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WWHL @ Home: Billy Eichner & Rosie ODonnell


Welcome to the Bravo clubhouse for the podcast addition of Watch. What happens live with me? Andy Cohen anybody of any idea. How much longer quarantines? GonNa last anybody. It's watch what happens. Live at home with Rosie O'Donnell and billy eichner. Now see on. Welcome to watch what happens live at home. I'm Andy Cohen. With one guest. Who's friends with Madonna and another? Who wants invited his friends to a Madonna themed Bar Mitzvah? If you're looking to cure your Sunday scary with the new Sunday night series. You can see my first guest in the show. I know this much is true. I'm so excited. For this miniseries. It premieres may tenth on HBO. It's Rosie O'Donnell great and my next guest. Billy is known for running through the streets of New York and yelling and people's faces. So if he's working for Mommy Llosa's neighbors in apology from billy on the street. Now streaming on netflix exits our buddy billy eichner. Hi Billy Andy I Rosie. Billy or you just thriving in the quarantine. Oh I've never felt better doing planks. You know exit so many home workouts assert. Yeah I'm really really living my best life here. I had a feeling. Billy you're a pro at ranting about pop culture strangers. So let's make sure you stay sharp in isolation and run a few drills at a distance. It's time for a round of wall rant going to give you various pop culture topics yoga on each way. Wego Philly Tiger King. Oh Tiger King So happy to have a gay people on TV that I can relate to Great role models. Who says we are in normal time? It's very inspiring for gay u Very happy that. He's been embraced. Okay all Kirstie Alley blocking you on twitter. Yes kirstie alley walk. I have a whole history with Kirstie alley on twitter and then I realized recently she blocked me and I posted it as a joke. I'm not offended. Sheikhdom blocked me and then people in Brazi tweet and you her. Why did you block? Billy underlines that she didn't know see blocked me which is of course. That's not true and you know it's it's fine. Tom HANKS PLASMA TOM HANKS PLASMA I thought it sounds like a Broadway show like Tom. Hanks as plasma that I would love to go see I don't know I'm very happy for his plasma. You know. I think his plasma is one of the good guys you know like a real chameleon can do anything Patti lupone Ryan Murphy's Hollywood. I'm very excited to watch that. Love Patti Loves Ryan. I think she does sex scenes in it which I'm very excited about. Because at this point I've watched all the gay porn and Quarantine. I can watch second title opponents. The next logical step okay rosy I want you to a dust off old gullies red beret. Because I'm about to channel my inner. Harriet the spy inside speed round of questions about your life and career. What's one thing? Madonna convinced you to do that. Nobody else could go naked in the swimming pool. All right everybody was thinking. I'm like what the hell when you were hosting the Rosie O'Donnell show how many celebrities were on your. Do not ask back list about fide by not that many five those pretty big ones. That's pretty good. What what would it take to get someone on that list? Sometimes it was just excessive drug use. That was evident. Like you know cocaine on the side of them. And they weren't able to focus and one guy leafs. Garrett came with a fresh wound from a from a pint used for crack you know like he sort of nodded out and I wouldn't have met him in the Green Room. He had a normal face and he came out a few minutes later and he had a huge red wealth of firm from being in the Green Room. Those twenty minutes that I didn't see him and people were that that messed up. Shouldn't be on. Tv. What's the most embarrassing audition you've ever been on? Oh boy probably four the Helen Hunt movie with Jack Nicholson was. She won the Academy Award as good as guts as it gets. I was auditioning for that and It was just embarrassing. They kept calling me back and then I would mess up and then they call me back up again so that was embarrassing. I couldn't sort of pull it together. We'll Sunday maybe. A day of rasping our viewers take no days off when it comes to asking burning questions. It's time to I. So lay it on US billy. Lot of questions wanting to know why you weren't a part of the parks and rec reunion the other night. Oh Yeah I don't know I mean at first when I heard about it you know I was only on the show. The the final two seasons only a series regular officially the final season. So when I first heard about it I just assumed it was just the original cast and so which made perfect sense so I didn't think anything of it as it turned out they did bring other people back. Oh I know but it's perfectly fine. It was for a good cause. And it's perfectly fine. I want to ask both of you once again. You've got three huge Madonna fans on the broadcast tonight and Rosie is also a great friend of hers. I I have to ask because once again. People are are are criticizing her social media during the quarantine. Do you ever talk to her about her. Social Media wrote yeah. I talked to her sometimes about what she'd like after the bathroom bathtub one. I was like I saw it in the bathtub. With the Federal Rosen. I think he's trying to To use her time. They're not for nothing you know. She's artistically renew express herself with the quarantine and four little kids in her house with their same time. So I don't know I give her credit. It's not necessarily my cup of tea. I don't always understand what she's talking about when she sighted but you know as friends. You don't really go by the way your twitter. This morning was little disturbing right right. Right right billy what are you? Are you following the adventures? Of course I'm following very hard fan so I'm rolling with whatever it is at this point you know what I mean. I don't lie the way. This is the polaroid from the next tour. That I got that I got to buy a are you. Yeah you know that. It's the same polaroid for every. No she does the same pose in every. Yeah so interesting. Billy anyone else. We would be surprised to know that you're blocked my. I'm trying to think WHO's blocked. Oh well this is not a surprise but once I realized that Bill Cosby had blocked me. Which is for the suit getting thing there exactly. I'm sorry for other people but you don't know until you go check so I'm not sure Rosie isn't it wild. I have to assume that cosby was on the Rosie O'Donnell show yeah. Had you ever heard any of these rumblings at the time? I'm GonNa tell you the story about what happened to a staff member on our show Mary. Toil like six foot tall larger women very great producer. She was assigned to do his mystery. Guest he was there as the mystery guest. Now newsflash. I knew who mystery Tesla's every time I just was acting along with it round choice to know who they were. Yeah because I am not good at surprises and I didn't. I just felt like I could act it better than the do it for real. That's every time I knew who it was blowing all night secrets. Now my show success but so in the room green room the producer goes in and she's talking and saying Bill Cosby. You know she's not going to know that it's you and he said all she has to do is put her hand right here and he put his hand near his penis and she'll know it's made she started crying and got up and left the producer. Who was an African American man? The executive producer Bernie young he went in and had a big discussion with bill cosby. About what's appropriate. What's not and then they didn't tell me about it until after the shop so I was not very you know I was one of those people who knew he was guilty. From from a long time ago it was not surprised by his The charges against him but on the view they would not discuss it. Every time I tried to bring it up it became a little fight. Rosy it's time to stop toying around because a special guest is here to see you and she may be full of fluff but our interview style definitely isn't here from Nineteen Ninety seven it's Shady Rosie O'Donnell doll shady. Rosie Doll Oh my duty. Hey Okay Shady Rosie Don. What's your first question for? Rosie Shack. Mary Kill Madonna Barbara Share. Oh impossible I couldn't kill one of them. I couldn't maybe scratch out that grabs very. I would marry probably streisand just because I want to be around her the most. So that would I think I'd have to share and scratch maybe Madonna because you already kind of have Madan exactly right. Yeah okay. That's question shady. Rosendahl name one meal celebrity. Who up the wrong tree and try to hit on you before you came out? The lead singer from smashmouth Spanish proud was so he was. He was delicious. And every time you came on my show he said Rosie. Mom what do I gotTa do? Man Gay to come to the shelling out and just show with me and I was like are well yes. His Gate ours broke. What's your last question? Shady Rosie doll has been the most and least effective conservative voice on the view. Oh I you know. I haven't watched it but I hear Megan McCain is really a piece of work on that show I don't know maybe she and Elizabeth can duke it out for for lease L. The least effect no for most and least yeah most affected by the now. I can't even I don't listen to what they say. And so are rated in any way I would say you know ask. That really was the one at that uncle for a long time. But WHO KNOWS? I don't watch thank Shady Rosie by you. You were buddies with Nicole Wallace when when you were on with her right not so much when we were on is when we went off a few months later we happen to be sitting next to each other on the way to Miami and we talked to out the three hours you know. Now we've become close friends that I really but during the time on the view was a little high school aide who was talking to. Who Wasn't right. You know who is running out to lunch. You saw them in the elevator. Oh no you know it was like all right well as Broadway boths. My guests know that sometimes musicals make it to the great white way but immediately hit the great big dead end. It's time to play. What's the bigger flop okay? I'm GONNA present you both with pair of Broadway musicals and I want you both to guess which had a run. Which of course would would put it right on the walls of Joe Allen Forty six three okay. What was the biggest flop Kathy? Lee Gifford's twenty twelve musical scandalous or Suzanne. Somers two thousand and five one woman. Show the blonde in the thunderbird. Billy what do you think? Suzanne somers which I saw no yet. I saw it. The blonde in the thunderbird was like four throw center. She did like four shows and I got three tickets. Someone offers me free tickets and I win and she sang a ballad version of if I only had a brain from the wizard of Oz that I will never forget. It should have run forever. Okay what about you row nine? Suzanne somers. I only had one performance in actually had nine performances. Kale had twenty nine. Okay what is the bigger flop? The two thousand six vampire movie musical Lestat written by Elton John or two thousand and two thousand. Two's dance of the vampires row which one I think dance of the Vampires Billy agree. It was Lestat which had thirty nine performances in dance. Vampires had fifty fifty six okay. What was the bigger fought? The nineteen eighty-one bye. Bye Birdie sequel bring back Birdie or the sequel to Phantom of the opera. Love Never Dies Rosie any idea. I gotta go with bring back Birdie because who the hell would want to see that okay and billy. I agree because I've heard of love never dies. I have never even heard of bring back Birdie actually love never dies got canceled before it even ever got to Broadway Bring dirty had four performances. Okay all right. Thanks for playing. I want to get to a couple of questions of Rosie Billy and wants to know if the rumors are true. That you're helping Michael Cohen Right. His tell all memoir. I'm not really helping him. I did get to be friends with PAM moment. The last year we became email audience and I visited him in prison. Believe it or not and he is writing a book and he told me some of the chapters. We've sort of been talking about it. But he is in the process of doing it and it should be done before the election. That's Great Billy Greg T. What's know the most nerve wracking part of having Mariah? Join you for Billy on the street. You know. We're GonNa let me just interrupt and say what did you do about lighting. Because that's a lady. That's a little fussy with her light. Es well leading up to it In one of the most surreal moments of my life. Because I wasn't prepared for it. This was back in November because it was a holiday thing. Of course we were doing on the street with Mariah. I was in the elevator of my building. I get a text from. Mariah's publicist saying Moore Ryan. I are calling you in two minutes and so I I have to like go back up to my apartment because I don't WanNa leave at miss the call and then the phone rings and it's no joke it's Mariah Carey who. I've never spoken to singing the billy on the street theme song to me. I like nearly passed out. You know is is insane. And then that led to a long conversation about lighting. But we were able. We got her everything she needed. And I have to say no joke and Andy. I know she's done. Your show a ton. Mariah was so is is so fun we still taxed she so down to earth strangely and fine and had a great time and it was so surreal to walk around New York with her because she lives in New York but I don't think she walks around various. Yeah she was looking into restaurants like easily and Chelsea and she was like. Oh that's easily. It's at really a lawyer. She's a blast. It was really great. That's Great Rosie. I'm so excited about. I know this much is true. It's based on the wonderful. Wally lamb massive novel right. Yes yes it is. It said and it's very true to the book great. Yeah I was thrilled to get to work with Mark Ruffalo. O course and he plays both twin brothers which was really trinity since. Rosie feels most at home in a Broadway audience for tonight's moment a muzzle. I thought I'd surprise her with a Broadway performance from home here to sing. Make someone happy. It's Tony Award winner. Kelli O'Hara I rosie. Hi Billy Hi hi okay. I'M GONNA SING THE SONG. Some one happy make just one someone happy make just one hearts the honked. You say to smile sweated some Comes and go home in whereas the real stuff in life to clay who I think some you. I don't know how A a what a great. What a great way to end the Sunday night. And thank you so much Kelly and Rosie and billy. We'll see you tomorrow night. Everybody thank you so much they are. We are back. It's the watch what happens. Live after show Rosie Stars in. I know this much is true premiering on HBO Tant at nine. You can see billy billy on the street on Netflix. Also the Disney families sing along to on. Abc May tenth at Seven Rosie. Was there ever a moment in your career where you considered or where someone advised you or your head got big enough that you were like? I'M GOING TO GET RID OF THE O. Donnell and just call myself rosie now once also now. Roseanne was doing it. You know no one calls me Rusi in my real life. Everyone calls me Bro. So it doesn't really resonate with Mesa now. I never considered that not you to not only do do the three of US share big love of Madonna and Ra music. But I mean I know no to bigger streisand fans than you to what billy is quite engaged in. Barbara's twitter feed. What do you like about it billy? Well what's fascinating to me? And is that when I grew up in the eighties nineties streisand and and Madonna all of them? They felt so far away. You know and especially streisand like once. Every three years streisand would give a quote to live Smith or you heard of her about the off you all. You heard from her for years and now we hear from her every half hour and share and all of these people and it's like wow I just before we knew nothing and now we know every thought and Magin. If when we were in high school you had the ability to possibly here Mrs from Barbara. I never left my house twitter. Where is she you know? I'm sure it would have been blocked. Rosie of you ever been blocked by. Who would we be surprised to know that you're blocked by on twitter? Mostly all the Republican people you know has off. Jewelry has chuck woolery blocked you a notch to work. He could've because I want to go. You were might favorite shitty game. Show hosts not good game. Show shitty game show. You know what happened to him but I try not to engage like I love the billy gates up with Kirstie Alley to get higher. That's very exciting. I Milli everybody wants to know how lane is from billy on the street. Are you in touch with her? I am in touch with a little bit for people that don't know Elena is a woman our regular New Yorker. I once ran into on the street early on in the series and people love her. She's hilarious and we brought her back a ton. The fans love her. I think her more than me. Sometimes but She's truly one of the funniest people in the world. Yeah the early weeks of Quarantine Elena like a lot of New Yorkers. Even older New Yorkers think she's you know indestructible so we had to convince her to stay inside now. She's inside. She has a mask and the gloves and the whole thing but this is exciting. I didn't know that you were playing Matt. Drudge IN AMERICAN CRIME STORY IMPEACHMENTS. I am Yes. If when we ever get to shoot that I do think we will but yeah. I'm very excited. It's Ryan Murphy. Obviously it's the next season of crime story they did. Oj they did for Saatchi so this one is based on the Clinton Lewinsky Scandal. Monica Lewinsky is a producer on it. she'll have a lot of input and we were just about to start shooting. Sarah Paulson is playing Linda tripp. Who just died out young men so that adds the whole bizarre element of it but hopefully when we get back to being able to shoot. We'll do it. It's a great cast clive. Owen as Bill Clinton I matt drudge. Betty Gilpin from glow. Is Ann Coulter? So it's GonNa be interesting. Wow Dan is a great. That's that's that sounds great rosie. Daddy Pellegrino our friend tweeted US and said Joy said she kept a journal during Rosie's first tenure on the view did Rosie documented to and would she care if joy released hers as book. Now I wouldn't care. Joy Can do what she wants. I think she's a fair person. A kind person funny person. I like her a lot but no I didn't keep a journal. It was just another job was one hour a day. I go in there and do my thing. I didn't really keep a journal now but it won't be fine with me for joining do that. Billy I feel like a whole mass. I feel like billy on the street has really blown up. Since it's been on Netflix. I mean even more than before. Would you say so? Yeah it's having this that sort of typical net flicks effect. You know we haven't shot. I still shoot occasional segments just for the Internet and for Youtube when we get a fun guest but I haven't shot half hour episodes of the show since twenty sixteen. Now they're having this whole resurgence on. I think also people stuck at home the show so silly and fun and also this kind of crazy weird love letter to the New York that we all are used to. That is no not no longer but temporarily not happening. Yes people are having fun watching it which you know it makes me happy. So that's nice it my lesson and all that is when I did your show. I wore this pair of cargo. Pant outfit was but I I remember I get. Dmc what were you thinking? All the time like lay off it was like ninety five. Yes okay I am. I am Going to let you go back to your homes and thank you so much for hanging out with us. I'm very excited for you. Know what I'm going to give the Disney family sing along a whack and I know this much is true. Thank you both so much guys see you. Thanks for listening to the PODCAST. Everybody hope you enjoyed the show. Remember new episodes go live Monday through Friday at four? Pm Eastern time? Make sure your subscribe to have a great rusty or not.

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