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Hey folks todd dill's from overdrive magazine. We'll be back next week with episode four over the road but in the meantime I'm here with another Channel One nine special today. We're talking about music but do truckers listen to out on the road. A lot depends on taste of course so we went ahead and put out a call and see be garth Brooks Keith. Whitley Air Naval and down Harry Connick Junior Travis trid George Strait George Jones. Some familiar names in there for sure. But here's one you may not know ric that'd be the tone justice troops. She can can game between the labs. He's like the Merle haggard trucker songwriters. Both the quintessential example and inspiration to legions of others. County best. Tony Justice you're hearing right now. My Name's Tony Justice. I've been driving trucks just two thousand twenty years in January out of museum asleep. Tony is an old friend of overdrive so we thought well who better to run us through something but trucking playlist and greater fuel consumption mason mom shrinking and music. I don't remember the not ever beans in my life. My mother was an amazing singer. I mean she was Dolly Parton Loretta. Lynn Tammy wine all rolled up and worn and my dad was trucker. You know just I. Just don't ever remember the two not being a part of life. Over the past ten years Tony Justices paid tribute to many of the truck music classics at six days on the road from his first trucking team record and twenty eleven pitch. Roll down at eastern seaboard. Of course. Here's the most famous version cut by Dave Dudley. In one thousand nine hundred sixty three. Don't have cop inside stays on the road and I'm going on get home after it came out. Six days on the road was D- Template for truck driving themed music. We actually did a poll years back on the best trucking songs all time six days on the road came in number one among our audience owner operators inside the Rogan Omega home. Merle haggard now the old truck and big we use load AAC weasel in that right. There is another Tony. Favorites Merle Haggard. He's moving on. I like about tap. Music is just make sure mine is laugh. It'd be one in bad days a turn your radio on them and get your little escape for doing what the best no hat sounds kitchen teddy bear teddy bear by read so vine this one clocked in third on our poll. By the way I was on the outskirts of town trying to reach my destination before the sun went down. It tells the story of a young boy who talks to truckers at home over. Cb He inherited after his trucker father died in a wreck on the radio live and he song. The boy laments that he'll never get to ride in a truck again since his father's gone. I guess it's all over now. Manetti is gone and when he says this over. The air. Every trucker within earshot shows up for a convoy with teddy bear. That's the boys handled me riding in the lead truck. That kind of passion always been sending that triggers have always had and I think it's because we have so much time with our own kid as truck drivers in our family but just automatically at rising they tune when it comes to trudge journeys that we make as drivers for so many things that are comparable to the journey. Didn't everybody makes one of the reasons. Why trucking industry and then more than any other industry combined out forty acres this bigger and Tony's own songs have done a lot to rebuild the old bonds between music and trucking culture which had faded somewhat since one thousand nine hundred seventy S. I thought I'd let him play out with one of his latest singles which also happens to be quite appropriate to our recent episode about the history of trump song is called lasted the cowboys. Radical explains Prairies Rocky Mountain off to the distance sky black smoke side by side spoiled in Jerusalem. Y'All way we're the last of the campus go eighteen you run across Arizona six thirty or seven o'clock in the morning and you're cutting across that desert. You got winding down and radio turned up. That's why we do what we do. It can't really be explained but it makes you. It makes you feel like you know one of the guys at the phone. The Pony Express delivering the mail across the desert and to be there at a certain time. You know you just just get that same convenient. Last as American cowboy you know freedom freedom of the road and see that slowly disappearing vein is one of the elements that really poster Nest Song bolstered. Indeed last night check. The video had turned nearly six million views and yet all the success. Tens of thousands of CDs sold in truck stops walmarts and so much more. It's just not quite enough to peel the man away from his truck today. Justice pulls a dry box for transportation running out of Dandridge Tennessee and a peterbilt. He calls purgatory. That's IT for Channel. One nine back with more in a couple of weeks channel one nine specials feature of over the road from Radio Topa and overdrive magazine produced by Ian Costs and myself. Todd dill's support from Lacey Roberts Palmar Hoffer and Julia Shapiro. Paul will be back next week taking along his favourite mom-and-pop truck stops at Eastern Kentucky. Until then you can listen to. Tony Justices latest album at Tony Justice Music Dot Com and learn more about his truck advocacy work at trucker nation dot org and thanks to the truckers whose voices you heard over the radio. Top Mum were dock and Tinker Bell. The owner operators otherwise known as Daniel. And Phyllis snow justices fellow seeing Haller Brad. Shadow James Doug sparky has ner and Little Mama in the tech security and remember if you've got questions about trucks truckers or trucking. Leave us a message at seven. Six five two four five four eight four. We'll get an answer. Straighten froze last of the cow. Boy Thanks for listening to over the road. Another Radio Tokyo showed you might like is everything is alive. Host Ian Chile is coming back with the third season on March eighteenth and yes. It has been a bit. But it's worth the wait great performers. Like Tammy Sager Jason man-soo guests will be bringing objects like a chainsaw. Leather pants in an Oxfordshire to life. Here take a listen wool. Why don't we have you introduce yourself for us? Well what's your name? My name is Ian. My name is Ian. I'm near I'm Louise. I'm shirt I'm William and I'm pants just pants pants. I'm pants and you are shirt. So my name's Josh. I am a chainsaw. I don't think I have any friends. James shows up at a party. You know something has gone awry for you just saying your name is in because my name is Ian well. I'm not sure what my name would be. Otherwise what if no one is standing in front of you wouldn't be talking? Do you like being ironed. Do I like people. Don't really get ironed. Yup PEOPLE DON'T GET IRONED WILLIAM? That's why people wrinkles never go away. You should try getting ironed. Yeah I think you're great. Everything is alive is a show. Time magazine called. Laugh out loud funny. Surprisingly informative and often moving subscribe to everything is alive. Wherever you get your podcasts radio.

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