Episode 359: Illuminati Update


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Point what record producer is like, hey, guys, go out there and buy a bunch of African people and make them play with you. Why do they go through that period of time where there's a bunch of people were I don't know if they're even thrilled to be playing with them or not, you know, that was the diversity of the eighties music. There was what was it Live Aid or the song this aside stories, by the way, I am Ben Kissel, Henry's Nebraska, we're joined by Marcus barred. Hello when they sting that song. I forget the piece of crap that did it do they know it's Christmas, and George Michael, I think no it was it was I always tobacco was in charge of it. I wanted to ask at orange of live eight known in charge of do. They know it's Christmas. It was another guy who was a scam artist. He had like blond hair is a total D bag. But I wanted to ask them I just wanted to shout or responsible. Do you know they're Muslim because they don't have to celebrate Christmas. You gain more. Do they know it's Christmas? Do they care? I don't think. So I never expected George Michael Debbie like, Elon Musk. I don't think he's a genius in design is right. He go. He's got a beautiful apple bottom. And he knows how to pump out the songs and now he's dead Kissel. How I actually feel horrible. I love George Michael big fan. And there was one guy who is able to actually incorporate the African influence incorrectly. That would be David Byrne David nailed it because actually dance to it. Starbucks music at all turn. Happens with that. All of the good stuff out of the culture. And then they just add marimba as we learn with Hollywood gets woke the green book wins honor. So it's almost like they they missed the Mark every time all I know is that there is a man in my neighborhood who keeps blasting Peter Gabriel from his car loud enough for me to clearly hear it in my apartment every two to three day, God, Peter Gabriel does your neighbor because you know, Peter Gabriel. He's like that dude who I told that story about him. This is a good tune abide playing. Missiles, very hill. Sing this. It's the same. Peter Gabriel song and the only plays at thirty to forty seconds at a time. But it is the loudest car stereo that I've ever heard in my life, and he just drives around the block. I don't know. I just know it's Peter Gabriel honest to do the. Phones of who owns he. It's called whole I legitimately think. He's just trying to get a girl back in your apartment building and goes out there and he's doing the what's his name John cusak. John cusak. And now he is not listening. No, no. It doesn't work the same. It doesn't have the same payload that he'd used to have an eighties and the nineties will I have to ask Carolina looking out the window sort of beginning to cry drives by perhaps as an extra partner of hers English along to him. I wish he was my fiance's. You're talking to yourself. I'm trying to right in here. He's two blocks over for some. But that's how loud it is very good. I can't I can't judge. I can't judge him too much. When I was in college. I had an REM tape automatic for the people stuck in my yellow geo metro tape play. Now, we know. Yes. All of my neighbors. I got called a hard f- word white regularly. And then it would get out of my car. And unlike the Simpsons interpretation of what big guys act like when they get out of a yellow geo metro, I wasn't nice. No, I imagine after you spend old days, slinging Jimmy Johns. Oh, yeah. It's covered in schlitz unfolding yourself. Dr. I would I would have my little one. Have you drink then drive that? No, I took my Jimmy John's delivery very seriously. We were fast. We were the quickest delivery in town. I was very good at it. And I got paid a lot of times in marijuana. And I would tell them I need money for rent. All right, everyone. We got a couple of fun little stories here. What's going on buddy? Saying you can't just give your landlord pile of weed and just be like like a native American deal here. Like, let's go. Let's work something out. Let's barter. You hate my body. You love. We'd no, no, my landlord. He particularly liked money. So very cute Asian couple as a matter of fats, Pete. He was a very nice, man. I'm alright. Well, as you know, he really wants weekend, as you know, we will be going to the beautiful other side of the world muster alia. So the first story I want to talk about tonight or today or this morning, whatever you're listening to this scaring your family Kissel. No, I could never scare. Puff and puff. And actually draws blood. Every time he bites me. Yep. Okay. So this is a funny little store. The headline is court appeal blow in one point eight million dollar fart bullying case as men vows to take fight to the high court. A Melbourne engineer who claims the colleague repeatedly farted near him has vowed to go to the high court after losing his bully in case on appeal, David Hingst. He's fifty six years old. He saw one point eight million bucks in a suit against his former employer, obstruction engineering. He wanted what forty million bucks for farts? Well, this dude his ex colleague demand who was supposedly the farther has them was Greg short. And the engineer claims this is David Hanks, he claims flatulence was a form of bullying her short. And then he goes on to say and Mr. ship, and Mr. short was a cereal fodder. Yeah. If. You getting crop dusted. Every five minutes, I would say that's a form of bullying. I don't know. If it's worth one point eight million got a point you hope this sixty bucks. Okay. I'm on his he owes you a lunch or week. If even third in your in your cubicle because you'll honestly you can move number one you can move or you number two. You know, you can do you kick them into nuts? Be like get away from me. And you find you dirty boy, your cereal, Marcus. Okay. I this is my thing. And I don't know if this is going to be a controversial this is construction workers. Now. This isn't a cubicle. This isn't what. Mcdonald's isn't a restaurant. This workers these are constructed. So I'm just going to say, I don't know if this is controversial. But it's. Construction workers far net. Mas Nayyar they're bending over there, working hard. You tend to be an outdoor space. They eat a lot of heavy foods they have to because they got to build heavy buildings. This isn't just on the site. You know, further further reading of the story says this guy that's got the suit he worked in a small windowless office because you have office workers when it comes construction, and this guy this boss would come in to his small windows office far behind him and walk away. And he'd do it five or six times a day. All right here, we go. This is a breakdown from David Hanks to his picture leaving the Australian courthouse covering his face in shame. He's leaving. He's literally going like this covering this. Mason, no one could see it. I'm sorry. I'm acting. You know, you can't see it. It's a podcast. Hang sued the firm for bullying in two thousand seventeen accusing supervisor Greg short whom Hanks referred to as Mr. stinky. Of being a serial fodder who regularly thrusted his bum. And this is a quote from Hengst all will be seating. With while. I finds to the wolf I mean, he would call them in the room, which was when head new windows need thought behind me and he away. He would do this five six times. And would sled the engineer to spray deodorant at his boss. The recurrent gas passing Hanks claim was a part of a conspiracy to end his employment and cause him quote unquote, survey eth- stress. Bloodlines other by fellow employees because at resist bullying phone calls. What we have here. It's got a serial mom or something. But what we have here is a company culture, and this company culture was a far culture, for example, they used to do within called forward offs. This is in the article. So Mr. short, he brought it in another employed in Phil Hamilton, and they would do a thing. This is according to Mr. he said this. He said the two would actually do a fart off you come over to him and drop your guts. And then when he went over to you, and then he would go over to you and drop his guts, which is I guess how Australia and say fart. So it was I mean, I don't know it just seems like when you're applying for the job you just have to be like this is a far job a far zone company culture reporter. I mean, you rent a podcast network. It would be like if someone got offended for us for talking too loud or something like this. The podcast network. We talk now the they were I think they specifically used the farts as a way to drive this man out of business if it's of the hours chew on the side of the farther. No, we'll I I am channeling my little Jeremy Piven from PC you like, but no. Honestly, this also in some ways nothing he's asking for it. But he said no loan in that office. You know, constantly complaining about the farts. When you arrived, I'm certain again, I'm with Gisele all that interview day. There was probably at least one guy walked in the room and went. As everyone and everyone was as I got all. Doing about it all fucking. Hi. And Hanks's like, oh, I hope assault like that every day. And they're like, nah, just on Wednesdays. And he hasn't like oh corporate himself in there. I mean, you got to catch up with the group. Well, anyway, the judges patients and four Barnes and four barons are evidence in this case. So the judge took a lot of time in in saying that this is not gonna work out for this, dude. His one point eight million dollar claim included compensation for injuries and for lost earnings having previously earned his salary of one hundred thousand dollars for his design and engineering work. So he was the brains of the operation and the beef of the operation was just like the big old boys who just came in and farted. Well, honestly, he's probably trying to do some quite difficult calculations to make sure buildings don't fall down. Yeah. Design, an engineering, Hugh is know what this is is that this is the jocks coming in barn all over the bucket near sometimes Jackson funny. Dickhead with time. Jocks are funny. Sometimes am my a we offer. Our it's our response really supposed to be like, 'i stand with the victim. To make sure that his rights are heard his story is heard. It's ideal understand. I I am. I am just dying. This funny. I don't to is world animals. Yeah. And there's an animal kingdom. And so you just must have are you arguing dominance just saying there as a more intense show of dominance and a posture of dominance going into your tiny windowless office at farting in it. And leaving. It really is. It's it is the pinnacle of a male dominance in a construction workplace. Anyway, we'll at least you're not because you know, what will be our true show, dominance pin them down and sticking things up as s. Do it. But that's what happened to me. And it's not good. Henry got. Well, I got farted on all the time. You got forwarded on all the time. Yeah. So this is the person. Yeah. I was wondering why Marcus was coming at us so hard to get farted on all the time. What's your story? My brothers. Lisa. Hold me down bar on me constantly. Well, that's what brothers do. And also the kids at school would fart all the time as well. Zoa kinds of Barton everywhere. Everyone's just going around like, oh, Marcus 'cause low far Magneti all its markets. Just love to get started on deadening. It's not fun. Honestly. I know. Your abuse. I'm sorry far on all the time. We all knew that kid that got farted on all the time. I just didn't know it was best friends with them. Yeah. Yeah. Hey, the little one always gets farted on small child. Okay. Well, mentally strong. You've come. You're doing great. Yeah. That is true that has hack educates. The pack can educate it can motivate because look your small business owner, but we're a lowered by fucking fart, spike. But we're only like eleven kids in your class. Yeah. And they all just fart on. There was like a whole, but not all of them would fart on me. But you know, all the entire elementary school. You know, each other, you know, every kid there's like fifty kids in the whole elementary school. So maybe seventy who would just walked by and crop dust. Yeah. Just far. There's just farts is does that have anything to do with you being Marcus sports? Well, that was definitely nickname. Yeah. Wow. Arts four, we learned at the time because the way you incorporate it's like why when people used to make fun of my weight, and then I just incorporated into my quote unquote act with kids, and then you just you make goo- on. They laugh with you. And then that's how you fix it. Where I were like next one doing in my mouth and like. Not farting on, you know, my actually my older, brother. I'm not sure if he would want me saying this. But it's fine. His name is actually Barthelme his name is actually Berthiamue. And so, of course, it was Bart for short anyway, Bartha fart. Yeah. And it traumatized him. He didn't go by Bart. The far. Yeah. They called him Bartha fart and it traumatized him so much switched to his middle America Eric ever since. I was nine years old. So I understand Bart is hard name. Yeah. I know. It's biblical. My parents did not think it out at all Bartholomew, Christopher and Benjamin all tribes of Israel. I think I I can't keep up. Oh, yeah. Get Marcus can be hard to you got mucus. That's that's just right off the fucking tab is far. Yeah. Oh, you got it hard. It's all the the picture is being painted. Now. Of course, I was a huge giant. And so that did not help overweight. So how about you choice? I was just chase down the street and called free Willie. I didn't have the funny name who. Oh, funny. Name. I was just chased down the street. I was just. Literally just beaten up and call fat kid, and hey, you're not at least you still had those suite Avs and that button and the arms of yours the drummer body that you got at least you've got a good body. Now, not back then see back, then I was five inch five to six inches shorter. But still had the same size hands and feet that I have now which are already too big for the body that I have for you put it on you put those on someone that's like five five five four literally. You're the Loveland frogman is. It is Zach sergeant. So so far parts. Yeah. Wow. All right. I didn't know that we stepped on a psychological minefield here. No, no. That I now and thinking about all the times, I was bullied in them if you're bullied out there. Hang in there. Yeah. And there are bullying people unless it's really really fun. Be nice. So it's me, it's our kids. What they do. My dad's advice was real. He's like sometimes with the bully. You got a bunch of in the mouth. They are really like you have to fight the bullies of your being bullied. You have to have to come at the bully. You have to make and for me. It was like Gulliver's travels. So there's like forty of them. Yeah. That's it was the little one. Why little spears like our picking into your legs still traumatized forever? But you know, what we're making up for it now. Yeah. I just learned the skill of psychologically, traumatising insults. See, hey. Yeah. And then they just went away. Eventually. Yeah. That'll that'll plug those butts retired out. Absolutely audio save these farts for home, then oh. Never again, you know, there was someone who really had a bad home life. And the only thing they gave them joy was far on you also gave I was well aware. I I figured out the psychology find it pretty young age. All doesn't beat me. Never went that far. No, that's good. That's good. I think it's because all of our fathers beat us. We didn't really have that like a ball. North one of the most important things we do for our health. Every day is brushing our teeth yet. Most of us don't do it. Properly. Quip is a better electric toothbrush. Created by dentists and designers quip was designed to make brushing your teeth more simple, affordable and even enjoyable of to ninety percent of us. Don't brush our teeth for the full two minutes or don't clean evenly. 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And if you go to get quip dot com slash last pod right now, you get your first refill pack, four frayed with equip electric toothbrush. That's your first refill pack free at GT Q U IP dot com slash last pod. But Henry you're saying that on our Schumacher episode with Joseph calendar, shoemaker Schumacher, someone totally different. I know I was just trying to state in a fun accent. Let me take you maker. Joe calendar was a very interesting man, and we covered him for two weeks. And it was a harrowing for many entertaining for us. I am not scared by Joseph calendar anymore unless the thing is now it's walking around and always the same thing. With reason. Why Mark David Chapman haunted more than I? So specifically because these guys are walking around and they look normal, but they are having full on vivid hallucinations. Mum your murder while you're walking down the street. I'm not trying to make sure annoyed, but sometimes it's healthy to be paranoid. But what didn't we forgot to include in last episode winning forget, it was just we didn't we didn't pile and into the information as at Joseph calendar left a series of poems, a four floor Reta Schreiber that I would love to read in the voice of Joseph calendar suit could see more of his interior dialogue. Now, what I've had a lot of people ask me to question this week of why does Joseph calendar sound like Bernie Sanders? Right. An answer is I do not know when it comes to building a voice. I don't know if it's interesting to talk about the quote, unquote, process of the work. But when it comes to making a voice sometimes for me, it was the I saw the picture. I didn't see the early picture of Joe calendars. I didn't see the younger ones. I only saw the ones when he was post jail when he had the big beard, and the first thing that came to my mind, which is how I sometimes do this is like he looks like Bernie Sanders was an offensive. Linemen and I wanted to. So I just went that way before. And so that's just what you do. And then it slowly turned into Tony Clifton because the accent slides because I'm not Darryl fucking Hammond. All right there. It is inside the podcasters workshop. Because like L R H. I try to do depression of rates because there's so much of his voice that is recorded. So you can hear it. You know, like Charles Manson, it's funny to just make him sound like a desert spider like you, make him sound all crazy. And then there's certain ones that there's no. And then pans Rams spoke for itself, right because he's just fucking too. Big jacked horny, powerful, man. Yep. Yep. Absolutely American legend. Kind of. Yeah. Animal rapist. Yeah. Late games woods in a move that James woods before. James woods Twitter is phenomenal. But on sites phenomenal. I would say it's awful. Yeah. It's real hair. One of the reasons I don't go on Twitter because all its old people that ruined it once again, baby boomers baby baby boomers ruined. They manage to ruin Twitter every they managed to ruin everything they touch, I know we have some baby boomer listeners out there. Good ones. You're what are the good ones? Good ones don't ruin podcast, please. So our job. That's yeah. That's what we're going to do. So you got some poems from calendar here that you want to that you want to read it, and I just have to ask what have we got as far as poetry? We've got BT K was a poet Biak. It was poet David Berkowitz or go is now this actually for Marcus. And I don't really know because this isn't the time period routine like the encouraged them to write poetry to express themselves. Well, I know that a Dennis Rader always wrote poetry. He wrote poetry for the first time when he first got a hold of the police when what was a Shirley locks. I think was the name of his first pawn that he worked on for weeks and weeks and weeks before he sent it in. And then when he finally did send it in to the Wichita eagle. They just threw it in the crank pile because they thought that it was a Valentine because it was right around Valentine's. Day, and he didn't include any money to put it in the classifieds or like this guy's fucking nuts. Just put it in the crank pow who gives us yet. But I think it's just it's an easy way to express yourself. It doesn't take much talent to write poetry. It takes an enormous amount of talent to do poetry. Well, when you do poetry, well, like, it's it's absolutely. It's it's astonishingly beautiful. When poetry is done. Well, so it's any old asshole can just write a couple of lines of poetry. Sometimes it becomes very like outsider already. Right. Where going to be so crazy, right? Incredible poetry because just you're kind of the way your mind works as a word jumble. You're creating these crazy pictures or or vodka tting of oh king certain motions. Civic way. But it seems like this is also the time period where a lot of the mental health way they dealt with especially with killers as it was them. Just like we've in baskets in your room. It's like all four z and out like doing crafts. So this is a poem called the unicorn in the garden Joseph calendar the unicorn in the garden while I was a little boy, I thought the parents aren't on statement kale. You'll a hole in my garden. Now Nightingale died poll and the lilacs on rose has perished. I wanted to be an Octo playing unicorn in my garden, but they said you will be Shumeiko like a follow dumb cough. And if you don't you will be a bomb. So I grew up on my top the father shop hearing the cutting of level smelling the owner on glow. My news boring machines idiot's delight exiled on the street. I'm sorry from all children. I lived among shrews anonymous and HAMAs. I'll no I'm not I love our lung the shape foles replace hails drought. Nells my own soul was hidden from me, but the shops that wild. I'll. Robot? Will I thought unicol am I gone? Honestly, I had actually go. Strangely moving. It is no that's not bad. At all. Really? I mean. And that's as far as row killer, poetry, go. I mean, it's definitely better than David Berkowitz's poem about the F train. Yeah. That's very true. But is it less geographical? But is it less? Geographically, correct. Yeah. You know, one thing we didn't mention in the episode was Joseph calendars obsession with butterflies. Really? Yes, he had a deep fascination with butterflies from a a small child that he imagined that he himself was about her fly that was one of his early delusions. Of course. I mean, there was a lot that we had to leave out of the episode otherwise it would have been five in parts long. But really if you really want to get like, I recommend the shoemaker. The shoemaker is such a great true crime book, just alongs you just kind of gloss over all flora Schreiber's. I would say like lazy, psychological? We'll cheat their ancient psychological breakdowns. Yeah. Poem. He wrote a poem. He wrote about Charlie. Can I do one here? Just to contrast that because I Dennis Rader, truly sucks. Poetries the worst. So this is a poem that we did read just to because honestly that the unicorn in the garden working he did one maybe did want to be an actor. He made again Alger is a horrible horrible. Nothing can explain away. What he did know? But the. But this is Dennis Rader. Oh, death this. Live show. What is this that I can see cold icy hands taking hold of me or death has come? You. All can see hell has open. It's gate to trick me. Death. Oh death. Can't you spare me for another year? I'll stuff your jaws till you can't talk. I'll bind your legs dole. You can't walk. I'll tie your hands till you can't make a stand and finally a close your eyes. So you can't see a bring sexual death onto you for me. That is so much worse. It's often calendar. Oh, yeah. And that was a rip. It was a rip off of the old folk song. Oh death. And the reason why raider wrote is because he after the tarot murders his first murder spree in which he killed four people in one afternoon. He started taking classes and criminal Justice at Wichita said, he's right city. So he could essentially become a better serial killer. So he could learn the craft can hate. Yeah. He's the worst. Because he he chose to be a Ciro more than anyone else. He chose to be a serial killer Cray. And he. Essentially to started taking literature classes, he read oh death in one of his classes and decided yet. That's that's the one. I'm going to do. That's the one that I'm going to copy great eared alka cover, really good, so bad. So I'll re this one unless poem Charlie hers. Thumbing writhing their cori- like on angry bowling floated pace longhouse Potter in front called McIntosh highlights. His mean Braun is statically pen may tell a wall where I- rental I cannot free myself from Chali he has full body and below his is just faceless face is just a casual love scandal. Rob thumb around jawbones rounding on a flush chin. That's just a face are not free. Marcel from Charlie bought LS wider. Hey arrives thunderbolts in hell with the devil. Sings doom songs through his mouth us face. Then come to me with bloody instructions his favorite world is Cal. But Chali as wheel like you on me, something I'm going to waste some day. I'm going to kill him. Some I'm going to punch him with hill swivel on airless, willow. But my way Charlie's going to kill me. I I li- with one eye open. I care. I'm not free myself from Charlie. Eerie once again, very good and a totally different styles or poem. That's the dismembered head that would compel him to kill that. He just wrote a poem about well now, I wouldn't say that Charlie necessarily compelled him to kill he delivered instruction sometimes. But mostly he was there for encouragement. He wasn't telling him to stop no damn when calendar committed his third murder yet Charlie was screaming for him to stab her again stabber against ever again. But mostly Charlie was I would say Charlie was more there to assist the delusions that calendar believed were coming from God. Well, you know, sometime I mean artists like an archangel like an arcade artists. Artists minds. We can go either way to be true creative. You kind of got to be a little wackadoo till, and I think Beechy K proves that as Marcus said, he was not crazy. No. He was doing all of this purpose calendar, just by the quality of his poems. I think he might have. I know. He was absolutely nuts. Yeah. He was. Well, Dennis Rader was just such a loser. He he did all of this. He he make constructed his whole identity. 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And obviously, I know exactly what it is in no way today. Forget what you wanted to talk about. This is a perfect perfect tease at setup. Well, it was trolling through some of the conspiracy message boards this week. Good. I thank you very much. Well, and I came upon a post from twenty fifteen. Okay. A good old fashioned illuminating update. Yeah. Luminosity update. And this is what conspiracy used to be like twenty fifteen was trying to win it. Twenty fifteen was around the time the conspiracy the conspiracy bowl kind of tipped over into the mainstream. This is back when this is back when a conspiracy was truly fucking nuts and truly fun. This is before people like took it literally seriously when Alex Jones was just asking questions questions here. I got more people. Okay. We're going to go on the aluminum update has a little bit to say about. All right. All right. Well, the luminosity update it was originally posted on anonymous MAGS which no longer exists. It is now click bait site, but it was written by a guy who had gotten out of the aluminum after forty seven years in service, and he was able to leave through the departure ritual. Okay. The departure ritual is I eventually found out after a little bit of digging. Is it when you? Tell the aluminum I wanna leave what they do is. They bring in front of the council, they bring your entire family. And then they murder them in front of you got to really, and then after that, they do mind experiments on you for about a year. And then they throw you in a hole underneath Denver, Colorado. I'll just stay guys. I honestly, I didn't even realize what would be what it would what would be entailed in me trying to leave. I like the luminosity like my family. This is fine. But they don't the idea is that this is also where the conspiracy theory has come about the Denver airport, right? Which is essentially they are constantly under construction because they are constantly hiding the bodies of illuminate defectors. Right. Whoever designed the Denver airport. Definitely was like with any luck. People will think this is four and made by the aluminum, they have the horse the Denver Bronco that is outside of that stadium at night. The is light red yet. It's great it makes you feel like you're going into more doors. At school shit. This guy said that he was recruited into the along luminosity when he was nineteen years old after he had gotten approached by a couple of men in black suits when he was a student at Harvard. Why didn't get this shape? Why didn't know? To try to scoop us up you serious. They wanna get toll goof. They want fort in Free Willy. We're not mix. That's that's the fucking. We're the best team in the world. We're the expendable. Oh, you think the aluminum body was monitoring the Florida State University theater program. I mean that we want the we want the fat one in the sheiky does need a new we need a new man for the Wanda movement like for me to go to Africa. Oh, yeah. With me. There were definitely keeping an eye on the Texas Tech university English department because if there's one thing Texas Tech is known for its English. Yeah. Exactly. What's the one that super tall and just drunk enough to fall over? But never does. This guy escaped from Denver airport through a series of underground tunnels that were shown to him by a fellow defector because the fell defector his great grandfather had built those tunnels who'll this is a great movie. Yeah, it's an amazing movie. It's great. So what this guy is done him and the seven others all escape they all got new identities. And this man who escaped in June of twenty ten he is risking his life to tell us the secrets of the aluminum. Yes. And this is just on web forms. This is just on web forms, and it's been. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. No, no. It wasn't a published anywhere was as one of those ones that was like a leaked on like on A B chain like beat. No, no, it wasn't. It wasn't back back in the old days four and all that. Now. This was on anonymous MAGS. Okay. Yeah. Well, this guy says that there are fifty seven undergr-. Round basis in bunkers around the United States that are used for illumination purposes. But there are four hundred thirty nine bunkers all over the entire world with the largest one existing and Sao Paulo Brazil holds. Yep. So far. Yes. Yeah. I've seen all that. I've seen the rating. That bunker is able to hold up to five thousand people for a period of up to ten years because of course, when World War three comes all, the world's leaders. Gotta have somewhere to go to got to and all the world's richest. People are going to be there as well. Bill Gates, Warren Buffett oil tycoons, they're all going to be living in this bunker with their families. They deserve that and their tax breaks for how well they've done for the US economy. Oh, thank you. Just a magin the farts in that buffet. This constantly brags about how the only food. He eats his egg mcmuffins from McDonald's. What are you? What are your khakis smelling? The. Make eggs shits. But one thing about the oil tycoons that they will be murdered in the bunker. Yeah. So the that the takeover of the Middle East will be much easier for the new world owner. Well, then they better not go. I guess they don't know that they don't know that this knows that. But they don't know that it's like one of those. It's the is the what's it like in the mob? When they do the thing where it's like, you think you're about to get made. Like, hey, no. We gotta meet Joe yadi. It's like by the ducks. Yeah. We'd like why are we going to the docks? I thought all the made guys go to the club. And he's like, nah is especial. Shit. I killed them. Now. Yeah. That would I don't think that's good. I think it's better. If you don't trick them like that. I see I would be just like, honestly, if you were going to kill me don't make me think that I was going to get made. I was so excited. Yeah. And now, I'm gonna die. Look so disappointed now. Well, I don't know. I mean, if you get shot in the back of the head you at least die with a smile on your face. By the way, these bunkers this guy that wrote the article he was in one of these bunkers in China in the nineties, and he said, it's pretty much like staying at a five star hotel rarely luxurious ocean. Why would he even escape? He. Well. No, this was after this is before he decided to leave the aluminum is in the aluminum. Yeah. This is when he was in the because member using the aluminum for forty seven years, okay? Well, you want to hear some of the other people that have stayed in these bunkers over the years. Five stars these five star bunkers. Yes. Leon Trotsky stayed in a bunker for a while. Of course, he did when did he die? Oh, these puckers have been around for a while. How you vide- a long time ago for thirty sporty must have been something like that. Yeah. I mean got he didn't he get stabbed with an ice pick and Mexico. Yeah. Geico. Tonight, C two forty. Yeah. Forty four now after Stalin defeated Trotsky and secure power on the Soviet Union after Lenin's death Trotsky was moved to an underground bunker, just inside Switzerland and Stalin didn't know this because if he did not follow the orders of the aluminum, the Trotsky was going to be reinstated as the leader of the Soviet Union, and it was important to have Trotsky place in this bunker because Stalin was going to kill him. Otherwise now Stalin eventually fell in line with the aluminum plants and Trotsky was executed because he was no longer needed. Okay. He was he was in. He was insurance in case Stalin didn't fall in line are then we'll kill stall and put Trotsky back in its place, but Stalin fell in line, and they just killed Trotsky. Can you imagine knowing knowing that would be though just to be stuck with Trotsky at a five star hotel? Oh, you eat is everything just like just like the second active, whereas that free to Kalo movie. I didn't just about that. Yeah. It's like Mexico hotel that they were all at where they like everybody that you loved and you could name from the nineteen thirties. That was like a famous artist is all hanging around drinking weird like cafe Lecce's and. And and difficult and then slowly getting picked off one by one. I imagine with Trotsky all day would get pretty tiresome. Oh is getting. So the same thing about Neil young. I think the same thing about Neil young. I love Neil young. Yes. But I I never want to meet him. Never because I just think, you know, it's all about him yelling about his sky miles yelling about his fucking how he needs new shoes about how he hates soundcloud, because nobody music just like each new thing 'cause you start off being like, man. It's so cool to be with you today is so called funding. Neil young, man. And he's like my feet hurt. No. Honestly, I do think Neil young would talk about the benefits of elkridge shoes. It'd be like, and he would just be like I was so dumb for so long. I was just using the ties look at the velcro shoes. Like, those are nice velcro shoes. Mr young. Over and you just slap them to gather your own half to take them in at your day. Now's me of a song. Of the day. All my new music today. Potty. Mr young. What inspired the song old, man? You have did was. I know it's a great song about you taking over someone's farm because you had a lot of money to kind of kicked him on their arm. But it was about ruining old people's lives. And now that I am an old person. I see just existing does that. I'm gonna go hang out with David cross. Else was in a bunker for awhile will let me guess politicians celebrity politician politician, what era we're going to say way back way back. Taff now President George Washington. No, not too far back in American president American president ABRAHAM LINCOLN neighbor ham link ABRAHAM LINCOLN. I was going to say it as a joke. Well, actually, Henry you already read it. No, I didn't know. Okay. Good. I don't think honesty would be a part of the aluminum Lincoln was not murdered by John Wilkes booth in the office of the presidency as a palm because the aluminum they knew that if he was in the presidency than the south would soc- because the civil war made the aluminum body, very very rich. And that was the only reason why the civil war was allowed to happen. The aluminum had not seen the opportunity to become rich of the war than slavery would still be an American institution. Or so this man says so Lincoln was put an office to start the war, and he made the deal that once the war was over. He would be removed from office. That's why Lincoln was out of there. As soon as the war was done. But what did the fake assassination and ABRAHAM LINCOLN was sent to live in a bunker in Mexico. So it was a fake assassination. Casaus inasion flag. It was always like, well, I don't know if that's technically a false flag. I guess a false flag is an actual action done. It was just faked which is. It just seems like a lot of work. Could be a false flag. But because the the murdering of ABRAHAM LINCOLN definitely led to the punitive measures that were emplaced on the south during reconstruction, which of course, benefited the aluminum, and obviously none of the easy. It is. I don't understand how easy it is. None of this is real, but also John Wilkes booth who would you get to work on something that is false an actor. He was an actor. He was the first crisis actor, do you people? See how easy to? With actually having Shakespearean training. See that's how I think. That's what these crisis actors don't have the same training as they used to. And it's a part of the volume down of conspiracy culture as that we totally that time to put these crisis actors into I mean conservatories so they can really played run for characters where the you could put a beard on him. And he could look something different. They really blend in make them late. Yeah. I don't know why you would make put a beard on him. And then make him Milady. How can you be can you act the way around your own beard and show off the tits? Using your words. Honestly, that's a good point. We talked about this unable to stop at this week. Alex Jones, recanted all of his false leg stuff. Yeah. No, not your stuff. Yeah. He said psychosis that he said he was this coast for three years. And because he said he was traumatized by the media because he was. So anyway, so all those people that he convinced that he that was that we're convinced he was telling the truth once again folks, do not believe Alex Jones immediately shifted back. He went right back onto 'cause then he had Joe Rogan on info wars, and he does his whole like he goes to court and says, I oh, I'm crazy. I'm crazy. But he goes right back on Infowars is so crazy I'm saying, and then he just says the same shit again. And again. Monster this man, right here that wrote the article he's got a little bit to say about Alex. He said Alex Jones is not who he says he is for years Jones has been working to uncover the secrets of the aluminum body and the new world order, right? Sure. In reality. He is a member of the former and we'll be in power in the latter. Of course. In the world. And he's been placed our defeat false information to throw through trackers off the trail. Do not believe anything that. The man tells you what this aluminum member says there is nothing more fun than conspiracy theorists. Arguing with other conspiracy theorists. Bill Cooper and Alex Jones actually had one of the best feud scrapie in radio history. And they're both crazy. Although Bill Cooper, we'll see this not as nefarious as Alex Jones. I think Bill Clinton's he did, you know, obviously, you you get what you want in life. And I think you want to be shot by the police aid it man, it's the ultimate way us that's the ultimate conspiracy. There is way to go out. Do that's how that's what you want. He got it. He made it for himself. And he got it. But they are all a fucking mess. But I actually believe that that that's one of those where I love seeing the conspiracy theorist lens into their own people. It always happens. They always cannibalize themselves like a bunch. Democrats. And as soon as he fell on him 'cause it's true. You the one who fucking friends with the president? I never understand any of these conspiracy theories that are going on now saying that the president is a vulnerable powerless like he can't do anything. And he's fighting for the truth were legitimately always the president's always on the opposite side of what is happening because they know enough. They are the information chief of the whole thing is to spread honestly their message. And and unify the government. That's what they're supposed to do that. Nobody more inside than the fucking president. That's the great irony about Trump because every I don't know why presidents ever leave the White House political nerd, it'd be like I'm just going to stay the going every room. And the thing is Trump doesn't even take the meetings anymore. Usually a president wakes up around seven o'clock, you got your generals in there. He doesn't even do those. They give him a portfolio full of pictures. Yes. That's his he doesn't even have the he doesn't have a thirst for knowledge. So. Tech. We have we have no of. Yeah. Now. But you know, if you're a believer in Cunanan, that's because Trump has been an all of his time working with Robert Muller and conjunction with the military to take down the new world order that is run by Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton of and George Soros. Yeah. The Cunanan stuff is getting particularly fucking nuts lately. Well, the guy flashed a Q I forget what show I forget which shooting that he had this. I have this story here. So a really good with the conspiracy theory. I mean, there's plenty more to get through. We'll let you can believe me. I mean, this is I mean, we're just generally talking about conspiracy theories, you know, where it used to be where it is now. So we can let's continue talking about conspiracy theories. And then let's talk just kinda ties into this true crime story this fellow. He's a twenty four year old guys. Name is Anthony camello. He was a big believer in far right conspiracy theories like Cunanan. And of course, he also had a. A bit of an Oxycontin habit. We're. Sometimes ends which is the chicken in which is the eg in that scenario. I don't know, but he shot this mob, boss. This fellow Callie. He had to result this drain us. I thought it was just a straight up hit. Talking about the mob head out in Staten Island. Really? I haven't Q as soon as he got in court. He drove a Q on his hand as a message to the I guess to four Chan or to his followers or some shit. Yeah. I really don't know. But he so he was born and raised in Staten Island, south shore. He's accused of gunning down Gambino crime family leader Francisco, Frankie boy, Kelly. They always sound like boxers always Francisco, Frankie boy Kelly on a quiet street in taught hill last week the shooting had rocketed Mr. Khumalo in otherwise unsensationalised young man who was struggling to launch his adult life into true crime infamy. This dude Kelly was shot ten times and the police have not explained how Mr. camello even crossed into mister Kelly's orbit let alone why he allegedly decided to kill him. Well, when I ever motive the Gambino crime family has not been forgiving, and it looks like this guy is going to. Facing life in. We'll be looking at life in prison, and it looks like it's probably not going to be a very long life in prison. The Gambino crime family had some people on the inside. Yeah. What I had read about was that he the word is that it was a very domestic shooting as that. It was a dude he the guy that shot him was trying to date his daughter, and he said, no. And then this guy just flipped out essentially, he put the clamp down saying, you can't take my daughter. And this is this is over. And then he just you just cut right through like a knife through butter where it's like if you're not a made man, and you're not some kind of like a goon for the mafia you're not on any of their lists. So he just showed up and he was outside the house. He walked out of the house, and he shot him ten times. And so he is writing Q on his hand in court now, he's big into Cunanan. He's big into all these conspiracies. So a lot of people were like does that tie into the killing. But maybe it doesn't at all. It was so. Just a Romeo and Juliet type situation, but he used the opportunity to show off or kill to show off for you. Okay. Because I was afraid who was going to be one of those things where he had some sort of delusion where this guy was a mob boss in the mob. Boss is related to the entire. What is it the new world order that was well doing all the pedophile rings and all that super Chad? Like, it's the penman already the pizza joint, and they don't have dogs in pizza place. But sure a pedophile ring spied now. And now the last q and on update that I've read was that they actually have already executed Hillary Clinton. She's that she's executed and Brock Obama's being held on an island somewhere. Cunanan is. I mean, it is getting bigger and bigger and bigger, and it is getting more and more and more followers. Like, I watched a video couple of days ago where there was a guy with a video camera out of Trump rally, and he had written make noise for Cheonan. Unjust was elected. Was it the famous black, dude? I don't know if it was a it was just a guy had written make noise for Q on a sign and Trump rally, and he went it's a twenty minute long video of him going down the line. And just everybody's like you. Fuck yo. I am more fucking into it. Here's excited. They are excited to yell. Yeah. They are. I'm not going to say that we should ever do this. I there's a lot of racial reasons why there's a lot of lot of systemic issues in this country, but a poll test when it comes to boating in the only question is do you believe in Q, if the answer is yes, I understand we have a constitution. But it's just their vote matters to scare you say follow up questions after. So this dude that that killed the Gambino crime family member he made rambling statements and evidently, this is according to John Miller, the chief of the New York police department's intelligence division. He said he wanted to make a citizen's arrest of Maxine Waters, congressman Schiff. He blamed Nancy Pelosi and all kinds of other people for stealing the election, which I'm assuming is the mid-term election the motivation for Mr. Camilla's February stunt became clear Monday when he was arraigned in jersey Corp, as he entered the courtroom, he raised open a poem where he had Q scrolled on it. So. Kind of got you can look at it here. It's not nearly as neat. As Richard Ramirez is Pentagon. Looks like there's quite a few other doodles on that hand as well that aren't quite. So that aren't quite so clear, but I mean, but that's that's the weird thing is I know we've gotten a couple of comments here, and there from people, you know, saying that we're we're talking about politics on the show. But the thing is that we've been talking about conspiracy for ten years. Now, it just so happens that conspiracy is now apart such a gigantic part of American politics. But on his head. We say it says United we stand mega forever and mega forever. Good for him. I guess that's good. That part of it is it it's weird. It's weird that it's become a part of the mainstream so mainstream that we can't even talk about anymore because we're supposed to be talking about fringe topics, and you talking about Q it on and they take deadly seriously that it's hard to to broach it because it's the it's we're now in the world of it's becoming a real conspiracy. Because of how many people are talking about it. We're generating the reality of it. Every single time brought up every single time. He flashes. The new every time he does this stuff it basically, it makes it real or unreal. Unreal. Or, but it's really just more deeply connecting a group of people that are they are just ruining their own lives. Try to try to chase the sense of what's happening right now. Trying to fig- piece it all altogether. You really think Brock Obama's got time to fucking to run the deep state. He's got movies to produce. He's we know what what do we know about producers all they do is work work. Viz? He certainly doesn't just put an Obama stamp on a bunch of shit and then leave, but I I really don't unders-, you know, that's where I am bitter being like, so we are all now struggling if try try to fix this country, do whatever and Bronco. Bama has decided to go make content for Netflix like every other fucking every one of us. This is what we're doing. But did you guys know that the moon landing in one thousand nine hundred sixty nine was real what? But it was not the first moon landing because seven years earlier the Russians actually landed on the moon, but they kept that a secret because that was really just a test because it was the aluminum plan to have the capitalist win the Cold War. But the Russians had the same technology that we had, but they sit the Russians their first to make sure that the Americans could actually do it. So they were our test dummy like what was the title can again Crash Test Dummies. Well, that's what they this is the whole Russian revisionism of all conspiracy theory. This is this. Weird thing that we're in this other spot where Russians did everything they did Roswell. They did Rendall Schimdt forestay did everything they actually did it. We did nothing. We just quote, we observe we freak out, and we take credit for and we do not it's a very strange almost like I wonder I saw talk by KGB officer a longtime ago, they was uneasy tube. And he was talking about how we and this was in the nineteen ninety s and he said, we've already deeply infiltrated the United States of America in terms of changing shifting the thought from the inside out of the this concept of essentially flipping American exceptionalism like doing that thing where we start to really doubt, our ability, and you slowly hack away at our ability to take care of ourselves. And excel like understanding that we can do era of everybody vilifying socialism from within so much that we don't wanna take care of anybody anymore. And all we. Due shovel money up to less and less people. And then we have nothing, and eventually we are just going to be ground into food for the rich. But Henry how nice is it to give say giving is better than receiving. What are we doing? If we're not giving. Yeah. That's what makes us feel so good doesn't it feel? Good good. I feel like we were giving so much so many weapons we're getting a lot of weapons which. I think that's that's important. That's important. I guess that's part of our economy. Well, speaking of capitalism without capitalism. We would never have one of the greatest inventions of all time, which is the telephone. Yeah. Also without capitalism. We would never have one of the greatest cartoons of all time. Which is Garfield. I understand you Marcus is actually wearing a Garfield shirt. And evidently in France, these two things are combined and Garfield phones have been washing up on the shores. But like a lot of them. Now, it's been very strange French coastal community is finally cracked the mystery behind these Garfield telephones that have plagued the picturesque beaches for decades since nineteen eighties. The tr- the ear off the ROY no. No sauna. All words that it's all letters and French. You're not supposed to say. I r I s e okay host and Brittany has received the supply of bright orange landline. Novelty phones shaped like a famous cartoon cat. They keep washing up and it's been going on since the eighties. These constantly's weird asked the Garfield phones, keep a like landing on the beach, and they've been trying to clean it up. So last year compaigners from the air Velu anti-litter group made the novelty phone a symbol of the plastic pollution on the beaches of the Phoenix Durra region part of which is a designated marine park. Now once a common household item. It's is open in the land. When the win the landline. Receivers picked up you guys ever have Garfield phone. Oh, yeah. Always wanted one. I did love him. My brother. My brother had a full Garfield themed room until he was sixteen or fifteen and then one weekend, it was overruled Paul and delight posters. It went from Jim Davis posters and Garfield post. Tres? Jim Dave is actually signed a letter to my brother, Eric. He was very nice nice. And then and then Eric said I want to be an adult now. And he and then he got into rupaul. And then that I used to think she was quite attractive. And she's that's that. That's that. But they for a long time. They thought we'll maybe there was some kind of suspected that. There was a long lost shipping container. And they couldn't find it. But they kind of figured out where it would possibly have the media attention on the news and the new campaign. However, drew the eye of a local farmer who remembered the first daily won't go fuel appearing after restore and the early nineteen eighties. Which sounds like the beginning of a weird crossover between Jim Davis and Stephen King storm that all of these things start showing up at least like he knew said he knew the location of the container. It's like you had to noodles area. Wale, he told France Info, which had covered the pain. We found it continual aground inefficiential. It was Ben manuals girl. But zehr. Steeler was a stack of foods. Do you love the you are turning into Charles Ingham? Charles. Is he found a shipping container loading a bunch of rocks? So they got so no more. So the they get at it. They said, basically, they can see it is this thing as managed to insinuate itself down into a Fisher. And they can see it from the top of the Fisher. And it's still fill. Garfield phones, all the bottom of home. I have to wait for them to dislodge could come up one local said, quote it never stops. Than gore field bugs. Actually, this article is that written really this articles written grades from the San Francisco gay just the first line is to gear he came. Jimmy Davis is by Katie doubt. At this. Ooh garfield. Final revenge. I definitely had the Garfield phone it works. I kinda missed the landlines. We also had the that's not a football that's telephone which Sports Illustrated. Once you got a subscription to Sports Illustrated. You we get a football phone. I miss the good novelty landline phone, you know, it's the one with the cellphones ill. Look the same. You get the gigantic novelty phone case. Now, the Bill foam cases, but you can't fit it in the pocket, and then was a phone have to have cat ears. I don't know you could still get a landline. I know, but they still package it. They always the zoo. They always say like if you want the internet you can have a landline and you get five dollars off. I'm scanning the walls of my apartment in my brain. I have to clean up some have to rub wipe off some some of the some of the tomato sauce there. But I don't even think there's a plug in for it. Where have you ever have you had one behind the couch? I know you have one behind the couch. I remember it. God, that's creepy. -partment? So well for fifteen years, the no I remember murder. Fist used to every night. Ten murder phys members would come and you know, what they would do Marcus far. Right. And they would they would fart. Absolutely. They would right which also was like had a lot of forties involved with it, by the way, Henry speaking of local Williamsburg, naive area there who mood are Delhi guy died. I saw that post. It's incredibly sad. Yeah. He was so sweet. He was. Yeah. When I was all dead broke would go in there and a Monday and be like, I don't come money until Friday. And they'd be like, get whatever you want pay on Friday. If you let me get beers, and sandwiches, Gips, whatever I wanted. No. He was a door whole group. We were always sweet that's such a shame. And I'm so, you know, God, I wonder what he died of visit like Delhi cancer. Ask about that. No, no. I actually did ask it was it was a a heart attack. It happened. I'd of the blue himself to death. He literally worked and he was at his cancer twelve hours a day seven days a week at least. Yeah, he was he was just awesome anyway are at Pima manhood mood and anyway, take care of yourself, folks. Elliptical man cardio's would keep your heart strong. And if you'd like to sit do what I got I got a rower, and it's nice. You know, actually have on it though. It's not just a chair. I know I've been rowing. I talked to my therapist. I'm doing a lot of things a lot of things that is great. All right. We'll thank you all so much for listening, Marcus. Thank you for coming in and sharing your aluminum knowledge. Yes. Henry grape poetry, it would Nitzan my poetry Joseph calendars poetry, so thank him. Yeah. Thank you for the material. Thank him for two episodes material. I guess we have to do that. Now. Do we have the thank this real killers gave us we don't know. Oh, I'm just wondering. No, that's a good. Good check. And I don't think we have to and I would prefer if we ran out of content quite. That's the one about this life is that we will never run out of content. Yeah. Sad unfortunate. But if you want to be a subject that we cover on last podcast. No violence. Find us an alien find us a cryptic. Yeah. You do one of those two things, and we will talk about you. And also Senate decide side stories L P O T L at gmaiLcom. We always go through those letters. We've just time. It was just fun to talk about what we had prepared. But we love reading what you guys have to say in reading the letters on the air at same much fine to die. All right, everyone. Thank you so much religious live every day man live every day. No live every other day. Now, you that. No. You don't get to. Unfortunately, you don't wanna live on Tuesday. You got two and they're gonna make you live on Tuesday, unless you stopped because then you can't go to work, and that's all they care about anymore. Laugh laugh laugh laugh laugh, like it's the first time you're seeing John Turin brain donors we've seen that. That is a deep cut. It is it is. I was thinking about it quite a bit. And love love for the way. You look at me. It's L. That's let it break down the letters and make them fucking make it up yourself than what the others fucking stand for holy shit. You Gary Busey at least feels you know, if his acronyms, well, it's because he's got nothing else to do all day. Got to build the acronyms. Of all right, everyone. Thank you so much for listening hail yourselves, hell Satan. Again, Gustav show had me if you would thank you for listening again that you for listen, thank you. We wouldn't be here. If not for you, this show is made possible by listeners like you. Thanks to our ad sponsors, you can support our shows by supporting them for more shows like the one you just listen to go to last podcast network dot com.

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