Day 207 (Isaiah 40-43) - Year 2


Hey Bible readers I'm barely Kabul and I'm your host for the Bible Recap. In the first thirty nine chapters of Isaiah, we've read his prediction of Jerusalem's fall to Babylon. Which happened approximately one hundred years after he wrote those words, and we'll read more about that time in other books, but before all that takes place Isaiah also prophecies of a hope beyond that of future restoration post exile in Babylon we see this starting to unfold in chapter forty where he speaks to the future generations. In chapter forty. We see the end of Israel's exile. They've been brought back in and God is comforting them in forty eight is as remind Israel that, even though God's creation passes away. God's word itself will stand. He is movable. One of the primary points of chapter forty is that God is worthy of worship and sovereign over all things. Versus sixteen through seventeen point out that if we were to offer all his creation up to him as an offering, it would still fall short of praising him as much as he deserves. But Israel still struggles with trusting in praising God both the rich, and the poor among Israel, build idols, and the people, Still Fall into sin and entitlement. They. act like God can't see their actions and their hearts, and he's being mean to them. So. Isaiah calls them to be servants of Ya to turn to him, but instead just like they did in the wilderness. They complain and accused guide. They looked to the gods of Babylon. Just like their forefathers in the wilderness looked to the gods of Egypt once again. They're missing. The point that y'all way has rescued them. That rescued does lead them through tough times. It's not all a bed of roses, but Israel can't see the big picture. I say it encourages them to trust God because God is doing things. They can't possibly understand and got US capable of more than they can imagine. He tells them to wait or God. Because God himself will renew their strength as they wait for him. The word wait here is the Hebrew Word Kabbah which means to bind together to be joined to meet to expect to be competent trust endure. So if we were to read Verse Forty Thirty, one with all those definitions included. It would say those who are bound together with the Lord joined with the Lord. Who Me with the Lord who confidently expect and trust and endure will renew their strength. The picture painted. Here is more than just waiting on God like you're waiting on her uber to arrive. It's being united with him knowing him trusting his character. When we live in that space, he strengthens us for whatever enduring. In chapter. Forty, one, we encounter some prophecies that point to a king named Cyrus. He's a leader. God raises it from the East, according to verse to from the North According to Verse Twenty Five. Cyrus actually the leader of the Persian empire which eventually destroys Babylon. In Layman's terms Cyrus is the bully that beats up the bully that beats up Israel. And even though Cyrus is not a god, fearing king is still God's servant, and that he serves God's purposes. We'll read more Cyrus tomorrow. Throughout Chapter Forty One god reminds us people that he is with them. which is all they need for the covering? We talked about in chapter forty, and because he's in charge of things, you tells us people three times in this chapter, not to fear. In fact, this is a big theme throughout scripture, the called not to fear shows up three, hundred, sixty, six throughout the Bible one for every day even leap years. God promises to provide for and protect his people which should set their hearts at. And those who don't believe him are the ones who will fall prey to worshipping idols, because if they perceive an absence of God's protection and provisioned. They'll seek it elsewhere. God says not only are the idols themselves worthless, but those who worship them are an abomination. In chapter, forty two. We step into a prophecy of Christ God refuses to give up on his people. God says he'll be compassionate and gentle toward Israel I to puts it this way. A bruised reed. He will not break. And if you've ever felt like a bruised reed. He is compassionate and gentle toward you. In this chapter, he continues to walk out his plan for restoration. It's clear that Israel cannot adequately be God's servant as Isaiah has begged them to be so it's a good thing. Got Has provided a true servant who will fulfil his mission. This servant will restore Israel to God himself and serve as a light to the nations. Chapter forty three is stunning. God opens by reminding them again to fear not and not just because hey, everything's gonna be fine, but because they belong to him. In fact, he says they will go through trials. One of the trials of something they've already seen him. Bring them through. They pass through the waters and were not overwhelmed. Remember that. And, another one of the trial system is something. They haven't seen him do yet, but he will. It happens in the Babylonian exile here it is in verse two. It says when you walk through the fire, you shall not be burned. The flame shall not consume you. That happens will read about whom we get to the book of Daniel, so stay tuned. It makes Tony Robbins Co walking experience. Look like child's play. According to versus ten and eleven God going to do all these miraculous things, because he chose Israel to know and believe and understand who he is, the only savior, the only one not one of many. He calls them to forget the things of the past just as he has forgotten their sins previously, he spent a lot of time telling them to remember so, why is he telling them to forget now? Burst the two things they seem to be remembering and dwelling on their years in exile, for which they blame God and the days when Israel was powerful and prominent. Both of those memories caused them to forget the one thing he does want them to remember who he is to them. So he says to forget those things, because he's doing something all together different this time around. And despite their sin, and their lack of offerings and sacrifices, e will still make away to block out their sins for his own sake. Where did you see your God today? Mine was forty, one eight where he called Israel. His Servant Jacob, his chosen and. His friend. I remember Israel Sin and rebellion yet. They're still serving his purposes I remember Jacobs manipulation to get the blessing I remember him wrestling with God and yet he was God's chosen. And I remember, Abraham. I remember his faith and his doubts. I remember his little lies to preserve his own life. And I remember how he tried to fulfill God's promises instead of waiting on God's timing. Yet God still call him friend. There are no perfect people for God to us. We're all. He's got broken from the start. But he has written us into his story, and he blots out our sins for his own sake. Not just ours, but his own. What an incredible God and father. He's wear the joy it's. The Trinity is one of the most foundational truths of our faith. It can be really confusing, though and if we aren't careful. We ended up putting the three persons of the trinity in a Blender, and mixing them all up together as though they're the same. While God, the Father God the Son and God. The spirit are one, and they are unified in their will and purpose. They're also distinct. Distinct in their roles. We built a PDF that talks more about the roles of the persons of the Trinity using examples and Scriptures and would love to share that with you. If you want to get this pdf for free, all you have to do is go to the Bible recap. Dot Com forward slash trinity and submit your email address. That's the Bible RECAP DOT COM forward. Slash Trinity. The Bible recap is brought to you by. Discipleship, Bible, study groups that meet in homes and churches around the world each week.

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