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When deciding how and when to safely return to the workplace you need to be informed. That's why IBM Watson helps. You prioritize employee safety with Watson works a set of a infused capabilities. Let's put smart to work visit IBM DOT COM Slash Watson works to learn more. Tried passionate patron tree of college football leaves here. The, Paul Finebaum show our four podcast. We welcome you back and you heard many people talk about. Returning to play safely and we've by all accounts The medical experts have seriously disagreed You heard Bruce Feldman about an hour go talk about how most of the coaches have not all in the PAC twelve after hearing medical presentation agreed the big ten has been more muddled. But what about in the SEC we've not heard a lot of other than. anecdotally but we have some information now coming to US courtesy of the athletic Josh Kendall is quoting. Dr Catherine O'Neill WHO's an infectious disease expert and she's an assistant professor. At Lsu Health Science Center and she said I would say we have seen enough to develop a safe plan they meeting the big ten in the pack twelve have not even even ID doctors or competitive apparently our plan was earlier our plan was based on an experience that they had they had not yet done and we implemented that plan faster than they did for that reason so we could prepare for this. So we feel confident in our plan I. Think our football teams can absolutely get through this I. Think our athletic departments can absolutely get through this I worry about our community and outside forces that we can't control. So some very interesting comments again, that is one doctor she is on the Medical Task Force I'm sure the big ten duckers. Don't appreciate that. But that was that was those were fighting words there from the dock we are going to continue. With more of your phone calls at eight, five, five, two, four, two, seven, two, eight, five, and Logan. You know what I excuse me Logan you know what? I got got from that doctor that. The coaches are competitive and even the doctors are saying we're better than you are good afternoon. Hey Paul how are you doing today? Okay. I'm loving it man I I. Hope we keep getting some good positives, information I just I augie Kaunda trigger, something a memory in my mind I wanted to If I have a few minutes recount a story of a former se coach that I met once in a weird place. He were my friend a couple of friends of ours. We're going up to a pearl jam show in Atlanta. We used to live down in South Alabama. So we went up. And we went to the show. and. As we were to back down, we stopped at a gas station I don't for whatever reason maybe to get some gas or whatever but I, remember walking in seeing this really nice towncar. Pull up beside us. And Out of the Corner Ma I see this guy that looks just like Terry ballot and now this was in two thousand. So. You know I'm an Alabama Fan. So I hated Terry about you know I despise them, and so I'm thinking like what what is he doing here? And So we walk in there and go get whatever we wanted to buy, and we get into line and My friend Scott's standing behind me in line and Terry Bowden walks up. Beside him and. He's complaining that they don't have the rotisserie hotdogs. You know like those There's really nasty things you buy and the gas stations he's like complaining about them not having. So I'm sitting there thinking like is this really Terry Bowden I can't believe this. You know this is weird. It's probably like Eleven o'clock at night. And so always said, you know I would give them a piece of my mind I've ever met him. But Paul I chickened out man I didn't say anything to him. You know who he was. My friend Scott. Turns around and ask him he goes hey. Are you Terry Bowden former coach of Auburn divers. When he gets yes, I am. and. He's like, what are you up to nowadays man? He's like I got this great job in New York. City. I'm driving up there right now. To. Be a host of some show. And I just thought it was the weirdest thing the most surreal. This pandemic when this pandemic ends and we can get together I will entertain you for hours with material Algan stories that will. Make your hair stand. Okay. I can imagine. I once. Was About a month into a project about writing a an expose on his tenure at Auburn There was a New York publisher that wants to do it and I was pretty a month into a project and I finally gave up onto because it was going to create some much. Litigation that I didn't really want to spend the rest of my career fighting the Bowden family but but anyway, you brought back some. Some great memories. Zach is up next. Another North Carolina call. We've been heavy in the tar heel state today. Hello. Zack. Hey Paul thanks Michael, how you doing thank you. I just wanted to say I have to listen to to podcasts them away home from work. So I'm usually about two hours behind Now I WANNA say I do fully understand the seriousness of what's going on but. I love the football part of this show. So we'll try to bring a little fun back to it. if GM is so upset about the bulldogs coming into custody Lusa he you know the first game of the season he doesn't have to you know risk a hundred thousand dollars on just send the season down I understand that. I'm not sure I understand it either but it's just one of those situations where there is no really easy explanation sack. We'll come back to that I. Don't know if he's going to back out hundred thousand dollar up to thank you for the call I really do appreciate it. We want to bring a guest on now Pat Dooley from the Gainesville Sun and talk about where we are in maybe where we're going pat thank you appreciate the time as always So where are we? What's going on down there? I wanted to get in on that one, hundred, thousand dollars that I tell you that when I heard that I was like, Oh, I, Wanna I wanNA piece of that. Yeah. Now I'll give you I'll give you mine. Yeah. it's pretty funny stuff but that's that's Jim you know. So give us a the read from Gainesville on what's been going on and and your level of confidence at the SEC is going to pull this off. Well you know it's funny. Paulo here we are It's the Friday before Florida's to open can't Monday and we Had almost no communications from the University of Florida sports information or anybody they have not There I I get the feeling like on wait see what what's going to happen before they send I. Am any information so I look every. As you know. Paul. Every minute it goes by never change your mind. I don't know if they're gonNA play I. Think they might I don't know if I think there might. It's crazy and it's almost like You Know Watson the it's almost like an election night. You're going back and forth but. I don't I don't have any more competence it, but I still think it could happen Go Forward I. Mean I do think you know today that the high schools here in the state of Florida sites they will play up for some reason didn't push back. When they're gonNA start. So. That makes no sense to me at all I do understand how it's important for them now to play. But for the mental health part of it, I think it is a few factor for. teenage young boys, and girls. So I'm glad they are playing If they feel like they can safely do let's face it. The Protocols that Florida Has Georgia has an Alabama has are much more stringent than what they have in high school. What what? I. Understand your skepticism I think anyone who's absolutely confident. This is going to happen. There they are welcome to go to Vegas, but what would be your biggest concerns in spite of everything we've heard. Well, my number one concern is that something really bad happens and I mean nobody wants to happen in rooting against it for only the reason I'll be football player, but it's something really bad where you saw layer players suffer A. Really bad situation or death I mean that's the thing to me that I think that scared off. The PAC ten and the fancy the I'm sorry the PAC twelve I keep getting confused on that because. Of the numbers but The PAC twelve, which is robin of course, the Batman that is big ten and I think they were just like we're not gonNA take any liability. We don't want any liabilities which I I understand that part of. But that one thing that like I think that the SEC. Has has got a lot of good information they feel like they can handle the fire card itis. we saw that come out today. They. Feel like they can handle. The issue is not like this. is a disease it was invented though the heart disease was just uninventive. If you get model, you can get that. But at the same time, it's something severe happens the optics of it just going to be really bad. So You know that's why I I've just not totally optimistic. they're gonNA play on just I I. Hope they are. Here for for. I just hope they're gonNA they get it better than we do. Paul you know none of us has Munson information as any commissioner. In. College Football Office or any Athletic Director Count Football. We're reading what we see on twitter where reading what we see on fire. we just we have. No idea. What is really going on? I think they would help to be a little more transparent about it but I. I. Wonder to just read a one one. Doctor in La Shoe but. I. I think we're both probably in the same boat here I. Mean I'm now to the point. Where I'm I'm skeptical of every doctor here because I want neutral doctors I don't want conference. Provided experts to you. Now but you know what? That's. That's what again shows the lack of leadership and countless football right now. Five months ago, four months ago three months ago two months ago. There should have been a committee put together of the best. people that understand what wh- where we are. While reports with. the NC Double A. and tell them. Here's where we are. Here's what we think we are. Going to happen instead of like, Hey, it's almost like you're in trial remember the movie The verdict journey when he when he when he gets that guy up there and he tells them. I was yeah. Yeah. Why was? She had been admitted. With food on her stomach and then he was discredited near like that's that feels like what it is. You know so We just need to kind of I. Think Again, bit grade we just had a a group together that really knew what they were doing. And they were all the same page. We're going to do on that, but that's not the way college football or yes, we're we're not. We're not having media days. Well, why don't we have a media days with about twenty doctors because frankly it's more interesting listening to them than it is to the coaches at the moment. Yeah, we could bring in Dr Foulkes you've just for. Comic relief at some point but. Yeah, it's almost like it's like the five family you know I mean. What is what is done Say What is done Offered say you know? Well, he's got his. Who says this so it it it's crazy. It's really I probably have had to many movie references already before I'm curious. Oh, just to the rivalries. Now know the big ten in the pack twelve down. These three rather strange dance partners and they all need each other right. Now you live in a state where there there are a number of ACC schools as well. What's it like down there? Yeah well. We also I think everybody was kind of on the needles when the big twelve is making this decision because if they say, no, it's done. We're not they're not gonNA play when just two teams. And the sue conferences. So I think a lot of kind of wait for that and then you went. Okay. Three three teams up and then what was interesting to me Paul Maybe I mis read the story. But the College Football Playoff Committee came out today at where Meek on the several twentieth we're playing or we're considering you for the playoff and I'm like well, then you can count that. This. Isn't like Alabama claiming the eighteen thirty, four national championship because of life magazine. To them this is this you. You can campus national championship nobody's GonNa Complain. Totally Agree I. If we ever Season Championship is going to count POW, we will continue our conversations. It's always a really good to hear from you stay well and. Who knows where we made it through another week? That's all I know. We kept the story alive. That's right. We're still we're still in the game that's all the they. Thanks Pat. That's about it I. Mean if you do we all do and I include all the fans in this with us because we are traveling down the street down the ocean and in the same boat, you just want to keep this thing going you don't want to see it in like It is right now in the big ten in the pack twelve, we will come back and get your reaction to all of that you're listening to the Paul Finebaum. Show podcast. Welcome back to the program and let's go to Arkansas next and Felicia is on the air. Hello Felicia. Good, we talked to you I wanNA listen so much take a pair of headphones and you know not really cell phone savvy. So those were those big noise cancelling. Headphones that people use when they're working on heavy duty equipment I'm sure we'll. We'll thank you I'm glad you've made the move I've enjoyed very much what you've been going on for the past three months. In fact, I looked online to see what radio awards there are for commentators to see I couldn't help nominate you for something that is in. Sports Talk Radio. Thank you. March. One of the things just quickly that the people are complaining that some people scandals with the East West combination harder than others. The decision compares very nicely. March madness the number one team, the sixteen. and he goes eight, nine, four and thirteen. So that's why you know Arkansas has probably the worst schedule of ever in. The country. But this quickly on the couple of things as far as The athletes forty two to have more of an employee contract I. Think this is a good time to argue that they would have workmen's comp. You know for something that would progress over in life. I think that's something that would be right now good argument for them to make their point to look at a case for that. As far as something I haven't heard. And As a people talk about is the this boyfriend girlfriend thing when somebody gets on campus I mean I remember how hard it was to To have a crush and make an effort to see someone. I don't know when how long these guys have been Butler winners the last time they saw you know they're the personnel dating or engaged to central, and you know how are they gonNA burst the bubble the season once they hit can't well for first of all Felicia let me explain the they're they're not in a bubble I mean they they have been self-contained during voluntary workouts but we saw. Countless incidents back in June Zenit Alabama at Lsu were players went to parties went to bars and I mean, very few schools have acknowledged this and you know they're telling us now that their numbers are really good but they're not going back to the beginning and tell us how many contracted at early on and and that's that's most important as you. From from how are they dealing with it versus you know are they going to infect anyone else once you've had it There's a reasonable reasonably good feeling that you're not going to get it again anytime soon, but that's not guarantee either. Now. I listen to the conversation. You had I think Dr Alan and appreciate it much things had say I can't compete with any of his T. The ticks but I think Lot of that stuff is to seeing detail on what's going to be the issues coming up. You know I wanted to bring up when we discussing earlier today. If the SEC versus that she teams that aren't playing especially the big ten. Yeah. If the SEC continued the whole season and no students those athletes or not Eligible to have in second season, such that SEC schools power I love with the players Then sec is going to have more room for other athletes that come in and certainly that is a carrot to asked him to come in. But I definitely I if I could dominate you for in a war I get to it but for the most part outsourcing searching, I can't find what? Organization or association makes US domination but I'm enjoyed your. Thank you. I thank you very much for the thought. I'm I'm more than happy just to accept your nomination and. Que Sera I be well, thank you very much about Felicia. About. We? Will. Continue Dylan is up next in Georgia, Dylan? Thanks great to have you on. Hey. Paul, how are you today we're doing well, how are you? I'm good I'm a first time caller. Really appreciate you taking my call the legend man. Thank you thank you. Well I. Am a a high school track and cross country coach in Georgia at a in the biggest school system. And in Georgia I just wanted to Talk with you and get your opinion on what you think about high school sports right now you know my concern You know at Sports, whatever I I WANNA see Sports, happen I. I definitely want college football and pro sports but I look around these high schools and at our own practices on our campus and. I'm looking around and and I see. You know I see sports being played and and you know as you know most sports, it's pretty hard to. socially distance and and stay safe. You know and my concern is the lack of testing. You know these high schools they don't have. The ability to test? No, you know That, they don't have the ability to test and I feel like the only way you're GonNa know if you have a spread. Is, when somebody gets sick you know what wildwood a high school or go get tested. No. DOUBT DYLAN I'll make it's quick but I have great concern for high schools right now for that reason and and I don't need to tell you. You're you're in high school but I think there I'll be careful how I put this book. There are a lot of great people in high school athletics but I think you know what I think. You know what I'm trying not to say. There can be a little bit of the mentality in Highschool as well as college that that concerns me a little bit toward dealing with this correctly and and and the fact that they're just not equipped and it's also uneven. We had a young man on earlier who covers high school football and South Carolina in South Carolina. They're playing high school football. In in bordering North Carolina, there are not in Georgia, Alabama, and Florida of course, they are and and there's some political reasons probably for that as well. I I, just a please stay in touch with us. I'm really interested I'm fascinated by the by the dilemma that high school coaches are going through right now because I it is probably You know the idea of of what you're doing and what your colleagues are doing trying to manage players without really depending on where you are with very many resources. Pretty scary. What we have a race with seven hundred kids tomorrow. So I can let you know how that goes. Well we'll. We'll I I love track and field to watch it. When I was younger, I was the slowest person on every team but Dylan. Call us back and let us know how it's going We're thinking of you and look forward to chatting again. You gotTa Paul appreciate it. Thank you very much and that goes for all high school coaches out there i. think it's There's you know we have obsessed over these programs that hundred two, hundred, million, dollar budgets talk about a high school in Georgia or South Carolina Mississippi I mean they they had some real challenges on their hands. We will take a break on this Friday afternoon. You're listening to the Paul Finebaum show podcast. Welcome back Tom is up, next and Georgia's we, race. The finish line here on a Friday afternoon. Hey Tom Paul finebaum long time listener first-time caller. Hey. You Guy yesterday I think his name was GM I'm not sure about that. But it was towards the end of the program. He was talking about, how do you need to gear your shore more back toward entertainment and I'm not I'm not calling to complain at all but something that I would love to see every school in the SEC has their favorite announcer. I'm Georgia. So Larry Months and WHO's obviously mind it would be fun if you had a day dedicated to. Whatever tames best announcer and had people from those from the schools call in and give their memories and maybe play clips or things like that because if you did something like that for Larry Month and I would love it. Yeah. Well, let me tell you a little secret Tom. We've got a whole About three months of those shows plan, but we hope we don't have to do it. Well if, we're going to be. Voluntarily submit ourselves scam dimic who might as well you know I? I will tell you this is you know we we fully expect to get to the first game and have a college football season in the event we don't. We are never going to mention covert again on this program and we're just GonNa have fun for the next four months of the season and act like it's going on because so we will definitely and and and looking forward very much to. Okay thanks for the call really do appreciate it. we got a headline here on the program that we wanNA share with you. I realized somebody you're listening on the radio and we will read it to we will read it to you but this is from the San Antonio, express-news, Angler reels in a fifty three pound Warsaw Grouper Important Arkansas, some of you are saying, why in the world are you sharing that? Well in this conversation yesterday about how to makes his show better the next caller suggested US talking about fishing on this program will everybody has a fish story Paul I mean here everybody. So I'm just I'm just trying to I was just trying to think of things topics that might. Make the show flow. You know what I mean. But Harry brother Frisch h thing about that. But what what is the Marconi Award Ryan for you guys have you ever one one of those. Squad, I never won the war. It's a, it's a, it's a huge I have never won anything so. I mean she was trying to nominate you. Matt wide a few months ago. The Marconi I don't know if he's Received it yet or not? Yeah. Dale. I. When it comes to the television and radio business I I am like Oh for my career. Time here but the reason I called in. I realize it's election year and I realized you know you media guys in politicians y'all are create new rules everyday but who determined That universities are now responsible for this virus, I? mean. where? Who who determined that in the first place? Well no one did universities did what everyone else did back in March and they shut down and then they started talking about how can they safely reopen and that's where we are right now. So now they're responsible do stupid catches as. of where the student catches, it sounds like they're not. They're not responsible for that they are doing everything they can to. Help mitigate the issue but But Yeah if you have serious student outbreaks on Mississippi or Mississippi. State's campus it will have an it will have an adverse effect on everything else. Or any other sicknesses. Be covered in the future now. Squirrel I think we've had this conversation. Really excited about having it again on a Friday night, but you're Fr- feel free to pontificate. Okay. A little. Man, sometimes, it's sometimes the conversation just never changes even with. Scott is up next. In New Mexico Hey Scott go right ahead. Amazing Paul thanks for taking my call I'm a maximal strop was found of course being out here in New Mexico and it was canceled I. Knew it was coming like the big ten was they act like they're not gonNA. But of course, they capsule it my Go-to Sports Networks now are ACC network and the SEC because you play the Great College reruns a great football. And I guess the American Classic Conferences, Plan Ball this year too, and I, suggest we promote them a little bit and say they're part of the big four and we could have a playoff it's built in. Now we have their champion played the least best of the other three. Then after that, we have our champion what do you think? I think it's I think it's a fantastic idea. Glad to hear from me from New Mexico, David is up next in Florida Hey, David? Good afternoon code try bomb always a pleasure I'm a retired sports writer even crossed swords with one time imprinting many many years ago. Be Happy Relate that recently it's time committing but genius is not a problem to me because I am retired but every now and then I feel like I better call. Paul. And my preferred way of consuming your show is to record it. So I can listen to you and most of your guests and. By the way I I don't know I don't know if we provide the this program is pretty available. These days I think we replay it to other times for those who It's on in the evening and then it's on again early in the morning I know I've seen it In the morning But Yeah, I'm glad you do recorded that way. You can just get through some of the the Squirrelly like just have. I don't think squirrel can spell woke much less. Discuss many considerable fashion but anyway, I'm amazed You're probably too many epidemiologists like to call your show and give their expert opinion. Noticed you added number of cardiologists to the peanut gallery this week. So it's all good But David you appreciated the one. The one part of medicine that we have failed to include is the one I need desperately right now and that is psychiatry. Well there's a mental health aspect of this whole thing that's for sure I. I'd like to suggest to you that many many many many years from now when you're no longer with us like you know suffer the fact that we all will one day that you considered for your team. The words we just don't know. Of How by the way David How long did you? Participate in that. dastardly business called sports writer. I I was in the newspaper business for twenty five years, and then spent the last five ten years of my life for ten years working career high school math teacher. But I was in Birmingham covering the Sunbelt Basketball Tournament missiles in one, thousand, nine, hundred, ninety, and goodness I know exactly what you're going to say here. You wrote a column that. You're asked the conference in UAB's participation in it. Ryan I came back the next day with a couple of MAG remarks myself about. Well, that was really unnecessary. You know make us all feel welcome here but. I I. I will tell you I remember that call well and It was There was no reason to do it. I don't know what my my my psychological issues were back then but I, just seem to. Seem bent on. Making myself the antithesis of the head of the Chamber Commerce. You I think he succeeded that that mission at that point anyway I'm sure you're all. Aware that we're not just as he sees fans were college football fan and you know the season already been greatly diminished by by what's happened and I don't see any out being real satisfying. Regardless of what happens like you are I'm I'm absolutely convinced the ACC and as he seemed big twelve or going to find a way to start. And you know no fans or whatever. They're gonNA START I just truly hope it doesn't blow up in their faces but you know we just don't know we'll see. Well David. They know. The calculated risk and the only reason I say, no, that is that they haven't had to make. It's one thing to say we're going to play. It's another thing to try it out your favorite epidemiologist to say whatever makes your conference look good. It's another thing that go through it, and that final turn is going to be the most difficult I. Frankly don't think it's that difficult to do what they're doing now it's what I would do and I think perhaps you would be doing the same thing but when they make that on September twenty, September? Nineteenth when they they say okay, we're. We're we're having a game following Saturday. That's when it gets really interesting. absolutely you know what? The protocol, the what happens You know you're starting quarterback test positive on Wednesday with them, and this is all kinds of scenarios that it'd be worked out. But I hope I truly hope they make it through and to listen great to great to talk to you and hope to talk again soon. To listening to the Paul Finebaum. Show podcast. Well we made it to the end of the week. Appreciate you being a part of the show we will see you on Monday. Thank you for listening to the Paul Finebaum show podcast. The Paul Finebaum show airs, weekdays on the SEC network beginning at three eastern.

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