Genghis Khan Pt. 1: Mongolia


Twelfth Century Mongolia the blistering winds of the steps howled over soldiers on horseback. The infantry unit kicked up powder from the heavy snow down the road a dimly lit camp and an overdue. Come up at the head of the pack was nineteen year old Temesan or as history. Infamously remembers him. Ganga's CON Temesan slid an Arrow into his boast ring taking mental note of the centuries when he saw his wife bore today. She was preparing stew for a camp of enemy soldiers. It had been a year since he laid eyes on his beautiful bride. She had been kidnapped when this same band of raiders attacked their camp boar taste. Kidnappers were cunning nomads. And difficult to track. This was the closest damage in had been to a rescue as he considered a target. He couldn't help but notice a bump protruding from his wife's abdomen before Temesan could process it. An Errand Arrow found his horse. Temesan fell and lost his bow. Suddenly a volley of arrows met his posse. This wasn't the plan they're surprised night. Raid was falling apart before it even started. Temesan scrambled to find his footing when a hand pulled him to safety he locked eyes with Jim. Uka His Blood Brother and CO CONSPIRATOR JAMAICA. Toss Temesan his bow. The blood brothers entered the camp united. Come hell or high water. They were bringing tensions wife home safely and then they were going to bring order back to the Mongolian plateau or at least. That was the plan tonight. They had each other's backs. But in a few short years their tribes would become sworn enemies the outcome of this raid would propel Temesan from a lowly nomad determined to rescue his kidnapped wife to Genghis Kahn. The man responsible for one of the bloodiest genocides in human history. Welcome to dictators a podcast original. I'm Richard and I'm kate on this show. We're going deep into the minds of some of history's most hated despots in this season were exploring the lives of three medieval era dictators. Ivan the Terrible Genghis Khan and vlad the impaler. You can find all episodes of dictators and all other park asked originals for free on spotify to stream dictators for free on spotify. Just open the APP and type dictators in the search bar at par cast. We're grateful for you our listeners. You allow us to do what we love. Let us know how we're doing reach out on facebook and Instagram at par cast and twitter at podcast network today where chronicling the life of our second medieval dictator Genghis Khan from his early nomadic life in Mongolia through his desperate teenage years to his rise as the man whose army conquered most of Eurasia finally. We'll unpack his feud with Juca Uka. The friend turned rival. Who stood between him and the future of Eurasia next week we'll examine Genghis Khan's era of brutal dictatorship and his fall from power will investigate how his policies led to the genocide of millions wrought disparate trade interests to the Silk Road and how his lasting impact expanded cultural ties between East and West when historians discuss consequential conquerors. None had the same unquenchable thirst for destruction as today's subject in his lifetime. Genghis Khan conquered four million eight hundred sixty thousand square miles more than any other ruler in history historians estimate that somewhere around forty million people were killed under Genghis Khan's reign and his wrath was not confined to Asia nearly three fourths of modern day. Iran's population was decimated after his invasion of the Karez me and empire when the dust of Khan's conquests had settled. He likely reduced the world's population by a resounding eleven percent his legacy as a sadistic ruler with little regard for human life was cemented but like previous dictators in our series. His legacy remains complicated. The sides his military accolades Genghis Khan brought modern advancements to the Mongol Empire. He created one of the first. International male systems supervised the adoption of an official writing system and encouraged religious tolerance. His Empire Zenith Genghis Khan reigned over the most ethnically and culturally diverse melting pots. In the world in an era of aristocracy. He promoted meritocracy among his subjects today. He's regarded as the founding father of Mongolia. While many humorously referred to the conqueror as a relative due to the sheer volume of children. He fathered how did this uneducated man with weak ties to religious or political nobility conquer unite and cultivate the largest land empire in history for that. We must journey to Twelfth Century Northeast Asia Mongolia and northern China or in a period of momentous upheaval. The Chinese golden kings of the church in tribe also known as the Jin Dynasty had just overthrown the unpopular loud dynasty. The Lao Dynasty had ruled over present day northern and northeast China Mongolia and portions of the Russian Far East and North Korea as the region recovered. The golden kings were eager to plug any power vacuum. The Lao dynasty had left in. Its wake in eleven sixty seven. They set their sights on particularly unruly group. The Comic Mongol Confederation Confederation was a major tribal coalition on the Mongolian plateau. Each tribe answered to their respective Kahn or ruler. The Golden King's problems with the confederation were twofold on one hand. There was the legacy of distrust between the two parties brought on by years of battle the other issue was prejudiced against the Mongol people. Mongo's on the step were essentially illiterate and shared little cultural commonality with their city dwelling Chinese neighbors. They were considered underdeveloped to the wealthy subjects of the Golden Kings. The Mongols also did not appreciate their neighbors. But for different reasons there roads were unfairly taxed and policed by the golden kings the encroachment led to a skirmish against the church in Jin armies. This was the era nine year. Old Genghis Khan born Tim. Egyn found himself in his father. Suji was a lesser chieftain in the Confederation and determined to make peace between his tribesmen and their new Chinese overlords rectifying the rampant inequality was a tall order for the chieftain ruling required an iron heart and a degree of political aptitude. Many didn't possess. It was a difficult leadership position with a revolving door of short tempered. Naysayers Yogi wasn't interested in further division. He believed that forming alliances through marriage was the key to peace. The conventional thinking. Being family was less likely to spill their own blood. This is why John was set to marry bore. Tei a young woman from a rival tribe but nine year old. Temesan wasn't eager to wed. His interest was elsewhere. Other boys in his tribe Temesan was drawn to adventure adeptness in hunting combat and horseback riding was expected of a young man his age. Timoci and trained under the tribal elders. Many of whom are friends of his father? They Heroin Tales of battles won and lost and never forgotten of military strategies adopted by their ancestors and their enemies. The stories enthralled. The curious boy was fascinated by history and the battle scars that came with it. It frustrated him that the elder shared their wisdom sparingly. He just couldn't get enough skill. An information were invaluable trade secrets on the step. The more temin commanded the more capable. He could be to rule his future subjects and the more attractive to his new bride. Why were the elders Koi to share more with Temesan? We'll never know for sure but maybe they saw early on what he was capable of. Tragically Youssou Geeze. Plan for peace wasn't realized in his lifetime. Shortly after Timmons Betrothal. His father was murdered. Poisoned by members of an enemy tribe. The tragedy would end images short but fragile life. The young boy was heartbroken but he knew what was expected of him because of the story shared to him by the elders he'd follow in the footsteps of other young heirs who lost their fathers to war too soon and lead. That was the way nine year. Old Temesan returned to take his father's vacant throne but he arrived too treachery. His father's tribesmen cast the child aside for an older more experienced leader. A man not a boy with the appropriate skills to lead. It was difficult for the child to comprehend. He grew up with these people. They were his friends his tribe. Where was their loyalty in? Other corners of the world class ancestry might have brought him security here. It had little value. It didn't matter whose son he was. At the end of the day he was a nine year old boy who added little meaningful value to the count it was a stinging betrayal for. Magen one that would have a lasting effect on the conqueror and the world he would inevitably mold removed from his tribe. Damaging would wander the plateau with a vengeful chip on his shoulder. He had no time to grieve for his father now. He was resigned to care for a wife. He hardly knew and a small group of individuals still loyal to his family regardless they were tiny vulnerable traveling camp to make matters worse. His Warrior Training was incomplete. He had much to learn and the stakes were high. When the time was right redemption would bring damage in back to his birthplace it gave him a singular focus especially in the difficult years ahead term. Gin and bore taes relationship was tested on the lawless roads of the step traversing. The terrain was an arduous task for the young newlyweds. But it's sharpened temesan skills as a hunter and a partner. The absence of battle allowed him the opportunity to get to know his new wife. Few historical facts survived from portes early years however as centuries passed her legend has grown like many events chronicled in today's episode. The historic context comes from the secret history of the Mongols which was compiled for Genghis Khan's family after his death. In twelve twenty seven Morte was born in eleven sixty one and was a member of the Okinawan tribe. According to Genghis Khan a biography by ZOFIA STONE. Morte was a beautiful girl with fair complexion. She had light in her face and fire in her eyes. It was these features that brought Borei attention from suitors and attracted a young Morte was also an outspoken partner. In their marriage though the Mongolian tribes of the plateau were built on rigid patriarchy did not ignore his wife's wisdom. He could be stubborn but he was no fool. History would remember Board Tae as a close advisor to Genghis Khan's empire. During their humble origins. Things were no different to survive. Teenagers were eager to find camp but finding the right tribe within the Comic Mongol Federation proved challenging. Each tribe came with their own issues and quarrels. The Federation was comprised of three prominent tribes two of which proved to be the biggest obstacle. At one time they were enemies of temptations father. Obviously they weren't interested in hosting these wayward air but with the proper persuasion. Television successfully bartered for Camp Resources. It was a bittersweet victory. The search for a stable home still proved elusive for Tim again. But crossing paths with the other tribes sharpened his skill as a powerbroker by nineteen years old. Temesan had used his political wheeling and dealing to uplift his burgeoning family for the first time in over a decade things. Were looking up but thieves had other plans under the cover of night. A group of Marauders snuck into images. Makeshift camp then. All Hell broke loose. The thieves were well trained and formidable. They found Temesan flat-footed. He fought bravely. His camp lost the upper hand. Bodies and blood spilled everywhere. It was a massacre in their chaotic. Retreat damaging escaped on horseback. But boy tae was nowhere to be found. When the dust settled tenjin discovered that his wife had been kidnapped by individuals from a rival tribe. The murky the Merck resided on the southern border of Russia their tribe liked Tama geons was a fixture of the plateau as a boy. He reportedly heard stories from his elders. About the markets ruthlessness. The tribe was notorious for their violent raids. Wife stealing and general belligerence. Neither reason nor ransom were of interest to them Reuters. Fighting back was suicide. All of ten soldiers were either dead or licking their wounds from their last. One sided battle overwhelmed by defeat. Tama Jin was at a low point. If he was going to rescue his wife he needed new man and new ideas. But from where enter Jamaica a powerful Mongol Prince and Timothy Egyptians childhood friend coming up boar taste kidnappers face their come uppance when Temesan and Jamaica arrived to liberate the Camp I- podcasters get ready for a real treat. If you enjoy stories about crime mystery and the unexplained you'll absolutely love. The new park has original series supernatural with Ashley Flowers. It's hosted by Crime Junkies Ashley. Flowers and you can hear new episodes every Wednesday. Most mysteries can be solved by looking at the facts but sometimes the facts don't lead to a logical explanation and the truth lies somewhere in the unknown in supernatural with Ashley. Flowers Ashley takes a deep dive into the strange and surreal to explain some of the world's most bizarre true crime occurrences each week. She'll dig into a different crime mystery. Where the most fitting theory isn't always the most conventional from exorcisms to unsolved murders to alien abductions. Ashley will take on. The tails challenge the unexplained and dissect the facts with heavy helping of skepticism and rationale. So are you ready to get to the bottom of history's most peculiar events? Follow supernatural with Ashley. Flowers free on spotify. Or wherever? You get your podcasts now. Back to the story in eleven eighty one nineteen year old. Temesan was reeling. His wife Worte had been kidnapped by an enemy tribe and he scrambled to assemble a posse to rescue her in his dark. Our Jim Uka. A childhood friend came to his side. History is scant with details on blood brother or Anda in Mongolian. What's known is that Jamaica was born in eleven sixty into the sub-tribe je daren. He was the son of a chieftain and crossed paths with damage in as a child likely at a trade stop between the respective tribes by eleven. Eighty one the young princes stock was on the rise Jamaica had royal ties and was expected to be a con someday. Not only that but his tribe was superior to John's band of misfits in many obvious ways mainly their sheer numbers. When TEMESAN RALLIED FOR NEW SOLDIERS? Jamaica was ready to ride under his old friends banner. That timing was fortuitous. But the imbalance concern image in the DAREN had no skin in this kidnapping. Why would they spill blood on board as behalf? These were reasonable concerns. But they didn't mean a thing to Jamaica he and Temesan were and does nothing would ever change that. Jamaica's sacrifice wasn't lost on Temesan. His tribe may have discarded him Jamaica. Wouldn't do the same Jim. Uca's reinforcements arrived with bows horses and rigid discipline. A typical military unit was comprised of ten soldiers. Six of the ten were cavalry archers. While the other four or heavy armor and commanded lancers the Mongols dressed their horses in La Miller plates which were small rectangular items that properly shielded their appendages. The unique armor allowed the troops to operate at speeds their medieval knight neighbors couldn't match. Temesan was impressed. You as well trained forces but he was surprised by their unorthodox. Approach to chain of command officers enjoyed an unusual level of autonomy as long as they remained loyal to their Khan and got the job done. They were given the freedom to operate any way they saw fit. Conversely if an officer failed the entire unit would be punished likely by immediate execution it was clear just and made sense to an impressionable image. There were no. Vip's on the battlefield. Each soldier lived and died by the same moves the same merits. It was a formative moment for the future conqueror after being discarded by his own tribe he was king to absorb the ways of his new brothers. Locating Portes kidnappers proved challenging following their initial attack on camp the Merck it were scattered and plotting their next raid. They had no idea who or what was coming for them. After a few close calls the kidnappers were found talmadge in armed with Andras. Bo entered the camp. The battle was a frenzy. Temesan was on a war path. Decimating camp after camp searching for bocce Soon Enough. The couple was reunited. It had been nearly nine months since they had seen each other. The move was passionate tender albeit bittersweet after being held captive and forced to wed another Merck Man. Temesan found bore tape pregnant. The timing was too close to know for certain who was the father. Timothy was devastated about the questionable paternity. The question was could. The young couples love overcome television channel. His heartbreak into butchering what remained of the camp. He massacred families oversaw. Extensive rape and pillaging at twenty years. Old Temesan had offended not only Unin tire tribe but the balance of power on the plateau. It was Cathartic victory one that would attract a lot of attention and emotion but as the fires from the raid subsided. Questions Hung like a dark cloud in a few short months. Morte would give birth to a child that might not be his ultimately temesan would accept the baby. Jucci as his own son. Considering THE SAVAGERY. That came afterward. Tim Aginst choice to treat the boy as his own. Flesh and blood regardless of paternity doubts was surprising. Perhaps Temesan came to this decision out of principle. It wasn't long ago that he was abandoned by his own tribe. Son or not. Temesan would not abandon this child. This particular wrong was one that he could right by the next year. Eleven eighty two Temesan and Jamaica's daring rescue had inspired intrigue with the Merck it in his rear window. Twenty year old. Temesan had taken his first steps in cemented his legacy of violence and with a powerful new ally in his blood brother his stock was on the rise. Which is why. Temesan and Jamaica's victory posed a pressing question who exactly would become the con of their step. The POPULIST RENEGADE WARRIOR. Temesan or the son of a noble aristocrat Jamaica Scholars Point to this formative chapter when looking for cultural insight into images political rise for kidnapping his wife. Temesan had spared his enemies. No mercy to the other tribes targeted by the market. He was greeted as a liberator but stomping out. Those loose ends brought unwanted attention from his Chinese overlords. The Mongol Confederation was trapped in a disadvantageous economic relationship with its Chinese neighbors. All of their fighting on the open. Roads disrupted Chinese trade. The golden kings feared that valuable goods would fall into barbarian hands. Something had to be done about Nomadic shepherds before it was too late to keep the party's preoccupied in eleven. Eighty two the golden kings devised a divide and rule campaign but goal was to play the Confederation Tribes Against Each Other. According to the Mongol Empire a historical encyclopedia one goal of the Golden Kings was to prevent any charismatic leader from unifying the plateau. One particular Mongol Khan was so popular that he was captured and sent to the Jin Dynasty if it succeeded the Golden King Strategy would keep the Mongols barbaric squabbles in their own backyard and away from Chinese trade routes but the meddling was unpopular and representative of a larger political problem brewing on the step rampant. Inequality THE NOMADS. Were intrigued by their neighbors luxurious products. But the city dwelling Chinese were in thrilled to trade with people they liken Barbarians Temesan used the caustic arrangement to play a populist fervor the have the shepherds attention. What would you do with it? Father had once tried unsuccessfully to unite the tribes against the Chinese overlords. Now temesan had a chance to finish what his father started. His strategy was simple. He had to get ahead of the. Golden Kings Deception and unite. Whoever was left under a new con- this would be the first test at winning over hearts and minds? Ironically tenjin believe that the way to achieve peace was through more war with the market victory at their backs. Tenjin and Jamaica used their political capital to crush any market sympathizers and admen to their populist reckoning during this period temesan would develop his script for future conquests he'd arrived with his soldiers and give his enemies choice. Either surrender and live or defend yourself and under command. These battles were one-sided romps his cavalry forces in particular were uniquely situated for victory in Mongolia. Horses were a fixture in daily life. New Soldiers had cavalry experience on day. One they easily road circles around the city dwelling Chinese soldiers from the south. This mobile advantage left Enemies confused and vulnerable and when the battles were over the horses were rotated to the fresh pastures of the defeated. Was this symbiotic. Relationship Between Horse and rider. That brought Tim. Aginst populist. Revolution to fruition. The revolution shared another key advantage. Enemies couldn't attack him in the traditional sense because there wasn't a home base he needed to defend they were nomad tribes with few structures or armories. Anchor down this allowed. Temesan subjects the freedom to grow their families without fear of theft or ruin they were tether Lewis to the ground beneath but completely connected to the man in front of them by eleven eighty four Timothy. Gin's popularity with his troops surged. He embraced their ideals. No VIP's on the battlefield and then he transferred this populist message to civilian rule. It didn't matter if you're the son of Khan or the son of a shepherd under tim again you were promoted and rewarded on merits. As long as you brought value. You could be whatever you wanted to be. It was a clear departure from the aristocratic touchstones of Wealth Century East Asia and it caused a rift between damaging and juca according to the secret history of Mongols Jamaica did not Sheraton Magicians meritocratic approach to governance. He didn't appreciate that. Temesan had attracted hordes of lower class subjects to their camp. They could only feed so many rescuing forte was something. Jamaica volunteered for but he didn't sign up for the liberation of the step he also didn't sign up to take orders from the son of deceased minor chieftain. Yogi was dead and according to Mongolian aristocratic tradition. That fact made it impossible for Temesan. Ever to rule Tama. Jin was warned in so many words to slow his role their rocky relationship went off the rails in eleven eighty six it all started with a prophecy according to the secret history of Mongols in eleven eighty. Six a mysterious Shaman. Who came to television? Jamaica's camp? The Shaman broaden urgent prophecy and requested to see the leader of the Camp Jamaica. Felt that of course. This prophecy was meant for him. He was the rightful leader. After all Jamaica invited the entire camp to the ritual to hear the Shaman. Confirm as much also in attendance. Were Temesan Worte Jucci. And their two new sons Chagas tie and Aga died. It was a spellbinding albeit forboding ritual the Shaman preached that harmony between man and nature must be adhered to Jamaica locked eyes with his blood brother if he couldn't keep tangent in line. Maybe the warnings of a Shaman could been the prophecy took an unexpected turn the Shaman described demand who would become the next great Khan of Mongolia. A man to unite all the warring tribes and bring harmony to the world. This man was a victor against the market. This man was tangent. The attendant celebrated the prophecy before this. Temesan was just a crafty statesman and shrewd military tactician. Now he was elevated by Omens Jamaica stormed out of the ceremony. He had been an ally of Timothy Jones in his darkest hour. This prophecy was a betrayal. Tim Agenda followed after him hoping to mend whatever bridge had been broken between them. The fact of the matter was Temesan had little desire to rule without his blood brother he saw Jamaica as family but tensions words fell on deaf ears. Jealousy had consumed Jim Uka as he left. He said to have given temesan. A thinly veiled warning damage in may be adored but he was no royal unfortunately for Jim Muga Temesan support amongst the Shepherds. One out in eleven eighty six twenty four year. Old Temesan was elected leader of their tribe. It ran counter to everything Jamaica understood for generations bloodline was paramount and now popularity had one out and with that popularity. Temesan was ready to bring harmony to the world. Coming up the battle between Temesan and Jamaica ignites the plateau now back to the story recently elected chieftain of his clan in eleven. Eighty six set his sights on uniting the remaining tribes of the Mongolian Steppe. He didn't give much stock to the rumors of his and his displeasure but he soon had no other choice but to confront it morte over her Jamaica making an odd comment he inquired about the location of Timothy. Jans resting quarters. The suspicious unprompted question forced Borei to confront her husband. She feared that you. Muka was bitter and plotting his downfall. Maybe it was time to cut ties with his and the warning worked following his wife's Advice. Temesan pulled away from Jamaica. It was a wise decision. The following year boar taste fears were realized in eleven eighty seven Jamaica attack timid in with an army of thirty thousand troops from Sixteen Tribes Jamaica's men caught his old friend by surprise Temesan and his forces fled scrambling to defend themselves from the onslaught as intended. Jamaica's attack prompted a crisis in leadership. The spotlight was back on the royal and many wondered what his next move would be however he handled Temesan it had to send a signal. Jamaica decided that for crossing him Temesan. Seventy captured supporters would be boiled alive. This made a massive miscalculation. In an era of wife stealing pillaging and infanticide boiling soldiers. Alive was a bridge too far. Even for Jamaica supporters. His brutality backfired and his once. Loyal soldiers switched sides to back Temesan. The end is Fisher created a power vacuum for the plateau. Some wanted to elect tim agendas con of all the Mongols others could never put their support behind the son of a minor chieftain when democracy couldn't solve the leadership question. The step erupted into a civil skirmish the war between the N. Does came to a head at the battle of Delon Ball Jute ultimately. Temesan was outmaneuvered and overwhelmed by the belligerence. He refused to surrender but victory wasn't in the cards TEMESAN had to flee. It was a humiliating defeat for the inexperienced ruler. A defeat that would cost him political capital and the lives of allies. The eight years between eleven eighty seven and eleven ninety five are somewhat of a black box intimations life. The shepherds of the step were mostly illiterate and left behind few records further. The sole account of the time was the secret history of Mongols at historical narrative written post mortem by Genghis Khan's devout followers. It begs a curious question. What was up to one theory was that? Temesan was captured and forced to serve as a mercenary for a Chinese military leader. This suggestion comes from the fact that in eleven ninety five tension returns to historical record with unfamiliar Chinese Military Tactics Operating Inside. The Chinese military would have likely introduced. Tim Agenda Vulnerabilities he would later exploit shortly after. Temesan reemerged eleven ninety five another shamans vision foretold that he would unite humanity under one kingdom reignited by the prophecy. Thirty five year old Timothy. Jin was back to winning hearts and Minds Jim. Muka was not angling for a rematch. With his blood brother. He had used the past decade to consolidate power in twelve. O One thirteen tribes of the step elected him. Khan ling the universal ruler of the Comma. Mongo Federation Jim. Uca's rivalry with. Tim Again was now a distant memory. Among the tribes. Now loyal to Jamaica. Where board as former kidnappers the market the fact that his own end would realign with the men who raped his wife in sense damaging this was. Jamaica's final act of betrayal. The Conley's fate was sealed in late. Twelve Oh won a battle. Erupted BETWEEN JERRY. Muga intelligence forces it would be known as the battle of thirteen sides. It was a mobile fight. Cutting through the Altai Mountains. At the height of Winter Jamaica and his troops retreated to the foothills damage followed on horseback in close pursuit. It was a trap. Temesan was surrounded and outnumbered but his men held the line and charged the risky maneuver. Put Your Muka on his heels. Tensions cavalry flanked his blood brothers elite guards and captured Jamaica to execute mucus followers temesan employed a barbaric method known as measuring the linchpin. The men were forced to stand alongside wagon wheel if they were taller than the linchpin in the wheel. They were beheaded. The soldiers would then divide the women and young girls amongst themselves to serve as slaves as for the coddling himself damaging grappled with Mucus Fate. The two had shared a sentimental bond once before but politics and jealousy had twisted beyond recognition in the end. Temesan offered forgiveness but only if Jamaica would bend the knee Jamaica declined at this point. There was too much water under the bridge for him. He said there was room for only one son in the sky by twelve o one his son had set since he was a Mongol prince he demanded to give him a royal death. It meant taking his life without spilling blood. Damaging agreed to his anders. Lastly a group of soldiers broke Jamaica's back effectively ending the rivalry five years later in twelve. O Six Temesan was elected leader of the Comma Mongol Federation from this point forward he was Genghis Khan free of Jamaica. Genghis Khan was able to quickly unify the remaining tribes ending a long chapter of petty tribal infighting. Now Genghis Khan commanded all the pieces necessary for an offensive war machine. His sons were of military age and ready to be loyal generals. He supervised a burgeoning spy network in part to. We'll unpack how. Even the weather was uniquely. In the dictators favor Genghis Khan sites were beyond the plateau now. His subjects were growing in number and needed suitable permanent fortifications to call home as his armies spent more time abroad. Genghis Khan realized there was a whole lot more to empire-building than raiding and pillaging by twelve. O six the rulers bloodthirsty had yet to be quenched in order for his empire to grow beyond the Mongolian Steppe. Millions would suffer. 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