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Tips for the Remote Workplace


You're listening to episode two hundred sixty nine of women worldwide. If you're working remotely what's your video coal setup in? How are you focusing in your meetings and being human on your calls for this show? I'm flying solo with tips for the remote workplace so stay tuned to learn more. Hi I'm Deirdre Breckenridge. I spent an entire career helping women to share stories. Nurture relationships grow their brands but most of all to find their voices so they can make a difference. Do you feel stuck. Do you want to power up your own voice. Women worldwide feature stories of passionate women who have navigated busy career challenges and some of the toughest changes these professionals offer deep insights and advice to inspire you and to help you uncover. What's holding you back? We worldwide ignite your passion so you can excel in life. Welcome to another episode of women worldwide. Thank you for tuning in wherever you are in this world. We appreciate you. We realize you're navigating some challenging uncertain times. Learn to work from home. We're working remotely and as you do your also sharing with us. How you're feeling what's going on in your world and we're able to share the advice and the gas that help you now. Today's topic is the remote work environment. What's your setup like? How are you able to focus and pay attention when you're in your home and and also how can we be more human normally? I would introduce a special guest at this point however I'm flying solo today so let's dive right in because I want to be able to share some tips with you whether you've been doing zoom or skype or Google hangout for years and you just want to make your communication your video calls better or you're new to this and this is a first experience or you know you're on the road to really embracing and using video conferencing all right. Let's talk about the setup finding the perfect for you what I like to do as I have a laptop stand on my desk. It raises my laptop up about six inches. So I'm looking straight on. You're not looking at my nostrils. I also use a professional microphone. Yes I am using a Yeti Mike but you can use a good pair of ear buds or a headset for your meetings. When it comes to the background lots of branding to show who you are and what you do. What's your passion? What's your purpose if you're in a meeting with your team he might. WanNa show something. That's representative of your personality. I'm seeing professionals. Put up the books on the bookcases with the books that they read the pictures framed of their families. You also have a choice if you don't like your background setting. Let's say you're setting up in. You don't have your own office and you're setting up in a room in your house. You might want to select a background when you're in zoom which is really great because you can select background it just pick one that's represented of you and who you are. I was in a meeting. Recently and one of the participants have background of monkeys and one of the monkees was sitting on his head. And of course. That's an icebreaker that made everybody laugh so you can choose your background and I just want to mention one thing on lighting so you want people to see you but not to have light being be distracting if the light is coming from behind you. It's going to wash you out if you put the lighting in front of you kind of like I do here with my little ring. Light on a stand and this is a selfie relied. I'm just going to turn it off so you can take a look at it but this is a Selfie Ray light and it can clip onto your phone when you take a photo or it can clip onto your your laptop so that when you're doing a meeting it illuminates your face. It's in front of you. The light should always come from in front of you and higher or above you and I say that because sometimes you do clip it on your laptop. You'll see the lights. If you wear glasses like I do. You'll see the reflection in your glasses so this is just a great little investment to set the the ambiance of the room to make sure that people can actually see so. I WANNA clip my white back up there like so and turn it back on once again. All right let's go to the second area which is making sure that you're able to focus. Focus during a meeting is really important and when you're focused it also means you're listening and all the participants appreciate that you're listening. Everyone gets their time to speak and went after you speak. You want everyone else to be heard as well. So of course going into meaning. Clear your mind of chatter. Anything that's going on especially if you're remote offices from home. There's lots of things going on in your house before you get on call you need to compartmentalize or clear your mind of whatever it is. That's a part of the home the family so you can show up to your meeting present. Mindful and attentive. Now listening in a meeting also means by language. It means that you are looking at everyone in the meeting. You are listening with your body because you're smiling. Your posture shows that you're listening your head movements whether you're nodding yes or no people can definitely tell by whatever facial expressions you have when you start looking around like this or you're looking down for a really long time. People notice that and it sends a signal to them that you may not be listening now. Listening also shows in whatever is going on during the meeting on sometimes happen. Recently we re not meeting. Someone was sharing their desktop to show an image and then the team started to talk and the person forgot that they were sharing their desktop and they navigated over to facebook. Will EVERYBODY IN. The meeting then knows you're on facebook and not really paying attention another interesting mishap. Call the mishaps that happened when you're not focusing and listening another mishap was during the meeting. Somebody was becoming distracted by their own environment and they decided to stand up. They were half dressed so we saw the pajama bottoms. From the from the top. When you're sitting in the meeting you look great the moment you stand up. Everybody knows that you're in your pajamas. Now it did make everyone laugh but at the same time if you want to prevent some of the mishaps from happening is to make sure that you stay focused and that you're actively listening and by doing that you're being able to ask questions related to what somebody's speaking about and showing that you are really really tuned in now. The last bucket is the be human bucket in your meetings. I mentioned some of the mishaps. Sometimes those mishaps can actually work to your advantage. That makes you human so when something happens whether it is. You're wearing your Pajama bottoms. Or you forget you're on camera and these stand up and you start doing. Your Yoga stretches. Your cat walks across your desktop. Even if your your child your toddler comes in the room and does something really cute behind you. This is human and it could happen to each and every one of the members of your meeting right. It could tap into anybody so it almost. It's an opportunity to laugh about it to bond over it. If something happens to you you can bet somebody else will share a similar story. This is all human. This is about your personality were people. We're not robots and we can't have everything perfect in the virtual zoo or skype or Google hangout environment. So I say go with it when something happens whether it's to you or somebody else be open. Have an open mind set. You're setting a tone for others to feel comfortable into also show that you can be a little bit more vulnerable and and personal with them. Then they can do the same thing and you know what when this happens. Whether it's your team members it's client you're speaking with or you're in a community and you're doing some kind of a video podcast. This builds trust people trust what they can relate to okay so those are the three areas and my tips. I that they are helpful in this episode of women worldwide. Thank you again so much for joining me and for myself and my team. We hope that you're staying healthy and please keep sharing. What's going on in your world because you can bet that either all show up and share some tips and advice or we'll have guests with stories and insights all to help you so until our next episode friends stay safe. Stay focused energized and feeling empowered thank you.

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