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it's Tuesday March Third Keel Houston. I'm getting resnick. And this is what a day. We're we're hopping on the bandwagon and officially suspending campaign for president. Honestly I just like to throw my support behind sleeping. I simply can't risk getting on today's show. The Supreme Court is set to hear a major abortion case then some headlines but first a Tuesday that super off. That's right today. Super Tuesday where fourteen states and one territory will vote. It is the biggest day of the presidential nominating contests so far in one thousand. Three hundred fifty seven delegates are up for grabs out of almost four thousand. We've got massive states like California and Texas. Having their say Senator Bernie Sanders is expected to do well and potentially build a large delegate lead in now many elected Democrats are rallying around former vice president. Joe Biden as the primary alternative to Sanders. So lots of endorsements we're going to get into it but what is the latest on all of Gideon? Yes so first of all all of this happening. Now shows a little bit of the urgency that some of these folks fell to try to blunt sanders going into today. And it's definitely a late gambit from everyone on Monday senator Amy Klobuchar exited the race and quickly endorsed Biden global warming that we declare just a few weeks ago officially abated. At this point she appeared Rally for Biden in Dallas on Monday night. Here's some of what she said. It is up to us all of us to put our country back together to heal this country and then to build something even greater. I believe we can do this together. And that is why today I am ending my campaign and endorsing Joe by. Yeah we're talking about the. Buddha judge did not see a path for himself in the race anymore when he dropped out and for closure the reality was justice starke. She surprised a lot of people by coming in third in New Hampshire following a good debate performance but close are just wasn't able to build support from voters of color and only earned seven delegates total. Also we should add. In addition to closure Buddha judge formerly endorsed Biden on Monday as well so this is definitely a big day. So we've got we've got amy. They're both team Biden now. They're delegates could eventually go to him at the convention which would matter if the the reasons of being kind of close definitely way later in the year but back to endorsements run us through the rest of the spree. We saw yesterday yeah. So in addition to those two Biden has been basically landing endorsements from elected officials left and right one other notable one is from former presidential and Senate candidate Beto Aurora q also at the Texas Event Harry. Reid also backed Biden after declining to endorse before the Nevada caucus where it could have been impactful for whoever he ended up picking a couple more endorsements democracy for America a Progressive Group. That started the run. Warn run movement in two thousand sixteen to try to get her into the race. Last time ended up endorsing sanders. After pulling its members in Warren won the endorsement of Emily's list after Clovis are left the race which meant that just Warren and congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard. Remember her are the only women that are left running for president so after all of this Super Tuesday is kind of the closest thing to a national primary with a lot of different kinds of voters. And we're GONNA find out if things like organization and endorsements in staffing are the things that end up being truly impactful. Just have to see I take a deep breath and find out how all the cards fall all of a sudden we have five remaining Democratic candidates. Gideon give us some sense of the important things to be on the lookout for tonight. Yeah so zooming out for a second as we've said on here before candidate needs to get one thousand nine hundred ninety one delegates to have a majority and get the nomination at that convention because so many of them are given out on Super Tuesday. It turns into the first decisive moment in this campaign. Here are some of the broader things that we know for now sanders has shown strength in California Texas and the northeast but he could be viable in most or all the states that are voting. He has money and organization and had a head start. Biden is playing catchup following a really really strong showing in South Carolina. And he's keeping things close especially in other important states like Virginia and North Carolina. Broadly speaking he has endorsed said an momentum. Going into this but it's important to acknowledge that there are a range of possible outcomes that we might begin to see when the dust settles after today anything from a large sanders delegate lead to a tie between him and Biden is certainly within the realm of possibility. Twitter is going to continue to get off while you can. That's due to two key factors here. One is that Warren and Mike Bloomberg are in the race still and early votes may have been cast for a number of recent dropouts in addition to those other candidates and to no one knows. How many of all these candidates in each state are going to hit that magic fifteen percent number. Let's get into these numbers again. No yes advocates out and at the ready so without overcomplicating things the easiest way for a person to win the most delegates in the state is to just win. Big The same as it would be for the popular vote. Let's say for instance that you're in California. There are four candidates who break fifteen percent. That's the amount that you need to get delegates. If you're the candidate that is leading by a lot you're amount doesn't translate to as many delegates because it's being divided by four four candidates now if you're leading and only one other candidate was viable then. The delegates are being divided by two people. Meaning that the person ahead gets more so a lot of sort of uncertainty within that basically you WanNa break fifteen everywhere but the difference between a good night and a really really really good night for some of these candidates depends on. How many of them are doing that right? So you just WanNa win big help as many competitors as possible. Don't break fifteen percent but you know we really still have no idea what exactly is going to happen. we've heard a lot about contested conventions pluralities versus majorities. All of that Jazz. What is today going to tell us about the likelihood of any of that? Hopefully a lot in theory Knock on as much as you can. I someone had foxe's better math than me. If say a candidate wins about forty percent of the Super Tuesday delegates that individual would only have to win fifty six percent of the rest of the delegates throughout the year to get a majority. So that's not too difficult to pull off and it's even easier. If you're just trying to win that plurality which I think a lot of the candidates are thinking is is definitely a possibility with that also means is that if you're behind after Tuesday it is incredibly difficult to catch up so the margin of victory is going to be really important here and that's what we're going to be watching for as well as sort of where all the candidates end up in the grand scheme of things but one last thing for all of us to keep in mind so we don't tear hair out about everything there might be a lot of late counting specifically in California because of mail-in ballots which might mean that. Not Everything is conclusive there by the end of the night. Yeah so it's not just Iowa sometimes you just gotTa Wait. Yeah Right. Imagine patients all right. Well if you are in the Super Tuesday states and have yet to vote get out there. Do it feel like you're a part of society but if you're voting later just know that there's more time and your vote is still gonna matter so please stay. Engaged in the meantime and stay engaged with us. Later are livestream special tonight at eight. Pm Eastern Five PM PACIFIC HEAD ON OVER TO YOUTUBE DOT com slash crooked media. It'll be a way better time than Cable News. Do Not Miss It. Since tomorrow's episode is going to be overwhelmed by Super Tuesday coverage. We want to give you a preview of something important. Happening in DC on Wednesday a reprisal of the assault on abortion rights. I hate reruns. Yes especially these kinds. The Supreme Court will hear arguments in a case out of Louisiana over a law that would restrict abortion providers if the court decides to uphold the law. It could poke major holes in v Wade Tequila. You WanNa take us through some of the details here. Here goes all right so the case is called June medical services versus Russo. And it has to do with admitting privileges. Louisiana passed a law requiring abortion providers in the state to have admitting privileges and the abortion providers are suing saying. That creates an undue burden on people who are seeking an abortion. They also say that this question has already been settled by the Supreme Court and are pointing to another case from two thousand sixteen called whole women's health in which the Supreme Court struck down a similar admitting privileges law in Texas because it found that it created an undue burden. Okay so can we explain for a second the admitting privileges thing this is GonNa get around a lot in the coming days for sure. So essentially in the case on Wednesday and the 2016 case admitting privileges were used as a way to curb abortion rights for example if I was getting an abortion and there was a medical emergency that arose most of these outpatient facilities. Just don't have the ability to fully admit me to a hospital close by. They'd probably just send me to the emergency room but medical emergencies during abortions are rare and what Texas and now Louisiana. Both want or wanted was to say if an abortion provider does not have admitting privileges to a hospital within a certain number of miles. They would not be cleared to perform an abortion. So essentially it's just an extra hurdle for abortion providers to jump over in Louisiana. This law would leave literally just one doctor in the entire state able to perform abortions. Yeah that's insane. I mean so. Why is it that these abortion clinics can't get admitting privileges? Yeah well it's because hospitals largely just WanNa stay out of it. They don't want to be part of the abortion debate and the easiest way to stay out of. It is to not give doctor from an abortion clinic. The same abilities as doctors that are on their payroll in. We've seen historically how this can gut abortion rights for example doctors the last abortion clinic and Mississippi applied for admitting privileges to seven hospitals in the area and they were refused at every single one. And something that I was thinking as I read through arguments from both sides was that the Supreme Court already ruled on this very issue. So why is it being brought again and Louisiana's argument is that they think the previous ruling only applies to Texas and so they're basically just trying to poke holes in that prior case also a big difference now is that we've got two new justices on the court since two thousand sixteen that could rule differently than the previous ones right right Roy Moore ramifications of Gorsuch and cabinet being appointed Okay so what do we know about? How the court typically votes in these instances all right. Well we don't WanNa get into predicting what will happen. Because I don't WanNa be responsible for your disappointment. Here's what we do know in that whole women's health case the four more liberal justices we're joined by Anthony Kennedy and striking down the Texas law that restricted abortions. So Kennedy's now been replaced with Cavanaugh. Cavanaugh supported allowing the law in Louisiana to remain in effect. While this got hashed out in court he was overruled. Thank God but it gives you a sense of where he stands uncertain whether the Supreme Court will explicitly overrule Roe V. Wade in this case. But even if they don't they could simply just whittle it down to you know to a point where it's just not effective unenforceable just making it pretty much meaningless if there is any silver lining though it's at Skoda's tins to vote with President and chief justice. John Roberts is very much of the opinion that the rule of law is. What's important so if he is still of that mindset. We have a sense that maybe he will be on the right side. But you know we're just hoping they'll say well keep your eyes open. We will to and expect the decision on this The summer when we get a lot of big decisions back. Oh and please go to vote save America Dot Com and make sure you're registered so we don't have to deal with this for the rest of our lives but especially now for the next four years. Let's wrap up with some headlines head alive in Morse Code US news today. The justices will hear arguments on whether or not the structure of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is Constitutional. The CFPB was designed to protect consumers from abusive. Financial Industry practices things like student loans and credit cards. Experts say decision on this case could affect federal regulatory power across the board. The court is also set to determine the future of Obamacare in the fall. Just some small agenda item. The justices announced they'll be hearing an ongoing lawsuit to overturn the program making this the third time. The Affordable Care Act has been challenged in court decision to determine whether or not parts of the ACA or the entire law itself or unconstitutional is expected in June of next year uber in left are essentially seeking their revenge on California lawmakers who pass a law that could classify their drivers as full-time employees. This is what we've come to expect from rideshare apps where the ideas basically taxi but make it anti-worker lift through down two million dollars on a campaign account to defeat. Lawmaker Tyler deep. Who voted for the law? Uber gave two hundred thirty thousand dollars to a pack. That opposes him. Lifton UBER are also spending thirty million dollars each to sponsor in November ballot initiative that would exempt them from the freelance law when companies. Spend money like this. You know they're just doing it to be nice very sweet for them. Yeah for sure for sure as why if you don't WanNA drive for lift or Uber. We just heard about a pretty exciting job. Openings at a place called outer space NASA is accepting applicants for aspiring astronauts. Yet again they plan to send another man and the first woman to the Moon by two thousand twenty four and tomorrow of which the moon is parts by the Mid Twenties Thirties. Astronaut jobs are not easy to lockdown. Need an advanced science degree and lots of flight time to be considered and win NASA last accepted applications in two thousand fifteen only eleven people were selected from the eighteen thousand. Three hundred that applied. If you're looking to set yourself apart you could say that you've eaten all the flavors of astronaut ice cream. Even banana applications will be accepted from now until March thirty first. It's amazing that that many people are like I would like to be off of earth. Please all right well. Big News for anyone. Who's iphone sucked in two thousand? Seventeen apple has tentatively agreed to pay out five hundred million dollars for the scandal called battery game where they secretly throttled the performance of iphone sixes and sevens to conserve battery life. If you own one of those phones apple might pay twenty five dollars. That sounds cool. But it's a small reward for not having the juice to send adorable emojis back. When snapchat was at its absolute peak. French and Italian authorities have already taken apple to court over the same controversy. The Tech Company got hit with a twenty five million euro fine in France last month. Soccer Bluetooth cancelled over. And those are the headlines. That's all for today. If you like the show make sure you subscribe leave review. Compliment us on our fits and tell your friends to listen. And if you're into reading and not just doctors I charge like me. What Day is also a nightly newsletter. Check it out and subscribe at crooked dot com slash subscribe and Akilah Hughes. I'm Gideon Resnick. And Good luck with your application to be an astronaut. I gotta eat more ice cream. I do it. What a day is a product of crooked media it's reported and mixed by Charlotte Landis selling a ton is our assistant producer or writer is John Milstein and our senior producer is Katie Log. Our THEME MUSIC BY CALLING. Gilead and his shocking.

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