Gwyneth Paltrow: No Makeup, Lots of Skin Care, Tricks to Beat Frizz, and...F*ckability


<music> Hi I'm Gene Godfrey June and this is making o.`Neil where the beauty editors that goop and you're listening to groups newest podcast series the beauty closet. We're GonNa talk about all things things beauty clean nontoxic beauty especially but skin-care haircare bodycare self care and hopefully the way we think about beauty both as individuals and in the wider culture you could say that our guest today is pretty special so that's an understatement because today we talked to Gwyneth paltrow. Even though we work with our all the time it was really a different conversation. It was so cool yeah it did. It was the best I remember when G._P.. Launched the big podcast she interviewed Oprah and she was like Oh my God oprah yeah. She's kind of our Oprah's. Yes we'll get to the whole thing in just a few seconds. I let us tell you about the blow dryer. We cannot stop talking about around on the group office. That was everyone's obsessed with it. 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The supersonic comes with magnetic attachments that work for curly hair sensitive scalp fine hair kinky hair you name it and the Brilliant Thyssen engineers ears put the motor in the handle so it's way easier to use that a regular blow dryer to learn more about the dyson supersonic go to dyson dot com slash beauty closet high again gene in a mega ready to share chat with G._p.. Yes I love this so much. I thought G._P.. Said some really profound things. She's always so funny. I loved I mean we talked about her relationship to make up. She's always she does those makeup. Free Cell Fees and some of you know the whole Internet goes crazy but she you know it's really how she feels. We talked about who she thinks is really glamorous. She had some really good answers there and I loved about her her perception option of herself and what it means to be beautiful that she's getting older. She talked about getting an upgrade at forty which I love. I just think that's the it's the smartest thing yeah I I love that partout and I also love what she talked about when we asked her when she feels the most beautiful and when Brad thinks she's the most beautiful so sweet so kids and I loved the way she talks about and she talks about this at work to about how we'd all be a little better off if we cut ourselves and each other there are a little slack when it comes to the choices we make women <hes> and I would totally subscribe to her wedding diet the whiskey and French fries. If you're getting married again your wedding was so beautiful you had the best bride outfit of all time. Thank you on that note. Let's turn it over to G._p.. When you were growing up we into beauty and like as a kid or were you just not at all our no? I was a real tomboy. I still am I. I think a lot of respects but when I was in elementary school I was mostly in Los Angeles. I did I in third grades in New York City but for the most part I was here in Santa Monica and it was a very like be like oshkosh overalls like you know we there was this line of tidei close called Flash and trash. It was like that was like my early childhood and then we got really into being preppy happy so it was like izod dolphin shorts and that whole like John Hughes like look and make up really never played into it. I remember when I graduate was graduating sixth grade and we were having like with the first time I experimented with eyeliner are very lightly. When you're graduating yeah no just from sixth grade? I know it sounds very dramatic and like was your mom like your forbidden to wear makeup or like get didn't even come up. I mean it's interesting. I think she wasn't such a makeup that person at home either and so I'm trying to even remember. I must've taken an eyeliner from her. When I I tried it and I think there's definitely like are you or little young to her eyeliner when I was eleven and you're like I'm going to do this? You've talked talked about watching her on stage. was there anything about the the glamour of being on stage in the sort of the beauty aspect of it or not so much I mean I always sort of thought that the stage makeup was kind the weird part and really like the best part of it was just watching her be so incredibly powerful up there she was like so in her element but then I think as a child felt like I remember trying to put her lips on her. You know how young stage and stuff like that like I liked her. As that sort of character you know like actress mom powerhouse and they're actually pictures of me when I'm really little she's in the makeup chair and I'm putting lipstick on her. Did she ever give you any like beauty tips. No she's not a beauty. I think I got my dispassionate makeup routine from her. I mean she really like on a normal day. She didn't wear makeup either. You know like my best friend's mother growing up Dina she was she still in her daughter still my best friend but I remember member growing up with Diana and dino is so glamorous and really you know had eyeliner and Mascara and lipstick and she was really tall and thin and you know had these like fabulous high waisted pants and big hearings you know she was like to me. She was an short dark brown hair. She was like this kind of this vision of like what I thought Oh a glamorous women and I was fascinated by her beauty routine but got my mom was like pretty chill and so I was more like my mom but I think I was always fascinated by a woman who really took the time to make a statement about how she looked and how she leveraged. I make up clothes and hair to do that like I just did not grow up in that was not like that in my house while mom was very laid back but do you do you get glamorous for a date night out like you're no makeup during the day at work sadly from husband the now the only time I'd do it is if I have to go be Gwyneth paltrow on a red carpet or something like that and then I have my hair and makeup done. I mean you have a blow out. 'cause my hair gets really early. frizzy is this this is a blowout. Oh my God yeah I love your trick. You have your hair not just air dried and then like do a little little straighten her over the top do straight out of the bottom. It's it's called the kitchen kitchen now way. Eh Parts called the kitchen yeah. That's all my black friends. Say this but I don't know so it's underneath that with it's sort of like you pull your hair up and the part underneath that you're doing Brigitte Bardot and the part underneath the kitchen and that's what you do with with straight iron that's just that's the only part due at the straight iron because that's the really frizzy part and this part on top more wavy so that's like my main beauty trick for for every day no but I love that and face away all he soil so good D- do you remember first discovering it. Wherever I I remember being against it when somebody was like Washer face with oil or put oil on your face and then all of a sudden I like fell in love? I remember Christy Turlington years ago. Oh had some kind of iron natick skincare line. It was like an oil. I remember that can't remember the name of it but I remember her explaining it to me. In saying there's this myth at oil as bad for your skin and that was the first time I was like Oh interesting and I tried her product and then I kinda got into face oil from that yeah you really it makes you feel like you need less makeup. If you wear a Mecca yeah I think he you know I'm a big like face washer and exfoliating later. I feel like you're the champion exfoliating of all time that might be true. How did you always like I always liked scrub? <hes> I remember going to those like in my twenties. The Koreans bothering downtown L._A.. And they do your body and they dear face like they take take that many thing rub and I just love that feeling of like getting scrubbed energetically and physically head is a detox feeling that's for sure I love what you say about getting an upgrade grade forty. Santa's got a little while make cited to turn forty. Yeah it's good. I love turning forty. I mean the lead up to forty was the anticipation was a little scary but then wait. The fifty not everybody says I you know I saw Dion von Furstenberg last night and the glamour she talk about Glamour and she said to me you know she always like just drops these wisdom Adam bombs on you and then like goes and has her dinner or whatever but she was saying how the fifties are the most magical time she felt so fabulous and herself and help the environment and she said fifties are the best actually really fell in love with herself and her best relationship in her life is with herself so I know I know it was very cool and she looks beautiful. That was a question we had for you is about about about like yeah. I think it's always amazing when you have someone who's a little older than you or a lot older than you that that says like hey it's own so bad. Actually it's fantastic and I think also I grew up kind of being around these incredible women like at you know my parents Christmas parties or whatever there would be like Anjelica Huston over here. You know like these amazing or these like Geraldine page is amazing stage. Actress suggests was aging her way okay and I I feel like my whole life. I've had amazing role models for beauty and women just embracing who they are and not be horrified. That doesn't mean that you can't you you know get a facelift or I don't think the two are mutually exclusive like obviously think there are women who take that really to the extreme and who seem like they're trying to be twenty-five but then there are some women who are like hey I'm sixty but I just WANNA look a little bit fresher and told there's but yourself and that's it happens at age twenty. I've been watching Love Island. What does that it's? It's an English reality show and it's all all like nineteen year olds and the genuinely a bunch of them already look like much older women because they've had crazy work done and that's the where you're not trying to look like yourself different things to me to that now. You can't tell is twenty. Five year old was fifty or if there's specific thing going on with that stuff. Do you feel the most beautiful now or when what what age did you did you. Do you feel fearful. I mean it's hard because I feel like ache. I've never felt like I've always felt so funny about my looks and like I think I think that it's very rare to think that you're beautiful person and so I feel like every other woman like I don't see that when I look in the Mirror I think for me it's more internally feeling healthy. As I go on in life and I feel more and more myself I self and less judgmental about myself and you know my values become clear to me. I can be an integrity all the time which was much harder when you're younger woman trying to please and juggling all this stuff and then I have this other added bizarre layer which is I've been considered to be this woman beautiful women well. You know how I'm piping considered considered non and not by everyone but but it's a weird it's a weird thing to be. I don't mean pejorative way objectified but like cast is something and put in a box and then I think when you come to age if if you're if you have this broad identity as that like what does it mean to two goals and yeah get closer to menopause and all these things and it's like what happens here identity as a woman if you're not fundable and Oh yeah what does happen well you just luckily what's happening at the same time in parallel as I said like you just start to like yourself. It's like Dion. I number was saying like fuck man I and I do. I think you get to a point where it's almost like. You're sort of pulp or toot is waning in a way and your inner beauty is like really coming out and so that it's this funny shift that's happening happening. It's like you feel so good. You know who you are. Hopefully you value the relationships in your life and your work and your contribution to the world and when you're in your forties like that's the idea but then you're like wow I have crows was feet damn enough right. I was just with my girlfriend goop escape thing with that which was amazing and I took a Selfie and we were like laughing and then I was like wow those this cruise fee just sometimes you're like. Is that me yeah. Everyone's for some reason mine have been bothering lately. What can you do for that because Bo talks crazy? I have friends who Bo talks right there. There's I ah I haven't it looks totally fun. Yeah definitely Oh and you don't have crows but nothing wrong with four particularly beautiful day. What did you want for your wedding day? When you were thinking about the beauty we'll again? I just wanted to look like myself but I definitely wanted. Make you know because like I think in pictures of I have no makeup like I can look really washed out. I'm very blonde like my eyelashes are blonde. My eyebrows author Blonde beautiful like is really pretty but somebody yeah and then to have like of Drass that Super Hanania little makeup but I really didn't want it to look like a lot of makeup so my old friend Gucci Westmin- did Eh. She's the greatest and she's I think good at like very minimal minimal definitely make up and so it didn't do line so amazing and she's so sweet and she's good old friend and I just had like some old friend my old friend Orlando did what my favorite d. He did. The kids the the catch Orlando doesn't doesn't wash his hair right yeah like ever and the best like I know she's hair ever yeah he had been with. I mean he'd been with me and all these huge moments. In my life I did my hair for the Oscar only all these big things and and he was in New York's very sweetly got came out to the beach and did it see felt good fall and I had an anesthesia facial that day nice so she came from London I had to in a row all the lymphatic drainage and the you know L. likes face massage deep dot Shaw and feel so good if as massage Oh my God it was amazing yeah. I think that makes a big difference yeah energy. When does your husband thank? You look the most beautiful do you thank you now. He loves it when my hair's frizzy and I have freckled and no makeup and he just likes me super supernatural. That's great like the other night I went to the vendors premier and I met him at a birthday. They and I was really dolled up and everything so good. He's like you look beautiful but I really really prefer the other way. Rant was very sweet very I know he's his cue and do your are either of your kids into clean beauty at all or are. They just like I mean they're so funny my son I mean he's not big into products. Many has you know shampoo. Yeah you know he takes baths at night yeah Oh yeah and he he'll always be like is this clean. Oh My god Oh golly well these thirteen or just turned thirteen apple on the other hand like she makeup she just does her. I mean they really and to make up and she's amazing doing it but bodies stuff wise she's into clean products as well yeah but but makeup she sort of whatever they buy it Sephora. Let's take a quick break and then we'll get right back to G._P.. You know when you're so busy. It's like your brain is going to explode part of the reason I'm so into the dyson. 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There are different attachments that attach using ingenious magnetic technology for different styling preferences my friends with straight or texters swear by the smoothing nozzle for shine the styling concentrator for volume and people with fine fine hair loved the new gentle air attachment which is also the one to us. If you have a sensitive scalp the wide tooth comb attachment is a miracle that helps shape your hair and whenever I want to switch up my look and blow up my hair straight at works wonders dyson also engineered it so the dryers. There's easy to use the motors brilliantly inside the handle so it's really designed for balance. The ease factor is a big thing for me. It just completely rule to learn more about the supersonic go to dyson dot com slash beauty closet. <music> okay. Let's get back to our chat with G._p.. How did you get interested in clean beauty in the first place what what drew you to specifically nontoxic and that even the awareness that there were toxins sends in products it? It's been a very long evolution you know I started with me really with food and sprayed food when my dad was diagnosed with cancer in like ninety eight ninety seven maybe is when I first started to put together the idea that environmental toxins had could possibly have an adverse impact on our health and I was doing a lot of reading about it and that's when I also came to understand and how many chemicals are in our world that are untested. We don't know if they're carcinogenic or not. We don't know the dose. We don't know we'd know very little about it actually and then so I started to get very clean around food trying to eat organic but I I was very I just I it didn't occur to me to for a long time. I never made the connection between beauty like what we what I was ingesting and what I was applying and it never occurred and to me that things were trans normally absorbable until I had my daughter and I remember she was probably like four months and I had taken a long massage course a baby massage course so that when uh when I was pregnant and so I could Masada maybe and I remember being given this beautiful basket of from this French like fancy baby line and there was this cream and I was rubbing her with the cream and it was so fragrant and I was like what what is in this like what am I putting on my baby and that was the first moment that I had that bought and then I read ingredients panel and then I started to Google things and then I got obsessed with clean baby stuff and but I still somehow wasn't making the connection and then I was a real victim of greenwashing for a long time like I I had no idea like like if something said natural I assumed it was completely good for you and nontoxic. There's a leaf on the right and the leaf great good go and then it wasn't really until Blair Lawson came to work at Goop who is with us for four years that she really and she came in as the head of beauty and she said to me. Do you realize that some of these things were selling aren't clean and I had no idea and then that's when we that's when we started really putting together the clean beauty platform and my education went up a whole other level and I remember I would you know texting her pictures of because my dot we had just moved to l.. A. Recently and my daughter had discovered heard a brand like a mall brand. I remember like that I thought was like pretty clean and I remember taking a picture of like the bath bomb radiant and sending it to Blair and Blair was like get that <music> out of your car like don't even bomb yeah and it's still a continuing education to this day and you know we also don't know there's so much we don't know but I think what's fascinating is that it's really clear that the consumer if if it's not going to be regulated for us the consumer wants to be able to make that choice and to make an to buy products that are definitely not harmful right whereas the luxury sorry in. I'm going to spend all this money for this fabulous cream and potentially endanger my health because right and I didn't realize that some of the fanciest most expensive anti-aging creams had antifreeze in uh-huh and things that you would never ever ever WANNA put on your mind yeah and then I learned you know like over sixty percent of what you put on is absorbed absorbed and I just thought this is crazy like why isn't there. They're more transparency here and so I you know I'm actually really proud of what we've done at Goop to be able to establish that platform and you know now I hear people say I know if it's on goop than it's clean and by the way make whatever choice you wanna make I have no oh judgment tools and transparency to make choices that align with my particular values and for for someone going clean. He wants to make the shift to clean nontoxic beauty. What category Corey would you suggest starting with? I always say to people will look at the what has the most real estate. which is your skin from? You know so tatum well. It's really like people use body things neck down and and there's so much real estate so if you're putting rubbing a cream like a body cream from head to tower tanner from head to toe or a body oil from head to toe like that's a lot of surface area yeah win. How curly is your hair? Oh my aunt so curly. I'll I'll do is all let it dry and then I'll send you picture. You won't believe it okay Razi town under here really you talked about having diff- very difficult times after having a baby and and for so many women that such a it's a great time and it's a really difficult time and not all of it at all but part of it is is not feeling your old self. Were there anything that you did to to sort of beauty. Wise is or self self care overused word but it's true you know wellness wise to sort of get yourself back to just I remember I started doing yoga again as soon as I was cleared to do that and that was a really really important part of it with my daughter. It was easier because I didn't when my son I had some postpartum depression and so that it made everything sort of seem a lot tougher and it took me longer to lose the weight. I was starving when I was pregnant really yes starving so I had gained a lot more weight than I had with her and it's so it's such a shame that we're so hard on ourselves when we have babies as an you know I remember somebody saying to me. I was like I feel so fat. I couldn't get into any of my clothes and someone said to me you know you. It took nine months for you to grow the baby and have the baby like it's GonNa take nine months for you to get back to your and it was really interesting moment for me where I realized that's. Why are we so obsessed with? You know it's like I think one of the downsides of modern Western culture took that we hold ourselves to these ridiculous standards all the time including when we just have a baby I mean it's really nuts that we expect to bounce back and lose forty pounds enough you know sometimes you see women on social the media it's like look like wait what we all have to be much easier on ourselves and much easier on each other and not judge other women for how they're choosing to mother or do anything whether they're breastfeeding or not or losing weight or not or let's just like it's very hard as it is and I think I think we all could you know benefit a lot from just being kinder to ourselves into each other. You don't have kids yeah no not yet better gas moving to get moving. Do you WANNA get moving. I do yeah but you know it's like. It's a big deal everything big deal. I know so worth that I'm excited. How how do you WanNa make more diverse from a visual standpoint? Do think we challenge the standard of beauty all this thing yeah I mean I think I think we were actually very pretty visually diverse. I for ECOMMERCE site. I mean we really love models of collar and we have women of color all over the site I think we could do you know we were talking about this other day but there are definitely beauty stories that I think we could serve women of color better with and and I think it's always it's funny. It's like I got asked this question the other day at stand up because we're actually internally a very diverse company right right yeah and I think people have this image that were like white girl girls around and we're really not like it's it's actually we're actually very diverse and somebody was saying like we should talk about that more but I think to be able to be a place where everybody can come and feel represented or you know that are content is resonating and I think for us what I really have always felt like are goop person. It doesn't matter what aid you are what race you are like that person finds us and we resonate. I think we talked about doing content around like specifically black girl hair like a and a lot of my friends to or like I need you know black girl hair content. Can you guys please what is the clean and that amazing Article Yeah article for the magazines a great Peace Now on the site thank you i. I always think like what are the things that are the most resident for everybody but sometimes people need really specific things just for their demographic so I think we're looking at doing them more. I always wonder about your you've had so many alternative wellness lists fabulous treatments in the world so fast some not so fabulous. There's bee stings. There's everything where there some a lot of them are for health and for were were there any that have had sort of beauty results. That you weren't expecting to be honest. I think the thing that one can do that is the most impactful on the countenance as it were most impactful on countenance. I'm so stealing it is food like you like whenever I cut out alcohol caffeine dairy sugar gluten for a week everyone's like did you get Bo talk like just a week and just one week I immediately see by the end of seven days as I can completely see a change in my skin wow yeah. Did you do that before your wedding sadly now I was to stress yeah. I was like a lot going on. I know and we were in like a really intense work time <music>. I'm going to get married. No I was really I would like French fries and whiskey like right up until wasn't good French fries and Whiskey Diet. It's got to have some benefits. It's the new goop way K. very glad I have a question about it from your perspective as a parent or having been parented how how important is apparent in a child's sense of themselves being beautiful beautiful. I think it's critical I mean I think especially you know I think it's critical but I think also unfortunately in this day and age because of social media I mean my kids are sort of the first generation growing up completely as social already been established for their entire lives and so there's the sense of like I need external reinforcement or opinion about how I look and it's terrible and they all they all have some degree of anxiety and and they're focused on their focused on the I mean girls are definitely the girls are they're focused on the external. They're focused on how people are perceiving seeing them. That is hard. It's terribly hard. It's terribly hard. I don't think it's healthy at all. I mean the weird thing is that it's always kind of been there. In terms of Oh you know I grew up with whatever TV show or Vogue magazine inspire to this but now it's just inescapable like the it's twenty four seven. They're being bombarded with what they're supposed to look like dress like way. I think it's traumatizing. Honestly I really do so. I do the best I can at home. Be like you're a fantastic human. Being what else can you do and it's a balance with X.. Talking about their external journal you can't ignore their external but also talking about brain who they really are. Is there anyone in your life who will who will tell you how it is like. It is someone who will be like no. You don't look good today. All my now like yes okay brutally honest with me like should be like that outfits terrible or like you look exhausted or food in your she is so thank God for her. You know she's so honest with me. Also you know I was talking about this. The other day my best friends have I've been friends with four have Bor ben so my kind of role in the world as it were does not play into our dynamic dynamic at all you know so it's very very it's like we have the same dynamic as being fifteen totally honest with each other and loving but I think we all need that like especially me. You know it's like this. Why always say famous name is the worst thing in the world because a lot of people become famous lose those voices in their lives that are like stop or don't do that or talk like that or don't wear that whatever it is you know and then they don't have friction points and then they become it? Just you become less of a a good version of yourself really now. I think it's kind of dangerous to be famous so I thank God that I have. I mean honestly my kids are they. Just tell me everything there so honest. It's fantastic good. They will do it. That's what you can look for my kids. They'll tell you your Isabel Murat booths look like a sorting hat mino- thank you for having me on the beauty closet. Thanks so much for joining us for the first ever episode of goups the beauty closet we had so much fun chatting with G._p.. And we hope you enjoyed the conversation too yeah what she said about getting older. It really made me excited to get older actually and she was kind of into me starting to have kids like getting going wasn't wasn't she. You gotta get it going and I totally agree with her about the getting older. It's one of the things that makes me the proudest about working at goop not cheesy. I think she's really moving the culture forward in terms of reshaping the way we think about aging aging how it can actually be beautiful and fun and it's not this terrible thing. That's going to happen to you yeah I. I really loved what she said about diversity to goop how everyone thinks where this office full of white girls with Blue Eyes and that's not the case actually and it's clearly really important to her personal level it's abroad as she owned by the company level and what we represent on the site and she's been totally gunning for us to be more diverse like showing more gorgeous women of color and our beauty pages for instance or in our fashion shoots and an showing older women heavier women just women yeah so on the site I do a column called Megan tries it and you could ask gene and we get a whole bunch of beauty questions and we're going to answer them all right right now right here today right so should we get into today's. Ask Me anything or ask US anything yes and if anyone listening has a question they want us to answer over here. Just send it over to goop on Instagram facebook. It could be about self tanner grows dry shampoo parabens our favorite bath stoke nontoxic glued or anything else now today's question this one's from Amina she's asking I always look tired especially after a hangover. How do I look instantly more awake instantly more awake Amina? I feel you ivy like even without a hangover. I need this advice. I think it was Helen. girly brown used to right before a party she would splash her face with ice cold water a hundred times one hundred. I think maybe we should do the Wim Hof. Get in the shower with the super ice cold water. That'll wake you up and awake your skin up. I mean it gets your circulation regulation going so I I do think like cold. Water does actually make a big difference. Just blast your face with in the shower. You'RE GONNA wake up a little and just cold anything like even at the arose courts roller like I kinda love that feels so oh God remember. We were like we got in to L._A.. We were trying to offices and ten four. It was so horrible middle. We were so exhausted when we're going to that big meaning and we got automating yeah in the taxi and it did make me feel better it really does we were at work. The puffiness goes. It's good. It's good I also think for just like waking up your skin like if you WANNA go further than cool I think vitamin C <hes> a serum or I love a powder mixed with water. That's what I put on every morning. I don't Wash my face. Just just put a little cool water with some true botanical vitamin C and Splash it on my face and then you wait a couple minutes and you put on moisturizer. I I love to put on a face oil. I like goop face oil or I love. If I'm really needing a thicker moisturizer will lead us skin food amazing and that you don't think of moisturizer hoist riser is something that's GonNa wake up your face but it does it feels in all the the circles and then you could go back over it with the roller. If you're really feeling the other roller Oh my God the the the Jillian Dempsey. Oh Yeah we have this incredible Jillian Dempsey's as a famous famous makeup artist married Patrick Dempsey and she made this vibrating gold t Barbara Lurk and it lifts your face like it really does it it works. It doesn't work all day. It's for like it works for most of the day and then if you were going to go oh out at night and you're like Oh my God. I'm looking tired again. You would do it again toll and it's instant. It's it's like a and it's temporary like it is it's pretty amazing and that if I were feeling tired I would get that vibrating gold t hugh roller yeah get right on it and also and I think I do is just a vase messed like the Jasmine Garden one from Lindstrom. It just smells so insane and that wakes you up but it's just like this beautiful spread said ads like a burst to your skin. Ah One more to mark if you're if you're like I'm chronically looking tired and you happen to be a pale person self tanner. It's GonNa make a huge difference. It people are always like Oh. Did you go on vacation. You look so relaxed. That's a good cheat and and the other one I learned from from Dick page. He's a famous makeup artist and just incredible with color and if you're looking if you've got a hangover and you're looking like hell take a lipstick or a lipid cheek color. Dive a little on on your lips. Get Your Lips looking nice and then take just a little of that exact same color and Dabid right at the apples of your cheeks and you can kind of blended in. I love to do it. I coast this. Rosewater is my like kind of go to color but that like Louis Yeah little color is like Oh. I'm alive. Not all WanNa be alive so thank you. Thanks thanks again for joining us on the beauty closet. You can learn more about our new podcast series at Google Dot.

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