If you haven't heard about anchor it's easiest way to make the podcast. Let me explain. it's free. There are creation that allow you to record and editor podcast right from your phone or computer anchor will distribute your podcast for you. So it can be heard on spotify apple podcasts. And many more you can make money from your podcast with no vitim. Listenership gets everything you need to make a podcast been. One delays download the free anchor africa. Nc short dot fm to get started. Hello guys this is chargeable with so just talk about in the in the mother sad. Indy was simply monalisa. Are social media. Post covid i Or in the chiba. You must be looking this ammo asking about you. That already bob rookie. The money would have been yankee something. Avoid of the field regime. G young listing list rhodia beautiful god almighty remark a mighty mighty love to do side impossibility. We had your buddy. Marsha was with me. He shot bechtel's again. How much the jimmy. 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