Donald Maclean Pt. 1: Committed Communist


Donald Maclean a handsome thirty one year old British diplomat hat walked into another of the Washington social circuits dinners as usual. He dodged the small talk about the Second World Wars progress in last last Friday's party. He was busy forging a quick path towards the drinks by the time the party made it into the dining room for dinner a warm warm pink glow had spread across his cheeks. Tumbler of GIN in Hand Donald started to speak laugh and engage with the other guests but it was Isaiah Berlin liberal philosopher an attache at the British embassy who finally got him to really talk when Berlin related the story worry of quip made by a prominent conservative friend of his Alice Longworth a sudden change came over donald his mannered diplomatic face face disappeared in its place where the flashing is of zealot savage cascade of words tumbled out of Donald's mouth he he asked if Berlin could really be a liberal rather than a fascist when he associated with someone as stupid reactionary as Alice Longworth he he said quote life is a battle we must stick to our side through thick and thin grabbing astonished Berlin by the lapels Donald repeated in a fervent voice. Life is a battle. Donald went out to the garden to relieve himself and stumbled home home in a drunken heap. He left an uneasy party behind him that outbursts had sounded like Communism and in the mid nineteen forties the Soviets were quickly turning into public enemy number. One British diplomats were not supposed to run around a a spicing Communist. This is espionage the park cast original exploring the missions of the world's most incredible spies and what brought their covert operations into the public eye throughout this show. We'll explore real world spy tactics required to impersonate exploit and infiltrate the most confidential places in the World Carter Roy. You can find all episodes of espionage and all other park asked originals for free on spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts what's that to stream espionage for free on spotify just open the APP tap browse and type espionage in the search bar. This is our first episode episode on Donald Maclean Brilliant British diplomat and Soviet spy a member of the notorious Cambridge five he passed the Soviets a copy of every important document that crossed his desk from nineteen thirty four to nineteen fifty one that included did information on American atomic bombs and telegrams between President Franklin Roosevelt and Prime Minister Winston Churchill his devotion ocean to communism help shape post-war Europe and stave off atomic war between the United States in the US Sr.. It also tore him apart at par cast. We are grateful for you our listeners. You allow us to do what we love. Let us know how we're doing reach out on facebook and Instagram at par cast and twitter at podcast network and if you enjoy today's episode the best way to help is to leave a five star review wherever you're listening it really does help this week will explore how Donald began his most important foreign service posting in in Washington. DC just as the relationship between England the United States and the Soviet Union evolved from uneasy allegiance into Cold War War next week in partout well follow Donald as he continues his mission under increasing scrutiny from American intelligence until until finally the British agreed that one of their top men was betraying. Uh Donald and Melinda Maclean arrived in New York on May sixth nineteen forty four one month before d day. Donald very tall and very British in his neat suit and hat cut a striking figure at the dockside immigration station his American wife Melinda Melinda pretty and visibly pregnant was justice striking but happy to find the arrived in Melinda's hometown as they quickly scrawled their information on the immigration gratien sheets names ages nationalities the purpose of their visit. Donald was beginning work as second secretary at the British Embassy in Washington Shington at the impressively young age of thirty they both noted this on their forms then they got to addresses British embassy Washington Washington but Donald a hint of nerve suddenly intimating his face grab Melinda's papers and crossed out the words he replaced them with her parents address in New York City. He murmured apologetically that it would be more comfortable for her there away from the legendary Washington Humidity Melinda glared at her husband and open her mouth ready to argue she didn't in care about the humidity and she hadn't traveled all the way across the Atlantic with him just to be abandoned. Why in the world but Donald his neutral diplomats face in full force a lightly raised his Brow Melinda froze for a moment then her mouth closed closed and without flinching she handed her form to the immigration agent she knew Donald well enough to interpret that face this had to be about his work for the Soviets about the passionate communism that had attracted her to him back in Paris in nineteen thirty thirty nine the less she knew the better but she'd helping as always however she could Melinda was right to suspect the address change was about the Soviets Donald's handler in London on a totally Gorski hadn't yet managed to secure a good cover in Washington. Donald would have to travel regularly back and forth to New York where he'd been set up with temporary handler handler but he needed a rock-solid excuse for those trips view of his colleagues would be traveling for anything other than work. They were too exhausted Austin from the intense work of diplomacy in the midst of the World War. A pregnant wife was the perfect alibi. Donald had been a spy. I long enough to know that Donald had been working for the Soviet since nineteen eighteen thirty four when he was just twenty one but he was an unlikely candidate for such under the table secretive work learn that lies is were shameful early on sitting through his fervently religious fathers long lectures on conscience and morality as a teenager at the elite prep school Gresham's. This moral code was further drilled into his psyche boys were expected to be pure of thought indeed and and when they failed at upholding the standard they were expected to confess their sins but just as these early influences taught donald that lies and secrecy were sinful they also taught him that he would never be able to live up to the perfection that was expected of him alcohol helped with that it dulled the pain of imperfection so did hiding his failings at least then shame. Shane was private. He grew used to keeping secrets however much he hated them. In University. He felt some freedom from that perfectionist mindset for the first time he was surrounded by peers away from the moralizing influences of his father there and is prep school. He was discovering new ideas in his studies and while Cambridge's beautiful Greens he was free to explore his own beliefs and his own morals for the first time they let him to communism in the Early Nineteen Thirties Marxist assists political theory of Communism was popular ideology at Cambridge. Poverty inequality and unemployment were exploding across the West in the wake of America's Great Depression capitalism felt untenable and immoral to young idealists and communism seemed like the solution it proposed a world in which power wealth and opportunity were equally distributed throughout society this Cambridge Ambridge Communism had little to do with Russia. The Russian experiment was simply the proletariats first large-scale attempt at revolution in modern modern Europe. Most of the converts were more interested in waking up their own country to the need for Change Donald Amongst them Donald held onto onto his beliefs after leaving school and rejoining the privileged world of his social class. Even as he prepared for the punishing Foreign Service exams and entering entering the diplomatic corps he was still dedicated to his new political ideology and he wasn't the only one to leave Cambridge a fervent communist. I several of his university acquaintances did to a group of five who go on to be called the Cambridge five four in Moscow the magnificent five they were Anthony Blunt John Ken Cross Guy Burgess and Kim Philby. It was philby the first of the Soviets recruits who invited Donald Over for dinner in nineteen thirty four subtly he brought up the the idea of working for the Communists knowing Donald's politics and he read Donald Right. The eager young man left at the suggestion. This was an agent the Soviets would never have to pay he was in it for the cause in the early days of Donald recruitment in keeping with his Cambridge borne approach to communism. He envisioned that he was working for the comintern. Dan An international organization based out of Moscow that advocated for world communism he saw himself as an agent of change for Britain in the world not as a Soviet spy when Europe and the world exploded into war in September nineteen thirty nine his rationalization nation wasn't difficult to maintain the Soviets and the British along with all the allies were fighting together against totalitarian fascism and ideology diametrically opposed to the socialist ideals Mcclain held there was no betrayal here just a double life in service of of his political ideals even as it became clear over time that donald was working for the Soviets not some international organization and he considered his work in the interest of all whatever their nationality communism was the best alternative to capitalism his handler in London through the early years of the war on a totally Gorski was a psychologically astute man and knew enough to encourage courage this mindset in the early years of his work with Donald the two men met almost daily to exchange documents in parks or busy bars around London and Donald even as third secretary had access to all kinds of secret documents and was encouraged to take them home to familiarize himself with the work of the Foreign Office. As far as the office was concerned. He was an industrious worker looking to get ahead but little did. They know that. Donald wasn't reading the reams of paper. He took home with him at night. He was handing into Gorski who is taking them off due to his photographer then returning them to Donald early in the morning this full schedule of working at the Foreign Office during the day and meeting being with core skit night and in the mornings was punishing but the frequent meetings with Gorski gave donald an outlet to speak freely to voice his passion for Communism and his desire to do good in turn. Gorski reassured Donald that his work was valuable to the cause the creation of a better world that he was valued that he was working towards the perfection that his father had always demanded of him in their file on Donald as in the files of each member of the Cambridge five the Soviets had made a note difficult the father's Donald especially they noted needed reassurance that he was doing valuable honorable work. It was with this assurance that he arrived in America in nineteen forty four as a second secretary at the British embassy ready to spy for the Soviets on June twenty fifth nineteen forty four after a month and a half of settling into the embassy befriending befriending his colleagues and catching up on the state of the allies postwar plans. Donald made his first trip north from Washington. He was going to see Melinda Linda into meet his temporary handler. Vladimir Providence Donald Calmly arrived at their meeting point a bench in central park he'd never had trouble meeting Gorski or any of his other handlers in London and Paris he had no reason to think New York would be any different than the men likely connected with one of the common signals used by Soviet agents in the early days of the USSR Donald's biographer biography Rowland Phillips. Explain the standard procedure for these meetings. Each agent arrived carrying a certain book or magazine. Perhaps his time or a popular American novel nothing referencing Communism One of them then shifted the magazine or book from hand to hand four executed some kind of distinctive gesture then one would approach the other and ask a prescribed question for example. Have you seen gene our mutual friend lately. The other answered where they're prescribed response. I saw him on March tenth. These innocuous-sounding unoccupied sounding but highly specific codes allowed complete strangers to meet and exchange information with the assurance that they were talking to someone on on their side. The Communist Donald has always was eager for praise and support from his handler her aside from his wife. His handlers were the only people who knew his secret. He explained providence that things were going well. In Washington Shington he was getting on the ambassador they often played tennis together before work and he was making a good impression on his colleagues after working working with him to shape a treaty with Italy. One of the first secretaries commented that Donald was incredibly skilled at quote drafting an unraveling complex issues sheers and his co workers were all blissfully ignorant of his true mission passing Intel to the Soviets watching watching Providence Anita motive face donald went on getting more emotional less collected he was disgusted by the displays of grubby immoral immoral American capitalism that littered Washington the way these politicians behaved it was worse than London so much worse yes. He was more committed than ever to serving the cause and advancing the spread of communism around the globe Pravdin. A stony former assassin was pleased with Donald's assessment of the information he would have access to and his alibi for the trips to New York. He was also pleased that Donald's idealistic commitment to the cause had not wavered all was well with homer as the Soviets had code named him him for this new mission. It was time for Donald to start collecting documents for the Soviets Again Pravda reported. Has He done in London and Paris but this time the stakes were higher. Donald was now working at the heart British American relations with unparalleled access to exactly the Intel that most interested the Soviets information on the American American and British plans for the shape of postwar Europe coming up Donald Dives into his most important mission shen for the Soviets yet and finds himself plagued by inescapable guilt your adventurous and inquisitive. You're open to trying new things. You're curious about astrology but don't know how to take the first step if this sounds like you or even if it doesn't you should check out the park asked networks new astrology podcast horoscope. Today podcast has a daily. HOROSCOPE podcast for all twelve signs of the Zodiac. These two to three minute daily podcasts will give you daily guidance and affirmations tailored specifically for your Zodiac the Act signed by a professional team astrologers listen daily to find out what the universe has in store for you find horoscope today for free on spotify I and anywhere you listen to podcasts simply search your Zodiac sign and the word today for example aries today Gemini today or Capricorn today or visit podcast dot com slash horoscope to listen now now back to the story sorry in June of nineteen forty four thirty one year old spy Donald Maclean received the go-ahead to start his most important mission yet for for the Soviets while working at the British embassy to the US he was to pass on all information he saw pertaining to Anglo American can plans for postwar Europe and there was plenty to pass along by the summer of nineteen forty four President President Roosevelt and Prime Minister Churchill could finally smell victory for the allies against the Nazis d day The allied invasion of Europe happened happened on June sixth and while it didn't signify the end of the war it represented a significant blow to access resolve Germany the mini and Eastern Europe would be at the mercy of the Allies and the two most powerful leaders of the West Roosevelt and Churchill were actively actively in secretively deciding what they wanted the postwar world to look like Joseph Stalin was desperate to hear those discussions and and Donald Maclean was his ticket in as Second Secretary Donald was engaged with the UK Ambassador Lassiter Minister and counselor on all their diplomatic work. Every telegram Roosevelt and Churchill sent one another and every negotiation tactic they settled on pass through the British Foreign Office in Washington landing squarely on Donald's desk plus there were many tennis matches between the ambassador and Donald along with a few other embassy men everything the ambassador saw or knew Donald New to throughout the summer of nineteen forty four donald passed on telegrams in snippets of policy to Moscow through his interim handler Vladimir ear providence meanwhile he was cemented his reputation at the Foreign Office as a devoted industrious worker and an intellectual perceptive thinker. No one thought twice when he left the office at ten PM with a bulging briefcase full of documents to review at home that was just donald a serious man an exceptionally hard worker most of the documents in his briefcase. Donald photographed there. There's no photographer now. He was doing that work himself the others he memorized and reported deprived in orally often with his own sophisticated instigated analysis alongside according to Rowland Phillips biography a spy named orphan the enigma of Donald Maclean in one report McLean gave this a sinked breakdown of core British and American post war goals quote Britain strengthening of her influence influence in the Balkans the USA the desire for minimum involvement in European politics. Moscow was delighted and Donald wasn't just handing them incredibly sensitive useful information. He was also providing valued expert analysis on that information in September nineteen forty four on a totally Gorski. Donald's longtime trusted handler arrived arrived in Washington. His arrival may Donald's job easier. He no longer had to travel to New York to meet with his handler so he could pass on Intel more easily he also received significant emotional support from Gorski. They'd worked together in London and Donald trusted and relied lied on the serious unemotional man support in praise his comrades presence fueled his ability to withstand his punishing double work schedule Foreign Office in the day long evenings photographing documents and meeting with Gorski and helped relieve the psychological pressure of living in parallel lives to this kind of emotional support is not uncommon between spies and their handlers during a discussion panel at the Catholic University of America one cruise a former career. CIA operations in case officer compared the relationship chip form between spy and his handler to a covenant not unlike marriage. It's a bond forged in hardships and risks for a greater later good a good case officer is a teacher student father shoulder to cry on an amateur psychologist a confessor and if you're lucky a friend Donald's wife Melinda was also a major source of support throughout his career or rather both his careers but aside from her his case officer was the only person he could open with Gorski played an intense stabilizing role in Donald's life. It was serendipitous that Gorski arrived in Washington in September nineteen forty four just as the stakes of Donald's work for the Soviets as well as for the Brits became even more important for several days in mid September nineteen forty before Roosevelt and Churchill met for a secret conference in Quebec to nail down their plans for the shape of postwar Europe. Donald had had a hand in shaping the agenda of the top secret summit code-named Octagon he along with other British and American diplomats shape the list of points the two most important leaders should hit during their meeting. He also passed a full copy of the meeting's minutes onto stolen who had pointedly not been invited to discuss policy with his ostensible lies afterward. Gorski praise razed donald for the Intel making sure Donald realized how much his work was appreciated by the Communists and Donald Intern was pleased with his work he felt accomplished in useful and he didn't feel much cognitive dissonance working for the British and the Soviets at the same time came in September nineteen forty four for all their ideological tensions. The two countries were fighting fascism together and before for communism could spread across the globe nationalist movements like Nazism had to be defeated poor so donald told himself as he downed a cold drink rank and photograph documents in his bedroom. The most important thing is fighting fascism. He repeated to himself for now at least but Donald knew what Stalin's lack of invitation to the Octagon Conference meant and and where the tide of British and American foreign policy was turning as World War Two wound to a close when the fighting finally stopped the Russians the British would be on opposite sides of a new conflict the shame of lies which had been drilled into him as a child only grew as the the magnitude of his adult lies grew. He wasn't just helping to of the allies anymore which had felt like a small lie immorally excusable trail trail. He was now working for two sworn enemies that was harder to justify so be it. Donald was an idealist a true believer. If he had to betray his personal honor for communism he would did he just have a few more drinks to wash down bitter pill in February and July nine thousand nine hundred forty five Stalin leader of the Soviet Union arrived shockingly well prepared to the Yalta and Potsdam conferences where the allies officially discussed and negotiated the postwar shape of your up much better prepared than Roosevelt and Churchill could have imagined gend as they were quietly planning for the meeting without him that was because Stalin had been thoroughly briefed on the American and British positions prior to his arrival at Yalta. Thanks to Donald Maclean. He knew where the Americans and British were open to negotiation. Shen and where they weren't they let Stalin push the Polish border two hundred miles to the West for example if he insisted Stalin knowing knowing that insisted Moscow started marking Donald reports with the high priority stamp materials from H to ensure. You're they were read immediately. Gorski impressed upon Donald how much his work meant to the communist project in April nineteen forty five live meanwhile at just thirty one years old donald was promoted to first secretary the highest rank of British foreign officer before promotion into a managerial role. His two careers were soaring he was increasingly assigned high level diplomatic work with Britain's allies and continuously memorized or photograph the most important documents and meetings that pass through the British Foreign Office negotiations on the future shape of Europe were accelerating and Donald was at their center then in September nineteen forty. I five World War. Two officially came to a close and everything changed. Tomek power was at les now in January Nineteen Forty six Sir Roger Macon the Economic Minister at the British mission in Washington quietly lightly delivered donald an invitation making was the joint secretary on the Combined Policy Committee or C. P. C. which had been set up in nineteen forty-three by Churchill and Roosevelt. The committee's task was to coordinate Anglo American atomic energy research in policy. Let's see and in January nineteen forty seven. He asked Don McLean to be hissy. PC deputy in the world was speeding ahead into the atomic age and atomic capability was swiftly becoming being the most important factor in the power struggle between the US and the Soviets. Donald accepted opted position. Thanks to his spot on the C. P. C. He was now able to keep the Soviets breast of the exact tonnage of uranium bought by the Americans in nineteen forty. Seven uranium was an essential ingredient in the bomb making process and the tonnage the Americans had access to was directly correlated to the number of atomic bombs. They were capable of building. Thanks to Donald's numbers the Soviets is new the US had enough for around fifty bombs far fewer than the US was publicly claiming it could build combined with information coming in from several other crucial so-called atomic spies. Donald's Intel helped the Soviets matched their nuclear capabilities to America's. This balance of nuclear power was instrumental in helping ensure that atomic mkx war did not break out each country knew the other one could retaliate creating a delicate but lifesaving stalemate at the same time. Donald was impressing Megan and other members of the C. P. C. with his intelligence and ability in October nineteen forty seven his term in Washington was extended to allow him to continue his special work with the committee by November. aww Ember nineteen forty seven he was such a trusted member of the C. P. C. that he was given a permanent pass to the US atomic energy commission's Commission's headquarters one of the most securely guarded buildings in Washington. His pass did not require him to be accompanied. I need while in the building a privilege denied even to the FBI director j Edgar Hoover and members of Congress at thirty four years old Donald MacLean Soviet spy had unparalleled access says to America's most secret atomic information and he kept passing all of it to the Soviets he was convinced Vince this was the only path towards a better world but that didn't mean he didn't feel the impact of the widening. Chasm Hasim between Britain and the USSR has the Cold War God colder as he went about his double duties. Donald couldn't shake a deepening sense of shame the lying hiding and the secrets alcohol did more to ease the pressure Asher of that shame than Melinda his wife or Gorski his handler ever could donald had always been a heavy drinker but what is the Cold War started to intensify so did his drinking. He started spending all his free time drunk out of his mind whether where he was alone or in public but the real problem was that when he drank he talked coming up Donald starts to buckle under the pressure of his double life now back to the story as the Cold War Got Colder through nineteen forty seven British Ambassador Donald Maclean found himself at the center of Soviet atomic espionage he believed in the work he was doing and the Communist ideology he did it for the stakes of his work intensified so did his shame the lies the work required and so so did his drinking drinking set him free for a time but at a cost when he was drunk he proclaimed and socialist at Washington dinner parties to American and British diplomats and journalists he derided American greed and excess. He snarled at the falsity of this city. They lived in he proclaimed that life was a war he spoke like a man who was morally tortured and he spoke like a communist when he was in his cups as his colleagues put it his true beliefs came out as if they were begging to be acknowledged his social circle took note and had any of them looked past. Donald is class identity he might have ended up in the crosshairs of a counter espionage investigation then in there about this buttoned up gentlemen whatever his personal beliefs was an excellent diplomat he worked tirelessly for the British mission and he was part of the British elite his his father was a minister and night he had gone to all the best schools and received every privilege. What motivation did he have apt to betray his own people. No one even considered he might be a spy if he could keep his politics out of his work doc and his drunken confessions were simply an embarrassment poor. Melinda has American wife struggled to control him as best she could. They pitied her and him too. He was clearly overworked exhausted and ideologically tormented but they didn't consider that it might be espionage that was driving him to drink a substance abuse is not uncommon among spies a government study conducted in the year two thousand surveyed one hundred seventeen spies in found that one third of them struggled with substance addictions compared to about ten percent of the general population of US adults this likely develops as a coping mechanism to deal with the pressure in strain of the constant compartmentalization and mental control that spies half to manifest but it's a very dangerous coping mechanism for a group that that relies on secrecy for survival. Donald However was lucky despite his brazen drunken revelations relations in the many mornings he trailed into the British embassy with glazed is in a pounding headache his ascent through the ranks of the foreign service continued uninterrupted as did his work for the Soviets in March nineteen forty eight he was put in charge of the British delegation Asian for top secret negotiations about a military alliance between America and northern Europe. The aim of the negotiations was mutual the security arrangements to meet the danger of Soviet expansion. These were widely considered the most secret discussions in Washington at the time most of the US government was unaware. They were happening over the course of eleven days. In March meetings between the British Canadians Canadians and Americans were held in a steel lined room at the Pentagon. No notes were taken and the delegates were not allowed to leave the building for lunch but Donald didn't need notes he memorized every development of the talks and repeated it all to his handler who routed it to Moscow by the time the North Atlantic Treaty Organization or NATO was founded a year later in April nineteen forty nine. Moscow already knew all about it in the summer of one thousand nine hundred forty eight. Donald was offered in unusual promotion to the role of counselor at the British Embassy in Cairo the third most senior position at the posting after ambassador and minister despite his best and possibly subconscious efforts. It's at self sabotage. He had managed to keep his double life going. His career was about to soar even higher. Most Foreign Service Service officers served as I officers in two postings before promotion to counselor and most had to wait until they were significantly older than Donald's. It's modest thirty five years. He was about to become the youngest councillor in the British Foreign Service but Donald was not an average officer and as this promotion made clear he was well on his way to an ambassador ship things were about to change his September nineteen forty eight move to Cairo immediately lower donald on the Soviet Union's list of priorities on despite Britain Britain and the United States interests in Egypt as the diplomatic fulcrum of the Middle East Moscow is keeping hyperfocused lands on Washington at first this change of scenery and relaxation of expectations on the side of his Soviet spymasters seemed good for Donald He swam swam and played tennis after work he controlled his drinking and language when Melinda hosted events but almost as soon as he landed in Cairo donalds behavior ceased to be the only thing threatening his double life an FBI investigation based out of Arlington Virginia called the known A- was starting to examine the Moscow New York cable traffic of nineteen forty four made up of a team of cryptographer or codebreakers vigneault was tasked with these slow difficult and often fruitless endeavour of breaking codes and decrypted Soviet communiques. They weren't able to decipher much but they did uncover one telegram from August second nineteen forty four quote homer homer is present it all the sessions planning operation and bill the message read and bill was the joint allied invasion of the Mediterranean coast homer had to be the name of a traitor they were onto meanwhile donald tenuously happy new life started to unravel all as the realities of his new posting set in I the full extent of the poverty in trauma inflicted by British colonial rule became became evident to donald seeing the suffering caused by the nation he served graded on him and yet he could say little his role was to support support and promote British interests in the region on the surface anyway his work for the Soviets could have provided an outlet for his discomfort with with the environment. If he was serving communism that meant he was contributing to the fight against the stratified wealth he saw everywhere around him but his new handler seem to have forgotten or perhaps never read a memo from London marking Donald as a high priority agent he asks Donald to meet in Cairo. Slums where Donald Tall Blonde frame stuck out like a Sore Thumb Donald had to negotiate to meet in more inconspicuous bars and parks where he could pass unnoticed amongst a crowd of Egyptian elites in Westerners Turner's but even when he did finally get meetings in these more appropriate places he didn't receive the delicate priority handling he'd been given since says recruitment in one thousand nine hundred thirty four there was little feedback on Moscow's desires less gratitude or acknowledgement of the impact of his work and barely any of the reassurance in Camaraderie he had come to expect from Gorski his longtime handler in London in Washington. The psychologically ecologically astute agent who helped recruit them had been careful to note in Donald's file that the young idealist had a significant need for reassurance that his work was valuable and that he was useful for the first time that need was not being met. Meanwhile Melinda was thriving and her new environment happy to have cheap Egyptian Labor to help her run the House and care for her two sons. Suns her happiness alienated Donald Donald to outlets for the strain of his double life. Melinda and his handler were gone. He was adrift in a Foreign Country Unsure of his future as a spy and he was despairing of his future as diplomat go to the British imperial capitalistic politics were diametrically opposed to his own views. He turned to his only only other relief alcohol but this time he was drinking more heavily than ever before usually a noxious mix mix of Whiskey in Shabib a local spirit his actions while under the influence became more dangerous than ever before the self destructive impulse to tear down his masks and end the shame of a life of secrets was operating in full force he started getting into terrible arguments often but not always about politics on occasion he began calling in sick to work with a terrible cold once after falling asleep in the flowerbed outside one of Cairo's grand houses he was found wandering the streets of the city early in the morning morning his shoes in his hands and his linen suit creased and covered in dirt and sometimes he got physically aggressive. Melinda later said that in nineteen forty eight her marriage to Donald had in effect ended she was likely tired of trying to manage ended his drinking his secrets and his shame and she was terrified of the violence that came over him when he was under the influence and she was still tied to him. Perhaps envisioning quiet restful evening for her husband as well as their friends she planned to Moonlight Light Picnic for eight along the Nile in June. Nineteen forty nine or the picnic did not go as planned. I only one of the two boats coach plan to take them on the excursion showed up then after cramming onto their single waited fluke sailboat the wind died down the boat had to tack constantly in laboriously across the water to move but the real trouble came when Donald was deep enough in his drink to they get violent and this time his violence turned against Melinda he started come after her for the failure of the party in sudden drunken rage yelling and making a scene then in a swift violent motion. He grabbed her by the neck. The surrounding rounding party was horrified and embarrassed as they pulled him offer but Donald wasn't done. He began to berate the boats driver at the end of the trip falling down drunk. Now one of Donald's fellow diplomats decided it was time to shut him up before it caused an international incident but as the guest lunge forward to subdue the tall donald his leg cracked under him in a devastating snap donald suddenly lucid and watched in horror as colleague dropped to the ground in pain his rage transformed into panicked regret he brought out a a bottle of gin to ease the pain new only remedy he knew perhaps but despite his clumsy attempt to rescue the situation the cracks. Braxton is smooth faced. Diplomatic facade were clearly widening. He held himself together at the Office for for the most part continuing to perform his duties satisfactorily but he couldn't hold his anger his shame and his constant double life inside much longer not here in Cairo under these unconscionable conditions. Meanwhile the Vanoni Crypto gophers had made serious headway in their investigation of Soviet correspondents. They had deciphered another telegram that edged them closer talk homer. It was a piece of correspondence between Roosevelt Churchill from March nineteen forty five complete with it's internal Foreign Office serial number homer Vanoni realized was stationed at the British embassy in nineteen forty four for one thousand nine hundred forty five. They had to tell the British Donald Drinking himself to death in Egypt had I had no idea thank you for listening to espionage. We'll be back Friday with part. Two there will cover donald's increasingly reckless behavior has the vanilla investigation closes in and his astonishing attempt at one of the most notorious escapes in espionage history for more information on Donald Maclean amongst the many sources we used we found a spy named orphan the enigma of Donald on the plane by Rowland Phillips extremely helpful to our research. 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