African Basketball Footwork


Hi this is boom. Oh this is tom. And this is matt over. The podcast brought to you by the washington informer bridge podcast network. If you're interested in advertising on our podcast please go to washington a former bridge dot com to check out more episodes and also email info at w. abridged dot com info at w. bridge dot com. If you want to become an advertising partner with us we'll keep dropping him gyms. We hope to see you soon pasia. He's but he's tom say. I'm getting ready the destination and i'm almost there. You see somebody on a story. We just like a desert in the backyard. That's all we need lacking that were to do nothing to do it. Like if i'm gonna come up with a african saying. I'm i'm sure it wouldn't be but don't come up with one roof as we put yours. Come with africa's samuel fans african. Let's revisit this at the end of the show. I i'm gonna come up one but we'll get some leeway give that might need a new station at it is a show we did add all some are could could give you the one that i said that nearly caused a woman to five million college. Okay okay laura joyce get set up all right so lewis yours so These girls were beef with me and my friends. I don't even remember. Why right. And i said all bark and no bite makes for a small chihuahua and made them even more mesh smack. Shit out he didn't she. I never got smacked by touch me as they say in my community hit dogs meantime someone feels i dunno vulnerable. I wasn't director this way if we was walking down the street right and there was a pack of dogs in the middle of the street. Threw a rock. The dollar get hit is the one that's go holiday right so you hit a nerve. That's what i was trying to say his problematic as like you said if you walk by a group of girls say who wanna get fucked and asked the girl to turn around and say. She's a teacher said. This is my at least start about this show. Yes a teacher said estimate yes and administrator and straight ahead but anyway Let us be conscious of our surroundings. Speaking of african proverbs. You're saying jayco hooping of africa. A exact what happened. Because you know. I didn't see it out. Necessarily have the info i just know j cole has been practicing and practicing for some years now like even has done open with nba players and as as actually all right like you see him. Make a basket. I think there was a a meme. They got posted that but it was him dunking and he liked jumped. So high that he liked tomahawk cockpit back both hands bang and then fell whiny arrested s afterwards but face fire you got some athleticism you know like the clips have been coming out over the past year. Can you shoot from deep. You know what i mean and then the dog laid min- documentaries like all one big basketball analogy and so are mix tapes. I think it's a fantastic. Just overall rollout right right now jake holders greater just staying off the face of the earth unless he's until he's ready to present a body of work or or say something or make some sort of statement But throughout the year he's been pretty strategic in picking his spots he started doing a little bit more Features and whatnot leading up to this album released like on. Twenty-one savages a lot. I mean He had you dropped the middle child records right early on during the pandemic he also partnered with puma and has his his air dreamer or something like that to dreamers shoe so he has his own basketball shoe. Nixon nick is an nba have worn it. Yeah i'm pretty sure during live games so even that is stabbed validated. So for him to drop this new album which is coming out on friday. The off season Also accompanied with like a seventeen minute or fifteen minute documentary. I forgot what it was. Twelve minutes to be exact. Thanks to you by the correct. Before i actually genuinely appreciated that could have recorded this. So you're saying that. J. cole's rolled out is all basketball thing basically so go ahead tom. It's it's all in the documentary right like the documentary's really him explaining where his mind is and like you. I've done a lot. Am i satisfied where i'm at on my going to like turn turn up and keep challenging myself. And then he talks about family talks. About how like does on that he puts himself into create and then lastly he was saying that he's not satisfied. So i'm just gonna keep going so it's like does that mean you're going to keep going keep doing albums or the family part. That's mentioned in. It is like are you. just you know. Be the second in walk. Walk away into the clinton walk. Walk away from where i'm from. The whole thing said just so he is expected to so he's dropping out on friday documentary just talked about it. he's joining the rwandan for the rwandan inside. The patriots bbc interesting name in the inaugural season of the basketball africa league. And i wonder if this is the league that is sponsored by the nba. It is like a twelve team is a twelve team of situations like the nba's foray into starting in international basketball league a stronger presence in africa. Especially a lot of. It's been in china yet and to really like put money down and have some popping off in africa doping after for j cole to be a part of it sniffs thirty six fulfilling. His dreams looks like he actually has a chance to really do something and I like him in a couple of questions. Okay yeah two questions. I knew you'd have some. I have some questions here. It's only. I think. I think the most important question which ought really answer is. Do nigga still do rollouts for the albums. In the second question is which is far less important. What is the african style of basketball first european. Stoutly so so it's funny. I had a feeling today's podcast. Return to pseudo sports analysis. I mean you had. The situation came to dream. The dream shake mean footwork. Me host who the africa game was the poet for the most part. The sound big men. Who i've been african grew up playing soccer hence the good football i like to. I like the extra. That's true but i'm asked for what african basketball is. I'm not sure. I haven't answered because you know like nigeria sometimes is somewhat good but they're not beating america just better than every few other teams and then like now in more recent years like argentina and spain and a lot of these other international powerhouses and other sports have kinda come closer to right. American even have us a couple of times. Well i think that's also infrastructure right. Frank like spain and My guy we'll see other souls countries like they have you know academy so you know kids are going to the system at twelve thirteen. I'm not saying that africa doesn't have that. Maybe this'll be the impetus to you know africa having but i'm like there's no way that africa lacks the talent hill dot. I think talking to attempt to answer this question right but before it's going to be a soccer hour before you answered relationship to give a little context to okay right so there is definitely if we just isolate the united states. There's definitely a different style of play based on the region of the united states dream. Okay it's a west coast. You have more shooters coming out of the west coast and you have more drivers coming east coast here and then as you move to the mid west. You have the combination of of such. And that's i mean they used to. They built that stereotype based on the weather and what equipment was available in which parts of the states. You can shoot outside all the time on the west coast. You can't shoot in a winner in brooklyn hands. Just can't do this so of course. The skills are different so now. We know africa's not a monolithic situation. It's the biggest continent on the planet right. So of course northern africa africa might play a little differently but based on that. Now how do you think basketball so once again. My question my ass expertise is not basketball is actually soccer right right so if you pay attention. More recent years basketball players who are coming from the international game are coming younger and in a sense more skill saw luka doncic watch him play he's like almost playing in slow motion but getting everybody in everything and every shot that he wants very true but he's also been a professional since he was like twelve years. Old yes or i think fifteen or something like that but that goes to what matt was saying earlier is like a lot of these professionals. That are being groomed overseas. They're being groomed in academy so like imagine the chicago bulls having an academy in chicago. Yeah and that's what these these young these young basketball players are being groomed in. Well that's all in like chicago. Even though they might not have an academy for the bulls. Do you have like simeon highschool powerhouses. So yea powerhouses. Right in my. What's that equivalent gonna be africa if unless there is one already know. Because i'm just not aware but i think so that's where i was going with the soccer thing there's in different areas so like for example ivory coast ghana. There's like dares academies that have come to prominence so life for example drug and a lot of the crazier into every coast stars. That have come out. They're all from the same area or they went to play for the same team. So and my eyes. I feel like that's how africa can flourish when they kind of concentrate the energy and you know. Put these players in environment where they can flourish also have like the decamping tumbles come back home. The hockey malaysia one dwelling all these negative. I'm sorry this biondo bismarck. Yambio serge ibaka will surges fresh amy. No he's me. She's he's african. I believe he plays for like the spain. All right i think so. I might be mistaken but like that's that's all whole 'nother thing when you get after you do a you and getting into the national team and stuff like that there's so many nuances to have played like for example. Let's say i'm really good in soccer. You can have played for america all the way until you're nineteen and you're like well my dad's from ghana. Let me go play for ghana. So that's where Not when when the soccer team was going crazy one of the players his his actual brother played for germany. He played forgotten otane right. Yeah the kevin prince boateng in jerome both thing. Okay okay so like the same thing applies like you can you can flourish in a whole system and go be somewhere else. 'cause you know like okay in spain. There's too many good players. Let me go. Play and africa where i could be the main foci chance the interesting so did you know. Did y'all wash to merge is an interview. Watch it when he was give a smoke to naomi. Osaka choosen japan over haiti her. Yeah petra of origin. Is that what he gave smoke for you going in on it. But i didn't know why he was he was going on and he's been coming at a kevin samuels reason. Fuck ever saying we talk about fuck kennedy said all day massage bullshitting ass fuck ass nigga compare Bow before one last thing. Though his doing album rollouts thank you. The african conversation is interesting. Juanita kevin samuel conversations interesting. Maybe we'll come back pockets. I think the is real. We're in micro I dunno microwave industry right. I don't mean to sound all right but it's just like Even this rollout has been condensed to five days it. Has you know what i'm saying. If you if you count like the shoe right. I mean the year but i mean in my opinion i would say that it is still a thing but it's like the there's been adjustments that have had to be made right so like not every beyond say kendrick j cole. They could be like an album. It android five days later with highs generating in between but the average artist or laissez regional. Someone who's heavy in the region like let's say i dunno shaikh lizzy here type of thing. He can like you have to build up to it in a sense you after you know. Do a show you have to do this. You have to do that. And then it bills up to dropping out but we're in a pandemic still so we're the shows the shows got now have to become virtual or you have to give you have to give your your audience. Something to grasp onto an independent. I think in the pandemic is made things worse because like it's should has happened in every single day just just because we been going. Stir crazy for year and a half. You don't mean so. It seems like every forty eight hours every twenty four hours but every forty eight hours. Something that was crazy that was being talked about is not talked about at all. All right soda rollouts you know. I haven't seen artists take out too many albums. You know what i'm saying. It's mostly single. Drop so are there. Mike watt was a was a drop in the pan. Like that's like that's gonna happen for everybody and when cardi does finally job album or megan drops another album which might be in the two next year. Like didn't what might be a single. Nasa may maybe even interesting. Wouldn't you bring up about the popularity to artists right. It's pertains to album roll out and not. I hate to sound old as well. But like i think i just start listening to a little baby. I think little baby could do better if he had like organized. Organiz brand right. When i think a little baby. I just thinking like oh. He's just a low rapper. Do i don't really have a story. Narrative the go around him a certain image to go around him like about jay z. About all he's a businessman businessman about kellyanne. Think about a college dropout. I think about camera. Think about all and ridiculousness about little baby. I just think about always. That's just low baby now. I mean well my little brother's a big little baby fan. So i i feel like drops. I'm souci so he comes from a good One of the major systems of record labels out here. Qc you know He's the next era posts migos right But not post me goes but there's gotta be something newer I know he knew and he was industries way before he was a rapper. A couple of times serious shit. So he's already stanford validated. I think his brand is dope because the the lyrics he no he really does do respect his lyricism in his ability to i don't know like he say what it takes some of the same elements that everybody else is using but like really stamp his own lane with it and i know what the branding most of his projects have harder in it so it was like harder than ever harder harder one heartedly horrid ask him and gun. Came up a lot Drip harder like because i think gonna head like in a lot of his shit you know. I'm a thirty so anybody listening this. Who's the little baby expert. Just just noted it's trying so you know all right so chooses silent heavily associated with gonna is on thug albums atlanta zone. So i mean he has a solid foundation. But yeah i do want to see what is the story of the narrative being built around it right. I mean for him to do that. That grammy performance is a big thing. You know. I think that helps separate him from a lot of these other artists to even though like issues tudo right. I mean this is a nigger from the streets. Who's doing you know you can say still really rich production. It is lift. You know e smoke street. Talapity shouldn't cops and at like four negatively. Talking about that is you got. Count that for something it is. You're right you're right. I bring that up in of album like rollouts. Because i feel like rollouts really help establish a brain within a certain individual and gave them an identity. I think grammy performance counts as a big part of a rollout. Okay okay what. I'm saying like stuff like that. So so yeah. I guess if if a a grammy performance counts as part of a rollout the and i would definitely consider dropping shoe back to your point as the like at lisa fundamental point in the house and the next in the past few years chico performed at the all star game maybe north carolina he definitely performance out to all star game To the point that you made a second time. I think that you actually you made it. You started when you're talking about like this. This microwave coach them wearing within the music industry. And then tom you brought up. The i'd say we're in the air. We are in the platelets area area era. But do you ever think we can get back to like projects is that a is that a is that a thing of the past. Now let me. Let me take some rest. I was listening to brigham idiots with little duval. Okay a little duval was talking about his daughters experience with comedy to her comedy. Stand up whatever. Whatever form it takes is walling death. Comedy jam gottschee eighty five. South show is not like one nigga standing on stage given out jokes for sixty minutes three on stage thinking alison offi poston ribbon. Exactly right there so little duval said to the kids now. That stand up They they say nigger standing on stage talking to himself for an hour. That's like that's kind of way. So then i'm thinking are a we now in a we. An era where like albums in complete projects are of the past. I think i want to put this out here. I think a lot of shit is trash right now to across the standard game and across his music being put out in this great a lot of great quality. But with you know everybody be able to put their shit out there independently shots at lowe's clientele like that's actually good artists. That had their own distribution are able to put their music out on right on flat out fan but that also opens up the gates for a lot of trash us a lot of trash our here it takes away from it so you see a bunch of niggers on stage dolo doing performances. You don't on netflix. A lot of those specials trashy house about to say out side of the big dogs like kevin hearts. And the and the dave chapelle who has actually dropped a really good comedy special right right. But you can go to a bernie mack. Fifteen twenty years later and be like damn dash is still funny. Yeah and your kids will go back in and laugh at that show to you. Know what i'm saying like allowed trash out here. Fuck so my bad villas. I totally forgot what to the over. The soda tanase drop-off three professional creatives as we discussed the sources happenings and inspirations from creative industry from film to production to music to coach. Join us each week as we push the envelope on. The possibilities of the creative industry are hosted this week. Of course is your main man. Twenty grand your boy be more brown. What's up baby. How we doing damn it back in the building. A swinging matt actually caught it the last time this is. This is your man. Thomas degree demand thomas degrade the title facilitated out here passing the ball to moma. Look oh i saw you brought you the record the other night most triple doubles in a season off larry's backpack met mr backpack money silence silent silent partner every coach hand. My debts pay my respects to pay for looked in car pro. He's just three times in a row. You're okay we gotta you gotta do this. You got to think about it in the car coats money magazine humble humility. Yeah yeah you don't write rhymes you there. It is jacksonian now. It's time for the word of day of day today is brought to you by dictionary. Dot com this is our chance to try to introduce some new words into the lexicon. They need to holland of you. Niggers get the dictionary app mccown. What does who buy you buy. Eighty defined the property of having a definite location at any given time you state of existing in being localized in space is it. Should it now now source to have your own space pretty much to exist in the same space. The property of having a definite location at any given space state of existing in being localized in space. That sounds that sounds very would also. I'm use it in the sentence. We'll hear strictly speaking in unin body. Spirit or pure mind has no relation to place. Wariness you buy. It is pure relation the relation of body to body A this is. Are you. Buy t i mean here permanent though right but also girls so. It's lafayette you biden's right either. When he's not here you buy when you tell your girl denture podcasting with the guys. Does she Believe you're you buy. Yes she does. I was like. Where's this going. You know thinking that. Sometimes i really think it does. Does he think. I'm somewhere my ass right. These episodes right six eight. I came over here. I don't say originally wanted it. When did it did it happen. Didn't drop it right right right but the good thing for us times. He's been at the criminal okay. She seen the equipment. He's seen effort. Yeah that's all right though. Let's get to this week and creativity. I think we have an interesting things to talk about. actually somebody just says something a second ago. We'll be talking about in the code open. it's kevin samuels and okay interesting. Dr umar johnson who was considered a ridiculous ass nigga is going one on one with kevin salvador ridiculous equally ridiculous. Nick i just find it. Okay what are your thoughts or dr johnson. What are your true thoughts like. Is this nickel while in. I mean i'll be feeling like he's well intentioned but like the execution is like a misfire. Sometimes i don't know yet. They're both streaky. Like like shots russell. Westbrook real talk though desa. That's so that's a of consistency. Well roundedness i think kevin samuels in. Dr kumar are both like streaky. Right they can be they can they can be correct. In certain ways then decca 'cause like the layman to believe a lot or buy into their shit. Yeah but then when she really started to see the well roundedness of the individual. You can start spot in the weaknesses and shit jordan clark a lot of bravado in performative kind of fronting peacocking in different ways. You know what i'm saying. Kevin samuels just chooses. One kind of more suave. Is it suave though. It's misogynistic and then gay to which is the road. It'd be a gay commodity nothing. I'm just saying that this man is perpetuating to be strapped for formative still it's still grappling me is the problem. He's acting like he is straight in order to give advice to women about straight men but he's gay okay so it makes you really wanna know what makes you think he's gay. Is it like this. This is the kedar. This is something that came out from the black woman. Investigators who are like who're like watching him were so i believe the black which a don't believe the hype is you. Don't believe evidence circumstantial. Sir i feel like we just need to give circumstantial. Here's a thing in this regard. Regardless i listen to by women okay. And if they got the receipts to be they own the precipice of the truth it might not be the truth but they own the precipice of the truth. So i'm going to take it for what it is. They stand my is gay. Which is like okay all right. We'll let's just say for a second. I'm gonna pick my battles. I ain't fighting for that knowing kevin. I'm ready to go one on one with him anytime. Double down on his position. Feels like overcompensation. I mean that's i feel like that's what you're saying. That's the black. Saying i don't know nothing. I'm listening to them. And what even. Before the gay point. I'd feel like he's a misogynist. Either before you get there. I think he speaks corneas negative stuff. That's the thing like a real life. Twitter negative who really believe that shit and really put into practice. what. He says like normally like amo sneakers. That's so sad. That doesn't mean there's nothing wrong with a point of view but it's just like saying about everything else is the delivery of a lot of things i don't know i once again. There's a tactful way to say things. Respectful way to say i'm kevin samuels doesn't operate in that space. That's what i'm saying you can you can. You can put words around. Racism is still racism. I'm not talking about racist. Who i'm talking about how to talk to people. I'm talking about what. He's talking nicely or talking. Disrespectfully still sizes bima. We're on the same side of the bro. I just felt like we ought to go to war. So can we go okay. That's what i was hearing. Do you have a dog in this fight. Do you have nobody who i feel invested in. But you know. I feel like Dr moore's most recent interview has put him in a better light than previous. He seemed previous Showing previous oh. Yeah i mean i guess it's good to know the school back. That's that's even explained it on the interviews. Just like why you got say like like he. He pretty much was saying like look. The school is built. All we need is like these two things and if you know i'm black and if someone else black you know just invested their time and fixed it then we'd be here if i was if we was mexican than the community would have helped me do just like. Why is this the way you choose. Do we know that we don't know that. I know that's my point like we don't know that. Then why are you choosing to deliver the message this way like. I'm i'm already african so like somebody things dr who mars going to say. I'm just like throw it away with a grain of salt. Just because like i don't agree with the how you said it and i don't agree what you're saying so like without With all that being said. I would watch versus hell. You absolutely a one. On what. I've watched johnson pay for that shit. Oh yeah absolutely what. I was gonna very entertained. Lots of trillion shit box. Not nine. I just put a table in the middle of rating inches. So that's another point speaking of creativity. Do you appreciate the fact that versus has moved to trailer like outside of the. Let's say set set investment. I'm not really. I don't really like having to go to trailer. And what that entails. I think trailer has some momentum because we keep talking about it because versus the acquired or they did the partnership with verses. But also that. Jake paul fight in floyd fight. I'm sure you know it's gonna be like the roberson knock out. All the shit has been happening on trailer. So they're constantly being news. I know that Versus the partnership peleton. Which is huge as dope. So they're creating more avenues. In at the end of the day. I think we talked about versus and their decisions should pass. But i'm like brothers. Get your money man. I'm definitely appreciate the money part. I'm just i liked. I could just go to g and play play as opposed to like. Oh and then. I'm waiting and then this. I'd rather just have the dj. And then whatever. I don't know so with with the only thing was like i don't want to just have like i g live on my phone all the time. I would rather use that for some other things like so in. I don't know. Maybe there's a i don't have the thing where i'm just going to cast it. Plug that into my tv. I don't wanna plug my phone into my tv with id join. I think really they probably just give you a better overall experience but the usability in access because we already have those apps like aichi live and apple music. You know what i'm saying. It makes it makes it easier. So they're gonna have to put some legwork to seriously bring people over to that platform you gotta remember. Trillo was basically tiktok right and now they're doing pay per views. Wow and disclosure. Eight discusses was basically just to g. And now they're doing major partnerships with these big companies. Make arriving money the thing. Nobody drinks on the set. The thing i like about the trailer partnership is that the production value has shot up crazy to production value. These answers today putting on. It's no longer to show like fabric. You remember the ludicrous versus daily battle. These tickets was both on the phones. Right and nellie was struggling. Riley was raining outside so we had a whole national program had to pause because of the rain. And now there's a program where they can move and cameras multi camera sets. They have fucking performance set performance videos. Tv's in the man had a capon. It does better and to the point that you may meant like this one to move. Waking baby will be mo- off i mean the technology assadi shore but the thing that really is came. Just be locked on phones. Our i tried. You live for an hour. that'd be trying to watch would be but it's like right before work. So you know if i got a check email and you gotta get off get off and now. That's why i was saying. I appreciate the fact that it's on apple podcasts. But without also expand that. 'cause i mean if we keep in it or hundred right now 'cause you know it's his over the wiki keep it. We keep in one hundred right now. My viewership is one thousand percents shitting on my listenership. Riad right to tell me easy. I have way more consistent watchers than i have consisted listeners. Menendez think that's the nature over the show started as an audio only so a lot of a lot of our original fans are entered into the audio and online radio so precise so there was a big avenue. Kind of a catch. My shit has always been a morning show that you can comment on on instagram right. I'm going to shift to twitter or thriller so then they do other things in the morning or posted on youtube. I don't know i'm just telling shit out on youtube. That's just another so you said you're moving into trailer me the trillo twitch or my own shit. Oh no don't that'd be probably never be took. That will keep us posted. I feel about patriotic since joe biden The deal or warrior mall came back. Yeah so joe. Biden like a as a jihad path and dynamics aren't you aren't you a job at night. I am joe biden. Podcast fan okay. I am supporter in listeners. Since day one of the podcasts. Okay i i'm not like a big joe biden music fan but i do appreciate the podcast and i've been through. I've heard all the different iterations in terms of his co host. But there were some you know internal issues amongst the team in four. I think about six episodes five or six episodes the his two co warrior mall kinda got out the way and you know joe biden kinda replaced them with two of his other homeys and he has like probably like we all have these dope ask virus conversations off the mic. They would bring that energy seamlessly onto mike So the episodes without roy moore pretty good so Warrior mall recently came back They're currently taking a vacation. But you know before the vacation was episodes where the original or the most The most recent kind of Mainstays are back but now so since joe had already launched his partnership with the patriots so mind you drove button drops twice a week just for regular listenership ship all the podcast platforms but with patriae you can pay a different levels t access to more content right right. He pay five dollars. You make access to like one additional episode paying ten dollars a month you get access to like five Three or four. Whatever they dropped twenty five you get like shirts and discounts on merge. And shit like that so he has levels too so i signed up because once four mall came back issue is who were the replacements ended up still doing episodes with joe on the patriots so now joe is found a way to pivot and so now that he has his main guys back. He can do that on the main platforms. And now there's already a listenership that supports issue ice as co-hosts well so now there's a demand for people to buy the patriots so that was dope patriot as a as a vehicle as a platform. And i've had friends who've had patriots in the past. But i'm seeing people. Celebrities are really starting to drive sales. Like i'm one of them. Wants ish in ice moved in. I found out that they had episodes. They were still having real conversations on patriots. I fuck it. i'll support. I heard andrew schultz flagrant crazy. Shit all they do lose this professional onlyfans basically. That's exactly what i mean. I feel like that's what was going on now. Like a patriot. Maybe they just changed the color scheme and rebranded lima pornography's fine. Hey that is that is the number one driver. What is pulling gonna pick up enough tease. Maybe i think is usually the driver. I should say i said point is usually the driver of a lot of technology and adoption. Should it is virtual reality and stuff like they extended reality. He's fucking subscription models porn true but the nfc of a little free. I have some behind the pay wall. Port right. Hey i think would be a great point like you. Look at some of these pornhub x. Videos all these classic porn sites right which you can just pretty much watch porn for free. Which i'm sure is not benefiting the production houses at all right. Who's really paying like. You remember are pouring episode. No it'd be it'd be like two years ago. we were talking about. How porn is always at the front of like. We talked about subscription bay. This is like one of the first ones Maybe maybe you might have been one of the first one we were talking about how light we're talking about payments splits particularly when it comes to content creation to the payments blitzer like ridiculously the not on your side but when it comes to light pornhub nine ninety percent of the prophet right and so to the point of like these production houses on porn these production born houses. They are losing money because they're doing they're doing the same before. Give it to you a little freedom saying but if you really want to see what's going on come confirmed with us and you can pay nine point instead of going to One of the houses bang bros. You don't go to bang. Bros dot com. Go to to nine nine nine here and you get access to bang rose and a whole bunch of other shit exactly and bang. Bros still making that ninety percent of the nine ninety nine. Come on dog anyway. I don't know why we start talking about point. I don't even know how we got here. But i was gonna say to counter that is that who who would benefit like not not just on the porsche it like entity who would benefit because when we think about when you're romanticizing and a tease and their usage for like music we'd like okay. Finally maybe an artist's his able to really benefit off the reselling of their music more directly in bypass a lot of the labels and infrastructure listener using the tackle man taxing process that they have to go through right now but with porn industry in. Its exploitive who really benefits from. Nfc is all the ip. Is it really going to be the. How often will it be the point star not in. I don't know man. I mean just actually at the same point for music though. Yeah if def jam starts putting out. Nfc music right. It's not going to def jam artists. It's not going to sweetie is going back to japan which it will be filtered through again. And the which unless i don't know music deals i don't think i don't think the we just put out to a deal. She put out independent music. That same thing we're born like somebody comes takes your picture and you got paid to get that picture taken. You are work for hire picture picture. interesting stuff. It is interesting patriot patriotic. I've i'm seeing that podcast as we are also on a new podcast network shouted abridge podcast network. Hey look at you. What your timing gotta do it I'm seeing that. Podcast are half to expend extend past the audio format in order to be like uber successful or successful in any way very much Can't be it can't just be one thing right so to the point. Like what do i think about going onto to patron. Do we think about going on the patriot. Right man. yeah thought about. I thought about it speaking of demand. It's the best way you ever watched the real housewives up. Both of us have not been watching. But there's been an interesting discussion online so timelines blowing up right now because apparently porsche Stole her friends. Man and her friends man who snickers named simon apparently yes worth four million four forty african negative four. Four million is all four. Zero is a forty forty. He's really worth forty million. Forty days like executive producer or something the support. You got homegirl out the way you know her in us. I'm an alien love. So i'll even know how to happen. I guess the question we were were opposing is like what how How off limits are your friends. Xs or your friend's xs off limits. And if so for how long and to what extent some currently in a relationship you gotta put that out. Okay me too I feel like i feel. I feel like this is a good example. I'm the best man to a to a wedding right now. okay My man's used to take this girl girl beautiful bad back in the day. What he proposes his girl. I was like i could ask exile now and be like and tell them about it but i think about date has always been about communication and transparency. You can take the fuck you want to date back but are you bold enough. Are you really that boat enough and courage to like come to my face was like hey. I'm trying data if you can do that that's cool meaner enough but if you try to do all the slippery shot shit china. Be behind somebody back now. Do you. not showing respect to me or her. I think it depends on. What do we consider france too and it depends on the situation that that that original relationship was in right and there's brings a of friends close friends. Your man's young. Saying i think my inner circle Maybe about a solid five. I'd extended say like a salad ten. Okay shouldn't even be A conversation right outside of that. You don't even have to really say to me okay. True games the game. You know what i'm saying. I love love is love. Who am i to say like you know absent of me. This person can facts. you know. Move on somebody who have like a degree of separation between like i have the capacity to really give a fuck you but the my ten is like people who i would really consider to be backup in my bachelor party and or front row right. I mean like role. You know what i mean like to. What did you think i feel. I agree with matt and then at the same token like for a lot of my close friends are taste like dramatically different so that really hasn't happened But for me. I mean like you said if outside the the media circle like the games the game so What about your industry mates. So there's a lot of black. I'm trying. I'm trying not to touch this one but technically that happen should by grandma short. The girl that i'm dating now. Philo i'm not gonna name no name but fellow podcasters with dating a right before i came on but i'm doing who stuck around. That's what's up. But i guess where i'm going with that like around i. I'm not insecure. So if i have to interact with them and we have to do business with some sort of way trip and i don't know how he feels about it all even know if he knows what happened. I'm not tripping pushing tribune get girl but even if i was the first black men to black man like i'm sure at least for me i'm sure let it go and we can do something or i can help in some way. That's how i am not everybody's like that. I wish it could be somebody who barely dealt with and in this industry insecure niggers out here. Like is yeah. I mean i feel like should drake be dayton. Drake dayton kim kardashian man. Hey protocol protocol in pilot. So he's doing it. Yeah okay the other part of it is. Would we be surprised if jake drake didn't and i mean that's a great point assessment on this on the person surpri. I dunno surprises right. And then i judge drake and then within within that same scenario have you heard a story about like drake flu fiance a couple out and then smashed a fiancee soon thereafter. But you gotta check nick. Track workers drake has a track record of of getting off on like taking your joint. Light met legendary stories of like taking any girl going into vip an indication vip say so. That's i think that's gross negligence on the nigga who got left got cheating on. I think you've gotta know yet. You gotta know your landscaping no. I suppose i don't know maybe i'm going down the rabbit. I've been watching a lot of like black documentaries at the same time right. I feel like sometimes in certain relationships like life for example you there are. Somebody's about to propose somebody. I'm amazed about opposed to a woman but he hasn't gotten a real realistic sense or take a where the relationship is so he goes to propose and then short he says no. That makes sense because yeah. Yeah and that's what. I'm saying. Research so or a lot of times like they don't have a realistic sense of the relationship. That situation probably meant to happen like the do was probably fucking up some type of way. He thought he was about to marry shorty. Maybe they've been fiance's for too long and she will just fed up straight right and so if it was like industry france which really is is industry friends and like i know we all do different things. So it's kind of weird to put us in a category so because we're so generalists when it comes to creativity the creative industry out here like so many different things. Like i don't know i think just man man has to have a coat it has to delineate win. The one line is crossing when it's not and is is it worth it. If you're arcs out with somebody that you kind of know by association or your associated with like to a degree you know as i really that big of a deal in a grand scheme. That's situation like like we say it's a situational thing like i'm not about to find anybody over a girl. That's just not my thing but some fighting over girl before before. I thought yeah me. I'm romantic. There's been some cold world stuff but i've i've experienced victory. I've i've experienced els defeat his word that that's what makes us think we all have. I think we ought to have. Yeah anyway we got a big w coming up on money. Move of the week thirty days from now in washington. Dc in the street is open. Push a button. All the first order button was june. Eleventh the dc is wide open. Meaning you can go to the club with your face out the faith how. That's tongue everything. All that data start moisturised appeared a little. I'm away till july boy to delay. You really wait now. You're not going to. Because i haven't you wait till june eleventh all over within reason. Yeah you know. Soft launch may twenty-first. Right because i think they say restaurants and nightclubs will be fifty percent capacity on may twenty first. Are they really going to buy eleventh so ten days. Ten day countdown. Hello and then everything else is pretty much open except for like Concert venues but then on the eleventh. Everything's everything's open shukla. Rose bar ethically dropped a liar within seconds of announcement that and you gotta stay ready as any longstanding establishment. Sure shot's rose bar. I think that was that was perfect g type of move I'm saying it's especially since we lost so many restaurants spots in wake is it's good to know we've got rose still standing right. John walls were going to come from out of town to ask june eleven. The city is back open I don't know man. I'm i'm a little. Shell shocked to be honest with you. I don't know really know what the fuck to do. Yeah i don't know either man. I think i'm i don't know it's going to be a lot of traffic right right right. I wanna know like what's women's space on my end for this city after this you know pandemic what is the city gonna look like but as a sitting on feel like you know. I don't know. I think i've changed a little bit. I think we've all changed like i've mellowed out a little bit more so in some of the spots that i felt like i was going to gracefully fade out. Turn to my to the nightclub. Risotto soda or whatever the fuck fourteenth street yeah basement about that was about to be my little transition or whatever what i should have gone so the was gone go her. Marvin's why marvez. But they might come back. But i'm doing. I'm not a marvins tight nigga anymore. Marvin literally eight minutes. A lot of love like my. I feel like my my jersey deserves to be an apple. I are you going back. You going back to the lounge back to the lounge. Not a faithful patriot. You gotta you gotta go. You support it now. Am i going often. Nah then maybe two to three times the entire pandemic entire painting contractor type when they got big will ready. I mean we're awesome. I really going to go play. I thought it was a few spots. Ain't giving his dietary. Why don't do look see. I can say that apple is done with it. I pull up like nigga. Get you know good seats at the game. Koby recipes called member. Kobe come back after either tired and new up and she didn't go ahead. Do you think man you know. Drop forty on them niggers. I'm gonna be watching it family next to me. Shake them at the apple. Now's waimea appalachian saying we saw a need like a a big three. I need a big three join astra's soda closed up on you heard me. I was growing the sexy spot house ready to listen to something like dwelling and shit some. Bj chicago kid shit. Come on pause. I was ready for your grow music. That's what i associate with kangols. I wasn't that's the vibe. I thinking officially took my age. I i'm not saying. I think he's still forty sir. Got more gray hair than his beard than i earned the. Okay earned these. I got war stories. Nigga oh my god all right. We'll take a quick Musical break we'll come right back right now. We have a song by pearl And my man can so called moonlight with the song and we'll be right back at the break to finish up over the shoulder. We'll see piece yup making love blue flares to sunrise of mind their own year. Don't make love some knives joyrides summer breeze and joy thirty your eyes turn it in one nine one one some of these kids to me on one in how some trees in his car the women all right. Thank you for your pearl. Am i mad console for the moonlight traveling. Check that out. Check out to your per at also media sites taylor brown since you makes you listen to this song. Moonlight on all streaming services tear pearl was at a urban right. She was the first are bang. Tia per at the first fourth but season. Two premiere of bain. She was out her bank. Come back so good question. I would be s. b. Oh i don't know when. I when i feel inspired name when i feel financially inspiring i feel inspired by all in them to be inspired makes sense just moving. We've inspired not trying to like put all these things out. And it's all over the place when i feel inspire. Why put some out when i the order what it does. I'm happy with just building. The ship backup real talk. It was really good to see the episodes. Come out then. People were like repulsing them right like nice because you know we could do better social media content lebron saying that since we started speakeasy we ourselves just find us to what people do and just putting on cliffs up and they just show like exciting excited to be back in like welcomes back to the to the podcasting space. That was really excited. Practically precedents out to to put the on your page like yo when it's not gonna i like these be more junk one. Zero t s So but we back we back we back we back so you got any thoughts with tom. So timing today. So today's duffle question is today's tough question is about emotions. Do you do you allow yourself to feel them and die and do you allow yourself to feel them. I don forgot how well house. I did the first time i think that was it like. Do you have emotions. Do you have emotions. And ideally yourself to feel fill the i think the biggest trick that the patriarchy pooled on us was that somehow being emotional was like week or illogical right I am now that. I'm in my thirties. Tomtoms hitting towards your fifties now but not. I'm in my shirt. I have started to come up with like emotional clarity okay And this is like very thin. You remember this very recent will. Smith apologized jane. Hooper rank on the Fresh prince reunion reunion. Join and i remember watching the same. Just the two of them when they work on set and i was looking at thousand. Like wow what emotional control to both. Feel emotions to cry in front of this lady to be completely emotional but not reactive. Innocence of like anger so to answer your question. Tom time I am getting better at experiencing my emotions. I had a. I had my first client. Actually first client took his own life. Shit we'll stat as modified right. And i really sat on. Wake of bake would be motored tuesday after it happened. Not try to have a show. Couldn't get through cried. The whole motherfucker show it. Didn't it didn't help you know my mic. Stop working in the middle of the show. But regardless of that like i tried the whole show and then i was talking to the lady afterwards. I just had to let that shit out. Because i feel a certain way and i feel like repressing that repressed once and i put a hold on my wall that day you punched a hole in the wall. Yeah i haven't denison highschool bro and even know i was grieving innocence right but like such a small happened in my couch. Making my cows lake made a weird noise. I thought it was brought. I got up. I pushed the wall. And i looked to my hand and i was like damn. I think i might be saying like just like that boy. Still got exactly. Although i'm not. I'm not trying to invite waxed. I'm old in any way to to your point. Though tom tom do question. Yes gotcha got your term hard to follow that. I do experience emotions. And i think i've gotten to a place where i'm much better assessing them in in taking it all in honestly i think it's. It's a blessing to feel saying into feel. And if you have the ability. Or i believe i have the ability to be a little bit more fair in how us myself and reflect on things and experience hurt and allowed a really feel and try and cope with it in a healthy way. It really benefits me. i've taken up well before i even do the yoga. Yoga's been a big piece in terms of releasing meditation. Meditation across working out in general life for me assis- about expensing energy. That have bottled up in a lot. You know we don't like when i was just laying around on the couch shit gain weight and stuff like that like when you like pensive thinking about shit down on yourself and they should accumulates should manifest itself physically but even small things like if i'm really feeling emotionally get in a car and a night driving just driving five. Remember you saying you do that. Driving around four ninety five you know playing music that's going to help. Compliment have whatever emotion. I'm really trying to go through a in at least fail. I think that's out the nothing. Yeah like bima was saying like the. The point is to address it to address it in a way that's not gonna leave a lot of debris either. I'm not gonna take those emotions in trying cope with them on social platforms broadcast that were on or take them out on some before i was doing therapy up until like the pandemic started and then it just didn't feel like paying money to facetime nigger i feel even though it wasn't you know i should probably go back but The you know the things that i was able to work through before i stopped going to therapy. I really benefited me. And thank god. I was able to work through them before the pandemic seven. So it's been a number of things that have aided but yeah. I do feel motion. And i do acknowledge it but i think it's a blessing the good in the bed so i'm gonna be i'm gonna be vulnerable with for a moment right so i've actually been thinking about going therapy recently I feel like. I have a good handle on my emotions like for most of my life. I've allowed myself. I've allowed myself to feel them I joke around and say that. I was a crybaby as a kid right but as i've gotten older it's allowed me to be able to identify like yo matt when this happened. It made me angry or when this happened to me. I experienced loss. I was sad about it. You know what i'm saying. So it's a it's been it's allowed me to be able to identify and a deal with certain things as opposed to just like suppress For me i would say that. Yes i i can identify the motions. And i i definitely allow myself to feel them. Like five lost something near and dear to me. I'll take time to be saidan try. I'll try my best not to dwell in it. And then you know if i'm feeling like i have to talk about it. I have my mechanisms or have my people that i talked to so like. You know one mechanism is you know. If i'm in my head too much. I go for a walk. And then i've explained to my mom and my girlfriend like you know when i come back asked me what's going on right. I love the walk. The walk as big. He was just too. I think any way that the way that you can work things out with yourself in a way. That's not gonna cause a blow ups right in there going to regret and to expense physical energy. That's right it's always gonna be another one of my favorite mechanisms is also I guess this is My my personal way of defeating like the angry black man thing So a lot of times. I say like when i'm really upset and i wanna curse somebody out. I just start talking really proper An example of that is like a long time was going to quit a job and my manager frustrated me like she told me do some and then stood in the way of it and instead of me saying like the fuck out the way at work i just was like. You're impeding progress. And i you have to deliver it a certain type of way and is when you deliver it and they'll fuck. Did you just say to me is more like okay. You're processing it. I cannot walk away. So i mean that those are two of my movement that is an improvement. Then those are two of my mechanisms to get the fuck out of my way. I choose violence so we we discussed that. You're left jab may be a little slowing physical. Fill your physical might give up on yourself. That's why have to come up with these crawfish shit. I dare one athlete. But i'm not sure i'm that type of athletes since november. I don't know if i could say the same not athlete. Professional wrestling is new workouts. That we do every time i'm like. Oh shit woman who's like three months four months pregnant jail killing shit like i'm like. Oh you struggling showed you had to give me a pep talk once. These people have been doing this show for like years article fair enough for show. The pregnant shortly gave you the pep talk nine. And i was another show. He was also like well versed in fire. They all been on. Let's get to the tools of the trade tools of the trade are your physical non physical aesthetic. Whatever tools whatever resource that you need to get through the week Like to give our tools of the trade to close the show. Follow by our social. Media's i'll go first my tools of the trade. this week is clarity. I love to provide clarity. Like i love to provide good information. Good advice i feel. Like clarity is a is an of constant communication transparent communication and oftentimes. We're walking around with assumptions of what people were thinking or how people were thinking. When simply simple questions for clarification could take you a long way to to reaching in completing a goal tool to trade and you can always find me. It'd be more brown at imo brown or be more authentic dot com. Make sure you check out who he can be. We be role. Yeah every tuesday and thursday on instagram live soon to be twitch trillo or whatever snow hill yes. My tool of the trade would be very similar to be most We're a physical sense deep. Clean your house. Clean your personal space Spent the past two weeks. Deep cleaning the house i'm saying like wet vac and scrubbing floors old mopping all types of shit clinically gave gave gave stuff way to goodwill spring cleaning dumped. Took some shit to the dump dismay legal dumping and a few mall It'll be okay karate trash facilities. yeah allegedly let. He should've gone. But isn't it really like you is the little things especially being coming out of this pandemic or this quarantine period that we've been whereas like you're in the same space all the time way more than used to you get used to it to a certain degree and you know you might be a clean person. You might clean your house. But there's like little stuff and i think it's important you know now's the time of the year to really do that. Deep cleaning your personal space. And i think it could manifest itself in other ways in your life afterwards. You know so yeah deep. Clean your shit social at backpack matt on twitter at mr backpack on instagram year. So this is thomas Comments the great. Rg tommy underscore pickles. Koz on twitter. My tulips trade would be music I think I would say music in different forms in different ways has got me through the pandemic. Sometimes it's a jazz playlist. Sometimes it's sleepy. Music won't go to sleep other times is i don't know ricky roseanne the middle afternoon. I'm at work or something like that. Need to ross. So that'll be my food trade music. All right y'all well You can always follow finest that ots pot on all social media networks. We are going to be posted on social media. I promise you it is coming will make sure you're put some clips shadow out sentences people in tax people about us. The brothers is back all right. Thanks for the job. Bring y'all ass back here next week. Same time 'cause we can be dropping some more gyms on over the shoulder. We know where you're standing. We do got the data. We got the data stats. Now was the our next week vs these species.

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