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If you're easily offended this show, not be for you. But if you're into that weird fun you've come to the right place. You've been warned more. Reporting. It's up to us. I I believe. The skeptic. BSP believers skeptic podcast podcast were too tired. And sick idiots debate. Weird phenomenon threes. I'm Cody I under skeptic. This is your first time listening. We are LGBTQ hot paranormal comedy pad cast while I sound like shit because I've been sick all week at the talent of it. And hopefully, get rid of it because I have a show opening this weekend. Does so send healing Mojo. Because Chris sings an a. And if you don't know that it's high. I actually just got back from Texas like midnight last night for a book of it. So yeah. So this week we have a special guest we have Derek from the podcast rolling ventures. Lou me and have been in him have been talking for what almost two years now, probably like almost as long as I've been podcasting. We've been talking about having him on for for a long time. But I got sidetracked with my own projects. You know, how that goes? So and he's been one of our listeners like since the beginning. So thanks all. Thank you this perfect time to have someone because you can pick up our slat today. So Derek tells a little bit about you. So I used to do these sometimes podcasts. That's actually how I got my start just recently probably about nine months ago. I started doing rolling misadventures, which is a tabletop improv audio drama with focus more on the audio drama. Pretty cool. How many people are on there? So we have myself and my two co hosts as the main crew have Charles from he's one of the cofounders Noko FM northern Colorado internet radio station slash podcasting network as well as making danger from Ono lit class. And then we bring on guests all the time so anywhere from three to five people total this fantastic. And you actually have a really nice podcasting voice. I'm just noticing this. I'm like, I could just listen to this and go to sleep. I know now that is extra. I mean, it's like it's like nice that was meant to be a compliment. Appreciate hey. So in darker throwing around ideas for bit and since dark is located in Washington where in Kent, correct? It used to be I actually moved a little bit more south. I'm now in Tacoma. Oh, okay. Okay. Cool. And so we decided to do some research into critter creatures crypt heads of the Pacific northwest paranormal that are not big foot. Because all you need is another podcast talking about Bigfoot. Right. So I need to change my story real quick. So as always same format, but since we do have a guest in lieu of BS weekly. We'll have a game that I created this time which I am a bit nervous about that. On me last minute. All the time. Stakes are high number was going to be like it'll be cool to compare games. But my last time was pretty damn lame fun to say shoebox or cheaper cover. So with that drinks or Derek you have a drink. Right. I do. All right. What did you? What do you have? I picked up the yeti imperial stout. That's a really good kidding. Guess what? I picked up. Amazing. I guess we've done it. I was wondering why Chris at letting him talk 'cause he was like yeti guess what? I got. Well, it's related to sasquatch yeti is usually the abominable snowman. But it looks like big foot on there. So yes, it does. So and I'm not drinking at least for the next three weeks for the show. This is by it's yours. It's yours. Lord. So do you do you like stout stare? I do normally I'll either go for a stout. A reporter less of an IEP guy. Oh. Beer twins. Disgusting. So I'll have to tell a quick story about our beer's because I almost shoplifted today. Because because I was I was at the store, and I had grabbed like water and some snag lectures to eat, and I was going to pick up a wine, and I texted Chris, and I was like, oh, wait I need to get one. Because if Derek has one I wouldn't need to and so he was like no you don't need to Derek's going to. And that was like, okay, I'm good, and it sort of walking out of the store because in my head was like if I don't need a wine, I can just leave 'cause I've done and I never paid for anything. And I made it to the door and was about to leave when I literally went that turned back to the. All right. So let's should we get into history yet. Cheers. Cheers. Oh, you actually were able to open it. I broke a wine bottle a couple of weeks ago. Oh, jeez. All right. So history was a lot more difficult this week because I didn't want to exactly give a history lesson on the Pacific northwest. And let's be real would probably got a lot of it wrong. Anyhow. So as many people know the Pacific northwest, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, small part of Canada, Alaska and California every state just the tire west coast. Prior to the vision of white people in abundance of Americans lived in the area for thousands of years. Just WP. The hashtag have is white tag white people ruined everything. True. Well, I'm assuming with your last name Italian yet. Maybe yes, I thought so some fairly fairly removed. Great. So he's totally white. We ruined everything anyways. So before the Beijing native Americans are native or indigenous people lived in the area for thousands of years, including such tribes as the cling Tillamook, and some so much many more colonization happened around the seventeen hundreds in the European settlers brought with him wonderful gifts such as smallpox, wiping out, a large part of the native Americans, and of course, claiming the land as their own that being said, the Pacific northwest is steeped in a lot of legends and stories that come to reckless from the indigenous people. Of course, one of the most well known being sasquatch, even one of the stories that I'm talking about today has roots in native indigenous, spirituality mythology the sasquatch comes from native American. All. Yeah. There's talk in cave paintings and really their history. Yeah. Yeah. There's all sorts of eight especially if you look at the bait of American indigenous peoples totems and stuff that actually ties in a little bit with the crypto that I'm covering really. Wow, I trying to say native Americans, but there's part of Canada. That's why going back to indigenous because Canada's not in America. North america. That's true. Oh, good. Okay. Although we won't touch on sasquatch, Dan our stories. It is needless to say that he is significant significant krypton or it is a significant crypt in the Pacific northwest gender identify. We don't want to do. That's what gender. What I read one of the prominent figures of the indigenous people the Pacific north west is that of the raven which I found interesting on the raven for the most part is known as a trickster, but depending on the community it can symbolize creation, transformation knowledge, prestige, the complexity of nature, the subtlety of truth, and the unknown. What? So Derek you already knew this about the raven. Yeah, we see a lot of birds and that kinda gets into mine a little bit by if you look at a lot of the totems or paintings that you would have with any native art. You will see a lot of birds. So this is kind of common knowledge again. Oh, wow. That's cool. Yeah. So many also see the raven as a helper to the creator believing that the raven holds messages from the creator in its wings only to be released to those who need to hear it. As one can assume stories vary from tribe to tribe. One thing that is unique to the indigenous people of the Pacific northwest as dark spoke. Because the totem pole. The totem poles are made from large trees in which figures are carved the carvings tell stories of their own they're usually a representation of or commemoration of ancestors, cultural beliefs clan. Lydia j has or notable events. Totem poles are very complex, and that it is hard to decipher the meetings and figures unless you are the one who made it or a part of the tribe that it was created for since they are made of trees and the lay in the rainy climate decays inevitable as a result few totems that were carved before the nineteen hundred survive today for the most part they can survive sixty to eighty years after European colonization eighteen hundreds to the early nineteen hundreds practice of indigenous religion was outlawed which included carving. Totem poles outlining gosh. Gosh. And then in the late nineteen thirties revival of the tradition became prominent, cultural linguistic, artistic and scholarly interest. There are six basic types of totem poles. There's the house frontal poles the house post mortuary polls memorial polls, walk them polls. And the shame or ridicule poll for the stripper pole. Go dance on the. Also because specific purpose I will get into that here because it would take me like an hour to describe each one already felt at least. So needless to say, the Pacific northwest is a part of the part of the world that is steeped in beautiful culture, where many of the stories that today come from even some of the ones we will talk about as well. So so every time you say that like my history is get a sock. It always ends up being really interesting. The last thing I did because I had no idea to go about it. So. Jeev anything you wanted to add to that. Now. I think he covered a lot of eight and what's really interesting about the different totem poles in the art that is tied to it. A lot of the time you'll see that around the Seattle area specifically being right on the water and specifically with pike place market. I know there's a lot of stories about different tribal spirits than walking around the market. You will see tons of native Arthur as well with various vendors as well as just historical pictures of the place. That's so cool. So right in Seattle. You'll see stuff. Yep. Unbelievable. Oh, wow. That's so cool. Let's neat house the beer. It's stout. It's good. But Barry's doubt. It's it's a bit heavy. There's no to drink this whole thing because I'm gonna be wasted. Taste like one of those ones that has like oh ten percent alcohol. Jeez. You'll be hammered that whole. Starting off. Yes. Okay. So story number one. And you'll know why pick this synergy here. The title I'm going to be talking about mel's hole. So this is auto biographical. Cody's whole bottomless pit budget trash was thrown. Actually what I'm talking about. But it's actually mills Foale. And as soon as I read that and even though he didn't even know what it was about. But just the ten and there was only one paragraph of information. And I was like I don't care. I will go. We'll scour the internet for years to find enough to talk about to talk about mel's hole and ended up finding a lot. It's so funny that I actually had just recently heard about this like maybe two weeks ago. I had never heard about it before that. Oh, really? Yeah. Do that's like synchronicity sometimes something will happen. Then. Right. Then you hear about it or whatever. So hopefully, I can add a little information that you haven't heard Derek. And if you wanna throw anything in just let me know, right? All right. Okay. It all started on February twenty first nineteen ninety seven when a man identifying himself as Melle mel's hole as Mel waters of that Ellensburg area. Have you ever heard of the L Ellensburg? Yep. Yeah. It's a city. T's see I'm going to kill myself on the geography, it's basically eastern Washington. Okay. Okay. We'll so. So this guy Mel he appears on coast to coast with art bell, a nationally syndicated AM talkshow rest in peace. Art bill. That is. Yeah. He died recently. Really? That is oh coast to coast part paranormal radio show. Yeah. That's what it is. Yeah. A little radio shows. I guess it was pretty big it's huge waters in a lengthy conversation with bell by phone talked about a mysterious hole in the ground on his rural property about nine miles west of Ellensburg. So supposedly, this is what he says he says the federal government agents seized the land with no explanation as to whether the whole was a threat or national security issue or both or whatever water said that the cover story that the government gave him was that it was just an old site of downed aircraft. But it was so significant that they supposedly forced him off his land, and they paid him two hundred and fifty thousand dollars off of his lead. But there was one condition. He had to leave the country. What's yet? So they're were basically like you're leaving not gonna deal with this. So he moved to Australia. He said, and so that's kind of where he lived with a paid him to to abandon his whole. So why all the time? Like, what is what is the deal with his poll? Well, water said that the whole head paranormal properties just like mine, despite the fact that locals dumped their garbage there for years. So basically, it was crash and yet people were just throwing garbage and shit in there. But whenever they asked him on the show. He said that I he said he indicated that he was acquainted with central Washington University where his wife worked for a time. And I was like what does anything, but he was just trying to give himself credibility to be like, hey know, someone in a university. That means I'm for real. To he claimed that the whole was greater than eighty thousand feet deep kind of like you so. All right. So, but that's over fifteen miles was seen. He said he tied fishing line together in time waits to it and set their into started lower into the hole, and he lowered it more than fifteen miles and never hit earth. That's eighty thousand feet. So it's essentially holes crater to hell. And so in some people are kind of likening the whole to hell. Well waters began performing other tests to try to understand what the hell was going on. Well, he said that whenever he would yell directly into the pit. He would hear silence instead of an echo. And this is crazy when he brought a hand held radio near the whole it would play music from the past say that he would hear old radio stations or old music from stations that didn't exist anymore whenever he would bring the radio by their. That's crazy. Yeah. He also said that he saw a black beam coming from the whole just Chris's AM. AM Shane if he would lower metal it would change it into other substances. And I don't have a lot of other details because we're gonna get into animals because this is kind of a more interesting for me. So supposedly animals hated this whole, and they did their best to stay away from it even said that his dogs would refuse to go near it. If you try to drag them when did their claws or pause into the ground in protest birds would avoid flying over it, and no small animals ever went near it. So it was like we'll make why are they doing? This freaking out will one thing is maybe it's because the whole has the ability to bring animals back from the dead. It's like pet cemetery cemetery whole during the interview wall waters claimed that one of his neighbors dogs passed away and his neighbor through the dog in the whole to get rid of it. And then later they saw the dog running around still wearing its caller sometimes dead is better. And they also said that the dog was transparent and talked in Spanish. The dog. I made that part. Oh, damn. Yeah. But so or maybe animals hated it because of this. This is crazy curious waters, tranquilized sheep because it wouldn't go near the whole voluntarily and he lowered it a bit into the whole. He said when he hosted it back up it appeared to have been cooked from the inside even stranger was that something appear to be moving inside of it. And when he cut it open. He saw something that he said resembled a fetal seal with human eyes staring back at him freaked out and through the creature back into the whole. So you can kind of guess that waters was the talk of this radio station number for. Yes. He actually called back against several times on February twenty fourth again at two thousand and twice in two thousand two and the show over the years rebroadcast the segments as part of the best of our bell to going to that. Yeah. Yeah. Sounds really cool. And most recently Seattle's KOMO. Komo almost homo TV station broadcast a segment about the mystery surrounding it. And a man this ties into, you know, the indigenous or native American people a man who went by the name red elk who described himself as an intertribal medicine man told reporters in two thousand twelve that his father showed him his whole. In nineteen started the whole in nineteen sixty one in claims that he'd been there many times dej to take him there all the time. But the US government he said maintained top secret base there where quote unquote alien activity occurs. That's insane. So bad is the insanity around mel's hole. What do you think? It's still there today. I'll get into this in my debunk. Okay. Yeah. That's that's sounds crazy. Especially the sheep thing. That is insane. Yeah. So I guess I got this one mixed up with another one because there is a you got your holes mixed up. I got the whole stop. Supposedly, there's another whole similar to that where people were throwing their garbage into and the garbage would sometimes be thrown back at them. So I thought it was that story an environmentalist hippie living in. Recycle this one. But anything else happened in that? Or is it really just the traffic? That's mainly just it. Yeah. It's just the trash, so I didn't know points. Other one. Vomits out the trash the trash bag. That's insane. That's why it was in reading this. We have the talk about this. Because what the hell is happening. That's a true hellhole. Okay. With that Darren so mine is a little bit shorter. But I am covering The Thunderbird Thunderbird. Yes. So The Thunderbird is a large Wiegand animal typically around fifteen feet wide with its wingspan. There's been spotted across the United States. So it's not just specific to my area. My Nick of the woods, but I've got a little bit of theory that will cut it bring it back. Oh, cool. So the stories from native American tribes are indigenous people residing near mount Saint Helen's, which is just south of where I am and spirit lake specifically described HI bird of legend. It's been said that the earthquakes that occurred in the area were caused by The Thunderbird that was rolling over in its sleep within the mountain and that the lake would then begin to bubble when the was angry. Oh, oddly enough though over eighty miles north in the Olympic mountains. So that would be a west of where I am about. Out three hour drive or so that a another tribe stated that they too had a larger than life bird in their nickel woods. As the story goes that tribe was starving due to a large orca whale that had been eating all of the fish from the area. Oh, yeah. So as the chiefdom then turned to the great spirit for aid. They then summoned eight Thunderbird who ended up returning to the village with that whale in its claws feed the village before it eventually flew off to Mount Olympus in that area to rest in solitude. And there's been stories of other mountain climbers and excursions climbing that mountain trying to find, you know, some sort of evidence of this bird. But every time they would start to get close to where it supposedly was they would have avalanches or rocks falling things like that. So no one has ever been able to get to it. So there is a mount of limps up there. Yeah. There is. Yeah. Timmy Olympic mountains because the capitalist Olympia. Yep. Is it a notable mountain? You know, I'm not huge on mountain climbing and stuff like that. So I'm not totally positive like most people know mount rainier out Saint Helen's, obviously because of its Cannock activity, but I the whole area there is the Olympic national forest. So it wouldn't surprise me to have a Mount Olympus. They're cool. Awesome. I'm looking up right now. One other thing to know of the Thunderbirds is it's been said by some tribes that with most sightings having happened. They were at the front of thunderstorms that would pass through the area, which is how they've gotten their names. Oh, cool. Now, while most people would claim that these were just stories being passed along generations. There actually seems to be some more modern takes on the creature as I had mentioned with it being spotted across the country. In nineteen forty eight. Specifically there were three men in overland illinois's who had spotted what they thought was an approaching airplane until they realized that as it was getting closer the wings of it were actually flappy with an estimated with the creature being an estimated five hundred feet overhead and casting a shadow over them. That's more than fifteen feet. So getting back to the west coast specifically or the Pacific northwest. There happened other notable signings that have included a two thousand to report from Alaska stating that multiple residents spotting a large bird like creature with the wingspan of over fourteen feet, which actually prompted an episode of destination truth to visit Monaco tack in two thousand nine to search for it. Even weirder. If that most recently as of January twenty eighteen there has been a sighting as late as January twenty eighteen of a large Blackbird with the size of a plane in Juneau, Alaska. That's. It's insane massive so type back in the Pacific northwest. I started mapping out kind of the areas that these major sightings had looked at. And which really interesting is that while there is no evidence being shown for such a large bird in the area. You can actually look from out Saint Helen's to the Olympic mountains to the two spots in Alaska, and it almost looks like it hit stuck along the coast. So you actually do that thing where you got the string like a do. I just use Photoshop with the map. We can get a copy of that. Yeah. Oh, mock it up again, cool. But yes, so my theory is you know, if this bird had gone to live in solitude on Mount Olympus with so many people coming to bother it. Maybe it just keeps trying to find those desolate areas where you can have some privacy. That's crazy. Does a believer skeptic thing? It sounds kind of similar to from our business bet squats. Maybe a little more believable. Yes. So funny like the different size ranges because it goes from fourteen feet to basically the size of an agenda like a plane. So people are seeing some some crazy different sizes. And that could just be the perspective of it. Flying ahead. You don't you're not really sure how far away it is very true. And how many people can look up and be like that's fourteen feet. So I believe her skeptic. I'll do it did. Because I wanted to know if you believe in this into what extent, but we can do that. Awesome. So I've actually heard the word bird. You've mentioned it. But I didn't know what it was. I've heard I've heard them Thala G. But that's really cool. And I didn't know that it was so recent. Yeah. Yeah. I didn't either and with Thunderbirds. I mean, we actually have a local hockey team. That is the Seattle Thunderbirds. So oh, it is very tied into the culture. Oh, so did you know about this? Then like is it kind of well known there, even without before this podcast, just bits and pieces like reading into it. And researching later kind of brought it all together like as Chris mentioned with the totem Pole's. You'll see a lot of the time they are topped with a Thunderbird. So I've always kind of known about it. But not really the details. So it's another prominent figure in the native or indigenous culture. Yeah. Yeah. That's really cool. I'm GD zero five three I confuse clone without any pants. I'm James not a cop. Who is definitely not a cop biased book. Terrible Victorian ACTA. I'm action. Six news. Reporter check Cleveland. I'm star of the stage Helen slain, and I've Lieutenant starves cheese it taco Bill Esquire the third and this is rolling misadventures a podcast. It's part tabletop real play part, improvised audio drama and complete and total fiasco, join us every two weeks for stories of mayhem. Indications. Check your ruling misadventures and see how it all goes wrong at rolling misadventures dot com or wherever you get your podcasts. Dick beat. All right. Chris. I have third. Yeah. So initially had told Derek to I was going to do a story on a monster known as white death. But I literally death, but I literally white people. But I literally find two paragraphs about the things. So instead, I went with cryptic known as Ogle pogo pogo. Yeah. I said it really gate get pogo. Oga pogo is a seat creature akin to the Loch Ness monster. The name is closely associated with the indigenous legend of Nighthawk, oh, which can be loosely translated from the digits, sailors language, as spirit of the lake Oga pogo has been reported to live in a con- again. Like is that correct? I'd have to the spelling of it. I'll I think I'll go with the Konta gun. Like in British Columbia, Canada, the lake itself is quite massive in that it is eighty four miles long around three miles wide with an average depth of two hundred and forty nine feet owes massive sighting of Ogle pogo goes back as far as the seventeen hundreds by the indigenous people of Canada pogo is said to be a cease open that reaches from forty to fifty feet long. And if set to resemble anything they say it resembles the now extinct best Lasorda's or Mosasaurus Moses source. Yeah. Those seen the creature have described it as being dark multi humped with green black Brown or gray skin. Having a head that resembles snake sheep horse seal or some say an elevator. Put together or different people saw every different animals. Yeah. It's kind of all over the place. Just see a dead animal floating in the water. And that's the. That sounds like all different kinds of Ziba. Some say it also has horns or e or years. It said that oh, go pogo is the most likely invest documented of all lake monsters, according to the digits legend Oga pogo would demand a life sacrifice from travelers for safe travel across Loch Okinawan, and therefore many of the people if they had to venture into the lake they would be chickens or other small animals to drop into the lake to ensure they had a safe journey. It said the legend was extra referring to literal lake Munster, but rather a water spirit, which then developed into the story of the physically formed legend of Ohka pogo. I found a website that timeline number of the sightings of the creature. But only go through a few here. The first recorded non indigenous citing goes back to eighteen seventy three when an author by the name of Susan Ellison. Describe seeing a snake like creature which closely resembled that of the local indigenous water demon in nineteen forty seven number of people boating on Okinawa lake creature one of the witnesses describe what they saw as having a long sinuous body thirty feet link consisting about five hundred relations apparently separate from each other by about two feet. Having a forked tail in one thousand nine hundred seventy eight group of about twenty people were crossing the bridge from the lake to to Colona a movement is seen in the lake. They all stop to see what it was all of the people saw what looked like a head with three black humps behind portraying out of the water. The creature swam for shortwhile then disappeared beneath the surface of the water sightings have been continuous through the years, and as recent as of August and September of twenty teen three different sightings or made with an few weeks time, both video and pictures exist of these most recent encounters, so take a look of that unlike you can easily find those. Oga pogo factor fiction. It is really hard to say, but with so much documentation in so many witnesses. That is also very hard to dispute its credibility. Did you look at the pictures and were they like the congress look at this black blur. It's obviously Ohka pogo. Yeah. They're all pretty much like that. There's nothing that you can look at the debts like released credible. There's a reason video that I guess had been like restabilize in kind of remastered. I wanna see the video from around. Think of two thousand four thousand five but yeah, it's very much like any Loch Ness monster sighting. Where it's kind of a shaky camera. You can make out like a black outline of humps. But no actual details. I see. So bad. Yeah. But there's this one it looks like a dolphins headed it's blurry. Literally just looks like ET is kind of floating on the waters. That's just that could be anything that could be a branch. So so Derek you do about this then. Yup. Yeah. Not a whole lot of cultures tied in with. Oh, go pogo at least kind of in our area of the Pacific northwest. Very well could be more prominent in Canada as it is in British Colombia. I believe so not a whole lot tied into it. But anybody who has really any interest in the crypt side of paranormal stuff has heard that story. Yeah. I never heard of that ova pogo fun. Yeah. That's so funny. So you have another story. Yeah. Yeah. And I know I know he said we're discussing crypt in creatures of the Pacific northwest. But my story was too good. To to not talk about this one is the urban legend known as the canon beach. Bandage been that comes to us for the state of Oregon. The urban legend has existed in the Oregon area for over seventy years. The legend goes couple is giving into the hormonal tendencies all they were part just outside of cannon beach or. They're getting on. They were getting down with it. Get to move which was not due to their own. The couple, of course, freaked out looked outside but could see nothing at first then suddenly to yellow eyes appeared in two hands wrapped in rotting digits came out and started shaking the car the meta outside the car, then begin to beat on the rear window of the truck that only begin to move even more violently. The driver got his keys, and of course, sped away from the spot looking back. The only found that the Benjamin had disappeared legend says that the bandaged man was lumberjack who got into some freak accident. The resulted in him being covered in the bandages, eventually, succumbing to the injuries and dying other legend say that the man was burned fiercely, and it was bandaged up on the way to the hospital. The ambulance got in accident. But when the wreck was being cleaned up. The Benjamin was nowhere to be found. God it said of the bandaged man is is a phantom of men completely wrapped in bandages smells of rotting flesh. And we'll jump on vehicles passing through. Coastal highway. Oh my God. Sometimes it has said that he even breaks windows or leaves behind bits of bloody or follow smelling. Ben. Said he will remain latched onto the vehicle until it reaches the ten of cannon beach. Sometimes abandonment will kill dogs and cats, and of course, it has been speculated his also killed humans. No one really knows where the legend comes from. But to d- people in the area of cannon beach know, the story of the Benjamin oh my God. I've never heard of that one. No. That is such a fun prayed to play difference, though, is just leave a piece of bloody bandage Novak seed wrong. You could really mess with someone or just dress up. That's creepy cooler legend. I would I like better the idea of bondage, man. It's a whole different legend. Unbelievable imagined looking and just seeing someone like that covered in bandages like a mummy mummy. So that believers skeptic believer skeptics since I've done to arrive think skeptics gophers Derrick Derrick of the stuff that we've talked about. What did you do you believe in any of this not really like I'm an open minded skeptic when it comes to anything paranormal. I have to have some sort of physical evidence like whether it be actual video footage or seeing it myself. And even then I don't know if I would believe it. But a lot of these stories when we really look into specifically with Thunderbird is that it's probably just a weird perspective of you might have seen a large bird. Like if you go into the history of Lewis and Clark reaching Cape disappointment, they supposedly had shot a large bird that none of them had ever seen before and different tribes had cut attracted up to being Thunderbird. But. Ultimately based on the descriptions that they gave is that. It was probably either a California Condor or a specific water-based hawk while an ostrich. Work flooding or co because I like because some of those condors can get pretty huge. And if you saw that flapping overhead. Oh, yeah. They say the different with GIS that have looked into it actually say that the California Condor is probably the most likely culprit considering they can migrate along the west coast, and they typically have a large wingspan of around nine feet. Insane. Huge. You mentioned getting attacked by one of those. That's like that's like your car. Time a little car. Yeah. About as big as I expand. That's crazy. Well, that's really that's. That's that's that's actually a good depot. Yeah. So what it so let me ask you about the most famous one the squad. Do you believe in that not really, no? I mean, there's been tons of video footage suppose, what parents that have been cast and ultimately found to be false and really as we've gotten to expand all of our technological reach with everything, then we'd be way more evidence with how many people are going out and camping in the woods with just the growth in population in the area that we would have way more proof than a video from nineteen ninety-five feel like I'm talking into a mirror. So much. Cool. So I'm actually from depot I'm going specifically just mel's hole because I did it. I'm going I'm going diving into Mils. I didn't know what you'll stories. We're going to be naturally. But I bet some kind of interesting stuff, first and foremost checks by local news reporters found that that meltwaters doesn't exist. What? Yeah. That person does not exist in that county anywhere about an extra million. Why we worked not in Australia, the guy, basically didn't exist. And so you might think will maybe he changed his name. But you would think that one he would have indicated that the from what I read he never did. Like, he actually said that this is who I am. You know what I mean? So on the show he said his Mel water does. Yeah. Just making up an well. That's that's that'd be super easy. But from what I gather, and I didn't see any physical like actual written proof. That sounds like he was he never made any indication that it was a made up name like that. He was basically saying this is who I am this the whole and everything trying to be genuine, but it didn't exist, but it could have been so we're actually going to move onto the whole itself. So this is just some fun facts and trivia that deepest mine shaft in the world was twelve thousand six hundred feet deep and the deepest known cavern was seven thousand one hundred eighty eight feet the Russians drilled of the the deepest borehole called the coal hole. That went down forty thousand feet in nineteen eighty nine and it took them almost twenty years to do it. So that is deep, but somehow mel's hole is twice as deep. Also, the Chola hall was abandoned in nineteen Ninety-two when drillers encountered higher than expected temperatures three hundred and fifty six degrees Fahrenheit. Height that heat wreaks havoc on a quick and the higher the heat the more liquid the environment in the harder to maintain the bore said, you know, people who are experts in this veggies. And it's like trying to keep a pit in the center of a pot of hot soup in nineteen ninety German. Scientists began the German continental deep drilling program in Bavaria. The researchers pass through seismic plates in encounter temperatures, highs six hundred degrees Fahrenheit, they managed to get about six miles before they ran a funds. So if you think about it, this guy doesn't know his physics because think about that heat. Six hundred degrees is melting their equipment of ruining everything yet somehow his fishing line with a weight tied to the end of it and goes down twice as deep without burning or anything happening to it down in the ground or the sheep being lowered down being cooked and having that thing happened to the rope or anything like that. Exactly, exactly. Like somehow. Piece of string is immune where metal in sheep at all this shit is not. So I wanted to do an experiment where I kind of a place of fishing line like in Hilo oven just to kind of see what had melt nylon? That's what I think we know the answer because I also read articles about people who replaced their fishing line just because they left it out in the sun because I've it home rental. Yeah. Okay. So actually, that's that's what I'm going to save for this. Actually, I will finish up saying that no one has ever found the whole just going to ask you, I should that. I had the whole little section dedicated to about it when we get into too much because the bottom line is no could find it. They reached out to that read out guy gave him an expedition of thirty people. And he's that been there several times it's nineteen sixty one and he was unable to find it. So we have thirty people has all this proof of his dad. He's been there many times and even with an expedition. Oh, I don't know where it's at. So. Could have just shown them. This cavernous garbage pit and said, this is it he likes out into the woods shovel dig before. But yeah. So there's there's no proof of this thing exists. And it's a fun story. I thought it was real me too. So I take it. Neither one of y'all believed in that before I even said anything that sounded legit not not until. Work. Believer while between the two stories I discussed today, can you guess which I think is real the bandaged man is a cool story, but like any other urban legend has more morality tone, telling teens not to have sex near the beach or maybe even warning about the dangers of the lumber industry. That being said, I think oh, go pogo is pretty real. There's just been too many witnesses to say, otherwise, not only that there's a lot of documentation that I find convincing for a believer anyways skeptic like YouTube, the pictures were so compelling. In my research. I did find that an excavation was done of the area to see if anything could be found to no avail. But that doesn't make it any less real. I've said this a million times and probably once twice on our episodes that the ocean is a vast massive unknown knowing the size of Okanagan lake. I feel the same way it just way too big to really discern. If there's something some unknown creature beneath the surface, of course, until there's concrete evidence. No, one can save for sure who or what it is perhaps it's more common than we think or perhaps just related to an animal long gone or better yet, perhaps it's a new creature altogether that we have yet to discover all I know is that with over two hundred years worth of sightings. There is something that lies beneath Okinawa lake. Short to the point. Yeah. But I actually did not think that you were going to believe in any of that thought I believe in the bandaged, man. Man. No. I don't know. I think. Yeah. I think there's a messy. So that you believe in and if you think about it too because is essentially three dimensions. There's so much more surface area where something potentially hide, you know. Oh, and especially with like, I think it was about a year ago. They found a new species of jellyfish that they had never seen and in the Pacific Ocean. So when it comes to large bodies of waters, I would be more apt to believe that there is something with Oko pogo being a lake I'm a little bit more skeptic just because having something contained meaning that there if there is one of them, it's not reproducing and it's living over two hundred years, then it kind of shakes that belief for me. I'm sure thousands of people visit the sleigh to and so there's a bridge over us. I mean, the contrive over. There's like a sonar submarine for station on the leg. They still never seen it though. I like that. Yeah. All right. So now we have our game. So as you all know whenever we have guess we like to play a fun little game. Since our squad is probably one of the most famous crypt of the Pacific northwest last week. We talked about bet squash and Minnesota also out of the Pacific northwest. I thought I would put together game called bat squats or sasquatch. I will have five obscure characteristics and you'll have to answer whether it's bat squat or sasquatch. Did you hear the vet squash? Minnesota I did. Yeah. Because it was insanity. Number one. The creature is said to have the ability to have an effect on car engines that would be squad. Yes. You are. Right. Surprise because these are random the ones I picked like really obscures. So over half of all Americans believe that this creature is alive. And well, and we have just not found found come across it yet. Well, considering that up until doing research for this. I didn't know about the bat squat the answer would have to be sasquatch. Yes. You are. So scientific. Number three, almost every culture has a story about this type of creature. Probably sasquatch the -solutely good this gag number four sightings of this creature become more prominent following the nineteen eighty option of mount Saint Helens that would be squat. I do. Oh. That so going just tight back real quick to The Thunderbird. There is some theories that with that eruption is The Thunderbird escaping from only Helen's that's a cool theory. That's really cool. So some people think that bat skate or Thunderbird escaped so bad Thunderbird. We're just friends hanging out. They got an a fight. And that's what caused the. Number five this creature was officially put on the endangered species list in Russia. Germany and France van sasquatch. Yes, wild not even in the Pacific northwest. Nope. Russia. Germany and France. Okay. This is crazy Dirk won five for five. We'll send you we'll send you some stickers or something sent you stickers. Not the new ones I still have the old ones up on the board behind. Oh, yeah. Some new ones. So awesome. So yeah. So thanks for joining us and taking time out of mother's day today too. Yeah. Thanks for having me. I know we talked about it for a while. So I was glad I was able to come on up -solutely. So actually, I actually like or perspective on everything because he's a skeptic like. Yeah. Sounds smarter than me. It's the fact that I wrote it like a week ago, and I've just been tweaking it leading to it all. It's all in front of the beer. So tell everybody where they can find you and such. Yeah, you can find my show rolling misadventures. It is a table top podcast meets improv audio drama with a lean towards the audio drama with things like backing sound backing music. Sound Foley, the whole nine we keep Oliver episodes to or sorry, Oliver story arcs to to episodes. So you're able to hop in and out without worrying about a bunch of back story and with that we also have between different setting. So we've done a Victorian era playhouse, we've done a superhero story. We've done a gay soap opera cowboy spaghetti western. That was just completely bizarre. It's all over the place. It's a whole lot of fine. And you can find it at rolling misadventures dot com. Yeah. Really, really cool. So us you can find us Bs pod, Phoenix dot com or on anything Twitter Facebook, and he pond cancer by searching. Punt PA checks, or if you have any stories or what to get in contact with us. You can reach us at BIA's pod. Paychecks at G dot com in my novels, the gay teens guide to defeating siren as always available actually guest hosted on a podcast called the tipsy nerds where we talk about my book and some other stuff. So if you want if you're a reader at their fulfill tune into that one too that and yet cool, thanks for tuning in. And that's it everyone.

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