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Path grade is here on the please radio network. Welcome to it that way through the week. Course jeff will join us to chew the fat coming up in about half an hour. You know as always kind of a broken record but there's a lot to get to today just every single day. It's it's a selfish choice. On what using what you don't use really. I mean i think we might be up to seventeen and a half or even eighteen minutes of information and entertainment jammed into just to our a bowl statement tanker. I know i know today feeling it. I'm feeling it. i think it's true. We are living in a cloud and piven world. Aren't we sure they're throwing more things and you could possibly imagine at us From the border to the key to the covid situation to the inflation situation the us economy. That's going to hell in a handbasket and this was the guy who is going to. He was gonna take care of the little people heart. A little people doing right now. Are you doing if you're not to among the wealthiest americans the upper one percent. A bet you're doing really well with the higher gas prices in the inflation at the grocery store. These are the things that hurt. Poor people the most the middle class the most start raising the price of gas. Like it's going up and people are hurt by that. You feel the pinch at the grocery store. There hurt by that. I mean you were going through the list. There we've got race issues gender bullcrap yup covid mandates and and and edicts. Wherever you begin. I dunno. I don't know they were so concerned about the border in the children. D'ici in each forty children up to cheating or suffering at the border. I can't believe it the children they don't give a rat's anus About the children conditions for the migrant children at the border right now more than forty five hundred migrant children mostly teenage boys at fort bliss in texas so this is just at fort bliss. They've got somebody just went into it and went into their enormous tents. That are unsanitary filthy. One of federal employees told reason that it was just appalling. Said i'm not gonna lie. We've got people dropping like flies. It's talking about the employees are leaving in droves because it's just not something that they're used to this facility is growing fast and we're getting kids on a daily basis. We don't have enough staff to maintain but keep in mind. There's no crisis here. This isn't a crisis all he said. I've been into one dorm one time and i was like yeah. I'm not going back. They're they're filthy dirty. There's food on the floor. There's wet spots all over the place. The beds are dirty. I don't know what's going on. Or who's responsible for ensuring that dorms need to be clean but we all need to be responsible for telling the miners to clean up after themselves. We have already caught staff with minors. Inappropriately Is that okay with you. Guys he asked rhetorically. I hope not. We've also caught minors with minors. You know we've got teenagers in this shelter. What's happening with teenagers. Hormones raging out of control. It's important that we maintain safety and vigilant be vigilant Stop what is happening if you don't watch these kids and you're not the one who's going to step in. Who's going to be that person to stand up for the miners. Because that's what we're here for. So the children are also being ignored. Apparently when they request Medicare some of the incidents and complaints. We're getting also or that we've got miners were requesting medical due to not feeling well and staff members were telling. There's nothing wrong with you. Go back to your bed in the age of covid. There's nothing wrong with you. Go back to bed. you're not going to test them or anything. These are legitimate complaints. And it's my duty to let you know what's going on because if you know who these people are. You need to report them. So that's what's happening right now as the border. It's going really well y- because these are the democrats so they cared deeply. Oh my gosh. These are the ones who are filled with feelings in motion. And they love the little person and they love minorities in the love. Immigrants these non-documented citizens. We love him. Much day. One you know. They opened up the border. I didn't care what kind of consequences. And what kind of conditions they were going to be creating with their with their policies and it took over two months. I look this up. It was march twenty fourth. When biden named kamala harris as you know in charge of the border march twenty four so it took him over two months to realize that they created a nightmare and now we are sixty four days later. Harris has not yet visited the border. Still yeah she's. They're not interested in the border. Afc crying about this on video. I haven't seen it lately. That's all they talk about in the early years of trump was how terrible his treatment was of these unaccompanied children at the border. That's all we heard. Torn out of the arms of their mothers over and over and over again. They bellyache about it now. They couldn't care less than could not care less. It's i mean you know that this is who they are but then you see an action. It's still kind of hard to believe it's just. It's it's stunning. Triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety three by the way Support for israel among young adults is down forty one points. Oh in three years three years you never say i. I don't know that. I've ever seen a movement either positive or negative in one of these polls that that that is that drastic that fast evangelical christians in the united states. Who in the past have been staunch supporters of israel Not so much anymore. A new survey found that this is eighteen to twenty nine year olds and this was an online poll conducted between march and april surveyed over seven hundred individuals just to three point seven percent point margin of error with ninety five percent level of confidence ninety five percent. Sure that this is accurate in these are eighteen to twenty nine year old. Did you say evangelical. Yeah seventy five percent is what it was three years ago. It's now thirty. Four percent that is after a president that demographic largely loved donald trump Was the biggest ally in the oval office. Ever right that makes no sense at all well except for the indoctrination they're getting. They're getting indoctrinated in schools And and this is the effect. This is the result so thirty three point six. When you break it down. It might not be quite as bad as it sounds on the surface when you break it down thirty three point. Six percent of young evangelical said excited with israel twenty four point three percents said they sided with the palestinians and forty two point two percent Didn't take any site at all. Support for israel though has precipitously dropped And it's the same survey by the way from three years ago to on the question of a two state solution. Forty five percent said they support the establishment of a palestinian state alongside israel. Thirty five percent said their neutral plurality of young evanger locals locals forty one and half percent said israel treats palestine fairly twenty two percent said they don't and thirty five point seven said they were neutral on the issue. Now what's the biggest problem. The the biggest problem is probably split between the propaganda the get in school and from their and and the lack of knowledge about the situation. Because i i think a good number of them don't know and don't care what's going on in the middle east. They couldn't care less in fact half of those polled admitted to having very limited knowledge or no knowledge of the israeli palestinian conflict. And so there you have it if They don't know anything about it if they do. They've been propagandized by extreme idiotic wing teachers and you know what they haven't heard they never. They've never heard that. The palestinians already had their two state solution offered to them from the beginning in nineteen forty seven with the un participate partition when they allocated fifty four percent of the area for a state called palestine. forty-six percent would go to a jewish state of israel. And by the way as we mentioned last week jerusalem would not be and israeli city. It would be an international city overseen by the un but instead of course they went to war in nineteen forty eight the palestinians and the arabs to take it all they've also never heard that the real abusers of the palestinians are the arabs. Who really honestly don't want anything to do with them. They've never heard that. The palestinians who have good jobs in israel have to keep it from their friends and neighbors in the gaza strip because if they found out that they were working for jews their families could be killed. So they don't even they don't even admit that they're working in israel. They've never heard to this day. That the plo charter. And certainly hamas calls for the destruction of israel. They don't hear any of those things because the media doesn't talk about them and they're not talked about in schools. It's always the poor picked on palestinians who are just bullied by the big bad israelis. She's eight or nine million people surrounded by one hundred million arabs who hate their guts and want them dead. Want to drive him into the sea. But it's the palestinians that were just all broken up about he's mean meanwhile israel is do you know that actually have and they've actually built their society into something civilized. Something that resembles what's going on in the west probably stolen. I mean what. What if the palestinians built in the gaza strip bombs. I know the answer to this. One is bombs they build bums good answer. Good answer survey said number one number one answer. What do i win You win a brand new. Two thousand and twenty one cadillac seville door handle screw. Congratulations congratulations where do i collect it. I would like this See the man after the show will take care of you. who's that. Yeah you'll see. I feel like i'm not even gonna win. That this whole thing feels like you don't even think you're getting the door handles. Scroll corey the man. Who's giving me. The door handles screwed. I feel i answer to this afterwards. All right triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety-three also add pat unleashed on twitter. It's just a is ridiculous World and ridiculous policies and while biden pretends to support israel. he's not really lifted. A finger to support israel as we told you last week the ceasefire came from. Who did it come from the administration. No no came from egypt. Egypt did his work for him. Yeah yeah the egyptians did it crazy. But what biden did do was to lift sanctions on the pipeline in europe for for the russians so they could finish up their their pipeline. Now he did that. Not because he's in love with vladimir putin like a you know donald trump thank. You was an agent for the russians. Come on and where do you think the sanctions game from. Didn't come from the biden administration. They just they're the ones who dropped it and he's not getting any kind of flack for that. Hey how come. You're pro russia. Hey what kind of weird relationship you have with vladimir putin. You're not hearing any of that. So dropped the sanctions on the russia to germany pipeline. Nord stream two. Because it's almost completely finished way. What i'm really glad you didn't let the let that get in the way when the keystone pipeline was up in the air Does that make any sense at all. Yeah we it was almost finished so we said go ahead if these exact actions were taken by donald trump let russia finish their pipeline keystone Gosh you're an agent of russia which he probably in hindsight shall have done that because then you put the left in a bind like. Oh my gosh. Do we support the environment more. Do we support the narrative. That trump is putin's lapdog. Gosh i can't take this can't take it it's gonna be. It's gonna be a very thirsty day on this end i can already tell it is. It's hard to believe it. Honestly is he actually had the gym blitz to say i've been opposed to nord stream from the big. That's the pipeline from the beginning. Now they know how. I feel convinced me. Oh man do counterproductive to keep the sanctions because it was almost completed I don't even understand statement. That doesn't even make sense. White house announced biden will meet with Putin in geneva next month all right to go so well for us. Oh yeah you know. We got the upper hand there On our hundred fifty year old man who has no cognitive ability anymore going up against vladimir putin the only question about that meeting is will vladimir putin right in on bareback on a horse with a shirt off. Yeah i'd like to see that's that's honestly only question with meeting. Oh my gosh. I seriously. I want that meeting televised. It'd be in order to we or do we probably not crowley on all right. Let me take a minute and tell you about patriot. Mobile with corporations meddling in our republican cancelling free speech. We need to support companies that support our values and believe in the constitution. If you haven't already go to patriot. 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Us based customer service team nine seven two patriot get the discount the free starter kit and a chance to win cell service for life with the offer code pat that's patriot mobile dot com slash pat patriot mobile dot com slash pat or nine seven. Two patriots says dispatch gray unleashed unique I love the fact that they're also going back on the wuhan lab theory. That was so ridiculous and insane when trump said it well because he said it that we didn't believe it. Wait what that's exactly what. cnn innocent. That's what they're saying. Yeah because it came from trump. It was conspiracy theory. But now it's coming from biden whose brain dead so we know it's true. Oh oh all right. Do you want to play cnn clip. Would you like to see that. Because they're fun. This matters understanding where kuroda virus and how the pandemic began matters a lot of discussion lab leak. I think was clouded early on. Because they're winning the suggestion by some that. It was somehow a chinese weapon that that caused this. That's not what we're talking about here. We're talking about a lab accident. But we've come a long way from people dismissing this as a conspiracy theory to a lot of people taking seriously it for a second listen to the spin get out of the fact that they blew this off and discredit and discounted it for a year just because of donald trump and he's already snuck in chinese propaganda that it was an accident. Not right liberate anything. They weren't making a weapon or blah blah. Remember anybody saying it was necessarily a weapon me thinks you protest too much Hanan dot is amazing. Did did he specifically cited as a weapon. I i know that they. He alluded to the fact that it was created in the lab and then it escaped. I don't know that necessarily said it was. Why is he. Goes no what purpose you would be doing with that. But and there there's been reports over the years. I mean going way back that. They're messing around with biological weapons for weaponry. Yes so still. Take the spin on this now to to go back and try to rewrite the way. Cnn handled this thing as amazing. See the rest of this. We have john and look. I do think it's important to remember that part of the issue when this was first being reported on and discuss that after the pandemic had begun with the then president trump and mike pompeo the Secretary of state both suggested they had seen evidence that this was formed in a lab and they also suggested it was not released on purpose but they refused to release the evidence showing what it was because of that that made this instantly political. I think that there was you know example thousand when the trump administration learned that we own credibility over and over again people are not immediately going to believe you especially in an election year however that does not mean. It's not worth discussing. There has been a allbeit relatively quiet focus on whether that was the origin of the virus in it is compounded by the fact that There aren't have not been clear answers from chinese officials about it and that investigators trying to find out the origin have been stymied. So i do look. We're in a different period of this. John but i also think remember because i think it's getting reframed in a way that's not true to what happened. I don't mean here. I debate by trump supporters about what house and raised a lot of people. Want just answer. Why people just want answers and cnn's we go for together. We just want answers reframed. Just look at that report. Oh man as they're talking in the upper left corner. It's a picture of their god. Anthony fauci Just because he's now not convinced. Oh well nath how. there's something there. Yes he's not convinced and part of their argument was that president trump didn't come forward with any evidence what evidence has found. She produced that he's got doubts about this. Whatever denies china produced that it wasn't created in that lab in they act like this is all brand new. They bring up three months ago. They just referred to well. We've been stymied when we tried to investigate. Well the who went over though. Yeah i thought we already got the answer. They didn't report on that one. Sixty minutes had that clip. Remember that guy went there and he for what are if you're going to work in china on corona viruses and try and understand their origins you should involve the people who know the most about that and for better for worse i do. He says the team did look into the leak. Theory during a visit with lab scientists refined deemed it extremely unlikely extreme said do audit the lab and they annually. Did you audited after the outbreak. Yes was anything found test. You're just taking their word for it. we do. There's a limit to what you can do. And we right up to that limit. We ask them of course vetted in and the game. We got to be believable. Leave -able correct. Renting warrant the chinese and in a cover-up they destroyed in and punish scientists who were trying to give evidence on this. Very question of the origin will vote wasn't task to find out if childhood covered up the article. I know i'm just saying doesn't that make you wonder. We didn't see any evidence of any false reporting in china and that's fine and we ask them. We asked them and they said now. So what are we supposed to do. Of course we believe them of sorts That's fascinating seriously. It's really fast. But cnn didn't didn't object to that report no at the time. They waited until their god spoke and now that they're god anthony. Fauci is quote not convinced Now it's a big thing. So they're spending this thing. Washington post spinning this thing. Fact checker checker Glenn kessler wrote a timeline to explain how the wuhan lab leak theory suddenly became credible. What he say he writes that in recent months the idea that he that it emerged from the wuhan institute of raji once dismissed as a ridiculous conspiracy. Theory has gained new credence. He was one of those. In fact. kessler was one who called it a ridiculous conspiracy theory and now now. He's supporting the theory. For one thing efforts to discover a natural source of the virus have failed gay so they can't find a natural source second early efforts to spotlight a lab leak often got mixed up with speculation that the virus was deliberately created as a bioweapon mixing ingredients in just like. Oh what are we gonna make rainbows today. The hell do you think they were doing. What are they said they want to do. I swear this media and what happened a few months ago that changed the political climate in this country. That would allow them to put this out there. Did we have a change in leadership at the top and now now now we can say this without trump getting the credit for for throwing this out there. It's exactly what's happening. This was part of kessler's fact check last spring against trump statements that the virus emerged from the lab questions about the virus. Origin brought a rush of alternative theories. Some claimed the virus was a bio weapon. Other suggested it had been altered for a scientific experiment or was simply viral. Sample that escape from the lab. Let's be clear no scientist. We spoke to the new. Corona virus was designed as a bioweapon. These are two distinct and separate ideas. Of course the first is about a purported fact in the second is about analysis of the fact. But they're conflating the two and that's That's why they're saying that. Well now now we're not conflating. The two and so maybe it was released from the lab because maybe it was something else. I see and by the way we can't spied and credit whatsoever as this thing goes forward because an inquiry was put in place at the state department. During the trump administration the biden administration shut down. As soon as they got into office he gets no credit and this he hasn't seen anything it's because she uttered at one time an interview. Now they're allowed to pursue this and they're still not going to chase down the truth By the way kessler one of the kesslers facts when he was fact checking. The trump claims was that in four years he claimed president trump made two thousand five hundred seventy three false or misleading claims. If they ever did they do that with obama because obama light every single day are they doing it with biden because he lies every single day you guys are shoddy. Well orders other pathetic. The washington post to cnn. And you're out in all of this. Is that well. We just can't trust trump so that's why we couldn't latch onto that theory a year ago. That's like ted cruz. Just said the media in particular the washington post is just pravda. Now they're just pravda so you you can't trust anything. They say anything they come up with. I mean look at the backflip. Here is amazing. Well it's good that we send us tax dollars over there to the wuhan lab. Yeah but i mean how much and and if that's the case i'm sure that's that's one of the very few expenditures that don't seem to be really solid expenditures that the american people want paul and got some progress yesterday. Did he go through. Some of the things that That the us funds in including a wuhan lab yesterday. Yeah that's what am author favorites from the national lab. One from kentucky we may never know whether the pandemic arose from the lab and wuhan but we do know that so far. No intermediate animal host has been discovered. Thousands of animals at the wet market have been looked at none of them have carried covid. Nineteen we've tried to infect covid nineteen into bats. It doesn't grow well and bats. It seems most adapted in suitable for humans. He may not know whether this ever arose out of wuhan lab. But i think gain of function research where we take a deadly virus sometimes much more deadly than covid and then we increase its transmissibility. Mammals is wrong in two thousand fourteen. Nih stopped all of this research. I'm using the same definition to say any gain of function research should not be funded in china with. Us taxpayer dollars. And i recommend it. Yes thank you mr president. I asked him to vitiate the sixty vote. Requirement for this amendment in your back time. Is there objection without objection. Loyd it passed by the way. Overall time has yielded back. The question is now on the amendment which passed it. Pass voice vote and hopefully we can stop sending money to this lab ran. Did talk about some other ways. Our tax dollars are being spent. We'll have to share that with you later on pat gray unleashed and he's on the blades. That kerley it's time to chew the fat not just true best. Do get more other is stuff. An actual nasa photo from a million miles away not a thousand miles away shack one million miles away something like that. Yeah wow there is. It looks fake nuts cool. That's a cool shot. That's a million miles away. That's what the that's the caption said. Wow really cool all right so that hurt that hurt. Then the moon for the rotation to pick up. I hey less than one hundred days until college football i think ninety four exact county or anything but i definitely am. I know seems like it's so long ago. Congratulations to guy. Fieri to Mayor of flavor town Now the top paid chef on cable. Tv signed a new deal with food network. Three years eighty million dollars. That's still underpaid. I think for him. He's carrying that network on his back all that's for sure he is. I mean every every time you to not turn on the food network you've got either diners drive ins and dives or the grocery store grocery game grocery games or you might have chopped it. But it's it's one of those. I know i know i love the shot of Of him side by side. Where with with without the hair. It's a big difference actually. Yeah it's definitely he's demand it's not a bad deal. It's not a bad deal all twenty six year not bad. It's not bad. It's not bad in dollar deal. That's something else she's met bobby. Flay has pissed. That's the way all are they are. Yeah i know. They're all sitting back down to the negotiating table food network. You got some cash now sudden. Okay okay some of that. To disneyland's newest land avenger is campus opens on june. Fourth is gonna feed your new marvel themed restaurants and eateries including including the hulk size tam and cheese sandwich for ninety nine dollars and ninety nine cents. Not bad hundred bucks. Ham and cheese sandwich Include salami rosemary ham provolone sun dried tomato spread on toasted foresee s served with mariner dipping. Sasha i know what it is a stupid flower get over it and It didn't are gula salad. Good salad with but a single serving so a single serving for the sandwich. The sandwich ninety nine ninety nine but that serves six to eight people So you can get a single serving for fourteen forty nine okay. No that single serving size. A single service is that gluten-free bread. Or is that standard. I mean you're looking at what just under a thousand for family maybe to get in to disneyland. Now do kids. Yeah daddy jack. The price up during code. And then plus you now you gotta now you gotta spend One hundred bucks. A sandwich. Crazy i mean they are. You're looking at Spend some cash. How many sandwich feed though six to eight eight. I mean if you say it like that. Yeah it's a lot better. Yes because if you go in on it then it's not that bad right. I know serving sizes usually. That's not good is a little different than ours. He sees that as literally one cent. Yeah one meal. do we see it. A sixty six eight is not good. No all really. That's sort of sixty eight people. Does it clear hold. You're one of the one thing that screams american families though everyone is awesome new rainbow colored. Lego set introduced for the lgbtq. You a two plus pride month. The three hundred and forty six piece collection available for purchase. Starting june i includes a different figuring for each color of lagos rainbow black brown orange yellow green dark blue purple blue white and pink special goes vice president of design. Matthew ashton said everyone unique and with a little more love acceptance and understanding and the world. We can all feel more free and be are true awesome. So that's so cute kellogg's also you know they have the cereal boxes out now. The pride Somebody sent in the picture of the side we haven't seen the side of it look at their To amazing to put into a box he him she her they them at your own. Yes nice. is this pronoun thing here on asinine. This is what it is. It's only gonna leave it long. Delay in their gorby. Just not a five second delay okay. I'm just looking out for you and me brother. Speaking of awesome though to in the fat podcast. You should That's my daily show available. Were podcasts are available. You should subscribe and enjoy to tune. Evatt podcasts assizes. Speaking of awesome Lgbtq q i a two plus friendly so are you really oh yeah oh manned so is it. Okay if i subscribe. And don't enjoy just as long as i subscribe right. That's all you really prefer that you enjoy. Okay okay. you don't have to win. I'm subscribed on so many platforms. Chew the fat. That's true story. You don't believe me if it's still the same ip address it doesn't come just. Won't you think i operate like that. One and the godmother for women for bees angelina jolie along with unesco have launched a five year program. that's going to help train and support fifty female beekeepers around the world for bees women for bees. And what am i. We posted here. That is oh my. Gosh oh my god get stopped sat in this room. Apparently she didn't bay never three days and She said in this room if they had to Sit in the bees had had to be a dark room and everyone was in a protective suit except her all right and they because they wanted to keep the bees calm and she took perfectly still for eighteen minutes video but they were crawling all over. She said that they you know they put plugs in her nose and ears to avoid any B.'s b.'s entering right and So she did that for this and gets bill really. According got stung weird individuals not good stung by the bees. Apparently hadn't seen her new movie at those who wish me dead. 'cause stronger just for good measure a little disappointing. Yes i really wanted it to be good too. i like. I like the action movies that she's in but not that good Good really disa-. My review is disappointing Really she is a firefighter Chorus struggling meets the kid on the run from the bad guys. The kid's dad the forensic father gets killed. They chased the wildfire giving away plot detail. Okay then all right spoiler alert. They live. I know it's been out two weeks as made a wapner. It's on hbo and it's coming in and out about thirteen million. So far worldwide. So is there a fire yes. He's a while okay or firefighters. You know of course. You can't have a wildfire firefighter with fire. Fire right and so she to come to grips with her pass. Loss was a warming. That's all that happens. Fires everywhere. I like never before ever witnessed on the face of this planet. We've never had fires before now. We have fires. Chances time cameo from smokey the bear. The show is smoke. Did that by the way. Just this is another. Little spoiler alert wasn't climate change. It wasn't climate was not climate change completely inaccurate. Then movie well you know. We have speaking of climate change. I'm not sure if you're aware but mainstream. Economists have deliberately and completely ignored scientific data and instead made up their own numbers guy. Steve king fellow at the university college london's institute for strategy resilience and security institute for strategy strategy resilience and security. I was wondering what his strategy claims economic forecasts predicting the potential impact of climate shed grossly estimate the reality and have delayed global recovery. Efforts aid thing that's going on. It's the underestimate of climate change. Thank you i say. The world's going to end in ten years. We really only have one thank you. It's pissing me off. Claims war level footing is required to have any hope of repairing the damage. Here we go. This is just getting declare war. So now i guess he believes that the scientists that don't believe that climate change caused the iceberg. The world's biggest iceberg now to break away the Named a seventy six the hundred miles long sixteen mile wide Broke off the at arctic shelf. Yeah that. They believe that that wasn't climate. Change just machines. It's just a natural cycle. Yeah it ice breaks off in fact more an indication that there's more ice because it got too heavy to be supported by the rest of it and it broke off my gosh. That's not a climate change thing. All i know the line. Thank you thank you. All i know is that they are grossly underestimating. The reality on boy and they have delayed global recovery efforts by decades. Yeah that's a big piece of ice floating out there too. Yes it is. I mean bigger than relocate. Like a football team there. Yeah that'd be kind of fun. yeah. I mean eventually. It's going to melt so you know minutes now for quite sometime now. Well light sometime. Still gonna melt. What else you got instead. Proving that No job is sacred. I'm all for a drone deliveries. And we see here jordans. Golf course His best has the uses drones to deliver goods to his special golfers out there in his luxury. Golf course brings them drinks and food or snacks or whatever they need at the At the grove. Eight pretty cool. Yeah it is. It's kind of cool. I you know the thing is. I'm all for drone deliveries seriously. I want i want to be able to order something from amazon and have it land at my house just like that one and land on the top of my house but when you're golfing yeah You have to have green girls. Girls girls carring not drones. I don't know the girls out there on thirteen eighteen when we've been talking about it for so long. Do we have to be michael jordan on a golf course in order to get drunk delivery. When is that going to happen for the homes learn. Well it is starting to happen around the country in places that are that have the rights that are delivering stuff. So it's close. It's close they're just have to get The go ahead from some of the municipalities and The faa is located in several areas around country. Already so it started. I mean it's why it is it here in. Dfw a huge hub for amazon. I don't know but it needs to happen. Air-traffic a bet. It's it's hard to work out that whole thing. It's an issue. It's a little bit of an issue because the air three thousand flights coming out of dfw dfw everyday. That's i don't know how they're going to work. I don't know either. I don't know either gonna do. You just mean they're going to fly a lot lower obviously right but still i mean landing planes in this area over and over and over and over over. You're going have the fronts. The go over our houses alone every day Just now not even the dfw. I mean just the alliance airport and they're all all the time hundreds of flights a day. Yeah so you figure it out right figuring out that i figured out yes ryan thank you. What are we paying you for. Because eventually they want to deliver in under an hour. It likely order it. You've got it in an hour. I mean that's amazing maze. That's what i mean. That's what i want a lot of. I wanna be able to have. It just dropped order. It is there eventually. We're all going to be six hundred pounds because we won't leave our house we just won't we won't get up we don't really need. We walked to the door. And that's about it. I could never see a scenario where is locked down inside their houses right. Thank you believe something like that happen right now. Opt right silly time you've mentioned we don't hear afc crying about the border But you know the reason we don't really see grind. Pat is because she's in therapy now. She's a therapy now. Injuries that season therapy following the trauma. She incurred from being inside the capitol complex grain. Ury even realized so the congresswoman she also and believe it faulted president donald trump's administration's treatment of latinos. As another reason. She's sought counseling. And she said i'm doing therapy but also i've just slowed down The trump administration had a lot of us especially the latino communities in a very reactive mode. And i've been putting myself in a more proactive. You're reactive representative presley convinced her that she went through trauma convinced beginning of the visitor that you did go through trauma she said. I think after january six. I took some time and it was really depressed. I explained to her. What happened to me like the day of because i ran into her office we saw the video she was like you need to recognize trauma those are quotes. And then i was like. Yeah yeah i like like. I do need to recognize you know like like trauma like whatever you know. Whatever like just like over. We saw the video. It was security that was hollering looking for. Yeah she was hiding from security. I mean right. She was scared police. Were going to do because it was really likely that they were going to harm her. And some was so anyway in the capital. No no she was other stupid building right. yeah she wasn't even in there but like i had like trauma drama and like whatever like yeah like whatever representative presley convinced me that whatever the worst the worst unbelievable worst seriously unbelievable gray is least welcome. Great triple eight nine hundred thirty. Three ninety-three pat unleashed on twitter. Where d- mx dm tweets thao. She has the track record of an unemployed map. Lewis meteorologist and yet. We've trusted him to inform us about infectious diseases for forty years. What does that say about us. Yep yeah what a lot of things about. It's just one of them Lone wolf with the number of times jeffey said wildfire. I'm surprised pat didn't break into song. Good point i know you know the classic rand paul. In wildfire. she ran calling wildfire. She ran into colleague. Go murphy right exactly by martin knows michael murphy is believe what you'd find on that particular record. But i think later on you went by ethics and stranger with a needle tweets if a drone accidentally deliver something to me is it finders keepers asking for a friend answer to that is yes from poop. Leah's careful some pilot may think the delivery drone is a ufo. That's probably happened many times. Cape katie martin. Shouldn't we be dead now from acid rain. Yes yes that and the hole in the ozone which should be you know because the ozone is there. I guess to siphon off some of those harmful rays and now with that whole you don't have it well except right well except for the fact that no. It's not no no it repaired. It's oh yeah. Is there even a hole left. It's back no highway. The train was somebody's making money. Dials not the and apparently acid. Rain doesn't follow any work. Because i talk about that in three years disappeared. All right triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety-three also pat unleashed on twitter. John cena especially now the hub. The crecy that's coming from the nba. And hollywood is staggering. Isn't it sure is that surely is because they have no no vision of themselves alpha aware. They don't have any self awareness as all laura's jeffey said no vision of the show they don't it's just too muck info and that they don't it needs to be a square jeffey saying no no vision initiative so they do not far better way to say i like it. Let's go with it. You know vision of themselves and it's true yet is it is true. They're all about the oppressed and man. They love freedom and the hate fascism and they don't like oppression well except for the impression from china they love that sh they love the concentration camps for the whitacre's shish the persecution and the genocide really of the week. There's shh don't say anything. Though and his big heinous crimes that he had to apologize up one side and down another they do. He actually mentioned taiwan us. He said he said the word. Taiwan again corby. How long is the delay this program because now he said it not only that he called it a country rather than i wanna province. Yeah but he may not understand because he profusely apologized. I think we have the apology here. Don't we okay good. Check out the apologize award for a second. He apologized in mandarin. Yeah oh yeah you. As a rule speak man driving. He does learn for this apologize. I think he actually does speak me. I don't think he just picked this up for this stupid dozen Well i for one. don't really. I do mandarin chinese. A lot of people are shocked by that is thought i spoke all languages. I'm sure let's see it all right in mandarin. Here's his apology bouche. A fearful have hung miniature us so in one of them. That i found one. Whoa whoa. I made a mistake. royal everyone asks me ruge will if i can use chinese julia fast and furious. Yeah so you gave me lots of interview information okay. I made a mistake will be made a mistake which say right. now it's so so so's important. Huckle respect china and chinese people in hon. I'm so sorry yeah youth. I'm sorry. I'm sorry very sorry to understand i. I love china and chinese people. I'm sorry yeah you said that okay. I love chinese people to come on serious. Sorry for he never told us well mistake. You made a mistake calling taiwan a country and he may not have heard because it's only been seventy years it is a country so Can expect though that with seventy yesterday. I mean it's like the surgeon general for for smokers that just happened in nineteen sixty three. You probably haven't heard yet that it may cause cancer. I didn't even know what happened did happen. Yeah it's weird now. We're almost sixty years ago. As a matter of fact it's kind of fifty eight. I would say at this point. That is pathetic. If he has one american fan left far too many minutes unreal. I think it's fair to say that. John cena has no himself clear about that but he does actually have vision of himself. He loves just looking at himself. And thinking these mr superstar. And i'm going to apologize to china. Know speaking is in their tongue. And everything's gonna be okay. I still wanna make millions of dollars from china. He must have a cut of the take. He's got some backside money there that he's concerned with because it made one hundred and thirty six million dollars over the weekend in china and good lobbying china decides that they're not gonna give that money to them. That's a nice day that we're not gonna pay it. I don't know what the arrangement is with hollywood. How they get those receipts but he wants them wants the money. He wants the cash that i mean. How could you have an ounce of respect for that guy after this one ounce tie. One is a freaking ally of the united states of america. China is trying to bury us in many different marched in the streets for freedom were marching in the streets for communism right taiwan and hong kong needle battling for for liberty and freedom and and to to maintain that which they've had for some time now and china is just stopping on both of them or trying to stomp on. Taiwan is what they've already squelched hong kong and now they want to do the same thing to taiwan It's really. It's unconscionable that these people are such unbelievable cowards. Unbelievable cowards. wow. How do you even employ the sky. Course it's hollywood so they're going to be fine with it. You're going to find cheese. And the ridiculous way he apolo- i am so so so so so so so so so so sorry i am. This is very very very very very very very important. Be any more pathetic. Could it well and in chinese amazing amazing triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety three also at pat unleashed on twitter You know what if he had said what if any. How are we ever going to prove where that virus came from. When you've got this kind of mentality you're not going to. I mean if we're gonna back if we're going to backtrack on every single issue that involves china. Emily vardi backtracked on this because they tried to make it try and this is why too because so many people are concerned with their overseas market in china that they insist that china not be blamed for anything. And so. it's racist if you say. This virus came from china. Wow we better overcome this. Because it's really dangerous. No doubt about that might as well put gijon ping in charge of this country right now. We're already stop. If you look at the connections between the biden's and china man. I i wouldn't have ever guessed that this you know again five ten years ago. It's it's really startling. When you think about it and you think how bad we thought it was in two thousand nine in two thousand ten with obama and then you look and you see what transpired. daycare thousand eight two thousand and it's like the obama administration were part of the founding fathers. Go to now tesli. I mean actually said the other day. He actually gave trump credit for fast tracking the vaccine. What did he really yeah. There was some interview he was where he i mean. He gave the trump administration credit. And i was like wow am i. Yeah that doesn't happen. The right at doesn't have slipped into a parallel universe. Digests so. But i i mean i certainly couldn't believe it and it will it so you're right. I mean it was a definite other lifetime during obama and we thought it was so bad. nothing nothing yeah But it's gonna get better because this president is in charge large so sharm yelled power. Thank you sharp as a tack. Man he really is. You really attack. We showed you yesterday again. The walk through the tulips with his wife and How spry and power clearly And then he bent over and picked up the dandy lion nathan. Show us that again. Because he's ozone awesome. You can tell how in charge he is slugger chart you going for pudding now. Look oh wait. I'm going to give pretty flower to this girl. My sister the hands with me. No wait my. She's my cousin. Wait here's a dandy lion. I mean if you see. Let's see the look of disgust. Face right there oh awesome. She's gonna throw. It goes to prison guard. Go quick little hopes. But i didn't realize the look of disgust in her is there. Yeah it's like. Oh dan eli and doing old man. I said we could get some fresh air here at the old folks home and you. There's a lot there is there is a lot. There's him acting like he's four years old. There's her being disgusted with your four year old. Forgive it her a weed that she doesn't want throws it away throws acting like a four year old. That's eighty. I'm not i know he's an old guy. I guess we don't start. No no no. I will not hear sympathy going to be an old guy sympathizer. Let's be honest i apologize. That's gonna look at the top man. He's waiting for him. That's not good. That's not good. It's not secret. Services should be clean out the donkey kong character there. But but why don't you do it. No no nope. All right squelched that now. Let me tell you about i. Target bro. yeah it. Twenty twenty over eight million guns were sold that combined with efforts to defend the police and rising crime has driven the cost of amel through the roof. If you can give it you can even get it. Yeah because as soon as a shipment comes in to say cabela's it's gone. Many americans have stopped training with their firearms altogether. Because it's just too expensive between the mo and the firing range just costs too much right now. That's why i target pro was invented to give law abiding citizens a cost effective way to train in the safe safety and privacy of their own home. Because you don't have to use any ammo you take the laser bullet that comes with the target system and you put that in the gun. That's what makes it safe. You just gotta laser coming out of it. And that shows you where you're shots land on the target and makes it completely safe completely safe for you and for your kids and you're not putting holes in the wall you know which is a definite plus it would take advantage of plus right. Yeah dry fire. Training will help develop muscle memory. Sharpen target reaction. Speed sight alignment trigger function. All kinds of things. I target pro at comes in all the major calibers including twenty three four a our users like like i once was until my firearms were lost. Of course. yeah. Yeah in how the show into a giant by body of water lake which wasn't a lake or a notion. I can't remember you can't remember that traumatic event where you were exactly do so much boating. In so many places sounds like you've had trauma a month of rain here so you probably have been boating all over the metroplex that's true and thank you for recognising by trauma. You're welcome christian. Ion a fisher right there. Today you can save ten percent plus free good free shipping when you use the offer code pat at checkout when you go to target pro dot com smartest way for you to practice and it pays for itself in like a day in like a day like. That's the letter. i then like. Target pro dot com. I target pro dot com offer code pat hat gray. I really. I missed a camera in there. Yeah you did not bad bad what. That's a good one you've never used the like. Maybe i but microphone camera. Di it's great. Yeah i hit the camera and microphone. Now let's move on all right. Oh taiwan's a country by the way. What since win seventy years ago. Thank you after world war two years. Yeah believe it was like nineteen fifty one inch nine hundred fifty somewhere in there Got some tweets. Here brian ziglar tweets therapy your tax dollars at work now. Hope we're not naming her that and she got a payroll but we're still paying for it. Yeah we have to because it was so traumatic and it was our fault and it was at the people. Yes he's not paying. She's not paying for it out of the paycheck that we're giving her to be congress woman right now. She's no budget because she was so successful in the private sector she's probably get money stashed away. She's been in that peco. The adventurous shark tweets people at pearl. Harbor have no idea the hell. Aoc went through the building next to the capital. It's true though from i'ma licken butter i understand. Eoc's need for therapy after her. Close call january sixth in nineteen eighty nine. I was almost killed during the san francisco earthquake. The only thing that saved me was that i had moved from the area twelve years earlier though the country i mean i. It doesn't say tweeted if they were actually over an hour doesn't know that's right. I still might be of help getting some therapy. That is traumatic. That's trauma right there. it doesn't take ianna presley to tell you that that trauma. Let's see anthony oc-. I had forgotten what day it was until i heard the jeffy theme song now. I know it's wednesday. Thank you you're welcome and from Neil ryan patrick. These lefties will tell you. The usa is the worst place on the face of the planet and was built on slavery. Then they bought it china which is currently enslaving people. Yeah they are yes. I don't know that. Because i watched the news and i never hear that. Oh is that right. That's the thing That's the thing a thing shh. Don't tell that to. John cena though i nine hundred hundred hun hun hun hun on on on so so so so so so so so important. I think today's show titled. I am so on han chinese. Find out right now seriously. How do you do that with a straight face. And how do you have any dignity left you do not. This is supposed to be a big tough guy in hollywood former. Wwe wrestler who by the way we just saw his face get rubbed in the buttocks. The some gigantic. That's making the rounds with nasty. He just did to China yes china. Just did to him. Great video we should post it. You know and if you want to just kind of itchy but if you wanna watch it you can wait that what we just watch wasn't real and it was itchy. Vicky okay yeah no. It was real. He actually got his nose jammed into the buttocks of another risk. And they've superimpose. The face of gijon pins onto the rest buzzer. That wasn't actually using ping. Sorry no no man city official in toronto making video talking to kids to come down and get a vaccine. because it's like candy. It's this is like a we're going to give you a piece of candy. Come on down. Kids check this out trustee nor reporting in from city hall where. There's a great vaccine pop up happening. I run by the corner here for anybody by the laws and for a second the first. How appropriate is that. That it's run by the coroner papa papa vaccine site that go back to the good that he's got nothing else to do. Go back to the beginning. I wanna make sure we. That's what he said. Trustee norm reporting in from city hall. Where there's a great vaccine pop up happening Run by the corner here. Aged twelve including Of course is fantastic. Students just want to let everybody know you Access from the side or from asian The the peace have this area completely safe and really free to enter from The bay site does have some anti anti mask. Anti protesters shut. Bjork osgood station. Side of city hall is free and clear and you know there's some some some policemen here to make sure that access from the west side city hall into the aqap safe and of course there's free ice cream so komo kids so free ice cream. Come on down. Kids get a vaccine. That's why the coroner is running this whole thing just in case because we're taking care of things in one so that's great when when they decided that location they obviously didn't have any of that They couldn't see themselves The didn't have a vision thing right free ice cream though. Yeah but what does he do. I mean this is insane. This is out of control. I mean we're having to bribe kids with ice cream without parental consent. What is the deal. This is weird man jeffrey. Did you get the vaccine. It still vaccine both my friend vaccine. Hesitant. yeah. I don't blame you We have some calls here from people who got the vaccine or know somebody. And and i got to tell about the magnets on where they got the vaccine. We'll talk to them coming up here in a minute It's interesting certainly interesting interest. And they're going to try to tell you that this is all conspiracy nonsense the already al. It absolutely is not. It's absolutely one hundred percent real on the magnet sticking to the vaccine site hundred percent real. Yeah jeffey i'll give you some ice cream. Okay it's a hundred percent real. No you the vaccine just do cream is all yours. Come on down to the coroner's office is pat. Gray unleashed triple eight. Nine hundred thirty three ninety-three also pat unleashed on twitter. Luke thuan finnity look to infinity and beyond her just to infinity just to infinity. That's old school tweets us this How do we know people's arms weren't magnetic before the covid do previous vaccine could be the cause. I'd like to see a before. And after video to be one hundred percent convinced. I got both madeira shots. In the same arm. I'm not magnetic gee-gee tweets So is it safe to call the call it. The china virus now. The media has admitted their utter incompetence. Zelda bird tan. Well there's a freudian slip. If an i ever heard one vaccine center at the coroner's office exactly and from patent me do it. They're definitely thinking ahead. Coroner running the vaccine site running law and business. Just jump security forum. That's all let's go to an in washington. Hey an you're on the blaze photo. I just tell my experience or not so it works okay so i went Thursday to get my first shot. I had to get the fire and Within twenty four hours. I had seen videos. And yes they don't know if i was wanting magnetic before this started but I took my arm and it's back and at this point i can do a key. I do. i mean. I don't understand the concept the coins because they aren't magnetic but i can do a surgical i do. A nail clipper my stick to your arm. That's incredible just at the injection site right just at the injection site and sometimes hitting this. Sometimes it does stick on sometimes. It's not a strong And also say. I really don't think it's like a microchip or anything like i'm not into the conspiracy theories but has to be some type of chemical response for this created and i'm curious to see what's that me to and and again you don't know if you could if this was Able to happen before the vaccine. I don't I've always had low iron. So i don't necessarily think this is all i realize most people don't say hey there's some clippers. Will it stick to my arm. I get that but So have you tried a penny yet because people are saying pennies. Stick to you. We have images of penny sticking on a on a listener. Actually there's that. I know and a quarter but to provide the argument on the other side. They can stick to the other side to Might be skin but hold on a penny right now okay. We go excited. I am to actually. I've got fingernail clippers next Either arm for me. Yes sick about an inch away from me induction site and are you freaking out at all or are you just thinking. It's a party trick. So i'm not necessarily freaking out just because they don't exactly know today. No that doesn't seem i do right now. Are not getting the second shot though. You're not you're not gonna. You're not gonna do it again. Yeah that's interesting. Why are you afraid like a walk by a car and it will slam into you. Or something losing my. You're going to become ms magneto. Parley into a superpower yard. It's just more so the concept like if it's doing this now like what else can we deal right right appreciate it. Thanks a lot has been your reaction to the now. She's not go ahead for the first twenty four hours again. Because i already had it bad elsa had a pretty bad orig- reaction to it to the they also have said that if you have covid one shot may be all you need if you've had color the yeah all right. Thanks a lot appreciate it. Also they say if you've already had it maybe you don't need to get it because your your chance of having a severe reaction goes up to three times. I if i had it. I don't think i i'm pretty sure i would not get it like keith. Kids is adamant about it but he shouldn't get it because he's already had it. I think he go with music. Do you think he should go. Yeah okay do. But what i think you should. You should closer than those. Get it from the coroner just sastra's then just in case. Oh who was just said this. A couple of tweets came in along that lines would you do it for brokers and yeah and then and then what did somebody else say a cook. Anna had partner then right comment about brooks and then extra white just said Luring kids in with ice cream. isn't that called grooming behavior. No kidding I'm looking for this let's see here. hang on. let me try to find this real quick. I thought i saw somewhere that. And i need to confirm this but the people who came down with sars in two thousand three apparently aren't getting covid so that would suggest that it's a curl writes the covy to ensuring that would suggest that maybe your your immunity last for a very long time when you get this kind of maybe infection so juvenile. Even less of a reason for me to get the vaccine was interesting. I have a doctor that told me. Don't get the vaccine under any circumstances. Since i had such a bad case you also have a talk show host. Who told you the same thing unless you go to the corner and you also have a person has told you to get it. So i'm torn. What do i do. Do i go with jeff advice. Yeah it's never go with jeffries advice. That's the answer. All right the uncle of chris cruise wife so chris cruises wife's uncle got the dern shot yesterday yesterday. Yeah so chris Shot this video and it looks a little something like this. There we go. That's the is that the penny no a battery a watch battery totta now. I don't know who julia is. I don't know if he's still connected to her. This is like a mistake. He made He was drunk one night but There you go the the battery sticks to his arm and you can't say he's holding his arm in such a way where it would stick regardless or it would stay there because his arm would have to be horizontal for that to happen. It's not it's vertical so it could be a reaction for different bodies for the plenty of the shows obviously doesn't work for some people right of what's in the shower to your reaction and then that causes you know a small portion of your body to become magnetized for a brief period of time. Get over it still. There's so many there's so many things we don't know about it. We don't know what's in it. They haven't told us what's in it. It hasn't been approved by the fda their immune to lawsuit There so i don't know. I mean it's it's a little nerve racking to think about hold on jeffey. Justice old are currently dealing with magnetic arms to quote. Get over it so it sounds like you're ready to get it then Or should you get over it and wrote the sleeve. Let's do this go up to canada. Get it from the coroner. We could do it on air. You wanna do it friday. We'll get somebody in here to give it to you on the air. Good with that He's going to get back to back. Yeah okay all right bill barr. Yes yeah bill barr. Everybody loves bill barr. I don't know a single person who's tasted bill. Barr doesn't love. Bill barr They've got all kinds of amazing flavors nine of them at any given time. I think eighteen total teen the and they're soft. They're easy to chew their delicious. They're covered in chocolate. They have to chocolate and nut flavors. They've got seven chocolate nut free flavors. They're really high in protein and low in carbs and sugar and calories. So you're gonna love these things and they really calmed down. Your hunger pangs. During the dave inevitably arise between meals. And you don't have to feel guilty about it. It's not like you just ate some really bad for you thing. These are actually good for you. Go to built dot com. Use the promo code pat. You'll get fifteen percent off your first order. Promo code pat for fifteen percent off at bill barr. This is pat. Gray unleashed racial hoax. What a stunning surprise Those happen yeah they do. They do in fact in almost every case where some racial threat repeated nasty words on you know in a threatening way against a minority in almost every single case. Everyone i know of. They've all been hoaxes. Police last month told the blaze that a white highschool student who said she was falsely accused of sending racist messages was not a suspect in the headline grabbing incident Which the superintendent of white bear lake area schools in minnesota had referred to as a hoax. Now it turns out according to police reports obtained through public records By the college fix the school had stated that a person of color created the instagram account. From which the racist messages were sent. Who could have seen that surprise. Every time previously all that officials were willing to say. Was that the responsible. Party is a female juvenile which clouded the origin of the racist messages that spurred a student walkout and a protest and a lot of fear and a lot of false accusations and they got everybody all excited again based on a law and it's all based on a lie as always it was a hoax sent under false pretense. The student poses no threat to students of color. It was a student of color. They won't say which color which is asinine but as always in these events to no charges are of course because it's okay. Yeah it's fine. It's fine to do the hoax. The false the e create all kinds of division within the school in the community. Don't worry about that Because you won't be charged. You're going to have to start charging these people with crimes so we can put a stop to this once and for all they know if there's no repercussions they're going to keep doing it. Why not they're just trying to so division here it's really bad and i don't understand why they continually don't pursue this amazing amazing then. We got the things online to the directed at the jewish community. Now things like a deal Raja from cnn. The writer who wrote the world needs another. Hitler fortunately got fired for that But that's he got off light the only reason he says. I'm supporting germany. In the in the finals hitler was german and he did good with those jews. That's what this guy wrote. Wow my support for. Germany is due to what hitler did with the jews. And then he tweeted Hail hitler good. Golly oh wow. Is that amazing. That is what kind of sick freak would do something like that. Well this yeah this guy. Just this kind of sick freak chose cow. He did i. I i almost felt bad for him losing his job. Did you yeah. I didn't know. I didn't have one ounce of sympathy pathetic today. Yeah you seem to be really break today. Okay one to exercise your sympathy wanna start there. You don't want to start with the guy. Hitler hitler was right is just. I felt bad his job. So let us bram cells before we on the internet. You bet you know who ellen page yes. i don't want to detonate. Yeah that's not who he is now. Who is elliott elliott elliott dates. Thank you ellen page. I keep hearing that. She was an actress care. There was a net flicks show called the umbrella umbrella academy. Yeah actually pretty good in that. Yeah i liked that show but Went jeez aquino. Yeah yeah was drawn through the go through the process to identify as male. Did you see the weekend picks. Okay good so she did. A topless photo. Yeah i mean he did a topless angle you a topless photo. Yeah and doesn't have the snoopy so the reaction. I mean the world all everybody's joyful joy elliott posted his. Oh that's so wonderful that he's so happy to heavy at security odds beautiful here with you. It's a beautiful topless photo of of a man a brand new man so eight. This person used to be a woman in his now. oh man. let's all celebrate fresh out of the buck seriously. The medial all themselves about this coming out as transgender doing the topless photo and one of the has been struggle. It was for ellen to get to elliot and now more important than ever do show a little support. Yeah yeah On tuesday she shared the. She shared a shirtless photo of herself. Beaut. they're dead naming or dead pronouncing this person. And i won't have okay thank you. He shared a shirtless by the seashore. Trans bbc's what is trans bb's at a bulletin board. I don't know the rest of the. I i swim trunks. Hashtag trans joy. Hashtag trans is beautiful. She wrote under the photo. No she did. She did not writing style behavioral. Hey shirk crappy person. The photo get. This photo was seen over two point. Three million times eighteen hours hang on because of the joy ran. Like you haven't seen it. We're up to two point. Seven million likes seven million likes okay. Let's see sixty six thousand plus comments. Good good i. Let's see just the us. And i bet just sixty six thousand comments are all plus covets. They is there's no negative. Does it show the views on instagram. Jiffy it doesn't say how many got to be inside the system for that elliott page. This is what cnn. Headlined elliott page shares joyful. I swim trunks photo. Our society from from newsweek elliott page shirtless picture has fans delighted trans joy on display. And then this from cosmo elliott page proudly shows off. I swim in trunks following top surgery. That's so wonderful. i. I got chills. I'm so happy for him. And then and then for men's health elliott page celebrated his first pair of swim trunks with a shirtless instagram pick. Wow that's great. This is what men's health wrote. Wow those of actors showing up. Their six packs aren't exactly a rarity on instagram. At the latest ad bearing image to go viral marks a major moment both for actor elliott page and for trans visibility. A may twenty. Fourth page posted a shirtless photo on instagram. To celebrate his first pair of swimtrunks sharing his top surgery results at the same time. Not wonderful yes. Cut off this dupage and just Go shirtless now. it's great and here's the thing you can go ahead and show elliott's chest now on Photo great pitching all it took to have that ability was to just cut off the stage well so you have to undergo surgery. Yeah yeah now. Now now you get that privilege. There wasn't a lot of snoopy. They're i don't probably not still want to be clear there was no that wasn't now. Let's say let's explore this. No this is. This is a good good segment a fan. When he was a she. Oh where are you really and you investigating any number of interviews a number of number interview. Okay all right. Which she pull aside for those interviews never made it to one of my sites but without going topless. I mean he's going doppler dope. Please do not dead pronouns. Do not dead product now that he's willing to go topless so you're chased her for one of your sights. I'm heck yeah early now would you. Now yeah okay. Yeah okay okay. Trans joy he exudes. It's you want that you want that on your site. I think i'm going to start a new one. Trans joy dot com almost type. That don't get me bro. I hope the firewall would have caught that for. I may not mistake when. I'm sure that that's available. If you'd like domain i'm sure oh my goodness all right speaking of all this. Have you heard about this Elite prep school in new york. That's now offering porn literacy classes. And i can't even i can't even believe parents and students at an elite. Private school in new york are shocked and mortified about a porn literacy class that was added to the curriculum without their knowledge. Professor fisher apparently is named in the story. Correct offend can you and this place costs forty seven thousand dollars a year. I mean that's almost as much as harvard. That's four thousand. A year less than harvard costs to support that they're covering. Yes that's right that's right. Thank you jeff for that for that analysis columbia grammar school and preparatory school on the upper west side founded in seventeen sixty four oldest nonsectarian independent school in new york and now has porn classes available to kids between sixteen and seventeen years old The attendees sexuality workshop most believed would. Just be a sex. Ed class instead. The teens were educated on everything about porn the chorus which was a title pornography literacy. Why would you want kids to be literate in porn. Why you're trying to every avenue. Think of to destroy them. Yes i mean that's just when they have covered every avenue nope totta cover this one. Wow okay chaffee what. I did say a word no. You didn't your face your did say word. Destroy at least now. They know what they're looking at. They know how to judge it if it's any good Sold the full title of the classes pornography literacy and intersectional focus on mainstream porn right. Thank you took years to get. There would have been nice to have a class featured a list of the most searched porn terms in two thousand nineteen class. You this you'd like max and and your daughter to go to this. Yeah sure sure you liar. It's going to ruin it when you say you're going to bring kids madden whatever. The often explicit slide presentation lecture two hundred and twenty boys and girls included lessons on. How porn takes care of the three. Big male vulnerabilities. Wait a minute. what on and there's some other stuff here that the list. I'm not even talking about while bondage o. Porn art Wow okay so school home. School school i believe is that it'll cost you less than forty seven thousand a year to probably unless you live in texas than you're paying property taxes to the public school about that and then you're also paying for your home. Schooling costs why. Kathy lever kids out of this garbage well because that's how they're gonna start right away. Cover that today because you ever. You're gonna look for the syllabus before you do. I will say those phrases it the fat okay. Well got got that to look forward to. Okay i'm excited now. Triple eight nine hundred thirty three again tomorrow us. I'd never them.

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