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Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm JEANINE HERBST NEW YORK. Governor Andrew CUOMO IS EXPANDING ACCESS TO CORONA VIRUS TESTING. As parts of the state began a phased reopening does the rate. Diario of member station W. S. H. reports. New York has more testing capacity than its using any New Yorker who has any symptom of cove in nineteen May. Now get a test at one of the State's seven hundred test sites. The expanded eligibility also includes people without symptoms if they're an essential worker and anyone who's returning to work as part of the phase one reopening. Cuomo says testing is more important than ever as some parts of the state reopened last week for limited business activities including construction and kerbside retail will be you know with the spread of the viruses. Casting has the test Cuomo says the state can conduct up to forty thousand tests per day. But it's not some through sites are only using about a third of their capacity for NPR. News I'm Desert Diario. In New York. The World Health Organization's Annual Oversight Convention Starts Tomorrow Normally representatives from the. Who's one hundred ninety? Four member states gather in Geneva but as NPR's Jason Bobi and reports. This year's meeting is happening online. Because of the pandemic as the world faces the worst pandemic over a century the. Who's annual oversight? Meeting could bolster international cooperation against covert nineteen or it could turn into a showdown between the US and China. Larry Gostyn a professor of global health law. Georgetown University says this is the most important moment the. Who Seventy Year history. They've never faced a global health. Challenge like this. They've never faced a political challenge. Like this Gosden says. At the very moment that the world needs a global response to the viral pandemic nations are showing less and less willingness to cooperate with the UN agency like the WHO Jason Bobi an NPR news. The impact of covert nineteen on the European economy has leaders concerned that China will attempt to buy up struggling companies to gain a competitive advantage as Schultz reports from Brussels. A key e you lawmaker wants to block such purchases for the next year. The head of the European Parliament's big political group Montfort Feber says the E. You should stop what he calls the Chinese shopping tour for at least twelve months. He says Europe needs to be vigilant against an authoritarian model and strategic competitor gaining more of a foothold in Europe Chinese entities already own hundreds of companies and have majority stakes in key assets such as Greek and Belgian ports. The`results REPORTING NASCAR is back. Drivers got back into their car at South Carolina's Darlington. Raceway today. With masks and social distancing would but with no fans in the stands it's the first NASCAR race and ten weeks because of the Darlington plans to hold three events in four days. You're listening to. Npr news from Washington in North Carolina worshipers can again attend religious services in person from member station W. UNC Jeff Tiberia reports that a federal judge blocked. Some of the governor's pandemic restrictions Democratic governor. Roy Cooper had restricted in person religious services as part of executive action prohibiting gatherings of more than ten people however on Saturday Federal Judge James. Deavere ruled that that order amounts to a violation of the first amendment. The judge sided with two Baptist churches and Christian Revival Group which sued the Governor Thursday. The new temporary restraining order encourages religious worshippers to observe social distancing recommendations. According to the governor's staff he will not appeal the ruling for NPR news. I'm jeff to Berry in Wilmington North Carolina. The National Hurricane Center is issued a tropical storm warning for North Carolina's Outer Banks as Tropical Storm. Arthur inches closer to these coast. It's the first named storm of the season. Eric Blake is a forecaster with the national hurricane. Center the storm is generating high-seas along the coast of the southeast. Us Coast and it should be spreading up in the mid Atlantic coast or the next day or two wells can cause life threatening surf and rip current conditions and really can be killers In week systems like this forecasters say the storm will stay well off the coast of Florida Georgia and the Carolinas and will approach North Carolina. Tomorrow one to three inches of rain is expected all of this ahead of hurricane season which officially starts on June first. I'm Janine and you're listening to NPR news from Washington.

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