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03/12: March 12, 2020 will forever be remembered as the day the NCAA Tournament died


Dr Gary Parachutes Thursday March Twelfth. Two Thousand Twenty welcome back to the CBS sports eye on college basketball. Podcast where we sometimes discuss Cama fighting and leaky Black Matt. Norlander is here with him. What we thought could happen earlier in the week became official on Thursday at four sixteen. Pm Eastern with an announcement from NCWA president. Mark The two thousand twenty. Ncaa tournament has been canceled. Because our national health crisis specifically the covert team pandemic. The tournament is canceled. Not postponed cancel. It'll never happen. Everybody's season is over all players. Whose Final Year of eligibility is this year. They're done they'll never play college basketball again. Barring some sort of unprecedented ruling from the instability that we might touch on later since Wednesday night. We knew this was a realistic possibility. If not probability still it was jarring to hear to read when it became official norlander. Where were you four sixteen? Pm On march twelfth when the NCAA tournament died. I was in a doctor's office with my two sons and the very minute had happened. My youngest son was being given a STREP throat test. Both of my children have strep throat. My wife Strep throat. I'm going to try and dodge that here. I'm still good and able to do this. Podcast or not even just strep throat. They have strep. And that's a factor with that and so my it. Listen what a crazy couple of months. The past two days have been and you on a personal level. This was just a wild day wife. Ill kids get sick. I'm trying not to get sick. We're hoping I don't know if you heard the whole world sick right. Exactly that's the whole point. You know so things. Get crazy in a hurry. They're gonNA yell at the boys not to touch anything where the doctor's office everything. I'm gloves on Grocery shopping. The whole deal so I'm at the doctor's office and there it goes. It goes down. I was on the phone with our colleague. Dennis Dodd about six minutes before the official announcement was made at that moment dotted talked to a source. It said it was coming within the hour and so I knew I had to hustle up and get out of the doctor's office and get back home and within minutes there. It went as that was happening. Actually was still texting with coaches who were Scr sent a couple of screengrabs. Who were still like? They were working workshop. And how we can make this happen how we can get this done. Postpone this tournament. Let's have may madness. But that was just never gonNA happen here for a number of reasons so much to touch on. Gp It is crazy to me to think that since we last podcast. Did you did an emergency? Podcast Rudy. Gobert now Donovan. Mitchell have tested positive corona virus a CA. A referee in the tournament tested positive. After feeling ill seventy two hours. After working a game you had the domino effects with all the conference tournaments for hot ninety minutes on late Wednesday night. There was legitimate. Fear that Fred. Hoiberg might have it now. Thankfully he didn't and he just has a apparently a pretty rough battle with the flu. So I was. I was in a doctor's office. I presume you were at home. But to everyone that's listening is gonNA probably remember or at least for the short term long term because this is just an incredible day. Where were you when the news came down? I was in my car. I was driving to studio for radio and it was what I was expecting. Obviously not what I was hoping for. I tweeted earlier in the afternoon. Like most people who care about the sport and enjoy it and cover it If there's a way postponed rather than cancelled I would love to postpone rather than cancel and I in that tweet. I acknowledged the logistics are obviously difficult. An and there's all sorts of student athlete things that must be considered. You know way I didn't think it was impossible and I still don't think it's impossible to postpone and play this tournament with these teams somewhere down the road. You would have to make all sorts of concessions probably allow players who had been drafted into the NBA draft to still compete for their teams their schools in this incident tournament. There's a lot of things that have to be done and I was hoping that the NCAA would would move that direction while recognizing that it was probably a long shot and so when I saw the news break via the incident official twitter account disappointed but not surprised disappointed but understanding the truth is the moment Rudy Gobert test positive for corona virus on Wednesday night in the NBA. Suspended it season. At that moment it became more likely than not that the two thousand twenty. Ncaa Tournament would never happen. It became I thought undeniable that the two thousand twenty tournament would not start next week. But the second Rudy Gobert. Gobert tested positive. This thing was basically over. Gp So we finished the podcast on Wednesday. And I want to say I WANNA say within seven minutes of the podcast going into the feed so not right after we were done recording that after I edited produced and uploaded it like Rudy. Gobert tests positive. And I think it was within. I think it was within five minutes the NBA announced. The season was suspended right. It was a historic moment. Frankly and these two days March Eleventh Marquel twenty twenty seismic and like there will be books documentaries thirty for thirty s oral histories. You know they are to come later this year in the years and decades to come because this is unreal. We are at a point now. I can speak specifically to college basketball but like we don't have sports at all. Sports have stopped. They are they are done. I've actually had a few joking texts from friends who are like dude. Like what the hell can I bet on right now like I got nothing? I just want a little bit of juice. It's not there and it's march. So you like the nerves like you're ready for it not there and I'm curious about like what not having sports is going to do to the collective psyche of the country in the coming weeks like even during some of the darkest moments in our in our history over the past seventy years one eleven being the most recent tragedy where we didn't have it for a certain time and then how much sports meant when it came back corona virus and the scarce is not what nine eleven was but the point is there was they were taken away from us and then we were brought back. This is this is there's no MBA for at least thirty days and do the same baseball will do the same. All of this has gone so it's going to be. It's going to be interesting to see just how we go about our days going forward. Gp I mean. We work for a sports company. There's no sports going to be happening right. Now it's going to be all speculation. Shasta well Brinson because our buddies going to be getting on. Nfl preseason stuff in a hurry. Here I mean it's just unreal and I will say this as before we got the pod going and I was prepping. It was like the first fifteen minute moment of my entire day where I wasn't on the phone with the coach or I wasn't on. Hq Wasn't talking to you wasn't with my wife wasn't running out to take my kids to the doctor. Pick up stuff from the pharmacy or anything. It was the first time the entire day where nothing was happening. I was just kind of sitting in silence and I was like. Whoa like it's March twelfth and I was supposed to be at the big tonight. There's no games like there's this there's games on like it feels weird to my body right now to not even have college basketball going on and I bet you gets even weirder in the in the coming days because as you would attest do in plenty of people that are listen to this podcast test to our you know we love the sport and our our body cycles are so accustomed to this like this is. This is the time of year supposed to be the best time of the year. I cannot remember living and not having the tournament okay. I probably didn't pay attention to it at all. From the ages of zero until nine like my first memory was the awesome. Unlv team waking up the next morning. When I lived in Florida and I'm getting ready to go to school. My mom telling me that. Unlv won the National Championship. That's my very first memory of college basketball. Ever since then I love the sport that's taken. There's been a guillotine dropped on the head of all college. Sports College basketball most noticeably so I got plenty more thoughts. Volley it back to you. But it's it's kind of thinking in a little bit here and it's it's weird and a lot of ways and the right thing to do. I will be clear here no choice. This is what had to be done but nonetheless. I think I think everyone's GonNa take a couple of days just getting used to not having tournament and not having sports in general in our lives. It's going to be bizarre. It is bizarre and for most people who enjoy the sport or sports fans or gamblers. It's like a weird thing. There's no basketball game like today. It's supposed to be a busy basketball day tomorrow. A super-busy Basketball Day Saturday busy basketball days. Sunday's selection Sunday brackets. Come out like the sports fans. Gamblers just Americans in general won't have any of that so that's jarring for people like you and I are lives tangibly change like explain to you how my life changed today and. I want to make this about me. This is way bigger but it's just to to sort of. Whoa what I was supposed to tomorrow. Get on a plane flying into New York beyond student be in studio Saturday Sunday. Cbs Sports Network Fly back home Monday. Say like wear my kids as I walk in the door. Get back on a plane. Tuesday fly back to New York. Speak TO AT and T. employees in Manhattan on Wednesday morning back in studio Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday first and second round fly home the following Monday here Monday Tuesday fly back on Wednesday in studio Thursday. Friday sweet sixteen Saturday Sunday elite aid fly home on that Monday flight. Atlanta on that Thursday. We've got practice schedules and all that stuff on Friday. The Games on Saturday Taylor Swift on Sunday national championship game on Monday. And then I'm back home. That's the that's that was my schedule and just like that it's over. I'm not going anywhere. Jalen Conrad is just over. Like I don't have to wake up in the morning and do the top twenty five. It's it's like it's like the Tournament College Basketball. Thana snapped like literally just like that. It's over it's it's like I was supposed to do power. Rankings ON THE COURT. Report that like all that stuff. It's just it's just done in fact a little teaser for the audience. Here I was like holy crap. We gotta do player of the year stuff. Now so we're going to do that A. Monday. We probably podcasting chat about that next week. The top twenty five and one. That's a valid point. There's like other general stuff. I won't bore the audience with to put that you have to do in terms of writing behind the scenes stuff like leading up to selection Sunday. It's just done. We're not doing it. It's just about this. We were getting ready to do podcast every day during tournament days. That's correct Let the let the audience now. And now they're going to be extra bummed but yeah let them know what we were going to do. I was going to be doing podcasts next Thursday night Friday night Saturday night Sunday night every night of the simply tournament. I was going to be recording a new episode of the College Basketball Podcast. Now that's over. There are no gains My suitcase is sitting in the floor next to me in my office because it is always sitting in the floor next to me in my office and tomorrow at some point. I will take everything out of it because I keep certain things in it like my because I don't. I'm not wearing dress shoes when I'm here at home. Where am I going? My dress shoes stay in there just certain things. I always thought you podcast with dress shoes on. So that's a that's a surprise. I barely have clothes on what I'm popular and so I don't you get the Flying Douglas. The Flying Dutchman in your head I saw your eyes I saw your eyes twinkle when I sit up. Barely wear anything when I'm podcast so the suitcases sitting here and that's sort of where it goes during the season 'cause I am never I'm never more than a couple days away from leaving again. That's my life from late December through April. I am never more than a couple of days from leaving again whenever I walk into the store. I'm always about to be gone again. And now it's over you can go delta right now my my log in now. I'm giving my password but if you logged in. There are no trip schedule. I had to cancel everything today. That is like on a personal level. Ah Pretty Wild thing because most other sports that people cover on a full-time basis who have jobs like ours. They are suspended. Acl suspended the suspended. Major League baseball suspended. But it's all coming back. You know those guys will in Gals will pick up where they left up. We're done our season is over. It's a little bit like I thought about this today. Remember when you were in college or you're in high school and you might think to yourself at some point. Hey you got one month left. Yeah you know there's one month left and you're like you could sort of see the excited but you still gotta go tomorrow. You still got to go the next day. Imagine being that person and you're like we got one month left we got one month left and then boom four sixteen pm. Somebody says you know what it's over what you don't have to go there tomorrow is you. Don't have to ever go. It's over what it is a pretty jarring thing what we experienced today. It is the jar expected but still jarring expected but still back in our group chat. I asked for over unders. You didn't provide one I guess was four eastern on the button so sixteen minutes laters when it to win it. Drop there and would have loved known the conversations as they evolved because the day itself. I mean I'd say this. So like twelve o five or twelve ten last night. Did my final hugh hidden tonight and at that moment we knew that Fred Hoiberg had gone to the hospital but it was just before he actually had an update that he did not have corona virus. So like listen. If you need me again we find out. This is bad. I'm around I'll stay up until one. Am If we need me for video. I wound up standing up until about twelve fifty because at like twelve thirty we. We knew what was happening there but I went to bed thinking okay. Actually I had. I had a couple texts on season's over so one of them being from Holtman and at the time Holtman last night He didn't think that they were playing the big ten tournament. And he at that point he had resigned himself to no NO tournament as inevitability. I heard from plenty of other coaches. That were getting to that point at that once. We didn't even know what had happened with. Warburg with that. What's happening in terms of how he looked? I think advanced quickly and that's happening in the midst of all the NBA stuff. That had been going on and you wake up and you have more leagues more VINCIC Postponed to Cetera et CETERA. But then we wake up and I'm like okay. Well I got to figure out like you know what what what exactly is GonNa get postponed on top of all this my wife exceptions like I feel. I just feel awful. Have to go to the doctor. And I'm like Oh my goodness it just adds another element to the entire day so she goes watch. The kids thankfully reports back then. It's that had a strap but then I'm reaching out to figure out the eight ten and the Big East and the SEC and all these other leagues and it's like Nope they're on. They're on their own and then and then it changes in a hurry in a hurry. It changes with with a lot of these leagues and the Big East. It doesn't change the Big East continues to get ready to play. Its Games and I wonder if what we saw happen on Thursday perish might wind up being something that gets the instability and its leagues in order in the future for any event. That could come close to what this has been or anything else in that while eventually. These conference tournaments did shutter. It wasn't all at once somewhere on separate days as we mentioned. I think to podcasts ago. The Ivy League well ahead of the curve. In fact we went from everyone killing the Ivy League to that being. That's how we're doing things in this country everywhere in a matter of what the smartest for reason I know and I even had. I had a few coaches that were like these up any think. They're better than us. People think they got it figured out. Well yeah actually. They did they did. And for the most part coaches I will say that. I spoke with their understanding frustrated. We get a little into a little bit of that later. But the point I'm making is because you have all these different conferences with different interests in different situations with all these buildings like the was the final one. It was the last one in fact how about this? Gp Trivia Time. Okay let's go. Let's go with a trivia time right now. Who won the final college basketball game of the two thousand nine hundred twenty twenty season? Who won the Final College Basketball Game of the Nineteen Twenty Season Final College? Basketball game the season. Who Want it? I'M GONNA go with Cao. No it's not cal. Your answer is Morgan. State Women's team beating Delaware state sixty four sixty three in the MIATA tournament officially announced that it was done with a minute. Change to go in that game and so your final college basketball result and the Morgan state bears sixty four sixty three in a barn burner over the Delaware State Hornets. I will also note since we're on the topic of the Big East that Golden Gate. Mike has the winner of the men's the men season okay. Thirty four twenty nine over Creighton. Saint John's and Golden Gate. Mike walking out with a win. Its way it should be game stopped at halftime because the big east had already tipped off while it's it's playing for about a forty minute span there. It's just a it's a rough look for the league while the big ten's like getting we're done. Acc Yeah we're done. Pac twelve out out west. Yeah we gotta be done a see. We're done as well one after another after another and you got Alexander trying to make a bucket out of it going up against Golden Gate Mike and the and the and the Janis there and then the shot of it is so depressing appropriate and hilarious of the Saint. John's Mascot in the stands did you. Did you see I I tweeted? Of course I just like first of all. What is that thing? Is that what a red storm is supposed to be? And it's got the person inside they gotta be able to see through. It's it's you know. It's got this enlarge mouth and it's just like this look of shock the camera the camera zooms out on it. It is unbelievable. I was actually. I needed that laugh today when I got it when I saw it and then later on when I came back to me I was like I need this. I need this in my life so I wonder I'll get back to you but I wonder if because of all this stuff like if somehow the ancillary might be able to get its house in order just a little bit more because all that stuff I think played a part in why the in civil actually took as long as it did to announce it because that was the last year to drop by one o'clock eastern. Everything was done and it was like. Okay Wins This. Tournament can officially get canceled. We were just staring on our watches waiting for a few hours. Imagine you're Creighton and you have to play a basketball game in Ronan virus pandemic and your opponent is Golden Gate Mike Inside Madison Square Garden. What unbelievable and all as a site a serious I know. I didn't realize it still pointed out on twitter rudy. Gobert was in the garden within the past seven or eight days or something like that and like who knows if he had it interfered. Didn't but you would hope that the people in charge of the biggies tournament between go bear being diagnosed with this and like okay. Well he player was he actually in the building at this point. 'cause they say you can have the virus as ten twelve days without even showing symptoms of having it. That was what surprised me after the fact but yes CREIGHTON certainly up against it. Golden Gate. Mike shouts to you forgetting. I don't think I don't know if register says it probably doesn't register as an official in but you know what on this podcast? It does on this. If we can ignore San Diego state laws we just give Los Angeles Michael Win. You are correct. So far as I'm concerned. Two Thousand Nine hundred twenty six and we'll be remembered for two things. One San Diego state going undefeated and to Golden Gate Mike beating Creighton on what ended up being the final day. This easier absolutely absolutely correct. Go ahead to podcast again. We recorded three podcasts. On winds we did a little after midnight. Yeah it was both of us and then another around seven or so eastern. That was both of us. And then I did another one solo about fifteen sixteen minutes just a few hours later because as norlander pointed out we recorded on Wednesday night while the situation in Oklahoma City was unfolding by the time it published it the NBA season had been suspended. I felt like that was going to play a role in what happened with college basketball. And so I decided to jump back on record another fifteen sixteen minutes but in the one we recorded even before that I remember Standing Orlando there since he has made actual intros built around incorrect predictions that I made one that I made last night. I said tonight is going to be the last night we watch basketball with fans in the stands and that ended up being true. That is now. I know that we did get a game at Madison Square Garden. They had like friends and family. You know it was a select few people and I will say this people wonder. What's IT GONNA look like on? Tv It looks fine on TV. I totally agree with you by the way because I tuned for that very reason I was like you know what this is. Not really that bad overall did they didn't even look that different. It didn't and I think they probably do some stuff with the lighting but I agree with you right. Yeah so if you just turn that game on. And there's only five hundred people there the way they shot it and the way they push people down to the first few rows it made it look like it looked normal on TV and so I think that's just something to remember going forward if we ever end up in a situation where we are playing quote unquote without fans. You can still make it look good on TV. It did not look like a basketball game being played in an empty arena if you just turned on F s one and watch that either way so less than I was like listen. I don't think we're playing basketball anymore. With with fans in the stands and after the Rudy Gobert situation happened. I came back on and I said I'm now at a point that I don't. I don't think we're gonNA play the NCAA tournament next week and the reason is very simple. You know if you go back 'cause 'cause I think I mentioned at the top of this the moment rudy. Gobert tested positive the NCAA tournament was over. And I know those two things aren't technically connected but they are connected. One did lead to the other because what happened. Go bear is that once. He tests positive the way doctors in this country. Medical officials in this country are insisting that we deal with this pandemic minimize the damage minimize the spreading. Is that if you are in known direct contact with a positive with a person who tested positive you have to self quarantine for fourteen days. So what happened? Is the moment go bare test? Positive the Utah Jazz team. Have to be quarantined. Okay now any team that played Utah in. Recent weeks has to be quarantined recent days at least and so it ended up with four or five different. Nba teams being quarantined well the NBA at that point. It's not even like well. What should we do? You can't play the Games. You can't play your schedule. Somebody was scheduled to play Utah. This weekend somebody was scheduled to play the cavaliers this weekend. Whatever teams had to quarantine because Rudy Gobert and their their their interactions with Rudy. Gobert in recent days somebody had if they can't play. You can't play your schedule and so it's just it's over and like you said the NBA is not even GonNa look at restarting for at least thirty days so all you had to do was look at that and then apply it to college basketball over the next few days we were expected to have commerce tournaments happening all over this country one team after another another everybody playing. It defies logic to think nobody is carrying the corona virus. Who's going to be playing college basketball right? But let's forget about that because the numbers are too big. Let's just focus. Strictly on the incident play tournament. Let's say that they decided you know what we're going to go forward with it. Even if they cancel the conference tournaments we will go forward with the Internet. Which by the way is sort of the order in which this happened. They didn't cancel everything. They cancelled the conference tournaments. And actually some leagues like the SEC gave their auto bids to the regular season Champs and said this is our automatic bid to the tournament so that point at least in theory. I didn't think it was going to happen. But in theory we were GonNa maybe play the instability tournament next week. So you got sixty eight teams getting ready to play next week and by the way health officials have already told us is going to get worse before it gets better. We don't know how much worse but definitely worse before it gets better. We're already at a place where the NBA doesn't feel comfortable playing in jail. Mlb basically everybody else. You've got sixty eight teams in a field next week at any point if any player test positive for corona virus. It's over all I. I know this sounds excessive. But it's not once any player test positive. It's over so let's just take some very basic numbers sixty eight that's how many teams thirteenth scholarship players on each team. Some have more some have less. Thirteen's a reasonable number. That's eight hundred. Eighty four student athletes if one of them test positive. Your event is over. If it's player the Dukes Entire Team and coaching staff has to. Oh and by the way. It's more than eight eighty four because we're talking coaching staffs managers. Everybody who is a part of this thing? One person test positive everybody on the team has to be quarantined and once it doesn't have to happen before next. Tuesday. It could happen the day of the sweet sixteen dukes in the sweet sixteen Vernon Carey tested positive for corona virus. It's done do. Coal Team has to be quarantined. What do you do can't play? So is the ultimate ultimately the NCAA tournament champion. Just that the team that stayed healthy nonsensical it was inconceivable to think you could get through a three week tournament without having what happened to the NBA Wednesday night happening to you at some point and so once you conclude reasonably that you're not going to be able to complete your tournament without this type of incident. Then you can't even start your tournament to me. I thought this the moment it happened. I said it last night the second rudy go bare tested positive in the NBA suspended. Its season the incident play tournament. There was no scenario where it was going to be played next week. And here we are. You know I've been thinking there's just a lot. It's GonNa hit me again like a week when it's supposed to be the first Thursday of the tournament. But just you know there's going to be just awesome moments vaporise from the universe. There's just never coming you know just incredible all-time moments just not going to be there. They they exist imagination. What what could because thought extent of that? But what we're GONNA say. Well I hear you. It's going to suck for unify and every everyone. I'm just saying you know I'm not disagreeing with obviously had to be canceled but you know I. It sucks everybody. It sucks for people who have jobs like us just fans Who who just love to eat it up Gamblers who needs something to get through the day but more than anything. It sucks for the players and the coaches because when this got announced earlier today I couldn't help but think of being at the tournament earlier this week two nights ago and I watched a school play a game where it was do or die. You win it. You go to the civil tournament for the first time since two thousand one you lose it you don't you got Joe Mahalick. The head coach trying to get hostile to the tournament for the first time since he's been there and you've got a locker room Phil Players. None of whom have been to the instability tournament. Some of whom are seniors. So let's take away. Pemberton for instance. He's hostile. Second leading score after the semifinals. I told this story I did the post game interview with him on. Cbs Sports Network. And I asked him the simplest. Most basic sideline reporter postgame question. You could ask Your school hasn't been to the tournament since two thousand one. This is your last opportunity to get there. What would it mean to you to win tomorrow night and get there at just? The thought of detailed up apologized to me for getting emotional but just the thought of getting to the instability tournament meant that much to him. A lifelong dream now. He's one win away from it but if he doesn't win he'll never achieve that dream it's over and then they win the game and they're down at the half they win the game and then they have real tears again. Tears of joy tears still and less than forty eight hours later. They find out that dream they actually did achieve it. They'll never get to realize it. They'll never get to play right like I feel bad for the duke players as well because presumably Vernon Carey will now never get to experience the tournament knee. Otherwise would've and I felt awful for the Kentucky players as well because presumably Therese Maxi. We'll never get to experience the instantly tournament otherwise what of but it's especially difficult for the seniors who have been doing it for four years at a place where you're not guaranteed ever get something like this and they worked in the worked and worked and they earned it and then it's ripped away from them ripped away from them for understandable reasons. This is what needed to be done. I credit the incident blamed for doing it and leaving literally hundreds of millions of dollars on the table. I assume. Oh Yeah. Gpa like in regard to that so threat. Even you know the evening here you've had Players like of managers significance across the pond In a PL test positive corona virus in the financial fallout is is a massive like billions of dollars globally. But I wanted to extend the thought that you had there. Because here's here's what I was thinking about this evening later this afternoon mentioned the coach and the players and that's true but I also think the fans shouldn't be short shrift it here because they all fall into the same bucket to me In certain ways. Because you know OBI top and put so much into this season. And it's got to be heartbreaking for him and his teammates there are Dayton fans that don't know in their life if there ever getting something like this again obi top and is going to absolutely have. He'll look back fondly at his time at Dayton and have a huge regret over what could happen but Dayton fans. You don't know when you're getting this again. So I thought about OBI Anthony Grant this amazing season man like incredible. I'm telling you right now. He's getting my vote for player of the year. It's not it's not an easy call. It's a close call. Ob Top to me is the twenty nine hundred twenty national player of the Year in College Basketball. I think about him. Think about caches Winston. All he went through and what this month could have been for him and his teammates and that Michigan state community and what they might have been able to do. Now that Michigan State was coming around and playing some best basketball. I think about the Fan. Base is the coaches and the players. At Rutgers and Penn State Rutgers has not been to the tournament since ninety-one Penn State. You get there if you're lucky once every decade and you were both heading there in my opinion locks to be there and now this is taken away and again like if Pike a hell of a coach and if you told me a year from now he was getting rutgers to the tournament. I believe you but it's rutgers okay you just don't know and that's such a twist of the knife when something like this happens. It's not the same as if you're Michigan State Fan. Broadly speaking because you get there just about every year zag you get there just about every year and I understand if you're a fan. Hey we had the best offense in college basketball we thought we could the WCTC as a conference. Saint Mary's Byu Gonzaga. First Time. And I don't know how long the League is actually legitimately capable of getting to the sweet sixteen I got more for your GP Maryland and their fans desperate to fire mark. Turgeon in your heart. You know that this was a special team. The best you've had since he's been there and it. It measured up to be the best in the national title to and now you don't even get to see if they can lose in the second round so you can be even more pissed at margin and that's a real that's a real crime. Illinois I I like Illinois as a sweet sixteen team I think at a Minimum Kofi. Coburn tremendous player. I would assume you one of the all-time stones guys this season in college basketball. That's done creighton. Sets up as a two seed loses a golden gate. Mike Season's done and what will it be a year from now? Blue Jays fans those fan bases having their teams in places where they're not normally baylor falls in line there as well exceptionally good. This season had had some slipping as of late. But what if Baylor won the big twelve tournament you know could have been that one seed maybe made a final four a career change in kind of month? Potentially for Scott Drew Florida state in. What was a bizarre scene gets handed the trophy by John? Swallow I as as we have these. Massive Corona virus fears and awareness. You've got like ninety. Five people crowded around each other on the middle of the Court at the ACC tournament with Florida State. Getting a trophy. That was just a weird look overall but FSU certainly could have been who knows Leonard Hamilton. Going to have another chance. The man looks forty five. He's in his early Seventies. Is he going to have another chance to make a final four run like this? It was Colorado's best team in a long time. Marcus Howard could have been a top. All Time Scorer in college basketball had he had the opportunity to play three four five even more games instead. He finished his twenty first on the all time list with two thousand seven hundred and sixty one points eight behind. Jj redick and he's just above the late. Great Hank gathers just a few more free GP. I was curious just to see what Virginia would do in a year after winning the national title. And this is also weird. Virginia's it's IT'S GONNA be a two year reigning champion with one National Championship. Just bizarre. I wanted to know what they were going to do. I wanted to see how a bad offense and a great defense was gonNA handle the kind of opponents it was going to get Luca Garza potential. I player of the year. Maybe somebody who's you think ours should have over the top and more power to Ya. He's got a great case. We're not going to see him. There's a lot of moments we won't get providence. Ucla Texas those schools roaring back to get into the tournament. Incredible midseason turnarounds in just poof. It's gone there. Were so many stories on top of what you mentioned like with Hofstra and I think about like Robert Morris tiny schools like the Andy tool getting back to the tournament. It's Gone Stephen F. Austin winning at Duke earlier this season if it gets in the tournament is it the Cinderella. Darling is at the sheikh upset. Pick we're never going to know about Anthony Lamb who? I just wrote about early this week. In Vermont they were in my opinion they were tuning in tuning and GP to be a thirteen. C could get a really big nice upset. So all those things kind of go through my brain San Diego State. Another one easily undefeated season. What are you GONNA do? You make a great tremendous run and that's just to name a few to me. This tournament was loaded with so many awesome stories and potential in this unusual year. And now it's gone. And that's what I heard from. So many coaches will like. There was a lot of optimism. Like a Lotta let down because I thought and this is maybe the nature of it being taken away from you and just trying to look on the bright side of life but it was. These guys were so ready and we just so eager for the tournament and we really liked where we were heading. Obviously some of those teams at a loss no matter what that's part of the deal but that was a theme that really shine through consistently with the twelve fifteen sixteen coaches. I talked to Thursday. You feel bad for everybody for different reasons but I will say like at at Kentucky. John Calipari tweeted a long thing earlier. Tonight how he feels what it was like so on and so forth. John Cale GonNa have another awesome team next season. Who's GONNA be on it? I just know it's going to be good right Mike. Francesca same deal like he's going to have another awesome team next season. The ones that I think from a fan perspective where? It's really hard to to get over this. The what if aspect of it is like. If you're dating fan like win at Dayton are you going to be too long winter winter you ever again going to be a exactly rejected one seed with a lottery. Pick National Player of the year leading your team. Like let's be honest. You WANT TO BE HONEST. Probably never do fricken. Brutal for those particular fans in Dayton. Maybe more than any there are few imagined on my little rant there but to me it's like it's Dayton over any one seed OBI top and fricken incredible player. You'll you'll be beyond lucky if you get that again. The next forty years right winner you ever going to have the national player of the year arguably the best NBA prospect in the tournament and and a one seed at Dayton. So if you're dating fan this one woo you never get over it. If you're anthony grant when do you ever have that team again like at Dayton? You just can't go recruit the national player of the year. You have to find him when he's zero star recruit who has a late growth spurt. Like that's how you end up with that Gung Kentucky you could go recruit the future national player of the year at Duke can go recruit the future national player of the year at Dayton. You have to get a guy who was totally off the radar who has to redshirt hits growth spurt. It's such a a perfect storm of everything and it happened. And you don't get to see it through at Baylor. Scott drew ever have team better equipped to make a final four not necessarily a better team but better equipped to make a final four. Because it's not just at Dayton. You're this good and you've got these things going on or at. Baylor you're this good and you've got these things going on. It's your this good you've got things going on. And most of the projected lottery picks are not in college basketball. They're not going to be in the tournament. You're not going to run into a duke team. That's got three top ten picks or Kentucky Team Anthony Davis and Michael Kidd Gilchrist. Those teams don't exist so not only do you have these special teams that have one game after game after game after game. Put yourself in a position to be a one C. A one C that date. That's crazy I want to see that Baylor. That's crazy. Those things were about to happen probably and they were going to happen a year where you weren't going to run into this blue blood monster. I mean. Kansas is the best team in the country on paper but they won't overwhelm you with NBA talent. They might overwhelm you but they're not going to overwhelm you with NBA talent. And so this sets up perfectly like sometimes when you go on radio and these markets whether San Diego Dayton Waco they wanna talk to you about you think. This is a team that get to the final four. They don't even speak about national championship because it seems so outlandish. It's just like do you think we can get to the final four. Do you think the aspects can get there but this is a year where the final four didn't have to be the goal you can genuinely and reasonably go win the whole thing and then boom. It's gone it's over. It is really. It's tough for every fan base right now. Tough for every coach right now. Tough for every play right now. I think especially tough for the fans coaches players connected to the programs that are not historically top shelf programs but found themselves on the top shelf. This season yes and the the low majors is Just it is not guaranteed when you will get back there just is no guarantee of that and you know the low major schools and there are alums of those schools that listen to this podcast and they. You know you're just you're schools are not relevant on a national level and so we all we know almost never talk about you unless we get to Martin and there's a story that crops up you apply to this just as much as particularly weird for teams. I caught the auto bid before all this happened. Hofstra East Tennessee state. We had four H. Q. Earlier in the day you had. What was a weird moment? This was after we podcast it last night when you had Boston. University stunning colgate getting the auto bid and I'm watching the celebrations and it's again just kind of go back to Austria. I'm watching the celebrations like these people have no idea what's going on with Rudy Gobert. Right now Enjoy this moment. 'cause IT'S GONNA be a shock of reality in about ten minutes from now so I think the world as well and what? We won't get men just what we won't get in the tournament. I I'm not going to have a chance for you to avoid me at the final four which is just too bad man you know. Try and get you to come out and be social in you refuse to do. So if we're if we're being serious about the final four like yes. I was looking forward to the final four. I had already booked flight for my wife to come down to go to Taylor Swift. That's okay keep an eye out on Taylor swift I I show since the lover album came out my wife. Okay I was. I was unaware of that thing in particular but yes just stuff like that and actually I had. I had one coach. Tell me like it's not gonna be weird being that there's no final four. The final four college basketball is different than any other sport because of this like even at the College Football National Title Game. It's not like this. Where coaches from everywhere at every level descend upon the final four city. It is the biggest coaches in the sport and it is assistance at D. Three Schools. It is a convention and it is an incredible thing to see every single season. And that's been taken away. There's not recruiting events that are being allowed. The sports on ice permanently players are going home the doing classes from home. You can't even these guys are going to be around their team anymore. It's done that's the that's the other point that I think listeners might not even not even realize not that season's over these coaches have gone back and their universities are closed. Players are going home. They're finishing school online. They can't even be with each other in the gym practicing. It's done. It always ripped away from them today and so I think like tomorrow and the next few days is when it's really kinda maybe hit these guys that it's like wow like we knew we were close but it's it come. It got completely taken away from these dudes in an instant and that's the other fascinating thing about all of this You know to take away from basketball for for a second in sports for a second. I was thinking about this last night as I was watching. Cable News. And just all of this happening in real time because. I think I pointed this out on the second pockets. I did so last night so you and I recorded. We did like eighty minutes. Something like that like that and then hours later. I was compelled to record something new just to have the most recent information in there in those two hours between us recording and me recording. Gp Wasn't two hours. My man it was. It was literally like forty five minutes. Okay forty-five minutes in those forty five minutes Rudy. Gobert had tested positive the entire NBA hits been been suspended. Tom Hanks and his wife had tested positive. Like water and there was the ban from Europe to USA. Thank you and you can't. You can't fly to the United States anymore. Yeah so all of this stuff just happening. And I'm sitting there watching. It occurred to me that this is so unusual because when we're usually watching every once in a while several times a year we have these big big stories that the whole country is paying attention to right Obviously the most devastating and and and well known one in our adult lives is nine eleven. And we're all just glued to the television watching nine eleven coverage and people talk about nine eleven and yet here's the truth. We're all sad. Were all scared. We're all heartbroken for the families but unless you lived in New York or had a loved one or in that building really didn't have any no real immediate impact on your life. Dc as well and those on the planes but I let me saying. Yeah Katrina nother. We're all watching. We're all heartbroken. But unless you're in New Orleans or have loved ones in New Orleans that probably had very little impact on your life. You woke up the next day and did whatever it is you were going to do. Even if that didn't happen the floods in Houston wildfires in California this countless examples for one of the few times that I think I can remember. We are all watching this incredible international story and it actually does impact all of our lives. It doesn't matter where you live right now. You're being impacted this. You're susceptible to catching it passing it to someone else but more than that just on the day to day you wake up today and your your days are different. You if you're supposed to go to a birthday party this weekend. There's a good chance it's cancelled if you're supposed to go to a concert this weekend. It's a good chance it's cancelled if you were supposed to go to any sporting event in this country. There's a probably cancel. Your kid is probably not going to school next week. That's tomorrow at least in Connecticut. I well my oldest is on spring break right now he's actually in Belize on a school trip and they come back Sunday. I guess and they were supposed to start school on Monday. Well they're not going back to school until at least April. They will do virtual school but he's not going back to his classroom to his campus. To at least April like this is the big story that actually impacts all of our lives changes the way we live you. Y- you walk into your office. There's hand sanitizers everywhere. People being more careful than you've ever seen them be like this is a big story. That's impacting all of our allies. In most big stories do not impact all of our lives like you. See the these mass shootings. There's a mass shooting in Las Vegas. It's sad heartbroken. And then you turn it off and you go on with your day. It's got nothing to do with you after you after that. This has something to do with you. Somebody you know is going to catch this. And even if that doesn't happen your kids school's going to be impacted. Your work's going to be impacted is really is. It's changed all of our lives in to varying degrees which is a pretty fascinating thing to think about. Unless thing I'll come back to on this particular thing is I think we're almost So many people the types. Listen to this podcast of course are conditioned to just be like all right. Let's just let's wind here. Let's just see what's going on in the world of sports that's like not even an option anymore like the sports coverage in this country is going to be bizarre over the next few weeks because it's going to be all about speculation on timelines resumption of stuff and then like okay what's GonNa Happen with the NBA draft. What's GonNa Happen with the Kentucky Derby what's GonNa Happen with the NFL draft? Are they going to get moved? Interestingly enough the drafts can be done without that. You can do a draft virtually now so we might. We might actually get a throwback in those regards with NBA and NFL NFL. Obviously much more likely given the the timeline getting toward that but yeah it will. It will certainly be interesting in the general lifestyle is certainly weirdly enough. We're not gonNA have almost anything to talk about. We'll get we'll stick. It should get your podcast. Don't worry but not nearly the way we were going to do but I I guess the podcast businesses about to boom because people are going to need things to occupy their time. So if you've got a good podcast suggestion by the way feel free to drop it in our mentions we'll certainly Appreciate it GP. I have a fun thing that I WANNA do at the end of this podcast by the way so I think the listeners will like. Gp doesn't know what's coming but I wanted to still capture something. That was the fun of the essence of March in the tournament. So we'll get to that second but there was one more thing I didn't want to ask you about In regard to coaches suggesting that because of the circumstances with this they should lobby to have a one year exception an exemption for seniors to have the choice if they want in our academically eligible to return for one more year of college basketball to give them their opportunity at one more. Go of it. I wanted to get your thoughts on that. And whether and how likely you think that has to happen all right. We're going to do that next then. But first real quick. Let me tell you about sieg. Do you ever feel like ticketing websites? Make getting to the event difficult on purpose. It sure does seem that way sometimes. It's as if they're so big they can get away with not caring about the customer experience as a result you get lousy customer experiences but seek proves that there is a better way with. Cu can search. Sports live music comedy shows. You can search basically anything and seek is going to have the tickets. You're looking for all in one place like I told you before. I'm a mets fan. I get the city Phil for games as often as I can and when I need tickets first place at check every time is seatgeek. I could have those tickets. picked out in just two clicks. So it's quick simple and I've never ever ever had a problem which seems to be the norm because you take a look at the APP store shows more than fifty thousand five star reviews that shows customer service is a priority with seatgeek. And what he does is they put together millions of tickets from all over the web then it rates each deal on a scale one to ten then. Cd displays them on an interactive seat MAB and provides guidance. Green dots mean good deals. Red Dots are overpriced in. Every purchase is fully guaranteed. So you can always shop for tickets with absolute confidence. I've got the gap on my phone and it's by far the fastest and easiest way to find tickets in fact. I just use it few weeks ago to buy tickets to trolls live. Took my little boys to that. Had an absolute blast on a Sunday afternoon. And if you WANNA try see geek right now we'll give you ten dollars off your first seatgeek purchase. All you need to do is use the Promo Code College. Bb that's college bb again. Just download the gap and use the Promo Code College. Bb for ten dollars off your first seatgeek purchase that seatgeek life than event. We have the tickets. Norlander back to you asked me whatever question you'd like. Okay well here. I'll I'll one of the coaches who brought this up to me was my point in Oklahoma state and he said seniors if they want should have another year special permission on scholarship numbers for an unprecedented circumstance. It would be for next year. Only I'm going to propose this to the conference meeting the big twelve and the NABC. The National Association Basketball COACHES COUPLE. Mid Major coach is kind of a toss us out as an aside. Some conversations Do you would you be down with that? And how likely do you think this to happen? Okay so two different questions. By the way like Steve Forbes at East Tennessee state brought the same thing up to me he did okay because he's a he's got five seniors. Wouldn't you by the way? Why would you not if you were Forbes and if you did that East Tennessee state might be a top twenty team in America next season? 'cause they're awesome and if those are in college basketball again being incredible yeah. Forbes is just trying to go on he. He knows he knows exactly what he's doing. Go ahead for trying to Forbes like all right. I got a thirty win season before selection Sunday. Let's see if I can get thirty four The Aztecs wouldn't it be wild if he's to the state went from being the sixty niners to the buccaneers to the ASHTEC. The two thousand twenty twenty one. I asked him. You're getting close to ask text there. But yes that would be incredible new boy flying Dutchman so forth brought it up I got five seniors and they never played in the tournament. This heartbreaking for them you know wouldn't say this but he knows he'll get back to the instantly tournament someday you'll have that experience again but those players never will under the current system so his suggestion was the same as my points like. Why don't we let seniors who to have one more year of eligibility since this was ripped away from no fault of their own? Why don't we let them have that one more year eligibility so your first question I think was? Would I be down with it? I certainly wouldn't be against it. I'll do are. You could mean not that they all come back. But if you're telling me that we could get you as a rookie. Marcus Howard Caches Winston and Peyton Pritchard all back in college basketball next season. Of course. I'm taking that every single time before you're against it you have to explain to me. Why would be against what? What would it hurt like? Why would you be against it? I mean you can have your own selfish reasons like let's say you're ACC coach and this team's got INCR- like let's say you're a big east coach now. Won't miles pal going? I don't think Lavalle Jordan's down with them although he's GonNa Kamar Baldwin if he wants to. Maybe the rising rising tide is good for all boats. And just so. We're clear as you answer. This specifically they're saying here is like increase. The scholarship allotment to like fifteen or sixteen. So that when you have incoming players there's a lot in this but that's that's also being paid just what you do. Is You take your scholarship number that you have right now and however many seniors. WanNa come back at the number to it. I mean that's not. That's not complicate right and that could be done. So if you're against it I need to know why you would be against it. I understand for selfish. Reasons like Golden Gate might be sitting there being like you know what I don't need Marcus. Our two miles POW back in this league fan. Let's just let's just let's get them out of here right so I get why you would be against it for selfish reasons but take that. Put it over here. What why would you be against it I I? I can't think of a good reason. So would I be down with it? Sure I'd be down with. I don't know that fight for it but I certainly wouldn't object like I wouldn't be the Guy Right mccollum that says I can't believe the NC double a. Is Letting Markus our come back to school for one more year? What like what five with me if it makes college basketball better and it allows people to try to fulfill a dream that That that that they were on their way to fulfilling but had ripped away from him. Fine with me. That's sad. Your second question was how likely do I think it is and I would say very unlikely. Because it's very easy to get caught up in the moment right now and this is very. This is an unprecedented situation. And it sucks. I hope we've made that clear. But the truth is seasons abruptly in for people all the time in college careers abruptly in for people all of the time. Sometimes it's no fault of their own just like this is no fault of their own. Kenyon Martin's career ended short of the NCAA tournament you know. If not for a broken leg he'd been on a one seed and they probably won the NCAA tournament at least in the favorite to do it and yet he'll never get that opportunity back no fault of his own and we just chalk that up as something that sucks and is unfortunate and I think this is probably the same thing. It's something that sucks and is unfortunate. It's not a broken leg. It's a pandemic but this is not gonNA MILES POW. Marcus Howard Caches Winston Pemberton. I feel sick for all of them every senior. Who was about to play in the subway tournament? That will never have that opportunity again. I feel sick for them but they will not be the only seniors who had the possibility of instantly tournament. Take it away from them. No fault of their own and the best. Recent example of this is the Louisville team just a few years ago. When Louisville self-imposed a postseason ban midseason? That was an example of a basketball team that enroll to Grad transfers. And if you go back and read the quote from those Grad transfers when they committed a little both of them said more or less one of the reasons they wanted to go to Louisville for the opportunity to play in the NC Double A. Tournament. And then Katrina Powell. Wrote a book and then it became clear that Louisville was going to be punished eventually by the NC Double A. And rather than let the process play out Louisville's administration decided well Rick. Pitino was still the coach that they would sell. Impose a postseason ban essentially ending those players dreams of playing in the instability tournament. Ever now that's what Louis did to its own players and there wasn't some big protest to make that right. Although plenty of US myself included said that that's wrong and that we both that we think you shouldn't be allowed to self impose a postseason ban midseason and just rip that away from your players even if it's for the betterment long-term even as for the long-term betterment of your program you shouldn't be allowed to rip that away from basketball players you know midseason simply because you're more worried about the future than you are them but that's what Louisville did so there's at least two players who also had the possibility of playing from the in the instantly tournament ripped away from them abruptly no fault of their own and so if you think of it. Strictly in those terms what's happening right now is on a larger scale. It's more high profile. It's equally sucky but it's not that unique and so again I wouldn't object if every senior was given an extra year of eligibility but I don't think we're going to get there now I don't but if we did how cool would that be. It'd be the the best possible redemption. You could get after something like this Before I forget I someone tweeted us before this went live and I wanted to give Michelle Tom Miller. He said Y'all answered my podcast question. A couple a podcast question. A couple of months ago regarding my son and his bad luck at Duke Basketball Games took your advice bottom final four tickets as a surprise for his birthday. I feel awful for him. Thanks for the great podcasts. Shush you again Tom. And Josh to your son. Because that's rough and there are. I'm sure hundreds if not thousands of situations just like that. And that's why it's rough so for those. That are listening to podcasts. Happy that we could hopefully bring a little bit of entertainment for you. In light of what's been an unreal day with that said before we get to. Do you have anything else that you want to touch on. But like I've said everything need to say all right so more than any. So here's the deal first of all. Thank you for reminding amid podcast. This was this was set to be part of our selection Sunday podcast and because when we recorded at the time we were GonNa make note of it we got. We got things to figure out. We're not GONNA do all these on this podcast. First of all at the beginning of the season we made our bets on over under totals. GotTa find those okay. Got To figure out who who wanted. Who Lost we have our overall records that in this doc? Yea but I didn't I didn't I didn't update it from the previous games from last week but I didn't updated. I won't worry about that right now. Next podcast of the final number for our For our picks against the spread for the season but earlier this year. And I think this was back in mid-january you and I made our predictions on what we thought. The one seat would be on selection Sunday. Now some of this is going to sound familiar. Because I did. Bake it into a recent PODCASTS intro. But let's just listen to what those predictions were and see how close we think we were on track to being given how close we were to selection Sunday. Mccue this up right now I tunes is going to load for us and this is you and me are on selection Sunday on loss Gonzaga. Okay Zero Law San Diego State Leedle. Chances are Baylor in either Villanova Seton Hall. Can you have the guts to say one or the other display? Which one is it going to be? It's going to be cancer Baylor. It's going to be Villanova Seton Hall. There's GonNa be okay. It'll be Zero San Diego state. Kansas and Villanova. Okay I'm pausing it. Okay San Diego State wasn't gonNA be a one. Zero loss is still not going to be one. Kansas yes Gonzaga. Yes Nova no two out of four not bad. Let's see what I had here. Okay I will say this is fun. It's going to be Baylor. Baylor is going to be a one-seat posit of course one for one all. I have not listened to us about it or not. Guaranteed by the way and not guaranteed. But I think you're heading there. I have not listen to this part of this podcast about it so I don't remember what I'm definitely part of the Wagner a. Nope I definitely did not I promise you here. We go there number absurd right now. Baylor on selection Sunday Twenty Twenty. Baylor will be a one seed to loss. Gonzaga will be a one-seat all my goodness gracious. That's it that's right on the money. I swear I did not listen this before I swear to you. I swear on my children's lives I did not listen. We got another twenty two seconds whilst we got going on here one loss. San Diego State will be a one Donahue believe Utah San Diego Dummy. What did you say? I can't believe he thought San Diego State was gonNA lose you idiot. Gosh that's just met on. Meta on Meta all right Last one I think I remember I picked. I think I think I'M GONNA say Dayton here. Oh my buddy and three loss Dayton will be a one seat okay. Oh that's my. That's my prediction. Yeah that's what I'm going with. Wow that'd be fine with that. I love that all right. So I had three loss Dayton at one seed but these remained two loss Dayton and hey three Alaska impossible move. Lost eight ten todd. Dayton would not have been a one C. But you're going to lose again you are. You are correct by the way I have to say this just popped in my brain while before we get to this awesome thing that I can't wait to do. I will give you credit for something right now about time. I know you know what I do that. A lot in this podcast don't act like I don't know but we'll see this when we saw it would've been like two weeks after that on the intro. I can't tell you. How much had making that intro? Where you had the stuff wrong and that is that was my favorite one of all the ones who did not have a lot of fun doing just thrown. Jovan to it anyway. You said you're like you're on track of your. You Said Cancer. GonNa lose against Baylor and it's never gonNA lose. Gp. You're looking great right now. Like that thing that thing has taken off into the sky and has no signs of stopping right now. Kansas is not losing any time soon. I told you I tried to tell you. I don't know why people don't listen. You had that okay. Here's what I WANNA do. This is what I've been waiting for here. Listen you're down. We get it. No conference tournaments no instability tournament. If there are any one shining moment it's going to be thanks to some awesome creative people on the Internet that I have full. Confidence are going to are going to make those so with that being said since we're not GONNA be able to get an NC double a. tournament what I want. Gp Nine to do right now. Right here is we're going to take the field. Sixty eight that Jerry Palm projected as of eleven twenty eight am on Thursday. We're going to predict how it would go. We're going to crown a national champion right here on this podcast right here right now. Here's what we're going to do. There's four regions Midwest southeast and West. Gp is going to take the Midwest and the South I'm GonNa take the east and the West gp of course. I'm going to read you all these match ups. You don't even need to worry about that and I'll track it as we go here and we're going to have a little bit of fun and in fact just like we told you golden gate. Mike and Saint John's final victory of the season. San Diego State undefeated. We're also going to be looking at which teams are going to go to the final four and twenty twenty and which team is going to be able to cut those nets down in twenty twenty. So what we'll do here. Gp's you'll get to final four teams. I'll get to teams will split on the winners of that. And then we're going to have to come to an agreement on the twenty twenty national champion sound like a plan. Yeah but I can go ahead tell you both of my final. Four teams will be San Diego State as much as I know you WANNA make. That happen is actually physically not going to be possible here. I'm going to force you into a different kind of results. So you'RE GONNA START. We gotTA start with the first four games. Okay so what? We have is Richmond Against Wichita State Champs two Chris Mooney back in the dance saving his job. Great job okay. And then weirdly enough. Palm kind of interrupt. Pac twelve matchup stanford versus UCLA. So you take Richmond Wichita State. Who's coming out on top? I'm GonNa Take Gregg Marshall shockers you're gonNA take the shockers okay. So by taking the shockers we're GONNA knock quick trip for the spiders man. What's up with that by the way? That's the video of the component. That sounds like a flying. Dutchman ROYSTER WRONG WINDOW. What's going on here? You got to close tabs on the importance of close to manage this tabs problem right there got flying. Dutchman on the eye on college basketball PODCAST IDEAL. That's for sure So with with with that the winner is going to go into the south region. Richmond's done it's always tough when you got to lose that first Tuesday plane game I've got Stanford. Ucla there is zero chance. I'm picking it's Cronin the spot. No chance possible. That's going to happen. Ucla is going to get in and they're going to be going to the West. And then we have the sixteenth seed so we got Bobby Mo- playing against central. That's Andy tool going against Lavelle. Moten who you're gonNA take that GP and in the Mid West didn't Lavelle Molten deserve to win a game at this point. I think he does Allen. He deserves it. Give it give to Lavelle mountain and then I got prairie view going up against CNN. Comments era one of the Great First Year. Coach is in fact There was some stat out there about how good he'd been completely forgotten so anyway he's GonNa get the win and they're gonNA move along and get down there into the West. All right you'RE GONNA go first in both the Midwest and the South and for those listening at home this means. Gp is going to have the entire left side of the bracket as where I will have the east and the West. I will have the right side of the bracket so we start with the one seed overall number one Kansas going up against. Nc You we don't have to waste too much time here GP. I think we know where you're going. Kansas Okay. Yeah it's your pick you get to pick all the midwest and the south okay. I'M GONNA go with the J. They have they do have you right the the eight nine matchup here again. These are projections according to Palm. Literally like you know four hours before the Serna canceled this. This is your field of sixty as far as concern. you've got Arizona State and Bobby Hurley plane in Omaha Against Mike White in Florida gators? That's going to be a to fifteen tip on TRU TV. Who are you GONNA take? That is such a true. Tv game it is undoubtedly. I'm not can't trust Florida. I'm taking Bobby Bobby Hurley. We're going to go over to Saint Louis now and the five seat. Greg Guards Wisconsin Badgers. They're going up against twelve seed. East Tennessee state automatic. Bid Out of the so-called this is going to be a seven fifteen tip on Thursday night on TNT who you can take campaign against E. Four not in this situation you got the E. T. S. U. Bucks pulled that twelve over five right off the top. Okay also in Saint Louis good little region here. Four she'd Kentucky Kinda Take on the thirteenth seeded Vermont catamounts. Cbs Tip at twelve. Fifteen on Thursday. You'RE GONNA take boy go with John. Cale Fares Kentucky Walk. That's a tough one. I don't I don't doubt you but I do think there might have been some potential there. Okay bottom half of this. We're going down the screen you can picture Greg. Gumbel going down the screen here. Okay Clark. Kellogg set Davis. Making some outlandish ridiculous Pistilli always does the six eleven game in Greensboro. North Carolina is going to be games that take place on Friday and so this is going to be the nine twenty nine tip Illinois Cincinnati the six eleven game Brad Underwood back in the incidentally tournament Cincinnati Continues Streak. You take an ally or bearcats going with the line are going to move on also in Greensboro. You already know who. Who else do you think is going to be in Greensboro into three fourteen? Game Right now norlander. You are aggravating me right now. Just give me the game. It's Duke Little Rock the game. You've referenced six times on this podcast in the past week glitter is is. Somebody gets sick. Yes this is the one where somebody gets sick. You're taking I already know. Final two games in the East in the first round. You got the seventy. The wolverines going up against the tenth seeded Utah. State aggies also in. Saint Louis is going to be a nine forty five tip on. Tbs WHO YOU TAKE MICHIGAN UTAH. State total trap team. Everybody CAUGHT UP WITH SAM. Merrill hitting the buzzer beater. They're going to be eliminated. We are on the same pace. The last game here is Creighton versus Belmont in Saint Louis. Tough one for. I'm glad I don't have to make it. So you blue Jays Bruins who you got I mean. How could I pick a team that I just watched lose to Golden Gate or go? Are you doing it? You're doing it right here. I'm doing it right here. In Your Belmont Bruins Casey Alexander. By the way quick shouts to Casey Alexander. After we did a little Mary Kill Bang deal. He told you Casey Alexander. He tells me that one. He's listened to the pod to he had not heard that episode yet three found out of his twenty year old daughter telling him shouts to Casey Alexander. Incredible moment there all right donner there. We go you got Kansas Versus Arizona. State in the. I'm going to stick in the quadrant in the move Kansas Arizona State second round to get the sweet sixteen. You take an early take himself who you got thinking bill obviously okay and then we got this beauty of A. Wow All right you got twelve seed in East Tennessee. State going up against Kentucky. Who are you GONNA go with? I'm taking Steve. Forbes buccaneers a little chaos here onto the sweet sixteen which means we the end. The team lost the EVANSVILLE state. Never lost the Evansville right which means we are not getting a hey you you came match up on the bottom bracket you gotTa tell me we got Illinois six seed versus Duke and Greensboro. Who GonNa get all right? And then you're GONNA put Michigan over. Belmont you're GONNA get the Bruins to be the second fifteenth seed ever to get to a sweet sixteen. I believe John Howard Michigan your four teams into the region. Semifinals Kansas East Tennessee state of one versus a twelve. That's going to be an Indianapolis that's GONNA be seventeen seventeen teeth on. Cbs on Thursday night. Who are you gonNa Take Kansas Against East Tennessee state? This is where it comes to an end. Both East Tennessee state season and Steve. Forbes time of these Tennessee state he'd get paid all right good job Forbes. Run One thirty one. Thirty two games went to the sweet sixteen if time to bounce and get that power five money. Get Him Outta here. Duke Michigan to classify that as a CBS game. One hundred percent. That is a blood big time. Easy drove a match up. You're GONNA get Duke. Blue Devils for the second. Straight season is into the elite eight. Will it be a repeat of two thousand nine hundred? Gp Or are you going to put the blue devils over the number one overall? See Kansas Jayhawks in Indianapolis which would be guaranteed Primetime Sunday tip on? Cbs Bill Self. Kansas Jayhawks will advance to the final. Four he is getting Kansas into the final four. We moved down to the south number. One seed Baylor going up against the sixteen. See the Boston. You already know where you're going with this bears let's move along marquette versus Arizona in a very intriguing eight nine game. This is going to be in Omaha. Who Do you like? I'm taking Marcus Howard in Omaha. That's big this big east country. That's true when he's familiar with the environs. Good point you're five. Well it's fun to talk about Omaha as big east country high now wild spokane ship and Chris Holtman. It's disrespectful ship and Chris Houghton Up Spokane to play the twelve CDL bulldogs. You've gotta fly across the country. Who Do you like? The Yale bulldogs aren't built for that. That's right how about the other bulldogs your four thirteen matchup is Butler against Bradley. And Spokane you like those bulldogs take. I'll take Butler bulldogs shore in that game. Charoen might read but Brad remember the Brad Pitt game from way back in the day Brad Pitt and this is this is this is the but brad game. How about that All right so you're going to get butler. Virginia GETS WICHITA STATE. Who won the first four game? So you'RE GONNA YOU'RE GONNA give Tony benefit benefit of Tony Bennett the benefit of the tout against Gregg Marshall. I'm going to take Tony Bennett to beat wichita state seventeen to fourteen. I always just moved along. And then my brain was like seventeen fourteen mile score. Seventeen fourteen sounds good. These are in Greensboro by the way Maryland terrapins down in Greensboro gone up against the fourteenth CD. Uc Irvine ant eaters. How it's GonNa feel about this one ant eaters to two years in a row you take them. No no no no no no no I can't I. CAN'T I love Maryland. Okay they're like they're like my aspects of the of the East your final two games here providence versus Lsu in Tampa. That's your seven ten match of in the south. You're GONNA take Ed coolies hot fryers or we'll wait coaching. I entered a tournament game in more than two years. Because he wasn't there last year when they went. We'll take we'll Wade's lsu tigers. Ten over seven. And then you're to fifteen in this region. Is Florida state going up against Northern Kentucky? Yet as much as I love doing Darrin Horn because he coach Devon Devon Downey I gotTa Take Florida State. Florida state wins by eleven and has seventeen players weights. Seventeen different players scored twelve points All right so we also have funny All right so we have baylor versus Marquette in the second round who you're gonNA take next Baylor Against Mark Baylor Villa bears. Okay Baylor moving on all right. And then the storylines right themselves. You Got Ohio State and Chris Holtman going up against Butler his former team in second round. Oh Wow I will take. I'll take Chris Holtman and in Ohio state okay By the way this is this is perfect. Proof that the incident doesn't nearly think about this stuff as much as you think about it. Once you see it. These things are in. They just happened. I agree I didn't realize I was until I just saw the match up on my on my work as I was doing it here. Our highest state moves on to more in this region. The role must done. You've got Virginia up against Maryland So in all school. Acc matchup and relatively regional stuff right there as well. Tony Bennett in the sixty two cavs versus the third seed turps. Who we go on with this would be by the way in Greensboro Maryland terrapins Maryland going on higher prevailing. And then you got. Fsu To seat against Lsu Tigers picks artists date far state wins a close when this one by only six points but with twenty one players scoring twelve points in the game when just absurd to more three more technically Baylor Ohio state. Bela moves on Maryland. Florida State Maryland. I thought you were going to go. Fsu Okay so it was gonna be the bears or is it going to be. Are you going to be boring and pick another one? I'm taking the Maryland terrapins. Just to make Maryland fans mad yes. Marilyn Vance Campfire the Maryland fan base is the one fan base. That will be mad. That I put the terrapins all the way into the final four Maryland's in the final since two thousand two. I hope he listens appreciate this. You thought you weren't getting you thought you weren't getting bracket picks now not going to happen. Not on this podcast. We're going to the West Baby. Okay Gonzaga going up against in Spokane. They're going to have his act tip off at two fifteen on Friday. That's a true. Tv Game I'm GonNa Take Zag you move down you got Houston versus Colorado also in Spokane. Twelve fifteen tip. I'm GONNA go with. I gotta go with the Kooks through the better team there so Gonzaga and the cougs Penn State. This is the overwhelming twelve over five. Pick and I'M GONNA fall for it. It's GonNa Happen Stephen F. Austin in Sacramento knocking off Penn state nittany lions Lamar Stevens. You had a great great career. Sf as moving on an Oregon in Sacramento TNT tip. Nine four nine forty five at night on on Friday New Mexico state Mexico states. Good I got chaos right here. I Got Stephen F. Austin the twelve Mexico state the thirteen moving on bottom half of the bracket. Byu going up against I ready for this man Byu Ucla. What am I doing in the spot? I'm going to. Byu Auto Show. What Mick. Listen it's in Albany man. This is where I'm going to be covering this is. This is an easy for you. WanNa talk to Mick Cronin after his team loses to. Byu Is teams that lose in this big for crying out loud. Who you think you're talking about. Byu Is going to get done. My Man Tell You oh no sane insane one team is coached by Mick. Cronin in the other team has not coached by Mick Cronin. What you doing listen. This tournament is insane. I don't make the rules. It's done Seton Hall. Is the three going up against Hofstra? It's an incredible fight. Of course we're moving along with Seton Hall in Albany. Be a prime time tip on. Cbs and then get to seven ten matchup Iowa versus Xavier Sacramento last tip of Friday. Night out on the West Coast. That's a true. Tv Tip. I have to take Iowa in that. Spot Xavier's lucky to even be on the ten line there move along with the Hawkeyes and Santos also in Sacramento moving on against eastern Washington. I'm going to take in Zagreb to cruise past who Houston and then. I'm going to take New Mexico state to move a long pass even Austin in the second best game of the second round overall move along. Byu Seton Hall. One of the most entertaining games in the first weekend entirely. I'm going to ride with the cougars. Amazingly good offensive team. Miles Powell career comes to an end in Albany with lots of friends and family on hand and then of course you've got the last game San Diego state versus Iowa state a contrast in styles. But this is why Luca Garza will not be. Cbs Sports National Player of the year failed to get to the second weekend. San Diego State continues its undefeated season marches along gets to the sweet sixteen we've ZAG versus New Mexico. State and after Gonzaga beat New Mexico state by twenty four points. The question becomes not if this team will get to the national championship game but will it win it all by an average of twenty five points. They are a machine three week. Three Games overall. They're gonNA move along an SDS. You remains undefeated. It beats its former mountain west comrades. We got PAT. I'm on a roll hero. Let me go Gonzaga San Diego state so you got Kansas in Maryland in the final four. You know what I love you. I'm going to let you pick this. So what are we haven't yet? We've got three out of the four once you pick this one. I'm going to pick the fate of the winner of this game in the final four. But you know what I'm GonNa let you pick this Gonzaga the one versus San Diego State. The two in L. A. at Staples Center who you take Holy Crap. It's very serious. Stuff is is tough is tough you making me. Rip My heart a half. I'm going to take zag but still allow Sandiego state deficiencies and undefeated you. You you go ahead and hop on that train then see where it takes you there. Gonzaga moves along. We've got a one to one and Maryland is a three the last region. Let's go up to New York and well we've got different cities we gotta be. They'll get to New York in the second weekend. Here we're GONNA start with Dayton. Once he the flyers. How do you not love the story going up against Pat Kelsey WINTHROP EAGLES? This isn't even a question. Date moves along without too much of a fight. Toughest eight nine gave him of all. You've got a cleveland tip. Saint Mary's against Oklahoma. This is GONNA be. Tbs Tip at seven twenty seven on. Friday I'm GonNa go with the GAELS here. Just trust them a bit more in Jordan. Ford is probably just a little bit better than Christian doolittle. He's the best player on the floor. GimME SM see down to Tampa the game auburn versus Akron. The Tigers have five seed Akron. A lot of people sleeping in Auburn Isaac a Coro- didn't make our top ten freshmen. Bruce Pearl had to give me a call he might be making a t shirt. I don't even know what's going on but I gotTa Take Tigers this is chew forty tip on CBS Friday. I'M GONNA go with Auburn moving along there and then the last game in the top half of this bracket well Louisville four seat liberty lot of wins thirteen seed in Tampa. Give Me Chris. Mack and his cardinals. Liberties had a good season. Terrible shrink the schedule gotta go with the bottom half of it Bob. Huggins sixty mountaineers Likud is. This is when it gets fun. You're like rutgers rutgers is here and take them how about that how about that. They're going to be a everyone's GonNa Sleep on this rutgers team. Gp because they couldn't win away from home they're gonNA put off. They're going to get it done by the way I only. Gps BALD head right now like for all my new for all. I know he's actually fallen asleep at this point. So I'm away okay. I mean not not not because I WANNA BE. I am boy. We're in Cleveland Right now. By the way Michigan state the three seed up against North Texas the fourteen. I can't tell you anything about North Texas. Can you tell me anything about not? Gp can I tell you anything about North Texas? Yeah of course I can. That's not convincing. Michigan state moves over there. The mean green they are. Can you name the coach Real Quick? Five four three grant. Yeah you might have all right. Michigan state moves along in Cleveland. We get to the final cheated. You'RE GONNA accuse me of cheating. I think he might have pulled up a Ken. Page their quickness. No I am not cheating. Let me tell you me give you prove that I am not cheating. Athletic Director North Texas is a man named Ren Baker who used to be the associate athletic director at the University of Memphis. I've got strong ties to north Texas and we go north Texas most known for Fine Dutchman. It's an elite music school. It's like a top ten music school in the country but anyway continue Usc The seven seed against Indiana. The ten Archie Miller's in no more throwing lob grenades and verbal lobs at the break out there and the infield. This is an Albany beyond to watch this one here. Seven fifteen tip. Tnt Thursday. I'M GONNA go with the Trojans should be very good next season by the way good recruiting class coming in but the good news continues. And then the last game of the first round Dave Richmond and those fifteen seeded Bison and they've got to fly all the way to country play these Villanova wildcats. It's not even close. Nova WINS BY TWENTY. We move on to the second round. Dayton saint. Mary's Dayton gets a genuine scare a real scare fliers. They're going to Madison Square Garden. Obi Top and hit a shot with less than ten seconds to go. They move on along you love and a state and fans. I know you are next. Game Auburn Louisville Tigers Cardinals Tampa big time game mid-afternoon Saturday tip on TBS. And I'm going with the Auburn Tigers over Louisville. Don't get enough out of Jordan Laura. They're out sorry about it now. Moving along what rutgers against Michigan State? It's a big ten matchup. What happened when these teams play this year? Gp Dino Michigan State Rutgers what happened. I don't know I literally don't know and I'm about to check. I'm about to check right now. Here we go. They beat them. Here's why we don't know 'cause they frigging played on December Eighth Michigan State. One seventy seven sixty five. It's going to be a repeat performance there Tommaso then moving along cash winston turning one of the better stories of this March and the Nova dispatches. Usc WE GOT Dayton Auburn Michigan State Villa Nova at the garden for the Sweet Sixteen Dayton after almost losing in the Second Round Incredibly Beats Auburn by thirty seven points. It's not even close. It's not even close. Bruce Pearl again calls me out for not giving is a coral enough love. In the Post Game Dayton moves along and then you have Michigan State Villanova that the nine fifty tip on CBS. That Friday night incredible Game Michigan State prevails the get along into the bracket to close one goes into overtime cash. Us Winston Hits Xavier. Tillman who makes an awkward lip with three seconds to go Dayton versus Michigan State? The last tip of the elite eight on CBS from Madison Square Garden. The flyers and the SPARTANS. I literally just had coach. Just text me. Is there any chance? Cbs still has a selection show. I don't think so but it would be really awesome. This is your selection show people. I cannot not take the flyers Dayton moves along OBI top and seals one of the best performances by player out of a mid major ish conference in history. So here are our final four match. Gps paid non me. But I know the listeners are loving this. By the way they will think US deeply for Kansas Maryland. Zag Zag a Dayton who well. I had to do it now if we did a Monday. That stupid and this isn't in the moment here. We're we're giving people something positive. Okay let him live transparently through us. All right can't transparently through me. Kansas MARYLAND KANSAS MARYLAND IN ATLANTA. That is that is that would be the that would be the second game. So I'M GONNA pick my game. I this would definitely be the first. You've got Gonzaga vs Dayton in Atlanta. That's the first tip on. Tbs which has the final four. This year I am going to take. This is an incredible credibly fun offensive game. Gonzaga wins prevents us from Kansas State in rematch from Maui? It's an eighty eight eighty six final and what's instantly regarded as one of the better final four national semifinal games? We've had in the past. Fifteen years. Mark few gets his bulldogs back to the national title for the Second Time. In his career. Most recently coming in two thousand seventeen who you got Jayhawks terrapins. First off how. Are you going to miss a major storyline from that game? What did I miss? What S Half Brothers? Killian till the final four matchup between the half brothers Jalen crutcher and Killian though. Shame on me. That's all it's all we'd be talking about that we again. How did I miss it? I'll kill and tilly's mother Jalen crutches. Mother Jalen Crutchfield. She got her. She got her crutcher and she got artilley. Probably gotTa Tilly Crutcher. What do you think who's older till? Yeah so she got her tilly. She got her crutcher. I missed that. Forgive me Zag moves along. Now you gotTa said that. The fates of bill self at margin first of all this is going to be the later game. The mark is not getting the beverly. Keep that in mind. It's Mark Turgeon. Kansas along yes. It is trying to get to his first final four years to defeat his alma mater to get there. No He's already there. This is in the final four. You know what I mean. Look I mean it is half brothers? You don't get as bookie who would be. Who would be the best half brother on Maryland? There's no answer for that. Let me see. There's not you have to figure this out on my own. Now go ahead and figure it out by the way as he figured it out. This is what I wanted for all your listeners. You guys have been incredible this season. This is our longest episode of the season as it should be. Oh it feels like oh I know it does as we break down the twenty twenty tournament take you through it. Virtual reality or otherwise and You guys have been incredible. Continued to subscribe and right and all that stuff We've noticed the numbers have continued to rise. And we will still provides you a podcast in some way or another. We will get this done going forward all right. Who's this half brother? His half brothers. Ricky Lindo okay. Sure now great not a great team to try to find a half brother for you guys that That canoe tipped on. You didn't work out. I'm taking Kansas to get to the national championship game. All right so we've got Kansas which is rated as the best team in college basketball for more than half the season and Gonzaga which has had the best offense in college basketball for more than half the season Who are you inclined to say is GonNa win this thing? Give it to you. I'm going to give it to mark Zack's I'm with you. I'm with you. I'm with you on that in this in this year of all years. It's him his number one rated off in a in a great matchup getting that championship. In firming up what is sure to be soon a hall of fame career man. I felt like I felt like march was just yesterday that term. It went by so fast it actually felt like it took longer than the actual tournament. I would have rather gone through the actual. No you know. You wouldn't have to tell me that tomorrow you tell me that's true tomorrow. I've glad to turn if it's over the tournaments the tournament this tournament felt like it went by in a flash just unbelievable hope. You enjoyed that. I had. I had to just scratch that each tonight. I had to be night to do it. So zags are the two thousand twenty national champions. Yes San Diego state ever remembered as the season where Gonzaga wins. Its first national title while San Diego State. Also finishes undefeated correct. They are the twenty. Twenty national champions. This is for the record in perpetuity that being said I encourage all listeners. If you want you can find a printable bracket on. Cbs SPORTS DOT COM. Do you want to make your own? Choose your own adventure. Scratch that we got time not GONNA be able to watch any of these Games feel free but we hope you enjoyed it. Is it time to go? It's definitely time to go like definitely time to go. Shafted evidently Chelsea Chester South Carolina just fatigue. He's alleged she has to learn now on. Please goes down college. Basma podcasts via apple podcasts. We ain't going to be doing it as much as we plan to do it but we will still be doing more than anybody else. That's a pretty good little slow. He put that on a t shirt. I'm up for any t shirt and then have a picture for Flying Dutchman al I knew you were going there so i WanNa do that. Do that all right. Well maybe we can make it happen. Then go subscribe rated favourably five stars. Nice comments and we will talk to you again. Some point I'm certain early next week. We'll get it done till then till then till then. Take Care Cal Basketball Fan. It's so scary. Perisher my new to watch it on. Cbs sports because each week you can watch some of the top games available for free on CBS Sports Dot Com in the CBS sports mobile APP and this week. It's all about the conference tournaments the big ten athlete country all season. It could put double digit number of teams in the two thousand twenty. Ncaa tournament you WanNa Watch those teams battle it out in the big ten tournament this weekend you can do it on. Cbs The semi finals. Start Saturday at one. Pm Eastern in the championship game Sunday at three thirty PM eastern again. You can watch all three of those games this weekend on. Cbs Sports Dot Com for the CBS sports mobile APP. And don't forget it's free and I don't mean to free trial a free by some faces port back. It's completely free every body so come check out the big tournament semifinals and title game this weekend at CBS sports dot com or in the CBSSPORTS MOBILE APP.

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