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Daily good evening. Los Angeles great to be back in Los Angeles. Love it or leave. It is heading out on the road. We will be in San Francisco. That's basically sold out but there's a couple of left. A couple of tickets left and then policy of America we live in San Jose on September twenty sixth and Portland on September twenty seventh and crooked dot com slash events. There were three moments this week that captured for me something essential -sential fundamental but the kind of people that work for Donald Trump the trump pokemon if you will his apologist has defenders and each of these three moments captures and evolution of trump POK MON and so I would like to to discuss them with you tonight stage one. You're a clown who debase yourself for the dear leader who temps down and dignity and sense of itself gives over to the task of saying anything no matter how silly let's roll the clip of Lou Dobbs aggregrate weekend. The president makes such a thing possible for Boris all have a great weekend. The president makes such a thing possible for us all all who knew imagine saying it but imagine sitting at home and being like I'm GonNa show trump awesome gratitude this weekend. It's all up to him since can be pretty great figure out what Ad Astra is and then there is the next evolution you're a clown confronted with those lies ideally under under oath and all your bluster and all your little smirks and playing to the people you can't lose isn't enough because you don't respect the people who respect what you're doing so let's roll the clip of Corey Lewandowski don't ever remember the president ever asking me to get involved with Jeff sessions or the Department of Justice in any way so did you hear that Sir that was you saying on. MSNBC you don't ever remember the president ever asking you to get involved with Jeff sessions or the Department of Justice us in any way shape or form. That wasn't true sir. I heard that and that was not true. I have no obligation to be honest with the media just because there's just as much as anybody else so you're admitting sir. You're not being truthful in that clip correct my interview with remember. It can be interpreted any way you'd like. Would you like me to play it again. I also appreciate the logic of it. which is that like when you lie on television? You're not lying to television. You know you're lying to people watching the television so doc if you can do anything on television that's as bad as what you perceive what other people do on television. There's incest on game of thrones so I liked that. Corey Lewandowski because obviously there have been a lot of implications of what he said there implications for the media. Maybe don't book or Lindau Ski on your show because he doesn't believe he has to be honest which presumably is one of the goals of talking to him on television. He also confirmed that the mullahs report is accurate basically accurate which means he's confirming that Donald Trump beseeched him to commit obstruction of justice and that even Corey Lewandowski who is very smart knew that it was is such a bad idea that he didn't want logged in the records so that's our second-stage alright desperately trying to cling to some form of self esteem self regard trapped between the tension of continuing to lie to protect your ego and not wanting to lie under oath because because you don't want to go to jail finally we reach the third evolution of the trump pokemon and it is a vulgar and sad important display. I would like to say if you are squeamish. Maybe lower the volume. Do not pause do not shut it off. Get to the ADS doc. Let's roll the Clip Sean Spicer dancing the south sick with his partner Lindsay. It's Sean Spicer. I had not seen it until this moment. I'm so happy. Can you fucking believe what we did to him. You know what it has been the difficult few years but there are heroes everywhere because there is a makeup artist gay costume designer and gays stylist who did their part for the resistance the. I think you achieve get out there. No it works. I know you've you're worried. I know you feel uncomfortable but it's a bold choice and people are GonNa love it no. That's that's the look right now. Shiny the shirt the skin the hair shot. Here's the thing Sean I've been doing this a long time and I'm telling you like. I know you've never done this before. But I'm a professional you're in the hands of professional. Did you see the gift breath of him. The first introduction where he shakes his hands and he's he's coming down the stairs chilling to the fucking I had the same feeling watching launching him coming down the stairs and doing that Shimmy as I do when I would catch a moment of that show to catch a Predator explain. Why let me explain why because it was the feeling of watching someone caught doing something terrible that deserves it while at the same time recognising it was bad for my soul to be taking this joy in seeing someone at the lowest and darkest moment of their lives and obviously these are different things? I'm not comparing the thing but I don't even know if that's allowed. Here's the point not everyone who has left the trump. Administration has so thoroughly debase themselves so obviously not everyone has been dressed up like a literal clown for our amusement. Ah We've seen others cling to dignity more successfully but I am very grateful to Sean Spicer for in a way that I've been grateful to him from the very beginning which is he has an inability to hide on the outside. What's happening on his inside. Unlike your Kellyanne Conway's you're Stephen Miller. You're Sarah Huckabee Sanders who managed to have a kind of dead vacant expression who have more thorough elite killed the part of themselves that feels shame so they can just look you in the fucking and say something insane that is opposite of what they said yesterday yesterday and shame on you for questioning. That's an incredible skill killing. That part of yourself takes practice. Sean never was up to it. He's always managed to show on on his face and in the Jack what's going on inside and what's exciting about this is that's what's inside. Every trump official shaw a clown desperately dancing for relevance. Thank you sean it one more time for Sean Spicer. What are you doing. How bad books. How much could they pay. Does anyone know this is an industry town. Does anybody know what they start out when they go. Sean Spicer said yes what is it no. It's SAG rates. Are you fucking fucking kidding me. He's making scale really. It's just for publicity guys. I'm so so glad I asked he's not even making money. Yes what a disaster but that's not all that happened this week. Purdue Pharma Company that had been an oxycontin filed for bankruptcy to avoid paying court settlements yeah terrific. The lawyer said the company he didn't have the money unless anyone here wants to buy like a thousand oxy's right now to say. It's your back. What's fun? He's fine. Whatever didn't even notice I had a whole Congress. I was this close still in there. Yeah obviously somebody's Dan back in your phone I was I've been tongue that I've been talking to you. You've heard me didn't look I literally was this far asking on on your fucking phone what's going on. Are you a doctor. Is there a patient in need. You're telling me that at our weekly podcast where we cover the week's news you had to go into your phone to gather other other news coverage. You were unsure of our on it yet. Well guess what I watched that clip on my way here and we are going to cover it. Sir Show me some respect there was also a ton of pharmacy news this week from elections in Israel tensions with Iran and intelligence whistleblower inside the US government here to help us break it down. He was the the deputy national security adviser for President Obama where he kills us on bin. Laden with his hands seems exaggerated and more and more the CO host of crooked media pond. Save the world. Please welcome Ben Rhodes. I invent good. I'm glad everything I've done in life. Led Me Right here. Roll past that in the in the past here at love it or leave it. We've done a V. Tour de a tour to cover foreign policy but tonight. We're going to take our horse to the old town roads. That's it. That's the noise we we got. We didn't know what we could get away with legally so we're just a little tiny little tastes so first of all do you remember when I came screaming into your office us because I'd successfully removed acknowledgments from speech because there was this fight about how often brock Obama would have to acknowledge local officials because because the thing that would happen is because of political reasons trying to keep everybody happy when the president would go give a speech somewhere. There'd be like five or six people. You'd have to thank so you'd think the mayor thank the city council person you'd think the assembly person the problem was that cable networks would only take about five minutes of the speech so the president would be giving a speech about the economy and then Dan. MSNBC would cover four minutes of acknowledgments in one minute so I'm here today to talk about the economy and then they go back to whoever was anchoring saying we'll come back to the president and so you never ever get the news out so we would always to get rid of the acknowledgments and there was one time where I like. It was really tough fight to keep the acknowledges to a minimum this is what happens in politics and aw I had successfully done it by waiting out the clock because they tried to sneak him in but the president was already on his way to the podium and like ran into the Ben's office was John's office connected by a door and Iran. I was like the fucking acknowledgements and then there was just a room full of very serious foreign policy journalists in there. They always thought I was a little cooler thinking John. Let's start with Iran and Saudi Arabia classic odd couple. Can you explain what has led to this confrontation. That's playing out right now. You can start at about two hundred. Ad If you'd like or or just the past week I'll start with the Iran deal which I labored for eight years so what happens is president trump pulls out of the Iran nuclear agreement at the behest of Saudi Arabia and actually we can start with jared being deputized to be the guy in charge of this relationship with the Saudis Right which as far as title involves jared going over there with no security clearance and no adult supervision and hang out Mohammed bin Salman Yacht where he's buying caravaggio paintings for seven hundred million dollars and making deals about American policy so that's how it starts. I also just think it's inappropriate for someone to be Jewish that tall and have skin that that's good. That's like fuck you you go on so noted. New York Observer Publisher Jared Kushner essentially outsources our entire farm policy the Saudis we pull out of the Iran nuclear agreement we escalate a war in Yemen that we never should have gotten into in the first place causing a huge humanitarian crisis. The Iranians are also also fighting on the other side of that war in Yemen so there is an act of war that has already been taking place in that part of the world after trump pulls out of the Iran nuclear agreement. He starts piling on sanctions on the Iranians wins bostering threats. John Bolton is leading us into war with Iran. Donald Trump figures that out when the planes are actually in the air to go bomb Iran and his told the by the Chairman Joint Staff to pull that back but what we've seen since then is that the Iranians are very upset that there are these sanctions that they've been punished even though they were complying with this nuclear deal there in a proxy the Saudis so they're lashing out in different places assaulting tankers in the region they shot down that US drone and presumably either they or their proxy in Yemen or their ally in Yemen group called the WHO these blew up the Saudi oil infrastructure a few days ago well. This exposed the fact that the Saudis are incredibly vulnerable to Iranian aggression. You have the trump people beating their chest in saying this is an act of were you have. Donald Trump saying that he is waiting for the instruction of the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammad bin Salman about what to do reminder that Mohammed bin. Salman is a man who killed the the journalists chopped to pieces constitution dot complicated because it's like the president has inherent authority according to the unitary unitary executive theory others claim that Congressional Authority has been limited too much by an overreaching executive branch but very rarely have I heard anyone voca causing the constitution that gives the war powers to Saudi monarchs. Well Klaus might be the amendment that has the tally of how how many millions of dollars the Saudi suspend at trump property since he took office right how much money that they promised probably do invest jared's real estate ventures either during or after the administration Asian but then the reality is what becomes evident once again. Is that the American people don't think it's a good idea to go to war on behalf of Saudi Arabia. There's essentially been a backlash in terms of public opinion and and trump once again is pulling back so for the time being does not look like we're going to war but the problem is everything in trump's foreign policy because he he wants to have the appearance of being tough on Iran. You have the appearance of being tougher than Obama. He wants to do the bidding of people like Mohammed bin. Salman makes that conflict more likely even though trump it doesn't get us into it so we're going to be living in this kind of tenuous anxiety ribbon place where essentially we are doing things to escalate but the Iranians the Iranians they're going to be punching back and then trump is going to be withdrawing from the word lost moment. Okay sorry that just okay now. Let's turn to accountability in the American system. the whistle blower story a complaint from inside and Intelligence Agency has set-off confrontation between the trump administration and Congress. You've seen reporting the whistle blower was so alarmed by trump's behavior that he filed or perhaps a response to trump attempting to push Ukraine to to investigate Biden Hillary and Hillary. Why not did it says try a new dish but also we'll get an appetizer that you already know so I was Gonna ask. How big a deal is this? That seems a stupid question. What the the park yeah. There's a lot to say this. I mean first of all. The whistle blower laws very clear. If a whistle blower brings a complained to do the inspector general of the intelligence community and the inspector general finds that it's urgent and serious matter of national security that automatically has to go to Congress that laws already been violated because trump's handpicked director of national intelligence is refusing to allow that to happen acting director and acting director because he fired the director he fired tired the deputy director and found the only guy was willing to take the job and Lo and behold that guy's falling on the sword for this right now. That's problem yeah then I start with. How serious is you essentially have a country Ukraine that has been invaded by its neighbour? Russia and there's still a war going on eastern Ukraine. There's still people being killed in eastern. Ukraine and we should be very mindful that as with a lot of stuff with trump you can obscure the fact that there's like people's lives actually at stake your and Ukraine depends a lot on the assistance we provide them the pressure we put on Russia which is not exactly something. Trump has seemed like a a natural fit for famously. Yes huge issue. Ukraine elected a new president recently. WHO's a comedian John. This may be your future. He plays president of Ukraine now. He he played the Ukrainian president in a show and he was so convincing in that show that he ran for president got elected President Ukraine. Actually this is taking the roads here. Okay okay so that happened. You guys miss this because trump but this is a pretty good story but meanwhile this guy is actually been earnestly trying to be reformer but lo lo and behold the most important farnd supporter that he has the United States the first ask he gets from them is to have a meeting with rudy the Juliani who goes over there to say you have to investigate whether Joe Biden aided and abetted corruption in Ukraine story that has been widely debunked oh and by the way can you investigate whether or not Ukraine was helping Hillary Clinton the two thousand sixteen election. That's actually true visa just like send in a voice mail yeah. I don't care kill me here. So so what does this mean. This means that trump was trying to essentially extract some promise from Ukraine Ukraine to do this in exchange for something Lo and behold a lot of weapons and support that we were supposed to give to Ukraine was being held up by the trump administration during this period of time time so we'll see what the facts say the appearance is certainly that they were literally leveraging our support for this country that had been invaded in exchange for a promise us to let Rudy Giuliani pursue his conspiracy theory fever dream to discredit Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton which is a problem you can't put Rudy Rudy Giuliani in charge of your nefarious investigations because he's not up to it John. He's not up to and and again. We shouldn't lose sight of the fact that the United States is leveraging the power of his office to try to get a foreign government that is is the center of a national security issue to eight his campaign. The impeachment closet was written into the constitution like literally like when they're sitting around. This is what they had in mind. They had like three fifths. Compromise is a are good and this is is what impeachment is for Yup. That's about it and that's town roads. We come back. Bring out the rest of our don't go anywhere more of love it or leave it coming up. Love it or leave. It is brought to you by parachute parachute rights hey John. How are you enjoying your new supreme towel bundle however meaning to ask someone that appreciates quality baffling ends? We're hoping you can help us resolve a discussion here at parachute. HQ when traveling is it weird to bring your own towels with you. Yes that was that was a prompt for us to have a conversation. I love if my parachute towels. I will say this. I was just on the road for a week. I was in New York. 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Give me a parachute home. Dot Com slash aw let's bring out the rest of our panel. He's worked at Radio Lab. NPR You are WNYC and is currently the host Fox's Daily News podcast today. Explain Please Welcome Sean Rama's Burum the John how you doing doing so well. Thank you if you could ask Rudy Giuliani to do one crime for you. What do you think we're being murder. I missed what you guys said. So was it also border. I hope that it from the new movie the weekend and best friends podcast. Please welcome back so she is a made up this year you can ask. Ashworth Guiliani okay to commit but one crime sure on your behalf yes what might be to to pay for me to go to USC. When Felicity Huffman fifteen in days begin what fourteen days all right calm down. Do we know when they start using. It won't alright little bitter. What does he do you work at USC You don't work at admissions. You seem defensive. I would like to play a game hi. What's your name Tori Tori yes. Would you like to use an alias because because we're going to discuss the fact that you work at USC. My whole family will here. They'll be so proud coal google Google and your co workers sadly the as much as I talk about this my co workers. Don't listen to this podcast because you work at USC if you worked at UCLA everyone we'll talk to the town ucla. They're hiring shirts like a city fair enough sean saying thinking about Ucla High Tory Hi. Uh How are you. I'm well. How are you otherwise doing great. Climate change killer tradition thank you. Tory redding born ratty climate change. It's a meteoroid is coming to earth and it requires sending ten of the world's greatest oil drillers into space but those oil drillers worked for big oil company so that oil company starts putting out anti Meteo propaganda that says it's all a big lie and then a whole cottage industry pops up saying that the media or is it conspiracy from NASA and by the way Aliens Real and Vaccines Cause Autism and you're like okay aliens are real real but back seasons don't cause autism and now you're arguing about vaccines and you remember what Ben Affleck said in the DVD commentary of argument which is why would you train oil drillers to be astronauts instead of astronauts oil drillers then you look up and realize wait. This is Armageddon. This isn't even deep impact. It's Melancholia section. Got It all right. Sorry we're making assumptions. I never have so many hands said it's fine while explaining why it was fine anyway this coming Monday September twenty thirty United Nations will host a UN climate action summit where leaders from around the globe will meet and talk about collective action. The world can take to reach net zero emissions by the middle of the century. It's led by young people in the world and it makes you fast forward into the future to see how we did and so so this week and our commitment to covering climate change. That's what we're GonNa do so let's go to the future you already a Lisa Press. The Future Feature Bun the password is Biden's is sixty nine sixty nine three two one. You were nineteen ninety-two the two totally check out. This is for the future welcome to love it or leave it. I'm your host John. On Love Hemsworth. It's so great to be in the year of our Lord. Bezzaz twenty-fifty live from the comedy store. We're just last night. Hollywood would legend Gene Gillis did his famous Justin Trudeau Brown face impression. Wow never thought I'd see it in person what a treat on so sorry all right as as you all know this is the thirtieth anniversary of the UN climate action summit which really was a turning point for the way we dealt with climate change and we thought we take a look back on just how much the planet has changed in a game. We're calling two thousand nineteen. I can't believe what happened to trump. Also does that mean. Hemsworth married married into your family or I married a Hemsworth and wanted to take the name but I wanted to keep my name. He just kept his name aw he stayed. Hemsworth and I'm became Hemsworth love. It and we still don't know which one it is. Maybe it's a couple of them. It's it's the future it's twenty fifty and I had to have two of them still left the third one out but which third one everyone knows take the westworld one all right here is how it works. I'll ask a question Tori from the last thirty years of history. Our panel will read clues to help us figure out what the answer is your job. Tori Lee to figure out what actually happened in the past thirty years reminder twenty-fifty. Okay Tori explained that very simple idea more poorly you think I think he did a great job. Thanks all right before we begin. I just want to thank our responser. Raytheon Disney. Goldman beef box raid the Disney Goldman beef box. You're hungry. We have the food question one after the UN climate action summit lead to some substantial goals being separate carbon emissions worldwide. What major historical event caused the United States to be the only major world power to nearly miss. Its emissions target. Is Today in twenty twenty six president. Roseanne Barr was about to sign into into La a repeal of President Warren's earns Medicare for everyone but didn't build a tornado rip through Washington. DC furious is president bar did the only logical thing she nuked the tornadoes or is it be due to widespread water shortages in two thousand twenty nine clean drinking water became the status symbol. We know is today. That's why Inbev introduced a line of hard waters with five percent alcohol by volume and fun flavors like like potable lime and no lead this trend led to many influencers arguing that we shouldn't shouldn't stop climate change because it makes them seem cool that they can afford things other people. Can't what do you think influencers are think and cool or is it see John want to say that when I was in Paris with President Obama. Would we were finally scored. This is not what I thought I'd be talking uh-huh this point but I'll say I was embarrassed. Well see president trump's abandonment of the Paris climate accord in in his first term but thankfully President Delaney reentered the Paris climate accord after negotiating an emissions exemption for Baldi's and we managed to avoid Oy the devastation of one point five degrees Celsius of global warming see you got it possibly Tori great job before question too. I just want to take another moment to thank our sponsor J. P. Morgan Amazon Wetzel Pretzels J. P. Morgan Amazon wetzel pretzels what cameras question to Kansas City famously claimed the club capital of the United States after was chosen as the main refugee relocation zoned for Miami before the Great Cocaine Exodus of twenty twenty three but then we got serious and tackle the crisis. How is it a Americans mobilized around the country electing pro climate Democrat leaders in the House Senate and presidency and we finally created a paper Straw that was just as good as plastic and that really unlocked the whole issue believe it or not or is it be Americans mobilized around the country electing pro-climate Democratic leaders the House Senate and the presidency and the fake meat corporate wars resulted in sheep delicious medium rare New York Strip steaks that could be three D. printed in sheets the size of drywall. What a time at times John's Americans mobilized around the country electing pro climate democratic credit leaders in the House Senate and the presidency but it wasn't until Las Vegas got so unbearably hot that Sheldon Adelson junior which was just sheldon Adelson's consciousness downloaded into volunteer who wanted to wipe out his student loan debt said Fuck it and gave a billion dollars to Stacey Abrams doc? What do you think they want it to be. Sea Change that answer to one that Abreu it and could pick it would be it would be you didn't get it that's because we never cracked paper straws and when Vegas got too Hot Sheldon Adelson just moved to Liam uh I also just want to take a moment to say a few words about Travis who we all miss. He died doing what he loved riding a lime scooter on the four or five. I can't believe September twenty third two thousand nine hundred was when he died seems like yesterday though I barely remember him question three. We all know by now that climb destruction is in binary isn't a save the world versus world is destroyed situation situation despite what Jonathan Franzen famously went to jail for fucking a bird one set hasn't happened yet future huge Franson fan right in the front row furious furious friends and head right. Oh my God did you see that how she turned turned on me and she was such a fan of the whole time. I mean one Jonathan Franzen jokes obviously we're in the future joking about Jonathan Franzen going to jail just back off aw just back off. I question does your last name. Start with an F. doesn't end with a Ranzan aw I'm getting heckled by huge Branson fat but it's unprecedented what you hear from Nebraska and you love Jonathan Franzen Transit. I liked freedom all right. The point is we staved off two degrees Celsius many feared but what did it take us too long to understand as a just one hundred companies responsible for seventy one percent of all warming. It was never about straws except for that one company. Straw Fire Inc just made straws and set them on fire that was about straws and fire. I guess this is the weirdest game we've done it. While Sean is a be a we need to spend less time arguing with climate deniers way more time weather rising our homes and businesses focusing on low income communities its support jobs slashes energy bills and cuts climate pollution when Illinois did it. They save four billion dollars in energy costs plus. We've found out climate. Denial was a lot like vape lung incurable and only the worst people were into it and it turned out you could get vape long by simply being in the same room with an unopened vape. That's crazy when we find that out. There are some dangerous. It's GONNA turn to been in the rapper. GonNa get forty million people. Is it a fighting climate. Change Saves Money for instance in two thousand eighteen. The average which cost of operating an electric vehicle in the United States was four hundred and eighty five dollars per year while the average for a gasoline powered vehicle was one thousand one hundred seventeen eighteen dollars unfortunately in twenty-fifty our money is worthless because all currency is in facebook's and you can only spend facebook's if you give them your literal face Tori. What do you think be no. It was all the above Tori you've won the Game Gift Card from our sponsor Walgreens Walmart William Morris Endeavor. Www me laughter is the best medicine because we rationed the medicine. Thank you for playing. We'll be right back. Don't go anywhere I love it or leave it. There's more on the way love it or leave. It is brought to you by simply safe on average burglary once every twenty three seconds in the US and what's crazy is that only one in five homes homes have home security just happen just not been one when just having a couple of at least two arena Saudia. 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He was a very good sport and it was very on. Let's roll the clip. He's the former mayor of Newark a senator from the Great State of New Jersey and candidate for president of the United States Senator Cory Booker. Welcome to love it or leave it. I am so grateful to be on. Thank you for having me. I want to talk about something. You said many times times so first of all here's why I want to talk about it. Okay so Marianne Williamson yes candidate for president. Yes one thing that she said that really bothered me. Is You know I'm the only candidate talking about love. I am the only candidate talking about the some version of it. I'm paraphrasing. It doesn't matter but I always think wait a second. There's another candidate talking about love all the time time and his name is Cory Booker so when you announced and you said this version of this before what's called me to run for president is because I think we need a revival of civic race. We need to reignite a more more courageous. Empathy also talked about radical love and rather than get into a bunch of different policies. I really wanted to dive into what you mean by that so right right now. Where do you see empathy that we need. That's missing God. I see an impotency of empathy where impotency of empathy impotency of empathy we live in a nation that we sang songs proud songs with the home of the brave but our veterans are disproportionately homeless. They're suicide. Aside rates are off. The charts talked veteran women and you hear stories about having to wait like weeks if not months for just gynecological checkup. We don't seem to connect the injustice of some with the injustice of others you had the crack epidemic and we treated that epidemic with jail and prison people who needed health care.

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