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Thank you for listening to this podcast one sports net production available on Apple podcast and podcast one wow what a great time of year it is football baseball playoffs hockey and soon the NBA. If you're looking to add some excitement to the game make betty aside dot com your betting partner new members get one hundred percent bonus the wife and children but he's basically chasing them with a Taser I kinda love that actually won incredible so you're twenty three years old this pitcher filters wipers and more quality parts helpful people that's Napa know how know-how participating stores while supplies last minimum three items exclusions college ball coming up on Saturday so a great college football Saturday but I want to get to the story first before we talked to Bruce according to a police report sales on the incident in the home on a reported to police that a man later identified as Jacob James Knicks entered his home through the doggy door the homeowner confront PSI DOT COM and use Promo Code R. E. One oh one and get this limited time one hundred percent bonus offer to make some extra cash remember it's only a game until you the Knicks kicking him once in the face probably a good while by the way when somebody's coming through your doggy door I would highly suggest kick in them in the face police say another man twenty true insider waiting to talk to Bruce here in a matter of moments five games looks like on the slate between ranked teams in Arizona's fall league sounds a little weird you know who knows exactly what was involved well let me tell you what was involved here this is according to a ABC fifteen news has Dago padres right handed pitcher Jacob Knicks arrested and charged with criminal trespassing in Peoria Peoria Rather Arizona this past weekend he's they're playing in the AH Knicks is twenty three years old he's playing in the Arizona folly can you imagine what goes on in the locker room now after he's arrested for trying to an all other major sports also politics reality TV east sports virtually everything try live betting at this is where you can bet on games from start to finish every play why are instant thirty one thousand nine hundred back with from our lovely Elsa Gun does studios here in La County GonNa talk to Bruce Feldman Day and every minute until the end new members get one hundred percent bonus match using Promo Code R. E. One oh one that's double your money to start winning today so once again go to bed a little college football coming up in a minute here Bruce of course rights for the athletic sideline reporter for Fox College Football Games one of the very best in the business he's a uh the homeowner leaned out of the doggy door and deployed his taser striking knicks in the back is a very user friendly interface and mobile site simply play win and get paid pettiest offers betting options for everything but on the NFL NBA NHL boxing what did intense confrontation. This must have been this is home alone this is nuts because I if somebody's in my house and they're Bruce Feldman who's on the line now has never tried to sneak into somebody's house through a dog door bruce UN that that the best thing it never gets old I love that and of course you're an Eugene for Colorado and Oregon tonight on F s one is that correct yes in writing or is it being at the Games on the silent it's been at the Games on the sideline I mean I love all those other things but you know they all kind of go together but just leaving the doggy door I don't know that I'm chasing him I'm like Nardo police on the phone like safe for the time being like let's hide ah I've done some dumb things in my day not that Bruce Feldman who writes for the athletic he's a reporter for Fox has the any poll or anybody talked to he's one of the top two or three guys right now in terms of the running for the Heisman what is it about Lincoln Riley that makes him so effective with Senate three or more items you can fit inside some call that magic other say it's the eighth wonder of the world but whatever it is is the best way to save you twenty percent breaks at the Cotton Bowl I know you've been on Texas since before the season started but but you like Oklahoma in this when according to your most recent column has that changed seven o'clock local time tonight should be often stadium never disciplines all right I'm going to ask you about that game in just a minute but I want to run down some of the some of the key games here between ranked to be I mean college fall every bit if not more when I first started doing this and just to be able to do that you know that's that's the secondary which got lit up by Joe Borough Lsu week two day or really banged up so not only were they really inexperienced now they're really banged up on top of it double podcasts with STU and Bruce out of those three things spruce garner the most joy from is it the podcast is defense right now Lincoln Riley is this quarterback savant you know he's the kind of the latest hot ticket item for really any NFL job but I think it's going to be hard for as terrific as allender is I think it's going to be hard for them to keep up as depleted as they are on to do that and look let's not kid ourselves bakers super talented cuyler super talented jalen hurts really gifted so I mean right now this had it at bat ds I now know why should you buy ninety nine percent Napa bag because it's no ordinary bag it can save you twenty these quarterbacks that he hasn't had for four years that just kind of come in and have this immediate success I think what he's really really good at is he's teams the Red River showdown can't call to shoot at anymore noon on Fox Oklahoma Texas Oklahoma coming in ranked six Texas is eleven that's GonNa be opened including the redskins they talk about Lincoln Riley Baker Mayfield won the heisman trophy he transferred and Kayla. Marie won the heisman trophy he transferred Jalen hurts is tracking three year old Thomas Cosgrove then reached through the doggy door to pull knicks out of the whole like hit out kicking you in the grill the two fled acking and what might work and I think his feel for that and keeping it all relatively simple for his players to go play free I think he's been the best collection of receivers Oklahoma's ever had at least in this in this great run they've been on so I think it all fits together Alabama taken on Texas am does am have a shot being that it's at home they have an eye out for Ariffin feel for play calling and I think people know he has area routes but he's not doing a lot of the same era stuff I think he's got some really that's probably the works for the best eighty and college sports right now and Joe Castiglione would leave that situation to go work for the kind of ownership that the redskins really well and and quite you've seen a team that's playing with a lot of confidence and just I know that the redskins they came up I'd be really stunned up Lincoln Riley assistant coaches around and Bill Bo might get the best offensive line coach in college football he's really good with the run game and I think he in Lincoln are very creative and see them being able to hang with hang with tied for four quarters I think maybe a year from now this matchup will be a little different because to on some of those receivers of begun I think taking somebody's house through the doggy door I mean who knows what what was involved in other could've been could've drinking going on could have been some edibles who knows what was involved but he's all sides of the ball on the line of scrimmage to handle Alabama and stay with them for four quarters I mean you know you're right that is a great group of course good as the one at Alabama in quite some time I mean not as Smith was just bananas against Ole Miss with two hundred seventy four yards and five touchdowns number one ranked it drew a doggy door. That's crazy wow you know I guarantee I guarantee I would I would bet a year salary very much but C. C. West right now you have Justin Jefferson who's who's been fantastic he was a like a low three star guy who's blown up and vinegar a player for them they have Jim all the in your three but right now I just think it's too much of an uphill climb for the aggies so you talk about Jerry Judy Devante Smith Henry Rugs all five star Oh I came up with a couple a couple of lists here okay I want to run by you Ohio State no six Oh seven had San Antonio Homes Ted Ginn Anthony all going off at one time the way it seems like Alabama has retool right now yeah you bring up clemson Sammy Watkins Martavis Bryant out of Humphrey You know what I mean we had we had a couple of weeks ago it was really in Jalen hurts and offenses as been also Texas Emiko this receiving court Alabama right now well I would put the the combination of document for her had at Lsu just with Landry and Odell Beckham undefeated to a four undefeated teams right now in the SEC Florida of course coming off that win over then seventh-ranked Auburn the gator defense is pretty stout ride outside shot. I mean killing a good quarterback and Jimbo Fisher's really but certainly a really good coach I just don't think they're good enough and ready on you're recruits coming out of high school I was racking my brain trying to think of you know just in the last ten fifteen years a better tree art chase is probably be breakout player in the SEC this year and terrorists marsh lose hurt but those guys and terrorist Marshall probably be back in a couple of weeks those guys as as a threesome with in that offense they rivaled outgrew Clemson's loaded You know I was thinking USC had a bunch what it was then it depends on money I don't know if it depends on just his overall happiness there but it looks like he's in a pretty good situation you talk about the receivers at Oklahoma being good I don't know that I've seen a receiving burst has a Jerry Judy's probably the most dynamic after the catch guy they just have a ton of firepower and I you know I just don't Alice all first round picks Miami had Santana Moss and Reggie Wayne and then Andrei king who was a seventh round pick and then Lsu had but older quarterback but no more experiencing contrasts now he's gotta go into an equally hostile environment is much probably maybe more since it's a night game there gene and a half in this game I don't think they are I think Florida's defense is really good now here's why I think the experts have it this way there's here where they had Michael Clayton Debra Henderson in Josh read is there another receiving core you know in recent history that stands out to you that was as diner to me has been one of the more fascinating players in college football loses the job basically to Duane Haskins at Ohio state was a graduate transfer goes to Lsu that were down writer I just don't see him make that kind of business decision at all sometimes the grass isn't always greener I would be surprised as well but you never know it's just it was a big drop off for the next guy guys who played in the NFL What's crazy is as good as this Alabama group is and I mean also in the s and I think that's the challenge and the other factor is kind of back end of of a one two punch meaning they played a big physical this game is last week they had bonex kind of a true freshman non ready to handle the swamp and that defense now it's flipped and you have they're going to have to deal with Lsu's number one ranked scoring offense averaging fifty four points per game though is Lsu two touchdowns better than Florida? They're favored by thirty this was their Andre Hop hop yeah of course now they all over the place it's unbelievable what they've done just does not bode well for Dan Mullen in Florida it's gotTa Situation I'm glad you brought that setup I saw that in your column very interesting stuff there Joe Pearl me there's two big factors that are the first one is this game is at Tiger Stadium at night Florida quarterbacks pile trask very limited experience not lied but a better much better offense and probably equal personnel on defense say for the defensive line part of it and that games on the Klay a ranked team as an underdog and then beat them and then you gotta go on the Road to plan other ranked team that team is one and eleven those games that's why tim very well and now this'll be a big test for them to play Florida this defense but right now he's a legit heisman candidate this is different than any Lsu we have seen in a long long time and he runs the system really well and I think it's there's a lot of NFL concept markedly has not been a great nfl player but you look at how to Great Ron Robert Woods Day have had a really really good receivers but you could throw it think you know a little bit like Sean Payton sorry not just Sean Payton Sean McVeigh with the Rams have guys who have a great perspective on who they are what Clemson had you know you've had some big super athletic receivers bear it's just hard to it's hard to to be honest sometimes these guys blur together on their let. Let's let's visit the SEC for a minute here the eight o'clock game on Saturday on ESPN is seven Florida undefeated at Lsu also road it's at night and when you look back and I saw this summer we talked about on the audible this week and I saw Christopher Eka really from game they bundled up with somebody was really really great there last year but probably a role player when the other guys Kinda role and it's just hard to tie think have them on are pretty amazing stat in the last twelve times a a ranked team has played one of these kind of this dynamic which is these these big passing days it's because of what Joe Brady brought Joe Borough picked it up really really well I think it suits I don't know at on that end if you know there's there's some other guys we're going to be bigger arms but I if I'm when you're looking what he's doing here's the stuff that I know another who plays last year was good not great but nobody in college football this season has made themselves more money than Joe Borough twenty two touchdown passes already pro football focus ah had probably as big a coaching addition as anybody made this year and it was a guy almost nobody knew about Joe Brady who was a at the time is play Lsu and Auburn coming up Bruce Feldman on the phone from Fox sports and the athletic we were talking Florida and Lsu Joe Borough ups I mean he's the guy who probably was looked like as a free agent prospect now I would not be surprised if you became a first round pick somewhere in the first round if you stop pretty well and they love his leadership how competitive he is out smart he is and the last piece of that is in terms of how he picked up they brought own it last week the emotional rush to play Auburn they were an underdog they won the game now they gotta play an even more talented team with the better off and maybe not a benefit guy is the passing game coordinator in the receivers coach and he has changed everything at Lsu and it's all been for the better when you see them hitting the gas and having all the wide receiver coach to make a jump into the head coaching ranks and then a win a couple a national championships at at Florida and Ohio state when your counterparts now at Fox terrific arm like you said he's very smart he's also really athletic I mean he's he moves really well for being two hundred forty pounds. I think that the two areas assimilated as the best quarterback in college football what do you see Joe Borough and do you think that he could be the first quarterback taken that's right yeah I mean he's he's younger than Urban Meyer hairs a lot rhetoric but he is a guy who is he it is not enough in Baton Rouge for what he's done for that for that program certainly as you're on said he's been waiting to change his offense and now he has the pieces in place Bama by the way Emma in Tuscaloosa and that's been the big hurdle for them but so far I mean that guy has been has been a huge like whatever he's getting paid for some time to get those guys those are the three best weapon the other part of it which is a little bit of a wild card with with just a herbert is just demeanor I mean he's he's a brilliant kid I think you just watch the taxes game and just see what's gone on there and it's GonNa be fun to see what happens Tiger Stadium I'm still not sure they can beat out beat album this guy has so much credibility with his teammates 'cause they know how hard he works and how much cares same questions Still to this day about Marcus Mariota six he has the army has the intelligence what have you seen from Justin Herbert could translate into the NFL or he's got he's got it down in the spring and you have all this buzz around him inside the program and I remember writing the story what you get from a lot of people a lot of readers they called Titans preseason games and they still ask those questions about Marcus Eli Manning had those questions coming out throughout his career he went to super bowls Bruce Feldman from the athletic and Fox a cow and they got three of their best receivers back from injury would miss most of the year and those guys are a little rusty so let's see what happens now ninety nine year old he was an assistant with the saints but not even a position coach and he had learned under Joe Moorhead Penn State and then went to go work for Sean Payton that the question I want people are gonNA say hey how come they're not put up even bigger numbers and the pass game and I think one of the key challenges for them is they last week we had them against presence he is not the raw raw kind of personality doesn't mean he can't be a really good NFL quarterback leaves and there have been guys who have not had that Kinda Ultra Alpha personality but he's just you know just a little different Matt regard I mean to be honest Marcus Mariota had similar demeanor tunnel and he hates when people do that on his show at my goodness how could you do that to your own show my friend Dan Halley in the seat for rich go to GEICO DOT com today sorry for all the numbers and in five four three two one amount of time if you're like me vern London set to call the Bucks Panther's game on NFL network on Sunday early London game good way to kick off your Sunday morning we're GonNa take a quick break here and I just think that sometimes because the guy has all the physical tools and there's no off-field character question mark there's people always gonna find some and guys generated a ton of buzz I mean we did a big story on them on the athletic in the offseason eddoes round the head coach at told me they've been raving about this guy so when I went appreciate it my friend I appreciate the time always a pleasure to catch up Dan thank all right talk to you soon have a good call in the game tonight that's Bruce Feldman all the very nice humble kid I think there's some questions about just moving these fair to say questions but I guess just about how much of a commanding it's going to be on the sideline for the Colorado Oregon game tonight on F s one bruce also my neighbor in Manhattan beach thanks for coming on the show bruce much kind of consensus first or second quarterback off the board for the last year or so along with this this guy has all the tools he's six curtail well he's running this system it's funny how that works isn't it you mentioned Joe 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Dan that's a monster game in college football not to rank teams like we've been talking about but still a massive rivalry and notre dame trying to keep their playoff hopes alive in a way Notre Dame's won the last two in this series I think I'll be curious to see how dogs in this game and keen Slovaks back a quarterback to me I I hate to always say it's all about the quarterback but he was true hardman has been fantastic the Marcus Robinson has huge game Sammy Watkins has a big but none none of those guys are tyreek and I think that when you have the element of Rick and Travis Kelsey on the field the same time I don't want to say it makes mahomes different quarterback because I think mahomes Magic Johnson ask in the way that he makes everybody around him SURENA CATCH USC at number nine Notre Dame on direct TV Channel One oh five don't have four K. good at Att Dot Com and now live report rock men with the news or news brought to you by Honda the Honda can I make a move to remove the head football coach as the interim athletic director he'll let the new ad come in and do that the trojans coming off a bye week eleven point let's see comes out clay Helton is going to be the coach the rest of the year the interim athletic director at USC basically said as much you know barring something completely unforeseen he's four K. hd are with lifelike picture quality richer colors and four times the resolution of hd make sure to tune in tomorrow seven thirty p. m. e. okay Daniel teased it talking candidate achieves tyreek hill here he's been out since week one with that clavicle injury he's been limited participant in practice is this weekend to beat Houston I don't think there's any doubt about that I mean listen when we talked about the most electric players in football earlier somebody called in Houston at four one Kansas City the chiefs haven't lost back to back games home since two thousand thirteen they're coming off that disappointing loss to India the last two days and I'll network insider Ian rapoport was on good morning football today said there is optimism that hill could be back this week now I don't need to talk about more about that coming up next segment sneaky good games I'll give you some college best bets but let's get some rest of the news here we'll NFL injury update a similar to like Sam darnold situation feelings one thing but you gotta get the tests and the scans to come back positive gonNA scan the bone make sure it's here properly and see that it's raking coming in relief and kind of you know regress to the mean I guess you could say but I I think they have a shot here to cover I I don't see USC win this one a and said Dionne my opinion is that Patrick Mahomes and one of the reasons that I say Patrick Mahomes is because of tyreek Hill now they've had some other very good receivers who have stepped up better totally agree with that but it makes them a better offense yeah especially saw last week Travis Kelsey kind of silence a little bit and that no India did a good job credit to them awesome things happen there I think this is a really this is a really interesting game too because to me. It's the most dynamic quarterbacks plural for him to be out there obviously having tyreek Hill back adds a much more dangerous dynamic for that kids city offense which I think they're going to need to score a lot yards and three touchdowns every week but they're they're starting to pick up a little steam here and that defense that defense is solid there for Houston three and two I mean it is your drum-shattering I went to a preseason game in Seattle upper deck we were there with my fantasy league we were sitting in football right in Patrick and Shawn Watson and I feel like Houston I thought initially in the AFC south they were on the outside looking in I didn't night we were covering the San Antonio Commanders and another team we're in San Antonio and the backup quarterback for San Antonio had just gone air but arrowheads for whatever reason the way that that stadium is shaped reminds me kind of the old RFK stadium in DC it's just and we go and they were Seattle and Arrowhead one like they were the best in all the loudest stadiums we went is mooch not one of the best human beings you've ever worked with can football the old af that lasted all of eight weeks so I called eight games for the the alliance and mutual my partner for a couple of them the backup quarterback comes in in the flow of the game on the air the backup comes in and says this is the first action that he seen since his tain remarkable insane crazy madden stats I've ever heard so I gotta think they bounce back pretty strong this week well there's had you been next to each other couldn't hear the conference you couldn't have a conversation because it was so funny because there are certain stadiums you expect they were as good as you know the titans and the colts when the coal tad Andrew lucked but You add the element of of will fuller certainly is not going to go off for two hundred seventeen ah great to be on the field with to do you want because he knows everybody you WanNa hear one of my favorite stories do it so from the the the alliance of on Ben Married and he didn't go on his honeymoon because it was a season but he couldn't change the date of the wedding the alliance was like here and gone and five seconds so like why would you move your wedding he called it a major injury after he sat out yesterday's practice declined to speculate when he might be healthy enough to return toll the packers website jeff so but he'd been married for two and a half three weeks or so the starting quarterback for San Antonio goes down we have time that's bad news for packers fans fantasy owners course Monday night big matchup in the NFC north packers lions Monday night when you think about that it'll earlier than he should have he's the only first time head coach who's having success this year he's figured it out and they're doing it on Defense Czyz area Smith and Preston hear US laughing hysterically and neither one of us know really what to say like I don't know how do you follow it up and he just looks at me like like hands in the air like what did you say that I see them right in the ship yeah also last game woes point total Patrick mahomes career never scored west and twenty seven in a game which one to be loud and they're not really that loud MUCCI and I used to go on the field and do an take my meter out you're such a namedrop yeah he had a couple of good years there but this is by far the best that I've seen play and Aaron Rodgers has been fine the offense has been fine you know we had saw earned Jones light it up for a game outta shutting that element of the game down helped mahomes got a little banged up on the ankle on a limited his mobility he's a different quarterback what he's able to get out of the pocket and kind of me just trying to get into a pace at this point can't really tell you when I'm going to play I know it doesn't feel how I wanted to feel at the moment but we definitely this guys who a lot will say hey because of his relationship with mcvay and his experience on staff with McVeigh in College Shanahan he got this job maybe Smith have combined for ten and a half sacks this season I press in Smith I don't know if he had ten and a half sacks in his entire time with the redskins I'm speaking tonight and I look at like wow man I hope not and he looks at me with this classic Mitch Phase We're both hitting like the cough button I don't think if you extrapolate this out you know over time that this is going to be an eleven twelve wind green bay team but you know they could be a ten when team that gets into the playoffs and game I'm really curious to see what they can do here without the vaunted listen this offense hasn't been lighting up the scoreboard this this is a defensive driven team thus far in the season huge matt leflore fan got the norm a little bit when he was with the titans for that single season and he's breeze a quarterback and if teddy can hold down the fort for another three weeks or so I can see New Orleans really firing on all cylinders I think the eagles are getting healthier and better slowly but surely the back end of that defense they're going to have four if not five corners out this week I feel like it's the same story we've been talking about for the last I'm still not a buyer there but that is not the NFC west is that not the most interesting division football right now most interesting most competitive best I mean just think little the wrong question question so no another star player dealing with an injury Davante Adams packers wide receiver dealing with that turf toe seasons with Philadelphia the back into that defense just not being up to snuff they obviously found a way to get it done a couple of years ago in the Super Bowl the staying power me is the biggest question about Seattle Russell has been shouldering the load there that defense has been playing relatively well Chris Carson has had his moments Have you been to know did the game at Arrowhead there is that's the loudest place in the NFL to me there's no place out in Seattle when you think of Aaron Rodgers and the packers offense but I think that really bodes well for them the fact that they're form one and the offense hasn't really caught it yet maybe they haven't needed to because the defense of the run from the quarterback position it makes David Johnson better it makes Christian Kirk better it makes it entire offense better I I he doesn't want to take the punishment he smart enough to know what happens when these quarterbacks do run on a regular basis but if you just have the threat has played well or who they've played but Detroit coming into one Green Bay at foreign one I

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