68: Our Giro stage 20: 'I'll get them tomorrow'


you're listening to this podcast at our did Italia brought to you by I woke up. Flexible loans bid for small businesses. Do they we add in culver set? Says you say say Thaddeus all relying on the coal say in the shadow of Sestriere and if we turn and look a little pause there just checking your pronunciation. Sess jazz has dress in the shadow of host night from. We're above sestriere. Oh We oh okay. Oh well we are so we look down make easy mistake vantage point sestriere. Of course I mean the scene of great ride by faster copy cloudy. Oh Kia PUCCI controversial Lance Armstrong of course laid the foundation. Controversial cloudier putsches. Ccc You'd have to say outright corner the most yeah We can see. We probably almost Similan from here. We can see the spies of the Duomo Milan from here on the roof of the Chiro. That reminds me sorry I was GonNa say Donald just quickly before. Move on from if we ever get to not again Kia. Poochies be on the on the course. High Justice Antonin We've we've kind of ignored which she was given ourselves something to return. We've had BRUYNEEL CAPUCCI Just just as we mentioned Milan On Sunday anyone's Milan there's a flash mob initiative To promote sort of bike friendly matches in the city and I think the the flash mob is called or the initiatives called Milano Cambiagio. Milan is changing Jiro. So the real Jira should have arrived in Milan Sunday. It's not this flap. Flash mob is you can find information online about your twitter feed and yeah all you need to take part is a rose and not me but just rose right. Well if we look in the other direction we would say about an. Yeah the chauffeur out which gives a clue as to what this are PAGNOTTA. Episode of our era is going to be all about untiring over 'em Daniel big doubt Somalia. Yes I and I have a question for. You spoke about this a couple years ago given your reputation that you're you're earning for yourself is pretty brutal and sadistic race director. Why did you not take the call? It del nine hundred meters because because rich the rights have not quite good enough. You can get their mountain bike Gravel bike. Well the today's finish on the coal by on the Strada Della Seattle which is one of the right. I mean if you're into that kind of thing the secret growed or whatever they call it nowadays I think it's probably one of the greatest plays in Europe to do. It's about thirty kilometers an old military road. The goes over a series of peaks and serve ends in Sestriere. But the called say is is is on that route and the coast So many as I think too rough too rough even for you I mean not that I think story. I think we got coming up today. Then Lionel while we're looking back a couple of years to the final Friday of the two thousand eighteen year when Chris free really turned the race upside down and empty to out all over the mountains. Didn't he and clinch the PINK JERSEY. Simon Yates on the verge of cracking anyway but that was the final blow to his hopes of winning. Jiro the alleged for so long. We're GONNA look back at that with a fantastically made package of interviews. You've gathered Richard with Chris Fruit Simon. Yates Tom Dumoulin. Day Browse Foot Kristiansen. Couple of others in there as well and that Well we'll set up and then react to what we've heard. I think just before the tale of Tapa today Lionel Housekeeping first thing to say is that Stacey Snyder's second batch of monks and capture sets went on Sale Wednesay sold out in seven minutes this time. It means that three thousand six hundred fifty two dollars and sixty cents have been raised through the sales of those beautiful objects for the squad. Cleese more Cheney. That's great news and we'll make sure that money gets to them as quickly as possible. Maybe asked Marco penalty to present it. Some kind of ceremonial large check and get photograph of that That's before we've added in the money from the sale of the Jiro Baby Wind by divine sellers. And there'd be one or two other donations from listeners. Have been very kind of you to make a gratefully received and as we heard a couple of nights ago The the the cycling school in our planning to use the money to on a couple of events towards the end of the year. So we'll keep you posted on news of them. The other uses that we have unveiled a new range of clothing and not his thing. Not that went. I The news of that when I last night in conjunction with Kaytusha a name that will be familiar to you all start off as a Russian team at by just over ten years ago now. A Swiss clothing company and They've produced beautiful Cycling podcast T shirts and jerseys. They're really really nice. And we hope you like them as much as we do. Some of the the phrases and words nonsense made made infamous by the podcast feature in the design of the t. Shirts really really lovely. Can't wait to get my hands on some of that kit available if you go to the cycle podcast dot com forward slash shop in southern reserve at the moment is not quite available yet and he can put your name down for some of that stuff if you want some to try. Kaytushas clothing You get ten percent off across the range of use the code. Kt C. P. At checkout are Donaldson. Asked me to remember that one. No no details of all of this in the episode notes. But can we have the tail the top lease or we can but I just talking of jerseys I still time for everyone to in the final of the copy Italia of Cycling Jerseys. This has been running a week a frenzied competition. I've a twelve thousand votes cost so far. And we down to the final probably predictable. Final really it's a classic Bianchi blue against Moore taints kind of orange and Brown Kuttan. A Fan should have sent me to seventy s three piece suite. I can't believe Taly as we heard earlier in the in a Jira when Italy. We're not of the Italian ninety work. That was a disgrace in my pay being knocked out in the semi fundraise also absolute disgrace the also by that. I'd like to see a final run-off though next week line with whoever wins out hopefully being and up against the new cycling podcast Jersey for Champion of champions a great idea. I like this sort of European supercup afterward. Yeah the MO- Teini Orange and Brown Jersey. I don't get it if eddy merckx haven't worn that no one would like a toll it is. I mean it's is. It reminds me of Yeah sort of the color cars. Were in one thousand nine hundred seventy seven I also just think of huge crate of Bologna spam being in the ocean which is allegedly. What happened when tiny company were exposed sometime in the mid seventies? What is it good qualities sausages? Some kind of Bungee jump sickly. We should do whole episode on that one day today. Budget sausages kilometer zero. Where we where we knock up some Otani salarmy and our Salvarani kitchen anyway. The of the top of stage twenty now is this the Queen Stage Daniel. I don't really I don't really subscribe to the whole Queen. Facing because people will cost you about it as though it's an official thing that's been anointed as the Queen. Stage when he's never been an official Denomination prostate has as its new nouveau invention. Yes it's sort of for the for the for people who wants to know which one is absolutely a miserable. It looks pretty tough to me. Five thousand meters of climbing over the yellow the so ducking into France motion ever. And then this this climb up to the coal by and if you're riding on the Archie T. platform then you'll be doing Moiseev and the coal not is really really tough day for the Pinnochio stage of the Jiro. The other thing they find looking just add is. I always feel uncomfortable about nominating stage. There's not in the Dolomites as the Queen Stage of the Jira because to me the the dolomite saw the Jiro. Soul is as far as mountains is concern are concerned welfare point if you all riding on the GT cycling platform or if you're not whether you've written everyday or whether you've only done one or two or if you've yet to make you debut in Algeria do join us tomorrow morning Sunday ten o'clock UK time. Richard and I will be on the start line for the final stage. We're doing the sixteen kilometer time Trial Court Inter Milan. I'm on absolutely getting to give us a good old British ten miles away. What's the course code up and down a dual carriageway the course code? Oh you are Jiwan. Our is the cost code for the final stage anyway over to the course to see how richards getting on the coal by say well seems reminiscent of the two thousand four to Francis Morning Rind our place an e Bon mile trying to abandon. I'm being forced back onto his bike by his directors and teammates and differences. Time was I won the battle no stage twenty today in our GPO. But I am on my bike in the great outdoors on very pleasant. Indeed I will be back in the sweat box tomorrow morning at ten in British time for the ten mile time trial that Daniele free but and Cini Jesse laid on to finish our. Jiro hope to see as many of you out there on the virtual road as possible in the meantime. I'm going to enjoy the fresh air. You are listening to the cycling. Podcast at our d'italia brought to you by. I Walk Flexible loans for small businesses. I W. O. C. A TO K. I'm James James. Tanner on the manager at I. Up Love the fact that I walk a does get involved in a not. Just sort of strike business activities and I walker as a company We see ourselves very much Four other small businesses. And so I do see the sort of the spoil tangle of things being an enabler society if you will as very much more so just an extension on that and on that mission if you will. We do have on stuff. A few talented athletes for many different schools But personally sort of being very involved in in Cyclo Self Selfishly I. I really enjoyed that sort of announcement. Thanks very much to our headline sponsor. I walk Who HAVE GOT US or help to get us through this three weeks. We heard there from James Turner. I Walker himself. I gather a very accomplished cyclist and as many people I walk are there by Cycling Friendly Company and when we went offices Lionel. We saw lots of bikes. Didn't we and they have made support thing cycling one of their one of their big things as well as the cycling podcast the sponsor of the Candle Cycle Club of course so big. Thanks to I walk team. We cheetos every greg team as a great spar director. I just simply the best. One Giuseppe Martinelli. Do you understand. You repeats very often when he speaks but one best. As a matter of fact I always understand everything he wanted to nine grant. Who's from the car with several riders from Michael Danny Lee? Translate about mainly is always kind. Once questions and speech race and these vision of the race is always the best issue. Do you understand. Search upset Becker. Martinelli is the DS OF CHEERS DREAM. Team fairly fairly conventional choice Senator Martinez got the best zero record of any direct he with Pantani got Sally Simoni Contadora knee Bali Very impressive the the the nickname Chiro referred to their that he and I use I kept is probably something translation so literally we do you understand. It is sort of affectation the Martinez has pretty much the end of every sentence he says I copy. Do you understand Which is quite endearing But I don't envy him his task in molding. Chiro was a selection of writers into any anyone can do they can do. I suppose Yeah I would suggest they of right. That could be shades of two thousand and four zero with KUNA go and Simoni with a famous bus storrow Tirade Simonis famous bust out of the. I never forget and there was a press conference on the final morning of the race. That year Saiako. That was the team. Press conference in our member going in there and seem Simoni diminishing a bowl of we too big sort of stopping the weetabix angrily with a spoon. As the media poured into the hotel nanny had is for br bride. Twenty two year. Old Kuna Go. Who is the coming man? I'M AT CAR. I remember the Like Sarai was crazy was As a plan was crazy World. It was crazy and He was kind of blackballed the situation. But the Chris tell you he wanted you to set up in the way they did at that point in the race when I bought my attorney Me Faster. Faster faster woes. The climate is really long run. My race is finished so I went fast surprise. He went to go so fast so long so long so to something really very special today. We're donyell amazing scenes rich because we're in the ball in Butler Nekia which I was lost in two thousand fourteen and do you know who else was here that day. Just in on the table next to me told me a few minutes ago is it. Is it any any way relevant? Today's state slightly. And it was David Walsh and the team sky then team Scott Freeman relevant to the reaction to today's date. Because I know some people will have seen Chris. Room put off one of rights of the century. I mean the centuries eighteen I think the last two centuries and people will be slightly feel slightly. Some people feel slightly an easy they will but we heard at the start from his teammate. Kenny Ellison who in For incredible right himself to set up for his attack about seven or eight kilometers from the top of the Fin Estra from to cough eight eighty kilometers of a stage sofa. Go and he well knew are among the people looking at the shaking your head wondering what on Earth was going on. I thought he was too greedy I didn't feel at that point. He should have been dealing with one advisory at the time it we just dealt with Simon. Yates and sort of moved along the line and was preoccupied with taking Tom. Dumoulin out the race as well and we told him think he needs to do enough interests in the small group. It was in enough people who are keen to that point. Distance Domenico Vivo who was losing ground and could have served that group for. Are you singing go wrong? Well fake could have. He could have very bravely used them in the valley and it would have been twenty minutes ahead tonight Chris from all wrong today well. Today's records sets us up. Nicely doesn't fit for what we're GONNA be talking on hearing by today. Which is the famous stage. Nineteen of the twenty eighteen. Jiro Talia and when it was. Jiro a thrilling. Jiro to to be To to follow a Simon Ace was absolutely rampant for two and a half weeks pretty much and we did here last week in the episode with Max Chapman who WanNa to Novo so the stage was also the first sign the Siamese was weakening and that came stage eighteen so it came just before stays nineteen which was an absolute brute and well we know what happened. Chris from 'em the and was set up by his team Kenya on his pocket. French teammate did an incredible job on the fifth straight and from attacked with eighty kilometers laughed of the stage to go away on his own. How to a decent gap over the top of the climate? An even bigger gap at the foot of the descent and and it was. You know the race was on then. Tom Demon was chasing behind with a few others and but there was a lack of cohesion. There is totally committed to what he was trying to pull off which was A feet kind of not quite in the same league as Fausto COPPI and one four nine stage that we talked about a couple of days one hundred ninety two kilometers on his own to Pinerolo copy. This wasn't quite not leak bought nevertheless we don't see many exploits like this. In modern professional cycling an clements is solo break. That won him the Jiro. Why let's not forget? The Chris Frame came into this year on something of a cloud didn't he? Because in December two thousand seventeen there was a case of excessive sow beautiful found in a sample taken a in control and that case was still unresolved as the the Jira was approaching the codes for him not to start the race and then things went from bad for back worse for him in Jerusalem because he crashed while the course for the opening time trial on day. One of Jiro and Bashed himself up a bit and finished twenty first in that time. Trial then had a bit of a shock through the first nine days of the race. Didn't he didn't look great on the climb to China. That was the day. Of course that Estimate chevette insomniacs get the one to the top of Mount Etna. It looked even worse on the climb to Grand Sasso d'italia on stage nine just before the first rest day and really at that point of the Jira looked to be over for Chris Room and then we came to a few days. Late the Towards the end of the second week he won of course on Montages Calamba going into the stage. Nineteen was still over three minutes behind gates and with was a sense that perhaps eights was weakening and two very tall stages still to go we kind of applied that retrospectively in a way they censor the was starting to suffer but no one expected Chris Room to turn the race on its head in quite such a dramatic fashion as he did so at school by two thousand eighteen. Ju Talia and hear about the race and stage nineteen in particular in the words of Chris. From Dave Brill's for Tom dumoulin Simon. Yates his teammate. Christianssen his sports director Matt White. We also hear briefly from Kenny. Allison and Sebastian Reichenbach. Own BIG ELABORATE PLAN. But there are no guarantees. It's going to work out and could have just blown up in my face really badly. Going up there financial. I would just kind of To my own really just Tamale decided I needed to. I needed help and then I decided to wait for a high. It turned out to be that they were not too much of a help. As you plunder these things I don't hundred times come off once or twice a new career. I guess it's d'italia one hundred and first addition of the tour of Italy and for the first time ever it stops outside the boundaries of Europe. Yes we're in Jerusalem. Grace Not Greeley knowing exactly where that I was feeling. Good the numbers. We couldn't training But it wasn't I didn't have the same feeling normally have going into trance with a have with winds my belts sort of convincing. What else kind of thing? I guess get into the race. There was quite bishen round. I go in with a few question. Marks World has woken up on Wednesday to the news. That four-times Tour de France winner. Chris Room has failed a drugs test. Four Times towards France when at crispy says cycling's World Governing Body all right to ask questions about his adverse drug test team sky. Rider had twice the allowed level of legal asthma drug. Salbutamol in his year. And I'm definitely It was a big factor for me coming into the race. I it suddenly played played a role in my preparation. I think for Euro. That wasn't quite as as focused as I would want to be in. Naturally it pulled a lot of my attention But I think once I got into the race and I actually I mean Alongside writers who would give me a Lotta Come up next to you and say hey man the sign Shula best believe in you and all this kind of stuff that that would that was nice to to have camaraderie and support from other writers. I think also racing racing on the on the on the roads in Italy. I mean those great support from old Rytas from from the Italian fans and that that also made a big difference I think just just being accepted in the group and Not Feelings if I was being turned into a villain At that point was was really I was still optimistic. Optimistic about my chances. Well from the off because Chris firm crashed on a citing run and indeed eight took a real smack from the road surface. I did hit the ground hard. I was just one of those crashes at the that I got up from when I could feel straightaway out that that wasn't just skin on the road there shelters Really really hurt that that right side of my body yet. She on that on that full money. My knee swelling up quite a bit and I was painful as well. It was it was it was so there was it was Bruce Bruce. Quite quite deeply. I think So it was sold to push on in the days. That followed butts even at time That often I in put on a brave face and I tried so myself. It was okay but I was getting round the cost but I I wasn't in the race to to try and win the crush in Jerusalem in the woolworth's at a time. Trial had a major impact on that race us as a team and on the one hand I mean a writer of lesser tenacity. I think would have really liked out. Get them down. Because I was a he was a major stock. He hurts himself crush. No doubts about sits and for a lot of people will go right. Okay well it's just not gonNA happen from from coming back from this level of injury rating But he didn't let us still upbeat. Catalyst love in the time trial that often but it wasn't. I knew how much ground to has changed. And I I still sort of kept my head on Still approach the races if I had lost anytime at all. Still still in in trying to win it But overseas as the Roy Spence on my right my right knee didn't feel any better. It was some Always still hurting getting around on the stage. I don't cost. Oh my goodness he's shaking his. It's GonNa be more time. He shouldn't Sean one point in that. First Week where It was early on in the stage. I think it's twenty thirty KS interstate in the break. Heddon ADNIA and I literally for us going to be drops dropped from the Peleton along. That would be then. The race asked me because I mean twenty predicates. Stage getting droplets. There's no chance of getting back really remember which would stage. It was exactly but I remember getting on the bus that day and saints the guys. This was almost the almost the end of the. This was almost the end of the Chiro for me that day and it wasn't a particularly hard stage quite a straightforward Quite a straightforward stage. He's a great story because I think everybody look states. Nineteen think wow. That was an incredible feat that I think there's a lot of that race that he wanted to start in the first few days by just being able to hang on in there and and stick with it as he was getting over just recovering from that cross to miss missed the helicopter. That old right is cut onto to try and save. I'm an increase recovery time. I think we also missed the first ferry as well because because it's taken so long to finish up anti-doping I is. It can get down till quite late. But that's just one of those things I didn't finish very well. Very high up on that stage. I think I just hang onto Group and to the mosque my weaknesses. Just as well as I could on that stage But didn't didn't end up losing much. I don't think by by the finish but I still got chosen for for random control of the top Which took the best part of two three hours for me? She produce fewer and sample just felt like it was just another one of those things that who see be traveling all through the night to get to the hotel two three in the morning or something on the back of that Is just another one of those things I was just like for? This year is not going. The Games plans for this class. We knew that Chris is down. Chris. Ruby down. We'll pose that. That wasn't that wasn't too heavy till I mean it was a very low speed and I didn't full that off but Just just Rhonda switchback. I lost my wheel My back wheel around the corner and it just Again it was just another another another blow that On that right side again. I seem to remember that I remember thinking. I just need any more of this padlock at this point things just Were to moments. I think as well in the first ten days where if there was a little split towards the end up be on the wrong side Losing time in places I wouldn't normally lose time and it just wasn't it wasn't it wasn't shaping out to be race photo is able to put obviously It was tough on the mind. It was tough mentally. Keep morale up to keep Fight for the rights as if Still for the for the victory but I think somewhere in the back of my mind. I knew that this is a grand tour is still in the first half. So now what happens here? Things can still change and I kept Even even though things really weren't going that well in the first half of the what are the memories aren't go from that race was having David Delacruz on his grand tour. I think he was with the with Christian research opposite on the bus and her. You're the second best Kinda thought I sit down with. Most Roger sat down with him Saddam. You doing what are you learning? You know what are you picking up and he said well I'll tell you would've of the most and he said you know I always watched grissom You know when when it would races that I thought while I'm suffering so much in his race everyday just to how on you not just Kinda get dropped handle just fighting at the end the on the stages and I say Chris Winning and I always assumed if quite easy for him you know. He was easy if they hadn't done what he's doing and it was and he said. I've watched an here. And he said you know he's committed as batted it gets. It's been dropped on on stages you should not normally be get dropped on with twenty guys to baby. When is you never expect? That's how could normally and he comes and he's maybe lost half a minute or a minute and he comes back on the bus and said I did not. I don't know Saito. Save Wealth Lachey. He must be if that was me. I'd be devastates my head to drop be be really strictly a get terms asking these all rights and the thing that I've learned he turns around. He goes yeah. I'll tell you what though I'm going to happen tomorrow. Ability to on going to get him tomorrow and that really struck a chord with that you could go to cruise at a such a recites not to me in the way they did. I think was really good. Atlantic dotes if you like some Christopher Bob because he is a never say die character and the Brielle's and floor okay. This is a tough for now. Easter pre- pretty confidence in these still for it's still in its ability to balance box phenomenal phenomenal. Not sure if it was something that I was doing my teammates or more myself even just to just to get myself through that by by by by telling myself that I could still come back into the rice Even having lost whatever it was at that point would be a couple of minutes down. At least but yeah. I mean the to the team the team. Well Great I. I can't remember the guy is ever really Not Supporting me or going off in doing their own thing. I mean they still carried on even though also sells hemorrhaging time. There was still there was still writing. May still doing whatever they could. Keep me up there every day. I think that also gets me kept male. Nissen kept me kept me kept my head in the game ready. We wouldn't various tools in Paris different ways but one of the things was you know you gotta be Catholic about how you spend your energy and if he if you really really you know you've only got so much and you gotTa make sure that you've got Saddam find a week and I think we'll be so song was doing. He was riding so while. Apis in some of those states just hadn't chosen but the rest but it was going and he's going off in a knee because the sometimes in areas where he couldn't understand. These accumulates gap but thinking four. Okay that that is is to pay this sub points on if he doesn't if he continues this theory that shop had Jovan best with the race by Love Way and he's done something that we haven't quite seen full so in the one hundred seen this kind of repeating day. Wow but equally in the bomb bucky mind you think probability of in sustained. There's always through is quite small. Yeah He. He started the right so well he was. He was just firing. Also Olsen it as you could see how strong he was. He was effortlessly Seemingly effortlessly writing away from everyone he was incredible. Jimmy Cyber is it's gonNA take a stage. Victory follow his face all the smarty assassinated these shorts. It's the first time he's been frogs of all day. Phase water brilliant ride. This has been by souvignet tie. This is these time twenty years ago. Get them familiar with punch. The he's beaten. These being the failed again. We'll hey champion and waiting quite often. When you see a writer doing that you think will. He's he's come into this oversleeping. But Willy be able to hold that for three weeks and it was just that but Simon was question of every day. Going into a big stage has he. Has He still got it is he? Still got still got. I mean practically to an off weeks in the IT looks as if he had absolutely wrapped up but yeah those those last few days for him the wheels must have just fallen lost money on the phone so she Chris Turn Right after five hours twenty four minutes of racing the minute he has minute lead over the but look Jersey when I went into Carolina unusual well I'd reconduct just before the Euro Climate definitely marked that. I wanted to win up there And I almost felt as if if I was able to win up there. It might have redeemed how badly I was doing on on the general classification Talk when stage with the mentality of I'm GonNa Git absolutely one hundred ten percent today an regardless of. What's going to happen tomorrow if I do that? And I did watch helps me set a really high temple on the climb And I I. I found one of the steep pitches on climate and went. I just small gap over over the guys behind me and As of getting time checks all the way up at Simon was just a few seconds behind me But that was all I needed. So I just force his Aussie to hold onto those few seconds and did did manage to hold him off all the way up until the firm garage spins away behind grinding away so I don't think he's going to get now Chris Firms GonNa put away one final time and I think it's going to be a huge confidence. Boosting twin to him team sky from the cold. They think a few days ago. Confidence boost is launch from his genitalia. Stays win for him. Stay Slim for sky. But in the meantime Simon Yates keeps. The pink. Jersey extends his lead but I did tell myself absolutely inside outsmart. I remember thinking very remember in almost immediately off the stage I remember thinking I wanted to go and speak to Simon and almost Oxfam What was he doing chasing me so hot For the stage went When he had the Pink Jersey and I remember thinking if Jersey this point I don't think I would have done myself that over flood myself that hard to catch someone who's really in the G. Anymore And I remember thinking that that's either. He's is a feeling so good that he's got extra energy to be able to do these kind of efforts or its inexperienced and he's he's not thinking about the the big picture here chasing someone who's who's three minutes back for example because I remember the next day I felt I felt terrible. I felt I felt nailed And it was. The weather was was nasty and elects just felt like cement and I remember coming to Towards the final just again just watching everyone right away from me So I mean it was. It was tough after the to then go into the next day and then lose chunk motorhome again shirt that I I think calls team car. The back of the facts lease. Pk and trump thing coverage to remind me to tell you. The tonight's episode is sponsored by lack. Laco is a community of cyclists working together to ensure their bikes and equipment and the event of damage or loss ensuring that the premiums are lower on the parents and the event of a claim are swifter. Locker are not fazed by expensive kid or bikes. They know they're onions. Go to lock dot co the UK for more information US L. E. K. dot co the UK for more information. But don't take our word for it. Let's hear from a satisfied. Customer harmonies will soulsby and on an amateur solid case into recently Lots regarding on the road and spice in the last twelve months started racing on the track and on the road as well been a customer for file two or three months and clean them about one day on a notice that A crack in my friend Saw Wednesday on the retailer's website and pursuit. It's a warranty issue initially To basically just say this is turned lot will look to go down the and just keep his price days although long have on us by two Israeli proactive unhelpful unfortunately came from the retailers that they as a a crash rather than the fray not clear failing so afforded theme. I long to insurance. I'm within dying that inside look not worry about it. Let's take from. Hey will we'll speak to the retailers. And then actually they ended up covering the replacement frame on again. The bill up with a high bike in the interim and they couldn't be more helpful to be honest in terms of check INS. Mike show that I was older k everything I was still on the road rolling On when anytime? It's it's needs to be made a basically just contact with If you buy will win busting all they were happy Those people that needed contact directly. I very very impressive. This the kind of insurance. You'd like for your bikes and equipment. Go to like dot co Dot. Uk New Customers get ten pounds of their locker insurance when they go to like dot co dot UK and use the code podcast. That's the cord podcast at Lacquer DOT CO DOT UK L. A. K. A. DOT CO DOT UK. So we had arrestee and the time trial coming in. I think that was really what I needed to pick me up again into. Re-gather myself to that big Song Kalani And then the day in the bad weather where I lost time again the day after Songkhla High San Juan together. That's sure I think that the we went into that rice with two latest Esteban and saw the Busni very well that first week in the rice and then now Estevan dropped the White Day off the second restudy out so after the first rest day and then it's on his win on on. Weei strongest saint stronger and stronger winning multiples On long way actually two and a half weeks of Jiro. It was just the flying. Some Yates I was nowhere near his level so I was just limiting losses. Every day went into the time. Try optimistic and feeling good and I think Really remember the results but I think carotid decent Tisch time But molenaar anything. I think I'll surprised at at silent again. That roads such a good time trauma losing really nearly as much as whatever unexpected him to lose against Dumoulin. Who was who seems to be closing closing in on him on the time trial actually. The first day in Jerusalem was my best day. I wanted an even even the second longer. T T It was kind of hilly at the end and it would be. Dt That would suit me normally really well. But I was just I was just tired on a not at my best and I didn't under need to know what I was. Maybe fourth or fifth but I was nowhere near a my best level and I was just limiting everyday and yeah we would if you were very close to winning that right. We tactic that we needed to take Tom. Whenever we could we went Seventy where Schumer. Some of his Tong trawling ability compared to the front end so came in time trial. He looked very leggit. Time-trial TO US UH EAST EAST STOCKS. He starts to feel this. Jersey's learning could be interesting because quotes of Evil Jersey shown some little cracked that was a crafts show. I think Simon because the through his a bit of excitement towards top that crime and A few attacks an all of sudden Simon just wasn't there anymore he wasn't on the wheel and I think that that was That that sort of opened up that question of hold on as he has he suddenly got sick. Oh has he is he. Is he just running out of steam? this point. Because he's he's been able to follow runs attacks up until now. Undis- was the first time that that he basically he wasn't able to follow any he didn't lose much but it was enough just to. I think show everyone that was a slight weakness and that was enough to give people hope and I think that that changed. Bhai mentality completely for that next day. I'm Hennessy of old in top of approach. Really to the last block. What it really was older missing and we decided you know nothing. Chris decided himself up three minutes. Whatever it was down that nothing there was nothing to lose. It's one of those situations where did not the right conservatively could throw the kitchen sink at it and see what happened. Basically and proved to be quite decisively. I mean there was a bit sense of on East obviously But it was also like I mean the feeding of it's out of our control in a way because stage eighteen. I mean again. The beauty of doing a beauty pro cycling but especially Two grand tours. There's so many things that can't be explained. I mean Y- this the oldest also the idea of you do three week grand tour and personally I combined with better than when I started which makes no sense either. But you hear another ride to talk about that but also the garlic Siamese dominated for for so many stages and then it was like flicking switch. You know when you saw from the iside off suddenly. There's just you know the magic was gone on Stage Nineteen Finishing up in Just made me think this this is probably one of the hardest stages of the race is just three times three two cents and I just thought this is. I've got to go for the gotTa go all in on this stage and Initially when we're planning for it we saw Bo. I'll I'll try and reduce dancer smaller group and try and ride with guys like God dumoulin Potter Vivere to the finish but then when I slept on it in I think the morning of the race. I remember saying to buy wife Michelle. Tim Karasin Sal discussing with them the possibility of as she just going on my own I figured one one person working full gas will always work better than three or four who aren't necessarily That keen on working together I remember thinking actually this would be perfect course just to go gopher it on my own because there's not that much flat just either climbing or descending so a group of three or four isn't necessarily going to have much terrain weather can really benefit. I can remember speaking to to Nico Von I just saw I remember. His eyes lighting up. Likey he just so this. This is great. I think he on by seeing that reaction from him. I think egg me on even further to to make sure rod dot pull it off and gave me gave me the confidence that this was a move that sort of had his blessing. If he like well I think a the with Lincoln of the Klein ties in time. You know he's one of the longest climbs in terms of time that a will do is quite long long The running to the was different to what no expect And the fact that we could get to that climb Great Comfort now. We're GONNA have a longer team so you could. You could preempt originated in the beginning of the climb and I guess you know if you take you for an hour and out of it wasn't it you know a couple of minutes you ride your limits at the top guys ride out. There are limits for the legs of time. You're only gonNA have one or two God let that's just a that's just physiology. How H SOCLEAN so the aim was to make hajj record for as long as because you know. Kristie goes holiday code and sustain up as long as he quoted. The chances were that he's going to have you know a couple of people with may be at top. I think that Not and yeah going into stage We of planned Set out a whole fueling plan because it was going to be massive a on the bikes to try and get as many cops in as possible. we in order to that we had to put twenty people out on the out on the route to be able to get bottles and jails and food at certain points and I it's ten into this massive planning session for full for what was going to be the biggest day of the Year Pal Chris firm decides to stick on it going to be a blow. This is outstanding run right now. Eighty kilometers Chris. Fromm is taking advantage. Here well my goodness isn't going to be taken to the audience. When he goes over the top how long is he prepared to the isolated climbed and we had very careful about fueling the strategy feeding and the house going to and what to do when the way you know. Who's going to do it? Try Even Kenny. During his last little spread a little Jimmy Center. I might be a Sarah was crazy was the plan was crazy it was crazy and he was down of blackballed the situation but The Chris tell you he wanted you to set him up in the way they did at that point in the race. And when I pass my attorney told me Woes decline is really long. Run my race is finished and so I went fast surprise. You went to go so faster So long so long so Something really very special today. I mean we've got this big elaborate plan but I mean there are no guarantees is going to work out and could have just blown up in my face route badly in. I could have been dropped. Fifty came out with no teammates if if it had backfired but So I sort of quietly nervous but also excited because I knew I'd be too. This was my one chance to serve redeem myself in the race and try and get back some of the time I'd lost. I think one of the differences that where we didn't control it was what the break gone. Originally the notable to the climb and so what he did go that's all he was the first opened a talk. Novi ahead of it. You know. It wasn't catching anybody out. There wasn't a break is such to to ride where all other artists to draw back will people to pitch to and I think that was quite strategically important to us writing as if it was a time trial. I mean I is riding sort of at a pace that was heavy just below what I knew I could sustain for for the best part of two to an off hours So is everything was below threshold. Open my thresholds but I had to keep that paces steady and as high as as I could hold it basically you know. We talked a lot about if he did go top. If it was only what would you do Nikki? We run for example. What he ride keep going going to happen. Maybe on G C Oh what he sits on just waiting everybody. Can what what? What would we do those kind of different scenarios and one of the things that some each spoke about with tip was that they may be a sustained Arabic power assets in trading quite long? They ride really on the limit. Quite a long period of time and They told about if you do get over the top on your right. It's not start right in style. Overriden if you're away from every passage try and stay away. Don't ride just to stay away from the group behind the dais done of high aerobic power type effort are now sustain. The best you can be presumption can go ride not style. And that's what he did in effect you know so once. He was away money. Money's and he can do it brilliantly so he just by just is effort consistently and so spread the APP across the remainder of the distance. Rav condign. Real-time gap was at the top of the finistere I think that was was just under a minute somewhere around there and so that was what I consider. It was a good start But I remember being blown away once got done to I on the descent on the sense. I did go for it I I did. I did push on a bit of US trying to to watch the most by confronts me to see see what lines he was taking to try and basically figure out how. How severe the corner to our and our fos I go into the corners I probably did take risks on there and I. I can remember getting down down to the bottom of the climate hearing that I had an expert. Said said you're forty five seconds from from just the descent section and I just remember being blown away that and thinking hold on these guys have lost a minute uphill. They've lost another forty five seconds down if I can repeat that again on the next climb I'm going to be almost three minutes ahead So that that gave me a lot of confidence and definite Daphne. Spur me on here. We go Chris. Flu has just moved in to the Virtual Pink Jersey extends if the stage would finish now this man incredibly so would lead much better. The last week he showed that already on zone Cologne and then On the Financial Day of course and I was just hanging on as long as possible so essentially found myself. I think Maybe close to minutes back on on top of FINASA and I lost the minutes on a few kilometers of of climbing and I was completely cracked. Already go coming to top so I saw If I continue now with beano an Was still there with the three of us. If if we continue with the three of us they will assure not help me and it would be just a battle One on one and he showed that in a few kilometers he put already a minute on me So if I would go one on one I will definitely lose much more and end up completely cracked. Also the next day so Assault that was not a good choice to make to to go full behind on my own and I think it was at that point way when I came up to me with the car. 'cause they they. They didn't have the cause on. Vanessa and I can remember Nikko coming up in the car and being like okay. You've you've you've done the first part now. You've you've you've you've done the hotpot. Now you just need to focus you just focus on on your and is no going back now. If you've gone all in this is it now you have to make it work. So Boo Boo. Just trying to feel as much as I could Just take you on as much fluid and and sugars and jails and everything else that I could. You plan those things. I A hundred times and they come off once or twice in career. I guess they'll be you know gun and it just happened. That was the day that we planned date and went up with basically. I decided I needed to. I needed help and then I decided to wait for a high comeback so I acacus both helped me to chase and we will be was at least a three but it just looked as if from it looks as if those just no Real coordination in that in that back rubens. They're trying to decide if they should wait for Gay Rights in and try and decide. Kenosha SHOULD EASE UP FOR RIGHT. Zimbabwean on trying. Hold the US him in in the valleys behind. I think made When they didn't chase hot on the sentence and they wait to full. What's his name come? Reichenbach was not come back and expected into pull I think that's why they they. They they worked on the lower of averages. Nobly situation with those guys behind teammate. Comes up pools. They will work together. Nine Times out ten. I think they probably think okay. Well we could be capable coming. You know bringing a spot but on this on this on the bitter hesitation amongst them and it didn't fully committed. They ended the sentence in particular thing. They just don't seem fun. Yeah intially It turned out to be that they were probably lean. Not much of a help as I thought it would be so I lost I lost a lot of time waiting in Daniels the I probably lost more than I would gain on the flatter parts aaliyah. Not a surprise. He said what he said. I'm always had problems on descent and obviously the accidents had recently haven't improve matters not said. I don't think he'd be Milan. Had been alone would have gained more time. He's not as they waited long for me at the bottom of the second descent. I can also understand that. He was very frustrated. Have to do all of the work ought to share it with me again. Obviously if you look back on the stage it was maybe wrong decision to whites. But with the inflammation that I had with the with the knowledge that I had at the time is it was the only rights and good decision. I could make At the time I just find it all because I mean normally in a straight time trial to Milan against me would be pretty close. I mean Tom Snacks. World Champion In I'm trawl Really fancy much onces against him. Fifty Meters Twenty Five Chris Performance where you wrote. Daij maximum average speed across the distance remaining and like I say a big spike and then death Actually made a big difference because the fo the talk you know he wasn't he might not speed or you know his pace old ways. It were rather than say slowing down. And they stopped coming back and I think psychologically tape a point where they realize they don't GonNa catch it and then heads. It changes everything in some civil arriving or in and I'm GonNa pull them along along you know house is GonNa work and I think not whole came into into the dynamics of the situation so I think because of what was happening in that group and there was sort of trying to make decisions of wait wait for other artists. Come and help. We'll carry on pulling I think. That's that's what I eighty lost him the race whereas if he that she just done all the work himself he could afford. Koby himself. I think six seven grandchildren in with Nikko. He he's he's played a massive role in in all. I mean He almost every evening of every grants were stage. He'd being room for best part of an hour will while massage or even after dinner. Just just talking through the next day and be bouncing scenarios off each other ideas and try and come up with a tactic of for the next stage in it was. Yeah I think Nico- Nicotine have this amazing ability just to be able to make. Everyone feel included in the plan and really brought the team together in in that sense. I can't remember seeing Simon after stage that day and if I'm honest No I don't. I don't think you have been at the podium area. I'm not sure But I mean I I did see him at some point I can remember him just saying he used just. He had nothing in his his empty empty empty. Remember really scaling firm as well because I I know that feeling when when you run out. It's there's just nothing left and That's that's very was he'd been so strong up until that point so I mean obviously is happened was that I was in the pink. Jersey is definitely I was disappointed for him on a personal level. Going UP THE VANESSA. Our just kind of And it will the my own really just bogging but once I started come round and accepted that just lost the race. And just don't exaggerate. It was the will of noise all the way you know but it that I will. I will cherish. I think that We we more or less all finish the stage together And funny that. It was on the climb. The graphical on what he called call it and the last time I did that. Sage was it was the twenty th stage of the Jiro Berto one and that was the stage where a better he he cracks and it just hung on to win you know after the onslaught of of a ruined. Landa and I remember you know the the climb was more or less in the end of the stage and I remember hearing on the Radio. Look only admitted at all my garden though. This can't be happening then. Thankfully he hung on and then the next time. I came to the climb in more or less happened again but there there was know there was no avoiding that it had gone pretty pear-shaped because by the top of the climb. We were more or less altogether the grotto's and then we sort of grew you know got on within got through because there's still mammoth of stage left. It was hard to get through that stage and especially you know. We all felt so sorry on Simon's behalf because he just put everything into trying to win and do and Sasha in such a dominating fashion which I think on the last climb what was pretty pretty cool to be a part of to to win. Was that the Italians love them. You know they almost cheered them on as if he was a new pantani ridden so aggressively which they just you know to them now is what meant the most. He just destroyed the stages that he'd Wong and just you know torn you know just ripped it off. On the climbs. The attacked he wants so low in. It had been from the beginning at the three weeks of the race. I think they respected that and appreciate that. You know the last time when they could see the Mattie Rosa was repetitive. They're like Oh my God what's happened but they cheered him on Lifelock Dot C. That was pretty cool and made a little bit less difficult to to to comprehend. You know still bit of a bit of kicks in the teas when it's a twenty Tom Thomas still hoping to to go on going in the try and get the Jersey back on on that stage times pulls away from is reacting with the big the box. Every time yes is it looks to be in control for the moment. Israel is attacking. You know that tells us you have to be in good shape all bad news for Damola News. Fatone new live shakes his head pass. He gave everything next day. I was just hanging on a and I try to to. I mean I had some but I just I was cracked The whole was actually feeling like I like. I had something last and especially Definitely struggling so I just didn't have the strength to to go for a to talk about the final mountain stage. Tiny it caught up with this Kills the Knicks are member has was probably the longest two three hours of You get dropped on the finished. We Will Roy Sort of Price in Gaza coming through him catching the group. And I thinking that What can we do tomorrow and Cooling Me Kill Navy it back to the car and Siamese now and to eating and drinking Saas thinking about tomorrow and this is we re enroll there for having. I think That group Finish Twenty minutes behind that die and kill's already already had Mikio was already macgill's head to go off the stage win the next I and the guys are pretty down off. Ti after winning force. Winning isn't having a judge Loan that really busted their bowls to get me. Kill him to right gun that next morning and he got in there and then it was. This cost the why he would demolish that breakway to win nephew sides. It was it was a really nice way to finish off that things. That are always go away but you never give up a little bit down. You know we've been so much and it just lost it just straightaway. The usually got behind. Who is because? I'm usually the on how we caught one and always behind Mikhail For that stage and it was He he's He's Cool Kid. Kumba and doesn't give any why when he went he just went and it was. It was quite odd jerry row on the in the car with me and he was down as well. We need some come so close to winning the Gre. China's elite squad specs together a stray light. be there till the end of the Jiro to win out of style was especially on MacGill's with I. It was not good some Jiro. I don't have. I'm not bitter towards it that I lost the race course. I would have liked to win but I mean we had so much success. The success that we'd never before the team Open slot point. Yeah we state our three stages alone in Jersey and you know just It was a crazy tool. And Not that. Set me up to go onto the welte and you know and I think About those experiences and and and those moments that now. I wouldn't have gone on to win so I think we grew. I grew person. I think we grew as a team from your so close and to need you know and I think everyone who did the Jiro. That year will will agree that despite him not winning. I still look back as that being the most one of the most enjoyable especially grand towards teams are being apart off. Because what did we win? We want five stages with six five one orange Lost kind silent was so good Esteban. He wanted AETNA. Simon got the Jersey Esteban. Say the surgeon who actually was one of few surgeons who gave Esteban a chance of recovering from his his massive crash. He was in the car that day and then he wins the stage. Simon wins three Dominates the as team we road? I think that was the first grand tour. We Really Road as a team. That could win a grand tour collectively you know from start to finish me Signed purely swine toughed. It was swine was last grandy and it was just. It was such a cool group to be part of an unfortunate. It also went to Shit with two days ago and we warn US had wrapped up until then never Wednesday the next day which is has to be one of the most I mean there's a lot of fairytale stores in his team. Haymond winning route bay. I guarantee winning or yet guarantee winning San Ramo when the team started you know? There's so many amazing stories in the team results. Wise you know but to me that was navy picking it up the day after we more or less lost the Jiro and it was the last night in stage. Why he sort of you know he's he says okay. Listen boys we're not finished yet and it's never his birthday. I mean if someone wrote if someone wrote that Hollywood would movie normal. Believe at the same as Hayman's winning Rebecca. Yeah okay that's almost too which be true like lesser winning the family so that was just. That was just an amazing day to finish the Chiro off. And then you finish and then the next day we go to Rome with chaos and that was just on thousand unbelievable. Jiro and the grand tour. That probably has changed me. The most is bike ride On the road the Weights Tomorrow Pretty. It would have been kind of special To win that euro so that would have been a good story because then I I would have never been at top shape and still wanted euro. That would have been a nice story no so so yeah it is like it is. I think eventually I got second and for for me. That's a that was an honest show of my strength era. I was just I was Nothing lest we all desperately wanted him to win the zero. You know it was just it was so close and it would be meant so much the entire team everyone involved but no-one finished in Rome feeding. We'd be robbed of something or when you it hadn't turned out the way would expected but we still felt that we'd be part of a special grand tour you know and that's also something that I take it. You know. Enjoy an means a lot in his team. Is this you really value this team effort and when when things go as as as we plan that sort of overshadows everything else am and that also means when we sort of have to tackle a good bit of headwind which we had to those last two days. I must affected turns Ryan Wins. The wealth is sort of for me. I wasn't part of the wealth of team that was actually you know. I think everyone had a sigh of relief because Simon deserves to win. You know the Jiro as much as anyone else so from then to win a grand tour. Couple months later was a Such a nice feeling. Because you know you don't have to worry that it'll haunting like a monkey on his back. He went home. This homework then came back and won. The it's like okay. There you go you know. He is a grand tour winner and he proves that on the in the same year which is which is Mason. Gone then I would you like to go back. Jiro at some point. I would I mean I. I don't think I'll do it in an immediate future while I'm while I'm so focused on trying to get a fit to title And also something. I learned that in two thousand nineteen was was doing the year before. The tour definitely took something away for me in the tour. I mean okay. I ended up said in in Paris but I just didn't have that freshness at no may have coming into the throat of France Not to say that it's it's impossible but it seventy does make winning the tour a that little bit harder so I think as long as the tourism awarded beg objective. I think it's GonNa be hard to go to the Jiro And give it everything just beforehand. You're racing severe things dot kind of you know breakaway against all odds. It's all or nothing. Candidate seems like an impossible task. You kind of get closer. Coast to coast. Blimey goes and does it. You know I think I not sadness that the drama the oldies yeah cliche joyful stages everything I if I'd choose one day performance. Yeah I'll say that was definitely in the day I mean I one the euro on that one stage for sure to throw many grants who is recognized. Pick out one day that that won the race other than that. Jiro was just such a Also in in terms of modern racing you just you don't get those kind of attacks that that necessarily work this day and age. I mean you do see people going on a long solo attacks but nine times out of ten to punch would swallow them up and spit them house again if they did that But this was one day where to the bunch wouldn't exist defin- Stratton Anticipated That that played in my favorite and so it was just felt felt like old school bike racing in pretty pretty cool way to win zero. They Sakhalin five cast at our d'italia is supported by scientists. Both Sciences Sport fueled by science thanks to scientists for our longest standing sponsor who've been with us since two zero in two thousand sixteen and are offering twenty five percent off still to all our listeners with the cord. Sis CPI Twenty-five Sciences sport dot com that's SIS. Ep Twenty Five Scientists Board Dot Com for whole twenty five percent off at your scientists port products. Am Chris Rumors fueled by science? That day wasn't a science and sport as supply team sky and they were while they always said team sky the that fueling and his fueling strategy that day was a key component in pulling off what he did but we heard there the the voices of You know most of the the main protagonists and you know when they revisit the story a couple of one or two interesting things that they say I mean from obviously am to us through his his whole race and the the ups and downs. I was interested also to hear Tom. Damola talk about how below-par he had felt that Jiro he'd obviously one the previous year and he never was quite the same level. It seemed in twenty eight and he served chuckled to himself. Thinking about how ridiculous our preposterous it would have been had. He actually one. Jiro given the form he was in and that that puts that stage nineteen exploit slightly different light. Because Amb at the time you know a lot of questions were doesn't make sense we've got dumped the one of the best time triallist in the world chasing Chris from a not mehan roads. I'm not was not that naked fact you know the idea. That was a man against man in a way. Didn't make sense bought as the Milan explained there. There were a lot of other factors to the right as he had with him but also his own condition. One thing that struck me rich and know easy to forget how Febrile the atmosphere was around team sky before that and Chris free with the positive tests adverse analytical finding I how tomorrow hangovers head and the following morning. While wasn't even the following morning started immediately. You know people Who were ready. Gps Skeptical about team sky already. Stein's question fringe performance as started immediately with this unfortunate. I think he thought it was unfortunate. Interview with George Bennett He drew a parallel. We've Floyd Landis in fact before we go on. I think we'll hear now. Let's hear me speaking to George Bennett. The following morning Not so much retracting. What he had said about him having done a landesberger trying to put in a bit of con- context who is the last guy that made an infant comeback is a Christian for you. I'M GONNA onto your question with a question. Tell me who was the guy. Who's the last guy that if a comeback did have an American and a mini Floyd Landis? Okay I'm not saying he riot gear because he under it was. That was the last comeback. And if we can't compeer psyched to another cyclist make a comparison to any socks in the last twenty years otherwise it means like you just drawing. I didn't say reviewing out route a bunch gear and came back and won the stage. I'm saying he made a big comeback Bloody Easter Sunday. And and I think like I'm not saying Ou know. Innuendo there's no. I'm not hearing anything that if we can't make comparisons to cycling we can't compete a Pantani count compare Merck's in because you know what was going on there and it's nothing to do with drugs or anything like that. It's like a self fulfilling prophecy people on twitter. They want it to mean what they want it to mean you now. I'm in the batting for them. So that was George Ben and trying to distance himself from that compressing with London's but you know himself from south why yeah yes. We have quality Marshall but it did strike me chops listening to Chris. Freedom and April's for talk about the strategy for that day and the way that I was to manage these f. The were echoes with an all sort of caveats. Apply to what we know about. This is performance and how it was fueled now but I do remember after that when people started to reconstruct deconstruct. What Landis had done and they talked in similar terms and his coach talked in similar terms about how he tried to keep his effort pretty constant over. I can't remember how many houses he went over that day. Landes on his own and there was a big there was a lot of talk about nutrition and cooling as well but certainly in the in the management of the effort you know came through very strongly listening to browse for them freeing that how vital that was there. No huge spikes apart from the first big attack and that was key and in contrast to that Dumoulin didn't so much spike. But it did have. He did have a portion of the race where he wasn't able to Put out the watts. They want it. Because of the circumstances of the rice he was waiting for Said Reichenbach and then frantically tried to chase their off the but it really didn't work and he probably would be much better served in. Hindsight is wonderful thing but it would be much better served writing similar fashion to fruman. And then you probably wouldn't have seen the same Gap Sunny being opened on the on the flatter section of the course and I think if we if we don't we've not talked to Simon. Yeah of course but we reduce it down to those two writers and what was unfolding on the day. Know it was a tuna fired effort that from made as they said he was used to making those efforts at threshold and training. And but also you know the the fact that M. Moon lost. All that time on the descent he was he was on the back foot and psychologically. I think he was in a very difficult place whereas from was getting all these positive signals coming to him and and get that was quite different to the London stage. Way By the one thing I remember about the lines of stage was the constantly going back for bottles and putting them over his head. You know he was it was a cooling strategy that we haven't really seen before on 'em it did it did highlight it. Was you know what he was doing was a plan? An similarly the the the the echoes that we saw at the and twenty team from what was it was clearly upon the number of people they had I along the way handing out bottles and jails and so on and told you that this was. This was a thing that they had planned. I think the the the thing that was really interesting listening to talk about it. And the I was hall was just putting into context a different trajectories of Simon. Yates coming down and and Chris Room appearing to go the other way because obviously having a much better second half of the Jiro compared to the first half They they really kind of broke the perfect year between them. Didn't I am and listening to firm talk? About how important zone collage state was. He won if you think back to that day rich. We're up on the mountain and tool intention purposes. That was kind of Chris. Rooms consolation prize for a disappointing. Jiro he was. He was out the picture he wasn't even in the top ten at the store that day. You know three minutes twenty behind Simon. Yikes pretty much any chance of the podium. More or less gone Pino Mulan. We're ahead of him as well and the stage win was kind of like he's you know you know the the the booby prize in a row. I mean of course but it was pretty much all that he could take from the race and then we saw gates chasing heart limiting no secons keeping the anytime to come to an absolute minimum. And at the time you thought well that is the right of a champion elect. He's not letting anyone have any leeway walk so ever and that's what you get from watching the race from From from a detached perspective. And of course the riders. No don't they. Emf Room picked up on that day. That perhaps that wasn't the smartest ride by Simon Yates. Perhaps that's the sort of thing that might come back and cost him later on innovation particularly when the next day the weather was bad and the legs felt heavy. And you know the all gathering positive signals that you're talking about in the context of that one stage nineteen frame was probably picking knows over the week leading up to it and then when it came down to it it really had nothing to lose got into stage nineteen. He could try something. If it didn't work. No one would would criticize him for it. So I mean Yates was. Obviously you know coming coming down pretty dramatically and it would only take one of strong gust to to knock him over completely and when you look back at the way. Sean Yates Road Debreis. It's impossible to criticize him for riding aggressively in trying to get the job done in two and a half weeks but as we know a grand tour one over three weeks over eighteen stages there was great from liens. And they're just saying that the magic had gone you know me. They knew that after the previous the previous night stage that magic that had been there had just had vanished and they they knew in their heart of hearts wasn't coming back and I listened back to the whole episode that we require that night. We had Christianssen on then as well and obviously resigned than Ashi Senate drunk he was he was signing completely empty And you know there was a even then. After the fact there was a sort of 'em a slight sugarcoat thing of of what happened whereas now you know he can admit that the sense in the team of of you know imminent disaster with with. Yates begin to that stage and got a real a real strong sense of that but the other conversation we had at the time about. Yates was wondering how he would cope without an parallel. That we drew was with Cadel Evans Who we've featured in our Jiro as well are there who went close in two thousand and two before blowing up spectacularly and it took him another nine years to finally win a grand tour and we wonder whether that whether that would be something that would haunt salmon years and he oversee came back a few months later and won the Vuelta which I think was a hugely important thing for him to do another thing by an awful lot about in that. Jiro Ridge was how we felt the Mitchelson. Yates had created this sort of imaginary with mental finishing line. Which was the time trial and how all of their energies all of you know. And all of the questions of the the journalists were focused on the time trump because it was a game of it was a game of toys in have for the whole. It was a question. How much can gain before the time trial which you doom Alana's ain't gonNA recoup wipe to recoup in the time trial and you must felt all of his mental energy? And you know this might be. We might be wrong about this but that was certainly Rx. Oh impression from the outside and it was. It was interesting to me to hit diapers would say. I'm saying that Pakistan Day already felt the Yates was losing something in the time trial. They look like he went on the face of it yet. She had a very good result that day and the one outwardly. The windows signed Sunday. Not from the result that he'd started to cave that point. I mean the other thing is that policy throughout the race Mitchelson and Yatesy strike while the iron is hot. And it's difficult to say it's an no one ever know for sure whether by compromising and sort of deciding to maybe go only ninety percent raw than hundred percent in the last two kilometers zone. Duncan whether you you then carry over that Savannah Georgia capital onto another stage a week later. We simply don't know that. Maybe that's what Yates learned in the wealth of the later in the year. When did win the Vuelta the other thing to consider as he's not ridden right before and I remember speaking in before that Jiro and ask him about the climate of the era and him talking about how struck he was having studied them. Bit by how long how high the clients were so. He knew that in advance weather actually when he was on the came as a bit of a surprise to him. I don't know the the winners get to write the history of course and You Brill's footsteps suggested there that you know not the first time they come up with a plan like not but maybe the first time I come off and we met Brill's for that day didn't we dining. We were trying to get up to the the buses to meet the writers coming back and a policeman stopped us going the final part of the roads and we were stunning on a on a roundabout on this alleged just below where the buses were were parked and when a figure a bold figure appeared on not napalm taught by the edge. Yeah yeah definitely. Wasn't you on a team? Sky Bike on the bike belong to cure Yankees. Who'd pulled Dan? It was Dave Brill's it and he. He was also no allied out to the buses so we stood and watched the stage on the phone with him from. Just you know gay on. The lower slopes up to the up to the finish and it was still. It was still in the balance at that. Point wasn't clear you didn't know whether from is GonNa pay for the effort. It'd been making whether in the Damola had been holding something back in might be able to close the gap enough and we chatted him and he told us in great detail than by the plan. They'd Haydn and all the rest of it. But I think the caveat there is the winners get to write the history and it. Didn't it worked very well for them? I think I think the point of from kept making them by grant being three weeks long and a few nights are while ago we spoke about the the two thousand sixteen Jiro when a nearly them closed a similar. Got In terms of time to Stephen cries. Wake over the last couple of days and we want one thing. He spoke at by not episode recorded. After nineteen diner was high mulvaney tended to really stack the final few days of the Jiro with really tough days with tough claims. I'm one thing you probably wouldn't have appreciated the significance of it at the time but secondly stage leading in a few seconds ahead of Pino and Miguel Angel Lopez and Tom Damola was Richard Carapace. Who jumped four places up the G. say that night finished fifth overall in of course one that Jiro the following year and know completely kind of overlooked at the time? Because it's not the story told about We probably should have known then You know he was a nice the nice easy right. That hidden didn't really am and Miguel Lopez. I don't think they contribute to the chase. Church revenue remarkable day. 'cause Pino also you know was there and was a key figure and then the next day he wasn't he wasn't there anymore he'd fallen ill or night and the it was a remarkable day of devastation on the Jiro and again listening back to that the episode there. Was you know a reluctance on our part to to to T to to lavish too much or praise are hyperbole on firms performance because of this asterisk because of this cloud that was hanging over his participation in the Giro and we knew that had he won the Jiro then being punished for a doping offense that he wouldn't have lost Jiro because the Saab youth the mole case was an adverse analytical finding rather than positive tests so any results he had while competing he would have kept but nevertheless it would have made people feel very very uncomfortable. Had He subsequently being punished for doping as it was the? The case was dismissed in the Jiro. This was something that made us all uncomfortable and reluctant to You know to perhaps use the language that we would've used had we been covering the tour in one thousand nine hundred thousand nine and watching poster copy when his stage to just one final point rich on sky and how all came together. What was conveyed to me? Very strongly listen to that as well was how difficult or how impossible is going to be to replace. Nicola portal. I don't think you know it was just sentimentality or nostalgia and Christine Being. You know being generous because nickel apple tragically died recently. I think it's going to be difficult. And it's very rare to find a darts specialty with the same kind of commitment and engagement as Pull Tau Hot to room in particular if the fruit. If the freedom era is reaching its conclusion now at team sky any US. I think it's the poll. Not that will be a big part of that Because they were Ju yeah and You know that was Chris. Rooms lost grand tour. Victory is his most recent grant victory. It may well. We don't know it. May well prove to be in his final grant victory and and what a win but he did mention a a slightly pointed comment in there. I thought was was his remark that it affected his ability. You know his his His form at the Tour de France. I thought was an interesting thing to say. Am The moon. I felt he was better than the zero from clearly. Felt that left. Him diminished that the tour which given the his teammate. Gareth Thomas One and he was third thought was quite interesting. Because the sense you get from what firms is important. Is Tim to try and win. A fifth tour. That might be in his best chance that year. Jiro may have cost them it. Who knows I think we can? We can save twenty. The twenty eighteen zero was one of the one of the starting in the Moss entertaining. I'm dramatic through. We've all covered recently. I'm this is this is probably. I don't know if it's our queen stage but this might be our queen episode of our Geo Daniel and there's a lot talk about because it was A. It was a packed. Jiro not least Lionel. You came out with a a nickname for Siamese going global. But why you're you're kind of stuck memories from twenty eighth theme. Well the trip to Israel was amazing. Your cross country drive when we were in danger of missing the star in Shaeber. Do you remember that all? Just go that way. Just go that way. We'll just come across the rocky. Wasn't my cross country driving thing. I made you drive just driving forcing me drive on while we would emissions stage entirely. Wouldn't we if we haven't made actual? I also remember Daniel. After we'd made a relatively smooth crossing from Sicily to the mainland. We were rushing to find a pizzeria out for. Dinner is about eleven o'clock wasn't and We drove down into the town and we saw the team Sky Hotel. We saw Christopher just arriving at browser and others had gone across by helicopter but Chris Room had missed the because he was still in. Don't control way into waiting for bladder to play ball and give him a song for so he got. He got to the hotel very light. And what do I remember? From the the rest of the Middle Week it was it was just that sense of Simon. Yates chiseling slice of slice of black pudding after slice of pudding nickname. I've told this story before about how it came about. It was to troy improve a small point to myself really. Which was it in the light of your story about. The mythical was on Carolina for south which started as I an Internet forum story then captured some slightly niche media coverage and then suddenly it was in the national cycling magazines. I scare myself the Tar. Could I get this nickname wider coverage and well it was on the front of a Belgian newspaper? It was on BBC breakfast. It was on Sky Sports. Courtesy of our very good friend all generally with I mean she and about forty hours you. This spiral completely out of my control people so it was disrespectful. Did I mean it? Wasn't it wasn't meant to be disrespectful at all Took it very well until he was just asked about in a press conference just one time too many but rather. He's tackled on a metro. Tim Scott if media recently and You know I mean I'm not gonNA say he loves it but well they. We are the flying black pudding. He's got nickname whereas Adam hasn't so you know they another. I'll just give one memory of that. Jiro any goes another Nickname which has also stuck but slightly less well-known and Julianne Piano Tebas brother on coach to this day. I'm our teams CANNOLI. And he he very much enjoys out and rebels in that can only being the conical Ricardo filled deserts. He was stuffing his face with one morning in Sicily and we still have traditions you now and I whenever he comes across Canola cannoli sense picture and very theatrically poses with John and I do likewise. I should just lane so yeah that we listeners from who aren't from the UK or on the Simon Adam Gates from bury in Lancashire which is famous for its black pudding. Black Pudding being I in in front Boone Wall in Italy. Do they always send not show Villain Tom? Green Show of course is that was the nickname. Sanguine Nacho volunteer. The flying black pudding is basically pig's blood sausage absolutely delicious stuff. Sounds SOUNDS WELL? My my son at memories actually right at the end. We were wrapping up We missed the final stage but Daniela were emceeing. Vincent and we We woke up in the morning to discover a huge nail in our car car-tyre the causes puncture and the weren't the the the right tools in the in the boot to remove the wheel and we were. We were well and truly stock. Weren't we die until some old man appeared hobbling across the road? Era By this in our book still available and Magic Toll. He was he was. He was a miracle worker. A little Swiss army knife in his pocket a pool that and he was eighty. I was quite embarrassing. Really worked his magic he. He removed the wheel the spare wheel on maximum speed. Eighty kilometers in our something or fifty and made it to Malpensa by twenty five minutes before your flight to call Daniel and always find New Yorker new at. Take my luggage giving give my luggage to my girlfriend. Who then a few days later in. You never told me what those probably are. You never told me what was in those trainers but anyway and that was A Standard Hope Memory. That left quite an impression on me and it was great. It was a great race in the middle. There was so much on. We should wrap things up. We're back tomorrow for one final. Push to Milan. What we got coming up tomorrow's episode. I'm looking forward to enormously. Someone else can do this. Because I've listened to the interviews and it makes me very uncomfortable episode. Well let let's leave it there. Let's not say what I is? Let People let people imagine what it might be? I've got theory but this Daniel expand on that in tomorrow's episode from each win winching doesn't come across very well in a podcast as people wanNA just have to imagine. Daniel wincing free. Audibly windsurf anyway. That's all coming tomorrow off the tune in to find out what exactly and that's all for. Now thank you very much Daniel. Thank you thank you line electric saw.

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