#177 - Don't Fear the Plateaus, Fasting Insulin, Muscle Gains, Mindset, Growth Hormone, Hunger, Blood Glucose Levels And More!


Welcome to episode one, hundred and seventy seven of the intimate and fasting podcast. Burn, fat gain energy and enhance your help by changing. Win You eat. What you eat with no calorie counting than this show is for you I'm Nonni avalon author of what, when, why, lose weight and feel great with various style meals, intermittent fasting and why and I'm here with my co host, Jim Stevens author of delay don't deny living an intermittent fasting lifestyle. For more on US check out I F podcast, DOT COM nonni avalon dot com, and Jin Stevens Dot Com. Liza remember the thoughts and opinions on this podcast do not constitute medical advice or treatment. So for yourself, a cup of black coffee, a Mug of tea or even a glass of wine. If. It's that time and get ready for the intermittent fasting podcast. Hi Friends do you struggle to wind down at night? 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You can shop with US Melanie avalon dot com slash beauty counter, and if you use that link something really special magical might happen after you place your first Order. If you'd like to learn more about safety, also get a ton of amazing discounts and free things for me. Definitely get on my clean beauty email this that's at Melanie avalon dot com slash clean beauty not show which beauty counter products to try I also just made a whole series of online quizzes to match you to your perfect product. Those are Melanie avalon dot com slash beauty counter quiz. So here's the fasten glean inside and out alright now enjoy the show Hi. Everybody and welcome this episode Number One, hundred and seventy seven of the intermittent fasting podcast Melanie avalon and imagine Stevens. Hi everybody. How are you? Today Jen? I'm doing great feeling. Good. I've just started a new routine which I'm enjoying what is that when I was a teacher I had someone who came and cleaned my house, every other Friday and it was fabulous. Then when I started working from home I did not like having someone cleaning my else but I had gotten out of the habit I mean it's funny how When when you're out of the habit of cleaning routine, it's really hard to get back into one. Yeah. So I just decided. You know I've been sporadically cleaning here and there, but I decided okay every day I'm going to deep clean one room and just that is my task for the day and then boom. So it's really good exercise. It is good exercise I mocked my great room. We have a giant it's really really big but I mocked it yesterday and my arms will ask like, wow, this is quite a workout. A really is like I see it as so much multitasking get your workout in a new clean and stress relief from clean. I mean it's like the best and then you feel so good when you when you look around and you see that it's clean. So yeah, anyway I'm really enjoying it and I'm going to have clean house I just don't like having somebody clean my house I realized. Yeah I do. Well I like having somebody come weekly to keep everything. Really. Queen, but then I like to be like organizing and cleaning as well. So I mostly for the bathroom, you like for somebody to clean the bathroom. Yeah well, really the reason I loved it for also many years is when my boys were living at home 'cause every time I would clean their bathroom. I would be like I would have rage when you have sons I don't know maybe if you have daughters, it's the same if you have a child who's really really messy in the bathroom, but I have one of my two sons musician of the two I'm not even sure he turned the lights on when he went to the bathroom or even looked at the toilet I mean it was always such a mess I was like you have to be trying for the bathroom to be this sturdy. Some anyway I was always like in a white hot rage when I would clean the bathroom. Now. He's not here. It's just me and Chad and so in. Chad. Is He's got very neat bathroom habits. That's like my dad and my mom he's good in the bathroom. Yeah. My Dad's like a neat freak. That's good. Well, I wouldn't say. For. But he has good bathroom cleanliness habits. which is really important. Girls figure that out before you get married it's true that whoever marries my son has the bathroom difficulties I'm sorry I trod. Not My fault the other one's clean anyway I really did like having that task to somebody else but I think I do a better job cleaning my bathroom than somebody else I'm very meticulous I apparently have like you know away I want it to be. Here area. Anyway it's good. I'm enjoying this new routine and now like it was kind of like, I flip the switch because I was like trying to decide am I going to get somebody or am I not and I finally was like no just want to do it and then I was like all right I'm doing it while I put that Actually related story that happened to my apartment and lack of cleanliness from it. So the other day or the other night while you guys normally late night person eater night owl around like I'd say eleven pm I was walking in the kitchen and I felt a like a raindrop on my head and I looked up in my light was like dripping some water and I was like Oh that's that's never a good sign. I was like that's not good at I was thinking maybe it was like the air conditioner leaking or something. So I call maintenance. This is eleven PM fast forward. To. Three Am and by that point it was like a torrential downpour my entire kitchen maintenance didn't end up coming until two thirty am so from like eleven pm to two thirty, A. M. It just getting worse and worse I'll have to send you a video I send you a video I did right you did. It was also hilarious. I need to tell listeners because it was all done with red light because I can tell you really do honestly have your devote all the time I was like my God she has her juve lighting the room Melanie is not kidding. I sent it to another friend I have my calming music. Every night was like if you took the context out, she was like this is really soon. 'cause it's like a gentle rainfall so Yeah, it was gentle rainfall red light therapy listeners. It was awful and in the meantime I went to the people above me and knocked on three different occasions really loud. But they were clearly asleep and maintenance wasn't coming and I was like what I do. So I called the twenty hour water department and they're like you have to call nine one one. So I called nine, one one and the Fire Department came and I realized I love the fire. Department. Just amazing for so many ways we love the fire department. There's so great I guess the people above me were there they were just asleep. So the fire department. Got In, there, and it was their refrigerator. Oh, like the ice maker yet the filter. Thank goodness. It wasn't. You know plumbing like toilet or something like that. I was really upset. Basically. It's soaked through the entire ceiling and mold you know is I just can't have. I lived in a multi apartment for two years and I start crying I just can't do that again I. Know I mean that's perfect situation especially in the summer in Georgia. So I'm super super worried about that. So they ran commerciality humidifiers but was like. Casino I. Have that we have that the molecule air purifier I had read that it was like competitive against Mogi hadn't like actually read the studies I was like. Okay. This is the moment. So then I went and read all the studies. Oh my goodness. I'm like so relieved. So I actually pulled up the papers that they conducted on their studies and I feel so so happy. So basically, they like in one of the output links to all this shows the show notes are at podcast dot com slash episode one, seventy, seven in one study. For example, they did it three times and compare Faiza. Pico that actually works to destroy viruses and mold and bacteria on a molecular level traditional hep filters they just physically taken or trap bacteria viruses, but they don't actually destroy it, and then they don't destroy a lot of probably like viruses and things that are really really tiny like they. They can't get even those really tiny particles so that peco filter when they tested it on mold, it reduced the mold spores by ninety nine, point nine, nine, nine, one percent I am so happy like smiling right now it can't even and they tested it on. The lots of other things bacteria, but they tested actually onto viruses related to covid and it as well reduced it by ninety nine, point nine, nine, three, five percent. So actually, the technology actually meets the performance criteria in FDA guidance for use and helping to reduce risk of exposure to SARS copay to and healthcare settings. Oh, that's huge. That's huge and I didn't realize this. They're actually an FDA cleared five ten k class to medical device intended for medical purposes to destroy bacteria and viruses, and the Air I. Did not realize this. So long story short. I'm really really rocking the molecule right now and what else love about it is it's really pretty. It's really like sleek and modern design kind of feels like the apple of air purifiers. The end also has a silent mode. So it's actually the air purifier can run while we're podcast recording, which is incredible the so yeah. So that's something good that came out of this is I have a newfound appreciation actually think I'm going to order. Another unit. But for listeners, we do have a discount code. And they also come in all different sizes. So they have their molecule air that's what I have. It's for larger rooms of six hundred square feet. They have their air many for smaller rooms up to two hundred and fifty square feet, and they had their air many plus which has the additional features of a particle sensor. An auto protect mode, which actually adjusts the fan speed based on the sensor I. think that's the one I'm GonNa get. Yeah. I just decided. But in any case for listeners, we have a discount code you can get ten percent off your first air purifier order just go to molecule dot com that's M. O. L. E. K. U., l. e., dot com, and at checkout you can enter the code is podcast ten. So that's molecule dot com with the coupon code I of podcast ten for ten percent off again off at links to all this in the shadows and links to those studies. So yeah, especially especially with Kobe and how we know that. The airborne nature of it Oh. Yeah. I feel like if I was still a classroom teacher, I would probably put one of my classroom Oh, my goodness. Yes that is so true like everybody should. One in there and their location. So yeah, and then one last thing from situation, and then we can move on but. Maintenance people did bring you know this massive commercial dehumidifier did I tell you that I had? No. So I ran it and then the next morning when I woke up after the dehumidifier, the air was dry and it felt like California air and literally my first thought was I'm moving back to California like I just knew. was. An epiphany you'd like drier air ideal. Okay. See the and it makes a big difference. We just got an air conditioner in our bedroom that is better at clearing extra humidity and it actually makes it feel better I love it but literally I woke up I was like California. Here I come wake. You know I was thinking of Alaska Nope. California, are you definitely moving backer? Just it sounds fun. I mean, not like right now but that commits me I think I gonNA move to Calabasas okay it's pretty yeah. So I thinking maybe next spring because I can do winter here I love winter here. Okay. Shall we jump into all this stuff for today yes. Let's get started. Alright. So our first question comes from. The subject is Plateau and Allison says Mel Jenn. Thank you both these informative podcasts I've learned a ton in the three weeks or so that I've been listening I never knew I fast dirty and have struggled for years with weight just creeping up each year for the first time in over eighteen months. My weight and inches are reversing I'm a believer, and now I know how to fast clean. My question is, is there an average timeframe from one? An individual's starts I F, to hit Lotto two months. Six months and terrified that now that I'm trending in the right direction, my body will plateau before I hit Michael. Thanks for teaching US Alley. All right. That's a great question and the answer is no there is no average timeframe for really I mean I guess okay. That's actually faults mathematically if you took all I efforts together and added together their result there one hundred percent would be an average timeframe because everything has an average I was just gonNa say it's so funny you can never say never. Actually. Okay. Yes but is there one that pops up over and over again that we can pinpoint the answer's no we do not have anecdotal average timeframe mathematically there's an average to everything but we don't have one because it's so very different from person to person I want you to worry about that that's the thing don't be afraid of what might happen instead wake up every day and focus on what's happening now instead of like living in fear of the future and this is also why I want you to. Get Fast Feast repeat if you haven't read it yet and I want you to read the scale Schmil chapter because you may find like I did you know if you've heard my story you know there was a point when I stopped weighing after the first year of maintenance. I. Completely stopped weighing and I went for seventeen months and like that without weighing and during that period of time I dropped two more genes sizes even though I was in maintenance I continued to get smaller and so I assumed That my weight was also going down I thought I had lost probably ten more pounds at least anti-god on the scale and I was only down like two pounds. It was it made me mad because I was like I should be down ten pounds to gene sizes down then I realized the scale was no longer meaningful in my life, and that's the day three my skill in the trash and I haven't weighed myself as far as like here's my weight since so what I want you to do Is have a whole toolbox have strategies from the scale Schnell chapter so that even if you're scale comes to a screeching halt, you're continuing to check with your your inches. You mentioned your honesty pants get a pair of gold pants that are smaller than than. You are right now try those on periodically see how you're fitting into them. differently. You know once you fit into those good another pair until you get to your goal size, take progress photos I don't want you to overly focus on just the scale. Because if so you're going to be disappointed at some point along the way and like I said, that's when I three my scale in the trash when I realized that I was mad that my scale didn't say preconceived number I had in my head even though I was. Buying size zero jeans at the loft and said that made me realize ause I got a disconnect from this measuring tool for me. So don't be worried about am I going to Plateau Wins GonNA happen instead a bunch of measures and realize that when the scale stops trending downward, you may be shrinking in size or vice versa you could stay the same size but had the scale go down if maybe you're losing visceral fat so don't just go buy one thing as long as something is trending in the right direction you're making progress yeah. When I read this question I am so glad I read your book and had you on the show because now I read the questions on Mike Jen Talks about this in detail in this part yet because I literally talked about everything because I know what questions people ask, right? Yeah. Actually for listeners I hope we announced it on this podcast yet but I did interview Jin on my show and I'm not sure when this is coming out that episode is coming out. Probably, around the time that this episode is coming out Oh, that's fun because it's coming out actually. Next we actually pick next week probably will have already aired opening to it in the show notes everything Jen said it's so interesting how things can be going so well, and yet our brains want to anticipate like failure or maybe just because we're so an off something actually working, we think that it can't keep working but a plateau does not mean it's not working correct. So important you. Know, it's maintaining a weight and lifestyle where you are getting the benefits of fasting. You're getting to eat you know what you want your eating window. There's nothing wrong with it I mean that's called just living your life. You know in a lifestyle that supports you. So I don't think there's anything to fear but plateaus I. We need another word Flato we just need to call like life. I can tell you a story that somebody shared in the facebook today. That is so it Kinda just popped up in my mind when people worry about you know this isn't working something wrong with me. Somebody in the group had been plateaued for a long time and not losing weight not losing weight not losing weight like for a year and a half, not losing weight but needed to lose weight and so finally found a doctor that would do a wide variety of tests while all of her blood work came back beautiful except for one measure, one measure was off the charts high we don't WanNA guess. Okay. Go ahead and guess give me a hint. Or Her A. One C. was beautiful. Okay. Glucose was. Nice. Guess what was crazy high off the charts high. What would make you not lose weight me all know her fasting insulin level was. At the highest measurable I mean it was like all the way at the top of whatever graph they had. It was up there. And so fortunately I think she was talking to a nurse practitioner or in the doctor's office who understands fasting insulin weight loss it was someone who understands all that the nurse Practitioner said, well, there you go. That is why you're not losing any weight. You'VE GOTTA get your insulin down and this is somebody in the group who admitted that she had not been fasting clean up to this point. I wonder how many people there are you are you know fasting but not fast and clean but she said this was the wakeup call she needed because. It wasn't working, and then she had her her test on the insulin was crazy high, and so she and the nurse Practitioner talked about. All right. You gotTA fast clean. You GotTa get that insulin down. Well, know that just goes to show you that little thing that you think isn't making a difference. Maybe you're one-seat is perfect. You're like, why am I not losing weight? What's wrong? If you're doing a little something something. Yes. That's probably causing more of a problem than you think. But if you can get your fasting insulin Chac, really think that people who are stuck in having a hard time if they could just get that one measure their fasting Enslin but but finding a doctor who will do it I think is the challenge for many it's Such an important test. Yeah. You know I told you that Chad and I had are stunned and I tell you that no I'm must talk better on my podcast. We each had that measured and there's like a range of normal five to something is the normal range I was at the very, very, very, very low, low, low, low low end of normal Chad's was. Way Below normal. Well but think about what we know about Chad he's never struggled with his way and always worried about you know trying to gain weight when he was younger and it makes total sense he has naturally low levels of insulin all the time. So gaining weight is a struggle for him, but I was really happy to see that mine was low I'm certain if I had had it tested back when I was obese I'm sure it would have been high. Thank goodness for fasting I. Think it's corrected it wonder if he has the supercentenarians gene well, I don't know I'm feeling doubtful about. Yeah I'm fascinated supercentenarians Jane talked about before, but basically, most supercentenarians often don't seem to talk about this before, but they don't seem to follow anyone dieter necessarily like live quote healthy lifestyles they live to like one ten or so they think it's because their genes literally turn on all of the like. EPA. Genetic genetic processes that we have to do by lifestyle and diet their body just does it. So they're like good to go. It counteracts everything everything we're doing with fasting diet is honestly to you know Tony's genes to certain processes that happen in our body. Just. Does that anyway then you're set only way it's it's fascinating that you can be fasting and not seeing the results you're looking for, and you may need to take that extra step to lower your insulin even more. That's why alternate day fasting protocol can be said beneficial for people who are stuck with the daily eating window approach and you may need also tweak. What you're eating if that describes you because you know getting down can be related to what you're eating and you're eating window but the alternate daily fasting is a great way to do that. Also fast clean. If you're not then I really would start there. But made me happy to see that she's getting answers and she's like, okay finally I'm finally a believer now. Okay I'm sorry that it took that to convince you. But I'm glad that you are some of us have to learn the hard way right? Hi everybody. I want to take a minute to tell you about one of the sponsors for today's show, and that's audible. 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So the first one is from amy and the subject is muscle gains and amy says Hello Melanie I stumbled onto your podcast and started fasting in April of Twenty nineteen and haven't looked back I absolutely love your podcast this way of life and have never looked or felt better. I am a forty three year old mother of. Four children I just graduated from Graduate School, and now a family nurse practitioner may me and I say to you to make congratulations I primarily do sixteen, eight, seven days a week I work out fasted cross fit style workouts about three to five days a week I'm five, two and way between one ten to one fourteen I started at one, hundred, twenty, eight, I'd really. Like to gain about five pounds of muscle, my gem people tell me protein protein protein. What do you suggest is the best way for me to add muscle I don't WanNa mess with autophagy. I currently eat lunch around twelve or one and eat dinner around six thirty I don't really snack I eat all the things and don't calorie count I, take a multivitamin and take. In a D plus gold I, really appreciate any guidance. You can give me. Thank you for putting together this podcast and being such a valuable resource for those of US navigating the fasting lifestyle your fan and Florida Amy. And Zach says alternate day fasting growth hormone and resistance training hello. Jen. And Melanie sorry in advance for the long question Zach, it is not a long question. We have seen alarm crushes. This is not a long question Zach says, thank you both for all that you do I'm a four college football player who is down to two hundred and ten pounds from around three hundred pounds. Thanks to I F and eating whole slash paleo-ish foods. I, really appreciate all that you've done for me personally and the I f community as a whole I've been one meal a day for the most part for about one and a half years. I want to start putting on more muscle by doing resistance training specifically weightlifting to do so plan on starting to do alternate day fasting where I eat and lift on Monday Wednesday Friday and Saturday and clean fast on Tuesday Thursday and Sunday my question if I want to take full advantage of the growth hormone associated with autophagy and long fasts would you recommend that I lift on the morning of my eating as completely fasted or after eating something that won't completely down? Regulate autophagy I e no protein. If you suggest that I eat before my workouts, what would be the best macro nutrient breakdown to ensure that I still have light levels of growth hormone circulating. I would assume that something high in fat like an avocado and our executives key tones in coffee would provide me with kitone energy and keep autophagy functioning at a relatively high level. Thanks again for everything and I hope to hear your response seen best. Zach some good muscle-building fasting. Questions. So I just finished reading seamless new book. It's called stronger by stress, adapt to partial stressors to improve your health and strengthen the body. I'll put a link to it in the show notes he dives deep into all of this into resistance training muscle-building as well as how to pair with fasting and how to best support muscle growth. So you talked about this at length before on the PODCAST, but a lot of people often say that they think two things they think. That you have to eat immediately after where he out to build muscle, and then they often think that you can't quote absorb more than like thirty to forty grams of protein per meal. So to address both of those ties into this. So when you do resistance training, which is the best way to build muscle, it creates signaling in the body for like indoor, which is a growth signaling hormone in the muscle, and that signal in the muscle stays on for up to. Twenty four hours probably at least twenty hours or around twenty four hours. So the point of that means that you don't have to immediately eat protein right after doing resistance training on your muscles. You have a window of twenty four hours in which you're protein, and then on top of that, I, talked about how people often think that you can only eat thirty to forty grams or absorbed thirty to forty grams. The confusion there is actually because we knew eat a meal after. Thirty to forty grams of protein. It doesn't stimulate muscle protein synthesis anymore. So like basically caps out. So like once you hit thirty to forty grams, it's not like you can stimulate more muscle growth in that meal, but you still assimilate the rest of the protein. So if you eat like a hundred a protein in a meal, you basically get the benefit of thirty to forty grams of muscle growth stimulation, but you're still going to use all of that protein so that Whole idea that like you don't use it or don't absorb, it is just not correct information. So as to how to pair this with intermittent fasting to get the best gains and Zach touched on this. But while fasting while it is a Catholic process meaning, there's muscle breakdown it is stimulating and up regulating growth hormone, and it's you more anabolic when you actually do eat. So it's actually a great way to build muscle. You don't have to eat prior to resistance training to. Build Muscle. You just don't like you can do intermittent fasting and you can build muscle an exception and Siemian talks about this in his book. A little bit is that maybe if you're doing like longer fast, you could possibly supplement with certain branched chain amino acids that can be used by the muscle to like completely discouraged cannibalism of the muscle. It's much more complicated routine nuance. So I just will refer you to that book, but I can tell you more like the basic protocol. So basically, you're going to want to assuming you're hearing this within Renan fasting both of our listeners are. I would recommend working out in the fasted state. You don't need to fuel beforehand. Obviously, it's great to fuel with coffee because that's GONNA encourage energy it's going to encourage you know fat burning, but you don't need to fuel with calories per se. You can do it fast it, and then you have a window of twenty four hours to eat your meal which you want to be. If it's a one meal a day, you want it to be high-protein. probably wanted to be high-protein either way this is your goal. If you want to maximize muscle growth, you might want to have a longer eating window. So like a sixty eight type thing where you split up that protein intake into two separate meals, because what that will do is then you're you're high talked about that it caps out after forty. So let's say that you have like hundred grams of protein all in one meal compared to. Two meals react fifty grams each time you're going to stimulate muscle growth twice rather than once where it capped out that doesn't mean you can't do the day you can if this is like really goal of yours and you want to do it faster and do it like to the t you might want to consider a longer eating window. Here's what's interesting to me. His whole questions actual question is coming with the idea that for some reason we're. Going to have more growth hormone with alternate day fasting because he's talking about wanting to do alternate day fasting to have extra growth hormone and I'm just not sure that growth hormone just goes up continually throughout the longer fasts and we know that fasting is associated with higher levels of human growth hormone. Not Everything always like if you keep going, it just keeps going up up up, you know what I'm saying Yeah I was I was actually Just talking about that. Were you about to say that because that's the whole thing that I was going to lay out the protocol and then address his okay. We're on the same page like good 'cause I don't think that alternate daily fasting is what I would recommend just because okay go ahead. No. No I'm so glad you brought that up because i. didn't hear you say anything about that and so I was like wait what about that okay. Point, if you're wanting to build muscle I would not do eighty S. That's what I was GonNa say if muscle-building is your goal longer fasting is not what you're GonNa WanNa be doing that's going to be much more catoholic. It's fine for muscle maintenance and health and longevity like we talk about all the time. But if you want to build muscle doing that longer fast is going to more substantially break down your muscle and Ed. That's actually a fantastic question I haven't researched because I know like I said before. that entire caps out I would imagine growth hormone does to you know yeah, exactly. You know we just assume that if something goes up then fast longer it's going to go up up up up up but that's not necessarily an assumption I wouldn't think that it would yeah actually. So to read a quote from seems book says if you're losing muscle and strength and you dial down on how much faster anger doing so atf I know let's not. ATF is very strategic protocol for certain things like if you need your insulin down or if you are plateaued on the eating window approach or if you think your body's adapting to the eating window and you're not losing weight and you need to shake things up that metabolism going but for muscle building that wouldn't be my recommendation when read what seeing recommended the end he says resistance training stimulates MTR. Oh He's actually keeps. It elevated up to forty eight hours, but he says that's why you should work out optimally three to four times a week. The minimum effective dose is two times, but it results in less muscle hypertrophy than working out more frequently faced on current research maximum growth can be achieved by working out with six to twelve reps per set with sixty to ninety seconds for rest and total takes about three to four sets per exercise. So I would recommend probably going more that route so. The out. Either one meal a day or a eating window daily and then You know working out three or four times a week with the six twelve reps per set with sixty to ninety seconds for rest. And making sure that you get adequate protein and as far as how much protein you need to eat. He says aim four point six, two point, eight grams per pound of lean body mass to that as per your muscle, not your overall weight her lean body mass on rest as and point eight to one point two grants on workout days. So did we answer all their questions I think so I mean she wants to gain muscle and several. It just you know melanie you answered perfectly about protein protein protein. If she's eating two meals a day workout fasted each or two meals you'll be fine. You will gain the muscle that the gains come from the the working out and then you re feeling during your eating window. Exactly. So she's working out in the morning I'm assuming eating one between twelve and six thirty the as she said, works out fasted. So perfect. So she's good and then yeah. We would recommend not. Not doing the ABS in doing something similar to what we just discussed. We're on the same page. Perfect. Awesome. All right. So the next question comes from Camille. The subject is hunger during fasting and Camille says Hygienic Melanie I've just started listening to your podcasts and reading Jen's new book. I've been intermittent fasting for about two years but not consistently, I recently started again a few weeks ago doing sixteen eight eating from noon until eight I've been clean fasting only having black tea in the mornings and saving my delicious coffee with milk for the afternoon the problem. Is I get really hungry when I wake up in the morning and it continues until twelve I can't change up times much because my fiance gets home late from work and we eat dinner together around seven it's discouraging and makes me want to go back to eating breakfast even though I have lost a little weight in the past few weeks, how can I stop being so hungry in the morning am I doing something wrong thanks. All right. Camille first of all, your new back to it, it sounds like you may have just started the fast and clean. I'm GonNa make a suggestion to maybe maybe not have the T. maybe t is not working well for you. You're having black tea in the mornings and having coffee with milk later in the afternoon. I. Wonder if Black Coffee No, you don't seem to love the coffee 'cause you described coffee with milk is delicious. I'm inferring from that that you do. Not Love Black coffee but I would like you to consider having the black coffee instead also with the Black T.. I'm curious as to whether you're doing it yourself or drinking a bottle t product because a lot of product have added mystery ingredients that do break fast citric acid one we avoid because it adds a tangy flavor you know maybe you're brewing. Your black tea and that's not an issue for you. But you know t is one of those things some people find like for me T- makes me queasy on an empty stomach I don't do all the T at all actually I don't like tea but maybe try coffee instead and see if that helps and realize that you are still in early. Days also, I know this sounds crazy but you may not be quite getting too fat burning ever, and so you're never quite there with an eight hour window eating from noon to eight you may never be depleting you're like gin sufficiently you may never be quite getting into that fat burning and so that's why you're kinda white knuckling it every day so. If, you could give yourself just a few days with some shorter windows just to see you don't necessarily have to have a shorter window every single day of your life but to try to get through that, get past that difficult phase, you may be just kinda trapped the adjustment phase. You said you started a few weeks ago, but because you have that long eating window. That can make the adjustment phase take longer. So that may be why you're struggling. Go back to the think about the the twenty eight day fast start thinking about how to maximize the time that you're in the fat burning state. I was gonNA suggest the same things I was gonNA suggest maybe doing a smaller eating window maybe changing the coffee to black making it earlier as I do different things day to day. If I have a really long window one day or have extra sugar or drink alcohol, it can really make the fast harder the next stay and I can really feel the moment my body likes which is over to fat burning and then it gets better I've been doing it long enough to be in tune with. My Body and I know that if you're stuck in that period, you're never quite getting there. You're just always having the hard part I also thought of Super Random Hack today actually what is that? It'd be for people who it's not really directly her question but you know how some people miss like munching on things like it's it's not so much like hunger it's more they just malfunction. Yeah. So we talked before about the community ships necklace. Oh. Yeah. This came today I got so excited. So we talked about it before it's well tangents I've been prepping for Wim Hof chains Nester who wrote a book called Breath and by pretty much decided that reading. HUCK GONNA change my life But in any case, we talked before about this necklace called shift and it's a necklace that's really pretty but it helps you breathe slowly in healthier knows and the amrried out through the necklace and it forces that really really long exhale helps deal with stress and switch you to the pair sympathetic nervous system state. I've actually been using a ton now because I was reading and I promise this relates to what I was talking about. Sorry for the Tangent I was reading. James Nesters book apparently a really really long exhale is really really key. To It's interesting. It's a theory I was unaware of that. Actually we need more carbon dioxide liquid breathing almost too much into shortly too quickly, and we're not getting that long exhale which lets out the oxygen and let's carbon dioxide do its work in ourselves to this necklace actually supports that. But the point is today my facebook group somebody posted about how they were going to get it because they were trying to break their vaping habit and they said, they wanted to get it to do that instead, and then I was like Oh my goodness people who have like the munchies. Hunger. Cravings, Baker get this and instead they could. Do that do the breathing through it and calm himself down the I think that's a great idea. The Discount Code for listeners is up Lincoln, the show notes, but it's Also Dot Com and our coupon is actually twenty percent off with. Awesome. So it's commute designed dot com with the coupon. I of podcast that will get you twenty percent off. I use mine all the time now especially since reading James read that January familiar with it his book breath I have not seen it around Amazon but I, haven't read it I'm like so obsessed with breath the Mike. Oh, I haven't been breathing. Everybody Breed I. Just WanNa. Go up two random people on the street and be like are you breathing? So you should do that. That'd be fun and let us know what happens you know how it goes. Oh my goodness. Okay and also have a Jew with the shine it on. On then I'll find my perfect match like that guy at the grocery store. Wearing the blue box go. All right. We have a question for Margo and the subject is I F and elevated blood? Glucose? Levels. Hello Jen and Melanie I love the podcast and have learned so much from both of you I am forty two years old and have been doing I f. for over two years now, I mainly have a window of about twenty four ish two days a week I throw in a thirty six to forty, two hour fast the longer fasts are not hard for me I actually have to. Force myself to eat. So I can have a family dinner with my son. I am just not hungry a lot of the time I started I F to tighten up and lose about five pounds. I was never overweight but was looking to maintain and tone up after the birth of my son for years ago after I started researching the health benefits of I F I stuck with it mainly for the purposes of autophagy and healing I always clean fast and do H. it workouts or vigorous walking in the fasted state. This is why I was a little thrown when I went to have blood work done last week and found that my fasting glucose was one I six I was shocked I had been fasting for sixteen hours when the test was done, I normally eat very clean and my window mainly Paleo but allow for some flexibility on weekends. This number makes me very nervous going back through old bloodwork IDC that my fasting glucose levels typically or in the nineties I thought that with I as they were supposed to drop to insulin sensitivity then I started thinking I remember an episode where Jen. was talking about Black Coffee Actually raising glucose levels in the fasted state, not due to high blood sugar. But because it helps deliver clear out glycogen more efficiently I did have a cup of black coffee. The morning of my blood draw I am wondering if that is what is contributing to my high glucose levels, and at this point is just me I would like to go ding Ding Ding Ding Ding. All right now, I'm gonNA keep reading I. Am very nervous I have message to my doctor and asked for a re-test but also asked to have my Hemoglobin A. One C. Levels tested in the meantime I. also remember Jen talking about having blood work done to test her fasting insulin levels not glucose. Can you please provide that information? I would love to have that test as well even though it is not mainstream, I should also add that I did faint during the blood test I never do with blood draws and I, wonder if that is why my levels spiked as well, I would be curious to hear your thoughts on all of this be well and stay safe market I did not plan this. It's so perfect though because we talked about the Okay. Yes. So this is actually very common people on low carb diets are fasting finding out they have higher blood sugar levels and there are multiple reasons, potential reasons for that. So to mention the coffee and helping the liver cleric gin or coffee can spike cortisol and have that response to the liver released Spike Agenda actually produces glucose. So the blood sugar in your bloodstream can come from three potential places. It can come from the food you just ate if you're in the Fed state, it can come from liver glycogen in muscle glycogen. So carbs released basically from your liver. You know probably doesn't come from the muscle always comes from the liver. Now that I think about it the I don't think it would come from the. Muslim. Because your muscle isn't releasing glycogen injured in your blood the muscle guidance there to be a source of energy for that muscle. Yeah. So it'd be coming from the liver or if deliver does not have glycogen delivered produce glycogen from protein and a process. Cochlea. Genesis and actually little fun fact that I didn't realize blew my mind. Did you catch that in? Tech Today Abe's the elevate the majority of the blood sugar and their elevated blood sugar levels is not from the Diet it's from gluconeogenesis. She know that well, I did not know that no blew my mind and actually. So Matt Foremen, which is. Often prescribed for diabetes and blood sugar levels and things like that. They're theories about its mechanism of action but it's quite likely that it's because it stops deliver from the genesis process. That's very interesting. It was such a radical shift for me because this whole time I thought it was the carbs eating even that's what funk says says, stop putting them in shop putting in the CARBS, stop putting them in when you when he's talking about what? To do stop putting them in like in your diet, stop eating them. Yeah Stop. Yeah. That's that's when he's suggesting that you go more low carb approach but yeah, it's most likely more just a complete dysregulation of the metabolic system of the body to adequately us. You know it was not able to tap into fat for fuel and that is not able to adequately used blood sugar. So aren't using blood sugar so they might be calling for the liver. To produce more blood sugar because they're not receiving it. So it's just building up in the blood. It's really really fascinating. So everything is just bad. It's crazy. Everything is just outta whack and my current theory is that this is possibly all from refine seed oils not all from it but I think that might be one largest contributing factors is always want to throw that they're really passionate about it and I keep hearing about more more but in any. Case so to her question yes, it happens we see it a lot. It could have been the coffee it could have been the fasted state. Your Liver is releasing producing glucose. If people aren't scared to prick themselves, it's really not hard to take your own blood sugar like you don't have to. Well, she faints I don't think Margaret going to be good at that. Yeah. Sorry. Margot Melanie is not about to suggest that you give yourself blood tests. No. This is not for you margot. But for anybody else because I since I'm already saying it, you don't have to like go to the doctor has your blood sugar you can get a glucose monitor. Once. He wants I swear it's not that hard in the show notes to the ones that I have. But if you have thanking problem which. Speaking of, do you know jen? No. Is it lack of oxygen to the brain somehow it's from the Vegas nerve actually. And A Lot of details beyond that. But I know that if basically it's a response from the vagus nerve, it causes you to faint and I bring that up because I actually recently in an episode on the Vegas dark which like blew my mind bowling to in the show notes but as far as the levels biking from the fainting I don't know about that. I wouldn't know about that either. But what I would suggest is yes but you re tasked maybe do it without the coffee with no coffee one, hundred percent I would not do a fasted blood draw with coffee like I would not don't have anything before the test I would have it again. Yeah, and then testing your hemoglobin A. will also be. Pretty telling and for listeners not familiar that is basically shows issues. The long term effects of glaciation on your red blood cells because when blood sugar elevated for a long time, it Guyq AIDS your red blood cells and the Hemoglobin A. One C.. It's going to tell you if your if your blood sugars are consistently elevated over time rather than like in that literal moment started facebook group for people who have the bio sense breath analyzer devices to measure ketone scarves and fat burning people. So often keep getting more and more surprised that they switch to this car burning state even when they're fasted like it just. Keeps happening so much a think it's because a lot of people in the fasting state their body responds by producing blood sugar rather than tapping more into fat. So Yeah, Oh and I did want to answer Margaret's question about the insulin. Gis, you'll get your fasting insulin. You're it's not special information. She's it's just a fat you WANNA fasting insulin level test. That's what you want. Because she said, could you please provide that information? That's it. Just ask for that. You want your insulin levels suzy I wonder if that'll ever become a standard tasks probably not it's just so interesting that that it's not and that people have to fight for it. It tells you so much. You know. I just keep thinking this poor girl that was having all this struggle and. No wonder she wasn't losing any weight because her insulin was through the roof your. Change that we absolutely should I mean that is like more important but she thought she was fine because her blood glucose levels and are a one. C. was fine. Her body was great at clearing out excess blood sugar will, of course it was she had really high levels of insulin. So he kept cranking out more and more and more eventually you know it's it's GonNa. TURN INTO FULL-BLOWN INSULIN resistance but think about that. So you know say you're fasting have high insulin insulin trying to lower. Your blood sugar than your liver like everything we're talking about might be like Oh, low blood sugar. Let's produce more sugar. So it's like this spiral and you're not well fueled 'cause you can't tap into your fat stores and I could see that as a scenario where your metabolic rate could go down over time because you're not well fueled because that's the key when your body is not well fueled your body cranks down your metabolism. So you're trapped in this cycle of not accessing your fat stores. And You're not eating. So I mean it's like there's no fuel and you're probably would feel terrible I really I talked about it before but I really had a mind blower moment reading that fat burn fix I'm still reading. But how she talks about how you know both the pancreas, the brain can send signals to deliver to release blood sugar salt lake basically there can just be so many signals going on in our body like poor body. Gets just trying just trying to give you energy exactly at your body's trying to help you at all times. Never forget that your body wants you to survive. It's on your side yet it wants you to survive, thrive and reproduce. It does. All right. Well, this is an absolutely wonderful. So for listeners, if you would like to your own questions to the podcast, you can directly email questions at of podcast dot com or you can go to podcasts dot com and you can submit questions there. You can also follow us on instagram. We are I of podcast you can follow me at Melanie Avalon and you can follow Jen Cheese Jim Stevens. And Yeah I think that's all the things anything from you. Before we go nobody that's it own right while I will talk to you next week. All right. Bye Bye bye. Thank you so much for listening to the intimate and fasting podcast. Please remember that everything discussed on the show is not medical advice. We're not doctors. You can also out our other podcasts, intimate investing stories and the Melanie Avalon biohacking podcast being music was composed by Lee. Linkov. To you next week.

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