He order breakfast at mcdonald's drive-thru tell yourself you'll wait to eat it at work. But it's most way too good so you eat it right there in mcdonald's parking lot neil. There's a meal for every morning at mcdonald's right now get any size. Iced coffee for ninety nine cents until eleven. Am and pair it with your favorite breakfast sandwich or one of our tasty bakery treats price and participation may vary about by the donald's i'm loving. It thought that was a witch. But apparently not i said wishes crossovers grow value. Welcome to the server body here on. The bucs got presentation with castle. Pennells no magic yes. That's why i went last. Oh people how y'all do was going on by. At least in fact you don't even worse look smarter about that fellow. Everybody case you'd recognized top porco critiques tonight. Over here is martin. Thomas and what's people already started about cord. The scientists have talked about the movies. Now i'm a man of science. I think that guy's right. We'll make some rain lilies wearing glasses. I mean come on in front. Of course he's smart people by reviews going to be a whole lot more smarter since i got these lands on my reviews will be looking at you. Do have that look like like denzel. Washington's malcolm x. We watch that earlier today. That's a great movie is it really. Is that has spikes masterpiece. It debt is his magnum opus. Right there so far. That movies brilliant. It is just looking at this little details. And i was like fuck. You really put it all out there with this. One is tight. He should did manny. that's i just got to thinking. should just let me bowtie. But these lessons. I walk around with a rifle but would iago negro kent man. Come on spin or clark at all plus. Billy already said that. That's even better. Yeah you go look man. It black is was going on. Everybody look people here already. There they go. Somebody walked wold blessed car on the wrong show. I should take a sharpie. Just drug cuban surprise. You have on the day i was supposed to In in juicy. Forgot about this. But i was supposed to for him. Draw moustache myself because he was doing the whole. He's doing it. The mel gibson. Oh right right right. It's growing the mel gibson. Feathered quaffed mullet and. He got mad at me. Because i still don't wanna be. Yeah toss oh. Yeah you gotta do is just grow out your mustache. A little grey five o'clock shadow. Well you know. I told him i said man. Let me just tell you what. Let's let's see how the sharp looks so we don't have to really commit to just yet does yet. Because i said i've worked up. He's going to work months on his and us wanna go go home a no man. You should grow out the mustache. Have some of that grace. Double and even shave your head into a widow's peak should does he always said i think he i think he hit. This was twenty. We're talking about your boy. And we're talking about a danny glover. Danny blubbery never had a straight headline even back in the color purple. That's what i'm saying man. Why he's another dude. Never been young. Lot of dues. Out the mignon. Danny glover's one of them. Danny glover back. When he had hair he had hair. Just never was here. Because i thought that he was like should i thought he was like sixty something when he was in lethal weapon. Talk about how he was too old. And i can see now right. He's thirty one is he. I don't know be hard to tell you. See a younger pitcher who him down near wearing a tux and he still has his hairline. Way back down the corner. Dan left corner. Okay left hand corner de you're on the right correct road. The there is the town they never had. He never had a full hairline. Never had a full airline. He had that tip. Probably never and you know what's funny. That's prompt picture these eighteen years. Yeah man. I don't know. I'll see him because look if i do it i. I don't know how long it takes me grow mustaches. Wmal not gonna take as long as it takes him to grow up. That monk mustache should take you no more than three weeks. A month tops. So maybe maybe. I'll get started in there. They go willingly lovers. S tie i brown. You can't be wearing brown no no. That's that's on brown. Yeah he got mad but he must be really was bugging. Gibson may millions of buckingham because somebody asked him one time they would do talk to him about the whole thing when he mail gibson was using a pack of you know. Yeah and somebody's. I'm dave coolest asking how you how you feel about this situation. Since she was so close to him and he took dish personal. What you're trying to do. You try to give me to say some taco bell mill gibbs not going to do it s all in woman woman to tell you to talk about him. I just want you whether you like him and she got offended like he like. He went on the real defensive where she's like okay. I'm not asking anymore. i'm done you know. See what you do turn me gets man. H how do we free insists simple. All right said fuck shit to the bills. Goose gimme works. He was this close to. I know i know. I know i know i saw it. I saw it so you remember that. Yeah yeah yeah. I do i do i do and you know i i wonder about it. I wonder Has this been tried many times. And he sidestepped and this was the one where he was like. No god dammit. He knows mel gibson really is crazy. Yeah it kill me. United friends a longtime thirty. Yeah so say you got blackout drunk and you set a bunch of shit that would normally get you cancelled or does and people came to me and like so. What's what your friend i really. He's not like this all the time. I know y'all don't believe it but that was. He has an issue with alcohol and anger. But other than that. He's he's the swedish guy you could ever meet and people look at me. You fucking sell out. Just protect your friends but you ride a di no matter what you just a big a piece of shit as he. Yeah that's why. I always had my answer yet. Marmon fucking become you can do. I can't do it. I mean it was come out sooner or later anyway. Let's talk about me know man. It's a hard thing i know. I know you gotta be very diplomatic but but you can still answer you answer without being like i see what you're doing now ocean we're gonna be talking about. He could just simply said. Listen if you normally. I knew you knew that. That's not him all the time that that would be the best thing and you say he does he remember about it but that's not him all the time and i'm sorry that you had to see that side of him while human beings we all say things like that to date things come out. I mean internet ray his crazy. That's good yeah. I i know how to ask you. Could you could the moment but the internet ago Sounds like you just covering for him. You just as bad. And that's what you see. You see this sell negro right here and see and then as you come fuck. Now you've got a nurse get you try to be nice. We wanna keep talking about this. What you look at man. I know has been issued. How you need to work for that country singer o people. Yeah we're gonna get into what we talking about tonight salon in trouble. I gotta even have that and it's funny. I didn't know anything about it. And my good friend james night. Call me to want to talk about it just right before the show of course and actually that was nice. You know what from man save the. I wanna hear what is going on with that. Hey everybody how you now. You're doing a day. Wow these lasts rethought people of you know what introducing chen in a big way in a proper way. So i gotta say somebody says somebody came in and just say got damn norbreck come on. Y'all damn iraj is one thing. But i knew was good. I knew i knew with was not. That's not even both anger. Oh that's right new beau fake. I knew i knew it was going to be. And i said if i don't see both going to be disappointed. No it damn. And i'll take both kit. Yeah it wasn't bo. Ping ping who was the market was the steve martin. Kid keep calling him in fact because that's what people say because people look at it they look at. You like look like both hanging looking at both. Frank is such a great name. Yeah yeah man. i'm cory. I'm a black nurse already. Been copyrighted yep. Black nurse already copyrighted. Clark coleman look at that on the black superman when i do this by tobacco. Sorry so yeah folks. You know what i started getting tonight without knowing i have my glasses on. I've been wearing night while i drive. Mostly because my wife brought up. And i was like man you know what about them. Use sure pay enough money for him. Yeah so at night. When i'm driving. Put him on. Just because a smith money form. I don't use my whole life. So i came here tonight and forgot to take them off because martin make fun of me last night and decided more for a little while just introduction. The show one's gonna take him off tonight. I forgot i had a mom. So you don't believe me how well fuck you too meet anybody there. They go somebody somebody by say you know you see. You know who did yeah. We won't talk about that. We talk about that folks guessing some things to talk to you about actually some things that might be changing around here but as i say let's go ahead and welcome. Who make this show peabody. Get on my nerves with the people who make no actually keep me kind keeping supported the peace of the double edged so it is but the people who make this show. What is of course. I'm talking about the one. The only give them a huge round of applause. The check pam starring the. Og chad in themselves bitches over there let me see here. We got color simply called color. That's a new person. All right you know how this new person. 'cause i can say the name easily true. It's not it's unattached emotion. Yeah race in collins like nine zero l. I'm like that Let's see here. Austin is here are the strange. What is this cares. Cosmic cosmic cavs make the funny thing about these glasses that they don't work close up. Yeah yeah so. I have to take them off because i can't i can see better over here. That's the thing. Because i thought all right. Well i got new glasses me my wearing on the show and i'll help and i was like yeah. This is not helping see better. No no people now that mob shit like this radius where the monitor is and where you are. That's sort of my sweet spot. So i can see everything perfectly better without him but i take them owner. Read you guys names over here. So we got brandon. Weirdo is crusader. Go crew said blaze up in here danny. At santos some new people up here. Joe salon the retro couple. How you doing up here. Angry asian of course an ace rocked by the rock. Don't stop elisa's up in here. Oh guppy kills thank you for the subscription right. There look at them to check. My glasses bypasses help me. Man i gotta find out what the new thing That a christian harlem was talking about could take calls from people. Oh stereo. Stead stereo upstate. Jesus that was easy. She's going to hear it. Yeah people Somebody said what's up hamas. Let's let me be frank. You frank last night let me see. Oh who who was that man in his chair. I'm backyard so we're going to let you know what is happening with. The show was going to be on the show today. As soon as y'all well you know what you gotta do. Close down almost there. I don't wanna start talking and all of a sudden y'all interrupt run a train through my compensation announcements. So if y'all are actually able it came school goo goo. You've done it again. He rode hog. Magoo should be run a straight in the trains. Yes what i said. Man good was the best. I love except for having the asian houseboy. That's right that's right. you should of did. Why couldn't see. Yeah penises here grab it for me and before about. The box had a warning like air. Some grateful stereotypes. But i was like. Oh come on watching. The i was like oh were still type was high on the board. The high up y'all doing today. Hi boston yeah. People all look a doll studio again to talk to in. The house wilma people. We have a foolish. We would bill the show we have you. What are you talking about a movie review for what is a historic history making studio ghibli bleacher air wing in the witch also coming to america to came. Even though we talked about the first trailer even moves right around the corner. He's got to say about the second trailer. Radiate tough to come over also get a lot of emails from people in the chat. Tomba this boy little lose advert bohannon yes. I had people convert little uzi. Burt okay yeah you should know his name. Damn fool that he's done to. Oh people also that contra singer which would be. No new country said the n. words next kgo go felix. Look there's betty. Betty wilma rub money. Now you gotta get down knees. Dan bought editing long. Did not take long. Start putting this. I mean good are to start putting that the taller evil chicken luxury look at this. Not that i don't appreciate is that in the house. She shows up in the game. I wish said i wish he did. She did doing this sooner gay late there. That's that's span. Art right there are should me. That's ahmad. maybe that's the last part of the game that's the boss level rate. It's hard to beat her. Just went hand because you beat people on the go married them. Anthony maggie go through tatro own. Go on animated buzi up in here. What is that from. I don't know. I have no idea but like it on that dog with the worms worms. His as you're gonna take him to the vet way. I let me just film some more on that cat. Now you go yeah kevin. I'm here should feel me when cat when that cat and him pokemon titties come through his time. Oh jeez what do red red is higher all right. I'll put everything as rats catch dude brats rest. Oh there's denzel right. That's lucy burt right there. Little lucy vert a people. What what that boy due to his head coming. Get this spider off this truck. I keep telling you. Even though he's fucking look at it got it. Got it right so in case you couldn't hear all over all that highness that we just hit you with today's full show. That's why start a little bit late today. Because i got hit with a couple of things that i did not know. We're talking about to somebody. Just send it my way right when i was ready to go. Well we're gonna have of course a movie review today going to be talking about a studio studio ghibli movie a history-making studio ghibli movie. Is that a good thing. A bad thing because some people are saying limit both which side we fall on as we talk about your wig in the witch. Let me talking about the trailer trailer to for coming to america. Almost watch that today with. Don't mar- you can watch. It would not want it with you of i you to watch it again with me more. I can watch it again with you. People you get my repeated viewing opinion on this and you get martin fresh opinion. Get a natural fresh reaction from him. Step my old stale ass reaction here. Also let's see we got boy you write about their must see john david washington over the bar thing. Like hell yeah. Use me. Every time i get a new drink that's it. Thank you let me tell. Lucy burt in his head. What he did is head in that country singer. what's his knee back on. His name oregon. Yeah i mean not that. We were member for log for the for the little time. It's going to be for the next few hours eight. He has left. His korean are does he. We not things people. We're talking about a wall. A mortgage wallin. Morgan wanted talk about him off. You haven't heard them before you probably damn ship them now and went out trump tearing it up and dominating the news if you fuck up now even a minor. Fuck up is everywhere. Yeah y'all my one of my one calm down a little now. The heat is trump. everybody's is exposed every little thing. This dude he does need look before you do some stupid just going to house and lock the door cut off all the lights and said i'm only repeat this shit when we get to the actual segment. Because i need. I need to because everybody because the way this well. We'll talk. We'll talk about the way went down there. Were just like damn. Y'all got him like that. I know like i quick myself. I'm going crazy right now. So much stuff going on y'all. I'm ready to dry things happening here. So i'll tell ya see here. Somebody's are you fucking kidding me. I i'm not going off. Nobody's somebody i'd rather have. Oh oh no you exactly right. Somebody say i'd rather have a boring president than a crazy ass president. Yeah i'm not complaining. Yeah y'all forgot how. How cool boring was no boring. Be whatever that's why they vote abide and they say all do trump only two years younger. Yes crazy that full membership and if he should have never been anywhere near the white house. Yeah well getting enough crazy. People voted for him should did and still out there yet. Still out there. Aren't there barking. How come i. I was reading a whole big thing about clarence thomas his wife. Oh she's dead bitches insane yes even when she was around she looks oh. I read a comment. That had me laughing so bad because they got clarence. Thomas look down all the time all the time man always looking like a black droopy. I wish i could find somebody. Put a comment on this picture. Because i saw this picture on in basel one day in the cause. Of course clarence. Thomas is probably the one them was infamous uncle. Toms we have right now. Yes city his name is thomas and his name. Is tom slept. Take off that asset. Yeah man me. See here clarence thomas bitches and his wife is insane to put clearance bitch tom. Yeah the whole stuff. She's been spouting on their newsletter and now the everything is settled in the insurrection at the capitol. I just want to apologize and hope that that people haven't been too offended by all my pro-trump words and and that we can heal and you'll have mercy and forgiveness for the rest of us know Funny i wonder if you would have been the same way. They had things gone a different way. They got oh. I'm on void political. Just praying unease off. The everyone will see that the election was stolen. Fuck fuck her and fucking in fucking to man. I'm gonna get blue. But these motherfuckers out here but i don't believe that white privilege exists. They just let it go to mexico. Who who's who is charged. They'd let a flight risk. They let this bitch go to mexico talking about i have a. I have a business trip. It's a it's a an employee. Gets even johnson employee getaway or something. Yeah employees meet-and-greet. Yeah it's funny. How people can can suddenly act like will. Business is a perfectly good reason to circumvent the law yet. Yeah no beating and let her go. I don't wanna hear this shit. That ain't no double standards out there. They like okay. What i even without even thinking like she might not even come back. Sure and i know will stay in mexico that long i tell you that right now so man that's what they probably saw. She'll be back. I thought about that. That afla wins a kid when he him his mom dressed in disguise and to go to mexico they should just left there to see how long it would be before they came back crying. They should've they should've feed it. Like immigrants them. Stay there But there's chick man she got she. Let me look at this since. I'm talking about already. Put this on youtube. There's this chick here by putting riots go to mexico battle. Come up Okay maybe they said in the washington post. She has not been granted permission to go. But this eight hours ago but they see yet so maybe that got wrong. Maybe i was wrong. But i read earlier that she that she had been granted permission. Because i've been keeping up with this. I said i'll following this this ship to see if they let her go. Yeah i i gotta go to jail but can i go on my mexico trip. I yeah to mexico Maybe the place where people talk about when they say i'm fleeing the law. Let me go to mexico. They legally gave her a pass to flee if she wanted to. Because now you gotta have passports boys and said you just can't run to mexico like you used to see at the border. Now they say that. Yeah okay look i. I got passports specifically specifically to go to mexico when i was in california and then got over their head it ready to go. It was nobody. Attach know there. There was nobody landing the checkpoint over the bridge and went on in the okay. Yeah it's the woman involved in. The capital riot has not been granted permission to vacation in mexico yet. Hopefully that will not happen if there's news story or if this is picking up in the news with the chick's name is the fuck her name for storm. Us capitol alongside other quarters. What do you that Second sin a second row. Jimmy car jimmy could. Oh okay. we'll tell. Genie could not go to these. This is stupid man. 'cause i read early and people were hot over this way and so i guess the story got out wrong but you can't fucking let her. What kind of message are you sending. We'll plus an employee retreat. What companies still employing her after this. Yeah she lied. Retreat retreat from a. But i think she's she's self employed. Maybe not employees retreat. Was once you create a already told me why. Pay myself i. She does the company. I employ myself as a tax shelter. And i can't do that either. yeah she does. The business in the midst know what we all need to retrieve mexico. We did get away from all this craziness that people have started the fuck. No hell no. What kind of what kind of message are you sending these people. That's fucked in the first place. Now because because they knew that they've been able to do shit and have no repercussion. If we do this. Nobody's gonna do. Nobody's gonna do anything. Yes she owes the company. I can t she planned that fucking retreat right out and ran the next day right after she saw after you saw the news calling them insurrectionist f. You see people talking about fbi searching for a retreat. Yeah they mexico. Sound nice donor hunting. I need you to pack all my stuff. Just just pack a bag. The fucking what you absolutely have to have for the next eight to nine months retreat from justice. What you fucking doing get outta here man and none of these people need to be let go. There was only one time with somebody call racism as well. That actually makes sense what they do because it was. It was a whole article. Look i could be wrong. I'm just. I'm just telling my thanking here. They said you see you. See the double set. We know there's a double standard but somebody said you see racism right here you see. They let the notebook woman as a woman who broken blows that no book signature to russia right. We're talking about communism marxism and yet you stole that shit to get my secrets to russia dumb bitch. But they said you look look and see they. They let her out on bill. But this black guy right here. They kept as in. You see how that works. And then as i read later said see this black guy who they say is homeless and crazy like well. He he kinda where he's better off. I mean homeless ankarlo. They all crazy but they say they straight up saying that. now he's he's ill He and he's got nowhere to go. And i'm like well of course it could book deal. Where's he going to do like mandalay to me. I'm not trying to argue with the devastated. Still exist but let's not use this example. You'll see him in the crowd to because he looked crazy. 'cause there's a sea of white peop- is a white people who just looking at all right like your eyes are drawn to him a fucking crazy dude. Yeah man so. I thought maybe there was the case but turns out. Looks like they did not let her go. We'll see what happens tomorrow. Yeah def all right. I will let you go this one time but make sure you come back on a system right with anybody be surprised. That's the thing. yeah she. Yeah there's a lot of people asking for knows as one do have another dude. Who was in the insurrection in a riot. As goddamn mob insurrection. They they Had one dude. He's he's he's the baggy said. Well i wrote a note and said i'm sorry. Can you just let me do community service. The the sad thing about is that where in any other situation you'd be you laugh your ass off you. you hear. you're like fuck. They might let them. Yeah yeah man Like in any way we hit it talk about which is african princes in rappers with bugging bangs embedded in there for people. Get to that salinas. Not the big story anymore. What mr years me and say did you see. Let me put this here so you can see this cord. Did you see that. They put out an amber alert for chuck. Chuck the okay. So here's the thing. Here's here's what it is and it might have been in texas where they started dallas but they want to test the system and so they put up a us a fake photo for test the system and they use the chucky. they might use to pitchers. Two different pitches a chucky and it wouldn't supposed to go out it was just something they would test them. Within insular put ambler wouldn't twenty eight year. Old child occurs doll. Who's holding a weapon in wearing overalls at a striped shirt. Look at chuckie age. Twenty eight years old race. Other doll is blue hair. Red auburn wait. Sixteen pilots height. Three one gender male. Yeah chucky has been making the news lately in so many places. So i thought people it's time for a comeback. So what happened back. Maybe this is all those all like marketing promoting a series tampa chuckle series coming out. Oh that's right. Yeah as a chucky show coming out so maybe this show. I conducted amber alert. Listen to this shit. amber learn. Sit texans last week warned. That a child had been abducted by chucky a twenty year old male with red and blue who stick his three inches tall is race was given as other doll alert which was set by mail. On friday warned of a sixteen pounds suspect wearing a blue denim over hussein wielding a huge kitchen knife and included an image of chucky. The killer doll introduced one thousand nine hundred eighty s slasher film child's play. But maybe man some gotta be going on. It'd been making news lately because there was just we monday. We did a story about chucky. Really yeah chucky. He's been around the circuit from new york came down to texas and got an ambulance driver. Because what did he kidnapped. Child was easily see. That's what i thought. I thought somebody saw chuck in the backseat. Thought he was the kid. I thought to but look at it that it looks like they listed him as the suspect. Yeah thought so. who was. It was the chucky kidnap all personal kidnap. Another child kidnapping child childlike. He wants us to amber alert because he did he. Since gazelles this'll be a great story of another chucky movie. Like he kidnaps the child that he wants to put his soul into. Oh yeah road trip. He tried to cross cadillac like the hero. The movies amber yellow find his ear. It's funny how lately chuck is looking more and more like nicholas cage. Yeah man but the memes. I'll put but ryan while doesn't put up their house. Place it was about to kill chucky about killed sookie but let me show you what happened on monday. Man so we just got through talking about chucky man. As you say chucky meghan rounds did i hear it is there. It is right here man. Yeah chucky chuck. Chuck is back jokes. The muck let's get some passengers on a new york. Subway got a scare from chucky. You know look the way. She likes from from chucky. Can you believe this chucky to you sometimes reported. They just are stupid the city. Why you the desmond. I'm not gonna read this straight. Recognize the new york. Subway got a scare from chucky doll from the horror. Movie child's play so for some reason. Our lawyers asked that we put up this graphic warning. Yeah for some reason a dumb ass lawyers who don't get the joke. Understand that chuck. He's not real still better. Be safe than sorry right. Warning weather content fucking do dressed up like a in possessed doll attacks. People of a subway train disturbing. Okay so the video rest is chucky harassing passenger room of women. Her is her yelling at the person to get off a chair as chuckie grabs her leg even took her purse at one. Well nobody that fucking nobody. I'm surprised they don't have is on there. Just looking straight ahead. That's new york dumont. Do you sit hat. Happy's negro saying shit ain't doing nothing. I gotta get home and other habits food is going to be good for the this ticket. Talkradio and other. And then there's another group of life upscaling mama so you never know man took it might be real. I guess we all found out later that it was a prank. A newark filmmaker staged the scene. Even the woman who appear to be attacked was in the of course she was on could but the sad thing is she was in on it but the other people were did absolutely. Nothing they ain't fucking with chucky. Yeah he might kill me. You might find out. Why messing with chugging all this stuff has to be leading up to something man. I sound like a conspiracy theory. But there's a chucky show on the way so the whole thing with the amber alert. I was like all right. I've seen people make those kinds of mistakes but this here doing this also that does make me think something's coming. Yeah it's putting chuckling back in the consciousness just like when clown start appearing right before it right before it got released. Come on just mysteriously thirds. Yeah yeah people. it's like. Yeah we know. People used to be scattered clouds but then been around for a while. Let's get back out there. Should we haven't made any money yet. People there is a chucky. Show coming up this has to be. This has to be part of the plan right here. Let me see yeah here. It is let me see hold on. Don't look people. I'm not a conspiracy theories but just it's too much of a coincidence. Sound like more. Like a penny wash it. Does chucky never handled circus music. A new original series. Okay no new fine original stem stadiums. Legs shit laugh. You're next so why. I'm thinking you know twenty twenty one. We're here now so fucking chucky sightings coming up hard to believe at twenty twenty one. Yeah yeah you feel better. I mean some way. Someone i do i feel somewhat oh martin before the show i said hey mark i'm gonna get up and get a little something. Do you wanna thank you. Give me what you did. And i went by. Thank him when i got monitoring the a little something i was like pre mixed the wadden cool. No i wouldn't say yourself that decision. What you like. I want to tell you what to drink cheers. Yeah the people this is a. I just put a splash of water in. It is mainly tequila. You can pour some if you don i got you. I'm here for manno okay. Don't do this shit. You figure out how to keep it from updating. I did not damn. I mean it's just happened last night. Somebody sent me an email telling me how to cut this computer off from updating. I believe me i stupid. I've done everything i even done. Some deep dives. I'd like i'd to go in and put in code and stuff and it's still not doing anybody out there knows no you gotta do is just by amac instead. This has been so nice magazine so cool thing is probably would be cool but a you can't game on a mac. Yeah no i. I work on both and for certain things. I prefer the mac and more things prefer the. Pc yeah i i love them both man. I gained so much now on my pc gaming laptops and game on them all the time. And i do certain things like streaming and stumbling that i would not get a mac for streaming at this moment i would. I will always get a pc for any kind of thing but all my other work endeavors. The mac is the thing that really does okay. Like working working with aftereffects in premier machias. Better yeah yeah like. I say i just got another gaming laptop man. I'm loving it. I'm playing please some big games in in the bed and night so it's fine wife must she's she's she told me she's like she said what you cuss me. Out mandela junior nego. Get your shit together. I'll try in london one day. I'm gonna find your. Is that where he is taught to. My cousin to the other day did you. Yeah yeah you still crazy after. All these years is is. His irish wife was there. She's a she's so sweet to modern together. I did have a great christmas with them. man. I had a wonderful christmas with them one year. I mean with because really it was just a night where everything was just right. He wasn't acting a fool that's good hit the his his wife was there. She's so nice. And we log in drunk. It was christmas time. We talking crazy in yes. She remembered that in the and she even told me i was drunk that night. I must have been. I must have been just saying it was on my mind. Cause she she she told me like. Oh corey you. You told me not to wear the the the the black nickel is like what like what what i say she. You told me that. I i did need to where all the black makeup around my eyes that night. You said my eyes were gorgeous as they are and if it since that day i didn't wear them anymore. 'cause like i ain't even send us it's like oh great. Okay look like no. She's not she's actually She's actually very nice woman. I can't do an irish accent. But she does always say my name like an irish person corey. You told me about my office. She's nice a love. That woman man. So i'm thinking about going back. 'cause they will they were both like yeah. 'cause he's like you you don't know you always makes it seem like a pain when they're like. I love you minimum but it come see me like you wonder why because man which do know they've already had their. They had a big blow out in africa. Oh my god. That's a movie. i'm not even going to the store. But they had a huge fight in africa. That's all i'll say. I see them fighting. Machetes and spears to challenge. Kill hard to tell all on those. I've heard from both on a huge argument in africa. And all i'll say ma'am it's a nod. They don't need to be keen to stop it. I'd be both off the waterfall. Yeah yeah my brother rolled. My cousin was already dead. My my brother rolled in. I think my cousin was out. My brother was already there my cousin role. Yeah your brother's wife is from there. Yeah yeah bob way. Yeah and he and my cousin rolled in about today is day wanted. Oh b b. Yeah it was crazy stories crazy too as you would expect it to be people. Some people say man sound like a the the what is it. The the rumble in the jungle. Yeah yep dot com alongside classic black tea with the white logo also. We've got new designs on their mr toaster at their own. He any cou so people. We got the colorful logo at the neon logo. Classic designs coming back on jayjay along with cosmic. Also we like to drink here so of course. We're gonna take care of our drink and toast. Is that pined last. Cousy look can have y'all as a customer if you're dead so makes it harder makes it hard to get a mask and protect yourself right there. Dt merch dot com. Also folks. you know since. I'm begging right now. 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And let us know your plans for austin whether you are moving here a dissenting pass and we would love to one day. Hang out safely with. We go folks. Let me see here right about. We're back into this review right here and before we do. Oh just won't let you guys know that we still have to let me see here. We still have to get stops for that bad movie. Poll and let me see. If i can find it here so you know we just did a bad movie review last night. We did it for torque. Hey a lot of fun talking about that. I like that movie. Yeah that's the thing. That's why i was like it's hard for me to even get mad at. His talk was only met at stupidest dumb but nobody nobody. That's not a fun time. Liked it as you lied a lot. So folks let's go ahead and get into this poll right here. You know we tell you about this last night. When we have bad reviews we let you guys. Vote on net and let me see here. We have a new crop of movies to vote on. If you here last night you saw them spice world half past dead rollerball in boat trip off them have their own okay. Somebody's not like any of those mistakes. All of them have something special about them. They're making the terrible movies that they are but only one can be reviewed for the next movie review. Somebody said i would die. Happy person if you just talked about spice world that all depends on you guys like come on. Y'all the boat trip is the one so you guys came in. And you gave us some subs tonight. Let me see where we are where we now well right. Now i'll tell you Because the sub kind of fluctuates okay. So we see here. So i think we need about eleven more. I did the count. We need about eleven more subs where eighteen eighty one and went down from yesterday but mao took into account how much it went down. So we need about living more sub. You get a lot more jobs than we are good to go in and take the poll if we get more subs before the show is over will take the poll at least for the twitch channel before we in the show. We'll do it right here. And then we can see possibly with things leaning and when i asked for that. Turn it down to now. It's gonna start. Let me see here. Get people there. We go eric j desires. Thank you eric. All right so there. It is there. We go folks. Eric j desires thank you so much erik. J designs really appreciate that man so there we go folks remind me to take the poll middle of the show one way to the end. We'll wait till the middle of the show to do that. And we'll see which way things lead all right. Let's see here where we are also going into the review the review. Sure all right. That's why we're here. Why we are here. I want one on one again. Think eric designs for that. I want to thank all of you out there for everything that you do appreciate we gotta get started. Let's start show punk s around this time. He's good now we've got to. He's we're about to sir we're about to you're you're exactly right. That's exactly what we're going to do. So go ahead and get into it. He says oh want you get some sleep crazy. Well that explains it. That explains he's very cranky. So let's go ahead and get this show on. I completely understand where you're coming from sir. So studio ghibli you know the name. Especially if he love a mason specially. We love anime out there. But the names ghibli that holds wholesome importance on his own studio. They say does not fail. They do even their most mediocre thing is much better than the rest of the stuff out there. Is that what they say. That's what they say. Oh that's what they said. Okay okay studio ghibli but the thing is they the i would say that one of the reasons for this success they they do great with a combination of two things at their little girls and crazy shit now anywhere else that combination. That'd be a bad thing or that'd be something you cancel megajoule put in jail anywhere else but studio ghibli. No they have what they acute creature in there. Yes sometimes a weird creature. Yeah but no reason why. I'll works because you know they. It's a form that really does work for them. Man telling fantastical stories from from a child's perspective but also a child's perspective with this fantastic. That's still appeals to adults. Very much so. Can you tell you how many adults would cut on studio ghibli movie where i can't tell me. I know we have my wife. She loves these core discovering them right now and it's almost like looking at child. Yeah discover these. He's like how come i ever heard these before. I know you're always putting down cartoon. No no no. I was thinking. Is that nerd stuff out there but so many people discovering right now with studio ghibli in heaven there. I don't know if it's all of it but the majority of the library on. Hbo mex is it. I was trying to figure out was an hbo. Max disney plus. Oh wait a minute. Because i thought disney had it but then this is max. Hbo mex- okay. Well it's out there. It's out there and a lot of people. These these movies had been out for a while. That's the classics but some people are discovering them for the first time right now. That is why we're gonna be talking about the latest one which is history in the making at least with the studio right here. Ear wig and the witch now a lot of people don't look at this and they're gonna know is something different about this and we'll talk about that in a little bit. Let's talk about the story. They'll real quick. It's a form of does work this whole thing with little girls and the magic in the fantastic and the magistrate creatures and stuff like that. You know it's something that's worked for them for longtime so why would it stop working now especially when you have a story with a little girl who literally wants to do magic. She wants to be. She wants to be a witch orphan. Girl flu orphan girl. You know. she's learning match. at least that's what she wants to do. That's what she's hoping for when she's adopted by a couple That no responsible adoption agency giving the kid at all. Talk when you got that one kid. Who's just never getting adopted. You get desperate you like. You looked over at her. She's yours now. Sorry no backs no. There's a yeah. This is the one time that one. Hope i get adopted. I'll fuck out crazy. No man this is the one where couple comes and they look crazy was one. Looks like a sex dominatrix. Another dude comes in looking like a tall a combination of a tall elf in bill nye. Yeah yeah bill nighy walk in there and even say something that you should never give a cup. What a couple who looks as weird as they do. Look at a child. Say she'll do she'll do what i'm just going to be. Some slavery spoiled something. Yeah they're gonna make a dig for diamonds and africa's. You should never do this. But i don't know budget cuts on. They just give it away. Oh she's been around too long. She's she's about to age out so yeah yeah she is. Where often take a man you know we will give you receive taken aback. They didn't want this girl man to her. We ain't got no money to another mound. Fuck out of here but you know. She's taken in by this couple. That is obviously going to do something with her. Because there are themselves little ear weeks asian. Don't worry about me. don't worry about me you know. I'm such a lovable and tenacious. Little kid that everywhere i go. Everybody falls in precocious precocious. As you know everywhere. I go everybody love me. Gimme forty eight hours with these weirdoes over here and they will be my bitches to. Don't worry about a thing. Will that truly be the case for little a. We have to worry about her with these crazy people. Let's go ahead and take a look at the trailer for ear week in the witch and we'll be back with our review. Erica wished funding up to you. Have anybody who changed me. Would be not will take this best time in my life today or something. I don't like the way nobody said anything about them. Ears bear came in. they take it. Yes yes we've been trying to get rid of this one taking the middle earth where the fuck you get out of here. No questions now. Then let's you and i get a few things straight. My name is bella. Yoga is great. You agree that you'll teach meet magic. And i agree to help you out. If you work really hard. I shot to anything to hurt you. Love potion for the boy. Next door look are pretty useless to me spell. Believe you're looking for somewhere towards the back on. You actually talk coosa just not very often in this household one rule. That's crucial must tell big as dressed like prints of the joke joke joke drills like the joke wearing a bolo tie it. Just hit me the the when they sent me with subtitled. Yeah there's this should be to among their. i only saw the one. I saw the i watched the dublin. Yeah that's the one that gonna put putting on a no. I would have as well. But i'm like oh that's right. I saw something today about the voice actors. I was like oh remember that. Yeah richie grant. Does the voice of mandrake and dan stevens is hat. Yeah for any reason. Ever dare stump the mandrake who left by a week. I'll be lending magic so told how wait to start now. I'm not sure a little girl. Her name erica's year week. She's airway she's that's what i thought you know you so when i look at this if you are person who has followed studio ghibli your do studio ghibli for years now even a new fan. You've probably done your research. you probably looked at. What are the movies kind of watch and notice that they're all the great thing about is All classically to the animated films. You wash this when some lost here and that is because it's why we say this is historic for them because this is the first three d. Cg fully animated film right here And as we said you know this is from studio last known for beautiful to deanna mation. So you wouldn't blame for expecting the same level of quality in a a a a cg three cg animated feature and i'll i'll i'll tell you at least from my perspective. I'm curious what you think about this because from my perspective. I don't think that the i don't think the quality fully translates to cg from two d to cg the color spill just a little bit muted just a little bit and in trying to keep up with the to d- designs. There's a you know. There's there's with. Because they have a lack of texture because trying to keep up with two d. The tudor style as a lack of texture. That stylistically choice it they consciously made like if you look at the hair like the closed some clothes have texture on the hair does not so often So sometimes it's fine sometimes it has It can feel a little bit like plastic. The plastic at moments the same goes with animation animation. You know what they're trying to. They're trying to translate the same. Two d animation style To read. And what i mean by. That is that i'm not talking about the trying to make you know a color shaded anything like that like this like the animation style where they have you have things like unique designs. You have great expressive characters in animation. You've got strong gestures you got you got strong compositions. You know. that's what made that's what made studio ghibli works in a style animation. It's not fully animated like to like a like a to d Disney animated feature are some other studio out there. What they get by on really broad gestures great characters that fit those gestures those backgrounds mazing ending. Make all the time. And like i said it's just some stylistic things happen because it tells stories with other worldly creatures a of times not all the time. Though they bought the they also had a drama that took place. Oh yeah couple of drama. They've had plenty. That would just about just people. Yeah yeah but a stolid always worked for two d and it doesn't it doesn't always translate will to me to to cg not that they don't try they definitely put a lot of effort in the it because they even the studio the they wanna make sure they get three d so good at they they they made puppets they'd be puppet shows the characters and everything. Oh wow yeah you know they put. They put a lot of work to that so that they can see even with the acting they can kind of see what it would look like in a three d. realm so look at it. It's not like this slack. Like they didn't put any thought into this. They put a lot of work in a day. It's just something that i think you know. It's just either might something i might need to get. Used to. Our is something that they might need to work with a little bit. You know this is the first foray into an waiting This is most most of the classic studio ghibli movies directed by high. Oh miyazaki and legendary director for that now. He's he passed on and this is his son. Goro gore by the way he just passed on it did. Is he dan. So this is son taken over the family business and it has that feel of the sun going like okay. I can never get my old man to get with the new technology. Not he's out of the way we can start doing it and we're going to do it. We can make it faster. We can make it cheaper and it's gonna be better and you guys will see and faster and cheaper is not at all becky. He's not dead is not dead out the show. He passed away. You're trying to kill this man. I didn't think he was dead so he just he just retired kind of retired. Okay martorana bear is so i. I thought like. I didn't think he was dead. But but but yeah no doing it in the style like this it it takes away so much of the life that the to the movies had a they. The thing is studio ghibli. Not only could they be fantastic like some anime can be but it could also be very quiet but it was quiet in a way. That was appreciating. Just quiet moments of life and you could really sit and watch you like it. It wouldn't be boring. You could just kind of meditate on it and think about how this is this. This this reminds at times in life that it's not always bombastic but here it just comes out. Everything is just despite being three d. It's really kinda flat. The ballots are so much the same all through. It does look plastic. it doesn't the textures aren't really the expressions aren't there. It's it feels almost like it. Needs another rendering pass like as they they got it to this point and either said like well. This is good enough or we don't have time to go over it one more time. I'm not saying at least saying it's terrible. It's terrible it's just less lively yes. It was really something about those characters. In to see where like i said they. The those two characters worked because they were so expressive They in is just said. Some of that. Less city gave the because listen. They're not squashing stretching and like you know like funny characters but there was a lot of to those characters when they did their gestures abroad gestures when he did something crazy. Funny it just gave them a lot more life and that's kind of lacking right here And like i say it might just be. I'm not trying to beat some purists to animation periods. It just seemed like it's just. I'm just telling you just. It just didn't seem like this. Have the same kind of own. I don't think it it's because you're a purist anybody could recognize that if you've watched any of the other movies or even if you compare this to some of the stuff we used to get from pixar and dreamworks and yeah who was a student who did the crew that are remember but But with those like they've been they've been the game for a while and this is to give these first foray into it and unfortunately it feels like that it it. Has it feel of something that you would watch. That goes directly to video and it doesn't help that. The story is not strong either. Yeah people not veggietales details. But i'll tell you this. So that's what. I meant by the animation style. Enemy has his own style and then they don't get me wrong. They've done a lot of cg adaptations of stuff that was traditionally a to d saw. I'm not again not trying to come in whole cg against this but disney in pixar and all these other you know Do you dreamworks studios that. They were trained in the classical animation to classical animation style. That you know that we have that historically have we have been used to that. We have done that. We pioneered here. Dad really translate well to cede to cg yes it did. Their tutti animation style has yet to really feel like it. Really adapts. Well to cg yeah because with with anime even studio ghibli. There's sort of a not so much doing it on the cheap but just not not as much drawing just a few of frames. So you're already starting with that kind of deficit going into this three d. with the idea that this will make it easier and maybe it made it easier but it also lost something and and listen. I'll i'll tell you man. I'm i'm not hung up on the animation. I'm really not that worried about it because it's not so much how the characters look 'cause they don't look terrible enough while repulsed on turnout way. It's what you do with the characters story wise and that is where things start to kind of fall apart for me. You know with this because the character that matters. And i do think that they have cared deserve. That could potentially be something that we would. You know that that that can make for really great film. I love ear week. I like that character. I i'm not saying completely. Because i don't think they use a well in the movie i don't they use anything well in the movie as far as it goes but i liked the character because i didn't even set up because i would listen. I didn't look at the animation until after the setup was done. Because i thought the set up was pretty cool. This is one of those setups where they have a little bit of mystery. Where's this girl from. She's an orphan. Why woman dropping her off. They promised that years later. We're going to get the story on this. The opening is actually pretty cool. I did not have a problem with animation at all. I noticed it was different. This is not as cool as i'm i'm with you. I was like all right. This is this going to see. Gee i is. It's not the best. But hey i'm just here for the story and at the at the beginning i was like i'm running to put all the information that i'm not gonna be nitpicking on this because i'm really into what's going on right now like when i saw worms for got gummy worms. What's going on here. did you enjoy a fun outing. Good because we. You know you like it here. Every room is spic and span with tons of sunshine. From all the huge windows and their shepherd's pie is really good. Listen you have to stay here for now. You mustn't go anywhere else. And the rest is up to you. Fuck you talking about cassette tape by the way. This takes place in the nineties. Even though as a lot of studio ghibli louise. This always european setting sherline on They would ear wig. Man is that she's she's always positive like no matter. What's going on. She always keeps a stiff almost to a disturbance as it's a little annoying look. This couple is an abusive couple mentally and physically like this chick. Right here Bell belly yoga. The moment that they brought in she tells we didn't even leave the origin. Orphanage don't expect a good life hard you to be a slave to be a servant. I need. I need a pair extra little hands. And that's exactly what you not even full human being. You are hands as far as our concern and her. Her relationship with air wig is almost like The wicked stepmother was cinderella minus. The shitty sisters la- almost is because i thought okay. That's how this is going to be. But it's like but i'm a witch so you gotta clean up my my my my laboratory but you can learn some shit so it exists. Okay cool. I was like okay well so it could be a win win. That's what but that's a problem with with. The like i said is this is abusive. And i'm not look. I'm not saying this movie can be in because it's abusive in his dangerous for kids to watch him. When i'm not saying that all is just that you know when she tells us that air. We is like cool. I just want to learn magic and as a pulpit thing is air wig. She so headstrong strong. She's like there's some points what she's like. I'm look i'm tired of shit. Nago put up with this today. She was awesome time. You know you got these two strongest personalities in there and of course belly i was like i'm bigger airtime and gets us. Smack him on the head you pretty much slap says like at least in your we like you know what cool will work through this. I just want to learn magic. Scott child abuse. I learned magic. Might fuck with the later unite. Both forget this. We'll work on this another time as she goes off. Line line allowing her and everything is never. I'll tell you what ma'am. It's almost a point where i actually appreciate. How how Non serious movies. Yeah the do mandrake even. He's awesome mandrake don. I'm sorry the mandrake. He's actually kind of cool. He gives a cookies. He'll give you a book every now and then he's kind of just leave me alone but you always turns a blind eye to the abuses happened. And so it's it's a weird situation going on plus. His name is mandrake so from the very beginning. You know they're gonna do something weird with this. You'll be cutting on half some you know it's a it's a weird relationship and i like how not serious that taken it. I'm not looking at any kind of melodrama but it gets to a point where every character the move what she wants. What's your week is adopted. The story comes to a halt. It kinda duh. It felt like it was on a treadmill. It just like just kept repeating the same beats over and over it comes to a halt. Because you don't get any more development from them all of them from that moment naked the house they are who they are and that is it. They never change. And you know i. I don't mind what they do here. Because i mean well i don't mind big the weirdness that they do because the only thing that breaks up the monotony of being the same character they never grow the all. The same is that they just do. Little bits of weirdness here net sure. No and that's what studio ghibli does they. You have a normal life disrupted by some odd fairy creatures something as coming from you know another realm or another dimension out of the woods or something in what i like about what like about with studio. Ghibli does with that and other movies. Is that when they bring you when when they introduced that. Weirdness that fantastical they really explain it. They just you get dropped in in is just. It just is was already there before you got here. And you're living in his world and so a lot of times you don't need any explanation anything you don't need you don't need to have told you was happening. The reason why this comes to a halt is because even when he put it in the weirdness we can be put in a fantastical world but in all those other movies. What happens is your characters are allowed to grow. You know when you see my neighbor. Totoro never really explained torture tortuguero but those girls man those little girls in that movie you see them what. They have a backstory with their family. There's something you know. And it's not even that deep. It's just a slight movie really but it's really cool the way they treat everything as it is but yet there's some character development that's going on. You always learn something new about them the day a little tomba. Hey mom mom. We may framework a monster talk Should these kids. On sunday weasley. Daddy gave him cracking. But you know if the problem here is that you put into a world and you don't need to know what's happening but there's no is so weird that you're not giving any any any further details on witness happening in most the flaw here is that you care. Just don't they don't have arctic development and they don't grow in the movie stops. Yeah i thought that was one of the problems. I just found. This movie really lacked a lot of imagination. Orphan girl stand with supernatural people who also plan a rock band. I mean it's on the cover because you see your wig singing rock and roll but it borrows from so many different little things that kind of takes away from its originality like the whole even the title earwigging the witch sounds too much like hedwig and the angry inch the even the set up is very harry potter ish There's a a witch's cat named thomas like from the tom and jerry cartoons and yes the mandrake looking so much like bill nye. You can't escape it but an all throughout this movie. A lot of the same things just seem to happen over and over. It's it's like a a steady tone doesn't get that interesting except like at times from the very beginning it sets up questions because there's like all this is going on but seven regaining though puts the answer that and all these people how do they connect with that and then right as something does happen and you like right now. We're gonna get to all that credits roll. Yeah it was like man. Y'all y'all really just didn't drop set up all these different little plotlines and just drop them all well as it was like there was supposed to be more. They went like well. That's the thing i said you know. It's like they get the beauty and the magic of studio ghibli is to be to just exist in a place that you don't see before and then having you live with these characters but the characters seemed like they're doing something here they drop in the middle of something the characters don't and it's weird because they introduce a big story that they introduce. It's one thing to introduce an environment where magical creatures live in the woods because from that you can walk away and say okay. these are just. That's just the environment. These animals living in their own environment. And we just have to kinda just live like they live. is not too specific is is easily understandable Even with their crazy magic here. They introduced some very very very specific plot points. The introduced these people plan a ban. They wants together where they broke up. And we don't we don't know and by the end of the movie if those very specific details on told you what they are. They don't lead up to something since its last. Says his films like is. Is there going to be a sequel. Because because the way this just left off you only told two thirds of the story. Your story doesn't advanced the details and plotlines left dangling. You don't know what the fuck is going on. And most of all those characters don't change shit throughout the film. Yeah this is. This man is a for me. it's really is. I'm amazed that they weren't able to do better with the story. It makes me curious. Actually what the story is in book form. There's a book diana wynne jones wrote. This is the same person that wrote house. Moving castle right. I'll tell ya house moving castles not one of my favorite ones the shore. So maybe just take takes. Yes i mean i. It's not. But i still felt when i got to the end of howls. I was like okay. Yeah there was. There was some resolution. It wasn't just all set up as opposed to this one whereas like even like yeah. I'm not digging this all that much. But i'm curious aware it is going to go and it just said like well. Don't worry about it. yeah you figured out. Whatever you want to know is what would happen. What you think should fucking tell me what's going on because it'd be different because really i don't give a fuck was happening right. That's the thing it's not like. I need to be spoon-fed what's going to happen. I suppose i could imagine something but you haven't really given me that much to even want to work my imagination. It's easier for me to walk away and just forget about it. They still have cooled things that go on man with their characters in. I'm not. I'm not even asking for explanation for explanations for those like the care of the mandrake something that he does with his eyes when he gets mad is turned on snow. Globes would like firecrackers item or something in his actually. It's really a cool effect. You know this whole thing. I love the somebody environments that will tell you this much. I thought the environment's was still cool. the backgrounds was still cool the aesthetic and of of the of the small. You know the small european village steady a steady at that they have going on. I really think that works for them. And it still works here but as far as characters going story now man. I and who knows if this would in studying the cg because this wouldn't have been that strong in tutti four. That's the thing. I kept thinking because there's a point i was seen. He's not that strong. But let me just imagine this in two d the way they usually do it and even if it had been in their usual animated to the animated style is still would have been one of their movies where i was like It's not one i would recommend. Yeah this man. i'd i mean i didn't hate it sound like i'm talking bad about like a whole lot against it. No it's not. It's not that it's you come in with a studio the has such a great track record even enjoy so much of the movies then when you see this is our something like this is just a huge disappointment is not to say that this is terrible. That'd be the big word. I would use that. This is an disappointment there. They go on his rock banish in. I don't know what the hell on. i have. No idea what's going on with this. They just follow through with some please. And i really like to know that book is like but yes a huge disappointment so with that said watchable imparts some very appealing moments in the studio ghibli. Jubilee style they they know they still have small notes of magic here and there but overall it's a disappointing rentals. Just a rental yeah. That's what i thought too. It's an unenthusiastic rental it. It felt like another company. Who's just getting into the game trying to do a tribute to studio ghibli jubilee. Yeah yeah man. i don't know man. Maybe they need to. Maybe i need to bring a muzak lifetime. Hey we need. We need to check the news tomorrow. I could be wrong about. This passed away but well. He's dead sir. Oh now this man does tomorrow. That's you yeah or him. Being in his ninety six you say this you had another ten years man and you had to and curses man. Oh let's see let's go onto the next name. I was talking to. We talked about a movie. Let's move didn't work out too well tonight. That's all right. Let's talk about trailers. let's talk about what can we already saw candy. Good let's see people have asked us to dailies. I've got some messages from people. Say man that coming to america trailer in his coming to america part two to the trailer. This is this. This is a new trailer that they have out. Okay moment right here. Told people read we. We already talked about the first trailer living movies just right around and they like i don't care i want to know what you think about these new details. We've got right here okay. Part two part to come into america trailer park thirty years later. Eddie murphy and really look like those guys turn slowly. That'd be working on bobby. What they've not like some sort of time continuing the barber shop the whole time. They were immigrants. Lost everything in. Yeah that's going to take a look at this trailer and We'll give you our impressions. Are we excited. Does this make us more excited for the move. This about come out. Are we looking at more. This and being like i wish You know. I should have just left it alone with the teaser trailer that we had before. Let's take a look it. We'll be right back with our impressions. What do you do in that. I've just discovered that. I may have here in this last. How much support she confronted. King pays no child support thirty pain jumping you on the edge of the throat. He's supposed to be like the prince of conduc conduct is a fictional place. Moon to look at dead. We're going to you. You could hear that you could tell that this tyler period glued all top of wrote on top of output. This real nation. Wait a minute by midday news last time but when that sun came up i looked at that and i say good him. I'm looking at the line about africa. Africa hot to be picking up a gun last king's son from my mom's and his mom's children. This is your brother. i'm sorry i slept which. Oh man it's not like you're the first man i've ever been with. Haven't what did you just say about the mature american numbers coming. Rico was going to be queen isn't allowed to lose the law. Did it ever occur to you that make wanted to be. Your air dare banish me from my own bedroom doing getting hefty said negro day. John hayman chased no. There's do know john. John was interested in state queasy. Big as mcdonald's run brother situation they did man you lie shit at this point doing getting from everywhere it my family must be strong and general is nothing more than could take over someone that you snipes snyder. Wesley snipes is so. I'm a i'm a big fan of wisdom today. Man love wesley. Snipes afro crown. Everybody else has fucked up wig. Why not him he. He's the he's the king he's the king of fucked up hairstyle. You remember him in. Let me before we finish treatment looking for demolition man. Demolition man. The movie we saw last week. We call it a new jack city. Oh yeah let me see. Well i'll go back to it but let me see here. What's his name. Wesley snipes nicely call him. Yeah wesley snipes hair. I'm just gonna take the fucking crazy. Look at this well just between blade in the in the do from from demolition man alone looking this dude is an but man in In in a new city he had hair that was shaped like shred helmet. Something i guess he did. Look at this new jack. Dudek said look at this and we will all boil. He's in liz motherfuckers in court with one he he got he did look at this right. I shred his helmet growing mohawk. And then just let it keep going brother. He he is the king of fucked up here and now he's in here with stadium for for here. Could look at it again jimmy. I must admit stylish far into my kingdom of his impressive. Let me hear you say hey. I'll only don't say to his mother who's almost ready to become a bridge. Almost thermonuclear going shopping youtube nephew. A fucking with that boy. I know joke away. A people be out on march eighth march fifth. Right around the corner. I tell you. I cannot wait for this yeah is even has a pump for it. I'll tell you one of the things that really has me pump. This as you say is because it looks like they actually have material foresee. No i know just made for seat because that's usually the thing it's somebody going like. I bet we can still make money off of this as opposed to know. I really have some ideas for it no. It's not that hard to even get something from it. You got the key who went to queens and found his queen and then went back. It was like all right well so now. What about the kids. Yes sitting around the kids like either illegitimate kids are the kids that he actually has over his kingdom. Either i was going to be you know the woman he was with the in the first time sherry headley. Where she's still stayed in queens. He's like i go see my son but not this is whole thing like no. You had this other kid. You didn't know about who's older. Who should inherit the kingdom which more than likely to be. False people breen. Hell extra element of wesley snipes. As the general who wants to have a coup. But i love this because this is like you notice like when i when i introduced the sun. He had over in queens. That should as like black pants meet. Soul plane yes man. Low that man. When i saw that i was laughing my ass on but you know mostly about the kids here and you know they with this big jump on black pants again because we were so talking about man black parents they had this regal advanced blacks stoke country the society. We never seen anything like that. But it's out of the competition black panther. Listen did it with a bigger budget. You know and biggest special effects. They weren't the first wants to do that. And now this might be actually getting the jump on a story line and black panther mighty messed up. I know the right is on black man to to see this gupta. Shit start over. Yeah yeah people that get what they got. With the times they know they. Hey look they know what to do. This is something where you pay respect and also be do a right to get your money. Motherfucker spoke rica was going to be a woman isn't allowed to lose the lock. Did it ever occur to you that make wanted to. Your air dare banish me from my own. I'll take it out on you. You must leave leave sitting home. No you know this whole thing. With the female these females wife. She's she's running shit. His daughter is like wants to be air. When i like addressing like you know how they easy to change and have women need to come up. That's something that they were talking about. Possibly possibly with the black suri crazy. Tammy grow we about to make you the with them. Yeah she had start on crazy like so. Maybe this time black panther gain. Maybe gummy to america can pick up the mantle right there. That's a great story. Though man with like sitting on the kids in the hierarchy and questioning how strong you know the power hierarchy and everything in the family. That is something that they had generally for store for sequel. What plus normally with these comedy movies. They'll have a bunch of great setup and a whole bunch of jokes by set third equity actually get into the plot and it's like all right. Now stop being funny. His plot is kind of after thought. And it's kind of dumb but here when they show the plot points only. Oh these a good. Yeah so much you can do at this all right. i'm down. oh this is fighting man. I mean the only thing that has me concerned. Oh yeah there's something here that they showed near the end of the trailer. I didn't actually show it yet so you didn't see it but if you let the trailer plate in the end you see that it's pg thirteen. Now i'm not against something being. I'm not i don't need. I don't need something to be rated r. Because i think he's edgy. Or whatever. But i might be wrong but the last time eddie murphy took a rated r. property and change it to pg thirteen. You know what i didn't. I did not pull it up here but i got it here. Let me see there. We go so i don't remember. I don't know if you remember the last time that the eddie murphy took a rated off property and made it. pg thirteen and people's like maybe. You shouldn't have done. That man is a tremendous surprise. Me standing right next to him right now. You know right now. I can feel bad. Tangling spider hold on. Take exo this man arrested. I'm sure you can explain. Beverly hills cop three men You know what we beverly hills cop three. I remember watching it and it was on. Hbo and i was like let me sit down and watch this. And it was at seen him at the carnival when he lands on that. Whatever that ride is called and all that metal just crumpled like styrofoam. I turned on finishing this. This is what we're doing now. I miss me with that. I don't hear he worked with him on another project and he did. He worked on dolemite project him Craig grew and we might have an view him. I'll round but craig brewer. He direct to him on. My name is delayed which was also radar so going to pg thirteen. I don't care if they make a pg thirteen that they actually have a reason to do it. But there's you know if it's anything like beverly hills cop three trump. I'm not so much worried about that. I'm not worried about it because a trailer is really fun. Yeah they got. I don't think you need to be rated art. Always make a joke work anything and by the way looking at the trail. The jokes the jokes are working. And if you if you had said to me right now to like well. The original coming to america was pg thirteen. I would go. Oh was it okay yet now. They 'cause i remember being raunchy. I mean it had some jokes here and there but they weren't the pinnacle jokes mostly language. 'cause special samuel l. Course samuel verse big famous about the reason it was. Yeah he came in the world. You're going okay. Let's just do it. Man semi jackson. He agreed with you. Man that fools when it came in and made this rate at all they probably had a good night's pg rating par. Eddie murphy goes out in the way that goes on to talk to queen like. Oh yeah right. There's a lot of cursing you remember like fuck you fuck you fuck you and fuck you. Who next job was really funny. But yeah there's a lot of cursing that made that movie what it is right. Well you know they were in new york. New york was always known for people. Cussing eachother out yet. It was so you know. Maybe maybe with them were where they were they were they the monday the moon. Maybe the with them spending more time there. They don't but there was a fucking lot of cursing and effort. Yes oh yeah you know. There was some some say jokes. Six jokes that you could probably get by with but you have sex with your bathers. I do kind of jilted. He made arabia me. Because my friend kevin a steepest and he used to love that movie man he used to love it and we make that joke. You have six pay this. I know i do. Okay King they can but i'm here. Here's samuel jackson. The movie man. Then look scariest gave it a radar just because we look the money. i'll stay. Nobody precursor pulp fiction. Fact one come on. Don't see the person it really was me. He's got a curse. So there's gotta be a motherfucker here somewhere within my time. Now come on anybody move out. Blow your fucking here. What are you looking at buddy. And i said this before and when i saw this movie samuel jackson was the scariest black man ever seen fucking right they get robbed. Oh man city he. He gave it a radar just because he's scared he's fuck man. He was terrorist. I've ever seen goddamn is. Somebody described him as a gremlin. Means is really far parking. Volunteers alienist this. Fuck be man. I'm looking at what's his name Louis just like please hurry up. Because he's yeah he's ready ready killed. But yeah man i you know. I'm not saying it needs to be rated. I'm not a hope that. I hope they have a reason and it does work at a pg thirteen shore. Sometimes i'd rather have it that way so it doesn't i same here and somebody who sub alert come on you know what what will use a man. Hey amanda finally got old king the. He is not happy to see him. Yeah but you're you're right. He's he's dimas most of his life being just in his forties. He should do. I'm just now that he has some lines right here. It's john amos from good times and many other things roots. He was at a beast masterpiece. Master how how young cut. He wasn't a man. God damn look at him. Yeah that may finally caught up with a man black them practice not bad no. He's just not together. We remember. I will remember thinking this guy nick old and they haven't but that's cool ain't all that bad. No got your paisley right. I was just to say. Yeah you gotta ask them for you. Know what. I talked to create brew. I'll ask if he has found a way. Got it from naugatuck shirt Let's see here. Eighty one yeah. Let's let's go up eighty one. He'll is good way to hell. Yeah he does fifty one regular words. Well the people do know who you are but talking about. Oh man. I still laugh at those. I think that's a joke. And they're gonna say some bad at the news at the barbershop. That's gonna be a joke. While they the same day i love will do. What do you do day to say. I know you know. Be fine if we found out like actually they were young and original movie they just don't they live near a nuclear waste. Are there some sort of vortex. Don't seem to have customers like somebody ghosts. They've been dead a to back in the shop. It's just gone slots disappear condos coming soon what you said. Oh babas were autobiography. I've been closed with thirty. That burned down twenty years ago. Demo does mmg for thirty years now. You said you saw. He's still fucking from grade. I wanna see how they bring in a thankful what they do in queens. They're gonna milk that. That's the only thing. I think might be kinda weird. They're gonna milk that for what that's worth for the limited time that they are. They're sure because you're gonna have As you know it takes a while to put all makeup on. Oh yeah 'cause. I'm looking at some of the people that they got back again. Let me see. Oh because they. Where is it bringing back eric lasalle now because they got a see the preacher back ago they got sexual chocolate bringing everybody back. Look everybody wanna see himself. And that'd be like wow. You're really forcing this man. I mean it's still might feel force when we get to it but we do wanna see what you want to see them. And they didn't have you'd be like man where was where were these guys. Yeah and what they'll do is while they're in queens but what is worth going. See the whole neighborhood where nobody apparently left our diet. Yeah yeah. Jesus man is playing. Sx he is put his whole back onto. It says it as big as this is like a trombone two. Yeah man i era. I am looking forward to this though that that trailer genuinely made me i got genuine lamps out of it and i love. I love it that we enough. There's other people who making me laugh to look. I'm looking at people in here. Who you talked about should be dead. I'll tell you this much. i can believe those barbers. I can buy that a lot if we can still see that eight james earl jones is here. No razzie jerry jones. Don't look a whole lot different. Forty didn't i know i know. And he's got to be ninety nine or something. Yeah that dude. He was already up there to rid the right. Yeah man so. I can buy some of these characters coming back and ain't dead anything. If we james l jones is still alive and real life like that also let me see here and you boy. Oh my man is funny. I tell you i'm i'm just a newfound fan i he's been around for a while but i am a fan of Tracy morgan man. Go tracy morgan. Just he's he's a natural just seeing things funny you say. Hey on and that's why don't you say not to his mother. Tracy morgan is. He could just talk. He makes me laugh and of course we are retired but wesley snipes is as a warlord tried to take over the you know. You're always weird. The the link. I got today. They had the trailer on the guy he had posted on twitter. Wh- his his lineup. There was leslie. Jones is already on my nerves. And i was like. She's barely in this. What's she's brilliant. It's trailer she didn't. She didn't say anything hardly anything. You just hated her. We you know shoot this month love it. Love it man so yeah. People is come out come out We tell y'all comes out on march fifth. Almost the is this needs to blend over crossover with black panther. Just law because already mentioned kanda and how was a fictional unless they find out it was just a lie the whole kind of. Oh all right folks. I would interesting email here before we continue. Yeah see i can find it interesting email from this. You also might want to throw up the pole. Oh yeah mr yasmine. A new a new was. Mr mann says that ran. Kugler actually pitched coming to america to to eddie murphy he says. Hey eddie murphy was promoting might his my name. He was asked about how coming to america came to be. He mentioned it all began. We had a meeting with ryan kugler for the sequel. I believe it was when he was developing creed. Eddie murphy didn't like his pitch and he wasn't interested in doing at the time he later. Start to think about it and decide to move forward with sequel with my guy you mono- function but hey man you know. He did well with the domain movie. He's he he liked working with him on that. So i mean i you went with what he knows. Sure thank you. Mr yeahs man. I appreciate that Let's see we get here making good time right now in good time. Let's see how the noise. Oh let's see so martin. A lot of people don't know that you are a huge fan of little lucy. Vert vert right here. i love him. Yeah martin loves who easy. Well you know what. Maybe it's a good thing you're not a fan. You might be disappointed if you if you were a big fan. I mean maybe you'd approve. Maybe hey dan right. That's what you're supposed to do our. Maybe it'd be like you know name it. Why you know these these these these celebrities but especially rappers go out that they just get crazy with the way they want to flaunt their wealth. Yeah so let me tell you betcha man that she was such a big fan of man and you see in the video. He's even got his each flooding diamonds and everything so my man he paid twenty four million dollars million twenty four million dollars for a diamond. Now you would think in that with that diamond you put that somewhere like a. I don't know maybe a watch our negligence a safe somewhere. Put that shit. I don't know a museum. You know someplace where you have to flaunt it around too much and you'd be careful when you can only put you and if you do have to wait on watch our necklace you very Particularly very safe about the places you take it to lose a bird. Don't do the man he wanted. He wants everybody know he got money. He got wealth. So this man said. I'd like you to take this twenty four million dollar diamond and embiid that shit into my forehead like a goddamn infinity storm like he's the vision but he's the bishop and believe me. We're not the first ones to say this. I know i know because people are saying all. That's the first thing anybody thought they said. Boy you don't fuck around and where that shouldn't a raw place that you won't get you better. Hope you never get rob otherwise you'll be looking like how about like if his fingers more so big skill he's probably the best. Sorry this was supposed to go probably not want to miss his me. Sorry sorry fucking fingers. Sorry next party. You walk into looking like goddamn zombie. Jesus he was what what i just got. I just got robbed. What he like the fucking purple deebo fucking for big bankers doug so get robbed by this. Now it's been reported that the stone was not actually embedded into his head like vision. It was just. It would just pierced into for the same thing shit. Good lord dug in. This is just a piercing. But still when he did that he's talking about i look like he looks to me but he said that he made his face swell up g a foreign object skinned in the middle of us on barn. Because i just got appears to swelling down short bar so we won't move move beschloss it would have been better off embiid into the full hair because some other going to that and just like snacks screen looks wait there with all that are on the side of him. It's clown here. It makes look extra ridiculous full right here. Twenty four million somebody snatch that it even easier to snatch it skin keep on going. Somebody go like he just got scalped. Somebody snatched that shit right out. I listen i'm gonna tell you this. I don't care about what people do with the fashion statements. You express yourself like you want to. I really don't care. Have no judgments on net. There was a time that people looked at me crazy of plugging tattoos and people are just crazy oblige earrings and stuff. Things changed man. I don't care. I don't care anymore man i really don't i really do not. I'm not judgmental. I'm not people like why would you do that us. I've got the money to do it do it. You have you have enough money to buy twenty four million dollar diamond. You could give a fuck less what people have to say but you fly to sit around and you know that i'm not saying it's the hip hop community gets a bad rap for being stereotyped as violence all ends and not like that. The music industry wants to report about the violence. Because that's what they feel like sales records. They they buy to this image. They want to sell that. They want to say that narrative but we know a lot of people get shot and robbed and all What was the what was. What was your boy ex ex l. Whatever he got robbed do got rob denied his car. Oh man what was that guy the triple xs l. Or whatever his name is that dude triple exultant tasty on that guy got rob getting out of his car man and he was. He was a email rapper. Take a caught him in going to his place. These fools live in a culture not all but a lot of living in a culture where these companies want to push the edgy lifestyle. This edgy image. And these focused place they get rafa chains they get robin money and walking around with fuck in twenty four million dollar diamond on your gut their forehead looking like black man. That is crazy. Plus you might as well get like the technology with with Cubic zirconiums now the almost indistinguishable from real diamonds. There's no reason to spend that much money. It's it's not just flaunting how much wealth you have. It's it's flaunting. How much wealth. You're wasting because you think about like how much what good a quarter of that could do for. People like him if he would have come out and be pro black in any way my fuck you because everything you could have done for somebody is just adorning your head just to make people respect you people and you also say he wasn't a for those who like saying he was he wasn't an email rapper. Eople put out an album. That was like someone was acoustic and he was thinking he look at an emo album. Now is out at one time. You don't fucking know Nah that's always been of always said this especially rapids though. But you know. I've always said this with with black culture man in the we've been black. Culture has been has been trained and conditioned to flaunt wealth Kept now but now. Look what i got. Yeah we flat wealth. I didn't have got now. We've always been conditioned to flash that shit around floating around in fact. We were doing that before. We talked to make investments for we would talk to talk to open businesses. And i'm not saying that. Don't look if you got the money spent it. I'm being not judging. Man i'm i don't this is not about his style. I would wear if anybody. I'll give a fucking viewer rapid to a country singer. You walking around with a lot of ice that you can't take off too easily but then but then again i don't know man. He says appears to be put back in the my ticket out too. But if you can tell you look if you can take it out and not have to tell you my concern like i said one to where they the mentality is to to to spend so much wealth or something that you don't need to do that. You know twenty four million but hey you got the money that's yours to spin but to put it in a place where you just get in your four here so you just tell everybody. Look what i spit. I just i feel i feel this person safety sometimes sure but i also as we know a career in entertainment is not guaranteed to you no matter what you got can be gone in a day or week. You know who knows what he's going to do something gets him cancelled and then that thing has to be sold and not sell that twenty four million that he paid for it well hopefully. He'll he's got enough money to last him for the rest of his life in what you wanna do you do. I told you make a million dollars. The first thing we'll do is get a tattoo on a place that says i don't give a fuck. It's not going to say that it'll say like i'd never have to worry about going anywhere again. You know. i'm my own man now. This is a statement is this. Nobody's worry about but I'm not worried about the rest of my life but this radio. I don't know i if i have a bring a bias in this to my biases that i've just never been one to one of greenwich flop. Well not i mean. Isn't it the what little even happens. People don't do that. I don't wear name-brand should i. Don't need to flash his cars you know. I don't go around. Tell people oh look at me. Yeah you know i just. I just haven't been on this level before. I don't think i will have billions of can lasy we'll do is get a fucking infiniti stone. Yeah exactly even if you have more money than you to do with. It's still a point i. I'm not going to do something like that. yes. I'm just bored. I guess when it comes to flashing wealth. I never get impressed with somebody with. Somebody's wealth unless they buy an island that kind of frivolous spending. Yeah this island. And i can go to like. That's yours okay. I'm impressed by that everything else. I'm like all right. Well enjoy it. I guess they hit it though. Recourse showed up and glasses. Coming here. picks up hill. Yeah man i'm gonna have diamond glasses embedded into my face right. I'll be dug in those glasses. Can't take them off and again you twenty four million men. That can be also. I'm not going to judge them there. Because people said he spit on anything. That diamond can be an investment. I really am not judging the guy. I'm not i'm not. I just don't believe in miss whole personally but flying stuff around he doing he wants to do that. It's an investment. Sure he got told. This abyss diamond would be a great investment but they really aren't a great investment in the not well hopefully can at least recoup if he has to. I don't know. I don't you wanna do man i. My whole thing was like that is not the spot. I want to put something net. I why not just paint a red circle around it to you actually did and rip off your hair. Yeah you know. I i just like have you got that on and you go out. You cannot get drunk in public. So don't get into a fight ono first thing. I'm going for yup. i can just a lot of people know. Hey look. I know. I argue with people. I'm saying i'm not judge a lot of people that i'm judging. That's stupid know i. I ain't gonna argue with you. I know i'm just saying people do what they wanna do. Somebody's yes nash. May not you ever. Don't you will begin to fight with a at the look the damage. Yeah dangling feet. He took that dominant on that diamond stone other features when they hung shit that will just lynched him. Play yoink people We'll see we'll see hopeless. Hopefully it is easily removed at that is not embedded into your head. As people thought it was earlier today. Yeah or he he just shows it online and then normally put something much smaller there yet. Boy don't you. Don't you ever own your taxes talking sitting on taxes man onto tax. I don't pay taxes so there. Yeah don't you ever took four million dollars in taxes. Take this iranian. Thank you just about covered. Good we will send a letter tax neighborhood already. We moved on. But i just love her business getting choked right they shit. No i thought you know what never think about it. Maybe this fool got paid by marvel to promote one division. maybe that's made us as marketing. Maybe to be a piercing all all right. Let's see here to let me say corey. X returns is yes he has my breath all right. So let's go and talk about this last thing that we got right here talking about this fool here. Let's see we got some manja. Musical tastes just goes everywhere. Man you love. Lucy love country. I hate to disappoint you with this man. You know this is a yeah. This one hurts. Yeah morgan wallin man. You know you going to be a big fan morgan. Walling was on the come up in the country on the country. seen rate here Had a look. I don't follow the guy. It's not that unlike contrary actually do but not more contemporary country. I would say so. I hadn't really heard about this guy but had some hits. They say he was the next big big big thing in country for free couple kids. In a chevrolet catalina layer on across traced out also from the famous blog. I run the woods right now looking for all country people country musicians and now racist that. They're not like that you know. That's a really bad stigma that you actually are putting on the country scene to which i would say to me. You boil over here. He's the one that got caught and got caught by. You know who he got the cop out three people t hem in. No hey. hey y'all to talk with the hey take with the ad for people. Look whether you certain words you do certain acts these days you know go home. I lock the doors cut off the lights hottest. 'cause did you say that guy had. Tmz was not as in the bushes and the trash can and looks like security camera. Oh was it security footage. Look those like. They paid for for the security camera footage. Yeah man it's the team's not hiding and they read the pay some by just the question is how do they know how to get this unless somebody else must have got it. Somebody heard it. Somebody got paid by teams in this. The thing tim he doesn't have to work all that hard because people know that if they get something they know exactly what it take it. Yeah that's that's a scary thing. Look around one way or nothing gotta watch you sit today. Tmz is there looney. Wait just he says a mess. You know we we we we out into you go inside one of security because it followed them up there. That's what. I'm saying look z. A less cami zoo nederland security but somebody was there filming that already. They went hollywood. They got two different angles. Tmz brought crew. And then now. I don't know how much more the is to this but this is the big story. This is the big story about how this man. He was caught country singer on the rise. You caught saying the inward. And here's the and they say you know what he had just got out of trouble last year. He got out of trouble because he was at. He was at a function a gathering. Yeah he wasn't wearing masks or anything so they cancelled them on saturday night live. He's was beyond their like this. Give it some time and want their time patsy. He apologized he said. Yeah it was dumb of me to go and get it time and then came on like a champ even made it a self deprecating joke about it was that was settled until he had that drains. You you you can tell in the speech. Yeah he's some drinks and then his inward buddy cable country. Music star is facing major backlash. Today we're talking about morgan. Wallin right here. He was caught on camera using a racial slur outside. His home here in nashville and the fallout is huge news. Colleague gordon joins us live on music. Growth the reaction tonight carly yeah big. Loud records suspended his contract indefinitely cumulus iheartradio in. Cmt pulled his music and then an apple ganked his songs from the bottom line. When it comes to wallin's career this is not good woolens. Double album dangerous was number one on the billboard's for three weeks in a row but tonight his music is not what people are talking about. Neighbors captured this video on sunday of neighbors probably loud and woke people up. Yeah so that's another thing. That's that's what we'll get people out film and you shut the fuck up go inside and when somebody hears a noise most people don't wake up and go. Let me grab my phone and film. This shit has to go on for a while before they go in the me. Plus this is famous neighbor. I'm famous out in the middle of the street yelling at the inward you know what you desert ship was to pity if you out the yet. And what the real circumstances. But if it's like what i think it is like you got the yellow in the middle of the street and you loud. You'll hewlett yelling. The word neighbors out there. But me and my buddy. We talked about this because he was one who told me about it. Yeah yeah yeah. And and he didn't call me to go like man fuck this dude kizzee's because his his wife works in hr and she was just more like. Yeah well screw him but he was more like what he did was not good but the over correction the pulled him off all these services and cancelling them like this. Seems like a like a lot like there's no chance to really go into the situation have him talk about it. Have apologized or explain is just a. We caught you saying this. Not a declaration you made to the world put in a but just in your own time and now suddenly. Everything is shutdown news everywhere. It just seems wrong and opinion. I was like yeah i i agree i mean i. I am not against cancel culture. Because i see what it's for and it ultimately leads to a better society a better behave society but i do think so often the baby gets tossed out with the bathwater and it goes too far and this might be one where it's like man. We don't need to do all this. But i also at the same time almost every time i say something like this and defend a person. It turns out that this was an isolated incident. Don't let me let me play this. I got some opinions on this ship. Burning home from a night. Out in nashville. His racial slur has fallen and his music band from streaming services radio shows and everyone is talking about it thing to do you make customizable bad you make me look bad but mostly you make yourself look that. This isn't the first time mullins been in trouble. Please charged him with public intoxication. Disorderly conduct kid rock's bar and may his. Snl appearance cancelled at the wall and was seen in a busy bar without a mask tonight. Wallin is apologizing again telling tmz just getting. I'm sorry tattooed on your fucking hit at this point and sorry. He called the slur unacceptable and inappropriate and he said. I promised to do better. Meanwhile social media rooming with backlash and many of those social media posts are coming from other country. Music stars kelsey ballerini tweeting saying the news out of national tonight does not represent country music. Okay so that's a thing. Listen is due messing up. He's already been some hot water. He's not you know he's he's he's skinny thin line with the public anyway. And plus you know how this shit goes man. He was too casual the way too casual. And i'm gonna tell you something. I'm gonna i'm gonna go deep addition man. It's it was too casual the way you said it. You've said this ship before. You put it out there before. But i tell you the i'm not hating on the guy. 'cause i don't even know i i don't even know if you'd like. He meant it in the most racist way. I think he just calls his friends then. Yeah you're you're walking at night. You walk into your house you loud you making all kinds of making a disruption and you. You're on the rise in us. It's a stupid thing to do. I'm not saying we all know what goes on behind closed doors with people. No one people say kind of thing kind of things that if we said that all up as we said it out loud sure we would all be judged and being trouble. Yeah so. I feel today with the being what it is. People having cameras everywhere. People have phones everywhere with cameras on them. Watch yourself you behave like hey like somebody who is becoming a celebrity. Where everybody's watching you at one time and don't go out there and make it seem like that because you know the game is played if you you see how this works out with everybody because yeah it might be a little harsh. Maybe but these companies they not gonna sit up here especially with you being new. Show you on the rise. But they're not going to sit up here and take the backlash with you. Sure your new and you had the number one album but somebody else is going to have it right after you know you could you for all everybody knows you. You're one album wonder and the business machine is constantly getting new material in there and cycling out the old but but but the big thing was like we me and my friend talked about. It hadn't seen the video he was just telling me about it and we discussed it. And that's why i was like. Yeah you know. Maybe they doing too much but when you consider like this is the third incident. He's clearly not learning. And i'm not always on people about man you gotta know you're being recorded all the time. I still think that's something that people aren't naturally used to. But he is showing a pattern of bad behavior and the main thing is it's even though you go like little country singer the inward but for the most part. I feel like country singers in. Listen we got this whole redneck thing and people storming to capital and being with trump and we are trying to not be part of india that and when you do something like that that reflects on all the rest of that that reinforces a prejudice. That people already have. And that's not good for us so they're like why would defend that. No business going to do this and by the way. Let me just say this. I don't want to judge the guy too much. But i a word that's hurtful to a certain group of people right now like i. I never go around and look at somebody and say Hey faggot hey chink. See lady marching for many screws. Webex so i don't. I don't like well you know what i can. Even excuse me for saying the word. I'll go ahead and say maybe people say that they do behind closed doors. And maybe there's some privacy at some point. They should not be crossed. No matter what but show was outside talking loud saying this shit you got and furthermore country music today is trying to fucking change the image. There are so many that they got a couple of black country stars coming in and they've already had to fight this backlash from the audience out there and they've had to open up and be like. Hey look we. We ain't with we try to change all right so this this full. Yeah you learn the hard lesson man. I don't believe in making this suffer for the rest of his life. But fuck dude. You've been fucking up so much of this. This needs to be the one right here. And don't don't go around saying that if you wanna know about somebody's gonna come up. Start pulling of walking black people saying what can you say the word all the time how white people can say it. I i told you man. I believe that one day that word. It's not gonna mean anything. But i'll tell you why it's like that today because i i've already and i've said this before but i put it in a way. That was a little more a little more succinct in probably putting a smarter way as far as the word goes the reason why it is held against white people so much is because they have weaponized the word they have a history of weaponized in that word there moments when they use it to put people down humanize them and there are so many murders this you know. There's so many there's there's a history of that word was so many murders before somebody was killed. That was the word that was used. another hand. Black people took it and traditionally not seen as it hasn't been used aggressively but they had a cast upon them so much that a certain point they just use it amongst themselves to took take the power of us. It has traditionally as a term of endearment as a greeting as something this where it was cast upon us in us. And i know you say because i saw somebody last night talking about all the self hate you fuck you. I don't hate myself at all. I defend everything on the way. It should be defended. Most confident fucking person you live meat but is not self hate all the time as people wanna say there is a history of that word being ingrained in us and we've innocent word. Hope you get it figured out one day but it's a difference between a history of us from people who have used it to really intimidate a murder with it and then people who just had to take it and be like ara. What is word is used against as a now we just gonna take it and to use it as something else. But there's also that that blurring this and that and how prominently it's used in poor neighborhoods amongst young people of all colors and in popular music so it makes it it confuses people now it confuses people does. But when it's all said and done. I have to say that it will. It will get figured out one day but this is a word that was created to actually hurt people make people take take power away from people and empower other people in threatening ways as fucking and has been laid out. The bottle is about it's by somebody else's creation and now has to be dealt with and you know just where we are right now and it's going to be an. I believe that there are certain like really confusing case like i was i was a girl who sang. The there was a lyrica. She dropped the n. Word in the middle of song is the white girl she was she was at a kindergarten. Martin using and kendrick lamar up to say to you to say the lyrics and when she said he don't stop the whole show and try to turn the audience against his girl and right there. I think that's what the wrong you know is wrong at this point. It'll get worked out one day. Maybe it'll mean nothing but at this point yossi how this should affects people man. There's a certain group of people who took it. It was thrown at them and they used it and now they use it in his their fucking word. I'm sorry to tell you like that. But as their fucking where. I hate to be like that but it is our work and then you have a group of people who just don't say it just fucking say it. That's all can get this worked out. It's a simple rule. We don't know where to go with this but we know where we'll go if you say you know what i'm saying. No i know. I know and like i said prior to cnn. Well you know people will get angry and say whatever it is. The most hurtful thing was like Drop that as he was walking away and it was casual. This is not at all. I know this is. This is part of his lexicon. This motherfucker has said it before. And and i would not be surprised and you can only and this is what you have to suffer and did you have to wonder. How did you use it in the past you could say man. I think i'll i don't know that right. You should do shit down. Said that i don't know you. Yeah man i'm telling you it's it's it's it's it's it's bag of worms that are you know a that that that nobody wants to deal with. So what do you think he does from here. Because because i'm thinking either he waits it out or more than likely. He decided to go on a kid. Rock that's not gonna help you know what i mean. But it'll give him an audience. At this point i think and even kid rock proudly say kid rock. Ain't that crazy where he's like lightning rod. I don't think i'm gonna let you own. I don't have faith brother. It's not an people clear confirmed the white person is not. This is just an average tree. It is not that hard to simply say. I don't say words all the time. Like i said i don't use the f. word even casually out even you know there's certain things i just don't want to say i just i mean there's no reason to right. Yeah i mean. I know and then people will say they will slip up and do things behind the scenes. That is why. I say man with this guy right now. If you want to know where to go from here the best thing to do at this point especially the gone kid rock. I do believe that iraq would not want him at this point. 'cause like man you just got too much heat on you right now just to what everybody else does man. I don't know why should be punished for the rest of the light. Because we're mad. Right now i do believe and somebody learning lesson. And they've proven that they can't learn that lesson then we go to the next level you. This man is truly sorry and he's. He's apologized several bucket again. If you truly sorry let us be the one man. Let's see if you get your shit together. You know and just at this moment you just have to suffer the consequences of laying low. I'm sure somebody's going to work in. These companies are saying look. We don't want to deal with him but that's going to be. Somebody says you know what it's been time it's been yet or they're working with him on the side that somebody you have a publicist. You have an agent. You have somebody from the record company saying you know what we're working with the we got you this. This is what happens so just shut the fuck up lay low. Don't get in trouble at let let us do that. Let's do what we do. Let us take care of this in when the time is right and it's not going to be when you want it and we hell you right tell you the time is right the next when you come out and i don't know maybe gotta get you to pick up trash on the road. Maybe need to get you to play. Just little little shows little honky. Tonks is bars here and maybe a mental a little black kid or something. It's too bad because this guy was on. The he was on the rise man. Don't want this shit because you don't want that rednecks shit on them. They got too many country stars. Who are of color coming in right now. Shut the fuck up as be at the end of the day. That's what it goes down to shut the fuck up. Shut the fuck up. Stay off twitter. You'll be and i know if you want to hear me say. This guy deserves another chance. I think he does not now. Let them prove himself. We have a long that takes but right now yeah you deserve all this shit you get sorry takes no nothing else. You see how this shit works out for every by stop. God damnit. Don't do sic today when you say you're sorry you're sorry you got caught. We need to feel you. Sorry we got shit all right. I'm sorry i know it's easy if you don't like country. Music is easily like well. Fuck this guy. He deserves it all. But when somebody who's music you like or somebody you care about like well you know. Give them a chance. But i do think like i say anybody can have an off night but this doesn't sound like just enough night. He's done this before. Yeah and if you learn anything pichu as do it again. you know. we'll see man. Let's see we this people. Just let's also take a time to reflect on ourselves to. I'm not doing this shit. We're just like peace and harmony everything. Let's just not always wanted like like former mob and always want to see somebody taken taken down permanently. Man listen to have a chance to redeem themselves but we got it k. Beal near-term has to be at the right time on the right terms. That's all man but we learned today. Shut the fuck up or you know. Don't be a shitty person. Even aren't even know. He's completely shitty person upped. She's not like an evil person personnel. He brought utilize black. People is just that made out of control even drinking you. You get tons of a bad publicity and all this shit right here. I wanna make people angry missa. Stop rehab other good night and the neighbors good night. Yeah you gotta wonder like. Who was he talk into that whole story. Who's he talking to talking to this phrase that he's had a night on the town right i mean. Is this frenzies calling. Yeah i mean. I don't think it was. It was racist racist that time. But it's should have been fucking saying you know so Anyway maybe some help drinking and nachman crazy shit. Maybe need to put his ass in half a little bit. Yeah it seems like all. His troubles cinema around bars and drinking. And if that's the case perfect spin tell you how you handle this right now. Footage of him drinking. Pull him going crazy. Pull footage of him stumbling his ass up to the to the house that night right there. A what you say is that this man has been a lot of stress. What his recent success. He's he's been in demand The habits that he had before he even got famous picked up and now he's going to rehab very sorry for what he's done and when he comes out. He swears to be a better person because he will have a clear. Mind as i spend this and after plus is antibiotic for hours now. We know he's still living in the backwoods o'clock at him making kiss girling without going See some meals. It's not right. it's not right but that's the thing you neighbors when you start become famous the people watch you man you gotta watch yourself is crazy today. I don't think is right. But yeah yes. Maybe i should be like a handler man. I should be the wolf. Such sprite right. I know how to spend this shit right after. He does something like that. You go to the neighbor's house and kill them. Pay them off. Yeah bob some newer bedsheets bedroom set. You like oak. Let's see take my take. My mouth comes off. Look at this is stevenson. So i know while hype is hell for the gods delivers king kong month but being a relatively new toasty was warning. If you guys ever got around to reviewing schengen zillah aguirre thoughts on it. I've seen some of shin guards asking about half of it. Yeah love to hear your thoughts on the movie and y'all keep doing the dance thing. Stay toasty. I need to finish watching the man before i do that. S godzilla he's a villain. He don't give a shit he's it's weird because so much of it in the early part i was like so god's zillow going to show up and i was like oh beck. Creature was evolving into godzilla. This whole time. okay No i think it's very interesting just the way. It's all about the government's response Bureaucracy and ain't getting shit done window. Zoa go zero. He's coming let's see Christopher rights christopher right this is zack on talking about so a man here say say cory. I thought it was ironic. That you mentioned little uzi vert had better not get into a fight with that diamond embedded in his head because he's known for being bold and public really two years ago. He rolled up another rapper and fought them at a public starbucks. Now just bullshit you can see the news report you put it in here. Cpi zagging. i'm talking about. And then people get mad at starbucks is throw into black dudes out but excuse an epidemic should. He should've star But there's i'm talking about people say he walked up and some people starbucks like in the middle of the day started Start shit with some people in Fight broke out. Come on out. Y'all some these lasts a long time and in the case of lows enrich the kid can go on for three years it all started when slander dj dramas imprint instead of signing fridge. The kid well this weekend. The three year feud was reignited at the philadelphia for the roots picnic. We're both rappers. Proposed education started on just spread. Got a rock and into sports performed. The physical altercation started on the street and continued in starbucks. Well that's one way to get things brewing up on ridge the kid in broad daylight outside an unknown establishment now let's remember hasn't been shy about his from carson amount concerts or putting lucy cloning. The distracted friends rich seem ready for work. I love when a rap is put mock violence and videos kidnapping fake rich seem ready for war but the receipts tail. Another tale one. Onlookers video shows standing on a street corner. Talking to rich who stand behind. Barricades talk things later. Escalate to a dash down the street. The two of interest in starbucks risky can be seen escaping behind. The counter. Must've been interesting day at work for the employees. Okay pull their. She would a fucking diamond in your here. That's what i'm talking about. Like i said it'd be better embedded in there because that should dangling let one then punches hit you in the wrong that diamonds flying off. Yeah and even the person thought she was not going to be the one get. It's gonna be one of the negros on the size. You may lead to see him no more well. It could work as a good strategy because your opponent is going to be focused on the diamond. So as long as you're not going this way you know what a hit them and a dodge inning onward late late then that is going to be a couple of hits a couple of combos fucking dime get. I think it'll just go on and everything in that dumb is going to slide across the floor and somebody's gonna be like pm man. This is the kinda shit i'm talking about. You can't be doing this. And also have a fucking diamond dangling your head. Well we'll see what should be the one. Yeah that is true. She might as well just grilled glue. There should millionaire it up. It would be better at least a sturdy. Lsu fighting battles initiative. Let's see canal. Williams been given us this year for the last three days so last year there was a show called p. belly based on a play called pussy valley. I know this is the show that was Effects wasn't fx. maybe stars. You're right. I think it was seem like stars. I think you're right. I think stars explores the unseen lives of hardworking strippers and mississippi. Also celeb. that also celebrates the raw beauty of the craft without sugar coating the challenges it also. It also gives an original spin on the cliche stereotype. Black people something you've been vocally criticising as you should for a while with hollywood films slash. Tv content is in the same house hustler. Strip-tease and the players love boat way better with more originality. He actually put the dramatic pause unpredictable and well written. I know you're busy watching fish. Yeah that's right. I thought we were gonna talk about that today. Now we have so much stuff to do. You had some four episodes in. And i'll wait and our even talk to you about it. I'll wait yeah. I know you're busy watching with other films. But when you've got a chance i highly recommend hope you watch and review it. It's only eight episodes in one hour. Oh dang but it goes by fast if anybody wants to see what this is like. Yeah i just don't have stars. I usually get when american gods comes on but then after everything that's going on firing orlando jones and how they don't have the same show runners anymore and you boy. Mass is not going to be on there anymore. what's he supposed to be on their think. So american gods yeah thought it was already on you but you not only now. I mean you heard about him. Oh yeah i gave. That's look a monday night. I said i'm gonna get his man been not benefit doubt. I said i'm not gonna say anything. Because i don't wanna i don't wanna judge him by looks 'cause that's what everybody was doing and now anybody from the qatar player for biscuit to trent resident saint fuck that no man i mean. Here's a thing like this coming out now. I was like well. She always talked about how she was abused by partner and he was famous boyfriend. And why did nobody bat an eye back. When she was eighteen and he was seventeen he was thirty eight thousand nine thousand nine hundred nineteen. That's legal but i'm still like so. Yeah when she was like yeah. I was abusing all this. I was like well. Yeah honey makes you. Were crazy thinking about him. Being looking weird. I was just like this whole thing felt shady from the beginning. Yeah i i mean look people say stuff all the time and i try not to say anything but people a people are saying. Yeah he's fucked up in also the other thing that's messed up about. Some of these people. Like yeah i mean when he used abuser and people who were what did you say you know. This is a different time. People say they said stuff to each other but they were like. Who's the authority report this to. Yeah but if. I were reported. And she didn't back it up. Then where am i ain't looking good for a marilyn manson over there and he sounds like he's really is kind of a shitty person. People are coming out and saying it's bad news man. Yeah she was dropping details and then other women start coming up. It's like yeah. this is over. Yeah he's done apple done. Because i did say that. The numbers of people taking sides. And like i said i just don't know i always take that approach. Sure i don't know if you don't like that's my default going in anything. I don't know but i did say i would not be surprised because i really say that. His money said i hate the way the music industry in the movie industry. They cover that. They've been coming up for years. Yes i read a whole big thing about this famous director of photography on all these great movies who does great work and he's a registered pedophile and And he was a member of the academy of arts and sciences and it was just one of these things where nobody knew nobody nobody check and he had been convicted twice. God damn yea today but they hit their ship for longtime and some celebrities openly you know. Celebrate it these people so i. That's why i said man if it if it's true it makes even more disillusioned with the industry makes pissed off because they they know what's going on. Be back like so shocked to bill. My god this guarantee a lot of people do not even people just worked with him of people dead hired him people that enabled him. Probably look at anyway. Like that's weird that's him. This is the valley right here. Got earth thing main me. We'll show name autumn night. Got potential join ready because this up with some pop up pop up somewhere. I don't know. I don't know if it will but let me let me get taking a risk not heard about this. I heard it was kind of cool like the club. Owners like a transvestite. Owner of the club Well not but. I ain't taking chance bet this before. Oh here's the picture. I wanted to show you of clearance times amid i was saying i want to show you picture clarence thomas and we got caught up in something else but this pictured somebody. Somebody left a comment. That had me laughing about this. This is the picture they use for article about his crazy his wife and it says here this is his wife looked like she stepped up behind him and stuck a nice lewd right up his accent and a yeah. His wife is insane man. It's crazy let's see any Crusade crusader spell like a rapper k. r. s. ada crusca acorn martin as kusak ablaze. I've seen the check the chat core. I've been watching the expanse since heard on the show so the burden on the shutting to put it in here on the show a while back that you liked it. I just finished watching the season. Five finale and i find this show is brought up enough. It seems underrated. Or maybe it's just me wondering if you've been keeping up with the show and if so what are your thoughts on it now. No for two reasons one. I was watching it with my wife. And she just she was just she she she can make a mind about it. Yeah she's like. I wanna watch silva watching. I don't know if i like it or not. Unlike i'm in this. I love this show. So i don't want to leave her behind but i now want to have to but also i'm watching so much so many shown. Yeah but the the expansive. Y'all haven't seen expanse on it. Man who was on Sci fi first on amazon now on sci fi and then it went to amazon amazon. Picked it up and you can even tell where bud budget got up a little bit and everything. But it's good even without being on amazon senators links to the season do they Okay great emails links. Matter of fact. They've emailed us links to the last couple of episodes of the stan and i've been debating whether check around. Yeah i got the those links to the him and she likes to stand. Yeah even know when the last episode of a bad episode. Yeah once they got the vegas i was like. I don't know about this crazy. Shit all in mitchell's versus the machines. Been watching this. We already showed this trailer while bags from luke kidwell. We talked about this. It was called it. Was that movie the one about the machines that take over the animated movie it was called. Something else connected. It was called connected. Oh yeah yeah. Yeah yeah yeah. And i change it to the mitchells versus the machine. Or they changed the title of it. Oh okay tourists. Sitton assis- corona cisco. Okay let me see. I read it on. Phrase says corona was praised. How great watch movies at home has been. I was against it. Especially since i had an. Amc list account record three movies and theaters a week but bucks a month. I can see how you'd be upset of mr evans. I replaced my eleven year old. Tv with the new q. Led last month. I'm starting to see the fault in my ways. Whenever i get some surround sound setup may be fully on team to wash new movies at home your about to get another. Tv man we just about that time we get the tv get a four k o led acuity. One of those. And i was the day before. Yesterday i saw a sixty five inch. Tv on sale for three hundred and thirty eight dollars as probably led is pry. Four k led saying you don't want to get led. You don't wanna get daily. No you know you wanna get q. Led own led a little pricier. But it's going to last a little bit longer inequalities better now i know this because i just learned. I'm not yeah. I'm not a big tv person. But they do say led. That's so all right. Don cheadle yeah. I had this system at home. Let me see here get a q. L. e. d. r. sony q. Led now. i looked at the sony. Those a fucking expensive Let me see here. See this queue. Led that means it has more led nobody'll initiative let me see here in the fargo in the fargo year a in those teams again cheap. I'm gonna check talking about how you know. The tv again cheaper Let's see here. I don't watch. Tv nobody asks you know. See see here by that plasma sheath. Nah i'll take my eighty to eighty two inch. Led over sixty. Five inch led for two times the price any day. Maybe that's a good thing. I don't know See here right so my wife is trying to give me a do a project. I'm like i'm not going to do a project. You got the backyard for it. Well that's true random. What okay random random african. what's your email me. He says you ever gonna ask them my email. What is your email. Golden globes fucking up. They nominated jerry leto over doorway lindo. Hey corey i want to know if you any thoughts. On the golden globes controversy. the apparent lack of diversity. Nam's one nine one night in miami only getting director and supporting actor no best picture nor debt screenplay defy fob and getting s- Actor supporting actor director. My rainy only getting two nights yet trial of chicago. Seven and make are leading. The norms on are the nam's lovecraft country not get any tv nomination not like the near end of love country. I love the early episodes near the end up. I was not that crazy about it on a side. Yeah i did. I liked it all the way through. Yeah i know. I know a few people do i just by the end of it. Just like Yeah man this is why the awards shows a bullshit and is why everybody's still top them all the time. All the time award shows of all kinds that bullshits even the you know. Yes the lack of diversity there and you've got to always constantly kick him and asked to remind them but there's always some nominations some snubs or something that don't make sense true a shows a bullshit man and if it weren't for people who got him in didn't help to business i would. I would just write them off completely. But yeah man. I you know. I don't know man yet. Derek lindo should definitely have gotten a nomination just a nomination fucking you know. Yes one nine. Miami should best direct even best picture. It's not that many have some disa- movies out there. But that was a that was that was up like oh. This has been a year for great black movies. Yeah wash like lashio. Uncut gems man. I was one percent behind. Adam sandler really was. I really do think that they pulled that shit of like we just like the movies and fought the man. He was great. Great let's see here. yeah anyway. Random african i minimum. Sorry i'll tell you. I read next time. You'll be we about to get out of here. Let see here She got a best director. She should absolutely all right. Buddy appreciate everything that you've done for us do more go to patriotdepot dot com four slash double toasted and warm and toasty with this. Get hot and buttered greasy down. And then we'll get your hot dog. Golden brown and that will give you a lot of bonus stuff and blue next streams viewing parties animation. Coming up so we appreciate everything you guys are doing force thank you so much thank you also go to. Our time is a go to our go to our twitch page over here in subscribe. Oh you know what. I gotta do for you. Guys go Real quick we'll do this very quick manage to pull. Let's do this very quickly. New poll and we can outta here. But i'll do this while i'm leaving Because you guys are tell you gave subs we do this. What should be the next van. Movie review What was it a roller ball. That rollerball bowl trip Stevens ago it was all ready to die. Some shit. what isn't half. And it was something in half. But i couldn't put it together. It's a bit What was the last war. Shh l. Spice world spice world. Let that one last on purpose vice work. I know you do not like the spice world goofy alright. Everybody as we tell you our good byes will wait for the poll to be done in right now. Looks like shit. If i spice where it was up there damn spice world isn't say boat trip though trips and martin. That's what you said. yeah. But i'm happy winning. I just too often. These results get upset. Yes they do. Spice world is in second place. Hr while we do that. We'll say goodbye to you. Let me see cool man. Gene dot com casey nc at dot com email questions comments compliments insults input and advice. Hit us up on. Social media is grim faced and to taking all your emails mark dumps. You find me on twitter and instagram. At martin underscore no pro or search among tom's on facebook search for austin texas when the time is right which means it. Say rone's out there. Don't bother me. Try dr you love. You wanna live so. Please let us know what your plans are. Coomassie what he moving awesome. Just passing through all right folks. L'oeil christie's juicy herman but we gotta wait for the poll to be done. Like boat. trip is winning both trips. Don't pull it through. Thanks so ray crisp juicy. Herman but right now i would say to. You is good night the morning to evening whenever you're listening to a watching this goodbye and stir trek meal with those things all right folks. We're going to ray crispy juicy herman while we wait for the poll to go down a long pole. I'm just gonna say is gonna be boat trip. I think that's going to be but what we'll do is we'll bring krista juicy herman's up you mr rubin seven over here areas after jack's oh right now this poll i polls and polls troy video game. Paul not movies all right. So i'm just gonna say that boat. Trooping actually do a rate though read mr rubin. Dvd i played. I i play. I haven't played dead by. Jesus i've played dvd daylight on streaming in a bit by do play the from alteration adding is. I'll be playing that again the future now. I'll definitely. I'll definitely do that. Concrete genie sherpa country. And i'm just gonna say trip it not coming back on gain. You should begin very soon. Christopher juicy herman all right so we got scott. Pilgrim romo toys. To the rate mark passages chucky stealing stealing cats it's terrible sterile. Ambulance got the guy on my fucking phone. Receipts a very very good stream. I'll be sure to check it out. After i finish my own tonight did did i let him do his thing and Now we're going to get out of here so thank you martin. You walk out there. Oh we were supposed to make the nassar. We might be doing a show earlier. But i'll remember to say this tomorrow. You might be doing shows earlier now. Starting around seven thirty to eight hundred. So we'll talk about that later are i. Guess we'll see you later. 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