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John and ken show john kobylt and ken chiampou. Kfi am six forty live everywhere on the iheartradio app. Welcome everybody The voice lines tomorrow one of our last reminders. For your messages one. Eight seven seven moist eighty six one. Eight seven seven six six four seven eight eight six and of course some fridays. We put people in the dumpster a couple of weeks ago. We put in la city council member by the name of nitya rahman in the dumpster. Really been radar course. She hasn't been a council member of that long either but this was dealing with one horrible homeless encampment in her district in the neighborhood of los angeles this los angeles city council district number four and she replaced david ru. I guess that's who she beat in the election and she just got in and the thing is it's got a homeless encampment but it's become a drug operation run by local gangs and seven. Did a story that we played yesterday and rahman's first response to the reporter was. Oh that's gone well now. It isn't now mitchell pharaoh at echo park lake. He got two hundred homeless people removed from the park and they're doing a whole renovation. Crime is down significantly in the neighborhood. Nithi rahman will not get rid of the homeless encampment or the the gangs that are running the the drug operation. She just refuses to. We're going talk now with Allison be cohen. She is the publisher of the wash feeless ledger. And that's where we found out about this homeless encampment along with a couple of listeners. Who came out anonymously to talk about the to'real in there and she wrote a yeah. She wrote a great editorial. I gotta read just one paragraph. She's about the recall of rahman. Yeah yeah she wrote nearly every time rahman talks or has a spokesperson talk for her her message always winds. Its way back to her penchant for talk therapy for the homeless or buzzwords related to racial injustice and equity. She's got a virtue signaling transition. Team that i mean this is. This is what the problem is. If you can't have a discussion with any of these people because they lapse into this this jargon this gobbledygook and and and she talks about you. Know the background of some of the people that endorsed her which includes the democratic socialists of america los angeles they endorsed rahman and she says there anti-capitalism anti prison anti police bill critical race theory and pro all sorts of free stuff for everyone. Taxes could damned. Okay this is what's taken over so much of the government. This is the thread that connects all that stuff. It's it that a distaste. For american society american capitalism and every and success american success distaste for police presence yes enforcement right which include homelessness somehow. They hit a critical mass inside a government and even inside the media certain extent which amplifies all their absurd issues. And everybody i know is standing around on. What the hell's going on. This is like a coup well. Let's get alison big going on here. Alison welcome to the john and ken show. I'm great i'm great Longtime listener first-time interviewee. I do enjoy your show very reg auditorium twice. It's just that good i mean. Thank you pack with so much information about rum. And then you know her background and it looks like her philosophy as a council member. It's just it's an eye opener for people that are not familiar with her in that district is her beliefs. Are they widespread in your district. Your knowledge no no. I don't think so I think there's there's a small part of the district that assured roman into office. But i've lived in the district. I don't know for a long time and i. It's you can't even just be a democrat in this district anymore. You have to be very very far left of that. I mean even if you're a democrat you're too much of a centrist. You know when i was. We've been so busy with cova and reporters It's you know. Suddenly last september You know august-september holy holy moley. We've got an election We've got a write about. And so i really started looking into rahman roman and I became really kind of calm. Very concerned and really shocked About the dsa and sort of what their tactics are. And i was. I was down. I would say for a couple of weeks. Because i do think this is what's happening and i think she is the tip of the iceberg. And you're in your twenties said she. She said she was not a card carrying member of the dsa but her values and there seems to be a line and again desa's democratic socialists of america l. a. chapter. Yeah yes that's correct. I mean she I read through her Candidate endorsement questionnaire You know in preparation for writing about her for the campaign and that is exactly what she said. I want to be really clear. I think nigga is a lovely person. I think she's a nice person. i think you know i. I have interviewed her. I have met with her. You know before cova did i. So i don't dislike nece- i think she's extremely likable. I think that she's in the wrong job and i don't. I don't think that i mean. I think that she would be better. Served and the city would be better served and the district would be better served if she didn't her true passion is which is homeless issues. just This she's a one note candidate and this is what what it's all about and certainly with the berendo situation I think we've seen you know how she's how she wants to handle that situation and which is not handling it at all. Well you right here. That the organization's goal is to infiltrate all levels of government including at our hyper local neighborhood council level and are larger los los angeles city council. It sounds like she is just an operative for this movement. Don't you think so. I think that she was She checked a lot of boxes. And i think that she was hand selected by those that had ties to the dsa and another organization called ground. Game la I you know. I don't know if she's unwittingly knowing that she's part of this group but i think it is ideology so now let's talk about the homeless encampment because her approach seems to be to do nothing. And you said we need a mitchell farrell approach. You're like they did echo park lake. They have to do something about that. Encampment and completely cleared out often. During covid i want to call in on eric. Our cities Press conferences and asked the mayor. Have you have you driven around the city lately. I mean it's really bad. And i think what i hear. I talked to people all over the district all the time for my job. I think every. I think there's a tipping point that that's being reached and I think the thing. That's so frustrating for me as a reporter when she talks answers questions about homelessness or this particular encampment or if one of her spokespersons does. It's just so many words that just really don't make any sense. I mean it should just be of course. We will remove the gang element and the crime from your neighborhood. That's what's that's what's crazy. Is you have to argue with them about it. You have to beg and plead with them to do the obvious which is what has been done for hundreds of years as you remove a cancer like this. I mean the hours and hours and hours that are being spent daily on the discussion about this. By those that live on the street Me anyone involved in this. All she simply has to do is say is enough is enough. This is not okay and gang members committing crimes It's unacceptable and you will be moved and you know that's the answer. It's that simple. It doesn't take paragraph after paragraph after paragraph of explanation. It's very clear-cut should happen. Hold on because when we come back on we want to talk specifically about. What's going on at berendo street with the homeless encampment that has turned into a drug dealing gang members. Yeah it's it's it's it's quite a story and she lays out some of it here and alison cohen with us. Alison become as the publisher of the los angeles ledger. They have been following this homeless encampment. The john just described we covered it a couple of weeks ago with residents. Who actually and this is almost never happened before the two guys. We wanted to remain anonymous. They're so fearful of retribution from these gang members running this homeless encampment. More coming up john and ken. Kfi and john and ken show john kobylt kitchen. Kfi am six forty live everywhere on the iheartradio app. We're talking with allison v cohen. She is the publisher of the los feeless ledger. The local newspaper in los pizzas in los angeles. And that is the site of this crazy. Homeless encampment turned drug business. Run by gangs in the area and nitya rahman the newly elected council leader Councilman refuses to do anything about it. I want to read just a couple of paragraphs from Alison cohen's piece. That she wrote in her newspaper. She says that a homeless encampment has been taken over by the la mirada. Locos street gang. Nearby residents have documented hundreds of photographs and dozens of videos showing drug deals at all hours of the day and night and tagging which is led to a turf war with another gang called white fence which is notorious gang from boyle heights. Some claim that the l. m. l. That's the la mirada locos has been taxing legitimate homeless people at the site just to keep their tents up on the sidewalk and and forced homeless women. I'm told into prostituting for the right to do. So they have found loaded guns propane tanks. Stolen goods from bicycles two. Tv's and a slit. One of the tensest where the meth drug deals are are made. And this is what rahman into to anything about now and Let's get alison back on here. I i i would think like most of your district. Most of your your community must be crazy right now. Well during during the break. I was getting my email there. Apparently there was a stabbing today. in in los feeless four o'clock in the afternoon You know that that kind of stuff just doesn't happen in los feel it smell and and you know. I don't know if i've been around long enough. That i remember gang element that happened in westwood in the eighties and westwood never came back. You know everyone left westwood. That used to be the place to go. I mean those fearless is starting to get a really bad name Because of these issues. I mean just now. Four o'clock today Woman was stabbed. She's been taken to the hospital and police have arrested a suspect. You know Resident or a homeless person. I don't know. I it just it just came across an email and also during the break. I you know i've been fielding Comments all day from the editorial and you know. I just got another common to most of them. I would say ninety percent are in favor of of what i wrote There's some mean ones and twitter obviously as nasty people. Yeah no it's it's bad. I just mute them Because it's you know. I've been called a white supremacist. I've been called racist sexist. That's the response to everything now. If you don't put up with all the chaos that they start screaming that at you well. You are advocating for a recall. Yes we we are advocating advocating for a recall and it's very much in the early stages We have a meeting tomorrow afternoon. And we will be filing paperwork with the state of california To form as a a pack to funds and see if we can pull this off. I mean i know it's not easy you know. It's not that this is recall aroma. In it's not like recall is the new way to get people in and out of office but something had to be done. I've been hearing about this for months. And i've been watching carefully and and finally i just decided To pull the trigger on it. I i love my neighborhood. I love council district four. And i'm very concerned about about something which i think to me sounded a bit in conflict from what you said you said that if the rahman you said he's a very nice lady and really the job she should have should be dealing with homeless but she's on city council and this seems to be the biggest issue in that neighborhood right now and i don't think she's dealing with it very well. You're saying she should not be dealing with the homeless from the viewpoint of a council member but some sort of viewpoint of working with an agency or something. I don't know i. I do know and believe. It is her passion. I think you know dealing with constituents and all the other issues. And i mean i can tell by watching her and her stuff and meetings. I think that they're annoyed. You know by having to deal with some of these other issues and you know. This district was Run by tom. Lobont for fifteen years and you know this district very used to having a council member That deals with constituent issues. I mean you know. Tom labonte just hop out of his car and and fix the pothole in the back of his his trunk. That's what. cd four is used to. Is that realistic for for everyone. No but Y- the district needs someone that cares about the district instead of rolling her eyes and acting frustrated and signing off a zoom meetings early when she only fields one or two questions when people have waited hours weeks months to talk to her. You're saying they seem annoyed because people are calling up concerned about this dangerous homeless encampment. There annoyed by it. I think sh. I don't i mean i think she's annoyed by the smaller issues in the district of having to do with constituent services regarding this particular encampment i. I really can't figure out why she has dug her hills and like us. I think that she's hoping that the gang element will eventually get up and leave I i don't think she's going to force an issue there. I think that she doubles down and digs heels when the why. What's the upside here. This is not benefiting anybody including the homeless well A resident that is pro. Nitya over there the other day on thursday. She just said on friday when i was last at the site. She just said who who really understands if they're homeless and who i mean if they're gang member and who really cares you know there are human derek human being and they need our help and i said well they're committing crimes and she this will who how do you know i said well. Lapd tell tells me well. We don't trust the lapd that's anarchy and the residents. There have told me that as much hell as the lapd has been through over the last year they the lapd is the one agency and the city that they have gotten some relief from regarding this issue that it the lapd notes and they're trying everything they can do to pick off. You know the the crime element there. What one at a time. But the the residents are very thankful for the apd and and how they have tried to help right. Alison we appreciate you coming on and keep us updated on the any help we can give you let us know. I really appreciate being on and again. Thank you for all that you do appreciate all right talk with you again. When the publisher feeless ledger and her ladies senatorial is. Maybe it's time to recall the city councilwoman for that district with iran. I think i'm i'm figuring out what's going on john and ken. Kfi john and ken show john kobylt and ken. Chiampou kfi am six. Forty live everywhere on the iheartradio app. Would you spend a half an hour talking with allison cohen. Who is the publisher of a newspaper in los villas. And she's come out for a recall on nitya rahman guess job felix ledger and nithi ramadan allowed this Absurd homeless encampment to morph into a drug running. Operation were gang members to gangs of have taken over the area and it it. It's just a mess and you know it's a pretty liberal area plus feels and the everybody maybe not this liberal no now. Let's see because this isn't liberal. This is these are the democrats socialists. They call them. These are anarchists. And that's the thing. I think they snuck in and i've heard this was the strategy to get people like george guests scone in and Chess about an up in san francisco and other district attorneys to portray them as something else. Well is to first of all target elections. That few people pay attention to and or few people vote in And then send up a stealth candidate who is going to be charming and smooth and does not betray what the real agenda is and people generally don't pay attention to two local council races they just don't ran as long as you check the boxes of being a good liberal democrat and you'll support the unions and give them their cut of the pie in a year. You're going to get in nobody. Nobody's gonna run against you and give you a hard time but these democratic socialists. And i i've actually read this in a couple of articles in the first time you read. It's like is that a conspiracy theory. is somebody. just you know. Just just With just over theorizing right right. It's real. I think this is really figured out how to do it. And they they pulled it off. They've they've gotten the district attorney's they want they've got the council people they want and a bonnin and nitya rahman and there's others they're hardcore. They really believe this. And it's it's that democratic socialist group is these these are crazy people they they they're anti-capitalism anti prison anti police. What have we been going through for the last year. That's why newsom is released. Seventy six thousand inmates earlier he he's saying he's going to do that. Seven and at the same time. Gascoyne is not putting anybody in prison for a long period of time anymore. Because they're anti prison their anti police. We've lived through that pro critical race theory. That is the central point ear. That everything about america is so racist and white. Supremacist that it. All has to be dismantled. The whole country is illegitimate. Our society is illegitimate. Our way of life is illegitimate so it has to be attacked and dismantled from all angles. So the homeless are running amok the gangs running amok. We're not prosecuting things anymore. We're going to let the prisoners out early. If any if anybody objects you scream racism at them you scream white. Supremacist at them. Even the teachers union is doing this free stuff for everybody. Taxes be damned equal distribution of wealth and ensuring that marginalized communities essentially everyone but white males are promoted to the front of the wine and This is this is all from lewis. Feeless ledger this is all from. Alison cohen's Tracking what the dsa is about and they. They've they've gotten into government and they've influenced other people in government and they're well well-financed. It's the group that fought. Mitchell farrell to clear out the los low-speed a clear out Echo park lake park lake. Yeah it's it's. It's the group that backs mike bonnet. And you know what else they got into. Got into the neighborhood councils again. Nobody pays attention to that. They show up I remember when When we were trying to fight the road diets that the bicyclist would show up the neighborhood council meetings and they would overwhelm the locals and then the newspapers would say the community is split or the community is in split. They just filled the place with these bike fanatics who were getting grants from the city to show up. They got grants from the city to finance their bike group in return they were asked to show up at the meetings to support the road diets. That baden and garcetti or pushing to sing thing here. These crazy people are showing up at local neighborhood council and city council meetings to start screaming racist white supremacist. Oh that's how they do it. Yeah and they did it and they did it now. Look what's happened look advantage. Look let's feeless. Look at what echo park lake was this movement as you described earlier is about infiltrating at whatever level. They can't like the la county da. George gascon. it's the same thing whether or not these people are card carrying members. They share the same ideology. And i think the movement the past couple of years is just get him in all positions. You can local governments. Yes on the ground. This is not paranoid. That's the word i was looking for before. This is not paranoia. This is an action. Yeah paranoid no now. You see happening in front of our eyes. Now see a few years ago. If we told you that this group was planning to do this. You'd say well that that's paranoid that's crazy. That's a conspiracy theory and that that's the problem a lot of time. You have to wait until things happen and now you have this huge mess. That's difficult to clean up because these people actually got power they're voting. They're deciding on what money is going to be spent in the budget years on this show and in fact we did a couple of times complain about the former city council for that district. Tom panch he passed away. But i think he banned silly string. We made fun of them. Used to always pick on zev yaroslavsky remember over the years some of these council members but now this whole different war when people like mike baden india rahman no those guys. This is really dangerous. Anti-capitalist anti police anti prison. I mean this is so over an of course pro homeless. If you wanna put it that house explain when you clean up these encampments in venice in los angeles. That are dangerous. When else are you but pro dangerous homeless. Yeah and somehow they. They collectively created a mood. Where if you criticise use. They scream white supremacy and racism and everybody's terrified and they run and they hide or they get very defensive odd not a white supremacist. I'm not a racist. Those debts shot upwards. It's jest to shut you up and intimidate you and scare you see you go away and let them their entire agenda is to ruin what we have. They say as much if you go to their websites you look at their videos. They say as much what we have was unfairly through evil means. we don't deserve it. We're we should not be allowed to keep it not our neighborhoods not our homes. Our way of life not our freedoms are money. None of it. I don't think people know what we're up against here the. That's this is the wakeup call. And i have a feeling even in that district which you rightly described as progressive democrat. This is too much. Because i liked. Allison but i sensed she was more along the lines of traditional los feeless type of constituent think of with sort of left leanings. But even she's waking up like this is so much the two guys two guys we had unfor- lost village a few weeks ago. Yeah them called them on housed. Yeah and they were really progressive. Guys i don't think they were natural listeners. To our show. And diane think so. I think that we're doing a lot of work on on these neighborhoods that are getting destroyed and and right now. Everybody's on the same side here does matter what your politics as everybody's on the same side. This is a choice between civilization and anarchy. We got more coming up. John and ken. Kfi john and ken show john kobylt. Ken chiampou kfi am six. Forty live everywhere on the iheartradio app. Two quick stories to tell you the pandemic's over trader joe's is about to cut the thank you pay for its crew members by half. They were getting an extra four dollars an hour. They're probably going to cut it by half to two dollars an hour. The other story is that google and other tech companies kind of reversed. Course in terms of you can work from home where you can work remotely. Google announced a series of moves. Twenty percent of its staff would work from home a permanent basis. That's probably lower than we all thought a year ago when everybody ran from these buildings and hibernated and home or even far away just to get away from of their fears of covid twenty percent will shift to new offices but the remaining sixty percent are going to work from their current location and we always thought tech companies would be the one that would not adopt. Okay go back to the traditional. But if you're the one who's been assigned to the home you gonna be a little nervous little worried that the people who show up at the office every day are gonna get ahead on maker right. That's what i was thinking when i saw this. Yeah facebook's going to allow half its workforce to continue to work from home so the ambitious people are going to Go to work in the slugs. You're gonna stay on workout of their bed. I heard guy. I think he's a ceo zoom. Say that's enough. Even he's tired of zoom crap. That's that's hideous. Anybody who anybody ten zoom meetings a day probably ought to be ice skating stand still tuning into a few of the talk entertainment shows and they have the wall of heads zoom audience. Yeah it just looks dumb things done. I'd rather you just play sound effects if you have no audience. Pretend that instead of watching that stupid wall of heads. The wall of heads dim. Conway's zoom meetings is that everyone is so worried about what they look like that. Nobody listens to anything. That's going on in the meaning. Good point they worry about what. You're thinking of their background right. Yeah and you gotta clean up your house and make sure everything in the background because people take a snapshot of it and all of this guy's a book smart. But i've heard that yeah there are people who worry about about the books and what it says about them and how about the guys on. Tv that have the golden mike awards behind him either talking about the their reporters on tv home and then collection of awards. They got three or four gold. Mike's mike's udal yes. They don't mean anything. You're going to say that. I like it. They really don't. I mean honestly got you and you and ken. The three of us have zero. We have zero everything news people. Yeah nobody gives us any awards. Well i think they should expand it to more than just going to be in that radio hall of fame. Tim you know you by the way you guys got in right. No the whole thing. I you know we got we got beat up glenn beck o. That's horrible that's horrible right anyway. We might be back. Okay david say is coming on tonight. So as the dodgers stink petro's yeah man there that game last night and i forgot you start extra things with guy on second to go look guy on second avenue i will not even watch extra innings anymore. It is such a bogus artificial nonsense rule that i. That's it in my my head. The game ended tied. Yeah it's hard. It's off right because also the doubleheader this year is only seven innings right right and did you see the beauty of baseball. Sometimes if a game goes twenty one innings. That's right right. Plus guys like me. Who get off at ten. Have a chance to drive the stated milwaukee last five minutes you some of the favourite games i watched especially when i was a kid where the games are just went on forever. Oh yeah that's astros playoffs. Yes yes that was. That was sixteen innings. Remember for six hours since the entire time. Especially if you're on the east coast watching the mets play. The dodgers ten o'clock ten thirty anyway because until three thirty in the morning. Oh i used to love as a kid little kid listening to transistor radio in bed when the mets went out to play the dodgers. she's great. Imagine what california was like. Yeah then i got here. I imagine what jersey's like ding dong. Everybody crozier john. And ken show and this is kfi to los angeles orange. County live everywhere on the iheartradio app.

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