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This podcast is part of podcast one sports net. He is currently the head football coach of the university of Michigan wolverines and a former player his dad and brother are also former players and coaches, but there's more to them than just football. It's time to talk about attacking life each day with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind. This is attack each day the Harbaugh's podcast with Jim Harbaugh. Hello, everybody. Welcome to another edition of attack. Each day. The Harbaugh's podcast coming up later on in the show. We're going to do are lucky sports. Parents feature this week with Todd Ramler dad of Nolan rambler future. Offense alignment for the maize and blue a reminder, please subscribe to us on apple podcast. You can listen to the podcast one, apple podcast one dot com. And please follow us and contact us on Twitter at AD podcast or using hashtag, Jack talk. So in addition to a lucky sports parents were also going to be helped us morning during an after are lucky sports parents feature we're going to be joined this week by Michigan offensive line coach at Warner. He's going to help fill in for Jack because Jack is actually down in Arizona at the spring meetings for the National Football League with son John Harbaugh project joins us. Now. Jim how you doin? Good. I kind of envy, you guys was that well out here. It's eighty five degrees and humidity must be about ten if it can no breeze whatsoever. Sunshine is beaten down on you got went to the baseball game yesterday got a sunburn all things are I just sit back there. And just think about where you guys aren't. I wish I were. There were no wonder you haven't returned any calls. Calls calls a cold your couple times. I think it's I went on the phone call. I can't take calls by the swimming pool. They don't allow. Jack. What's spring training games? You go to what yesterday went to the to the Indians and a white sock. Oh nice. We allowed to ballpark. It was a beautiful day. We had great seats. Crack of the bat on hitting the ball. And the problem is get older. And I don't know it's areas Zona with a sunlight or something. But the ball leaves the bad about three or four feet. I can't find it. I try to go by the crack of the bat. You know, if it's a real solid crack I figured in the outfield, and I look out there. And sometimes I get fooled. So that's the only only problem, but the hotdogs were good. The cold beer wasn't bad. Either. Foul. Ball opportunities. We Jim we were in a great location. We were right behind the plate. We were in about the sixteenth throwback. No netting over the top. So anything not one ball came anywhere close. I don't think there was a foul ball back behind the screen, but we were ready and and John brought him milk carton because he heard your podcast last week where the Dominican Republicans didn't have clubs and only use Mark milk cartons. And he he was going to try it. He had him carton. But we had no opportunities. Straight straight behind the play can get you sometime you you're usually better off. It takes perfect behind the diet over the twenty two rose twenty one rows behind the middle of the dugout. Here's what I really believe this. It's better now to get seats right behind, you know, off to the left to the dugout down in third base line or off to the right of the dugout. You know, don't worry about foul balls. Just worry about out in the outfield that doesn't count. It does not count. Doesn't count. It doesn't count. We're here in Phoenix for their. They're fooling with rules. And that is a role that was just passed. I'll let you didn't get it. But it's a running off the field with a ball. And they're looking no. Do you jump up and you wave your arms, and I talk about I got a. I got a kid. Jackie six years old guy. Take a ball back to it works every time. Jim I'm not going with the foul all anymore. I'm going with that technique. So disappointed. Thought I was talking to a purist. You know, it's been a Chirad these last fifty five years I was at a game Diamondbacks. Giants with Sarah. I had gotten a foul ball. I had got one legit. I minute it came back. And I was in a perfect kind of the end of the dugout just past maybe five rose up on the I'll work my way. Got into the aisle caught legit. And then. Stuck it up in the air raised it around at the whole the whole thing sat down and then a kid behind me maybe about ten or eleven year old kid, Mr. Khan. I have the ball. I turn around and go no get your own bowl. And he was one of those kids that you're talking about right now. There was in the good seats. You know, they just kind of off the elbow of the of the end of the dugout where the outfielders second basement come in. And would sometimes toss the ball. Just like you're talking about. He was in one of those seats, and they were all begging every time somebody would come off him and some of his friends, and I had been watching it. And it was I was disgusted and. They hadn't gotten a ball. And he was in right after I told him. No, he, you know, he asked again, and please, please, sir. Please. Mr. can I have the ball? I'm like, no. You can't have the ball. Stop. The fans kinda get on. No, no, Sarah, Sarah, Sarah. Sarah got Omni Syra goes jammies. He's just a little kid giving the ball, sir. I caught this. Yeah. I don't eat cases. Give the ball away. As y'all give him the ball. So find them at long story short after a couple of days of the kid. Prod me and Sarah telling me to give the kid the ball. I pop him the ball back. And you know, what he does he turns? He turns around his brand or his brother and goes, it's the fourth one. I got this week. Sarah. Collusion's. Yeah. I looked at Sarah, Sarah. You're right. I go see what was I telling you rich kid with good seats. You know, he's he's doing your technique of begging for balls. Now. If I convinced you that that's not does not legit way to get a ball game. And the other thing they do is they're up a little bit higher. And then when the the like I'm talking about they'll run down Yale. They only I'll where the where the players are coming off the field. And then go to the technique that I described earlier, you know, they pick up a ton of balls that way. So I you know, I for little kids. I don't subscribe it for seventy nine year old guys. Different rules for different demographics. I've been over two hundred baseball games. Major league baseball games. Probably I have only been one time as a ball fell in my section. I've sat all over the park Alfeld infant. I mean, I gotta go game with you. I gotta hit up an afternoon Tigers game with you or something. Jeez. Well, I mean, the cheeses the ball coming right to you. In your seat is not good. I mean, you've got to position yourself on the isle you gotta be you gotta be willing to go over and I'll got to be able to go over a section. You gotta go up. You've got to look for the ricochet coming off. You know, you gotta no one left handed batters up. You got to be on the opposite side to get the ball. I mean, you got to be able to dig down into the hot dog rappers. And the mustard rappers go low, I mean, even if somebody's got a shot at it. And it's coming right to know glove. Don't go. I mean, he's wait for the ricochet gonna get to the good chance. It's going to be on the ground. If you get down over the hotdog rappers you get a chance to come up with that ball because everybody else is just going to be reaching if you can get level. Get down on the ground and get crawling. You're going to get a much better chance to get in the boat out the ball coming right to your seat. Very rare very writing section. Gotta jump in right now as Jim described this. I know there's podcast listeners out there saying this guy is exaggerating. There's no possible way that he'll get down on the floor on the concrete and crawl along the rappers get a ball, ladies and gentlemen, I'm here to tell you I've been there. I've seen it. Come up with mustard rappers unto white teeth. Podcast for they come for hollowing Halloween trick or treating advice and how to catch a foul. I mean, I'm going to take the girls, and let's get it done. But he he'll be crawling down roll for the ball, and you won't get it. And he pops his head out saying about Floros back. How's he doing? Looking for baseball. What else would he be doing down there? Well, you're soda speaking of being down there. You're you're talking about going to baseball games, but wants to tell everybody what you're really doing Zona you're making rules, right? New NFL rules and policies. It's interesting. I'm in the lobby right now here where the NFL medias, and there is heavy discussion about about the new rules in the one that really talking about is this is I in the sky. You know? I don't know if it's a seven official Jim or eighth official with somebody's watching the game. Like like a fan. And he has the ability to throw a flag chauffeur that grows. Officials miss it that he sees it on on television. He can buzz down and say, no, I I have this. I have this penalty. And and I don't think it's a review. He's just another official. So the coaches, it seems to me just need just listening a lot of the coaches are you know, are for that. But there are some of the hierarchy and the committee the rules committee that that are kind of dragging their feet on. So it'll be interesting to see how that works out. It's from the af the new alliance minor league, they started it. And there was talk about what would happen in that league that you know, the NFL was a look at how to soon that. Maybe they maybe experiment with it before they would implement it like some preseason games. Like, Jack you're talking about implementing you know, test testing rules in spring training to do that in minor leagues. All the time. I wonder if maybe. If the NFL wanted to try it they wouldn't do it in like some exhibition games in the preseason before they actually implemented for a season because it seems like discussion right here any other one Jimmy came up as you're talking about the overtime and you'll be interested in this. We were out to dinner yesterday, and we were in in Vic Fangio, and we're talking about you know, how to do it. How to do it? How to do it in turn around? He goes I'm going to give you an idea that I have never heard discussed before. And he went to your rule about you know, the game ends and evolves on thirty five yard line of all aside yard Ranko. Yeah. You take a two minute or whatever. And you put the ball there, and you go, and I said, you know, Vick I'm gonna tell you. There's only one other guy that I heard ever come up with that. So, you know, he did he was he was his. But I told me only guys I heard come up with it. You guys are on the same mental tracker mental wavelength or something because whether he'll bring it up he said, he's a little reluctant to speak at age as only a couple of months, it'll be interesting zero that goes, yeah, I think I mentioned that too. When I was I came up with that longtime ago. Do you think you mentioned it to think I did? Biggest take out his his own right now. Yeah. At the end of the the end of the game would just you would just go into a fifth quarter who's ever wherever they add the ball wherever it's at the just continue to to play the game until somebody wins become sudden death, but it's just played out like a like a fifth quarter wanted. They're talking about is doing at the college roles. Interesting thing when you you just listen, there seems to be a they drag their feet a little bit on doing any colleges. Do you know for fear of you know, I I'm just saying I have no idea but for fear of following. It must rather collegiate game. Follow the pro game rather than the pro game. Follow the collegiate game talking about doing the twenty five yard line in overtime. I think it's terrible. It's terrible. They wanted five yard line close. Right. If they did that back and forth kind of thing like college you'd have to start at like, the fifty or something or your own forty or like twenty-five everyone's going to make the field goal or or maybe you just can't kick. Well, it's just it's it's it's a flawed way of doing. All you have to do is watch the LSU who we watch and Dan LSU and. Maybe it might have been eleven overtimes or eight overtimes or something guys are like you talk about health and safety. I mean, you're putting into a a eight overtime game seventy four seventy two. All kinds of sense. And but that he that he even on the radar. I haven't I haven't seen that or anyone even discuss it here. Haven't heard anybody discuss the overtime your way of doing it all him the overtime. You know, especially what are there were some of the other suggests next the chiefs. I'm not sure that one I heard two twenty five yard line. And the most of them say keep its way it is. But know, of course, Andy Reid to Kansas City. They this year in the in the playoff game. They they gave up the ball. They didn't win the toss. They went down toward a touchdown. They never got the ball. So he's the one that's really champion doing something. You know, where where it's more more fair how much fair can be than the continued. The game continue the game to them fall in an overtime like basketball this play the game and into you really even need overtime for regular season games. Do you need regular season games to have overtime? What do you think about hockey? They changed. How the do overtime. They do like four on four and then three on three and they've changed. So they changed the game. Right. And then it goes to a shootout. So it's not hockey version of it. But it's not the same like World Cup after they play their extra time. They go to penalty kicks in the World Cup, which makes no sense. But that's a skill competition. Trying to find the end of a game status continue to gain for ten minutes and regular season. If it's ties tie and the overtime. You just play it to get a winner. I mean, that's that's where you're gonna feel goal. I mean once you're playing the game guys on a ten yard line. He just wants to kick a field goal to win the game. It's over in a tie game. Because that's where he he was able to position the team in in that situation. I'm with you. I'm with you continue the game. And instead sudden death would be a lot of strategy citing strategy would would go into the kind of formula. You would with anyone asked me. And I don't know one's really asking me much. But if anyone asked me, that's that's the direction I'm going to go. And I don't know whether I should say it was Vic came up with the idea or you I I'll kind of work with that. And see which one I wonder us out there where you know. I mean you when did you hear it from Vic? Versus where did you hear it from me? Well, I think that takes care of that. Before we came here. We went to Albuquerque New Mexico where Zach gentry's from found out so much about his family. His grandfather fill one of the legendary coaches in all of New Mexico history. They say he's written a book and a book. It's just hilarious. Everybody's is coaching experience. But Randa Dominic Vermont as the football coach for the Duke city gladiators, it's a it's an arena football team. And I want you to know we had so much so much fun. We went to the game at ended up seventy two to twenty five but thirty five thousand fans there they played in a in a in an old it's called the kingly Coliseum. It has been built in about nineteen fifteen or nineteen twenty. You know, it has the pillars in their all around arena. They do rodeos in there. And it was a fun fun. Game of guys have been around thirty thirty five years old guys. Replaying for just minimum minimal money and got a chance to travel around with the team and John had a chance to speak to the team before the game. And it was just a just a fun fun experience. Dominic is a full blooded American Indian and champions for all native Americans and near causes in what they're what they're all about. And we had a chance to visit the airforce base here and have a leadership group John myself. And and we just had a fantastic time in Albuquerque now in Phoenix, Arizona. They're what's the name of that book? You're talking about. I I've got to get that for you. But but it and he's a man he's in his nineties now. Or did you meet him at all when you were out here? I know you've met the dad, I'm sure, but no, I didn't I didn't meet the grandfather when I'll get that for you. It was one of those. He's one of those kind of guys they would say, you know. Zack you ever met his grandfather. Then almost the big smile on their face and somebody that played for him and have a story. I mean, like like the old days, you know. Yeah. Story is stuff that he did this pull out of the outer outer sky, you know, without then he rhyme or reason, and they kind of put all those things together. It it made a tremendous story. And then having you know, Zach there and been around with him for three years and interacted with him to to hear that part of the story was was really really fun for me that part of the community athletic community, very tight tightly-knit. Coach Yvan Sanchez who's an assistant with Kim Barnes Areco here. Now with the Michigan women's basketball team. I believe it's her brother codes Zack in basketball in high school because she used to be the coach at university of New Mexico and came up actually came to the fencing him a few years ago when she was between coaching jobs, and she talked about everyone in New Mexico in the athletic community, kind of all seem to know each other. And I'm guessing they all know, the gentry family pretty well. Based on Jack what you're talking about. I'm going to be a little slow on this. But before the. Was a guy came up and he kept on his shoulder. And he said he'd played for the university of Michigan and he's one of their receivers yet a hamstring injury and couldn't play, but it was like in two thousand six two thousand seven two thousand and I think his name was stolen or something. Like that. I can't remember the name, maybe John Faulk last name stone them Zaire thing that was who it was barrels zone on to receive out of Texas. And what a nice guy, and he couldn't be more excited about to see somebody from Michigan. I mean, he had a smile on his face and talked about all the great things about the university of Michigan. And and it was just an and then the game was ready to start and we were down there. You know, next to the wall we wanted to get right to the wall guys are diving into the camera wells and over the walls. Eight is crazy when you're down here close to that. But but anyway, they're three guy three older gentlemen, walk in they had their Michigan M's on. And they had no, hats and all that. So I ran around the corner. Go. I looked at me and we enter -duced ourselves and we had another about five minutes ten minutes. Michigan. People are everywhere. Go blow. That's for sure. We're looking forward to seeing that the Michigan fans everywhere on Thursday night in Anaheim, California for John beeline squad 'cause you look out west they're going to take over that arena. It's going to be maize and blue throughout the city of Anaheim for for coach beeline squad. This this coming weekend. They're playing pretty well. You guys get a chance to watch this spring ball underway. Do you get a chance to watch the basketball the games? Sure. Did you watch watch good parts of both games? And. Texted coach be line. And he's he texted back and says got great players and great coaches and they're tight knit team. He can really really see the so we're in three years in a row, Sweet Sixteen awesome. The beginning to look like team. We saw last year. Jim we were watching them through the playoffs. They looked like they were playing with seven hundred narratives plane about four the way. They played defenses is great love it. Yeah. They're they're pretty tonight on that side of the ball. And also coach about a week of spring ball under your belt. How's the week? Then go fantastic. Ira really is going good. The things that stand out the most teams really in good shape physically in good shape, cardio wise. You know, they're they're practicing really hard, and well, and then practices are are going up as as we're end in there. He's like crescendo, and it's not like falling off in the end. And geyser winded. Also, just about every every body looks trained and in physical, even the even the big guys. You know, the the old line de Lyon, guys, I mean, flat stomachs and. And look and strong, and you know, maybe Ed can Ed at Warners gonna talk a little bit. But offensive line is has been really good. Michael Wayne, new is really standing out along with Caesar res and Ben Bredesen's, and that's a that's a real strength for our football team to tackle Jon Runyan's, having a very good spring, so far and then Andrew stupor and Jalen Mayfield or are battling it out at right? Tackle that that competition is is waging on but younger guys. Are owning furred is is doing a really good job. Dad? You'll be be excited to also hear that Hayes Hayes Ryan Hayes is is is on the scene a really really finishing and and play an outlet so excited about the offensive line. And then the defensive line is well Donovan jeeter. Would be the first name that I'd throw out. There is is somebody that's made a huge jump from last year to where he's at right now. Tremendous winner programs strength. He's he's he's really figuring it out and plant explosive. Sean newest got our defense a line running. They are they are running an athletic and a big emphasis on on running. And. Aiden hutchinson. Doing extremely well. Quit e pay doing extremely well. Carl camp is strong. No, we've talked about it before where he came in as an inside linebacker, then he was an outside linebacker, the news a defensive and now play an inside playing the the two technique to three technique and. Really has gotten gotten himself extremely strong. I thought yesterday Julius wells cough had a really good practice yesterday. Well, it's cough. Is you know, figuring it out and had no no high school football that some other sports. He's skied the and sicker wolves. He played basketball. He did a lot of things and he's he's he's coming along. Extremely well. It looks like Aiden Hutchinson. When they when they stand next to each other. From from stature standpoint, and he's filling out really nicely so excited about the but both those lines right now. And Ben Herbert and the staff done a tremendous job getting those guys strong and in shape. So so far going really good excited about the the running backs. I don't know if you saw the tape from from Sunday's practice yet dad, but I did oh you did. So so now the so the running backs are Sundays practice had been Mason. And Ben vents Sumer one worse. Forty other words, forty two. And now you're talking. Oh that I got me. Then I don't forty was. I I didn't know who forty one. I had somebody else. I didn't who that was was that Dan as van summer, and so and for an forty how about forty nine it's forty nine Lucas, Andrew ghetto. So. Another another really good movie move from safety to running back. You remember to Wilson and was was a safety when he first started. And then became a running back. I in my opinion, Andrew ghetto is better than to Wilson when he first move over from safety to to running back, but he's introduced got speed. He's got he got savvy in there. He really really seeing the holes and for somebody who's only been playing running back for for four practices here with us. He played running back in high school. But yeah, forty nine Lucas Andrew ghetto is is is emerging somebody who's going to be going to be a really good player to Wilson's doing a good job. Andrew ghetto can catch the ball out of the backfield as well. So he's doing a good job. And then so you got those types of running backs, and then you've got this Mason, and and advanced summer in that have been. Then had some real productive runs. Some scoring touchdowns some way, you know, get hitting the get hit in the whole at two yards and then bled. It out for another. Another two yard picking the soft shoulder. And and keeping his legs legs turn and moving so excited about the the running back position. There's a lot of good players that are in there. Doing a great job right now so excited about it. And I guess spring practice that was one of the things I always enjoyed you know, you don't want. You earn for game in two weeks or one week or two just really enjoy of progress. You know, guys that took those four or five six months after the season was over in worked in the weight room and get their minds straight to what they what they wanted to do. And how productive they they wanted to be puts us I can hear it in your voice, just a smile on your face. Kind of smelling right now development yet that kind of developed there's other positions too. I mean, no tight ends. I mean, you could go on for another other fill, you know, going through the players, but I thought their tight ends played extremely well through. Yes. Sean McEwen eighty four is he's really become elite at that position. Nick Eubanks is is really doing a good job. And he's got some more coaching points. But he's you know, he's really really becoming the the blocker and the past route runner that love to see at tight end. Love his attitude and the way he's working Schoon maker is is doing a good job Mustafa. Muhammad. Also, those two that were in the same class or doing a nice job and really coming along. Well, and and then Eighty-three Eric all gonna ask you whose number eighty three was number eighty three. Well, he's just he's a mid year freshman from Fairfield high school in Ohio and. Again, he's just a freshman. But I doubt he's this guy compete till he drops, you know, is doing a heck of a job and all it took too much about it right now. Get him a big head. But. And if you doing good really really excited about him. I gotta talk about Peter Bush too tight end. That's that's doing a heck of a job. And then before I move onto the next topic. Did you notice Jordan Glasgow at all on the when you're watching? Did you watch some of the defense? All I watch is a guy yet. I mean just hair is literally on fire only way you described away play. He's become the guy that we gotta we gotta take out. You know, you gotta you gotta say that's enough. You know, you've been in there enough. He he must go about one hundred fifty apps on defense because he's he's in with the ones. He's in with the twos. He shows up in the threes. He plays will backer. He plays. Viper. And then when they go to to viper package the speed package. He's in there. He's in their starting on that as well. And they takes every every special team rep that he can take. And we've literally physically now have to to tell him. No, you're out. You might have taken one hundred fifty plays. Sunday's practice. Just I'm just on defense. Abso I wholeheartedly agree. I think you may be undershooting. And even I mean almost every play society exciting time. You know, we always go back you go back to at Stanford. We had those guys that you talk about in a meeting, and you didn't want to go through a five minute district -cation of all his qualities right because he had that many. So you just describing Baz a foot all layer layer. It sounds like he is. He is quickly or has already attained that title. Yeah. And Ben Mason, another guy, you gotta put an area. We started with the plan of of doing a day on offense and a and a day on defense. But now, we're he's doing both in in the same practice Saint kind of Saint progression. We did with Marie sick. When we made him a two way player now bench play. He's doing some some valley. He's coughing has at the three he's and coffin causing havoc. Broken anyhow at the three techniques not yet. But it's coming. It's a matter of time and playing running back and he's playing playing tight end and causing havoc on the D line. So I wanna read one twenty guys that we got we got a bunch of great tweets this week. And when there's a couple that are some really good questions that we're going to bring back next week when Jack comes back Tomba got this one tweet, and it was a question for you guys in particular for you coach is it hard for you. Go into your kids games and sitting in the stands and not being able to be their coach and being on the sidelines. And it's got the emoji hashtag as Jim Harbaugh hashtag who's got a better than us. Nobody and it was from our ball. Great. Great question. I think of it this way. It's it's I had a lot of fun playing the most fun. I ever had was playing football coaching has been the next best thing. And then watching my kids play sports. I feel like I'm playing again, I feel like I get more excited for their games than they do. And. I feel like I'm playing again. So it's it feels like the best thing. Again. Are you better off into stands than on the sideline coaching for your kids? Well, yeah. Let me dental tell you I'm into stands. But. You're not coaching. Right. But when I when I coaching when he gets a chance when you get the chance, then then you coach them up. I mean, that's that's usually after the game. It's usually when we're at home, I get a get a chance to coach him. And and yeah. So having a little vegetables worlds there with your own kids. You get you get to feel like you're playing and you get the feel like you can coach him to having a great time with John and his forty way down get a Cup of coffee in some fruit. And Ray across the day was Bob Clinton, the general manager for the the lions, and he he has some children there at school of victory. What's Our Lady victory? His kids are at and Johnny story about how I don't know if you were talking to him or somebody else, but you said you love that school. What why did you say that you love that school? The name Our Lady of victory victory victory. He he got a big eat why forever practice? They got a big kick out of that. But they they're familiar with that Addie. They watched their play and. Had some very good things to say about her basketball. It's good. She leads the team. She always she leaves the team every game and loose balls attained, we're we're proud of that. But Our Lady of victory. It's a it's a great school. It's kind of it's over there in Plymouth, North Korea and two green oak Catholic school. You know, it's it's old in it's clean and great name. It. It's got a great name. They got they got good sports programs. I think you and I went to a game like a seven o'clock game in the morning or early morning game. You, and I you and I were the only ones there representing our family. It was. Yeah. It was like seven or eight eight o'clock on morning. They were like the the first or the second game. It was great. You know? All right. So we we asked all of you podcast listeners to tell us why you love the attack each day podcast. And we would give you an autographed top ten horrible way of life. Poster. You'll be the only one out there too has one outside the family, and we have a winner. David Brown at debate down twenty two. Here's his tweet at a podcast. I tell my five year old daughter to attack each day with enthusiasm on known to mankind. Every morning on the way to school and she responds with allowed, no body. I forgot one day last week before she got out of the car, and she told me to attack the day it warms the cockles of my heart, hashtag, Jack talk. So congratulations. David Brown will be contacting you and getting you that poster. Well, that's great, congratulations. Thanks, jack. We'll see you next week when you're back here in Ann Arbor. Okay. Thank you. A good day up. Next lucky sports parents with Todd Ramler data Nolan Ramler, and we'll get a hand in the interview with his new position coach Michigan office of line. Coach Ed Warner next year on a tacky today. 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Now time for our lucky sports parents feature IRA watch up here with. Michigan Jim Harbaugh directly recruiting Matt Dudek and Michigan offensive line coach Ed Warner, and we're joined for this week's edition of sports parents by toddler dead of Nolan rambler here on a tacky day, the Harbaugh's podcast. How's the family? Doing great. My wife's on spring break this week. So that we're to go see I think he's a stay at home with my daughter. My one daughter and I'm youngest is on spring break. And you know, they're killing high school or not yet. So she's staying home with her mother daughter Rican house. The big fella doing it. Don't get just. Lifting every day and working out every day. So getting ready. It was good to see the first practice. He looked great. He's been he's been pretty hard is working really hard. So I don't think he's missed today since since the season ended so podcast a few weeks ago. We gotta talk about coming from the basement. Knowle's come from the garage. Got that weight room in the garage. You got the grill that's kinda pull out of the garage there. You make you feed them a lot of meeting, but that that setup that weight room that you have in the garages is one of the best garage weight rooms, I have seen in a maybe my entire career. I've never seen better either. I mean that was amazing great facility cook some meat on the grill get hungry while he's training gives. It's a heck of a set of it as where did you? When did you put together the the weight room there? Got kicked out of all we actually had a family membership to a big wellness center here and. Sneaking all over there. He was in fifth grade. And you wanted to start learning how to faith? So he was going over there with me, and we kinda got away with it for about six months. And then the people the front desk new us than some new guy showed up, and he wouldn't let us in because it wasn't dependent hours and all too young yourself. And so we didn't write to them. It sends for all the time. He can take a kid there too late with after nine o'clock at night or something like that. Great. That's kind of a tough thing to do. So I was kind of Ed and we left the the left alone center and my wife agreed to let me put away bench in the garage. And that kind of got out of hand. There's a lot of toys in there. Now, you got chains and he's got heavy bags and sandbags. And oh my goodness dumbbells. It's all their third actually, so, but it's a long over the years and. And kind of go to the far Mansarn farm strength and under the bar stuff in the just he's really gotten into it and love it. And they'll be out there this evening. So did you say far strike? Yeah. Like solve a defect kind of. I love it. I love it. I know what that means. Tell the listeners what what is farm strict bailing hay and lifted. Thanks. What is what is it? Exactly. Yeah. You spend a lot of time throwing hundred fifty pounds sandbags around up in the air and. L bell. And see what he does a lot of kettlebells stuff. Heavy stuff just things the kinda kinda wrestling strength to learn that a lot you know, Russell when he was younger. So he kinda got into that kind of training where you just you just as hard as you can. And you don't feel right unless you're you're ready to throw up from just. But he's got that look about him. Don't you think maybe ever seen a high school senior somebody come outta high school? That's more developed a strong every muscle kind of strength. Yes. Functional strength. There's guys that are strong in the weight room, but he has this function strength like you. Call arm strength where he could do certain things that. Yeah, he's he's going to be exciting to work with what's he way in about three ten three fifteen somewhere in there. Look like three twenty five loop right now. It's a solid three twenty five to that is. No, yeah. He looked awesome. And also he's also got the weight room strike. I think we looked at it all or thirty or so didn't he? Yeah. I mean, there was there was only like what three offense alive we thought that were in four twenty five to four fifty a bench press area. He was one of Zach carpenter, right? Was. Another. I think there was a third but two out of the two out of the three strongest highschool offense alignment I in the country both coming to Michigan next year. Pretty exciting. Yeah. I don't know that we've I've ever recruited a guy stronger than him in all areas, lower body, upper body total strength, and you know, he and Zack coming together and they're both for twenty five. Plus ventures is pretty impressive for guys that are still in high school. You're listening to attack each day, the Harbaugh's podcast. Make sure to stick around after this podcast to get the latest headlines from the AP news minute. Are you down with the March madness fever, then check out the big podcast with shack on podcast one sports net. Listened to the big guy himself for the best basketball coverage of the NCAA tournament with a few laughs thrown in as well. Get the inside scoop and download new episodes of the big podcast was Shek every Monday on podcast one. Now back to attack each day, the Harbaugh's podcast, but you've talked about Nolan getting into the way starting around the sixth grade tickets through his his footfall growth, and when he first started playing physicians he's played over the years. I think. I think you start on fourth grade. There's funny. He's we wanna find him up for like play flag football and your third grade. And you know, that you know, he made them play center in you know, in flag football, you don't get to really do anything. So he just there a wall. And we try to find him up for her phone fourth grade, and he was too big play locally. And a guy. I was playing with down in canton. You know, told me they haven't been our league at open. So yeah, she drove down to our Bill. Spot a half hour away every night and join this league and actually had a little mini combine and he showed up, and he's not that Hyun or great. He was one hundred ninety seven pounds. He was like five eight or something like that. And so they'll be this monster and yet you got I combine and and the end up playing youth football out of Arbil late youth. Great little little youth football program and kind of went from there to the middle school and then archbishop Hoven someone's always been alignment, obviously, the big stripe on his helmet. Never touched. All. When did, you know, when did you know that he would you're working with some special there? I it his first even he was pretty strong and obviously big kid, but an understanding what he had to do. It started an in for pancakes and tackles and. I you know, I had a motivate them somehow. And I think the first game that he I think the challenge was tackles. And I and I asked you know, I told my getting five dollars for every tackle that he he made and I had to go to the ATM machines. I didn't have enough money in my pocket. Thirty or forty dollars. So he kinda got that Thomson. Pretty good. And then the next year. To me. And this is one that Roma started wellness center thing started. Yes. To join a youth training programs designed for ten and eleven year olds you know, for Gillian speed through that wellness program, and she signed him up for it. And he he loved working out. He loved measuring himself and see how much higher ISA jumping fast and faster could run and doing all that stuff. And it's funny. If you do on the internet or still some pictures of him like, look, they can do what you're doing a power thing would probably twenty pounds. But it's your in a register gonna power clean installing the internet. But that was his first time working out and getting into that. And and so he came back, and I think you have to nineteen and he living at different kid 'cause he was running and you're still wrestling. So he he'd like to train, and he just was a monster and fifth grade. It was scary, actually. For literally for some of the kids on other teams. And parents all mad that he was playing since he was kind of abusive, and then I know. It got worse. All the way through eighth grade. I think. Even though little bit in high school and played as a freshman, and he, you know, he probably first time you ever challenged and. I mean history tells you the okay. Yeah. I know what he was a freshman. Tim is coach would call me. And he said Ed at I got a freshman. You gotta look at it. And I'm thinking. Yeah. Okay. Right. We got a freshman. We gotta go look at a freshman, and he kept telling me he said, I'm just telling you this guy's legit. He's legit. And when I watched him he is legit. He was legit. And I've never seen anyone practice harder. I probably watched in practice three or four times over the years. I may in practice. I feel sorry for the kids that he's going against practices. You saw coach while we were there. He was like turning guys upside down put them on the ground. It's he's aggressive at breakfast now for state championships speaks these speaks volumes four in a row and our HOGAN what like all four. Fifteen five starts are fifty six starts at left tackle her game. It out there you at eight. Never miss. He's a great guy. A great teammate. The I love to watch. Get your perspective as a parent, but you're signing six offense lineman this in this two thousand nineteen class. And and it just their interaction. You talk about that a little bit. I mean with Nolan Zack in in. And Carson Barnhart a note translated don't see him as much or Jack Stewart as much Trevor on Trevor Keegan they don't know. But I've watched especially Zack in in in Carson amid it seems like every weekend Nolan's down Zach Zack's up up at your place or or they're over visiting are all off. Then they wear those. They wear those those plaid shirts where did that come? And they always. Like their flannel, plano, plaid shirts. What's it's pretty cool to watch. And then how they connected all the all become pretty good friends at the seams. At the plate here thing. I don't know. I think they just want to be like, then, you know. They want to. And if you're going to pick somebody that'd be like, he's probably probably the best our family, and all of us think very highly been, so they're they wanna emulate. That's a good thing. Oh, yeah. And but no, they don't know. They just hit it off. I think they've got common interests. They're all kind of goofy. But you don't take it serious. And all the parents, I think are probably probably hit it off just as well. So it just makes it easy. You know, you're someone along that are further away. You know, we got to spend time with the family, and they're they're great. I'm not personally, I never met Jack steward. I wasn't there. When he was there Nolan about ten to eight, and we spent a lot of time in the the under armor game. He spent a lotta time hanging around their families some time with us and he's just a great kid. So, you know, I don't know. But they just have a really unique chemistry, and I it's pretty fighting to see what they're gonna go through in the next four to five years. It's going gonna be fun pretty excited. Literally, probably come up your plays a lot for that stake. I don't know what you who. You're butcher is. Or what do you do? But let's take you had on the grill for us. That night was Ed. Remember that one off delicious? I'm ready to come back time. No. There's no recruiting rules anymore. Thirty guys in here. And they know the. We'll we definitely coming by thought after I coach does is visiting with amount of a call may what's going on house? Visit that was everything going. I mean, I can't tell you how much eat talk for five minutes about your stake. I mean is out greatest. Naked was. I'm not gonna lie. The stakes. Excellent at night, you know, so. Duma's me Dumas's meets out of Southfield, Ohio. Those guys are often down there. And they just do a great job. So they met hook me up for the event. There. This you must meet. Yup. But you know, those six guys I mean, they're all similar in that they love football. And they love the process of working to get better in football. I mean, you could tell all of them loved to train they love this study film. They love to watch football. They love playing football practicing their into all that whole process, and then birds of a feather flock together, that's a heck of a flock right there. We love having those guys together because it with no intelligence to. I I mean, you really noticed that. I mean, the work ethic. That's off the charge was the attitude of coming to Michigan and making Michigan. Great and making yourself great. I mean, that's that's Nolan rambler the may in it's it's contagious in. It's it's it's rubbed off on just about everybody in the class. No fan. I is it. Been fun to watch. And to be a part of that's for sure. Curious. No one's on field. Disposition to nastiness that is kind of the opposite. Some of the things we talked about off the field. But at the nastiness in in which he plays that was the word that I kept getting described to me when I was asking people about his tape. But what he looked like where do you come from inherent is at the coast up to 'em. Our the nastiness on the fuel comfirmed time. I don't say Pam don't say, Pam. You know, I I'm sure some of it's just natural. But you know, young I, you know, I I didn't I didn't try to coach him too much growing up. You know, I try to I I guess I'm not one of those. I don't wanna put somebody doesn't want to be pushed. So it's pretty self motivated. I think nobody talk about that kind of stuff a lot in initiating, your blocks and making sure, you know, I think looking you always you always after every game. Tell me when he could see in is if they quit. So that was always kind of challenge, and I would always after the game. I look out is about third quarter that that middle third quarterback could quit. And he goes, yeah. He he gave up and so he's just always sending mentality of physically dominating somebody on the fields where they absolutely Clinton. Don't want to be there anymore and has probably a collaboration of us to. I guess I'm looking at it. Coach Warner and coach offer that matters. You say that to quote, the jacquard by that was warm the cockles of your hearts right there to here. Those that what it was doing was more. When I was warming, the cockles of my heart to hear that. But you see it too. I mean, you see it all on the practices in in on the game tape all in practice. And then it all games. He just he's a finisher when you don't have to coach guy to finish it becomes contagious. It's going to be exciting because he's going to set the bar for everybody on how to practice and how to finish plays. And that's a beautiful thing for us. It's admits also to a tradition in northeast Ohio to him, and that is is football football football. So many great coaches, so many great players have have come from the area there, and we played with some we've seen a lot of them in. It's the when it's that's that's he's a product of that environment to wouldn't you say time. It's a it's a great great area football. Great tradition. You know down in. Nashwan and Ken in, you know, some of the Royal schools around here men so strongly that there's just it's agree football environment after vice football. I mean, if it if no one's ever not playing or playing on a Saturday or Thursday, you know, me, and my Buddy's still go watch high school football games. There's always just a game. That's you know, must see TV. And and I think, you know, for Nolan, you know, he got challenge a lot, and he got to play against a lot of kids that are gonna be he's probably gonna seeing college too. So he's always able to measure himself. You know, I I wouldn't quite here is that people could be here Sunday in. So it was it was it wasn't like he was playing where he always just had to them. So having that level of all round here. I think it helps his broke through through icefall. How about he never gave up a sack in highschool? I just speaks to his competitive nature that he was never gonna give in on a play or give up on a playing and let his guy sacked the quarterback recommend think about fifty eight starts at never gave up a sack. That's amazing. It's a pretty cool back during some of the competition that they played, you know, some of the big big schools. They played in some of the division one players. He's played against Abbas. That's a pretty big accomplishment. I think and you know, I had I always, you know, hey, if I talk about that. But I think they also rushed for over ten thousand yards while he was praying there. So a pretty good pretty good running game too. I mean, you think about eighteen playoff games in four years against. So that's the best teams in the state never gave up a sack in eighteen playoff games against the top teams in Ohio. But he somehow got out of it. And yeah, I think that's a pretty legitimate staff. We have able find one where he's gotten beat on film for a first act anywhere. So I can't recall any. Yeah. And then so you're going along it's already March, and you know, kinda countdown to the days in the months and weeks year before Nolan comes up the university of Michigan, which we we are thrilled about so excited. Can't wait to get them up here. How's it? How's it around the house? He just is starting to set in that the your boy is is gonna be leaving the nest. Yeah, we have agreed not to talk about it. Yeah. It's been sweet, obviously, you know, if. Incoming michigan. I couldn't find a better place, and and your son to better, you know, you guys and when the university, and if you gotta Henderson your eighteen year old somebody, it's it's you so, you know, remember static and we're happy for him. But you know, he's he's our best friend, and that's that's gonna be hard, admittedly, just in not being there every day and hanging out and joking and and just spending I guess fiddles bashing father time, but it's just gonna be hard. But we'll just and we'll probably be both my wife, and I had to get an apartment up there 'cause she won't be able to be away too long. But. Well, how many exact hours and minutes is the drive 'cause you know, you'll have it right down to the minute. Won't you? What is our in forty six minutes your second? I kinda thought you guys knew. Got it down to their lack of when the leaves? It'd be there. So I'll tell you. This is probably not a better parent or family to talk about Michigan in why Michigan in what the why why Nolan in the family pick Michigan 'cause there's never been a player that we've ever recruited who made his many visits. Oh, man to nobody knows better than than the rumours. I is. You can't even count. How many times that you visited or came up the games or game to the practices, and and just gotten to the point where everybody knows your face Renault's Nolan's face it. It's what was it? Why michigan? I did not say, but you know, you just family, and it feels like home, you know. No. I spend time talking you know, and mom, obviously, you spent a lot of time talking about what he's looking for and school. And you know, you always ask them to focus on the fact that he's plenty of all you can go to college. And you know, we see a lot of kids that are going to college to play football and the kind of miss the point and I think in throughout the whole recruitment. You know, we I think we were there cheesy fourteen or fifteen times over evil over four years and and rioting, and I think the focus has always been on, you know, football football. And we got kinda got that out of the way understand all in Michigan football where he spent a lot of time talking about what he's going to do for the next four years from an education from and getting through school and and being. Student. You know, you said at one time coach that you're really trying to put the student back in Africa. And I think we're talking about trips that you guys taking every year, and that's just kinda hit home. I don't see a lot of schools that have at the other way around and we see in students and the players. As if dad was asking the other day, what we will be why Michigan what stood out the most and my wife, and I we went on visits was particularly for practice. We spent a lot of time trying to be close to the players and listen to the players on the sidelines. The players recruiting for you more than anybody. And they're talking, and they don't they forget that people are around, and they will talk about coaches talking about players talk about king and Michigan players love in their their their mother. I've never heard of negative were out of a Michigan player when nobody was around. And we've heard that I'll schools so there's just something different. You know, it's. Again, it comes back down to feel like home in on his family, and it's just always felt like home to us in Olen most obviously Nolan, but I'm going to be a little biased. Well, we love reluctant to. Do you know, that's what? And that's what always really to me. Always makes it a family because we have football. But the other thing we have in common that that that a family a youngsters choosing Michigan in. We are choosing the youngster the be here. And then with the football component of that that makes that makes the ball team. Then it makes the makes the family so her Naveh better guy or better family to be the be joining us than than run family. And so for. Yeah. It's so cited go blue. Up next. Ed talk billion for Jack talk here on package day, the Harbaugh's podcast. This is Jack talk. I wanna listen I want to be better. I want to be the best. I can be welcome to our team that Jack talk as you get older. You get to be seventy eight years old. Here's what I find here grows in places that it hadn't been before. Welcome to hashtag, Jack talk is now when we usually get the Jack talk here and attack he stayed the Harbaugh's podcast. But as you heard earlier on the show, Jack as an Zona with John Harbaugh, the NFL spring meeting, so we're doing a little Ed talk. Instead with Ed Warner who is with us during the Todd Rumbelow lucky sports parents interview in coach Warner it's you must be just having a blast this last week or so getting the guys back out on the football field. Oh, it's been awesome. I mean, the group of guys I have the room. I have great guys. We have a lot of talented players back for starters back all of them all conference style players. They're off to a great start. And then we've got some good young players that are developing. Having a good start to spring so excited about those guys. Let's start on the inside. I want to ask you about the three guys in the middle. Because coach Harbaugh talked a lot about these guys with on when you with Caesar we's and with Ben Bredesen's now a lot more football under their belts. And he just has been raving about the progress. They've been making as a core as a trio in the middle of your offense, align, I totally agree. I mean, they're fun to coach they continue to improve. They were very good players last year. They've taken another step. I told him that after practice yesterday. I said I I'm just so proud of how hard you guys are working in the off season. The fact that each one of us gotten better, I mean, Mike is really taken a big step. He has a lot of talent he trained hard in the off season in the first phase of winter conditioning came in great shape and his last two, practices and pads have been phenomenal for him. And if he continues like that we're going to see it in the field. You know when we play. Then it makes always been strong IRA. He's always been a strong player. He could always move anybody in the that up against beast doing so many subtle things. Now at you know, we're all his awareness to pass off twist games or zone block, and and redirect. During the progression of the blocking scheme. Maybe talk about a little bit of that. Yeah. I think that's where his growth has come is. He's been studying the game. No, one is been more aggressive asking questions texting wanting to know more watching film about because those details or what's going to make emigrate pit player because he is talented. And so his ability to understand like this own schemes and some of the things that we see from our defense, and whereas I should be hand placement. Bumping off games and twists communicating get to the second level. I mean, he's just doing a lot of those high level details now, and we're seeing them in practice, and and it's because he wants to and he he's listening to those things and asking for those things like no one sends us more text messages about what should I do on this? He watches film on his ipad. He takes a picture somebody sends us, so we're really happy with Mike and how about Ryan Hayes right out of the gate of it just jumped a Ryan Hayes what he's made a big jump. What I have seen. And I let. Ways coming off the ball. Ryan. I mean, as you guys know, I mean, he came to says a tight end. And so physically he wasn't as big and strong and learning offense one technique took him a little time. But again, there's a guy who dedicated himself learned worked hard this off season. Now in practice these first couple practices. His strength is better as explosion the pad level. He's playing with he's much more aggressive any his details. Have been good. I mean, he's doing some things you wouldn't expect a freshman to do and in terms of just understanding schemes. And so. You know, it's exciting because that's what you wanna see though this year, these freshmen takeoff. And so think Ryan's got a bright future for us. I mean, we're obviously very familiar with the four guys that are turning their starters. And I think what a lot of people want to hear about right tackle, they want to learn they want to hear about the overhearing about Ryan Hayes, obviously is something that people want to hear about the younger guys that maybe we haven't seen as much so obviously stupor and and Mayfield on the right side talk about those guys a little bit and just how they're going after early on its bring ball. Well, it's been fun to watch those two guys because we laid it out former early we told them that both we're going to have a legitimate chance to be a starter there in four practices their reps have been dead. Even we've gone fifty fifty with them being in the first group and second group, and we rotate it, and we're just going to let them compete at that position. And eventually someone will move ahead of the other. I don't think it's clear yet who that is. I think it's still in the process. Both of them have great strengths and talents. Time will tell but the thing we know is at the end of the day. Those two guys will have really really good, right? Tackle on a really good backup, right tackle. And with the way Hayes is coming on a backup left tackle. So that's kind of exciting to know that we're developing some depth, but we're going to have a quality starter there. Right. Tackle for sure coaches. This is the deepest the line especially in spring ball. Those numbers wise is the deepest that you have been since you've been here. I'm trying to just do. Yeah. French. It is in my opinion. I met this offense a line. Starting group is has got a chance to be the best that we've had since we've been here and then. That with the emergence of some of the younger players like Hayes, and honing furred and and and spend analysis. There's not a big draw shock Chuck Phileas really Chuck's having a really really good really good spring. I mean, there's not a big not a big drop off. When you get to the second unit, and they're really coming on hard and strong and fast. And then I would say even when we go to the third unit there, there's some really good really good players. They're guys that have have walked on and really in been been taken coach and edge doing a great job. But you mean spate the start is core. Con coming on Robinson. Oh, Greg Robinson to me. He did some some really good things in Sunday and Pran, Dan yoga's shoes. Also was tight end in highschool. I mean, there is not a a huge drop even when you get into the threes. And and so, yeah, it's it's very deep right now. It's fun. That third group is fun because we're getting them more reps and practice being no huddle. And so we're getting extra work with those guys. And they've looked tremendous. I mean, I couldn't be prouder of that third group and how they've progressed to where we. Can run our offense and execute at a high level with those guys they're doing an ice job. But Chuck's really having a good start to spring ball. And Han affords improve Joel and Steve Spinella has always been steady smart tough. And so he's right there same way. I mean, he's that second group. There isn't a big drop off. You know, I've before you got here and even in your early time here there weren't nearly enough bodies on the Atlanta have a game like a spring game where you split it in half. You just weren't the bodies there. Now, you're going through the first line the second line. You're talking about the walk on that third land. They're giving you a really good production. And in the previous thing we've talked to Todd Reynolds that's six more guys coming in for your room. They're going to be here in the fall and got to be bit for those guys to that's a large room of a lot of large guys. And I'm pretty excited to see that many guys to create as coach always said the meritocracy the more guys competing the better off. You're going to be right. I mean, and I think those guys know the fact that this recruiting classes. Talented, and they'll come in and want to compete. So we've talked to all these guys to about that you better get way ahead of where you because these new guys are coming in and they're going to want your spot. So you better solidify yourself as a legitimate guy that's earned a role in this team. So it competition brings out the best in everybody. Coach you find love when those guys get your June does young bucks barking chomping at the ankles of the other guys the older guys trying to nibble their way up the depth chart and right as soon as they get here working hard. But at the same time learning from the older guys as well that the building of the battling each other for spas. But at the same time making better. Yeah. Jumps out to is. Ben Bredesen's really such a such a tremendous leader. And it's it's it's all the right way. I mean, it's all by example. But it's. He he cares for each of the geyser. It's it's important to them to pull other guys along and and coach them in a positive manner. And I think Caesar REEs is is kind of. I would look at him. Like, you got the you got bad at you got a great, captain a great Lieutenant and in Caesar, and he's he's come along. And in that mold wouldn't you say at all, I think so. Yeah, Caesar is the quarterback of the line. I mean, the the number of things we put on his plate to communicate and make calls and make judgments he's he does a tremendous job of that. I mean, we have some new coaches on offense. And they're amazed at how good he is at knowing how to do that. And that's something it's real important to him. But that really helps us up play together and be on the same page, but he he's doing a tremendous job. And he is a great Lieutenant of Benza. Captain of the Caesar's developing very very well in that role. And it'd be great though, you talk about the six offense alignment that. Are that are coming in? And that's it won't just be six. There'll be some others too. I don't know if we can talk about him yet met. But okay, I'm gonna read on Scott scholarship players that are coming in the two thousand nineteen class is good is we've we've done. Depth wise in recruiting guys and really good players. That are coming in guys that have turned out some subscriber ships to be here. And and they're going to benefit really the point is they're really going to benefit from having a band Bredesen's. And and Caesar reason, and Jon Runyan, and and and Mike, and Wayne you where they were those guys have taken their game as well. I know there's been a change in the office the coach Gaddis coming in and the the speed and space and the things that he was talking about in his press conference last week. But for your guys, I mean, they're still in the trenches. They're still blocking how they acclimated to the changes still have to black people. It's no different. We found that there's there's really no difference. Comes to a point where you still have to block them in. Yeah. I mean, it's just a different way of presenting offense. But I mean, we're running a lot of plays. Our guys know these plays. How we present them to them is a little different the formations the speed at which we do it like our guys are convinced. This is better because they don't have to go seven yards back huddle up at seven yards backup. So we're saving them. Fourteen. Yards apply. You save a lineman that over seventy five plays. They like that. So they get their communication through Caesar. And Ben communicate with them. You know, we have a system to get the plays into them. But. Yeah. It's it's all going good. And. We really haven't talked much about Jon Runyan. But I mean, he's about a study as you can come. I remember last year at this time practice for spring, and I was like concerned about would John get where we wanted him to get any add a great year force. And then just watching him. He is just he's the steady guy. I mean, he's the same every play. And he does some really good things. John John is going to be steadied there at left tackle force. I mean in a very high level of steady about the only guy he's John run and the only player from the two thousand fifteen class of the scholarship players. It's still on the team is that right is our only be it'll be our only fifth year scholarship player along with Michael Dana. Those will be the only fifty points being here, obviously for all five years. And he's the only he's the only player only scholarship play this been here for five years. For coach your second. You hear things seem a little easier smoother just as being in familiar place a year removed from when you got here. Oh, absolutely. I mean, it starts with very familiar with the players and very comfortable and understand those guys were able to take him to another level. Now, I think because we know what their strengths are. And we build up a level of trust and communication there. That's been great. I mean, the whole program the support staff the pieces we have in place. Everything runs smooth. Everybody knows where they're supposed to be knows what they're supposed to do. So for me, it's been really easy. It's it's a joy to go out to practice because I watch guys who know what they're doing. They know how to work hard. They compete at practice. They want to be good. And so now, it's just helping them key continue to grow. But I thought I'd at one sidebar that Jon Runyan will be coached by this year a little bit by the same guy who coached his father in the NFL. So we added a an analyst to coach his father coach Kostya Wonka St. oh, who's going to be working with this? And funny walks in the starting left tackle twenty years later, the son of a guy he coached the go. So we're we're excited about that. You know, coach has been here a couple of weeks with this. I wanna cop to. Because you you bring up just how many offense alignment that around the team. And that are good players all all offensive linemen are improving, and that's that speaks volumes for Ed Warner as a football coach. We are much improved as an offense this past year with EDA's our offensive line coach in all statistical categories, but the, but he also can he's also a great recruiter is brought in a class of six plus guys in in one class, and he's doing a heck of a job working on on a twenty twenty class. So we love having you here at it's great to be here. No one has a better than me. So last thing for you. This is the Jack talk segment, but we're doing a little Ed talk here. So do you have a, quote or advice, you can love impart embark on the on the listeners as we wrap up the podcast here. I just think that in life, you get what your own, and I think if there's something important to you. It's always worth fighting for. So if you wanna championship, it's will you gotta be willing to fight for it. If you want to do something, you you don't give it's not give it to you got earn it. And that's what we try to teach our guys if that's important to you. Go fight for to get it. And you get what you earn. And I think our kids are competing at a high level because they want to try to win a championship. And that's our goal. And it's team. I not me. I and when you got that it's fun to go to work every day. Thanks, ed. Appreciate it. Thank you. And that's going to do it. For this dish it of attack each day, the Harbaugh's podcast. You can contact us on Twitter at podcast or by using hashtag. Jack talk. Follow us favorite us inscribed to us on podcast, one dot com and the pot. Cast one app. And of course, please don't forget to the us on itunes when I think our guest, Todd rambler, and our special guest in studio with us and Jim Becker hall, Michigan off it's a line coach Ed Warner's place Todd end to Ed. We also want to thank podcast one integrate sponsor truecar. And of course, what I think all of you for listening this week have a great week everybody and keep attacking each day with an enthusiasm unknown a mankind. Thank you for listening to attack each day. 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