199: Hard Justice for Astros, Women at All-Star Game, What Movie Wins Oscar? Destroying Gas Stations


Steve One to everybody. What is up? Welcome to your daily Split. Splint start that again. Welcome everybody one is up. Welcome to your daily sports podcast where we tackle the most interesting stories in sports. I'm Steve Worn long with Jim. Jerome and we're sports radio PALS ON ESPN for about a decade. Where by the way Jim inexplicably drank a strawberry milkshake? Almost every single show at six thirty in the morning. Coming up today a center in Chicago Tonight Got Your Sends Hawks Primer Ladies Liba three on three game of the NHL All Star game. Will you watch. Can you dig it. The Oscar nominees out. Our poll. Question is basically out of the nominees. Which moved you most recommend Morgan? Riley wrote a minimum minimum eight weeks for the leafs and Major League Baseball. Give you eighty some games for beating up your partner but if you steal signs and use electronic to do it but by big punishment by Houston or for the Houston. Astros manager is suspended for the entire twenty twenty season all still ahead today here on the S. w. p.. podcast James. How are you today? Steve very good very good minus. It's might as twenty-five here. So you know what Edmund needs to be cancelled cancel Edmonton. It needs to be there was a one of the great great tweets that I saw. I threw it out. There you know Russ can go away right showing US pictures of playing golf right when it's wintertime here right. It's real charming that thing. Yeah he says it's obnoxious really whereas courtnall sending US complain golf here here here with my golf shoes and shorts on okay. I got the first couple pictures. Okay Russ Menachim. Yeah it because you I mean I recently got you know. Got To normal a little bit and I was happy for him in the first two or three photos by about the sixth photo. So in when he's asking is why should I wear golf shorts or golf young pants fellows. What should I do you jerk anyway? Some Guy Said uh-huh who was the guy who. When when mapping out North America Steve that divided it county in US north and south instead of drawing a line horizontal? Line Steve Right down the middle right right down the middle. We'll take the west. We'll take the west side you you know so we can go. BC right down through Washington state and Oregon and all that right down to California maybe over a little bit to Texas Okay and and then east of the be tougher. You Steve. Because you're an automobile east of you would be east. The states would be Winnipeg Winnipeg Baffin island starting up their weight. We have to suffer. Who would spend one winter in Edmonton or Ottawa Ottawa? I'm thinking of our ancestors here. Maybe they arrive in the summertime they go. Oh my goodness is beautiful. Here are some lovely lakes a bit on the humid sites on bugs around on and stuff. But it's really quite nice but you spend one winter here you would think yourself. We've made a grave grave error. What were we thinking? That's right. Yeah and one white lie and one winter like this and everyone can go back to their little complaint in July that it was humid in the Mosquitos. Too Bad Like okay all right. Let's let's go the minus supposed to go to minus forty here and I'm not sure what the over under Steve will be but it happens every year at least once Steve where I drive away a pull away with my car still plugged in okay. I it'll happen it'll happen for sure and I saw it I is it happened to me last year. Maybe twice as I'm driving down the road and all of a sudden Flam I don't know the court flips up onto the hood of my car across my windshield. I've been attacked by some alien thing worse than that drums gas. I let a guy drive away with the the pumps steel in his tank so he ripped the entire giant pump off the island and he was dragging it around the parking lot. Before I finally flagged him down yeah I I have a friend best friend of mine jake who I named my son after and We were on our way to a golf tournament as juniors. Here's okay as kids. He was the only guy could drive. So that's how young we were. He was the first guy to be sixteen and He was always going a million miles an hour. Jake who's just just just as head was spinning all the time shitting there and Super Smart Guy and very clever and funny and all that and like I say best friend of Mine and so we I live beside him where neighbor so we left his house in the morning to run over to the golf club to pick up our clubs and then go onto another golf club for a little one day junior tournament and on the way to the golf club after leaving his place you have to stop and get gas and he he was gonNA K- K Hurry up. We gotta get Jake. We gotta get to the other Gulf. Course I gotta get the clubs first so as pumping gas into the car and I say to them. Obviously Steve as a joke while I'm putting gas in the car. Why don't you take off with the car and run over to the club and pick them up right sort of stupid lame joke? Rake as if as if a guy's GonNa rip it into drive in takeoff Steve with the well he just. I like good idea. fhu WAM raking owes. Okay rips off the pump okay. Leaves the lead and the hose attached but he pulls it off the pump. So the thing is just you know it's like there's gas gushing take the stand where the gases. Oh my God. He's like. Why would you do that to me? Why would you do that to me Eh? So the pump stayed upright though it was just a just ripped the hose and the nozzle off basically ripped two holes in. It was going all over the place you know. Fire fire the entire Drummond's area like we basically when when that happened. The pump came off. The guy dragged the actual pump gas pump about ten feet off of off of its normal spot and snap the pipe everything and So being a Moron Teenage Moron me and the other gas pumper tried to basically put the pump backup on the island. Even though clearly the gas gushing out and I'm trying to put this thing on top of it maybe this'll so work moronic in any events The base of it is made of metal and when metal scrapes up against concrete. Well sparks happen to fly ally and all of a sudden whoosh. Well we were lucky and we. We were lucky we didn't just weren't ourselves to death but anyway we just We had A. We grabbed the fire extinguisher. We got the turn the pump off and everybody survived but Management was not very happy with anyway. I giggle Giggle Giga. I think I'm all that all right. Let's launch today. I we got lots to get to over the course of the program when we come back. We'll talk a little bit about Major League Baseball and and Well at zero tolerance for stealing signs. We'll get into that in just a second First of all we've got the swat heads up and that's a little something something we do as you know if you listen to the same day we published like to get you set for the day ahead so for Tuesday January fourteenth. It'll be a mix of Sun and cloud high of minus seven a sixty percent chance of flurries by evening your NHL schedule tonight. The senators are hosting Chicago. Marcus Hobart gets a third straight start for the sends ends with a healthy Craig Anderson sitting on the bench. Picking splinters out. Oh his bought leaves her hosting New Jersey. Vancouver Winnipeg Nashville Edmonson. That is your s w heads for Tuesday January fourteenth for all Insurance Ontario. Everyone needs insurance but not everyone gets the best rates Seaney to shop around little. Well don't waste time doing it on your own. Just Tax Dol- Insurance Ontario. They will find you the best insurance rates every time. Whatever whatever insurance product you need? 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Major League. Baseball has basically clamped down on the Houston Astros in about the largest way you could imagine astros. Gm Jeff Liu now and and it manager Aj hinch have each been suspended without pay for the entire twenty twenty season by Major League baseball coach that after the sign stealing allegations allegations on top of that they four for their first and second round picks in the twenty twenty and twenty twenty one major league drafts and find five million dollars the highest allowable fine under the majorly constitution. What was your reaction to hearing about that? Well when the when this story broke I think it was the red sox I who were accused of this and it looked like it looked like they were as as the as the story moved along through the weeks? You know you know that came out right that they were looking at Boston had a replay room right because although you have a delay I guess on TV But they're constantly showing replace you know and so obviously you can. PBR like anybody else in your your clubhouse and go back and look at these replays and figure out the signs right. They've got the they've got the camera coming from the you know the behind the picture. Right whale the outfield right. So simple way. Nothing too intricate. There and the apparently the way the the Houston was was doing it was same idea and then they were actually smashing a trash can or something giving signs assigned to the pitcher. You know when they looked at it somehow was being relayed from the club to the bench and they were making noises. You know the the whole Little Morris Code on the trash cans Steve out of how to figure it out so I was. I remember the time going. Oh who cares you know cause has more recently. That New England is in was in trouble again right for the Patriots for having a video guy up in up in the press box Practice at a bengals practice or game I forget. And they're gonNA. Why is this guy from the New England? Patriots weren't even playing playing in the game. Why is this guy from the Patriots? got a video camera on the bench of the Bengals and they're looking at the schedule going. The Patriots play the bengals angles next week. And I haven't I haven't heard more about it since then but my take always was oh cares for God takes to figure it out where they can't steal your signs off the stupid that people can see your signed old not so much my friend okay because they they interviewed cody bellinger was the MVP the dodgers and he they went to the final final two years in a row. I think it gets Houston in seventeen and eighteen and and bellinger said you know unequivocally that that that that had something to do with them losing you know the signs stealing so so much for my little big deal wasting my time with the stupid story man. I think it comes down to you know. I mean a lot of this was player driven but I guess the tie in between the Astros and the Red Sox. This is Alex Cora who in those world series. You're talking about on at least one of them. He was the bench coach there now. He's the manager of the Red Sox and the I guess the report says that Core was the one accused of setting it up not disciplined as part of the investigation however he could still face penalties. He's at this conclusion of this conclusion of this investigation because of illegal sign stealing by as you mentioned a moment ago the Red Sox during twenty eighteen so right right were appears to be a part of this whole thing and when Major League baseball brought this all down It was a case of Rob Man for the commissioner saying Actually gave the The the Astros Express notice in September twenty seventeen that I would hold them accountable for violations of our policies covering signed stealing stealing and those individuals took no action at all to ensure the clubs players and staff complied with those policies during the twenty seventeen postseason and the following regular season. Yeah so much for me making light of it you know both guys suspended for your GM and manager five Mil fine and you lose your draft picks first and second round two years in a row. That's right holy man. Yeah holy men. But I'll tell you what Steve I. I always looked at suspensions and obviously closer to home. We always seen hockey that we talk about and my deal. All the time is when they say is the suspension bench enough and I don't always think in terms of the infraction itself. But I always go. Okay is that is that enough to stop someone from doing it again again right okay. And every time it hockey every suspension. I've ever seen I go. Who Cares so the guy got four games right? You know the teams going big deal. Big Deal I'll put another guy out there and as a matter of fact I might try that I might do that. Same dirty play again. Because I'm only GONNA lose six string Galardo here when I put him out to take down a guy. So that's how I look at suspensions and so when I look at this one I'm going no one's GonNa steal signs anymore you know. It's all consequence right. It's like you have you have to have something that's relevant whether you're talking about Sports suspensions whether you're talking about parenting go to your son and say hey stop punching in your sister all your punch again. I'm taking your favorite socks Ono. Dad Don't die that right. I mean that's what it comes down to so you have to have appropriate consequences consequences for the behavior. Rob Manfred not only the sign stealing the disrespect that the astros showed him again to have put voted in writing and have them not only just ignore it the way they did but do it in such a fairly obvious way I think he just that's part of of the equation as well and it's sending a message not just to the Astros but to everybody in baseball. Yeah that his word is law. Well that and I couldn't think of a bigger penalty than losing draft picks in professional sports. You know we'll all season long suspensions pretty damn punitive as well when you think about like I said off the top top of the show you know I think a guy like Roberto Osuna and that's another Houston Astros controversy agai involved in domestic Assault son got an eighty game. Suspension comes back and And place for the Astros and the correct that's only eighty games and meanwhile stealing signs signs is twice as bad with all these cash fines and and draft picks loss. It's amazing yeah. It's I think it's going to be a deterrent. I think it will. Could you imagine when some guy goes. Hey listen I found a different way to steal the signs right. Everyone's GonNa shut the door and go. Are you out of your mind. Yeah Yeah are you out of your mind so gambling on baseball like everybody knows everybody knows about you. Know you don't gamble on baseball. Because they they still see pete rose's his head on a stick up on the top of the mountain there and they realize yet don't gamble on baseball boys don't gamble on baseball. Yeah it's a Kudos Kudos to them Certainly from my point of view where is is the suspension big big enough to deter guys from doing it and big fine right. They've all I've always said the money's and he's never that big a deal with all suspensions I can remember. Yeah if there's money at all right it's only recently. I think that they start. Say Okay we gotta find this two grand five grand you know when in the day and age when Minimum Minimum Leagues Million Bucks or whatever players are making so I think it's GonNa work. Yeah that's that's a very significant day in in sports you know and you know you make a good point. Don't piss around with this guy and I think it'll be a deterrent for other stuff. You know they you know away from signs stealing getting in a fight or something. You know rushing rushing Russian pitcher yep or something like that guy's GonNa Whoa. WHOA WHOA? Whoa okay we got the meanest judge in the world here with this new commissioner exactly Thomas Change Gears a little bit here and time for the RB computing web poll when a little bit off the page today into a non-sports round because today as we record this was the day they came out with all the Oscar. Nominations and as usual. I vowed to try and see. All of the Oscar nominated films for best picture as usual. I'm going to fail so I'm looking for people's recommendations in the RB computing web poll. What movie do you most recommend demand and why what movie loves best of the Bunch so you want the list here absolutely? These are the Oscar nominations this year for best picture nineteen seventeen. That's the word World War film that came out last month and I just saw the trailer for selected up and it was like Oh my God. I've got to see that yesterday. He got Ford versus Ferrari the Irishman Joe. Joe Rabbit Joker her little women marriage story parasite and once upon a time in Hollywood. How many of those have you seen for the start with? The I saw the Irishman and the ice cream was on Netflix man. Yeah is where I saw a pro or prime. I saw the joker great flick. I thought it was great. Not everyone likes to joke. Her thought it was too sad too depressing Joaquin Phoenix. And it's not what you think. It's not this not this futuristic Batman thing. Okay it's it's cool cool. That's it those two. I know I'll tell you what the other one I watched. Steve and I turned it off. I was I was so bored. There was this one long. Ronald's Ronald's marriage. What's it called marriage stories? Yeah I started watching Mares Story and then I wanted this fucking boring. That's weird. I did the same thing. And everybody's leaving about these performances. I guess it was. I don't know to me I go to a movie. I watch a movie and I asked myself. Why am I going to this movie part? Partly it's it's a some level of escapism. You WanNa go. You WanNa go into this this new world and it's like well watching a a man and a woman not getting along and yelling at each other and be miserable and watching the marriage break-up and all that oops that's probably a spoiler but I didn't see it also. Maybe they get back together. I have no idea but I thought it really tedious. I did the same thing you did. I did especially when she first met with a marriage. Counselor I think it's Dur- during Laura Dern yes I think because the marriage counselor and Scarlett Johansson right is. WHO's a fantastic actress? She's unreal but she goes for this session and they're talking about stuff and I said okay already. Hey let's get to another scene. It was just long drawn out but This is not for you get nominated for an Oscar Award here. You're good but there or is that that actor her husband. I guess I don't know his name. But Adam driver yeah. Driver this guy's coming to the forefront of of the bastion of great actors he I just watched a movie. A couple nights ago called called the report. And it's it's a great movie he this Guy's what the ends up with the CIA investigating a real story investigating back at the time the interrogation tactics by the US government. And and you might remember this Steve where it was in the news and the issue was should they torture guilty parties prisoners capture. You're right and that's what this movie is all about. He they investigate this whole thing. He had susie investigating them the CIA their our own people about this stuff and whether it worked or not. It's it's a great movie and he's phenomenal in it. He's really good is very good and I and I respected the performances. That that I was seeing I just again found tedious I wanted to if you watch a movie like that party was hoping you're always hoping for the ending right. You say well maybe we'll get back together and then restore their love as it once was but I the more I watched them the more I said. No you guys should get divorced. You guys you know like you guys should not be together. You're both uh kind of jerks in your own way. You also once upon a time in Hollywood right great movie fantastic movie. Grade up only saw the Irishman once upon a time in Hollywood. So that's my only barometer out. They were both great. And I'd certainly take once upon a time in Hollywood if I'd choose to a lot of people don't like check it though. A lot of people love it. Don't get me wrong but I see a lot of people saying you know what this is. This is just a bunch of famous actors pretending to be famous actors actors in the Sixty S. And there's not really gonNA come face to it or anything like that so Not Everybody loved it. Yeah no no man you gotTa Watch the Trenton Tarantino It's about the man. Winters road is the premise of it and but he changes the outcome. It's fantastic. It's fantastic as I thought it was a great movie. Here's Act Jones As I go to twitter on this at TSN. Steve is where we conducted the poll. Once upon a time in Hollywood had no plot or direction just a bunch of famous actors pretending to be famous in the sixties besides one bloody action scene Allah Tarantino. It was basically a dry period piece in in my opinion. Of course so he did not like that movie whatsoever. But let's go through some of the tweets some of the other bits of feedback. We got in the pool lebowski cliff lift booth sixty nine rights. Once upon a time in Hollywood I loved everything about it and great performances by Brad and Leo Glenn Walton Good Sponsor of the program. mm-hmm agree such a cool film. He says by Town Blaine writes. The joker was good. Great acting not a superhero or villain flick. Seventy year old actors playing thirty five year olds with C. G.. I. Ruined the Irishman. For me. And Hollywood was okay. Lots of waiting around for stuff to happen. Not Really Usual Tarantino Flick. I I chime in on that as well and that I did. I found that little distracting the CGI that they mixed into the Irishman to make guys like De Niro and Pacino and Patchy look younger than they actually were I thought it was thought worked except for for Deniro thought that it was off pudding almost like computer version of him so I forget generally speaking I thought it was great though Overall also got one brought go go watch as they interrupt emails Came out a couple of years ago. Speaking movies go. Watch Molly's game. I liked that one. Did you see it sure. Yeah Yeah it's about an Olympic athlete. Who starts a poker game after career? A big one. Yeah I like that a lot. Cypher thirty-one Rights Ford versus Ferrari was outstanding. I definitely recommend that. One joker because of the superb character development Mike Acetyl no rights. Movies like that are rarely made any more Daniel Ham goes with joker wonders if nineteen seventeen even been released yet. I think it was in December remember In nineteen seventeen another vote from Dan. Ganesh the story the cinematography the acting. I'd say joker For best actor though. So that's some of the feedback. We got today as it goes and people's favorite movies among the Oscar nominees. That's our RB computing web poll for Today Day James The polls Stevie is brought to you by rb computing from computers to business networks and everything in between rb competing competing solves tech related issues in record time and now for the holidays check out the. AMD rising nine thirty nine fifty x the world's most powerful sixteen core desktop up processor all of that and much more now available at our be computing. Two three five minute in place suite. One six and bells escort one last one here and why would if you have a twitter account. Why would you name it mellow out Dick Wad? No that's after Dylan de Mello. One of the sends defensemen so it's spelled that way. And that's the Avatar with Dylan Mellow and his big cheesy mustache. That he had an movember of ember but then he calls it mellow out Dick Wad. I don't know if I'd go with that but he's happy with it so I'm happy with it. And he wanted to chime in the movies as well because when I put the poll up have seen from once upon a time in Hollywood were Brad. Pitt is dealing with that way. Way younger than him. Hippie girl who lives sort of a cult there but you know they see each other through the whole movie and And she's acuity and everything but doesn't really do much with with the old armpits. If you recall I remember that yeah so mellow Dick Wad rights. Goddamn that chick is fine with a Harry pits and so that was his contribution to the poll. Today that just changes everything. I don't care if your scale of one to ten China at ten. I just can't deal with the big hairy armpits I'm up. I'm off to watch this week. He this movie may have missed the deadline for Oscar nominations. It's Jamie Fox. Movie called mercy or have mercy or something like okay. Yeah and I was watching. TV TV last night and the reviews were beyond raving They were they were caller Oscar. Stuff really so I had in a blast out and see that cool this week. We'll get back to you. Steve please do. I want to change gears here and talk a little bit about the All Star Game. Not that I care much about the NHL All star game but it's kind of interesting because right now the professional women's hockey Players Association Which is a union that represents the best women's hockey players in the world Who aren't playing hockey as it turns out? Well they did kind of barnstorming tour and that came to a close on on Sunday they played six games. They call it the secret women's hockey showcase it starting September And again that was a series showcase events featuring all these former pros like Natalie spooner Marie Philip Pula Hillary Night And the goal is to promote and raise awareness for women's hockey the the ultimate objective to create a unified pro league in North America and so as a bunch of exhibition games. They sounded lie. Sounds like it was Luke Luke. Warm Response Pool. I said well the support was there. Obviously you always want more but it was there another step in the right direction An eight nothing win for one of the teams so they didn't really have a very good handle on how to divvy up the teams but it was an exhibition game. And all that so it's just come to an end and now we find out. According to a lot of reports that are out there that at the NHL All star Game mm-hmm the women will be profiled once again remember last year we had Kendall Coyne just do an amazing the job in the fastest skater competition in fact I think she beat a at least one or two of the competitors from the NHL. She was that fast and so everybody kind of raise as their eyebrows about that and they also took part in other skills but this year they're going to do a a women's only three on three game as part of the All Star game. What do you think of that you know I love the three on three in the NHL? Love it love it. I think it's so good. And so popular created that they can get rid of the shootout And have have you don't need to have time Fremont because someone's GonNa score someone is scoring here within the first. You know if you left to go if you let it go ten minutes or fifteen minutes. Someone's going to score right. There's no doubt about it right. It's it's I don't know how often it goes to shoot up but the only only play it for five minutes right the three hundred three Thai game so I that's my take on that you know. Let's let's do it. People love it. The reason they love it. Steve is because of that that someone's going to score and because you know speaking away and he did that interview the other day and said you know listen. People like sports because the scoring okay. So you got to have it. Ironically I think this is going to backfire for the for the support. Boorda Women's hockey. I think it's going to work totally in reverse because scoring and win. A women's hockey is not the problem. You got tons of it tons of it right. It's it's you know it's been some crazy crazy games right. There's lots of scoring and women's hockey. I think I don't know I mean that's kind the crux as someone who coached women's hockey for a long time. That was always the challenge in that. The you can you know. Get everything well-structured it. Everybody playing extremely well. And there's certainly lots of skill in there but Scoring is in my opinion scoring his challenge. Now maybe at the highest level of a little different I mean I haven't really tracked how many goals are being scored like say compared to the man at the highest level but I will say this most most levels of women's hockey that's what coaches lament the most is the inability to bury that puck. So I'm totally wrong. Well no no you may not be again. I don't watch enough pro women's hockey to say whether or not you know they're lighting up but I know that like at every other other level for sure finding ways to score is the key. Yeah the talent pool is pretty limited right in women's hockey unless I'm wrong on this one one so so you get compared to men. Yes yeah team. USA and team Canada writer or the gunners in this thing and and sort so lopsided right Sylla's. I can't imagine if if you're if you're thinking of putting three on three and women's talk even if it gets to overtime could you imagine. Could you imagine team Canada team. USA In if it ever got there in a three on three Against say they say they do. This says here's what we're GONNA do. Forget the overtime we're GONNA play. The last the last two or three minutes of every period is going the three on three not a bad idea right to to open up. Could you imagine Canada's best players three on three skating against China in a game I mean they would just it would be crazy. Share Nile them. Steve with all the room. You know the speed talk about this girl. How fast she is anyway? I think it's I think they're batting. Three three on three thing is not a bad play. I don't know how yeah. Well viewed it will be or how many people will be there for it per se but I I think it'll do okay. I think it will do better a million times better in terms news of eyeballs than what they tried to here in this barnstorming thing. This This tour they went on and had also argued there. Probably be more I- Baas all more eyeballs on on it. Then we saw at the Olympics Canada versus the US in the gold medal game I think it'll be right there with this. You know with the same. The number of eyeballs roughly Hard to say but I do think that it's a huge thing. It's just like they're trying to trying to get promotion. Like if somebody asks asks you or I to beyond say the biggest podcast in the world whatever that is deemed to be well. Of course. We're going to go on it. Because we'll be gleaning their their popularity and bringing people over to our podcast. Of course we're going to do stuff like that just to just to build up what we have going and the women would be crazy to turn this down so I think it's a smart play. Yeah if you look at Basketball Three on three tournaments. I've been around for a while and there's a huge one here in Edmonton with with I don't know how many different courts they put up like like twenty thirty forty courts. They use a big parking lot of western mall and it's super popular and what it does do is bring a lot of people into the game or otherwise won't play in a men's league and stuff like that and you get you get different levels of talent Latino but it's certainly. I can see that creating interest for more people to play basketball and maybe women's hockey would do a bunch of three hundred women's Women's hockey tournaments. Right start there and when we come back on the show we're going to get to Some terrible awful news for the Toronto Maple leafs on the injury front. He eick's and we'll get you a sense. Hawks primer when we return as well as though to to clubs. Get It on tonight at the C.. T. C. 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And if you're buying or selling your home in the Ottawa area you gotta call the Glenn Walton Real Estate Team Today when you list your home with Gladis sets aside how to budget toward things your home may need to get it ready to hit the market for those who buy a home with Glenn you get a one thousand dollar Gift Card to any store in Ottawa. You choose that's hello housewarming gift. The Glenn Walton Real Estate Team. Glenn Walton Dot Com all right. Let's quickly get your sense. Hawks Primer Sends taking taking on Chicago. The hawks are improving a little bit their seventh in the central at twenty twenty and six whereas the Sanders Sixteen twenty two and seven riding a smooth seven seven game losing slide Patrick Kane. Of course your main star there He's quietly nine in the NHL fifty seven points and right now. It's Anthony Declares layers the top performer for the sends. Twenty one goals eleven assists so well off the pace. The Patrick Kane is putting up their sends have gone eleven seven and three and home games so they are just. It's like night and day. JEKYLL and Hyde home compared to road. the sense of got it going on in the and the bottom line for that is I mean lash. Change means so much for a team like the sends. You don't have a ton of depth We'll see how they fare tonight against Chicago. How often do you think the sense of one more games than I thought they would up to this point? People probably thought they'd be worse than they are. Yeah and how often do you think. The coach goes into addressing room these days with with a team. That's tough offenses. Saint Louis Saint Louis. Boys of course they they were in last in general and then when the cup the other thing is as a gap here for a second Steve. Oh the other thing is you've got you've got a guy who scored seasons not just getting to be half over over twenty one goals. I'm doing the math. You know since might have a forty goalscorer. There would never think that you would never bet on on that at the beginning of the year ever had declares declares at a slight cool patch in the last little while but he's been one of the stories of the Ottawa Senators. That's why is going to the All Star game and It's been amazing to see. Gazoo was kind of a reclamation project almost throw in most sends ends fans. Even the team themselves were most jacked about getting a couple of second rounders for Ryan to single and declared seem like our. We can kick the tires on this guy. That doesn't work out. We'll let him walk in free agency in the summer but he played well down the stretch last spring and he's been awesome this year with twenty one goals and eleven assists. I do still see off every once in a while. Were I see the things that used to drive coaches like John Tortorella tortorella crazy but He seems was to be a guy that is going to be a pretty consistent performer for this club moving forward. We'll see though there's still lots of time left in this year and we'll see if he can keep up the pace or even keep close to that pace that he was on for quite some time in the. I guess the other story in this game is that It's going to be once again. Hoge Bergen Net for the sands for for a third straight start. Even though in each of the last three games Craig Anderson has been fully healthy and absolutely ready to go. So that's a kind of interesting. It kind of means that we're looking at. Maybe the end of Craig Anderson As a member of the Ottawa Senators I would think oh well. He's getting older not a fun. Part of being a pro athlete getting into your twilight years. Yeah Yeah Yeah. Yeah yeah no one plays 'til fifty fact most. Don't play the forty. But he does go down if this is swansong. This'll be I think it'd be regarded as the greatest goalie in Ottawa. Senators history if you look at his body of work for the sends Dominic Hasha the greatest goalies ever played for the sends. Buddy only only got here for like a season and he was dinged up for most of it. So who's WHO's the Goalie Steve at the sands that you interviewed any more or less told you that F. off not more or less exactly actually what he did number Aso. Yeah Cub reporter Steven born goes up Tom Barrasso and said. Hey Tom do you have uh. And this is after the sends lost in a heartbreaker very controversial goal that I think Barossa thought he had the puck smothered and he got banged into in the puck trickled over the line that that would when it for I don't know who they're playing that night but Barosso asked him young. Hey Tommy get time for a couple of comments you fuck off and kept walking. uh-huh okay thanks for that As my memory of Brazil fantastic not exactly the the warmest cuddly. Est Guy Are you will ever come across and one last thing on hockey front before we wrap up today Morgan. Riley's going to be out. Eight weeks he underwent a c scan today sustained an injury. Last last night against Florida's he's going to be gone a minimum of eight weeks with a fractured foot. And it's not like okay eight weeks. He's back in the lineup. That's just reassessment time in eight weeks. We'll get back to you and see where we're at so the least medical staff will give him the once over then. But he's on injured reserve until then and we made sport a little bit James of Riley getting burned or in the other night in that crazy goal by connor mcdavid but it's not even close Riley's their best defenceman in Toronto. We should call it a day James. We've done enough damage for one day loved the damage lover of the damage. Yes you are. We'll close it out with a moment of random HOOPLA. Some of the fun we used to to have on the old show reminder. If you'd like to contact us there are many ways the websites the easiest Steve W project DOT com there. You can find all kinds of things info on the show. In the Ottawa Sports Journal our merchandise page. How you can become a member or become a sponsor is like rb Computing Jim Kaye Ford All Insurance Ontario in the Glenn Walton Real Estate Team? I want to thank all of them. And thanks to you as always for sharing and liking the show and being part of our growing listenership and making us a part of your day to day James. Goodnight night everybody. We'll see it all right. Let's get to the closer today another Newbie Ladies and gentlemen this time. It's small D.. Three guys I'm not very well endowed as you'd expect from Small D.. I guess I'll make sense. Yeah that John Amish joking around just a second ago there. But he's actually being small D. continues again. I'm not very well endowed. I kinda small package embarrassed to say if I ran into a wall with the big fella standing at attention the first thing I would break would be my nose. There's only get one chance of the lady so here it is. I've been given the chance to Palau Lady here at the office but I've had I had to make to promises to get the goods. The IOT Gorge Jersey autographed by the Great Jungle. The second something promised was an Australian Kiss. Jim What's that. It's the same as a French kiss. But down under Steve One project.

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