is starting to remember your name and one remembers you from twitter and to seize that? You're you're in the pile all the time and is trying to you know. Give everybody a chance older. Maybe I don't always send a question. No no I don't but I remember like maybe you had one last week right or or just a couple of days ago because we were just talking about the the time that Champi named of when you should do it if you want to try to get your question in right well. I don't the thing on twitter. I feel like Ryan understand appreciates what I'm doing you a lot more fucking credit than I do. I maybe I do you know. Maybe I do because it's got nothing to do with it because it's because I the reason I don't do it to Meltzer's because I don't think meltzer would realize what's I don't think. Meltzer has a sense of irony right. You know right and super does either. It seems like based on interactions. You've now had it. Seems like he's he he possibly can but I think so. I mean I think he 'cause I just reply not to everything he tweets but just if I see that it's a fairly recent tweet I reply something about how. Oh but if it was in the Tokyo Dome. You'd love it right. I've already kind of gotten to the point of like now. I'm like like joking. The joke yeah. Where I'm like like I've heightened the joke now where it's like you know. Becky Lynch announces she's pregnant. I'm like Oh but if she'd gotten pregnant in the Tokyo Dome you'd love it or like he said there was some there was some match that he likes and I was like. Oh but if it was in the Oh eight you did like it. Never Mind by mistake. Is her hanging over the belt because she's pregnant tantamount to the finger poke of dum. Are we cheapening the title by just and did they not know? She was pregnant when they did the match. Couldn't they just have said this matches for the title and figured out a way to make it a little weller creative here? I don't I don't know here's my Oh meltzer's tweeden today. Becky Lynch's last match. Will she ever Russell Again I think she might I think she will. You know I mean she's She's a mom she's not You know God does feel like some of the stuff she said both on TV and then off is it sort of feels like you know. She's not sure what's going to a lot of uncertainty but talking about being an actress. She was on billions with Dan. Soder this is true hard. It's hard to be I I have to imagine having an infant in both working a full schedule. Wbz's his not a possibility but wishing them and young tyler. All the best you know that I learned or I want to know if Meltzer is like still upset with her Abrahams for like 'cause he's the one who had a job guy named like alright Av Meltzer who got his ass kicked by like Dr Death or something. I don't think I mean that. Seems like a big leap for him than to be like. This is the one episode of the show that I'm just never going to talk about because of it. You know what it is. I mean I could see him just being like well. There's not going to be much of a story there. I haven't watched it yet if I am ever going to watch it. But it's also it's just he's the wrestling observer like he's got to watch a so. I'm just curious why he hasn't yet. Yeah well we we try to get through to them. Let's just start tweeting Adam until he loses his mind. I do need to follow up to find out if he because he said he. Dvr DHS Night in the city but he hadn't gotten to it yet. Something tells me Chris Ross is GonNa hear this and he'll he'll get on his twitter horse and start trying to shake the tree. Sib is ask older strong. Don't avoid blow. This is yeah. This is what I wanted to say about that. The logic for me that that's actually very sounds booking logic. I find that because it's it's not just handing over the belt to the number one contender like she earned a title shot and it wouldn't make sense for there to be like the vacant title being vacant and for there to be like a turn. It's it's like you just had a multi person match to establish you know the next in line or the person who has a title shot whenever they want there there is something that it it it made perfect sense to me that. I'm like yeah. The money in the bank winner should automatically be granted the title because they have more claim on it than anyone so then let me ask you this yes Oscar. Who was portrayed on TV as being clinically insane with the number one symptom being? She can't speak English then becoming emotional and embracing becky lynch. It definitely felt like ask attorney baby face somehow in there An impossibility and Vince. Mcmahon's world I mean I tell you there was a it was during that segment on raw where I was like. She is the ideal. Wwe Wrestler. She is everything that Vince. Mcmahon wants a wwe wrestler to be you know aside from a man and tall and you know a former football player any of that. I'm saying the way that he wants a his wrestlers to behave. She's always smiling. She's she's always dancing. Yeah you know. She's she's always just acting these. She's been up all night with Herb Abrams. It's just there's she's got Green Shit. Coming out of right is and mouth. Yeah. It's just. She's a loves is appreciative of being given the title constantly thanking whoever for giving her the title you know but I mean it's like the smiling and dancing. That is Vince ideas concept of all this is what entertainment is. I'm Walt Disney. I did just also hear a story about Jim Ross. Having to convince McMahon to hire Gail Kim. Who did you ever hear that story where Jim Ross had to be like? Well you know. Some guys are in Asia when it right what what are you talking about well. Mosser's entire pornographic websites dedicated to really all right. We gotta tap into that market. You thank you. Thank you Jim Jim. Onto Santa but explain to the room would have fetishes job. Good Job L. Real good Appel love it. I why why was? I was watching raw with Mute. Aunt you know. I had Ron's corey gave. Yes yes yes yes I can't fuck in. I cannot stand it 'cause it's like the only raises wrong. Sorry go ahead. I don't even know which who is a coal in Fucking Byron Colin Graves around Friday. And it's It's Tom you're gonNA choke on my cock and Byron and Oh that Creep Samoa Joe I think lately Oh that's right. Yeah some Ocho his like. I love the long hair. Smaller busy Fixed Barbecue Memphis. Yeah Yeah Yeah lawler's Samoa Joe. Beauty man is a thing of beauty tight the long hair and the pack. Who knew but I mean the only reason I have raw the sound for me is to hear the crowd and there's no crowd and then it's just the fucking vacuum of the awful announcing right so I can't do it and You Know Charlie pops up and I'm like do I really need to hear this question or like you know. Corbin explaining this that or the other So I watch other stuff. I was watching the undertake thing we can get to that. But why was seth all whacked out during the TAG match reminders? Lactone what he was just standing there doing nothing with his hair in a tussle. I don't watch raw. I did watch most of Ron. I did watch most of raw and I know that this is the sort of thing that used to Sibley in trouble but listen It's a it's a hard show to get through and I saw part of that match. I don't know can out. I'm just GONNA speculate. It's because he he didn't know that he had a baby on the way until last. That's just it is. That's the way it came off like this guy just found out he's a dad and he's fucking his world is crumbling around of. Did you see what he did to Raymond? Zero? All my God dude. So He's standing on the on the you know he's doing a tag him. Buddy Murphy Versus Rey. And I don't even whoever Alice Elster. They're teaming now because they fucking fell off a roof writer there the fallen angels. That's their that's their tag nick. So the the guys just stand in besides just standing there in like a few state with hair. He looked like axl in the welcome to the jungle video like his hair up and crazy and at one point. Mysterious just happened to bump into him you know going against the ropes an album and the boiler or something and then seth goes ballistic and he's on the outside with ray he just beat the shit out array like beating the shit out of him then he goes over and he takes raised head and just start jamming it into the lost your mind into the corner of the steel ring steps to the point where it's like is it going in his is it above his eye whereas it and then like he liked. The mask is coming up and then he pulls back and then there's blood coming down and there's blood on the fucking corner of steps and then I was there a D. Q. Was that that was the finish of the match. I don't think it was a no contest or something Because then then they're in the back and like raise just mask is off and there's just like towels and blood on him and shit. It's just crazy dude. It's crazy but that's how I ended show hot. I'm sorry I missed it. It was a hot finish. It was a hot hot finish. I'm going to tweet. It melts meltzer right now. Because he's he's on twitter these responding to things right now and even though you know we we had sort of talked on the show but whatever that like tightened terrace which is like the roof part of Titan Tower that there is like that level. That's like right below it that those guys fell onto the little platform. Six people or whatever it is but does that not change that. It's still attempted murder that the person was intending to throw them all the way off the roof to their death. It's it still feels like attempted murder to me. What was the I got to Rewatch the The Brian Myers Timeline I think for over six or aid. 'cause it was because he the two things he tells that. One story about Vince explaining everybody that it's GonNa be. Pg from now on and I forget who it was but it was like basically it was. It was a black. I asked a question and it wasn't Shelton and invincible goes Great Question Shelton and I wish I could think of which which wrestler was But then he said like the first night that they went P G it was. It was a situation like that where somebody murdered somebody. Basically on the show and that they were in the back on the Mon- watching the Monitor and Mark Henry was like oh so murders. Pg It me out that it wasn't our truth versus MVP on Sunday. I was actually looking forward to that match. And then of course. Lashley and his lawyer. Yeah but you gotTa Love Truth Slapping Lashley in the face I. It was still fun. I was just legitimately looking forward to those guys but yeah well it's it's so funny. That the holding pattern for Lashley. Because they clearly don't know what to do with him. Yeah and and adjust becomes this. You know well just go out there and just beat everybody so parag. Yeah then. It'll be ready for whatever we have for him. Yeah then he'll be in great shape for when he jobs to. You know whoever whoever it's going to be I I will say I mean the I just not that I ever have. I don't get the Baron Corbin thing it just. I don't know what he brings to the table other than being tall and it's nothing you it's he's terrible to now more than ever. I find him terrible. I mean it's just it's I and there have been times when I have been into Nyah Jacks and it's just like Herbie and back I'm like Oh my God. She's just drizzling. Shits throwing in Meltzer. See if we can just put us on him. Yeah ask them ask them about because all I said was. Did you watch the herb? Abrams dark side yet. Abrahams aby a B. R. A. S. It's we make this happen. I just want to know if he washed it if he's avoiding it. If there's any ill feelings you know does. Meltzer doesn't strike me as a grudge air. But it's just been radio silence on it that it right shoulder. That's an old fuck in Algeria. Oh really grudge holder. I feel like there is if Dan. Curry wasn't in grudge holder. He's definitely a big grudge older fan. He's that's how I know about that. Band is because of him. Oh interesting Did you watch the last ride? I definitely did yeah. I I thoroughly enjoyed it. So are we to believe that Orig- I also love that the last ride on Sunday evenings on WB network you've got the last dance on ESPN's on the evenings but so they were going to do this documentary in two thousand seventeen and then sort of shelve all he replied. Oh he said I watched far more pressing stores to cover last week in this week And he actually he he replied to my my tweet earlier today like four hours ago where I said wait served Dave Meltzer dark side on her Abrahams and didn't discuss it yet or write about it yet or is he actively avoiding it far more pressing. Matt get back in line back to the front. You will tweet what they've tweets to the Ferrante feel like this needs a follow up. I feel like he might have 'cause I threw in the actively avoiding it. So I'm well did you like it. Oh well they're more pressing tweets. But he's going to say listen. There's far more pressing tweets this we are so from you tweet Charters storm the gate. What happened hurt? A racket out there The last ride undertaker mean mark. Maybe a little A little warning before they were gonNA show his hip laid open with Assad going in so owners so fucking gross so unnecessary. How many do we know how many episodes there are Well how many Michael Jordan episodes are there and I mean for with them. We're GONNA do eleven. What did you think I'm just following with? Did you like it? Who you need to let this die. Meltzer is he's GonNa disappoint you. That's what Meltzer does you make. Dave Meltzer your higher power. He is going to forsake you. Chance he gets dude I got I loved it. I mean I could do without his. You know Maga- merch or whatever. It was like blue lives matter. And what would that hat was the like? Don't tread on me. I'm just like I'm just I just I'm just fills me with. It's just such a distraction and I'm just so like you know the the the only media he does now. Is You know that that TV evangelist Mega Church and gun. Club the mega church and then talking to like the gun club. I'm just like what in the Fayek back? Are you doing? Dude fucking Maga- mark Calloway. I'm just like why and he's just I still like him. I still like enjoy hearing him. Tell his story because it doesn't it doesn't come off like a fucking jerk off but I'm just like let me ask you this too. When him and brock running it run into each other backstage. Yeah that is the that is the ultimate homophobic hug of all time. It's almost like he's trying to shake and then he's coming in and like well fuck I got. I got a patch. You on the fucking light or whatever. It is whatever that muscle like. Do not come any closer to me dude. I mean I watch a ninety minutes of just undertaker walking around backstage and people saying hello to him. I. It's I mean I love it. I love when when he was in I guess at the hall of fame the catering and He goes over to enrollments. Like you've never met my wife Fabu and he's like No I haven't you know I saw the little and then like Romans. He's already talking about the kids at about how. Michelle is a baby crazy. And then he starts. You know I mean this would over. Here's you oh you know. And then he and my favorite part is when she's sitting the whole time. Mrs Rains standing there talking to undertake. And he's like. Oh yeah you know. She's baby crazy. Inge got the fever Bob at one point finally. Rome is just like I. Just sit back down next to my wife. Do any finally just awkwardly sits back out later. Romans. I'm just glad that you know my wife got a chance to meet him. And all it's like. Yeah he like. He gave her the handshake and look just like talking to Rome. And the whole time so weird. Yeah Berry And I just don't think he'd be cool with somebody doing that. To like Michelle Ma. Cool you know right. But he's he's he's mark duties the ULLMARK. He's the Maga mock. I wish there was more footage like I loved the him. An- him and Kurt Angle. Right what is your them back in? Like two thousand or two thousand one where this is clearly off camera I The camera's not rolling conversation type thing that's like. Oh we have this in our archive. Yeah and I also I love that You know there is another opportunity with a camera rolling To see you know triple h Give a guy the the words he needed when he needed him to go back in and do the deal like hunters such savior. Oh my God. There was one point where there And it's funny. I never I you know I. I hadn't considered the idea of doing a match once a year being so difficult. You know I found that fascinating analyst. God that makes perfect sense but the Of course they cut the triple H. He's like yeah. You know what I mean. It's the same thing with me. Let me just make this about me. Real quick and I'm just like Oh my God. It's it's incredible just real quick just going to you know talk about myself for a second and then I love when he when he's he's takers. Walking back through that way you know after the match with Roman and then of course triple ages. They're just like looking Helluva a rudd. I did think it was cool that they you know obviously have been filming this for a while and so they like. I left in Jim. Ross Jericho left and Cornet Cornet. That he's not working for anybody. That's you know what I mean like. I feel like it's the last thing Vince knows about. Cornet is that they had pleasantries at the hall of fame. I don't think anyone is leading Vincent. Vince knows that cornets chits on the product once a week. Or whatever you know. Maybe I'm sure he should on the product once a week when he was there. Sure you know what we do that these aid. Awa guys are in the show and that. I think it's cool that they did it. You know yeah well. There might be an element to of You know well we own them you know. It's no coincidence that they would put up like the Kenya Omega deep South match. Or you know right. It's almost like It reminds me of when mankind won the belts and ninety nine or whenever it was and like you know Well then the nitro take was like well. He was a prelims guy when he was here. You know he was Cactus Jack and he was. He barely headlined a Halloween havoc once. Type of thing. Yeah they were good enough. They'd still be here exactly. Yeah exactly I mean there's no other there's no other piece to it there's no other layer to it if you're not good enough they're not there. You know what I hope happens every week on last ride. Is that every episode ends with you. It seeming like well. He finally retired. You know because that went very well. It's like I'm sitting there watching like wow. He retired after that Roman reigns match. That's crazy you know. Yeah if he's if he's bummed out about The performance he put on with Roman reigns. I mean I can't wait till we get to the Goldberg Saudi Arabia match. I can't wait dude. Not that that was you know. Even the bulk of his fault but Yet but it's like it's it's just insane to me that the the the Ark of this doc is I don't want to stay around too long past my expiration date and then it's like well episode one. We've already cracked the seal. And now where we're still just 'cause they glossed right past. You know. Human Brock had like that crazy Helena sell like it was just a blip Yep And then what will what was the matter was it was it. That match was at a different one. Where the you know meam of the two of them laughing at each other like Brock's laughing and then under degrade like aw rally right right right right. It's crazy to me that Also he doesn't eat. The last thing he remembers at Wrestlemainia. Thirty was for him three thirty that afternoon. No I mean that. How fucked up is that? That he didn't know what his name was for like hours dude. How crazy was it when the one trainer said he came into the Hallway and undertake? Just look at him. He's like hey just smiling sitting there smiling. Hey Hey go. This is no good. I'm like Oh my God that because then that's that's the real mark. Calloway it's like. Hey wait no I was thinking. He was concussed when he met you. You may have bumped his head well. What's so funny is like because I met him after the hip surgery. You know If he didn't have both I don't know maybe he does. But it was certainly after one and it was like that thing of like you know. There's I've got better now than I have in ten years. Maybe I wanNA keep feeling better. How do you think you might do that? Mark? Yeah but I mean that was heading into that Helena cell with you know him hunter and Sean which was again. The end of the era match so it was like well. This is the it's just it's also that the conversation with Roman where he's talking about how she's how Michelle's crazy. Why do you think I'm still doing this stuff? It's like dude. I think you could probably afford a kid. Maybe two right like. I don't think you need to know that might not be exactly why you're still doing it. No show I don't know why fucking when is meltzer. GonNa talk about this dude unity to let it go vince. Sometimes things don't get covered. Man I mean He. It's it's it's on has regular schedule do you even know what's going on in the UFC? Right now I mean he's got a lot of a lot of fire irons in the fire. He's on fire. He's busy reading. Ken Shamrock Book when he should be watching But he watched it. Tell me what you thought of it. The guy made fun of him. He's not going to give many publicity. But that's what's so weird like the the the most recent observer like he doesn't write about the dark side of the ring but he feels it necessary to put in an e mail he got from a guy who worked at a time. It was like herb was married this whole time when he was doing cocaine and hookers and stuff and it's just like is there still a like. I'm so curious I'm gonNA stand a welfare check to your house when he does a big thing on the road warriors this week and now let's check the over to check on you to make sure you're cool. We heard about this thing with the meltzer covering the road warriors. Not doing a herb. Abrams episode if he skips over her but go straight to the warriors. Then then there's some serious smoke with this fire three think then. Then we gotta you know put on our has matt suits and drive up to San Jose Campbell wherever we gotta go Campbell Baby. We'LL BE THERE. I mean here's the thing right because like nine thousand nine hundred. Ninety Dave Meltzer was a is a totally different guy. Then two thousand twenty hats essentially at that you know 'cause you gotta think he's he might have been maybe he was even still dating the bad. This mythical crazy ex girlfriend he makes reference to sometimes maybe she got wind of the Dave Meltzer job guy and like was like a real button pusher about it like really really stoke. The fire on that is this. Is this his the Albatross? That's the Alvarez that's been hanging around his neck you know. Is it well and also you want to talk about like a drastic change in a person like think about Dave Meltzer in the front row at the shy town rumble in eighty nine. And how excited and how like reactive he was and then cut to anytime you see them subsequently where he like cannot respond or sell anything that happens that he's watching right no matter how much he loves it. I mean you and I have certainly changed a lot in thirty years. I'd say anybody has Ryan I guess it is. I think to right. You know it's like if you're at a comedy show. You're probably not like cackling all the time you know like you. It's not something isn't funny but you just aren't like responding the way maybe would know and the thing that makes me and maybe you're the same way. I think a lot of Comedians are that makes me laugh at shows now is if somebody is Having a bad set And you know them for sure and I know them or like probably. What's what's Funnier to me is if somebody is having a bad set and they know it and they acknowledge it right you know like because any any humorous acknowledgement of that joke died is the funniest thing. I've ever heard you know. We're just like well. They didn't like that or you know something like that To the point that you're not blaming the audience when you go into that territory then us but yes I find so much. Because that's what's that's what's really funny as the truth and the earnestness of like well you guys. If you didn't like that you're GONNA hate this. Which is what makes Cesar. Such a empty arena wrestler. He knows nobody's there and he wrestles like it is like I'm not bombing tonight. I just feel I just feel. I'm just endlessly fascinated by Dave meltzer. You know could you imagine hearing those conversations that him and Vince used to have on the phone? I'm telling you dude If he had just recorded them he could be printing money by releasing that audio for sued. By by Vince McMahon. And Jerry McDevitt fucking even even the the Bischoff stood off. You know where he's talking. Bischoff all the time for talk Bischoff yes frequently. And that's why a lot of times they'll be like this is like Bischoff his saying this this now he's fucking Shit Nami but the reality is this you know we. Yeah we used to talk. We used to we used to laugh. I don't know dude. I don't know how he does it. I don't know why undertaker you know why he does what he does. I don't understand Jim cornets. I don't I don't know any who knows what Vince. Mcmahon's GonNa do next guy. Bought a Taranath Soroush skull and has it in his. This Vince McMahon. That shouldn't be allowed. Who does it belong to a blogs in a museum and the Dog Indiana now? I'm just saying like something like that. That's like that feels like yes it should. It should be somewhere where the public can see it or it can be studied or something like that. That doesn't you know it doesn't feel like something that should be privately owned. But there's probably a lot of things like that so like tigers. Yes absolutely absolutely tigers. That is one hundred percent a legit tarantulas. Rex Skull that the man has just in the wall of his office. Not even like behind glass or something. Well someone who was? I don't know who is in our facebook or somebody like broke down the background of AAA AGES. Like where he's been doing stuff in his house and like the different skulls that are in that room right while he's e yeah. I the only thing I remember is that he's got like a much smaller dinosaur's skull which like that must have been gifted to him is it. I thought I thought it was like an alligator something. Now it's a it's a well the maybe. It is very likely talking about different skulls. This might be a different skull. This is a skull does a skull. This is a skull the skull the skull that's a skull the The skull he has in my mind. It was a gift from Vince. And Vince is like I'm going to give you your own dinosaur skull but it's going to be smaller than the one you know. Of course of course see if we can find that I would love because Somebody actually just wrote a an article in the New York Times about you. Know people like celebrities and talking heads with their bookcases behind them on. There's zooms and stuff. Yeah and just like what it says about them and what they're trying to convey and you know that you know what books are there you know so and so had this book and so at that Book One guy had like was on Good Morning America and had like you know some really you know intellectual books but then in the bottom of the screen you could see. He wasn't wearing pants stack a mad magazine's right man. I mean that's that's that's what I'm all about like behind. It was like Oh look at that behind him. He's got like the wrestling observer. Yearbook Nineteen Ninety. He's got a picture of the under boss. It looks autographed right so that. Oh my God I think that's a that's a framed Wrestlemainia LASERDISC. He's got above the door. He's can call off the search. We found Kushida Krant SASKIA. I mean honestly when this started I did think to myself I was like you know. I wish that 'cause 'cause I 'cause there's Piper and Terry funk and you know just tore Larry if my computer apparently my computer is not to snuff to do backgrounds or I would just always have a different weird background you know digital. Yeah background behind me of something. But to this point my computer has said no my computer also says no. Meltzer has stopped tweeting. This is very upsetting avoiding the question for you. Maybe an to avoid go back out of this room. Be With Your family. Not have this hanging over you you know. Do you think I was too harsh by asking if he was actively avoiding it? Think that maybe that's the only way I could get his attention. I was like. Are you actively avoiding it? He said yes. There's another shit that's more important. So I'm saying washed it. He said is. He said he watched it. And there's more important things but there isn't. You're going to have to agree to disagree man. He's gotTa tell me what he thinks of it at some point. Otherwise what am I subscribe in for? I would as soon as we're done here. I would send him a fax if you really want to get attention. How many faxes is he getting? You're right shoot him a fax. I got the facts APP. My phone man okay. You know what I'll type it up on my typewriter I to just so really throw them off there. You go you excited for Dublin. Nothing not as much as I would have been if I was there. Something crowd and we were But yeah I mean it'll be another who I mean that's a company who I still have some faith in and so I feel like they'll try to do whatever they can do to make it cool especially at the pay per view so Yeah what does that? That's not the that this week. No now we got a minute. We've got some time. We got nothing but time. Nothing but time meltzer. I'm too busy as an image of Brodie. Lee came out and attacked mocks. I was like this is this might be the ultimate like I mean even even more so than gold dust versus swagger. I'm like this is the ultimate like. Wwe missed the boat on both of these guys and now they are top guys. Yeah and I suddenly had the image of whenever it was. I don't know if it was the Wyatt's versus the shield or what it was but at some point Harper and ambrose were in the ring fighting each other and it was to guys wearing dirty jeans and dirty tank tops and it looked like a fight at a gas station. You know and now one of them is the champ and the other one is BITs McMahon. I hope that they have what is considered the greatest match in the empty arena. Era that they tear the house down that it's talked about forever that would be the fucking best outcome. Love that they can you know. Stick it up. Somebody's asked. Yeah because I mean like with brody. It's it's he got out just in time and he's in a great spot. It's an awkward time to be in that spot but it's it's nothing like what poor fucking drew McIntyre deal with. You know trying to be the face of the company. The champ the top guy and there's there was no coronation. There's there's no there's nothing there's no fans there's no it's He fought big show. That's that was his big moment or something. I guess I don't know it's too bad. But again him and fucking. They tore it up. Sure I mean. They're both very good at wrestling. And then whatever but yeah I gotta go watch Watch Hardy in Sorrow I loved Qodian Joey Genoa was good. It was wacky. There's there were certain moments where I was like. Oh Man Joey what he was. There was one moment where outside of the ring and may go around towards the entrance. Way where there's like you know the the entrance stage is is that you know apron level. Yeah and I don't know I feel like this is going to be on Bochum Maniac. 'cause I don't know what was supposed to happen. But like Genoa goes to the corner where the stage and the apron meat and he goes to hoist himself up and just doesn't and then. This is an awkward transition between him. And cody just going up onto the stage onto the entrance way and I wasn't entirely sure what was supposed to happen Somebody was supposed to smoke. Salem light I guess but I dug it you know and I dug Brit Baker you know fucking whacking Cutie Marshall with the shoe in then Brandy launches again another. Bochum Mania. I gotTA my prediction is. We're going to hear Austin powers laid over that like who throws a shoe. I mean really but she's so good Baker man and then she feigen waffles. Brandy was brainy. Seemed like she was legit out for a second there because it was like there. Were shades of Jake. Jake Roberts. Picking up Ricky steamboat after he. Dd teed him on the outside dead It's it is a busy time in by Chaminda though you know so hopefully they can fit some of the stuff in well. It's it's it's nice. It's so refreshing. It's funny watching the new Bochum Manas since this has been going on because it's like man he's sitting on so much footage that he still hasn't gone through yet right. It's like now it's obvious what's pre quarantine and what is it you know definitely but damn. I love wrestling yes. I love you and I love kids. I love everybody you watching at home or wherever you may be perhaps in the car you might be listening. I've been trying to catch up on iron ask aren't anything I was listening. I was in target the other day. doing some shopping and I had it in and I was just You know just rapid fire should. It's funny too because I'm like I'm starting from the from the start and so having pre w right you know what's up with what's up a target. You have to wait in line to go in and all that or wait in line outside to go in and then you know. And so they stagger it so there's basically nobody inside the store you gotTa have a mask And then It's all self checkout. Okay at least the ones I've been to Enough don't go there looking to get a nintendo switch pal. Because they don't have them they don't have them anywhere. Dude okay. I know you video game guy. I know you're all amped up seeing everybody's animal crossings Online and you know you want yours. But I don't really know what it is. I mean I I know I've seen something but don't even go. Well you blew it. You lost her chance. I'm too busy. I'm covering other things I tell you. There's toilet paper again Affected accident is still hard to get a to get a handle on. Because I mean the clorox wipes Clark's just cannot manufacture like they they're behind with manufacturer or are they manufacturing but what they're getting has to go to frontline people not that. We need to turn this into a Kobe. Joe Abia well welcome back to we watch. We Watch Cova but I don't know well here's the thing. Here's here's what is GONNA at target. Okay give US update white flour. Okay Puzzles Washable. Crayola paint hot items. These hot items K. You know what I've been what I have not been able to find is a fucking bomb of garlic really. I don't know why the run on garlic but the the able to find you know an actual thing of garlic cloves whatever that's called a bulb probably think so. Maybe a produce seemed to be doing all right. That's interesting generally but just for some reason. Garlic has has gone the way the dinosaur over here skull a son of a bitch because I tell you you know what I can't find is any classic pro wrestling in like a in one place. Nobody has sent you google drive yet. I mean if it exists because that that all Japan if I could just watch thousand nine hundred eighties nineties all Japan. Pro Wrestling By me have you tried classics pure eighty three or whatever the YouTube. I haven't I mean I have. I have because my default youtube is is the we watch youtube so when I go into that. It's it's these are the things that suggests but my point is it is kind of like the you know the the convention as opposed to just going in randomly. I I want something sorted in chronological order and is full of things that I wouldn't necessarily watch to begin with is girls. Everything in between mad is making a plea. I'm nine him a google drive with all Japan. I'm not asking for anybody to break the law saying I would love to be able to watch everything that ever happened. In the history of all Japan pro wrestling sounds pretty legal to me. That's you might need. You might need to get on over to I'VE EP. Videos and See what he's got going. Maybe hey vince yeah. Who's your favorite I'm going to have to go with oldest. Come on. He's he was perfect for that match. He's he he. He's a throwback to the eighties for me like just in his is not not as Casey Carbon would say. He's doing macho man impression but just generally how he sort of operates and but he can. He can work a little bit and He's he's holy entertaining. I'm going to go with the money in the bank briefcase holder. Mr Money in the Bank Otis. I like the way you think I'm just GONNA check. Oh Otis as he cooking anything I see. He's got a new story is at Supper Time. It might be is I. If he's on the East Coast stride could be may may eating now. This is from eighteen hours ago matter. Who's your favorite wrestler? Reiki Shoshu I have gotten into all Japan wrestling you son of a bench. I've gotten into the The New Japan Kevin Kelly tapes That yes yes. They are You know he's just doing commentary over classic stuff and gives it a a richer context a More of a historical slant to it. You get to hear what the story is going in. Even you know the story coming out Like I said I watched Hogan and Inoki and I was watching Muto and Ricky Shoshu from ninety four g. One and ninety four and it's just fascinating especially like with the tournament stuff because it's like this is what a the score was at this point. it was a much smaller tournament in those days. Just six guys in each block Ricky chose just he's got shitty little white boots which made me think of our our friend. Roderick running Straw but I don't know I just think I'm I'm going to be going on a ricky. Chose Shoe die excursion. Yes I will be going on excursion. Yes that's what I wanted to ask Meltzer to about like Ricky show shoes excursion in Florida. Dave won't get back to you to get on his collar lists. You need to be able to be one of these people. Talk to on the phone. I gotta I gotTa send a fax you know. Give me a ballot. Send me a ballot. Dave. I earned it all right. We're GONNA find you online at fancier on twitter Vince Dot April instagram and Monday night beers pod on Instagram Adam. Carthy read had instagram twitter. And we've got one patriot patron new patron to say hello to. You're going to get a major shout right now pal and his name is Keith. Egan case he can God Damn God damn also want to thank everybody who's up to their Patriot on participation and we always appreciate it and yes France thank you and we will continue to try to make it worth your wild. We love you and we're going to be doing Did you do you play list yet? I gotTA do mine. Oh no I've got to get on it. Playlist coming friends peace love hope. Stay home stay safe front of the TV watch wrestling late.

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