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yo this is the prologue bitch


Hello lovers welcome to the new. Gen All right. So it's January. Two Thousand Twenty in Portland Maine Yup and freezing. It's yeah we're dying and we decided rided that we wanted to come back to the podcasting scene but we want us to rebrand ourselves a little bit. So we were previously generation loveless and that was kind kind of our take on dating and the Internet and being millennial and then just talking about sex and dating through that Lens Law in embarrassing harassing ourselves immensely. But at the time we didn't know it was right and just some background so when we started generation loveless. We were in Boston. We were in college at Emerson College. We had pretty strong. Is that her idea. We had pretty strong values and beliefs when it came to dating and gender roles and leanings. Yeah I think you know. We had some unbiased which you'll be able to pick up on which is totally fine. I think it's really interesting listening to this old podcast and we wanted to put it out there because you're going to be able to kind of follow our life experiences and when we were in Boston dating it was this kind of this slide to NATO and San Diego by kind of this like sad Experience guess because we were. We were very goal Oriented on finding a boyfriend that was very high priority for us which didn't happen right so you just kind of talking about all ages so hopeful giving so many guys the benefit of the doubt having like sadly kind of like low expectations would take like any little piece of like. Oh but he was so nice because he asked me if I was comfortable while I was sitting at his apartment that he invited me over to it. Like eleven o'clock at night or something terrible. I don't know yeah but basically right now. So we're at a very different place in our life lives lives. We don't have one way. Okay we're GONNA have to edit that laugh look at it. It's okay but but I'm trying to get to the point. Which is that now? Jen Love which we're gonNA start posting episodes from after we get all these old generation loveless episodes up up is going to be a lot more topic inclusive about other things in our life. Not just boys because right. That's although we talked about. Yeah and that is what the purpose of generation loveless was just about dating and sex and social media and how dating is a millennial is is a pretty unique experience compared to pass generations which is cold but We wanted to do a podcast. That was more about all of life. It's silly the millennial Lens. Obviously because we are millennials but just dating not really a part of our lives at the the moment I keep searching from our life to our lives. I'm aware I'm doing but yeah I think I think these episodes are fun. And they're entertaining and they're kind of like young Alex and Helena Little Yeah Carefree Helpful Committee and so hopefully you get. Maybe something out of them whether it's some little learning lessons about dating or not interest like God that's embarrassing or whatever I think it's entertaining and this is part of her story so if we're going to be creating this podcast talking about what we're going going through. That is a part of this life. Yeah it's actually kind of funny though because I think if you listen to them in order of the way we posted them you'll notice or maybe you won't but at the beginning were a lot more hopeful. The last couple of episodes were just angry and upset. Yeah remember there's a part where I'm just like and you don't see that were so so great. You know what I'm talking about. Alex is the best so I think so. I think you can actually kind of see bat pattern. And yes so we're putting it out and these are we're GONNA call the season one. But it will have the generation loveless intro intro. Now we are going to be shifting over afterwards to Jen. Love more than a new updated intro. Yeah so join us on on on this wild came by lovers.

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