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Binge Worthy - Netflix's "Making a Murderer" Seasons 1


Bench worthy I am route southgate. Martha. And we have an interesting one today we've been. Making a murder, Netflix! Martin. Uh We've been we've been. Binge brain so. It's first premiered on December eighteenth twenty. Fifteen. And Ten roads, yes. End To be fair. We watched it. Win It air. Right away, so there's GonNa be some some perspective here at will be a slightly different. Yes, written and directed by Laura Say their name so well, but I'm just GONNA which them Laura Recruit Richard Richie already rookie already. I think it's ricky. Already. He already and Moir a demos. Yes. I think that's correct and so what they're doing is they follow the story of Steven Avery from Manitowoc County Wisconsin. He served eighteen years in prison for the wrongful conviction of sexual assault and attempted murder. Okay, then DNA evidence exonerated him. What and He was freed okay. but He was then arrested on murder charges for murdering Theresa, hallback. Now this effort now you know it's interesting because when you watch it when I watched it. And you find this out in the first episode you see this whole thing about how he's been convicted and how he went to jail, and then they let him out and you're going. What is the show about? And then they start like. Really making him like a local hero, the whole state is like holding them up on their shoulders. And then he gets a cute I. DON'T BELIEVE I don't agree with you on that I think these filmmakers. Raking him a local hero know if you remember everybody in the towns were like these people are bad. There's something wrong with people. The state was because the state. They had the Steven Avery Law. Poster boy okay, but not the community he lived in right. Because everybody there is like no. No, this is a bad who have no idea. Whatever reason these women were trying to make him a sympathetic character and make him look like he was just this misunderstood lovely lovely man, and I'm thinking. That was what was crazy about this? So, so we'll flip. Those skirts right away the filmmakers. It was very manipulative. Yes, it was not good. Journal was not factual most of your. Documentary. Yes it should have filmmakers perspective, but it should also be so heavy handed one way. This was very manipulative. Making things that Steven, every was innocent. They did things to to like aluminum, not being innocent. But Allen tell the whole time you're like. They're really pushing that. He's innocent. And if you actually read the court transcripts, and and you read anything else outside of the stuck humanitary. And you dig a little deeper. A lot of what they say is not factual at all, and and it goes against what went on in court, and and what the actual facts are, and that was really hard for me afterwards. Because so that's why we're putting a warning out here. was. Go into it, knowing this is fiction. A lot of this has fictions is a good way to approach it or to at least know you're not getting an unbiased. You're not getting the story because it's not true. It's kind of like watching a what's his name? Michael Moore Film. I liked Michael Moore films, but he goes at it in a very biased way much of what he does is. I'm going to do everything. I can to sway you to my, but you are, is he at least telling the truth about these people? These these women? We're not telling the truth about Henry. They were saying things about the about the evidence that was found. Say were telling different. They were not telling the truth what it muddied a lot of what you're seeing. Because they were definitely trying to to manipulate now. Here's what's interesting. I'm going to add a wrinkle to this. wrinkle away well. After we watched it. It ends, and we both talked about this. You and I as we're watching it. We kept saying they're really pushing that. He's innocent. This is, but we really believed he was innocent. Rates done watching the right, but we start, but by the end by the last episode we were going we, we both said. I feel like they're pushing one way. Yeah, even though we were buying it because we didn't know anything about the. Right. but by the the last episode, and that's why we went upstairs I'll never forget it. You and I went upstairs with pulled up our phones and we started looking for anything. We could about this ask going. Something's nats found out that it was so manipulative wrong, but there were so many things that they blatantly lied about like. They show about certain evidence about certain. Court thing. We read it and you go. That is not at all. What happened the way they portrayed like? The lawyer involvement everything the the public opinion. You're like. Yeah. They were really. That right, but that wrinkle I was gonna add is I went because I'm. A BIG PODCAST fan. I looked up. Under podcasts and I found shows like. I believe one is called closed. The did a series about this where I think that's the one it was. Lawyers there are other ones just look up making murderer, and you will find some really fascinating podcast I one. where it was to lawyers, it might have been undisclosed to lawyers that picked the case apart so they they talked about what the evidence was like. They looked at court documents and everything, and then they talked about. The documentary and they would say yet. They were they were making you believe this. But if you read the court documents, this is what was going on an added a really interesting perspective so I highly recommend checking out the podcast and I will try to figure out which which were maybe my top three that I tried 'em in the show notes, but undisclosed is one that I know. was. That was in the top rated offense. The one I'm thinking of here. So It was filmed over ten years. Yes and the filmmakers moved back and forth from New York to Wisconsin. Interesting that they latched onto this story like this, and it was really weird to me that women in particular would defend him after what he did. Right. It makes it was very, were they? Harder for me. I wonder if they were defending him, or they just chose that as their perspective and they stuck to it. Because then I could women to. Send him knowing what you know. There's no way they didn't know the truth. There's no way they didn't know then why so that to me? I'm having a real hard time. Although all low hold on a second who go for it, it could be. That our interpretation of the them making them innocent. Was Manipulative in and of itself because they knew by the time this came out, and they were editing it down and everything they knew the outcome. Then you the trial, so maybe they were trying to make you. Be They're putting us. We were sitting here going. He's innocent. He's innocent. Then you sit your like our rage, and then afterwards like we don't. We'll take the heat. We'll take the bad press because we're going. Get a season to season. Two could be a completely different season two is. They announced in July of Twenty sixteen. Season Two is going to be all about DASS ES conviction and the appeals all the appeals. There's been a lot of stuff. Yeah, now, Brandon Dancy is is the other part of the story here you Steven, Avery story, which is one that sets nephew. And his his nephew, brandon is convicted as well spoiler. Isn't needed a spoiler nance all over the news, but he has also. He's implicated. We'll say that he implicates himself yeah. Not on purpose he's he's he has he has he has a very? The family as not. They have they have? Low IQ's. And and Just they granted. He was. Interrogated without a as a minor without a parent or a lawyer present, there were a lot of the things that were to happen mishandled as and there were things that these cops did miss handle, but once again the way it's portrayed you is, it's like up. COPS are out to get him or they're just bumbling idiots. And they was one now this and there were. There were big things that they claimed in here. That absolutely not true and so I do I am excited to see his shit, but know that and then watch everything else around research. Listened to the podcast read about it, and then you compare for yourselves because you may get a different take than I, this is what I feel about it. And when we get to the end I have different ways approaching the way we recommend L. K. I really feel that the show is compelling. It's. Interesting as hell. I mean I love watching it. It makes you angry afterwards, but if you really want to get what you should be doing. The real binge recommendation is the podcast has been as you could fly about it because I'll tell you the other thing that did me is it propelled me into all these like crime podcast I never like if it'd be fine out I, listened to some really fun. Ones that you listen. You're like you can tell right away. WHO's manipulating and who isn't once? You get used to listen to this so. It asked, but we'll get there. We'll get to how I WANNA. Recommend this one more weather I do. So. It's ten episodes. And! It's entertaining. That is it's very entertaining, and it's and I feel so terrible the the woman who. According to this, he killed according to the state. He killed was Theresa Hall Bach. Who was tog refer? and it's. I feel so bad for her family I feel bad for for the whole situation. You Watch it and you don't feel like He. They do give you that you really do. Even if he's innocent, they definitely hold that up where you're like. This is a real tragedy. I did I felt for her I learned from her. It was I didn't feel the filmmakers felt for her. Maybe they did I didn't at all, but they he'll for her family. Maybe I was so invested in the show. They are already to me. That that, her family was just. Latching onto the fact that it was him just to get an answer, and that was A. Did, try kind to play around with. The brother. Was I know I do not? In any way that they were kind of the family that they were sympathetic to the family or that they interesting I. Forgot it once again. Because of all the extra stuff I've read or listen to. But. There is a woman who lost her life and this young. Yes. Who had all life over V that story. Is Fascinating when they start picking apart. What. The evidence is forget who did it. It's it's kind of like the OJ trial when you hear the story of. Peace in go! Somebody was in was running down this and they hit their head on the air, conditioner and the gloves, and the this and the debt. You Go. What the? Interest is weird fascinating story. Is it something you love. No, obviously not. Somebody lost their lives, but there is so much there. It's like man. If you saw this movie, you'd think Gosh. They really padded it with a lot of weird things. But this habit. A lot was mishandled. No question, no question lot was mishandled in his first conviction and throughout the other. The other case. I'm not disputing that in any way there was a lot but this, but this documentary documenting mishandled it in my opinion, but. Can I watch it? Separate from the and watch it as entertainment as opposed to news, right, it's almost like watching a movie version like alive movie. A way better now but I mean like where you have the life where you got your fever at go. You know some of this is fall scanners, so bear manipulating you hear you know that's not those are the words that were sadder and here they are using the words, but there are spliced together in ways that you go. Yeah, this guy said this in court, but he's not. Even that's not what was going on. So yet can you look at from an entertainment standpoint because if you do that? It's really great like I was so invested in watching. Yeah, Oh, my Gosh I was too, but then when I read, told the truth. Just tell the truth, I understand why I guess to me, that's IT I. Don't get why right because. The. Story is interesting enough without making stuff up, but it could be that they were simply trying to tell a story and manipulate the audience into an emotional rollercoaster they might be. Instead of documentary, filmmakers a different type of storyteller. But they happened to make a documentary and they might even think they're documentary. INS, but. I don't. Think, they are. I don't know yeah. So I thought it was fun, yes. I was very disappointed afterwards to learn that. That, so much of it was skewed. I really would have enjoyed the experience more like I'd have better feel, and or if or if I, knew going into it. This is based on true events, but it is not. You know or or they'd set up for. This represents our paraffin because you'll see that on certain things this this represents the opinions of the filmmaker I. Go you know what they're trying to manipulate it but I'm okay. I'm I'm here for the ride and truthfully I was there for the right. I just wish that I had known so feel duped at the end, yeah! Listen to podcasts within US and. It's like you can't get enough of it. Watch the show, and then you start listening to that. You can't get enough. It's mazing so more. Are you ready? I WANNA. Hear Yours how I. WanNa do it. Okay, so it's either binge the heck. Were just binged out. There is. Worth the wait. No, what is it worth the watch bench and out space it out? Or don't bother. Okay. Well you want me to go first since I'M GONNA fit one of those categories. Are you too, but Doi- I would say. It's hard for me. I would say binge the heck out of it because it is well-made, it's it is. It is extremely interesting. It's fun to watch. And it's fascinating, but please go into it with your eyes open. No okay. They're telling a story here and then. I'M GONNA. Go get all the facts or get all the facts first and then go binge the heck out of it and see how it matches up. Oh. That's that's when be angle and I might do that and go back and rewatch for season to. Export because it is a edison. And, so I do not want anyone to think that I don't think this is a. Show digit, but then out of it, but young you to understand that there are things that are. Omitted and I, like that way. Okay what I was. GonNa say is binge the hack, but here's why I said it's a little different. I'm saying benched because you're going to enjoy you'RE GONNA WANNA do that. If you if you space it out at all, you're gonNA start looking other things up and it's going to ruin the experience because you're. GonNa know you're being manipulated it at points, so I say get through it. Enjoy it for what it is and then. This is where it really differs. Find those podcasts and binge. The Heck I was painting one of the bedrooms I once again. I think it was undisclosed. Was the one that I was falling into Even if it's not, it's a great podcast. Listen undisclosed. Put I think that was the one and. I listen to like six episodes while I was painting. That Room I. Just was eating them like this is amazing, and it gave me a completely new perspective on the whole story. It was phenomenal I would have not had that experience I not. binged the Netflix show. So, we both say binge. The heck we both have a slightly different approach to it, though and it's What's fascinating is this is completely different approach to idiot shots we've done. So. That's. Further you dont. Excellent follows twitter at SMU. binges. Follow us on facebook where the PODCAST and. Subscribe on patron. We're asking five dollars one tier that you get an extra episode every. If we get enough, you're going to get the twitter binge party. We could do making murderer on twitter finish. Would, that be amazing, imagine effort. Everybody watches it, and we all meet together on my gosh, so find us on Patriot. Binge worry hot hands. That's it we're done. Back to the couch.

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