GSMC Television Podcast Episode 89: Berlin Station, Boomerang & Future Man


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You're listening to GSM sees television podcast. She captain, Keith speaking and Dak. So today's podcast episode got three TV shows for this week when try to get back up to three again a Berlin station. Bouma rain and future, man. So we'll start off with boomerang. So let's get to it. So it's not going to be so continue their story from the nineteen ninety two American romantic comedy film following the lives of Jacqueline Boyer, son and Marcus Angela Graham's daughter as they try to step are their parents shadows and make a legacy of their own. So and give you the cast. That's basically this is like a sequel to the classic nineteen ninety two film boomerang which start Eddie Murphy as player who. He he's eleven leave the ladies until eventually he met up with. Halle berry. So and how bear is actually an executive producer on this show, which is very cool. So let's say let me tell you about the cast. All right. So to Tanna Arctic Tony Jackson place some own Graham. Why is it car the parks Simone grant, which means she is the daughter of Eddie Murphy, how their character from the film to quantum bitch stars as the chiming Bryson broiler, who's the son Robin Gibbons character from the Moran, film and LA Milan. Plays tear read, so and Jisi place. Shaina Taytay Hawkins. Okay. So basically. To Quan excuse me to quench miscarriage. Bryson Boyer Breyer excuse me. Who plays Robin givens son from the film? He works with Simone Graham, who are like I said, it's eighty Murphy Highbury, something from the movie believe his name was mouse grandmother show. And so basically they work for his for the agency so Simone is working there with with Bryson. And her aunt is one of the directors for the commercials. So I watched the first episode yesterday. I was pleasantly surprised so basically this is this is show about black money else. Trying to make their way through. Life being professional being taken seriously living loving in all the humor's and sad and intriguing things in the middle. So basically Simone's character panettone Jackson is spoiled. You know, she's she's never really had to do too much. She wants independence, but doesn't necessarily know how to go about getting it not really enjoying working for this company the opening scene from the first episode. You see there's like his nineties theme commercial going on. And Bryson Simone are talking to each other. And they're like this is older than us than feeling it at all the one the male character has like this high top faith in the nineties. And so, you know, they're talking and they're still watching what's going on. And then at one point in the commercial. Because the. The guy who's talking to the star skin black female. He's wrapping with they're trying to you know, to get with her some point allies, Kim black my walks by the he basically blows off the skin black woman, and when Simone who's talking to Bryson Caesar on the set, she yells cut get into an argument with her aunt. She's like there's no way that that's going to fly. You have a black man. Basically this respecting overlooking dusk and black hole for lice black woman. She's like black Twitter where each you alive, and her honest, like don't care, not even worried about it. So basically Simone decides to quit at that point. She's like, you know, I talked to everything he knows. And then some. Oh, wise and your name on the door then. So I don't get along and smells like, you know, that's gonna quit like you have to put that in writing because. No, I don't. So then Tomasz father calls, and then Simone doesn't pick up the phone. So then Bryson still there working. And you know, he wants to be taken seriously. He wants to shot to do something at the ad agency. And smells like, yeah. I'm not going back. I wanna do something in my own shifts. So she has to figure out what that is she talks to. Bryson briefly she still doesn't know what she's going do price though. She doesn't want to leave because you know, he he he wants to he looks up to Simone's father. He wants to be like swells father. But smells like is not always cracked up to be. So she definitely has like daddy issues going on. But she definitely is like a spoiled rich girl who wants to be independent, but it's not quite sure how to do it. And Bryson definitely has something to prove. But he's still not completely sure of himself. He seems to be totally into Simone as a mock pick up on it. But she's just not. You know? That's just not a. She. She knows. It's just not where she's at. She doesn't want to be committed to anybody. So. Which is interesting. So. So the first episodes like a half hour. I think the second one. So what was interesting is that? Simos best friend. Her name is Miko backside. Get back to the cast pictures here. A c. Oh, Alina wave his executive producer on the show as well. Halle berry. So. Lina waif and Ben Curry Jones created the series and executive producers are laying away been Craig Jones Halle Berry Amri, she Honey or Johnny. So basically another another description of the new series, but Moran revolves around the successful executive who finds that his lifestyle. Choices have turned back on him in his new boss to be a bigger deviant that he is described this described as an updated version that explores contemporary workplace AmEx, including the changing role of gender office politics relationships and the conference between generation X millennials. So that's really cool. So and me give you more details about the the names of. The characters so to quantum Richmond as Bryson Brier as the son of Jacqueline Breyer and Jacqueline. Boyer was Robin givens to Tony Jackson s Mona's the daughter of Marcus, grandma. Angela Lewis micrograms. Eddie murphy. Angela Lewis was Halle Berry. Leila martin. As is Ari is price one of his friends. He's digital producer aspiring director or Leyla Milan. As TM as performance artists. Who's also the she's a stripper at the men's club. And she's like, you know, she's a lesbian, but the men don't know that and. When to Mon quits her job at the agency. She decides she wants to take on tier as first client and she wants to get her. She wants to start booking her for different things. She believes that tier can be a star. So. The reoccurring roles who saw Ardia walkers David Wright by having seen him. Yeah. Paul newsome. So she's Victoria Johnson's. She's the director that had issues with. So I thought that she was related to Marcus Graham, but she's not. But so least not to my knowledge. But yes, she's the rector the nineties commercial. That's Mona and and price and did not care for. Brittany Inga plays. Crystal Garrett, and that is one of those friend joy bad rap replace candle Knight, who's this rapper who Simone hooks up with time-to-time pootie call. So which is interesting. So yes, Mon is yet to Jackson place among Graham, pretty lady, very smart. But like I said spoiled, and she she wants her independence is not quite sure how to do it. And she has an issue with commitment, which probably might stem with relationship with father. But we haven't delve deep into that yet to quantum Richmond plays like I said Bryson Breyer. He is. You know, he he serious about wanting to make something of himself. But like I say he still insecure and small as his achilles heel is one of those things where the girl who knows guy who's always known them. She knows that this guy's crazy about it's obvious. But because she knows she's just not really interested. So so I'm looking forward to seeing what happens throughout this first season to see if he just kinda blows her off. And when he starts do that. If she starts to have interest in him buring is what goes around comes around, basically. So which is interesting in that regard. Like, I said Leila Martin plays. Ari timers? That's prices friends. One of his best buds. You know? He's an expiring film producer and director, and he is very laid back. And casual it doesn't take too much to me things serious. You know, he's there's a scene where? Where are we Bryson and their other friend, David, right? Our working out in. So basically wants to moan gets much. She quits you see how conference room scene with Bryson and crystal who was one of the most best friends, she still working at the agency, and they're cleaning up the conference room after the presentation of the Niners commercial, and you know, the talking about what it means to be a millennia on what you want and Bryce breaks down money one at all we want everything we want the car, we want the house you want the marriage. We want the security want the high paying job. So we don't sleep. So because commercial was about an energy drink. So the the client over here's Bryce in pitch to crystal about. What Molina was really why? And because he didn't know people were looking he was so sincere with his delivery. The client was like, you know, what semi proposal like what I heard. I do a commercial for it. And then of course. Of course, the Toya Johnson who who director, you know, she's the older lady. She's she's the old school. You know, kind of like I kind of director whose the agency for years, you know. You know, she gets nervous. She's like, oh, well, okay. You want us to do that. What do that I'm gonna give you two thousand dollars, and you need to pitch this to me and the client leaves the room? She's like you better do well, otherwise, you're going to be joining Simone on the streets. So. You know, he's like, okay. You want regret it? So basically what happens is that Bryson is so excited about doing. This commercial. Of course finds out from crystal Simone calls. Bryson. And she's like, hey, can I hope you let me help you with this. And why don't you hire? You know, my client Tia, and she's like what what what's he gonna do? You know? Hey, she's great two thousand dollars. He goes, you know, I'm paying for this product does. Yeah. I know, but you still have to pay us. So or she says a thousand dollars. All right. So basically. Because Bryson has a sauce about for some money. He does respects him on. He feels like. Okay. Well, maybe she can help me maybe change up the commercial, you know. And then the day comes where they're doing the commercial and. Basically. You know, David, you know, Bryson's other friend and David is real cool. David's just, but he's just very super religious celibate. He's not having sex, and he's always like going to church. That's his thing. Really interesting. So Ari is the player who doesn't care takes drugs out sleeps with women about one night stands loves to party. And then, you know, David is, you know, a conservative Christian, you know, they sell it. But I want to be married all of God. I pray for everybody for myself and Bryce somewhere in the middle. So now was some own and her crew still not quite sure what's going on with our that. We find out the crystal used to be with David. But they broke up. Don't know why as the, you know, the performance ours stripper like, I said at the Germans club. But she doesn't like men and you had to tell her look you're selling fantasy. You gotta let them take the gone home with. It's not gonna happen. But they don't need to know that. And he's like, okay. I gotcha. So. Basically in the first episode. What's happening is that because some interjects in the commercial changes the whole commercial? We'll talk some more about that. After this break tell you what happens. 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Wants to know the latest and hottest music hidden the airwaves be left out. Listen to the Golden State media concepts music podcast key, keeps you on with everything you need to. Rock hip top floor, and we'll throw in news of your favorite artists concert and tour dates and so much more listened no further because this is the gold standard in music podcasts. And what's again, you're listening to GMC's podcast. She can't keep talking about the new series on BT called boomerang. And it's basically a sequel to the nineteen Ninety-two comedy classic film. Starring Eddie Murphy, Halle Berry and Robin givens. So as I said before so Bryson's read do this commercial. He has a he's gonna shoot it like at his house Simone's over so Ari his is, but he was the thumb filmmaker producer, you know, these filmaker producer who's been new websites and stuff he's gonna shoot a form. And David is there to help out to any way? He can so David talks to Bryson's. Like, hey, man. What's going on? Why are these changes goes all well? So I always just like, you know, spice it up a bit. And then David light. Okay. He goes out. So this show on mine. So then, you know, basically, Bryce and goes to tell. The crew what to do as a says. No, we're not gonna do that. And then Bryson backs off. So they should a whole different commercial. They present it to the client. And the client says, it's good. But it's not what you talked about in your pitch. And then, of course, betrayal Johnson the money the two grand to do this looking at him. So. The clients like we're gonna go with the other pitch that you know, Victoria did. So then the client leaves and before he leaves prices like with the -tunities appreciate it was not a problem. And then. You know, Brian. Luckily at my desk. Okay. That's fine. Thank you for that you've done. Okay. And initially, you know, because this look, you are smart, you're hardworking, and you're gifted and talented. But the problem is you let Simone getting your head. As she told him the truth. You know, you let someone use take a bash of your opportunity and mess it up for you. So the question is going to be. So that's the dynamic that we already see them. And then before that went down Simone was like. That might have been in season two episode to though, okay? So basically. That episode ends with you know, you think that Bryson's fire. But she let them keep his job. So Simone comes over. She's got these two hours like champagne on wine, and she's like, hey, what happened today, and then price like, you don't know Christa told you because oh, I'm sorry. That's cool. She was I'm sorry. I took over your commercial. He goes, well, you know, it's not your fault. You know, my pri-. I shouldn't have let you shouldn't have. So basically ends with her putting the wine in in his fridge, and he looks over at her. And that stand of the episode from what I could see. So the second episode was really interesting it's doing game night. So. Bryson and game night at his house. Like all the time. Tradition. And apparently, we find out there's some backstory like crystal and gave it used to be together. Don't know why they broke up. And before you see guitar that point you find out that. Simos definitely with the sexuality. She gives a call to this rapper Camden, a new single out play by joy, bad ass. He comes over they have sex. And then she's like, basically, you know, he's like, hey, I want to be with you all the time. And she's like I'm trying to be your wife trying to post food picks and different things Instagram as your wife. What's wrong with that? So the rapper wants to marry her. He's in love with some owners that you know, she's just like now, I'm good. So then he just lagging he goes off like you Pisces are all the same. You know, you can't commit have time for your craziness. He goes next time, you feel like getting back smashed or you black next getting you back blown out. Don't call me. So it was very so now once again boomerang like even with their regional movie it was about the tables turning so Eddie Murphy's character. You know, Marcus ground like I said, it was a playboy who loved in the left him until they may have berry. So Robin givens so. So basically. It was interesting and cool to see that this rapper was telling this woman. Hey, don't call me more we want sex because I want more because that's not what you that's not what you think of. That's not what usually see when you think about rappers. Not to stereotype. But so, you know, this TV series is going to play on stereotypes challenged him is going to show you different things with gender and sex, and politics and all that. So I'm excited about that. But when he said that to her because she wasn't because no one talks her that weighs like don't call me. I'm good. She looked like she share that. Look my damn. She felt kind of small. Because she's always used to be in the control basically can in there after took control back like, you know, you're not gonna use me anymore. I'm over that. So no, I'm not the one. No, no, no. No. No. So. That that went down. So by the time they get to the second episode and they're gonna do the whole game night. You know? It opens up with Simone Tia in crystal walking over to parking their current walking to prices house, and they're like, oh, why are we doing this? What else is there to do in? They're saying, you know. You know, what's going on with you? Somehow they made a reference faddish needs to get laid. And she's like already did. And she's like, okay. And then she goes, well, you need to get somebody new. So I was not that easy. So and then he has like why even messing with men, and they're like, look, you only have one and kind of with the guy. So you can't think that all men are bad sexually. So that was kinda funny to hear that. So it's all it's all can be really interesting to see how everything plays out. Then. So then they go to so game. It's about to happen. And when Bryson Oprah's doing see some always like all ready to get crushing. Like, why are you always talk track trash, you know, we always speech you because we're not going to this time. And he's like she's like Irish and then. Says to Bryce before she walks into the house are probably arena phone right now and price over surely out the phone because pricing is se he's like Ari and David aren't taking the game. Seriously. They always lose. So it's like take the game seriously. So. Basically their games like charades. And then, you know, Bryson gives the rules. And then it gets interesting because the guy from post mates. Comes to deliver some food. And. So crystal and Simone's check the guy out and like, oh, why don't you stay? So. So the guy who's coming to deliver food and post mates winds up staying the place rates with them. So of course, Bryson's upset 'cause Bryson wants to spend time with Simone must get with their. So and then, you know. David still has feelings for crystal. So all that's going on. Then Bryson has to explain the rules because they have a new, you know, no person there and prices even on the guy's name. So that goes down, and so far the fellas beating the girls and charades and then eventually turn the tables and win because I read not paying attention. Neither neither is David. And then the the new guy from post mates for flirting with Simone, and he he when it was his turn to participate. He said one word, and basically just made sure the guys lost basically by what he was doing. So that was really interesting. It's a I like the show so far. I like what I'm seeing? I'm curious to see if how berries pop up eighty Murphy's going pop up Robin givens, you know, the parents to the kids some curious to see if we will see them and how that. Plays out. And it's gonna be interesting to see these young. Millennials trying to make their way and make their own identity. Make their own Mark within this company and just in life itself, and how they deal handle their relationships and their own insecurities issues that they have so but like what I've seen so far. I have another episode of to the watch on. I'm definitely hooked. It's funny. It's charming, and it's interesting. You can see that the chemistry between Simone and Bryson. 'cause she says that's why I love you. But then she checks her. So that she says it because it makes her uncomfortable to say it, so. And then David's just like look, man. You two are meant to be together. But you have to have faith in God. And you can't rush it. You know at the time it's going to be right. Yeah. So it's just. Interesting. Bryson's friends are very intriguing one is very conservative one is very liberal and wild. And then not quite sure what's going on the crystal, but TA's definitely very wild. And she's very charismatic. So it's gonna be interesting to see how these six people interact with each other and will Bryson be strong enough to tell some Ono's and fortunate on path Simone fortunate own path and learn what it means to be independent. And and appreciate the things that she's been given that a lot of people don't have so. Yeah. Mm dynasty of how berry pops she's producer on the show and the big can get any Murphy become while. So it's based off of characters he created. So it's really cool. It's on BET boomerang. Check it out. It's a whole new generation. So I'm looking forward to seeing goes next on my list. Berlin station. I have been me to watch this for a while. And bitched watched the first season there on season three right now. So I'm looking forward to diving season two it's a which series off the epics network EP. I x and let's let's let's talk about. Let's talk some Turkey. So Berlin station where do we start? Let me see. When it gets you there, right? Finances. So. Okay. Berlin station follows Daniel Miller play by Richard Armitage. Who has just arrived at the CIA foreign station in Berlin, Germany, Miller has a clandestine mission to uncover the source of a leak who has supplied information to a now famous whistle blower name Thomas show guy that I better actor getting guided by veteran Hector gene play by REEs fines day and learns to contend with the rough and tumble of the fewer Asian. So as agent Ryan deception and the danger zone. So there's all kinds of deception and. Moral dangerous compromises they're being done. This is the office. Basically Thomas show is just whistle blowing on the dirty deeds of the CIA, and the has been working in conjunction with the German government. So Germany is kind of nervous about what's going on. No one no to show is and how he's got the secrets, but they figure he's gotta be inside. Because he knows too much information as making the CIA look bad in Germany. So Daniel Miller gets sent to find out who Thomas shot is. But. He used to be an analyst. And now, he's feel agent. And here's to Berlin. He doesn't tell people what is commission is. Because the station's bossed Jemma is the one who tells him stay on point till no money just report to me. This is what's going on? So it's really cool. And like the first episode opens up with very shocking scene, and then I'll just say that. After that first episode everything else is just going backwards. So by the end of the first season, it's going to go back full circle to that. I f Assode. So and you find out Daniel Miller has this. He was raised in Germany. His mom died when he was young amo back to the states. So he has mixed finished about being in Germany, but he was raised to an extent and. And. You find out eventually that? What happened in this childhood has kind of driven him to become a spy an agent, and he's pretty good at it. He he keeps to himself. So Hector is only one he really knows from the station. So basically, he's kind of a mystery to everyone else him actor go way back. And you find out there's a lot going on with Hector. So what's cool with this show is that? Because Dan Miller's man at mystery. Basically, they don't know what's going on with him. He gets kind of go unnoticed. He does his work there. And then. Other things are happening with the two directors the director, and the deputy director of the station, you know, they have a cover up going on trying to cover their butts. We'll talk some about about Berlin station after this break. Wireless companies told you outed plan, long-term contracts and mystery teams, simple mobile different lightning-fast fortune. 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Once again, you're listening to cease podcast, Chicago Keith talking about Berlin station season one. So basically. Robert Kirsch and Stephen frost. They run the Berlin station along with. Valerie Edwards, the three of them, basically run that station and they're still freaking out about Thomas Shaw. They don't know who he is a time. Shah's Maliki information to certain journalist that exposes the CIA another people. So what's interesting is that and then talent to meet a place. Andrew Abe, who is Stephen frost secretary, you find out that he's basically, you know, Stephen process, Mary, but he's having fair with Sandra, Abe. So there's all kinds of little things going on Hector has an informant that he is working that he's also a guy that he's sleeping with. But Hector reports to Robert Kirsch, rob occurs and know of that, but the guy's in love with me. So because an agent sometimes the job is to maybe sway someone convinced them one. To fall for them. I mean, if you're an agent working for the government. At least according to these TV shows that we've been seeing some movies. You know, if the government orders you to sleep with somebody at night pale in the year going to do it. Which I think is very interesting and weird. So but. Robert doesn't know that have is actually having an affair with his informant. Who was the Saudi and because he's Saudi Arabian. Listen the story. He if he gets accused of sodomy he's gonna get killed. So. Basically this guy's like on the down low, and you know, when we seen this thinking. Okay. So today, but no. But wait, there's more. You know has an, you know, a young lady comes back to town. And you find out that, you know, this is a hick ex girlfriend, and he still has a thing for. So hector's just doing too much, basically. And then you kind of find out that a cat and mouse game because you have to figure out who is time, Sean. And how do they stop him? Dang Miller's, you know, working for Robert Kirsch Seeven frost uperior, and they don't even know he's reporting to someone else. But because the spy life is so volatile. You know, all kinds of different people. So there's a shakeup in the CIA. The organization I'll say that much and. You did we find out? In the season. This is a great season two. I really I really got pulled into I really enjoyed watching this show was very intriguing everything was coming together. So Daniel figures out there's this. He follows the reporter who's been getting information Thomas show. He sees her talking to a lady I very attractive blonde lady so day figures. Okay. This woman might be the liaison between Thomas Shaw and the reporter. So he figured out a way to meet her at a bar. He wanted to kick in game tour, spitting game tour and. They have a drink together. He walks her home, but they're being followed and day on his realized it being followed. Dan, this realize anyone's onto who he is besides the people at the station. They don't even know what he's doing. So basically, he imagined arrange a date with this this blonde haired lady who's a friend of the journalist. His goal is to seduce her to get her to give up Thomas shy. So this is going to dinner date and the guy who had been found in this black haired guy. Find his name later on his Julian what's. Inge of OSs or something like them trying to find his name. Repass it. The full cast and. I'll see right now, which is kinda strange. So was like the pull up the cast list when talking about these shows just to have it on hand. Well, that was saying though, so the black the black haired guy who was following them following, you know. You know, day going home with lady. So the next day Daniels like on his bike. It's like, hey, you know, we're tonight. She's like, oh, yeah. Came through dinner with you issues, bringing groceries into apartment in the black guy comes into and the next thing, you know, she falls out from her apartment. She's on the second floor dead. Dan, arises dynasty that she's dead. And he knows that he's like oh time shy killed. So this black guy. I think it's yourself time show what's going on. So of course, you know, he's very upset because this is nice week girl. He never got chance to ask any questions. She got killed before they can dinner date. And of course, the reporters all upset and they're saying, oh, it was a suicide she fell to her death. But that's not really the case. It's not the case at all. So then Daniel goes to meet with the reporter and try to your lives in danger. Stop don't stop pushing back. And of course, she's like, screw you. Hope you get killed by drones. You Americans you bring these problems to our country. Very interesting into tirade. Against dang Miller. So it was very it was very cool to see that different perspective from someone else. So now that this woman's dead dance back to square one. He said, okay. Gonna find figuring Thomas shy and the beauty is. I'm going to say before this first season's over. Dang figures out who Thomas shy. So, but you the audience you figure it out almost right away. Ask yourself how come they don't? They don't see it. Like, I said you find out Stephen frost and Rabah Kirsch. They weren't always in the when they're running their organization that station. So they're in fear of but they coming out. So and then Michelle Forrest plays. Valerie edwards. She's a little frustrated because she's got these two guys that she works for. And they don't really listen to what she has to say. She's the only woman in the so-called men's club CIA station. Berlin station. She's kind of got trust issue. So even when she comes home. This your boyfriend, you know, she's kind of doubting him a little bit. She has. Up in of course, he gets to bring her arm down. So that's cool. What we find out in this season. This first season. There's a lot of double crossing going on. A lot of it day winds it meeting. Some agents from Germany agents one person. She doesn't really care for him. When he meets her. And it's just. There was some pleasant and intriguing surprises in this first season that in the economy. Stephen frost trying to hold onto gather. And then they're also investigating this alleged reform terrorists who's heavily married with children who. The thinks that he's still working with Syria and they're trying to bug him. And you know, the tap is phone and see what's going on the catch him in the act, and they're spending all all the time on him, and they send someone in. And then like I said, it's. There are lots of turn events that keep you one more when you watch this show, but damn millet is a great job as this agent. Who is? He seems tapper person that. Has got up all the time. And yes, if it really before he lets you get to know him Hector is very obliged hector's. Like, I'm gonna do what I want. I'm gonna say what I want to say to you. I don't care. And he might be like the only agent who can talk certain way to his superiors because that's how comes across. So that's interesting. Valerie Edwards still trying to figure out. What's her deal? Trying to figure that out. And then there's some stuff going on Robert Kirsch, you know, he's divorced. He misses his son. He's kind of a strange from the sun and his ex wife, and so that's going on. He's feeling frustrated at work because now he's feeling like knows this name him. So Valerie's feels like Stephen frost and listening, and then Robert feels like Stephen frost listening, and then Steve is just trying to hold it together. But he's having this affair, but the secretary. Wife was real cool and nice, and it's just so much going on in the show. All this is still tired, Danny Miller trying to find out time shy is so. And then who is the guy that killed the blind grow throughout the one her own window. What was that about? You know, how does he play? In. This season. What those questions get answered the more you watch because there's a nice little twist and turn of events that you didn't see coming when you watch the show towards the end of the season with the guy with the black hair. They fought with the one thing they got good. Yeah. So I really like the show. I think it's very cool. You find out that Daniel Miller's. Find out more about his background image. You like even more and have respect for him. And. It's just a. It's just a. Whereas I'm looking for. And attends exciting show to watch. Definitely. And people get impulsive and people get era Ghent, and they mess up and do things they shouldn't do and. Sometimes. What I learned watching this show, which is already knew about kind of felt watching the show to reminded that sometimes the wrote the hell is paid for good intentions in the CIA seems to learn that the hard way, but you have Berlin station season one on the epochs network. Ep ex I'm gonna be washing season to private later on this week. A second talk to you about that. And like I said they're currently season three right now. So, but I enjoying it really relationships. Kick create relationships destroyed. And it's really intriguing to see what relationships get created that stay what relationships they have long enduring decay. Also, I'll leave you with that. But yeah. Berlin station season one epochs EP ex-, excellent show look out for so Leland Orser Robert Kirsch deputy director. He's very interesting another director planned, Michelle. Forbes very interesting mean attender Esther, Craig great character issue needs to watch interaction with Miller. Resolve to gene, he great character. I need to watch out for him Richard Jenkins. There's a great Stephen frost. It's like he feel sorry for him. And you don't you kind of just want to smack them too. Because you're like what's going on with you? So there that is Berlin station. Like, I said so next on the list will be future, man. What life was apprised of the Hulu network. We'll talk about that. After this. Find out what movies to go see and check out the GMC movie podcast. It's your ticket to the latest movies. Whether it's a new blockbuster event, romantic comedy or action flick. This show has got it all covered they talk. Some what to go see? Now, don't bother what's hot on Netflix and everything in between that GMC podcast dot com. Back slash movie dash podcast when it's all about the movies. It has to be this new show. Don't forget to like on Facebook and follow them on Twitter. Visit GS MC podcast dot com. For more info. You're listening to cease television podcasts that she captain Keith. And now talk about future man's Hulu original TV series stars. Josh hutcherson, formally of of hunger. The hundred games fame. He was an all those films with Jennifer Lawrence either Kirk all-star, he did a great job in that this. I had to stop myself. I was benching on this late last night. I was I was hooked. Josh Futterman janitor by day and a gamer by is recruited by mysterious visitors to travel through time to vent station humanity. That's correct. His janitor at a biotech firm. And basically. He the firm is ram by. Keith David's character in forgetting his name. But I'll give that name one second. Dr chronic is the krona slabs, basically. Their research is on how to get rid of herpes. That's that's the goal of this life. And we have to krona she has this big herpes simplex Kosar on his bottom lip. Basically, Josh janitor. Who's not that good as the janitor? He's mopping the floor in and he's mopping the floor and a hallway guys walking by a lab system with the trae, and he slips and falls on his head. Just puts the floor sign out right after that happens because he had it with the put on the floor. Josh lives with his parents play. By Bentley junior, who's a gate Futterman. And. Glenn heavily. She plays. Diane put him in his mom, and they're just these really nice overcompensating, enabling parents. They don't pressure. Josh about leaving home or pressure him about getting a better job since two janitor. All Josh does is he goes to work comes home and he plays video game. In this video game was a game that you can't win. But somehow Josh find a way to win. Once he does that he's kind of bored. His parents go out for the evening. So Josh has done a place to himself in his bedroom. So he decides that he's going to. Masturbate since to celebrate his victory. Yeah. So this series is dark. There's always a disclaimer basically discretion as vise when you're watching future, man. So and the video game he's playing. The main characters are tiger and wolf tiger is very pretty blonde lady. Warp is the die. And I think that when Josh's playing the game he he considers himself to be wolf. So as Josh is sub reading his video game victory by masturbating in his bedroom. All of a sudden a flash of light happens and tiger and wolf pop up in his bedroom. And you know, Josh has his famous exposed and he winds up. Spilling it onto both the guys his uniform. And Tigers like no quarter. Is. She says too much just one bit of calm. So don't worry about it. I'm just like. Wow. So. That happened. So yeah, the humor is as raunchy and dark in funny though and ultra violent. So basically Josh finds out the tiger was about coop and wolf play by Derek Wilson. And they do a great job in the show there from the future. It's very bad future. Where? At war with the -biotics. The by. Addicts are perfect human beings there genetically superior. And they going around killing. Tiger wolf in their in their family. So basically tiger wolf you find out that they were mandatorily sterilize they can reproduce. They've been living in sewers eating rats. They don't know really anything about love. It knows about killing people. They don't have family. They're just have you know, each other. They give each other animal names. And the resistance, and basically they tell him that data Kona Schmitz die because Dr cautious research cures herpes. He wants making humans genetically perfect, and it causes civil war where people aren't perfect killed a massacred. So we've come back to the past to kill him to stop him for creating you know. The miracle cure and harpies before the happened across was having a conversation with Josh because. Josh was getting picked on because one of the doctors. There was upset that Josh had the floor sign, and then he had to redo all these cultures because the guy draft, the coaches Retha your ether cultures. So basically. That tells Josh hey back in my day. You know, there's this girl Barbarella when I kissed her head. I know that she had herpes simplex one. I just did know, but after I caught it on my lip and embarrassed I dedicate my life to science to carrying it. So that's what it was. It was it was the same day landing on the moon. So he tells Josh that so when tiger and wolf comb mean when they appear in Josh's room, they basically. They think that he's like, well, we we put a tracker and his game. Whoever beat the video game was gonna be the savior. So once we saw that she'd beat the video game. That's why we were sent here to come find you. You know, you're supposed to be your future. Man. You're the one that's going to help us. But I love how future also might be kind of derivative of his last name Fetterman just take one put an e there, and he's feature man. So maybe later on this series was see that. That's why they got his name future man from. So I, of course, Josh and believed them he's just like, you guys are crazy. He has a good actress, your Catholic costumes are good. This is too much. So then they take him back in time in the same house where he meets his grandparents, and when Josh comes downstairs, they all started tacking them and beating them up, and then taggers like course war was just as hard core. Alpha male guy who's hardcore soldier he's just like this is the guy we came back for. He's a wimp. He's getting this. But kith you should we do anything attack. If I know this place out, and then they just giving me his butt kicked. So then basically they jump in. If I know. And they start throwing his family around his grandparents dad is local. So then Josh goes outside, and he can tell they really is to sixties for exists. I always like all my guy. This is real you guys are from the future. What can I do? I wanna help and they Tom. Hey cronin. She's gotta go. Well, no. If we can just stop from getting herpes that night at that party. Then he won't become a scientists and all be saved. So then so like for the whole first episode. Josh is busy trying to. Block that to college me having Barbarella at the party frat party. So Josh tiger will show up to the frat party. The oldest gonna be easy piece of cake. They walk in the door, and this it's all black fraternities, ROY. And it's the sixties. So this is not gonna be as is fun. So and other grocers real nice by hey, you can come drink. But you got to go after that. We wanna wanna trouble whenever we call. Listen, they become to assistance, so all that's going on. And then because tiger and wolf are so all tra- violent, and they don't really have a filter. They just go from zero to one hundred they do some things like kill people on necessarily. Josh is like why did you do that? You don't do that. You're going to draw attention to yourself. Other things happen and just ripples up Beck's happen because of their behavior. And eventually you see that they're starting to learn that. Okay. Yeah. Josh is. But he's right about some things we have to have a little bit more tact. It takes a while eventually happens. What's been fun? Is that Jess tells his parents, he makes it some story about how tiger wove our foreign exchange students and they've been traumatized. No, they're they're award veterans traumatize. And then so they need some help. So and then the fundamental, hey, any friends of yours and friends of mine. They welcome them with open arms and remember, they're hard edged. But. Gape futterman. Josh their bedroom. Does a great job. Both. Parents are awesome in the show. He winds up taking wolf under his wing, and how to become an expert chef, and it's hilarious to see this. Brutal assassin killer all this office sensitivity and have this this talent for cuisine if being shopping he he masters very well. So I mean, so you didn't see that coming and then like because joshes mama's so nice. It winds up softening tiger a little bit. And the first time you see tiger wear high heels because eventually they figure out well. Throughout the episode throughout this episode. I saw you find out that they find out the hard way that somebody addicts are in the future as well. And you know, tiger and wolf go up against them. They weren't anticipating that so the barracks were sent to the future to protect that krona from being killed because he's the whole reason why they become genetically superior people. So. They're like cable how I figure out who's who. Because when Josh finds out about these people some work for work at the company. They're like, oh, man. You know, her she's over in county and everybody thought that she was so it's just really funny to hear that the dialogue is funny is just very dark, but it's very cool. Some of it's very ultra violent. And when you're watching it like, for example, when Josh is at the frat parties trying to figure out how you can block that to crush him. Getting by rela he tells tiger wolf just stay outside. Don't do anything. And like, oh, a Bill the perimeter gestion pay Titian what they're saying. So they start taking from different cars and building a perimeter blacking this black fraternity house. So, of course, the police come and then a home million sues because before they even got to that place their temperature liquor store and start destroying stuff. But then the owner of the store. Was basically like a hells angel. He was a biker he's in the backer gain. And he saw the motorcycle award store because warfare basically wolf and tiger beat up some bikers. Their motorcycles. It's like a walk in the park for these games. So when biker dude who owns this store sees with the bike. If he believes that was one of him one of his game. So don't worry about take care of it, man. And then he's just like he should give them a secret handshake and wolf doesn't know binning his fingers really bad on both hands custodian you can't kill it by just kinda maims, really. So then the guy takes his fingers. The Dow on the phone ain't tells the guys. Hey, kill that guy. He's in the pasta. It's got the bike and guidance. Oh, yeah. He's still my part where he his way his headache because he knew told talk when he was going so. The bikers that wolf and tiger got into a with wind up showing that their frat house or that street, and they wind up going in with the cops. And one of the first things the biker say the cops like, hey, we pay you. Well, so you need to buzz off and get outta here. And then it comes like, hey, we're trying to stop a race riot from happening. So we can't leave and you do pay us. Well, so then they all star fighting and tiger wolf intriguing to watch it because they want some action, but they can't really do anything. So mind you inside Josh is going through a dance contest trying to dance off. So he can win over by rela. He's got a astronaut outfit onto knowing see who really is. Basically, he's just blocking not to krona's. So by the cornutus therapies, so. Just me telling you, the story is just funny. I mean, so basically he stops bobber. Stop start to crush walking about reality kitchen herpes that way. But when I go back to the future, I think they save humanity. Chrome still in charge and he's still working on the cure. So then criminal tells, you know, Josh well after humiliating defeat the frat party, I just took a leave and sexual escapade different places. I caught herpes, and that's how I started to do this work. So it's just. I love the idea that the premise of the show is carrying her piece is going to save the world, but make people genetically superior because they had no diseases and fighting against those who are poor who. Who are just regular humans who have no family? So this this civil war going on. And this janitor is caught in the middle and tiger wolf, I always used to just be these great soldiers. So they're just like, hey. You know, this guy is used we listened to him and has gotten nowhere. And then when they go out in their own is harder than I think. So then they start to add one starts to get to get used to each other a little bit, and it's just really interesting to see having interact with each other. And what and just the different characters Sperry funny, and then there's ripple effects different things. Like police officers after them because part Nick it's killed. It's just. His dialogue is very funny. But I'm enjoying it. I believe second season's already. Them released finish the first season. So I will be talking more about him. But I was recommend good people the planet earth known universe boomerang on the network. I'm enjoying it. I'm looking forward to seeing where that goes is the sequel to that classic nineteen ninety two film. Eddie Murphy, Robin Gibbons and how berry. Exactly producer Berlin station. Sees a one is excellent. I I'm going to dive this season to various soon and try to catch up to see what's going on season. Three and future, man grit. Commun- a Hulu network. So Berlin stations epics EP X networks, check it out. Once again good people, the planet earth and the university of and listening to GMC's television podcasts to captain Keith time. I know I did. Thank you tune in. Appreciate you. All you guys are awesome into next time. You know, let's see somewhere space. You've been listening to the Golden State media concepts television podcast part of the good state media concepts podcast network. 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