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Big League Changes, the Spurs' Surprise Victory, and Crazy Jersey Choices | Heat Check


The episode of the NBA. show he check on the ringer. PODCAST network is brought to you by state farm just like basketball. The game of life is unpredictable. Talk to a state. Farm agent. Didn't get teammate. Who can help you navigate the unexpected and help you handle whatever life throws your way for example? Imagine if you're Jimmy Butler men who says all he wants to do is win and he goes back to Philadelphia and he super does not win in fact he loses by a lot he gets killed. It gets booed it's an abject defeat for our man Jimmy Butler if you're Jimmy Butler color or say not from Philadelphia. You might consider that an unpredictable outcome. Get a teammate. Who can help you navigate? The unexpected talked to a state farm agent today about combining vining your home and auto insurance. Now you check the cover leapt check. I'm your host John Gonzales and normally I would be joined by my producer. Isaac Lee Alas he has died and gone to the big podcasting studio in the sky. Gli and we welcome in new Isaac Almelo here each and every week. Now yes I will recipe CIZEK. Yes he is he was fine. We're very excited to have you talk about the clippers anymore. You're from Chicago. It's very cold there now. But you live in La and you're enjoying the warmth and you can watch the Bulls because we have television here or you can watch the Bulls from afar. I gotTa wash that disappointment from so many miles away. Although we're going to talk about The Bulls a little bit later in the show. Zach Levine. Had A heater I mean yeah I mean well. It's it's that's the thing we've been. We've been hitting the snooze bar on the Bulls for many years back in Chicago and the other night it was just more of like A. Okay okay. They say they did you awake So Steve will be here each and every week will talk all kinds of bowls now because he's on the program Work cited to have him. Happy Almost thanksgiving to all of you. Thank you for listening reminder to please rate and review US and don't forget about all the great nba content on the ringer dot com Denver about PG and the Clippers joining his five most interesting teams of the Week Young Palo ESCO. Blog debuted his new column the biggest questions of the week which will run every Monday. Young Halio Shaughnessy broke down the five plays that explain trae. Young's killer skillset ANZAC ZAC cram he wrote about the warriors and how they're chasing history again for all the wrong reasons by the way coming up later in the show Zach. KRANJ joins us. We haven't had him on a little bit. He's going to join want us to discuss the sweeping changes that could be coming to the NBA. Very soon but first. Let's review the latest news from around the League and bring in our regular contributors Dan and Holly Ms in studio one is way across the country and our N. Y.. I C. H. Q.. What's he checked? Coast to coast with alien. Dan Double D. Dan Is back and Haley. I thought it was a power. Move quite the flex for Dan Basically to call out on is last day. Well Yeah it's giving them the send off. He deserves Dan. You're just like yeah. I'm not coming to work. Screw Isaac. Well I feel feel like it's important to make a hard break between the past of the show and the future of the show and I think we can all agree that Isaac is the past and we collectively with Steve are the future. Yeah Old Isaac is dead. All hell new. Isaac Isaac Gentlemen outs to New Isaac. Let's let's go to the headlines from around the league with NBA instant replay fights so. Hey congratulations to the San Antonio Spurs they want a game they beat Dan. Devine's mighty New York Knicks. which by the way Did you see Richard. Jefferson said that he knew it was time to retire when the Knicks offered him a job. Amazing the Spurs as. We're up as many as twenty points. But before that they lost eight and a row which was the most ever under pop. fivethirtyeight gives them less than a one percent chance to make the playoffs which is the same as the Knicks and the Hornets. They made the playoffs or twenty two straight years gang. Our first gang the program. Dan Your first. Because you're you're rejoining us us you were against the spurs all season long. I finally got on the Spurs because I said you know I I spent all of last year doubting them and once again I am wrong. And you're right fade the Spurs Ladies and Gentlemen. If you can't stop anybody to save your frigging life. You're not going to be able to make the playoffs offs. And as of right. Now the San Antonio Spurs can't stop anybody except for the New York Knicks and those those leads that you have like a twenty point lead against the Knicks. That's like a dog years kind of lead. It's like four four point lead against any other team. The Spurs can't stop anybody to save their lives and if that's gonNA continue for them they're not going to be able to compete no matter how good their offenses we've seen this time and time again. Undergrad Popovich. Like the the the the team the players the talent of his best players but right now none of his best players can really play defense all that well and you you starting to see the cracks in the foundation Halio A reporter implied to Gregg Popovich. That the spurs were struggling to which pope replied. That's bullshit kicking ass which God bless him. What's the chance that they recover here because don't forget last year they started off slow too? which is what I wrote the oput and then they immediately became like the best team in the NBA and You know marched on yet another playoff appearance. So what's the chance that they get this thing going again. I think that they deserve handicap because if any coach could fix something and turn it around and understand how to use these players in a better way as pop of it but even there silver linings right now like patty mills was having a great season career season. Honestly this late in his career are kind of bad like he looks terrible on defense but they need him on the court. I'm not ready to count them out yet. I know that Dan Devine hates all the teams in the middle of the country. Because he's a coastal elite heats the San Antonio Spurs. I'm not going to do yet. I'M GONNA ride with pop and the gang. I think that they're going to turn it around all right so a clash of NBA Eastern Conference foes Jimmy Butler returned to Philadelphia sixers versus the heat and ten. Nine eight seventy sixers. They throttled Miami. By twenty-seven they booed the Living Shit Outta Jimmy Butler. Who you know? He said he wants to do is just wind gang and he did not win. There were reports from Philadelphia for my friend. Enrico at the seven hundred level that there was a ten ten year old and his section screaming. Jimmy Butler sucks. I love all of this. How do you guys as non Philadelphians feel about booing Jimmy Butler upon on his return to the city of brotherly bratty? I'm sorry I'm sure like a lot of sixers fans listen to this but I don't understand why he got traded there. He saved you guys in a playoff series raise. What obligation does he have the hometown? Obligation to resign. Spoken like a non philadelphian. We discount your idea there. Dan Devine what do you think about this. I think booing Jimmy Butler is something that Jimmy Butler would appreciate. He sort of like a great wrestling. He'll right like rick. Flair doesn't want you to cheer for him. He wants you to like let to acknowledge what what he's doing and then respond in kind. And I feel like Jimmy Butler of any of any NBA player. Except for maybe embiid. which is maybe why they get along so well wants to have that from a crowd if he's not if you're not with within the near against him and he's completely fine with it? I feel like everybody involved. There is doing exactly what they're supposed to do for the greater broader narrative. This is the proper. Take Halio Shaughnessy. It's my God given right Philadelphia and Tabu and I shall boo So obviously the it's just one game but how do how do we feel here about the heat. They go to eleven and four they. We're having a good season until the sixers reminded them that. They're not very good in that. They're not the sixers. But but do you buy the heat. This season long-term Halio Shaughnessy do against the sixers. They're one of their season-long flaws came out turnovers but also against the sixers. It was unusual. How poorly they shot the three? And that's something that they've really been doing well all season and they've been shooting while overall they're passing is better. They're young guys. Look really good even their rookies. I think there's a lot to be excited about the heat and I. I do think that we take them seriously. Dan While you were away. We had other Dan Dan Pfeiffer for on last week and he implored Ben Simmons to shoot the corner three. Guess what happened the other Dan pull it off. Obviously Ben. Simmons listens to heat check. Ben Simmons took a three and Mehta three. How excited were you? You were so excited. You probably didn't even sleep that night. I didn't sleep because I was apoplectic. That the Knicks were the team that gave it up I think I thought I think it was Derek or the other. I take on this just as we shouldn't have gotten too far ahead of ourselves when he hit it against that Chinese team in preseason. Yeah we also probably shouldn't get too so far ahead of ourselves against the Knicks during the season but yeah I mean I think the really the main takeaway for me is that you just have like a laundry list of other. Dan's that can come in here and Outperform me on the podcasters really makes me feel good about my role on. We've got in line Haley. There's only one but only one Haley. Are we go to Chicago. Oh and new. Isaacs favorite team the Bulls. Oh Boy Zach Levine. went off. They were down eight with forty seconds left in Charlotte xactly cleaning had a last second. Stealing made a mad dash to turnaround game winning three pointer later on he afterwards he was asked about it. He said I pretty much said fuck it. I'm I'm going for the game. He finished with forty nine points and thirteen threes and a one point win against those Hornets. It's the second most threes in a game in NBA history behind just Klay Thompson. The title was Steph Curry. That's courtesy of our very own Zach. Cram who will be joining us a little later in the program. But I bring this up because it's kind of take that Jim Boylan move because before that in a loss to the heat Jim Boylan basically sat down. Zach Levine early on and Zach was asked about it after the game he said you know like why. Why do you think he? He acted me said well. If he doesn't trust me it's hard to trust someone who doesn't trust you danger Haley. How do you feel about this potential conflict in Chicago? I wouldn't say that Bolan inspired him. I don't want to like create that narrative. I think that this is gonNA end up coming to ahead like so many different occasions have in Chicago in the past pass and this is just kind of as nature. We've seen this a million times out of Jim even like last week. He said after the Nazi was like I can't go out and play play for them so him speaking now is GonNa continue to happen because the Bulls are going to continue to lose. And maybe it fueled Zach Levine. But eventually it's just GonNa him Dan Afterwards Boylan said I just pull all them. It wasn't combat of guys know Zac. Lean Lauri Markkanen in our starters. Got To play better for us to become what we can become. Who's right here just boiling point? Because I also think it's Kinda hard To play better if you're not playing but the problem with that is like Zach. Levine is also actively not playing on half of the court. Most of the time so Jim. Jim Boylan is quintessential heart as old school. Kind of coach. Who are if you're not giving effort on defense? You're not brave. You're breaking plays you're not gonNA play Anzac looking kind of admitted that he was like you you know. He wanted me to do X. Y. Z.. On the pick and roll and I kind of didn't do that that the one thing coaches can control his playing time and they can't they can't mandate effort but they can say if you're not going to do what we want on you to do. You're not gonNA play now. Is playing. Not playing exactly being counterproductive to what the Bulls are trying to make Put together probably but this. It doesn't seem like it's out of the remote possibility Defra Jimbo who have been in the right on that thing and still sort of be wrong in the bigger picture. I feel like Haley's right. This feels like a precursor to blow up. But I'm not really sure who's going to be at fault when it happens happens and it might just be that. There's blame on both sides of the table. New Isaac Steve. Where do you fall on this? Are you with a cranky old man boiling or are you with a fine. Take a lot of three pointers intersection waking up from this. Very long slumber of Bulls fandom just to say something like this. I don't know I would be like all right. We'll I've been saying what we've All have been saying the city of Chicago is we'll see we'll see that's all that it's been that's a perfect teach take right on the fence. We Love New Isaac. Let's go to shoot here. You're fitting right in Haley. Love that kind of thing Let's go to the Pelicans so apparently Josh Heart has a podcast. I did not know this. It's it's called. Wait for the light hearted podcast because of course it is and he had one Lonzo ball on to discuss visiting his brothers in Lithuania. During this podcast this is all the ESPN Salon on this podcast. That lived in. Lithuania was buried. Oppressing I went there to visit my brothers. I wouldn't do it again. It's like Hella gloomy. Nobody smiles smiles. It's like everybody just hates that there that I do that. Well I'm channel when the kids. I'm I'm like Damn I had to get out of there. Bro and heart responded sounds like La. No I'm not talking about the city and ball respond. I did. I don't know what he's talking about their next question. Let's cut that part out now at that point the producer of The podcast and new Isaac. Steve would never do this. He would actually cut this out but the producer says yeah. We're GONNA added this part out so you might as well. Just tell us about it and heart laughs and says I was going to say the Lakers organization and then obviously they did not cut that part out which prompted Josh Heart To. Then call the Lakers members of the Lakers organization in front office. Haley Elliot's gobsmacked here All the smacks have been gobs To call various parts of the Lakers Organization and apologize for doing this one. Do you believe that this was an accident that they didn't cut it out. Halio Sean to did he need to call it apologize. Who is producer? What a betrayal they? He's the he's going to be calling him out before. Even calling the Lakers organization. I cannot believe that look at me in is new Isaac. If you ever ever built shit like I'll jump resistant to hot too hot. Dan Devine did you need to call. Apologize Look me in my eyes new Isaac on the laptop around right now. I'm not gonNA frightening enough on her own. I think Cassano if he needed to call to apologize. I mean the guys that got on the business end of that. Anthony Davis Trade were basically like walking on eggshells for year right like or for six months or however long it took in fifteen years for that whole. Anthony Davis Goddamn situation not to fall off all out all those guys were like. You're in the trade. You're out of the trader or the trader trade and then they wind up being shipped out like I don't think they really. Oh the Lakers organization. Anything I think it's more covering your ass. After the fact which again that's probably not their fault that produced probably should have taken care of them on that one magic Johnson. I quit on television before telling Jeannie bus. This is what did tell me about the lie here. Like what is he worried about. People Finding out that the Lakers organization was previously and might still be definitely was previously. A shit show. Yeah come on. It's fine all right last one for you. There was another fan run in this time. It was with the Celtics while they were in Denver. Marcus smart got his foot stuck in a chair and while his foot was stuck in a cherish he said the guy that was next to him said. That's that's right. Stay on the ground. Get on your knees. Smart pointed it out to nuggets security. Who did nothing? League spokesman said that the League was investigating the matter now. You may remember her from listening to heat check that the NBA Instituted a new fan zero tolerance policy back in October the NBA Executive Vice President and chief security officer Jerome Pickets said that we've added any sexist language or LGBTQ language or any denigrating language in any way anything that is non basketball related This was not basketball related and yet the guy stayed in the in the arena. How do we feel about this Haley? that the NBA is not exactly acting on on. Its News Zero Tolerance Policy. It's sad I mean at. This is the only way to prevent these things in the future is to have a zero tolerance policy and actually enforce it and I especially especially think that you should probably do it when it comes to Marcus. Smart if there's like top five people in the NBA. You don't WanNa fuck with. He's probably also very dude. He's one or two when he's not two he's also a great Dan. How do you feel about zero tolerance policy that actually Evidently has some tolerance. Yeah I think this is always wear the. NBA was gonna find themselves on this. Because they want to be like give fans a wide berth for being able to heckle. And you buy your ticket and you get the opportunity to say what you WANNA. Let's say but also like the players need to be protected. The players need to not be just sort of be rated and slandered and whatever else was happening and the players don't feel protected. It's it really got back to the heart of what Tyler Times wrote. When he started covered that last season after the Russell Westbrook incident in Utah? Players don't feel protected. They feel like they're like animals in a zoo behind bars or behind glass and like there's not even that separation anymore because a guy can just get right and Marcus. SMART's face about it so I don't know I feel the the League in order for this to actually matter has to have some teeth in the policy and this this is like a bummer. But not surprising at all that they don't if there's anything that was good that came out of that it was Rick Pitino tweet. He tweeted out I see another dump fan. got into a Marcus smart. I encourage any player sick of that nonsense to come play for Panathinaikos you can go through the Euroleague and not understand any words crying laughing emoji my guy. Rick Rick Pitino back in Greece Also killed it on twitter forever. You didn't mention for me the signs that's right there we go that was NBA instant replay. And now it's time to bring and our guest for the main event joining us on the line. He's a staff writer. He can catch his daily. NBA Facts we call them Zack's on twitter. He's instantly the smartest person on this show. which drops me to the smartest? He's crab hello. Nice to be here high body. Today's act was fun. The warriors have zero healthy above average players players on the roster. Fine if you're for the other twenty nine hundred right sucks for Golden State so we brought you on because we thought you'd be a good person to talk about this. There's a a lot of potential changes to the NBA. And the way that they're going to handle their season according to watch and the other Zach Zach Lowe These could be enacted as soon as the twenty twenty one on season. The League's seventy fifth anniversary. The proposing a minimum seventy eight game regular season. And we'll go through. We'll tick through each of these. There's four major changes the first one is a mid Ed season tournament. This is something that's long. Been A pet project of Adam silver who loves the idea of a soccer style tournament it would involve all thirty teams. It would start. Start Post thanksgiving and run. Through mid December there'd be a divisional group stage and then a pre knockout regular season games would count towards that and then a teams teams graduate to a knockout round with financial incentives for players and coaches Zach Cram. Our guest will start with you. How do you feel about this? I feel like this might be the most controversial of the proposed changes at least from what I've seen in the initial reactions online. But I think I'm encouraged by from two perspectives. The big problem of course is the question of stakes right. What does this tournament mean when you already have the NBA Championship? We're seeing more and more load management. So why would the clippers. For instance burned quite Leonard and Paul George in these games when really the first fifty plus years of NBA. History have pushed toward wanting it to be healthy in June. Not necessarily in this tournament around Thanksgiving but I think there are two encouraging factors. Here number one. Is that single elimination games just rule in general and the fact that this would be a single elimination tournament. Once you get to the quarter-finals artificially amplifies the stakes. There think about why the NCAA tournament is so popular. Why the Wildcard Game Baseball? So Great. Even if it's not necessarily the most to fare structure to determine a winner it's the most entertaining and number two is from a long-term in perspective I think in the short-term certainly there will be fewer stakes just because this tournament has no history doesn't mean as much when you go to a player's basketball reference page you're going to see the number of trophies in the top right corner not necessarily the number of midseason tournament trophies but over the long term these things can change and you you have to have a first step looking at the NCAA tournament for instance the nit a more prestigious glamorous popular tournament for the first two decades or so of the NC NC Double A. An it tournaments existences by overtime that changed as the NCAA tournament grew in popularity. And I'm certainly not suggesting that this midseason tournament it will eventually usurp the actual NBA finals in June. But like it's possible that that these things can grow in importance and especially for teams like the wizards the wizards have a great offense. Could they get hot over three games and compete in a single emanation tournament. I think all of these things are possible. And that's why over the long run it could end up At I wonder you know you bring up. A good point about why the clippers would potentially say burn acquire on their load managing but I wonder with financial incentives in place. Do you have to play way to get some of that or is it spread out evenly. I wonder but Haley. You said previously that you would have a different opinion from ones that cram do tell I think maybe on the other things. Apparently he's totally forgotten about because conversations with me mean nothing. I miss you Zack. No I actually with him here and I think the entire thing has to be out fund if this is truly going to mimic soccer and soccer tournaments that we've been talking about I. Actually I think that we're completely overlooking something which is that you shouldn't limit it to the NBA. There should be something where we incorporate G. League and you're leagues and different things because because that is what happens with these midseason Tournaments in soccer. So you just want to fold everybody in. I mean it doesn't have to be that that messy but I think there should be a chance to incorporate something just outside of the NBA. Dan other changes. That are happening here. One of the ones that they propose a play in for the postseason where seven eight nine and ten seeds kids would get into it I kinda like this one. What do you think yeah? I think that's fine. I mean I don't know the the idea of changing all this stuff for the purposes of finding new ways as to re-engage fan bases who don't feel they have a chance to win. The championship is reasonable. I mean The point Adam Silver's made throughout this as like organization. I think he was a quote that he gave to mark Stein of the Times organizations have the opportunity to make new traditions and this making the tradition and then fostering it over time is going to be like sort of an uphill climb you but you have all all of this idea of like you have to get more teams to be on board for more different changes. You have to figure out a way that it makes sense for them. It comes back to like. Is this going to make more money for people. And if it it is going to make more money for people or at least be revenue neutral while potentially reducing workload than it people will be on board for it but as of right now it still seems really unclear that like any of it would make more money wild decreasing workload in a season. It's already pretty long as it is. Zack I suspect that you have studied the potential ramifications and implications applications here of them having a plan for the postseason. But where do you fall on this one I just want to. I say that it's sad that over here. I'm focusing on. What would be the most entertaining and then Dan is being the damper of? Oh well it's gotta be revenue money. Think about the the the funding welcome to welcome to heat check in has to put on his dad. Had I enjoyed. We are wearing the same dad today by the way in the camera. But you're one of us is shaking his fist at a cloud. Dan Any doubt the reality. The reality of I would love it. If it's more entertaining more interesting but I think that we have to differentiate it in an important way like so I if if the tournaments are going to be in some way different than the regular run of NBA basketball. Like I dunno only players under twenty five can play only players in their first. Three years can play Part of playoff team the year. Before like you know you're not going to be everything the needs to be some kind of differentiation. 'cause otherwise it's just sort of reorganizing something we already have. And I don't know that that necessarily just putting that in the context of a single elimination tournament with no pedigree had agree. Makes it much more exciting in the here and now but I'm open to the possibility of being wrong on that. I just feel like if you're going to introduce something new that there needs to be more knew about it. Zach back Just to summarize here. Dan Hates. Dan Hates Fun. And you and I are pro fund. We like fun. This sounds like fun to me. What about Yael Bill? I think both propose playoff changes this one and the idea that once you reach the semifinals and the last four teams would receive them to prevent like to Western powerhouses going up in the semifinals instead of the finals. But I think both of those seem like half measures like if you're going to precede once you get to the semi-finals not just read the whole thing. And if we're going to allow the ninth and Tenth Place Teams to plan. Usually those ninth and tenth place. Teams are not that much better than the eleventh or Twelfth Wolf Place Teams so why not just extend it to every team and I think that is where I'm a little confused about the purpose of expanding it a little bit but not just going going full bore because like I don't know in the Eastern Conference. The Tennessee usually wins about thirty. Six Games are they going to be much more competitive than in eastern conference offers team. That wins thirty. Two Games probably not especially over a small sample so I think I would prefer these to be expanded because again single elimination games rule we saw aw a sort of pseudo playoff game a pseudo play in game a couple years ago when Denver and Minnesota played for the eighth seed on the last night at the regular. She's in that game was awesome. Awesome and I think figuring out more ways to add stakes especially at the beginning of the playoffs where the first round is usually kind of a bummer. Is a smart idea. I'm just not sure if this the right smart Haley. They're taking steps as I mentioned this last one Would recedes so they potentially you could have two teams from The West or even in a bizarro. Ro Alternate Universe two teams from the East Playing for the finals. Do you Li- Yes. It's sort of a half-measure here but at least it's an attempt to change The format of of the NBA which is kind of grown a little stale here? Do you like this final proposed change. I think that if there's any argument that it hasn't gone sale it's last season. The Raptors upset the warriors. That's like the craziest thing to happen. In the last five years well other than the three comeback but even know actually I think it's. It's wilder that they won one. But like Zach was saying these things are probably going to need to be gradual to ever be incorporated. But I think they need to be overwhelming changes to matter and I also think the owners won't go for that I have or would like to see it. This is my. This is my problem with these changes. If I liked the idea that they're attempting to shake it up a little bit but my whole thing here and Dan knows because we were on the road for the playoffs last year together for I think we just got back the season the regular season is really fucking long and the playoffs are two months long. And they're they're going to in this scenario there's a potential chance where A team could play as many as eighty three regular season games so on the one hand. They're saying you know seventy eight regular season games at a minimum in an attempt to reduce but once you add in the mid season tournament and the reconfiguration with the with the play in games you could potentially have more games like Zach. Check my math. Your math guy. Wouldn't that be more games. Are we supposed to have fewer games here. Indeed eighty three is yes. I'm glad you invited me onto the pod to work with this advanced but I think this is where as as I was making fun of Dan earlier I agree that the money will end up playing a role because like my idea for shortening of the regular season. If we're going to stay with thirty teams miss is if you play every team twice and then every team your conference a third time that works out to seventy two games which sounds ideal when your load managing guys like Kawai and maybe Lebron and they're probably going to end up playing around seventy two seventy two games and that seems like an ideal scenario you would have more balance in the schedule but that would require losing revenue for five home games and maybe over time. Adding an amid season tournament could account for that gap. But you're right. It seems like you're almost adding more games or at least not not getting rid of games when even Adam silver has admitted that kind of the goal he has Zach. I'd like to note for the record that you were talking. Cash it earlier about my my my lack of excitement and my Debbie Downer nece and all those sorts of things and then by five minutes later you came right around to my point of view man. This this is growing up. That's what happens this year on the on the heat. Check podcast. No I mean this is exactly right if we're GONNA do fewer games do fucking fewer games. Four fewer games do ten fifteen sixteen sixteen fewer games. Whatever like and then make these put time around these like the international breaks? They have in soccer or something like that able to to build in time around it. They length the the season a couple of years ago to expand more time they wanted to put more time into the all star break so the players aren't getting run into the ground. We can't just fill in those gaps with new Shit because we think it'll sell better. The whole point is to is to make all of it matter more and scarcity is the answer for that. I propose just canceling March. Just like let's cancer marsh will take time out and in an APP before he rolls around. And there's the playoffs Zach Cram. This was hugely helpful. I could not have figured out. Eighty three is more than eighty two without you go read. Read all of Zak's stuff. He's very very good. Thanks for joining us. Buddy thank you so much. We love that cram and now it's time for a segment that we also love. Love the call bad call. What a fold call here right? So we've done sort of like a little bit on this show where we were. We've reviewed jerseys Christie's and Because listeners at home can conceive these things if they go and pull them up on their own But we're going to do an all Jersey edition of good call bad call because we can't help ourselves so we'll start first Dan. You missed this last week I made the mistake is joined us for the entire show. I made the mistake of throwing to Isaac. I for one of the good call. Bad calls and Haley yelled at me. She said I always start. What are you doing sexist? So we're GONNA go oh to Halio. Shaughnessy I Haley. What do you think about the nets bed Stuy Jersey? I don't like them. I just don't like the FI. I think that a lot of these city features. These the problem is that they the idea behind. It might be good but the execution the actual fought the color is everything is bad so busy from Halio. Shaughnessy Dan Devine in our resident Brooklyn expert What do you say about the nets bedside jerseys it's still BC for me? I mean it's the same idea is like why the the The the the other ones the other sort of graffiti font jerseys didn't work for me the fire Haley's rate with the font I do like the kind of Kooky piping on it and who knew sweater letter colors but like there's a little bit of like the nets are playing kind of big Karaoke at this point and I feel like it's a little bit of it's a little bit much but I'm open to more neighborhoods in the future. If there's a flatbush one perhaps where I live by will buy that at some point but right now we're GonNa go with the BC new Isaac or on the nets bedside juries BC. A- All these New Jersey's have been looking while jerseys anyway so three guys don't know fashion I'm GCE. I love these. I think they're excellent. Excellent fun I like that stuff. It's good stuff All right what about the Celtics. The Celtics have a Boston Gaelic font as somebody described on our slack. It's font that just ordered around a fireball shots and got into a bar fight Halio Shaughnessy what say you. I can't believe that you say I don't know fashion when I'm in this outfit. If it clearly agreed but it stopped there I mean. The nut spreads on onboard for anything big EGO Irish rush person. That should be a cheesy for me. But it's because this looks like the O'Hara's pub that is on every college campus ever and who has good memories from that pup it's a ABC. Frio Dan Devine it's a BC for me especially because all of the players that the Celtics had sort of posing in this Kemba Walker. Jason Tatum. Jalen Brown around Gordon Hayward look like deeply uncomfortable to be associated with that kind of bar like somebody's about to get thrown through a plate glass window after screaming for forty five minutes and nobody really wants to be there let alone in that like living inside of it so I think it's all the way around for me new Isaac BBC as well. I would have preferred the fought from cheers. Yeah sweeping we put up. I'm ABC as well contractually obligated since. I'm a Philadelphian We go to the grizzlies. The Grizzlies brought out their big country. Throwbacks from the Vancouver. Dan couvert era. Halio Shaughnessy Grizzlies throwbacks. Join US kind of look by by the way I guess you. You don't remember country Devan you remember big country Jonas Kinda look like big country in those jerseys studying minus the flattop. That's that's really what you're missing. What do you mean Halio Shaughnessy? These are beautiful as somebody who who has bought a lot of Vancouver just because I liked how it looked. Yeah I'm all for the Dandelion also g something about that that sort of like the -til really pops now admitted mid it might have been a bit too much at the time. Especially when on the back of a Mike Bibby but now it's really coming around new Isaac extremely. GC very clean. I hated them back in the day. And I've forgotten love them now they should only wear these beautiful. SWEEP IT UP G C last one for you were going to do these together. The kings brought out a sack town Jersey and the Bucks Have Cream City Jersey which led trey Kerby to tweet. I can't wait for SAC. Town versus cream city Let's go on the tweet there. Halio Shaughnessy trae curvy. SACS have versus cream city tweet G. CBC I can't say anything bleep. It all just move on and Dan Divine trae. Fine trae was my old boss at my previous job while a long time Internet friends but also what are we doing here guys. Come on New Isaac I. I can't believe that they're just doing this. and not thinking that the Internet is GonNa just jump on extremely BC extremely Jesus pc for the exact same reason Shasta Trey Kerby for Puerto Rico City. Are you kidding for for putting those two things together. I saw trays tweet and I laughed for. I'm still laughing. We're talking about on the show last one the heat check podcast talking about jerseys. People can't see them Halio Shaughnessy. TC is is is is not here to stop us anymore. That's true shots. Isaac Dan Devine. GPC We'll see you. At the Crossroads Old Isaac New Isaac g see because I'm the new Isaac Sweep but but I WANNA thank everybody who was on the programs that cram was excellent new. Isaac killed it old. Isaac Dan Devine and Halio. Shaughnessy thank you and thank all of you for listening please. Rate and review us read all of our content on the rear dot com. Listen to the ringer. NBA show on the ringer. PODCAST network. He checked will be back next week. Happy Thanksgiving gang the.

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