REShow: Deion Sanders and Ernie Johnson. Hour 1 (01-31-19)


orig- is on demand your show your schedule fifteen minutes after ball dot com check out the casts at richeisenshow dot com geico presents unhelpful home improvement how twos a slippery bathroom floor can result in expensive hospital bills so today i'll show you how to cook a serious fall by filling your bathroom without ends plastic balls just now a piece of plywood across the doorway and dump in two thousand multicolored plastic balls you could try to protect yourself with a bathroom full of plastic balls or you could get liability coverage through the geico insurance agency visit geico dot com and see how a ford -able renter's insurance can be welcome to this thursday of the rich eisen show live from the big game in the honda studio you just heard our guest list we're really happy for it we're really proud of it we got goats all over the place our last guest is going to be shocking and i'm going to get right to my i guess 'cause he's not only sitting here but he's one of my favorite people he does this show as a host on occasion and it's awesome every single time he does it his thirty for thirty dion double play debuts tonight on the worldwide leader in sports at ninety street time he is primetime himself you do them all what's going on brian does a good i know and you're great wisdom zoo i love when you do the show i love the due to show i love that but i hate lieven well then the good thing is we got a nice chunk of time right now before chunk of change oh really not that sean good it's its terrestrial radio oh so you know the drill so pardon me satellite so let's let's get into the fact that this is -lanta eleven okay this it is so beautiful man this is it is so dear to my heart it because i chose it was different when i came out into the draft because i had gone to a all american function here in atlanta in what i got to the city and went to the airport like dang we did a little thing at hospitals like dang start going around the city to dine into do the different things that we had i was like oh my god i had truly never seen african american people in such roles and positions in titles that never seen in my life it blew my mind you know city officials doctors lawyers political figures it blew my mind so i said that's why won't go because i knew do was i was not unapologetic brash i was going to be me and i felt like atlanta would at least understand me and i said i'm not going to you don't drive me i'm gonna play baseball if you do i'm not going there i'm not going there and sure atlanta pig out so have a to do and and i also love the story that you've told and if you would mind telling the audience here as well at the combine when you would be pulled into rooms and you didn't know which room you are being pulled into by which yeah yeah i was i was i was it'd come back in back in that day everybody was reaching for ages into hotel yeah everybody everybody structure you can't be in a hotel you can't be on the premises then it was everything was well some backing away from crowds and people trying to grab bag into this room in giants was there and it was the giants room and they had people sitting down taking these tests did they call these things oh yeah like the psychologist thing was debt dick man and i sat down and they gave me this thing what is this is this test we need you to take it i said oh what picker do you have there's like ten that'd be going vote in that'd be going waigel voted and and then let's just get into it here i mean bella check said he wants you run the forty at the combine and that you ran it and then ran into the tunnel and is it true it's not true okay you did not run into a waiting car and being no because i had more interviews than all of that no that story just grows it is it is it is not true i did everything did i was asked to do that and lift ain't do not of that because jay writes that they had laid cross my arms bench press you know i don't know where that comes of it you say that when you're watching the defensive backs wait reps of two twenty struggle fifty one up you're have you ever said man that guy would have got one more up you'd have been there and they play three cone drill this has nothing to do with nothing so i didn't do any of that stuff right yeah on all worked out and now is i've not been in the new house yet here's a youthful man is your banner up there at least we're learning that you're because you that was your house yeah they'll is one and it was a good house down it was a good house that was your house a home so i'd like to know if they're still some form of fashion yes yes we patched you some got to be some kind of price blasphemy if it isn't now this this thirty thirty tonight is just off good it is no it's not good it's great it really is but you know what i want rich calling me for years to do thirty thirty i'm sure you know and what does this do for me you go play it over and over you're going get from this so i wanna really blessed people so i want to just do the football when or just the baseball let's do one that really talked about what really transpired behind the curtain on a two sports one day so this this came about i didn't wanna do the normalcy thing let's do something because that day troubled me to day in e people still really don't know what transpired behind the curtains and i can't wait for everyone to see it and i'm still puzzled like my contract is over july the thirty first i'm still here and you made me to be the bad guy how does that happen that you made me to be the villain that i was being selfish and that's why love social media today athlete has his opportunity to our ticket himself 'cause you're magin if i would have been in era first of all coon goodness fun was i would have had sliding deanne and kim kardashian leg that your your instagram game is pretty on oh my whole social media attribute to rich because i wouldn't do it because the country do what you may think i'm very like you know i'm priming it today because this is called but normally i'm dea enrich knows that in in a really repluse when it comes to certain things and he talked me into the way he got me he said you know what you have you sent out an inspirational every morning long as i've known you imagine how many more people you could reach if you did this and that's what got me years ago he was oh my but but going on social gab and make sure that it was your name at dion sanders true you know gotta get that but the fact that i would teach you anything about branding you deal walk off a walk did attributed to us about it well i mean finally did it so so that the one day for those let's just delve into it a little bit and i wanna give the whole store way 'cause everybody needs to watch tonight at nine eastern on e._s._p._n. thirty for thirty the the day that we're talking about is the helicopter to go from one place to the other does it okay helicopter was to get to the jet right okay right i still don't know how to came about like i've never said to anybody eight man i need a helicopter to get down eighty five to get to the game i never see i don't know how to nixon helicopters on prague's ville waiting for me go what am i supposed to do i'm good driving traffic you had no idea who provided it who paid for it i know i didn't i don't i have no idea who provided that on a daily basis at the football practice but i know the two sports one day to even think about that it wasn't that i wanted to play two sports or one day it was that the fact that i'm getting ready to send mine balconies my beloved bow because football's my heart out there dan marino duper clayton in net more would that mean the secondary that's stupid and it's it to me selfish and i have a football country in now i got the brave and they mad at me and it's it's it's it's october the contract is long gone so i'm helping you and you had attitude with me i didn't understand that in it really it hurt me man it hurt me because it was like you doing so much for somebody that don't even respect you and they have no regard for the other team that you're playing with because they felt like this is our moment forget them well we trying to get to the playoffs too and i have a whole group of teammates over there that love me just as much as you love me and i got love for them so just not being there for them while i'm sitting on the bench for nine endings how explain that in that was the dilemma and it was tough he got two point where after i played in miami i really wanted to just take the playback atlanta's they forget you but kids adults whatever you start you finish whatever you start you finish and i had to finish plus your teammates are there to a made it's not like your teammates were the ones who are right and i loved them right multi and teepee terry pendleton and all glavin navy all those guys man was my guys dave justice gant limp dog limpkey i love those guys tonight it's what you never heard nothing on that transparent out of any my teammates it was just management and it bothered me it's the same thing by the way for t._v. i just wanna say that as well i'm serious i'll never forget when you first arrived at the n._f._l. network and i'd never really met you okay i covered you and i had watched you one of the first things you did and i'll say this mariucci's coming up in our number three it was me you and mooch for all those years okay doing the highlights and you just come off the field is a coach okay you had many years now of working at c._b._s. as well and obviously many decades of being prime and so we got on the set and mooch was on the end you were in the middle and i was on the left and you after we did one show where mooch was trying to figure out how to get in on our conversations or the highlights you came off the set and you're like why am i in the middle like if i'm on the mobile blood gut well i didn't know you were in the middle you wanted to be put me on the end through because mariuchi could just if he's out there on the end of the said he's gonna get lost nobody's going to hear from him maybe he's not gonna be in the mix and i'm like that is one of the most you know sharing giving a self-aware comments i've ever seen from any analyst and that is that's typical of you and i want that send typical thing that always emphasizes team team i mean i wouldn't be where i am today without a teen in that's on the field off the field with family with the kids i mean you gotta have a team in a truly believe in that in all aspects dion sanders here on the rich eisen show i guess let's get into this a little bit here superbowl fifty three working out great that's it right next question i love jerry gulf man can you imagine what this kid is dealing with all week he down it heating in the middle of the season he kinda sled even had a rough time edited the last game early on in now you gotta deal with brady man you gotta look over across the feeling noted this guy ain't no joke so they don't rush for two hundred yards in he doesn't throw at least two hundred yards which they never done abundant mcveigh two hundred two hundred is going to be a problem it's going to be a problem in throwing for two hundred yards is really simplistic but they have to rush to keep tom of field because tom is going to work they go score against that defense you don't think suing donald could provide the pressure for donal distract right hey ain't a man built in america to get a handle on right and sue decide that he wants to play in the playoffs god he wanted to play and he's bowling right but brady hadn't been sacked in turn feels maze getting rid of the bowl i mean this dude is unbelievable he's unbelievable it's going to be tough it's going to be tougher rams so you think the patriots when it's all said done no thank you okay can you pick against brady in one game test in bill china but he's he an he has lost is he's lost three times having one five thank you okay i just want to do it all right before i let you go you're speaking of column later today yes okay it's just to bring this gonna search his heart okay come into search everybody's talking about what the kids to do what he shouldn't do i've been in this situation is a little different because boeing i when it a little different because we could do both sports because of the position boca just show whenever you wanted to give him the ball he's still boat i fall out of bed and cover to this day i got at least a quarter a quarterback e can't do that the game does not allow him to miss half a season still be a quarterback how you gonna lead you can eat nobody nobody wants to see you have to season you're not there in the summer and the spring and fall you gotta be there so it's going to be tough he really has to make a decision but the decision really is not for us it's his heart i think the kid heart says football what advice would you give if it's football no what it vice would you give him as he's making this decision in his mind see his heart i don't tell them nothing until i know where he wants he tells me the course he wants to take in could beat the navigational system but i can't navigate him unless he possessed dressing that was good wasn't it yeah that that's a walk off mitt mobile what are you doing what are you doing but i have kids and he's crazy i had to partner with somebody that can consolidate dismiss and challenging status quo man take it on the big boys and say you know for twenty dollars we can handle this not try to get them to do it for twenty one and just give me the dollar over here branding branding yes let but they're doing a fantastic job i'm happy to be partnered with them because they're going to help a lot of you i know you run it up a phone i could tell right now the way you look in moment you you so she media guy right yeah you got all of the apps and all this stuff like what i'm celica met you need meant yeah you need people what i do he's got a thirty for thirty i don't sell i believe in it i believe in he get to phone i definitely need you two phones mint mobile with prime thirty for thirty dion so good one more thing i'm sorry no i just did this and i never done this before because you know i like really transparent but the little letter to myself right you gotta read that you gotta read that i'm i'm him in wish i am like like i'm really i mean i killed it thing i dug eat nate nate i won't got a real thing you got to read the letter to a seven year old friend is good at the player's tribune yes it is good and then you're on the air after the game right yes which means you're not on pre-game been that'd be on em do game as you stay in do polls game then i know you instead yeah that's not no on t._v. what are you talking about i'm every day but i'm talking about i miss being with while yell we're not i don't we don't get together seven or eight evident avary man we seven eight years just gone you just dipped on me you left i did not get on in the morning you also abandoned the brotherhood yeah the hair again i'm not looking good up on a need right now so that's all we got before ernie joints one last thing you know who i'm running against on saturday right you sane bolt stop rich rich why are you doing this to yourself emotional for run rich runs training though now i told you at blazers jim j. glazes not one training i he's not training you a felony zach gates who has done a great were originally just put his was waiting early it was wrapped were it's please played the footage while own here i post post you can't do it in there it is right there i'm boxing what is that gonna do they got nothing to do with ain't nothing never seen you sane box do none of that stuff i'm getting in shape finnigan i wanna see you starts and all they need to see that that's what i was getting involved in that which getting started you're going to be proud of me this year i'm proud probably every i know that but then i'm not i just you know it's going to be great then i wanna hug you this year really mean it it's going to have dion sanders everybody the honda green room the honda alleged from one atlanta alleging to another ernie johnson of turner sports us joining shots coming on later can't wait to chat with ernie johnson that you coming on dion sanders right here on the rich eisen show every car comes with its share stories that ding in your bumper when you nervously picked up your first date the luxury package you got after a big promotion or the mileage you save by riding your bike all summer while you can't put a price tag on your stories now with truecar you can at least find out what your car's worth when it's time to sell or trade it in just go to truecar simply enter your license plate number and watch how your car's details pop up then answer a few questions navigation and moon roof watches they bump up your value high mileage you already knew it was gonna cost you but now 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quarterly budget report with finger puppets here comes a one point seven percent decrease in fixed overhead hello everybody no i can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of dollars on car insurance guy go projected increase in organic three revenue believe it geico could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance hi welcome back to the rich eisen show and around applause please or my next guest who's kind enough to stop by early on tonight down the hall with the bucks raptors seventy sixers and warriors eight p._m. on t._n._t. seven p._m. when they're gonna announce the all-star reserves to go along with the starters that we know and kind enough to stop by the high on onto insider report good to see you ernie josh some bearing gifts that's a nice paper bag very okay so here's your n._b._a. on very good trucker look this is some type of t. shirt now normally shouldn't have to fire it out of a cannon n._b._a. guy sure and here's what does that say by the way is it just is it pretty n._b._a. on t._n._t. good workout that's a box it looks like there's this bobble head of it is the bobble set and i don't know here handed to me styrofoam this is the set of the four of us oh my gosh this is going to go on the rich eisen show studio for sure oh my gosh go sniffly heads off oh my word yes look at this folks this the one second from the right now second from the left by the way the the the hairline on this is particularly impressive yeah that's a little kind i know that's trust me i understand with that at go there you go so i hope you enjoy them can't wait to take this home thank you for that thank you for bringing gifts certainly it's been great here i mean yeah i mean you're here at our place and we it was only that we that we give you what a spot i mean when did you first walk into this campus here ernie it'll be thirty years ago in july nineteen eighty-nine and we had like one main building where you could still find ted turner in those days i right yeah the main building out there that has the fountain in front and has the columns and then it just it grew it's out of control but we have i think we have the greatest studio setup anywhere and and just happy to have you happy to have you here to check it out we love it we've been we've made been made to feel right at home and you know hopefully with whatever's going on synergy is between turner and the parent company of this show hopefully this is just the beginning of very long beauty let's be for sure and so having a super bowl in this town is well it's the second one that has been here visit transform the town you see it you feel it or what here's the thing about anytime there's a super bowl in atlanta the first thing you worry about is the weather right and wouldn't you know this week we had these dire predictions of omo it's going to snow it's going to ice mike kids didn't go to school on tuesday and you know woke up it was forty five degrees and then what and then when it was all supposed to hit it was about thirty eight degrees but the kids were happy it was beautiful though nothing happened no i know but things have happened here in the past i know the latte superbowl bowl much weather yes almost guaranteed an ice storm this week with the super bowl here but it didn't have it was going to be great it didn't happen all and i've not been in the new building it's gorgeous told oh it is it's it's outstanding i was in there for the very first game that was played alabama against f. issue was there for the national championship game i know you're georgia gal out hurt that hurt and then i was there for the s._e._c. championship this year i kind of tired of watching that movie yeah this georgia beats the dog out alabama for almost the entire time and then and then it doesn't happen but now he got sony michelle for the patriots in this game and you got tired todd gurley in it's just it's just the georgia bloodline of world class athletes i know ernie johnson sony michelle no terrell davis award received on all honesty in all honesty i had one one year of playing at the university of georgia so played baseball there my freshman year i walked on as a freshman and was told to walk off as a sophomore but but i had that one glorious year of wearing the red and black and i'll never forget what you hit hit that i was too for eighteen i was too for eighteen at the dish with one career r._b._i. one career and it happened at the university of tennessee second game of a doubleheader four twenty eight in the afternoon partly cloudy skies temperature about sixty three but aside from that i don't really remember did you lace one in the gap was left handed hitter and i took one the other way over the shortstop said knocked in the go ahead run which would would was going to give us the s._e._c. division title and then somebody for tennessee hit a grand slam in the bottom of the last inning we lost see were also almost got in the red and black student newspapers the guy with the with the game winning almost a frankie cabrera mo- yeah very very very close very close did you ever were you here when when turner had the n._f._l. i worked i worked sunday nitro night show right yeah i had various roles i was in the studio i was in the studio when it started with ken stabler oh which was it was it was the greatest it was the greatest and and snake was just the greatest guy in the world we'd all show up to watch all the games you know at we'd probably gather about ten thirty or eleven watching pre-game watch the games snake would come in you know about three afternoon they shouldn't is i don't know what time i got in last night e._j. but the newspaper hit me in the head so it was he was he was the greatest and so i went from that to being like on the at the site of the game kind of did a little bit of sideline did a pre and post game show from the field yeah but yeah we had we had the n._f._l. is the best game that you recall that who we had the jeff george game member jeff george game in atlanta he june jones got into all we had we had that so you're the sideline reporter for that one but but yeah i was it was like one of those things where you woke up monday morning that i missed that that's probably why n._f._l. career ended now what we had a game for thursday night year was saturday night game over so we as we call it the the saturday night edition of thursday night football which you know people kind of have mixed t._v. guys exactly right but everyone else they're like what are you talking about that was the game turned out to be bill parcells last win a head coach beat the falcons where i'm on the sideline of that game was doing this island but getting set to do the halftime and a member of jim morris staff comes running up to me say do you have video of t. o. spitting at the angelo hall where like in the same way that you might have been like what what was going on with jeff george in june jones like what are you talking about they were hopping mad the angela hall was hopping mad and sure enough terro owens came by our set post game as the guest and as if that wasn't awkward steve mariucci we we all know benched him for going to the dallas star had not spoken to te'o in years he was who the guest he was analyst nice and everyone was volunteering to give up there seat for that post game interview and she t flat out admitted yeah i spit at them okay one of those and we'll be right back we'll be right exactly that's always good fallback always be ready to say that well we're right back i've always told my aunt i always told analysts that i'm doing if you ever have any trouble the safe words are back to you rich those are the safe i'll take him they're getting trouble on there for you know you're exactly do you have any of those moments of your career and we had we had one with with chuck amazingly but he had he had said something i don't i don't want to start big thing because i i remember it but i know he had he had had a couple of things to say about pita one point because the league was thinking about going to all leather going away from a leather basketball and charles came out at halftime and just and we're live slowly unwraps hamburger and i'm like chuck i can't help it see says i just want those people peter to know that animals are good for two things eaten intestine back to you when i was like kenny to help you know that was like that was the man that was like charles first or second year with us but yeah it happens every now and then and there you just hope that you just hope that sometimes it's not going to be guilt by association i know he said it but you're all gone but you're so great at this too i mean and and and ernie johnson here on the rich eisen show and a honda insider report we'll talk some n._b._a. and it quick second but this is what you're great at and that's what's so great about the show that you do up the hall from here is that it's natural it's looks like your show meetings on television that what you're doing shorts produced but you are just being yourselves and you allow these guys to be themselves and when it does need some sort of corralling you corral it and at times you know when a let everybody go to let them be themselves and that that is an art sir and i wanna point that out all these people well you you do the same thing with with your show and when you're dealing with the guys that we deal with look look charles charles change the landscape of sports t._v. for for all these studio shows i mean it was it was never like this until charles scott here and so where we didn't have to necessarily talk about the game if the game wasn't any good you know we were just we would just go ahead and and and it's like four guys sitting in a living room we're watching the game nobody's asking for permission to talk and the thing that sticks out his we do not rehearse it i mean these guys don't go to the production meeting we don't want them there you know i have to be there so the producer in ira on the same page but if we want to throw something at kenny sometime during the night we don't want him to have been in the meeting so okay yeah that'll be funny and then you say this and i'll laugh and then you say this hill laugh in them we'll go to break we don't want that to happen a lot of times it's whoever's talking the loudest gets heard in on its people interrupting each other and their time so i got guys please i need we need to get to this and but we all love each other i mean we just we genuinely do and we know that we're blessed to do what we're doing i mean we've had this same group together the three of us for twenty years and then shack for the last seven and that doesn't happen tv because because executives are always trying to tinker with the chemistry all i know who will work this guy with this guy and there's no predicting it and so i think when everybody knows their role and everybody satisfied with their role and nobody's trying to make the show about them organically things just happened that the next day people are at work talking about and did you see when shack said he didn't know where the golden state warriors plate what's actually happened on our i mean we're doing highlights of the warriors game and i said we go to oakland for the highlights and this is all live and in shock just like ernie hook him you keep saying oakland where where the playing a game i know but wine oakland because that's where the warriors play i didn't know that this is while the highlights are going on i just know we stayed in san francisco i got on a bus and you see there's no production meeting in the world that could come up with let's do this you know that's just that shack shack and so that just it's just part of what makes the show so much fun because if you don't know what's going to happen join the club neither do i got no clue what's going to happen from one moment to the next and because it's not rehearsed you know we'll sit there and start the show and charles i to say something and he'll unload and then suddenly we're talking for three minutes about that which nobody in the production meeting every talked about but it's just the way the show goes and i think that's why it's kind of it's kind of resonated with people it's just like mitts unpredictable the guys are funny and you never know what they're going to say and and if there's going to be an international incident that happens and and sometimes you know we've come maybe that close up to that before i let you go sir tell me why the warriors aren't just going to hoist the trophy right now no they are i think we know that but i think the thing that always the injury thing is would always throws a wrench into things i mean you know we did the western conference finals last year the houston rockets cut one that they have beaten the golden state warriors the chris paul injury was huge and so i mean all i can say if golden state's going to trot out that same bunch every night from here until until the finals you can't beat them for times you know you can try to make you can try to make it close you can play them your best but that's a special group i mean and now that they've added demarcus cousins to that mix i mean it's almost unfair almost unfair you know look okay you guys have all these you can only play two of them in this game which to you're gonna play that's it's almost gotten to that point because as you see right now they've won eleven in a row they're just they're just on a roll steph curry's having a tremendous year and and that's the thing when you look at this team maybe durant will have an often maybe steph will have often maybe they'll have an off night together and then use worry about klay thompson and demarcus cousins going off so it's it's it's a that's the championship team right if they're healthy if they are healthy for short boring answer to give sorry still watch there's still drama date is the n._b._a. anthony davis coming out and creating something that looks like it looks like we we may have the first instance of a player accused of tampering the n._b._a. i mean do you think we might get to that point we're adam silver steps in and there's a player who owns an agency with an agent that shared with the best player that's come out to say that i want to get traded and i certainly think it puts everybody's in ten up in the league office and you can't let it run rampant it's going to be interesting to see how new orleans handles this because you you can't wait too long but you don't want to pull the trigger before you get what you're what you think he's worth and you don't want to be stuck with them next year so if you don't make a deal by the all star break in a machine you have to do it by the trade deadline this year but if the time goes on and then suddenly other teams feel like well well maybe we're right in the rules now because you don't want to be stuck with him so we're only gonna give you this it'll be interesting to see how quickly this this does move on and if the new orleans tries to you know get it done and get top value for anthony davis it's gonna be interesting interesting situation feeling out works out how oh man well from what i'm hearing about you know not returning calls from the lakers right you know where is a good place i mean is boston a place i'd place that can provide the parts at the places yeah but no i don't know i'm given up trying to predict where guys are in a land or is this guy going to going to sign here that kind of thing i don't know but it's you know the lakers thing would have been intriguing but it certainly looks like the lines of communication or not exactly open right now outside of your so-called lane you have a fifty fifty three prediction of are the patriots in it they are indeed sir that would be my pick watered watching the other no watching him the other day was just you know it's like just when you and we witnessed it when they played the falcons in the super bowl you you you get them down and you know i had actually stopped watching the game for a little while with the falcons a big and i started cleaning up we're having a super bowl party and i'll clean some of this stuff up what's going on okay well coming to sit in to watch a little bit more you just can't ever contemplate and as much as i'd like to see sean mcveigh have a great night he he's he's got matters right nearest high school here in atlanta that's right yeah i went there a long time before he did but but i think it'll be it'll be fun to watch but man that patriots have that that it factor men they do and ernie johnson here in the honda insider report which is brought to you by the all new honda passport the ruggedly styled s._u._v. that's capable as it is stunning head to your honda dealer today and see why it's the perfect vehicle for your adventures love watching your ernie and i'm i'm just thrilled that you came here today my favorite guy in the business right here is rich eisen oh gosh good good as he is at this he's a better man and so just keep it up again i've told you this in on the phone i'm thrilled to be able to tell you in person what you did the night that you on the emmy and then called stewart's kids up and gave that to stuart scott's babies was really amazing i think anybody would have done it but i was thrilled to be in that position to be able to honor them and honor stu well thank you for doing that got ernie johnson everybody sports e._j. on twitter our poll question and setting up the rest of our show when we return okay this is the thirty second commercial and i'm gonna throw a lot of numbers that you the please stay with me and just fifteen minutes you could say fifteen percent or more on car insurance this company's been offering great rates in great service for over seventy five years in anytime you need help you could speak to one of their train specialists twenty four seven the company is geico go to geico dot com today sorry for all the numbers and five four three two one amount of time hey listeners just wanted to take a minute to thank all of my great sponsors and all of you great listeners for supporting this podcast certainly couldn't do this show without either of you i wanted to remind you that you can support my sponsors by going to my show page at podcast one dot com clicking on the support this podcast button and there you'll see all of my wonderful sponsors that help make this show possible so thank you for downloading subscribing and of course supporting now back to the show stay tuned for sixty seconds of av news headlines right after this podcast let's consider the secret life of the intimacy nesting doll living most of her life in the duck inside the other nesting dole's he has plenty of time to think if he could sadly she has no brain however winning in a most nesting dole his gyco not only saves people money but also has been providing great service over seventy five years she thinks it's obvious you should switch because yes switching to geico is a no brainer pity ina most nesting dollond lot in life all right our poll questions brought to you by truecar car shopping can be confusing terms like dealer price list price and invoice truecar shows you what other people paid for the car you want so you can recognize it good price when you're ready to buy a new or used car visit truecar to enjoy more confident car buying experience christopher what do you have over there all right super bowl's often come down to big plays gutsy plays if you will what's the gutsiest call in super bowl history joe namus guarantee the phillies special saints onside kick start second african colts bill belichick benching malcolm butler didn't work out but it was still pretty gutsy yeah but okay i i wouldn't put that in the category of the other three i would put that in category three i didn't put it on there so take it take it out are you doing anything this week has been called in from the control room right there i like it it's a good question i just don't think that malcolm butler being benched is up those three now now we're talking about they want it would have been gutsy i guess we will never know what happened right now no even when somebody's written book i mean butler you'd think if he if he was done dirty a wrong in his mind he would've said something going down to tennessee but then didn't i've no idea i have no idea what happens the perfect it's a perfect situation again with with bella check where nobody second guesses him anymore i mean the bill we trust stuff is that shook but now now you're later it's not even not even a question juju smith schuster in christian mccaffrey making their way to the set just to bring the sort of full circle with dion as our first guest in johnson what great stories he was telling about what he's what he what he goes through the host on on the set at turn up the road here inside the n._b._a. now that you can't rehearse this stuff and they didn't want to rehearse it stuff is that when we started doing thursday night football as partners with network television you know we had the n._f._l. network had thursday night football ourselves and then the league came in and changed the dynamic a little bit but we were still there for pre and post game etc there were times when network television folks were trying to influence what we were doing on our show and sometimes we would be in there and brace on say halftime cable i starting they wanted us to a hearse and look at dion sanders and telling him to rehearse not happening was just met with a look like what are you what are you what are you doing we just couldn't stand rehearsing but they wanted to rehearse like where i would say something and then somebody else would say something of the camera shots were get down let's at least walk through so the control room can do it when you when you're sitting in a seat like this you have to respect it you know yet you've got a microphone on your delivering it but there's all bunch of people who are in a control room that for whom it's important to rehearse and what have you so we would go through it but instead of saying what we're going to say we're just going out and do this i think this is gonna win rich michael that's what we would do save the gold save the cold there's no rehearsing with deal now zero story and all those stories any told ernie told i was so great so i love doing this and we've got another great segment coming up with christian mccaffrey and juju smith schuster and steve mariucci and also shack making his way to our studio here on a very busy first hour in the books now thursday edition the rich eisen show have you checked out the big podcast with shack here podcast one yeah we talked basketball but we're a lot more than just sports magoo's feb this lady she's seven it's new everything about me everything sports and left and she says i love you podcast and laughing but i hate that john listen free to the big podcast with shack exclusively on apple podcasts podcast one dot com and the podcast one app if you love the show share it with fred and leave us a rating and review geico presents unhelpful home improvement how to a slippery bathroom floor can result in expensive hospital bills so today i'll show you how to cushion a serious fall by filling your bathroom with thousands of plastic balls just nail a piece of plywood across the doorway and dump in two thousand multicolored plastic balls you could try to protect yourself with a bathroom full of plastic balls or you could get liability coverage through the geico insurance agency visit geico dot com and see how a forcible renter's insurance can be i'm rita foley with an a._p. news minute the fierce coal that's moving from the mid west of the east coast should ease up beginning today temperatures in the mid west could still fall to record lows in some spots the national weather is rich auto day thursday morning should be the coldest temperatures that midwest experience for at least the next several days it's twenty-three below in saint paul minnesota sixteen below in chicago we've learned that some immigrants on a hunger strike in texas are being forced fed the a._p.'s mike rossier immigration and customs enforcement says eleven detainees at a texas detention facility are refusing food and six are being forced fed the detainees are being held at the l. paso processing center the hunger strike has gone on for a month for instant trump is tweet eating you want that border wall asking why wouldn't anything person won't wall almost half of us have some sort of hard or blood vessel disease according to a new report i'm rita foley

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