Breaking Money Silence Learning Lab


Hi, it's Kathleen Byrnes Kingsbury the host of the breaking money silence podcast. I'm here today with exciting news. I have created a breaking money silence learning look up. So this is an area where you can go and learn more about money psychology. I have started this learning lab with courses on negotiating. So the psychology of negotiating how to be effective negotiator how to overcome your fear of negotiation. There are both free offerings. So you can jump on sign on become a member of the community and start learning at no cost right away, or you can decide to invest in yourself and take your skills to a deeper level. I have really enjoyed putting this learning lab together and offering the lessons that I often teach out in the world in live sessions here online so you can access them in your home and your office at any time that is convenient for you Thursday. And if you do invest yourself and purchase the breaking money silence on negotiation course, you will get a 15-minute free consultation with me if you complete it. So I hope you will take me up on that offer. I hope you will check out the breaking money silence learning lab and I really look forward to speaking to you and helping you take your negotiation skills to the next level. So check it out at breaking money silence., and you want to go to the breaking money silence learning lab tab, or you can go directly to them taking money silence. VIP member Vault, I look forward to seeing you there and thanks again for being a loyal breaking money sucks podcast listener.

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