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Gene Bill page making an appearance with where. You've been what I've been right here. I've moved in two months. This is what he said. I would center around the world and I don't have a new button on the sports tradition. Make God go the release buddy. Cincinnati bengals today is expected by. At least it's come towards tension. The New England Patriots might have an opening at the quarterback position. So let's go round. That Horn Dalton is available Cam. Newton has been available for over a month currently on roster Jarret Stidham. Brian Foyer and Bill Bell Dog Sarahspain. You've got thirty seconds to convince Bella Check on Dalton or maybe Newton or sticking with stem and and Nike. The Dog. Go ahead. I got no problems with sticking with Nike Dog. That's for sure. It's obviously a risk to go with. Jared's didn't who says unproven as the is backed up by JED BY BRIAN. Hoyer but I don't. I don't think there's that much of a difference between Hoyer Dalton right now who has been seriously slipping in recent years. I also think financially. It's just not reasonable to expect the Patriots to go out and get these names that people keep saying they have one point seven million cap space right now. Andy Dalton was sent to earn a base of seventeen and a half this year cam. Newton's coming off a twenty year average salary. They might WANNA take Jameis Winston deal but I sincerely doubt it and I think the Patriots want to show you that. They can draft at this position the way they have recently and that they're going to be fine and if it goes terribly wrong. Guess where they'll be sitting next year with some pretty Nice quarterbacks on that draft Mark Sarahspain Bill. Plachy what do you? How do you advise him? Though I can't see belching tanking for a draft pick at all I see them desperately needing backup quarterback dolls. Not The answer. He's another Hoyer but I think Cam Newton's answer I don't understand I still don't understand why they don't talk to Cam Newton. They can bring them in there. Yes it'll be Jameis Winston type of make good contract a lot less money than what nunes making. But it's a lot more than he's making right now on the open market and he'll have a chance in time to Rehab. His body heals chance to rehab his image. You can chance to work in the Patriot way. Work with Josh mcdaniel. So I think it's a IT'S A. It's a win win to get Cam Newton in there. That's the answer to them. You think you can make the money work in New England with just that one and a half million and cap space interesting. Woody page now. Here's your big chance. What are you telling Bill Belichick? Well tell these. Two panelists tours steamed that. They're both wrong. We're looking at it from the standpoint of the Patriots. I'd rather look at it from the standpoint of the two quarterbacks why would they want to go to New England and be third street or second-string and really have to compete for a starting spot? Why don't you hear Andy Dalton or Cam Newton? You don't have to take one point seven million dollars. You could actually wait. We know that they're going to be starting quarterbacks in the League they're gonNA get hurt and they could be brought into camp halfway through or start the season. Don't you think that based on history the NFL guys get hard backups? And starters and I would just hold my ground if I'm one of them or both of them and say I'm GonNa get a chance. They're going to have to pay me my money to dolls bill as a possible destination because he ever history with Jay Gruden who was the OC there. But what is New England? Or what are you going to answer the question here? What is New England? Do they stick with what they look around? During the course of training camp find somebody that is cut by team. We're still take these you know. Once they always say in law and order the judge I'll allow page L. Allow your ad so you know you beg to disagree but begging disagrees with you. You're going to get the points and we'll move on by ourselves here. We go gras says now he was joking then what you said he got the buccaneers Flav. Vote two weeks before actually joining the team. Woody I'll start with you around the horn. Which do you believe that I believe in the latest crop? I I think that he was joking to a group of people just like the three of us joke when someone asks us at a party when we go to one. What do you think Tony Reality? We'd go that's exactly what he did. He got the play laid. He's just having fun that's what he does in life. That's what he does what he comes back to. Football don't flashy. Oh what a surprise. Woody two players air. America's most cheating franchise would cheat. Of course he's not telling the truth. Of course he got the playbook for weeks ago. That's when Brady sign. I'm sure the minute he signed said here. Here's the playbook. What do you think complete with me? I don't think do anything about. It seems very petty right now and irrelevant the bigger picture. But let's let's don't be naive. Let's don't be naive cheating. I'm sure you've got latchkey. Says after say it's announcing it with being neon letters? Okay Sarah Spain would still sounds pretty. Yeah I mean we do know that Gronk right after Brady sign with Tampa Bay started to have those calls. See if he wanted to join into. It's not out of the question particularly as bill points out. Because this is America's cheating franchise. I also think it's very possible. He was joking. The setup was sage. Deal asking him know. Joe Boroughs got the playbook for the bengals book weeks before being drafted has it memorized and he said well. I already know the bucks playbook and I didn't even writing wasn't even on the team yet. This sounds like a very good thing. He also said. I hope it's made up of drawings so I know what I tend to agree with you. Sarah. America's most cheating franchise or you're trying to trademark that or or Spain is that everybody knows it gets truth all right well. Spain's getting the point and everybody knows bill. He's getting his picture taken freeze. Y'All Sarahspain woody pays here. We go off Brett. Farr saying now after talking to Aaron Rodgers bed he wouldn't be surprised. Rodgers wound up playing somewhere else. Other than the packers and everything. That's gone down this off season in what is put in motion. Everyone's all over this because it's so juicy how it just kind of looks like it did twenty years ago with Barbara Ann Rogers Sarahspain. I'll ask you first. You believe this intrepid reporter Brett Farr. With the scooby has rogers could leave. I absolutely do. We said I talked to him. I'm not going to say what we talked about. But I can see why he'd be very disappointed and I think he's going to play somewhere else. Okay Brad while. I'm pretty sure that's probably what you talked about that. Not In the next two years. It's cost prohibitive for the team and for them but between those two year after that when they can get a look at love and they can get cap space back for my thing. He goes elsewhere. Yes Sir you're absolutely right because who does end up with the same team in the Tar Career Philip Rivers. No Tom Brady now. Peyton manning no so the greatest moving on so why would he move on? And I'm sure that far was the one pushing the scenario saying I think you need to go somewhere else just like I did worked out where almost went back to the Super Bowl. So Yeah I believe as Sarah does and you can give her the credit about. Why don't you give us each have I would like to have? Is that what you want? Sarah Goshi ending mentioned era split. I'll take what he's negotiating. Power here you have fifteen seconds of facetime very goal Sarah. You're going to have a win. Fifteen seconds of facetime. If anybody's seen this beyond say Meghan the stallion remix. How is this dropping what we can't go anywhere celebrated and danced together to it? I'm going to go to the park. I'M GONNA blast it dance by myself to go right. And that's fifteen seconds page. You talk yourself into a half a win. Go ahead yeah. Everybody's criticizing Brady even grog. But let's give some credit to Tom Brady. He was involved in the all in challenge and there was an auction for either going to work out with a or going out to dinner with him and somebody bid eight hundred thousand dollars. I think that was a grand accomplishment for Brady and for the bidder if you will and the and the charity now even thank you. It's good to be back stat. Keeping here Sarah Record in what is now up to what a quarter of a win. This is just incredible. How about thirty percent win one hour fifty minute break guys tomorrow? I want you to tell me what these parties not closing the show.

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