NFL Draft: Round One Reveals


With the twenty-six pick in the two thousand twenty NFL draft the Green Bay Packers Select Jordan Love quarterback Utah State. That was the sound of what was probably the most surprising moment last night's NFL draft. Well that in the scene at Titans head coach Mike Rebels House to Tango. Loa ended up where he was expected to land. All along in Miami there were still plenty of shockers in the first round. Espn's Mike Golic. Junior joins us to break down the most interesting picks and the ones that didn't happen. I mean it comes. It's Friday April twenty fourth this is espn daily. All right. All right so Mike. We thought there might be some shockers involving the quarterbacks but in the end after so much discussion over whether to might slide whether Justin Herbert would be drafted before him to it ended up in Miami and Herbert was taken by the chargers. The actual shocker. We'll get to those guys in a second. But the real surprise was Jordan love the Utah State quarterback going to Green Bay at Twenty Six. What was your immediate reaction? Can I get a camera on in Green Bay right now? Like Aaron Rodgers head to be hot coming off of that one because Jordan love. I think we all kind of wear the same place as a ton of upside with that pick. Potentially a crazy arm to work with probably GONNA be a couple of years away which is fine but Aaron Rodgers has three years left on his deal. I believe in extension that he signed and that offense needs plenty of help. You could've used a tackle Brian. Baga you can certainly use more weapons to try an arm your hall of fame quarterback with when you were a team that was a game away from potentially being a super bowl contender so i. I really didn't understand that one and I thought you on our draft broadcast tonight us. The best term opportunity costs seemed to be the big L. for the packers. There I think the confusion there is not only over. You know we'll win is stored in love actually going to start. Aaron Rodgers has multiple years left on his very large contract. This is in a Philip rivers or drew brees situation where we might actually see him sitting for a year learning behind the veteran and then coming back or coming in rather that's a question and then the other one is boy they really didn't weapon for Aaron. You know and I think that's what most people expected them to do in the draft. There were still some really talented receivers on the board. I didn't see packers fact pans reactions to the pig that I imagine. They were pretty stunned. Yeah and like you said this is a year where I understand the wide receiver draft. You could argue that because of the depth of the class you can get something closely resembling what you want in the second round. How maybe even into the third round but with that being such a pressing need and let's be real like we don't know even in a world where quarterbacks are playing well into the forties we don't know necessarily how long the window stays as open as it seems right now for the packers not capitalizing there. I think is going to be something that haunts in this year. In the packers picking later on in the second round means they could miss out on some of those by receivers. Let's get back to to rid the fifth pick in the two thousand twenty NFL draft. The Miami Dolphins select to a Tunga quarterback Alabama. So like you said after so much conversation and also Mike whether or not Miami would have to trade up potentially into the third or four spots. They sat there and they got the man they've been with a long. How do you like the Fifth Miami? I like the fit with Miami. I think as much as I would like to sit with anybody right like too. Outside of Joe Borough was the one prospect that I think we all agreed from a football standpoint. Does all of the things you want a quarterback to do well. He's extremely quick when it comes to processing. He's got an arm. That maybe isn't going to blow you away but can make all the throws and I think just as important as anything for me with Miami. Is You drafted Austin Jackson at offensive tackle at USC? Later in the first round. You're going to try and bolster that position. You made some picks their last year. But it's still a work in progress and I think the best thing to a does with his mobility is not run of the four quarterbacks that we saw drafted in the first round he had V fewest Russia's on scramble or design runs last year in college football but what he does is get himself away from pressure really well and we know that is part of going to a bad team as a quarterback of the top end of the draft and so I think that standpoint probably helps Miami the most if he does see the field in year one or even in the year to the quarterback who was drafted after him. Justin Herbert does run and he runs very very well. I actually think it's one of his strongest attributes. Aside from his powerful arm in Los Angeles. He gets a coach. Anthony Lynn. Who has worked with mobile quarterbacks in the past there Kerr starter tyrod Taylor and him had a great dual threat attack in Buffalo. So I imagine the offense that they would Taylor for Herbert would be very very different from what we sell. Philip rivers operate last year. What do you make of the situation? Herbert's walking into and do you think he starts immediately or sits behind tyrod for awhile I think. Ideally he would sit behind tyrod and what you just mentioned there with that offense in combination. And what he can do. Not Having the necessarily Taylor at to just one of those quarterbacks right like in theory with that you can run and operate a very similar offense with tyrod as your starter and you've brought this up and I think rightly so tyrod is a guy who mentor is very well understood for him. That's probably not ideal. He would like to start. But you're in a quarterback room that's going to be conducive to learning for a backup and conducive to playing to that strength of our. If the first reids not there we can get down and we can use those legs. We can build in some of those design plays for you to maximize the strength early while you build and try and make sure that the rest of those gifts that went under developed in an Oregon offense that was not friendly. One for quarterbacks start to develop towards the NFL level. Mike this is the third time in the common draft era. That three quarterbacks were taken in the top six last time was nineteen ninety nine however only four were taken in the first round. Were you surprised that another quarterback wasn't draft last night? I think I was surprised but almost a bit relieved right like we tend to see the quarterback market always sort of accordion together and bring guys into the first round. That don't necessarily I hesitate to say deserve to be there but merit based on their skill when you looked at the guys that were outside of that top four Jacob Jake from maybe a Jalen hurts out of Oklahoma I think with all of them. There are enough flaws that you're gonNA have to work around. That made them more of a project than the first round. Should have to or be willing to take on again kind of going. Back to the packers Aaron Rodgers Point. I don't think you want to spend that kind of draft capital on a guy who's not gonNa help you right away. New certainly going to need that kind of time to develop so after the Jordan love pick. I think the other big surprise of the night was that Henry rugs the Alabama wide receiver was the first white out drafted overall stake. In by the raiders. Most people had him third behind Jerry. Judy who went fifteen to Denver and CD lamb. Who fell all the way to seventeen with the cowboys? Do you think it's a good fit with the raiders? And how do you like those other fits? Yeah it certainly seems. Like the most traditionally raiders. Pick possible. Right like Al Davis is somewhere smiling down saying take the burner take the forty time and run with it so I do like the fit. It's going to be interesting. Derek Carr hasn't had deep weapons like that in a couple of years now and as it was pointed out to us tonight by our resident Raiders Fan Jason Fitz. When he had some of those options like Amari Cooper and others he was willing to go down field that being Derek Carr can they make use of that an offense that was much more work work short across the middle of the field? And try and let guys get yards after the catch as far as the other fix. I Love Jerry Judy in Denver having that combination of receivers there with him in Portland Sutton I think gives drew lock a real chance to go out and be successful this year and my God. The Dallas Cowboys identity shift is fully complete now for a new put. A bunch of tight ends and run the ball down. Everyone throats with Zeke. Elliot offense to one. That's going to be going four and five wide and spraying it all over to these weapons between the aforementioned Amari Cooper Michael Gallup and now CD lamb in the fold there. I mean what a great world. Now for Zeke Elliot. Who was used to a lot of heavy box? Looks who's now going to get much easier spots to try and run through because everyone's going to have to worry about covering those receivers Dallas cowboys offense. That was already one of the most efficient offenses in football last year. I feel like Mike McCarthy's showed up and just gave himself a gift absolutely. I'll take one of those CD. Lambs all right after the break. Let's talk about some of the other big surprises in the draft. And of course your favorite unit the offensive line with the eighth. Pick in the twenty twenty. Nfl draft the Zona Cardinals. Select Isaiah Simmons Linebacker Clemson so Mike. We've talked a lot about ISIAH DEF- Isaiah defense. You know what keep that in because it feels right because it was going to say Isaiah Simmons who's a linebacker but also a safety but also a slack corner but really he plays defense. That's how he describes it summit projected him going as high as fourth overall to New York but he felt to eight with the Arizona cardinals which wasn't a position people expected Arizona target. But I don't think they expected him to be available there. How do you think he'll be used in Arizona and do you like that as a landing spot I do? I think when you look at that secondary and you're certainly familiar with a lot of those pieces as there are a lot of former Washington huskies in the Arizona secondary but I think adding him to that unit where to me. He always feels more at home. If you were GonNa try and peg him at one spot. I would much rather it be safety over a traditional linebacker type role that being said the hope is that they have the imagination to use him in the way that he deserves. Meaning you're right. Make him defense make him multiple. Make him the tight end equivalent for what you. WanNa do on defense you would never have asked Rob Gronkowski to just be in line blocker or just be a guy split out why the beauty of these kinds of athletes get to use them as chess pieces that can put the other side of the football and a compromise position. And I don't know of anyone is going to do that on defense. Potentially as well as Isaiah Simmons speaking of Rob Gronkowski. Isaiah Simmons is tight end neutralizer. He's also a great quarterbacks spy feeling Mike is that you don't even want to tag him with the position. You want to assign him players. If you're playing the San Francisco. Forty niners have him cover. George biddle always target the player playing the Ravens? He's on the Mark Jackson for example that to me is the best way to use a talent of that caliber. Just turn on some clemson tape. Like don't be afraid to say Brent. Venables is really good at his job. Maybe we should steal some of the things he did with this freak of nature so there weren't that many trades in the first half of the draft actually born to Adam schefter. This is the first time since two thousand fifteen that there wasn't a trade in the top ten but one of the trades later on was intriguing was the Tampa. Bay buccaneers. Were the forty niners arbitrate? They're going to trade with the Tampa. Bay buccaneers Tom. Brady's books are moving up one slot to come up this draft. They're still tackle on the board trading up just a slot to get there right. Tackle tristen worse and it was after. The three offensive tackles many grouped with him. Andrew Thomas Jeter quills and MCI. Becton came off the board. What do you think of the order in which those players taken? Please draw on your expertise as a former offensive lineman. Yes now order. Wise may not have been the exact order I would have taken. I thought pure talent wise. Regardless of what side of the line someone plays on Jesuit wills was going to be the best offensive tackle in this draft. That being said I can understand the Andrew. Thomas Pick Very Clean Guy. Great player with a lot of pedigree from Georgia offensive line unit. That certainly has shelled out. Guys like one of my personal favorites. My large adults on Isaiah win. Who is now in New England so I understand that at the top but when we got down to Tampa it was interesting because you already had the physical freak. Mci Becton off the board and Jesuit wills at that point and so you're left with the last of the four. I think real sure things with Tampa Bay. We know protecting Tom Brady. Now is the priority. Add the Trent Williams market was going to be too rich for your taste and so moving and making sure. Alright I got the last of the four guys that we talked about all really in the mix for the first tackle potentially taken off the board tristen worse just a ton of ability there that if you can refine just a bit is a guy with all pro capability. One of the other surprising. Moments involving alignment was when the saints who took a center last year in the draft in the second round. Those Eric McCoy picked Michigan Cesar Ruiz at twenty four instead of a linebacker is a lot of people thought they might address. What did you make of that selection? The rich get richer. Like if you look in this draft overall San Francisco Getting Giovane Kim Law falling down to them and certainly for the Saints Offensive. Line has been touted as a strength for a couple of years. Now they added Ryan Ramczyk at right tackle. Not Too long ago. And you mentioned the Eric McCoy Pick Cesar. Ruiz is the guy who played center for Michigan. Last but has some garden his pass to his game can certainly slide there as it seems like a. Wofford is on his way out at the right guard spot there but I just think smart teams like this in the NFL. Draft tend to look and say all right. We don't have a desperate need really in anyone's spot. Why don't we continue to fortify the area of strength make it even better in what maybe drew brees his final year and ensure that we're going to give that offense the best chance to continue succeed with that as a strength speaking of very good teams? The chief said last pick in the draft and they took a running back Clyde Edwards Hilar- out of lsu instead of a corner. Mike you know how I feel about drafting running backs in the first round. What will you do for that offense? And I just WANNA say begrudgingly I share your tastes. Like is a former offensive. Lineman talking about downgrading the value of the running back position hurts my soul in a very real way that being said. Clyde Edwards Allaire may not have been my rb one that was probably Andrea Swift. But I don't know if you could tailor a better fit to what. Kansas City does on offense very similar. Quite frankly to a Clyde Edwards Allaire was dealing with Lsu more five-man protections than any offense in college football last year. A guy who is maybe the best pure pass catcher of any of the running backs in the group this year and who can operate really well in some of those zone running plays those blocking schemes. That aren't gonNA make a ton of use of tight ends and multiple bodies like that in the middle of the field. I love him as a fit. And that offense now. Multiple weapons on every level good luck. I hope you can get to the passer Patrick Mahomes in two seconds because if not that ball is in the hands of someone very dangerous. Who's likely got one of the only one on one match ups on the field good night. Was there anyone you were a surprise wasn't picked in the first round. I think sticking with Lsu Christian Fulton and I understand when you're watching the tape of lsu's corners last year. Your eyes are probably drawn. Derek Stanley Junior. Who is a future top? Five pick as a true freshman for them but Christian Fulton is a very good corner and one that I can't believe even at draft where I think we saw five or six corners drafted in the first round. He wasn't one of the names. Mike I think perhaps the biggest surprise as I'd from Jordan Levin Henry Rugs and these is of Cliff Kingsbury House. Good Lord was that nothing really went wrong I mean there couple minor glitches but for the most part from a technological standpoint. This was pretty smooth. How did it feel to you? It did it felt very clean and I want to give a hat tip to our coverage of the WNBA draft last week. I looked at that as a production lock done largely by our folks and I said all right everyone involved in that process from the TV broadcast side. To the teams making picks. The commissioner all seem to operate pretty smoothly after some practice in that spot. We know and we heard very often about how much time the NFL spent practicing this week. So it seemed to pay off and I think the lack of trades that we really saw the first round probably aided that to some extent but for the most part there who knew that all of these guys in their rooms with various people in Winnebago's in the park in the driveway or while the other twenty five screens that Schneider has going on somehow managed to pull this off all right. Thanks so much. Get some sleep. I'll talk to you tomorrow. Thanks coming up. Could soccer returned soon in Spain? Here's another story. I want you to know the. Nfl draft has given football fans something to cheer for. There is still a lack of clarity around. How the actual seasons going to play out but in Europe football as in football football as in soccer appears to be on the precipice of coming back this week. The German football league announced that Bundesliga could restart as soon as the May ninth as long as they get a green light from the government. The head of the League's Task Force on the issue says they'd need to administer more than ten thousand Cova nineteen tests over a ten week period complete season as well as practicing social distancing monitoring and limiting gatherings now. This is being discussed there in large part because Germany has fought the krona virus with great success. There's actually been a decline there and confirmed cases since mid April so it might be more realistic to restart soccer there than it is in Spain. One of the hardest hit countries and yet Lolita one of the two main Spanish leagues is also considering a comeback. New York Times reported Thursday that the League is targeting. A June return. The Times got their hands on the guidelines. They've established for doing so and they are stripped. Clair's would have to go through a month long training protocol. They don't have to be tested. Of course and only allowed to practice together in small groups at first and any player who tests positive would be sent home to isolate states would also be tested as well. It remains to be seen if any of this can actually happen or if the players coaches and staffers would even comply but they have strong incentive to do so the League has said that calling off the season would cost teams more than one billion dollars. I mean it calms and this has been ESPN daily our show is produced by Alexander Hyacinth. Mike John's Steve Martin Ryan Intel Independent Eve. Trope Chris to Mellow and Erinvale special. Thanks this week to Russell. Danilo and Troy Farkas. I'll talk to Monday.

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