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Welcome! To the how to heretic. An uncle Dan I'm uncle. Doug and this is your user's guide to life on the outside. That's right leaving. Religion is the first step into a larger better world, but it can also be scary world. Things differently now ever fear. That's why we're here. Would help from good friends of experts in all sorts of fields. We're going to share the stories and seek the knowledge to build a great light. They're all only get the one that we know of so you'd better make the most. Good gentle folk of the twitter. What is this the Padras? Yes, and uncles? Calls. So good. I'm glad we rehearsed this bit. Yeah, we. We're doing great. And I'm telling you one forty nine. We're going to get it, we're. We're launching like SPACEX into this one we're. We're hoping by one forty eight to have some of this down, but it seems doubtful. The trend. It's not trending well so here. We are at one forty eight. What a fun show! I am going to everything just. I'll I'll roads point to Nazis. Fake Ones Yeah, real Nazis fake roads. It's it's weird. And then I am going to check in on some old friends of ours from episodes passed in a heretics in the news that that Y- news. And I am going to sort of talk about what we do I mean part of our whole thing is. Is What I'm GonNa talk about. Does that make any Centeno, that didn't make any sense at all and figured out. Yeah, we're really rocking and rolling baby. We'll bring it, but we'll figure it out. This is atheist Jazzman. Totally. It's God's. You don't believe in it. And it doesn't rhyme, and it's not on rhythm. Yeah, that's perfect so and I just WANNA. Say Real. Quick thing I've been we. We've been getting quite a few emails lately from people that are kind of really having hard time. and. other than just saying. Hey, we've we feel it. We understand there's not a ton weakened to, but we're just glad you're here with us and. We're having our struggles as well. But I'm glad we have this community. I'm glad I have reason to get out of bed one day a week and exactly is do for me for us so. We talked about this very briefly. Mark the other day that the people who've left religion all over the world might be the biggest community of people in the world with a single thing in common, and if you're if you're one of those people and you're depressed right now, because of the way the world is or the you know the woes you're feeling. You are literally less alone than probably. Anyone's ever been in history because all of us are in that boat with you. We are all drinking alone together. I think that's I think that's the fourth step away. Our new. That's our new shirt drinking alone together. So, we love you and we feel you and we I'm giving you the biggest. Virtual, socially distant hug I possibly can so thanks for tuning in and making it, so I don't have to go to Doug House and see if he's alive, every Sunday so. All Right? Let's do a show, do it. Uncle Dan Hey Doug. How are you I'm I'm okay. How are you? Well! As a win yes sure. Fact that I answer. The phone is a big deal. Yeah, I'd like to think that each of us. Bring something to this show. our own specialities. And remarked tends to be the keeper of of lost. Things lost landmasses continent. You might call him incontinent. Exactly it's true I'm like Franklin Gela in the finder of lost loves. Remember, that terrible show that was like one season in nineteen, eighty, nine, hundred, ninety, two or something I know. Remembers only human. Being on the Earth remembers that maybe. Franklin Gela. o come on, but doesn't like Franklin Journal. He was the finder of lost loves. I am the finder of lost things including continent so? Let's dive right in Fellas, since since we as a nation or about to feed millions of our children to the empty orange, mock for no discernible reason by making them return to school, and since unmarked fascist shock, troops are now kidnapping people in the post in Portland. And since HBO didn't renew watchman for a second season. Are, you kidding me. No, they didn't fucking renew watchmen. Like one of the best fuck television shows ever made. Quit America, that's it. That's that's it? That's all I can. Stands I can't stand. There was there was a there was a camel's back and it got broke. It just straight broke. That was the straw I. Know I just criminal. You guys are morning. I was going to say. I thought I'd do something silly and superfluous. Light rather than add to the yawning sense of dread that is replace baseball is the national pastime. But, without realizing the fraught path I was heading down, I fucked up. Silly thing I was doing turns out to be a bit of a fucking nightmare, so let's laugh through the tears and cry through the laughter together in this moment of triumph in stupidity and needless death. So as we all know all sorts of dumb or silly or probably wrong ideas come to us from ancient times despite the insistence as Dan demonstrated in his discussion on. That because the wisdom is ancient, it is also more better. This is what's the word? Not true ancient stuff can be mind, blowing and incredibly cool like pyramids and stuff, but it seldom better than our current knowledge of the natural world, and our understanding of our own brains. Yeah, our pyramids are made of glass and you get to gamble in them, yeah! So much better. Ask the Mayans who, while fucking amazing, got a whole bunch of white people to. Capris over the world, ending in two thousand, twelve, while failing to. Augur their own ending. Or mistranslation, causing the world's greatest minds to think a girl who'd never had intercourse could give birth to a Jewish demi-god. Causing destructive of obsession with quote, virginity and purity that haunts us to this day. Even very stupid story that contradicts it's another one just before it on the same page has educated human beings to this day. Believing men have an odd number of ribs and women have an even number, and they're shocked to find out. It's not true in their first year of medical school. True Story. Do you know that happens? A lot like does met students like wait what? So When old people didn't know the why or how the thing they made something up? Maybe they had some scraps of Info or what they felt were good reasons, but basically they just made it up and just like we do on the show all day. event. So with today's subject something, the Greeks pulled out of their beautifully sculpted behinds since at least four fifty. That being hyper BEREA. Oh. Hyper Borey I think that's what I had an elementary school. I was always hyper board. What are you guys? We're taking Ritalin. Hyper falls into the same category as a couple of things we've talked about on the show before. Being Terra incognita regions yet to be mapped or understood, or for our purposes, fabled or made up lands. We've disgusted Lantis what I call. What for White People? Conduct cotton to more than once on the show that we still haven't done a dedicated segments to it. And we've discussed my favorite terra incognita Liguria in episode one or to the long skinny continent that according to various Louis stretch for medic esker across the Indian Ocean to India and then east all the way across the Pacific to touch on coastal Washington state. So that's probably a true thing. listen to our segment on ramp and his boozy lady friend Jay Z. Night in episode fifteen for that hilarity. It is super funny. And while there are tons of other Terry Incognito in. In Lauren legend across the world's cultures, these three. Atlantis area and hyper bauria still have relevance even today. In some of the silliest and unfortunately ugliest corners. Of Quasi, religious cultist, and even political thought. Seriously depressing so. The ancient Greek writer! Herodotus mentions a place where mysterious, very pale, very tall people live far from the warm Mediterranean. And he called that place hyper Bauria beating a place beyond the north wind. As personified by the Wind God of the North Wind Boreas. A so hyper beyond aureus hyper Borat. who who herodotus believe lived around threes. which is where modern Bulgaria is so somewhere north of there, apparently maybe in modern Romanian hard to say. Now I'm not sure that how much Co mingling there was between whatever tall white people live beyond the mountains, and the coastal Greeks, but this idea bubbled up a couple of centuries before Alexander spread his Zeki all over the place. In the known world conquering all sorts of distant lands and peoples. But it's likely there was either direct contact or stories carried by travelers, maybe so the Greeks just made up the name of the place and the people they filled in the blanks after that they filled in the blanks rather ludicrously. As Time wore on. It was said that the hyperbaric. Vitale. Lived a thousand years. Were always happy, and the sun was up twenty four hours a day. Having been to Iceland. That's only happy for so long. You start losing your fucking mind. So there are some tantalizing clues here. It's basically impossible that any Greek, had reached the North Pole in the fifth century. But it is possible that someone they had come in contact with had been to the extreme north of Europe where the sun can be up for more than twenty hours a day in summer. Sure so the Greek thinkers and writers whose work on the subject survives could never agree on exactly where in the distant world they knew almost nothing about hyper. Gloria was except that it was somewhere north and that the people were very white. this will matter more than any of us would like it to in a bit. A I had about sixteen sources on the segment, but I do want to specifically credit youtuber huntress ex Thompson. Did a great piece on this. For her extremely info, heavy discussion on this topic so. The Greeks bequeathed us. Their folly and God's, but eventually moved on from them themselves. Including the silliness of hyper area and happy thousand year old white people. But the idea is didn't disappear. As Europe industrialized later colonized, some people there felt both alienated by the failures of conservative Western religion in society to address the pressures and alien nation of modernity. Some of those people began to consume the exotic ideas and customs that flowed into the imperial capitals from their new colonial possessions mostly from the east India Egypt Persia China Cetera. This is an idea that would the word for this kind of idea and study at the time was coined as Oriental Ism. This was the western Esoteric mystical movement basically hit ton of generally upper-class board, white people sucking up the cool bits of the thinking in cosmology and rituals of various Brown people that they also thought of as lesser races. Weird but it is. One, such very famous esoteric mystic was Helena Levinsky who we talked about a bunch especially in episode fifty four. She was among the first to dust off hyper Berea as a real place in the nineteenth century, and somehow she science seance her way into stating that humanity. All derived from three quote root races and This, this is going to get good. As well. So they were the eighth obviously the Atlanta. Marian's elementary and the hyper Bahrain's the racist, perfect and pure, and only defiled themselves down by copulating with apes and other animals. Oh God, but the yet so rather than rather than advancing from lower forums. She thinks we have. Regressed from higher forms right right. Well not us. Not White people, but the white hyper borey did not get all beastie. And that's where white people come from We got guys. Find me one goddamn religious idea that isn't rooted in racism so exactly to be fair, and I'm not sure that's the right word to Levinsky pretty much. Everyone in the Esoteric Movement and Spiritualism in Europe was deeply into eugenics otherwise known as scientific racism, which we discussed an episode one twelve. And every sort of pseudoscientific race, theory and ethnographic Balderdash. As as they were into crystal balls and funny hats. So. She was hardly alone, but it began to take hold that weather just as a symbolic idea, or is a literal lost homeland. Hyper Borio was the glorious northern home to the vastly superior white race. That's is considered one of the founders of the movement and philosophy known as Esoteric Fascism. And she was the first person to use the term Aaron to refer to the earliest known Europeans the real, but little understood Proto Indo European people. Really. Yes, she was the corner, so aeriens were. It's it's a they actually. Weren't a race considered a race. It's a Sanskrit word, meaning, wise or something like that and and enlightened. So. This idea of hyper Bauria as the home of the original unpolluted White Uber Lynch's. Offered the confused and furious eugenicist and Spiritual Racist, the Early Twentieth Century Struggling to counter Darwinian evolutionary theory account narrative. One called. Poly. Jetsam. Polygamists apologize him a garbage theory that says that different human races are totally different origins. So they had a way not to be related to all the Dusky races of the earth, and going to bed at night, untroubled by dreams of their black, African, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, Great Grandmother Roy so we just kind of stumbled into compatibility these these. Yes, that genetically basically identical came from like three totally different. Origins which sure that? So what happens when you leave counterfactual white superiority trash like this laying around well in the early twentieth century, there were plenty of hands hungry for proof of white superiority very eager to pick it up as you can imagine. One such person was Rene Rene. which is a wonderful name. Who later was one of the last of the SS to surrender in Berlin defending the bunker with a very dead Hitler in it. He is a super important figure in neo-fascist Europe. He coined the term which I hadn't heard before from breast to Vostok. meaning. The idea to create to basically create out of nowhere. Hyper Bauria from the coast of France. All the way to the Pacific coast of Russia everything north of that line, right? So. Yeah, that's good. Another fine fellow that picked up the polar homeland bullshit and ran all the way to hell with it was Julius. EVOLA An Italian esoteric, hyper, fascist, and tremendously evil misogynist pro-violence. Anti Semite whose turgid writings have helped to inspire a whole new generation. Of European and Russian neo-fascists in them, he refers to hyper. Oria, and uses the word boreal. As a name for the Superior White Race interchangeable with very in vogue term area. That is name spelled almost the same as evil can't be too much of a coincidence. This gets so silly. Another jolly good fellow that wanted to establish permanent residency in the non existent white continent hyper-area was a fancy Chilean Monster Boy Culture Miguel Joaquin del Carmen Serano Fernandez. Aka Miguel Serrano. He was an upper-class Chilean Germanic file who was pissed about chalets neutrality during the Second World War an agitated for supportive Hitler's Germany, Already, a devoted of the occult. Serrano Meta mysterious German immigrant called simply F K. Who got him into a combination of astral projection? Hand Black. Magic and Kunda leany Yoga. It's not even we're not even there yet. And profess that there was a secret group of Aryan adepts hidden in the Himalayas and they had summoned the spiritual superbeing Adolf Hitler who who they referred to as a boy. Schutte booed dish Vob Bah. Into existence on earth to prevent the Kelly, Yuga, the final destructive cycle cycle of all human life on earth, according to Hinduism that F K. Claimed he could communicate with the fuhrer on the astral plane. In Surra, yeah I need to repeat the last three minutes or so because I think I just had a stroke. Yes. You didn't know. There was a con Delaney Yoga Hitler Tien. Did? Not See that coming. Just know that there's a guy walking around. Who is dare astro fewer. Well a just about to demonstrate that. So. FDA and Serena were early practitioners of a real movement. Called Esoteric Hitlerism. Yeah. I'm going to do a segment about whole segment about another time. The natural natural heir of levesque's Esoteric Fascism. And is an ongoing thing that says I said we'll discuss later after the war k insisted that Hitler had survived. Head was living under the ice cap in Antarctica. So Serano with looking for him look! God, that's good. This is all true at sadly, both didn't find Hitler and himself survived his journey. But. This is even spookier, but did become the Chilean Ambassador to India. God Austria. Most chillingly the International Atomic Energy Agency. He was very much a believer in the literal hyper boreanaz, super race, and the loss, northern homeland, and believed until his death in two, thousand, nine, two, thousand, nine, that the extermination of the Jews was an incomplete mission. Oh my God well. She'll. Right? They did not completely exterminate the Jews to get partial credit on. That one didn't quite hit their quota, did they? I would love to just see the you know the. Recap of his trip. To Antarctica or the well, he wrote a book about it. He actually wrote a book. He wrote a book about all of that and anyway I've. Kind of a side note, there's apparently a book that covers a lot of this stuff in a lot of Esoteric Hitlerism. That I've ordered called a black sun, so I'm extremely interested to while you're going to be hearing more garbage in the future. Kids sorry about. An episode fifty two. We had a good laugh at former Mormon, and Blue Ribbon Lunatic Rodney cluff and his hollow earth theory. He took some dumb survey. Shins of Edmond Halley Eighteenth Century. Smart guy that the communists named after. About the North Pole and Hollow Planet and folded the racist version of hyper BEREA. Onto and into it, claiming a super race of white people who were ten feet, tall and live. Two thousand years actually lived inside the earth. And that's where the flying saucers. The aliens gave the Nazis ended up at the end of the war, right? So it's still following me. I hope it's not going anywhere good. So, Rodney cliff is a clown and a joke and harmless twenty one but himself, but that Wackadoo nugget about Nazis. Just like some of the actual Nazis I name before is what jerked my silly little story about hyper Bauria from an ancient curiosity to a potential modern atrocity. The writings and beliefs of people like Boulevard Ski evola Beret and Cyrano have caught on like crazy with modern esoteric neo-fascist worldwide. But most especially in the part of the world. That believes itself to be hyper, Beria. Mostly Russia and northern Europe. Or kooks and knuckle draggers, but some are very powerful KOOKS. Some knuckle draggers. Like Dutch parliamentarian Terry Day, who talks about who I? Think is still in office talks about wanting to seize and cleanse the boreal world of non whites. Or Putin confidant Alexander Dugan who is a big believer in white Russian supremacy, and spouts the SS, Officer Benes Hyper Burien slogan from breast of Ladder Vostok Menacingly. The European Christianised neo-pagan right is gaining troubling amount of traction in European politics. And is essentially in power in Russia. So from France to Hungary. From Italy. Sorry European nationalist, very keen on the idea. Whether symbolically or more troublingly literally. that they were born out of pretend lost continent, the Greeks new too little about the world to have made half guests at that is not at the North Pole. Nor under it, nor any map because the idea of sharing common humanity with black people or Jews is too terrifying for them to bear. That is maybe the most stupid thing I've ever had to write about for this show. I did crypto zoology and David Ike. And it's. It's this God. Damn dangerous as it is absurd. This is an example of the inherent danger. Stupid, irrational, superstitious beliefs. It's kind of like guns right. Theoretically harmless if left alone, but. Capable of pretty incalculable damage in the hands of someone. With, bad intentions or malice so. Stupid. Stupid, exactly so for. Correct me if I'm wrong, but when who was it originally can a made up this the which Greek was it? Herodotus an and they think that might even have come from that. He might have been citing older sources sure but. The seven seventh century BC. It doesn't sound like this in his mind was a master race. It sound. It sounded like they were kind of freakish. Like ten foot, tall white ghouls like monsters, can a happy go lucky? Though well, so the Greeks were kind of all over the place with it and it just it. It evolved over a few centuries. into. Oh, there's tall white people up there somewhere to. They're happy all the time. The Sun's always up. It's a land of milk and they thought the North Pole that where the North Pole is a land of milk and honey, right? So they weren't freaks they were it. It's kind of easy to read them as superior in some way. Right because the life span and Right, you know life outcomes or whatever? But it's just garbage, right? It's complete garbage and there are violent extremists who either one hundred percent believe. It's true or just think it's you know it's like a swastika to them. It's an important symbol of their superiority so right. Denny still the slogan for Hyper Gloria Right it's always sunny at Denny's. Come. That is something I did not look into for this segment. Are Denny's Nazi Tien. We're going to have to reconsider. At this point. Moons over hyper BEREA. Moons over Berlin. That you know if it it, it doesn't end, does it that the derp is so dumb and so deep, and then so fucking dangerous like I thought this. You know when you mentioned what you're doing earlier this week to me. That'll be fun. And now I'm not at all happy. I was ruined. Our lives Mark Iv like can I just fucking once find something? It's the racism there it is. Yet racism and violent extremism found it. We live our lives in an amusement park, but all of the rides and badly. They're all on fire. All of the rides are missing the last fifteen feet of track. And ended a pile of burning books so there you go kids. That's hyper Bauria Believe in it. Maybe maybe when the European Union lets us back in we can. We can meet up there, so let's toss this on the tectonic pilot. Unless continent. Moving on? Uncle Mark. You know there was a time in the world when we used to go to movies I. Don't know if you remember that. No, not ringing a bell. You mean talkies. Yeah well and and speaking of talkies. Do you remember they used to be even before our time that you used to get a newsreel before the talkies? Right and that is. How got your you know your non? Daily paper news that's right and a guy with a terrific voice would usually say something like heretics in the news. And underneath him would be like Tonton. tontons there'd be a whole bunch of people marching through and. Today Charles Lindbergh met the first heretics of society. So I think Doug. You need to put on your best that voice and and take us through the heretics in the news. Good kick in the pants. Let's get to that point, so dear uncles many of the subjects we cover on the show or long dead religions. And long buried gods, but sometimes we talk about people or movements that are very much alive and continue and continue to bugger the minds of our fellow humans in real time. and. Although it's my firm, desire that just by shining a light on the stupid shit, it would go away. Unfortunately, what's dumb? We'll never die and several of these things we've talked about in the past. Continue like a racist, cold sore to pop back up in the news or in popular culture from time to time. And so in order to check in on the derp of the day. Let's revisit my ongoing segment heretics in the news. Ten. So I want to make clear. I honestly had no intention of talking about any of this even just a couple of days ago. In fact, I had a completely other segment in the works, but as I've said many times before it seems that God is a fan of the show and that he's been on a a bit of math binge lately. You have any left I know. Where did you get it? At this point? My neighborhood come on down. I can hook you, up. No problem. So don't worry dear listeners. I will simply push off my intendant segment until next week and I can promise you. It will be mediocre. So I up. Our country is in the throes of a long overdue, and in all likelihood far too late to save US racial reckoning. One of the forms of this reckoning has taken as the toppling of statues of confederate generals and other notable historical racists. And one would think that the recipients of one of history's worst ass kickings worse even than when the go bots tried to topple the transformers. Would not be interested in memorialize that colossal loss, and wanted to be right these ubiquitous statues of your stonewalls Jackson Your Nathan Bedford Forrest and your Jefferson Davis. Are Not intended to remind us of a proud and glorious history, they are one hundred percent intended to remind our brothers and sisters of color that we did at once and we're GONNA. Fuck into it again so. It is no small pleasure to watch. These terrible totems topple, so let's take a quick look at the most recent confederate monument to crumble into dust. Jefferson beauregard sessions a third lost his primary bid for his Republican seat in the Senate on Tuesday. To one Tommy Tuber reveal. So don't make up opponents. Credible you gotta come up with better names than that for real before we move on to bathe in the sweet elixir of Schadenfreude of this humiliating loss. Let's address one thing Tommy to Brazil is as stupid as his name. Lead you to believe. And while he sounds like a harmless mascot of an Idaho, potato, festival. If, he wins against Doug Jones, in November, he will be as much if not more of a nightmare. Then the sentient clan Maske has relegated to the dustbin of history yeah. we have of course talked about sessions. This particularly well-groomed swamp L. before. In episodes forty, one and forty six in the former episode to talk about how sessions was citing Romans thirteen to try to breach the wall between Church and state, and in the former episode to talk about how talk about his newly-formed Religious Liberty Task Force. remember the Halcyon days when we thought that Jeff sessions was the biggest threat to our democracy. No, Jeff sessions is no longer the worst attorney general in US history. Every time we need to be careful about making big pronouncements about how bad people are. Literally. This is the this is the administration of hold my beer. A. Truly. So a quick reminder hour refresher on Jefferson sessions when Donald J trump was nothing but a SPEC in our telescopes. Jeff sessions was easily the most racist retrograde, despicable man in the United States Senate, and that my friends is saying something. Yeah, the the fact that he looked and acted like every racist southern judge in every civil rights movie ever had actually relegated him to the fringes of the body. He spent twenty years infecting, so it was perhaps no surprise that he was the first, the very first senator to hitch his wagon to the still comical trump campaign. This, which chewed him up. Shit him out for real. This early endorsement was only one of many nails in the coffin of American democracy. But it did land the job he'd always wanted attorney general of the United States of America Yup one of the most blatantly racist creatures, still drawing breath in two thousand sixteen was put in charge of all of our nation's law enforcement apparatus. However like go mark said this did not last long, and before sessions could even truly begin to enact his agenda History Donald Trump's malfeasance outpaced him. When trump fired James. Comey and Rob Rosenstein appointed Robert Mueller to investigate trump and Russia sessions had no choice but to follow the law and precedent and recuse himself from the whole affair. This was his first mistake is breathtaking. He is. That is the only incidents of abiding nece. In the entire administration in three and a half years. The last moment exactly someone was like Oh. We need to obey like even the most basic modicum of ethical rules here, and it cost him everything right, and that exactly that might explain what came next for you. See Donald Trump spoiler alert is a terrible person. So I know. Believe it. I'm sorry to break this time. We sure about this. Show you the past three years he dug, he correctly identified an elephant on a piece of paper. You know it's funny as I for the Shits and giggles took that cognitive test. Right before we started recording. An extra minute and I'm I'm more embarrassed for my for my country than it was an hour ago. Yeah, so. So trump is focused. What is left of his brain on the lawful actions oh. Sorry you mean the utter betrayal of just of Jeff Sessions, and has rewarded one of his perhaps most influential and consequential backers with the level of petty vindictive mean girl. Miss that is truly remarkable. Trump and unceremoniously fired sessions and has spent the subsequent years change doing everything in his power to ruin him and on Tuesday night. He succeeded. Trump indoors tuber. Ville, which helped him trout session sixty sixty one to thirty nine percent. In a final, pathetic dixie death rattle sessions final campaign ad had him dawning a Maga- hat one last time in a desperate attempt to prove his utterly misplaced loyalty show Ya it was PA FETIG yeah. this was as humiliating defeat, as could be imagined and so. Let us salute the latest confederate soldier to meet the business end of a union bayonet with the only song appropriate for such a solemn occasion. It's raining men by the weather. Girls performed on the therapy by a colony of rabid bats. Next up back in episode one or two. We discussed cute. The Cunanan conspiracy theory. If you haven't listened to that episode, or if you don't remember what Cunanan is, it is basically unified field theory of DERP. Take the flatter conspiracy. The Hallways Conspiracy Hollow Moon Conspiracy, the cliff notes of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion sprinkle a little, extra racism, some white supremacy and xenophobia, and why not some Esoteric Hitlerism? Go and then put your head in a plastic bag for seven minutes while blasting ride of the valkyries at full volume. There you go now you've got. On your on your dirt bike going as fast as you can exactly, but very least at secret knowledge that you can have and that they the stupid liberals don't have, and you can postpone them all day long with it, then that's Yup, that is exactly right. And it has conspiracies do morphed a bit since we discussed it back in September of last year mostly. Somehow, try and explain how Q. The deep state mole that was funneling secret and important information to his followers, somehow failed to mention the coming of the greatest viral pandemic since the Spanish flu that was unleashed by China or by US or by Iran or not or maybe. They will not friends. Wasn't it sure why not yeah was killary? It will not surprise you to know. That mask mandates a part of the global communist Jewish atheist, Muslim Kardashian conspiracy. To literally muzzle patrons. Muslim, patriotic Americans and make them rebrith their precious bodily fluids and weaken their minds by low level, carbon dioxide poisoning. Well, wait a minute I at this point. Don't we have to back the Kardashians out of it? Since yeezy is running for President? That's how deep it goes. The deep states already gotten to him, he already bailed on that well, but he's trying again. Oh, as easy. He was trying to get on the ballot North Carolina. Good good. So trump by steadfastly refusing to wear a mask, was proving to Q. Followers that he was on their side, and wasn't going to fall for the liberal trick the fact that he did wear a mask the other day is sign okay? It was a sign that. Okay! He knew about the conspiracy and was. His mask was assigned to someone about something. Hold on, okay I got this trump's mask was black like the Black Watch and game of thrones, the eight season of which was terrible. This is the eighth half year of the trump's first term. Washington was the first president. He cut down a cherry. Tree Jerry's or read, and that's why firetrucks read because they're always rushing around. We are through the looking glass here, people. I mean that is only finds himself being sworn in as a member. Of Congress, how did this happen? You could be a cabinet without your against your will if you're not careful dog fully. All right so the theory was bouncing around on right wing, read it, and then started appearing on signs and t shirts at trump rallies trump himself appeared to toss out a few bones to this most arranged end of deranged party, mostly by flirting with the number seventeen, because q is the seventeenth letter Nova. I know Oh, did he really just say something about seventeen just? It was okay so a few times. Yeah, like just randomly seventeen angry Democrats. Yes, there was this. There were thirteen Democrats that he was targeting that. We're investigating him and in the midst of this whole Cunanan Bullshit. He changed that to seventeen. I bet he didn't have anything to do with. Stephen. Miller tease too goddamn stupid now. Yeah, well. He knows what an elephant looks like. I have to keep saying this. Like all other conspiracies, this one just won't go away and has of late seen a very bizarre resurgence, firstly with several youtube videos, making the rounds of various and sundry white people taking what they are calling the digital soldiers pledge. The most famous of these videos is a former national security adviser and three. Star General Michael Flynn. Who recently avoided punishment for his convictions for lying to the FBI by employing the clever tactic of being rich white. That's a good one video. We should all do that. When it broke problem in the video. Presumably film in his backyard, Flynn and five middle aged friends decked out in their best tactical sweat, shirts and shorts. Raise their right hands and receipt recite the oath which reads as follows. Quote, I insert idiot name here do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same that I will take this obligation freely without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion, and on that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of that office to which I of which I am about to enter, so help me God where we go one. We go all. So if that sounds familiar, it is because with one notable exception. It is the oath that all senators representatives. Many federal workers and members of the military take upon entering service. The one exception is of course where we go on. We go all. which is not just a slogan from the Nineteen ninety-six homoerotic coming of age movie, White Squall, which is the only reason. Isn't it it is true. And it's the only reason that marks still owns a VCR. But also that it's also around. Reasons. it's usually represented by its acronym. WW, Geo, Wgla or we'll go block. Should it be troubling that former national security advisor? Three star general is espousing this nonsense. Yeah, it. Should this guy like before he? Basically, colluded the Russians to cheat. This guy had access to or. Everything all of our spy satellites arcing every piece of intelligence. This guy had top top top security clearance, and he's fallen for this fucking Gobbledygook unbelievable. That's right. Or totally actually one hundred percent believable right now I now exactly yeah, the other incident that kind of had a resurgence Cunanan was just the other day while giving one of his signature unhinged advertisements for high. Clerk Lyn Whitehouse trade adviser. Peter Navarro appeared to have on a Cunanan Pin. Well, it's hard to tell if this was an actual in on pin. It sure looks like one. And Navarro and team are in no hurry to deny it. The cumin just the standard US flag pin, but with a gold Q. in the middle. If you look carefully, you will see this pin around the president. people are wearing this pin in the White House and around the White House. and in particular in the crop of Cunanan, believing candidates that have won primaries in Colorado Georgia Oregon and California. Say believing or do you think that they're just piling on a bandwagon to like to dog? Whistle to their believing I. If you listen to them when they talk about it, it's hard not to believe that they believe you know what I mean. Damn it! Yeah, that's terrifying if they're not if they don't believe it. They're good at faking it so. I'm sorry to say. Is this election years and things get worse than our country. You're going to see a lot a lot more q posters and signs and Cubans. Please don't be surprised to see these pins on politicians and most alarmingly on police and soldiers, yeah. So you know hopefully when the election's over it goes the right direction, there'll be a lot of people looking to kind of find their way out of this. But incidentally, what do you call a group of people trying to leave Cunanan? I know now. I don't either Cunanan. On. June fourth of this year. The New York. Times had a podcast daily podcast with featured a woman who found her way out of this conspiracy, and it's pretty fascinating. Heard that it's pretty interesting. And speaking of nutball conspiracies and the dopes who for them Ammon Bundy? You might remember. You might remember our old friend Ammon Bundy and his father cliven from episode, one forty four, where we talked about their repeated standoffs with the federal government, and how they kept getting away with it well, their ears must have been burning, because just like another addition to the fast and furious franchise. They're back and they're stupid. It seems that too. Many new cycles had passed without another installment of the Bunkerville hillbillies. So Amann decided to literally burst into the scene. And where was the latest venue for Amines? Never ending crusade for freedom or liberty or rare birds, or who the fuck knows? It turns out that Amin decided to crash a southwest district health meeting in Caldwell Idaho. off what he's near Idaho Right. He's an and caldwell is north of Boise. So those of us in the West. No, that's that's pretty far up. Idaho in Idaho is a big tall, skinny state. The dirty Canada touching state. That's right so. What was Bundy and several of his posse doing in Caldwell. I don't fucking know. Why was Michael Cain and jaws for the revenge? It's best not to think about it too much and just accept. It was therefore judge. Just four by the way was the first movie to use the tagline this time. It's personal no. I remember that. Yeah, it's true. It's also remember just as a way of explaining I do. Michael Cain wants released an acting for film sort of little video and on it. I think that's where he said I will take any acting job that you pay me a million dollars for. Did. He really yeah. If you have not seen jaws, the revenge don't is that. Is that the one where Roy Scheider holds up the electrical cable at the end and jazz bites it. No, that's just to just four is where where his wife stabs jaws in the chest with a boat. Walk? Jazz okay. Mr Does. About Mrs Jaws. The Caldwell Health Department was meeting to discuss a possible mask mandate, which is of course, catnip, two types like bundy right who liked their in on brethren see having to wear masks as exactly the same as Chattel slavery. It's crazy that in northern Idaho, thank. You could even call that meeting without just the sound of gunfire coming from right exactly yeah, and and when I say, they believe that masks are the same as slavery. For Real they actually believe that are real and all. That's the verbiage that they use the YEP. So the health department had already instituted a mask mandate inside their own building, because they're you know a health department bright, which became the source of the confrontation as Bundy and several of his determined derp demanded entry into the building while refusing to put on masks. Video of the incident was posted online, and in it you can see Bundy and several other men pushing shoving and threatening these poor scared health department workers. The standoff goes on for nearly half an hour with several instances of assault by Bundy drew before the health. Department cancelled the meeting to avoid violence Those brave brave patriots. I know right and of course Bundy had the ubiquitous constitution pop poking out of his pocket. the police were called, but once again nobody was arrested, meaning that this will not be the last time Bundy or someone associated with him assault some innocent person so when it happens, they're white. What are they? What are they gonNa, do arrest them. Come on, so when that happens. Inevitably you can bet on two things. We'll talk about it on this show and next time. It's personal. We have to say Michael Cain. Cocaine next time it's personal. I do. I'M GONNA. I'M GONNA. Give you a beep B minus you're feeling generous today. I. That's a round up of heretics in the news for this July. Two Thousand Twenty feels great feels good be! We're all about it. We're all about it. Thanks for that Uncle Dog, shall we move on? Let's do it oh, please. All Right Gentlemen, who we do this thing every week. We're not sure what it is, but we talk into the void, and then other people apparently somehow managed to pick it up. It's a series of tubes got on how it works. I just gotTa jump in here. I have a worry, I, think we I think we might have done a bad. Oh, I think. DID WE MISS GENDER JAWS? Jaws as a man. A, man shark. I. That's a great question. You know what jaws is listener. Right into us. Let us know from now on. We're GONNA use the yeah, okay, anyway just was burning burning me up, thank God, you cleared that up so important so so point of shark order. Yes, exactly exact-. Anyhow Some of OUR NIECES NEPHEWS NIBBLING HAVE decided that they want to help us out. And they're going to give us a little bit of their money so. We owe some. Thank yous to invoke, and let's give them now. Thanks so much to Britain Olivia Devon, Brandon. To Tom Oh? This one has of the to Thomas. The political wait. Oh, shoot! It went away. The Political Martian Thomas the Political Martian. Thank you so much. We have a couple of before. We've got a saint and a heaven we got to get to, but before we divvy those out. We have a new thing which. People can give us not just unpatriotic, but they can give us a one time donation, or even sign up to be a monthly contributor on our pay. Pal thing. We've got new button on the website. And, so we owe thanks to Tobias for becoming a monthly patron on PAL tuck Tobias. Fee Phone. Swedish. We're just having a Swedish moment here. Thank you very much anyway. the only full sentence that I know in Swedish I shouldn't say it's. It's during anyways. We'll go, yes, exactly. Any who thanks so much to you? And now we have a uncle Doug I want you to give a saint. It is a missed saint. We we unfortunately patriots on has changed how they show me. What's happening on the site? So we miss saint for a wonderful listener and friend how? Out of a weird part of the Mormon spectrum, we don't have to get into it. So sorry about that and uncle, Doug, who is house Saint Okay how your Saint Anne apologies for having missed you before, but your saint still applies the status retroactive retroactive. Was your saint since the the moment that you set it up yeah yeah. Go into lives. Who knows your saint is Saint Flippity, flop ICUs the redundant. Of New Brunswick Canada Oh Beautiful Saint Flippity is the patron saint of action movie sequels that star a different lead actor A. Good one, the Porridge family of foods, so oatmeal grits anything a large wooden cream of wheat. Your borst anything you eat with a big old wooden spoon with a borst. Definitely does not count, and finally he's the patron saint of Ned. Beatty lookalikes. Great? Warren is so overdone. It's. Want to look out for how I I'm sure you agree with me that that was totally worth the wait. A hundred percent that was that was a classic right. There can't go wrong with that. and Uncle Mark Yes one other that we missed another thing, yes, or we all. We almost missed I'm not sure here's the thing I don't know. We're just playing. Catch up here if we missed you. If any of you listening and we missed a thing, don't hesitate to give us a shout. Just send us an email. We don't hesitate we. It's it's I'm still trying to sort out a new system with patriotic because it's a bit of a mess. This podcast is nothing more than a weekly broadcast of all the things we're not good at. Tackling. So, please set you if we missed you. We love you. We didn't do it on purpose. Yeah! Indeed but but uncle mark. Please take it away. You have if I if I'm not mistaken a heaven for someone. Yes I do, and it's a good one, and you're gonNA. Love this. This is this. Is for our dear friend. Tacit just been listeners I think since the very beginning of the patron for a longtime. Who did what all good patrons do, and and increase their patronage to the heaven level. So. It is an honor to finally get to assign you tacit your forever destination the great beyond following your untimely, but glorious death after your taken out by drone owned by Sun, Records Company in Memphis after you ram the gates of Graceland on Christmas Eve in the stolen Oscar Wilde Oscar Mayer Wiener mobile for reasons that will haunt your loved ones for the rest of their lives. I'm pretty sure. Oscar. Wilde Weiner Oscar Wilde. That's also works today. A upon entering the great silence. You pass through space and time until you hear a faint sound. And Pretty soon you can make out a Staccato rhythm and a very distinct rapid guitar plug. Is it familiar? Maybe you're surprised is vaguely familiar, because it is the one thousand nine hundred seventy nine new wave cover of the Beatles classic money brackets. That's what I want and brackets by the flying lizards catchy, almost robotic and its repetitiveness. That's odd, but you see tacit. You've spent a lifetime serving and educating others. And like all of us, there's been plenty of times when you weren't sure where you were going to get your next vegemite sandwich, or how you were ever going to get another shrimp on your repossessed Barbie, so as you descend through some peculiar clouds, your feet plant firmly upon a beautiful, but extremely I'd landscape. You tacit are now in forever in money. Heaven. That's right tells me they get sounds good. Some tells me he's GonNa. Go bad though that there's no. We've established no pattern of that in. So that's right after a lifetime of pinching pennies and tightening the belt you have landed in. The NARNIA, a fully fungible fantasy of luscious liquidity and Monetary Majesty. You could not have dreamed of in Life Scrooge mcduck. Swimmer just to get across the rivers of rams, the streams of shillings, the lakes of Lira and the estuaries of Euros. The vistas dazzlingly constructed. There's mansions of Martinian rupees. Boulevards of Bolivia knows temples of Transnistrian rubles and Fiduciary Fiduciary fountains foaming with Falkland Island, pounds. The cash intensive clouds of Croatian. KUNA are cascading Centavos santee MOS as they do every afternoon to cool the heat bathing, the land from the son of blazing, but remarkably stable Swiss francs high in the Gorgeous Sky of beautiful, Blue Brazilian hundred real. The. Constant fairly loud repetition of the highly repetitive flying desert song barely makes a dent in your reverie in taking this all in. The angels are just flying. ATM's the Bushes Bloom with Barry Bonds, the foliage coinage, and the flowers have limitless purchasing powers Pew that sound just keeps going, doesn't it? well that aside? You can't believe your luck. Landing in this high yield heaven and you're right. It is nice for sure. But. Your housing is provided. It's a very nice Hacienda. Made of Hungarian four, it's down by the forest of Fijian dollars. And you don't eat or drink anymore because that. And you wear you wear the same damn close every day. A very fine tunic of two dollars and sandals of Somaliland shillings with fine belt of Bangladeshi pullers so. What is there to spend this infinity of reinvest able riches on tacit well nothing. It's all useless I mean it's not totally useless since the entire universe is made out of it. But there are no stores, no debts, not even the trifling luxury of retail therapy. It's just a weird world made of money that serves no other purpose. and. Quote any quote religious. Heaven just like the absurdist eternal pleasure prisons. We can talk for a fee. are nothing more than poorly thought out prisons. And and turn case of metaphysical blue balls. So get some exercise doing the scrooge mcduck backstroke in the Gulf of Guatemalan, kessels because money can't buy you happiness at least not on that side of this veil of tears, but a very least you'll always have that song, which has surely something of real value, so enjoy a flush forever eternally in the. Attorney, in the black tacit in your money, heaven, from which there is no right. Yeah We'll give us money. I. It's a fool's errand. If you ask me at least Michael Eric. Two Klan Rally last week for no fucking reason you just. Well when I was when I was in Colombia about a year ago I, it was funny, because they actually have like street vendors have clothing bits of clothing that are made from devalued Venezuelan Bolivars. So there you go. There you go. And he's from heaven. motherfuckers right well. Enjoy that and thank all of you so much for your patronage. If other people would like to become a patron, it's so easy you just go to how to heretic dot com. That's a website. You know how to make those work. You Click on the support US thing. It gives you the option you go, you go to the Patriots. You go to the papal. End and boom. You're you're there? You're giving his money. It's so simple. Put All your transnistrian rubles right into the gap in the machine. And you can't do that gives five stars. It actually really really helps because it helps. Other people find a so lighter night sky, and let's move on. DOC, Hello! you know. there. There is a time and a place for everything and and There's a time and a place for. Everyone has somebody's British parent I can't remember who said. There's a live for every pot. Right meaning, there's some there's somebody out there for all of us and I think. That's that's a hopeful message. And I don't know where I'm going with this. Damn recipe from. Time to every purpose under heaven and a chicken in every pot. Lid. Brought it. All home tied to the did yeah. Alright. That was a great segment. Let's move on. Thank you, okay, no listen. Obviously. You're new to this whole GIG clearly. Yes that was that was ridiculous, but unlike you neophytes you newborns to the potus fear. I've been podcast him for a while. Like since back in the days, where every time I told someone I had a podcast I had to explain what that was my. MOM still calls it a blog. As a matter of fact, thank God I. Made Theus Released Are Four hundred and fiftieth weekly episode this last weekend. owns. Thank you so that's yeah, that's that's narrowing in on nine years that we've been doing this thing that is not. Years. Holy smokes well congrats literally Soi. The. Literally the longest I've ever held a job of any kind, so that's Kinda Fun. Job. Well hand job is still job so I guess a podcast is too so yeah exactly. When you put something out into the world for that long, even something as silly and stupid as what I ended up putting out, you start to know where you stand among your peers. take that other podcasters. When I say I'm their peer I. DON'T I? Don't really know why. Anyway. See It seems to have always what seems to have always stood out about Tgi. The feedback that we have consistently gotten from day. One is that we're the nice guys of atheist podcasting. Funny because we're pretty merciless when it comes to tearing into religious stupidity but. What we rarely do is rage. Enjoy listen to other atheists podcasts. A relative scale. Yeah, exactly exactly. Like raging is sort of one of the big hallmarks of atheism themed podcasting. Not that I, believe the stereotype that atheists are more angry than everybody else. We aren't. There's actually science to prove it, but there's also a science to prove that even atheists think they're more angry than the rest of the world, which is interesting. It's yeah, so let's let's a late leave that stereotype in the dust from here on in but. When we! Talk about the subject of atheism and religion. Will, there's a lot in that topic that is worthy of some anger, so it's no wonder that that's what so many shows do I think that's natural. It's just not what Tgi has always been about now. One of the big outcomes of this of us being these nice guys is that we have become a haven for people who are new to non-belief. People, who have left their religion are and are taking their first baby steps into the undiscovered country of nihilistic lawless decadence that we call atheism. And it can be tender time for them. So when they fire up their pod blaster of choice and tentatively searched the word atheism. It can be a bit of a shock when they find themselves bombarded by vitriol or swimming in dockings and Hitchens, deep cuts with reverence, so that are so. Bas- ball that they feel they couldn't possibly catch up. Yeah, so when they find US Tgi a couple of dufuses just trying to make sense of the madness in the world. They feel a little less intimidated but the truth is. The TGI was designed to be that for people. It was just a side effect of who we were, and how we structured our show, so uncle mark you and I started to talk about doing a new podcast and asked ourselves what hole there is to fill in the eighty s podcasting world. After you vetoed my best boobs of atheism. Review idea. Well, it's it's not totally off the table. Okay yeah it wasn't. It wasn't our first choice. And then I just feel like I'd be a little bit at a deficit, but I'll catch up well right well. Obviously either me or Eli it's. Fuck see like God. Damn it now. We don't do it well. Okay, that's true. The adds so much anyway. After. You've vetoed that idea and I next year atheist bike trails of Sweden deep dive. We landed on Crete. Look! It's it's just not my dad's. Blair. I fall short well. There's a lot of good boobs on those trails. So that's a good point. There's some synergy here. Maybe maybe we've got a combination thing coming up. Okay? Look for our new show coming out in a few weeks. Anyway what we landed on was trying to create something new for something four new atheists. Yeah, we thought look. Let's custom build a space where people who are fresh out of religion will feel welcomed and heard and seen. We can even try to give them some tools to be happier in their new lives as non-believers. Let's provide a soft landing for these fledgling. Little birds, and that's how to heretic was born. That's that is literally the true. It is yeah, so here's the thing. A number of religiously affiliated People v Number, sorry, the number of religiously affiliated people in this country is falling and fast. According to Pew in the last ten years, the number of US adults who identify as Christian has fallen from seventy seven percent to sixty five percent. How many numbers just the Cova killing religious people? Well that's nice. Yeah, yeah, I mean well I. Don't know this. These are pre- Cova numbers the the the postcode numbers. We are just going to blow our minds, yes. The number who are unaffiliated has risen from seventeen percent to twenty six percent. That's about thirty million new nuns in a decade. Wow, that's almost a whole. Canada of nuns that is almost a whole candidate of nuns. By the way my new band. Canada of nuns will be dropping our I. Bike trail deep dive in August so look for that. But of that twenty six percent. Only. Four percent are willing to use the word atheist when describing themselves, and only five percent are willing to say agnostic. eightieths and diagnostics, but they won't use those words. And that is that I mean that's doing no small part to the fact that atheists have been systematically demonized in our society for well ever ever. We've been demonized forever. we are a big scary bogeyman that Clare the clergy have been terrorizing their congregations with since time immemorial. There's nothing we can really do about that, but. There's another reason why people don't want to be associated with atheism, and it's a little more distressing to me. And that is that we have never learned the very first lesson that every successful new church has learned, which is how to make new, people feel welcome, included and safe mind you on your choice to their wallet, right exactly and those churches have some distinct advantages over us. They're willing to use some pretty potent mind. Control techniques that we don't and shouldn't use. And they have easy answers to questions that we have no answers to, or if we have answers, they're huge and complex and really difficult to understand. And like idiots. We're honest about that. But even with all of their advantages, there's no reason we can't do as good a job as churches at welcoming these sweet new baby butterflies into our flutter. Now I don't mean to condescend. These are mostly. Adults were talking about, but make no mistake. and. I'm sure many of our listeners can to this. For? Many people leaving religion isn't just a change of perspective or philosophy. It's not just a matter of I. believe some different things now. It is a nuclear blast changes everything yeah. So when I talk about fledgling, little birds or baby butterflies I'm talking about people regardless of age who, in many ways are starting entirely from scratch. So. For so many of these people leaving religion means building a completely new world view from the ground up that their whole lives, their entire sense of what humans are why they do what they do, and what their lives are supposed to be about come from their religious tradition. Their concepts of morality and ethics, their understanding of fairness and their place in the universe are all up ended the second. They admit to themselves that they no longer subscribe to religion. These are core level identity issues. We're not just talking about what these people believe. We're talking about who they are and suddenly they're no longer sure about that. That can be a terrifying abyss as into absolutely. and it's not just about worldview. Leaving religion also is a social earthquake a lot of the time, so for so many people they find themselves suddenly their friends, their family, the people they thought they could count on no matter what abandon them. Their support system their whole community, even their beloved traditions and customs. Those can come tumbling down. Add to that that many people live in areas where nobody is allowed to be to not be religious. Where they've never even met someone who's an out of the closet. Atheist and the sense of isolation and devastation can become unbearable. So. What can we do for these poor souls? As people who have been through through this ourselves or at least are aware of some of what they're going through. I think it's up to us to figure out how to roll out the welcome Mat. How to bring them gently into the fold and show them that there's. And fulfilment on the other side of the religious veil, despite what they might have been told their whole lives. So. I've decided to put together some completely. But hopefully useful thoughts on what we as a community should and shouldn't be doing when we welcome new nonbelievers into their new better world. Some. Do's and don'ts if you will right. And since people lert since. Waive the initiation fee I'm hanging up the phone, okay? Just. Hold onto your hold onto your, but for a second right. but I didn't want to leave you know some people learn better visually so I wanted to set up a visual aid. It's something that I think would be. If if what I'm talking about something that I think would be a good thing. I want you to imagine a donut because doughnuts are welcoming. Everybody loves donuts. If it's something that might be less good. I want you to imagine the Poop Emoji. So. If it's do not, then it's do, but if it's a do then it's a donut. Do do not don't do clear. Demonic to help me I've just got my yarn. Thumb tacks okay. All right great. Let's move on. So and you guys feel free to add to this list. I'm just sort of throwing shit up. Yeah! And we'll start with a donut. So do. All abandon the donut. Do I'm sorry that was done? Do Remember that they are all new to all of this, and just starting the process of untangling their own thoughts, feelings and ideas from the ones that were they were indoctrinated with. Do not expect them to get everything right all at once. Things like you know things are likely to be a jumble for a bit. We can only process so much at a time. Maybe they figured out how. Figured out that they don't believe in God, but haven't get wrapped their head around. How evolution could possibly be real This is a good time to be gentle. Do keep in mind that people these are people with feelings, not computers who need to be reprogrammed. Letting go of deeply internalised dogma is difficult and often traumatic in my opinion. And I don't know if you guys will agree with me on this. I think it's more important to let them know. They're safe than to make sure that they are. They're able to pass a philosophy test Omega like look. It's like you were saying earlier. You know you. And we've said this on another shows to Dan is when you unplug from especially a high stakes religion that. Religion like the one we came from. Your, unplug all that where all the things done for you. All the answers are they're all your positions about political and social and. moral quote, unquote moral issues are made for you. When you unplug all that you have to fucking start over. Yeah, right so you cannot expect people to know the process of evolution via natural selection on day two. You can't expect them to have read. Everything Bertrand Russell wrote on Day three. Just yeah, you pump the brakes. Give people space I mean I. Remember I left religion. And, What's interesting is left religion in part because I had gay friends who had clearly tried not to be gay, and it didn't work and I just couldn't square that with what I've been taught about gay people from the Church. Does that mean I was instantly non homophobic when I left the church. No, it was a fucking process i. I had to go through some shit to actually like cokes. My brain into accepting. Gayness as an okay thing. So, it's A. It's all a process. We're not going to get there. Nobody gets there right away. Yeah, well, and being overly dogmatic and hostile towards those that don't share that dogmatism. That's their thing. Yeah. That's not our thing, right? Yeah yet rather than hitting somebody over the head with with a gap in their knowledge and embarrassing them, and making them feel stupid. Maybe kindly point them in a direction where they might find the information. Right totally totally. UN embarrassing people unnecessarily is one of you know. It's such a bullying tactic. I hate it so much. I think some people deserve to be embarrassed. Often and as you know and loudly, but you know people trying to find their way. You know what I mean like weird, right? That's why we call ourselves uncles right? We're we're. We were supposed to be protecting and kind and generous of spirit, so to speak. Yeah, right? That's fail at that plenty, but that's what we're supposed to be. Shut up Dan. With that in mind, you know because to me, the concept a lot a lot of this. You people leaving religion for the first time. Kind of go through a second adolescence like there's this. Everything's new. They don't understand the world anymore sort of thing so i. Do not is do not be surprised. If, they become a little obnoxious for awhile. And also don't sweat it. I remember having long deep conversations with one friend just out of religion, and then two days later, hearing her proudly parrot my exact words to somebody else as though she invented the concepts. No sense that an attribution might be an order just philosopher, explaining her new genius theory to everyone. There's an interesting sense of sort of know it all nece. That comes with this territory. Any listeners to gotta make. We're remember a couple of weeks ago. There was an article in the Salt Lake Tribune by. Author named Meta Harrison. She recently left the Mormon Church and decided to write an OP. Ed About how lame other ex Mormons can be heard I. Heard you guys do this Tgi. It's horrendous. Stupid it was you know she's talking about how ex? Mormons are justice dogmatic as the members of their former church. It was just an everybody demands that I drink immediately and everybody. Tried drugs and it's like. You're lying. Yes, that's not true. That's a lie. Everything she wrote had that new nonbelievers smell to it. She had clearly sat in on some ex Mormon meet ups and was uncomfortable with how stridently they were now opposed to the former religion. And get processed everything that they had and to make, and she made, and of course they probably made no effort to ease her in, and she was interpreted, interpreted that as them, expecting her to jump straight into the deep end of the pool, which may have actually been the case right, and so that's kind of unfortunate, and I think yeah one. One thing that we need to recognize and you've touched on this in several ways, Dan. As. Atheist elders if that's the thing is that people are going through something very similar to the stages of grief. I was just thinking that right there. This is a huge life transition. It's huge and yeah and so. Unfortunately she's in some stage of grief. She just happened to kind of really publicly. Make an ass out of herself in whatever that stages the she's like I would say. It's similar to cheese denial and they're in anger right right like they're moving through these things she's. She's so yeah like they're at a different stage than she is. And it's. I was for long long time, but many years. Definitely stuck in the anger stay and I was more strident maybe I needed to be with people who are still in or just finding their way out, but it's part of the process, right. and. That's an interesting point because. Yeah if we look at that model that Elizabeth Kubler Ross model of of of grief. Most people make you know by the time they're listening to a podcast or trying to join a group. They've made it through the denial stage, and they are in either anger, or what was the next one, but with bargaining comes somewhere in their. Anger Oh. It's like anger or depression is. I think the the next one along, so we need to be gentle with these people they are. You know they're in a rough moment total catching them in either anger or depression. That's not easy right and I think here's the thing I wanna say. Anger is Doug says he's moved through the anger. I I. Don't know that I entirely have. Right well, you know to conceal though right. You can still be angry, but not be in the anger phase right, and because there's plenty of the makes me angry, but I'm not an angry person I'm not into phase of my processing of religion. That is anger. Yeah I just you can make me mad if you know. Jeff. Sessions R. You know somebody. Pull some bullshit, it'll make me. We're talking about. We're talking about kind of arresting state of anger, rather than what you are having, which is oh, that made me mad because that was a stupid thing for that situational anger talking about Zach kind of the clinical stage of being an angry person for a while and what I want to say about that is. Just just take the mormonism thing for one example is. There's really an insistence in mormonism that you are not entitled to be angry right? There's something wrong with you that it's a failure of some of spiritual or or personal failure of some kind so when you leave it, your taunted by other Mormons. Oh! You're just angry. Oh, you're just saying well. Of course I'm fucking angry. Right was betrayed by everyone in my life. Everybody participated in this lie. So I, if you are in the anger phase then I. Think don't let people tell you that it's okay. You should be angry if there's something wrong with you if you're not angry. That people in your life. Who should have done their due diligence? Your fucking parents in your your elders. Didn't and they reggie into this Balderdash that they should know better by now. The information's out there so. Long Way of saying. You're entitled to Your Anger I. Through my raging phase, which was a long time. Because you know. There were lots of failures of family in addition to just the religion. And they were hard to tease apart, but I've learned to dance with it where you know. The anger used to be so controlling so consuming. I've got control of it. But it's I. Still Find it motivating. It's part of why I press record every week. On this show is to Kinda. Help people through that period, but it's it is a motivating. Feeling. It is a motivate on part of life. Yeah I think so. I think that that's that's fair, and it does lead me to my next do. For those of us who are trying to welcome people back into welcome people into the world of non belief, which is do meet people where they are right. If they say something that you think is silly or agree. Just don't jump down their throat about it or mock them or whatever maybe ask them about it. Take a page from St epistemology and hit him with the old socratic method. Keep, it light, gentle and playful remember that. Many people newly out of religion haven't ever been taught how to think critically. It's totally new to them and we do them a much bigger favor to teach them how to think than what to think. So with that in mind I would say. Do not be dogmatic about what non believers believe. We are not a monolith. The person you're talking to maybe new to Godless, but they're not, but there's still a smart person. Just because they haven't read all the literature that you have doesn't mean that you're right and they're wrong. They may have an interesting perspective and remember that we heathens don't all believe the same things. There are liberal humanists and conservative humanists. There are valid disagreements between non thinking nonbelievers about things like euthanasia or capital punishment. There are atheists who oppose abortion. There are even good thoughtful educated atheists who think that Star Wars prequels are acceptable entertainment dope. Nope, I'm sorry. We. Look as discussing a notion as that is, if we want our tents to be big and our movement to be welcoming. Room for even Prequel, loving monsters, so look, there are well I. Don't know about them, but they're speaking of monsters there are there are terrible atheist there. Oh, yeah, they're terrible. People who are atheists. And there's you know there is a far fringe racist, right? Of Atheism. I should be clear I'm not saying that we should. We should tolerate hate, speech or anything like that I'm not saying. that. Just, because someone's, a new atheist means that you have to accept unacceptable. thinking right so. That's one of the dangers I. Think of people coming out of. Out of? One Orthodoxy and kind of needing the Methadone of another is those those those rabbit holes lie out there. Doug was talking about Cunanan stuff. And so I think it's kind of incumbent on those of us that are perhaps. Not Belligerent violent. anti-democratic. misogynist racist atheist to to help. To offer a place where that kind of rhetoric is not acceptable and and Ho, you know really lean heavily on the humanism and the pluralism that is one of the you know beautiful gifts that skeptical thoughts and critical thought has given the world right. Yeah and. What so what I was trying to say in that? Is that. It becomes actually more powerful. Our message of like anti hate becomes more powerful. If you own if you directed at things like racism anti, you know lgbt thought that sort of thing and don't directed at things that are the. Don't deserve it like you know they have a different. Viewpoint on economics or whatever sure? So that's that's kind of where. It's you know it's something to be teased out, but I think that the more welcoming the Mo- more open minded we can be to you know to them. Just sort of having whatever their opinions are, and you don't have to agree with them by any means right, but but you know I'm I'm just saying. There are nonbelievers who think that you know atheist. I've seen so many atheists in groups yell at some other atheist because they don't buy into the same sort of dogmatic ideas about atheism that they have. I don't think we need to be that. Dog Mattis that classic scene from life of Brian. Applies to atheists as well perhaps Brazo. you know where it's the Judean People's the People's Front of Judea. I think. In Bid Cheer, point uncle, Mark being an atheist is not inherently virtuous. Right right some people you know. People can believe all kinds of terrible things and not believe in God. and. That's you know that is not only plaza, not only pro or possible. It's common. Yeah and I think a lot of us in the people listening to our show and our community. We're atheist because where you know liberal humanists. Right now that we're not liberal humanists, we're not liberal secularists because we're atheists. Like our you know our. I'd like to believe that. Our desire to be kind to be gentle into be accepting an inclusive et cetera. Led us to not believing in these dogmas right? My My empathy led me to atheism right interesting, but he theism alone is not necessarily virtuous, and that's very important to remember. That! You know, and as people fall out of religion, there are all kinds of flavors of atheism. I really there's not, but there are. Right there's all kinds of groups that claim the Moniker of atheism that you can fall into and you can make. You might find community with some of those groups are not good. And so you know we as people who I think, we have a better path. We need to demonstrate the empathy in the kindness and the acceptance that would help people find their way towards this form of atheism or this form of community, and not fall into some of those worse places. Nothing else we need to just demonstrate the kind of kindness that we want people to have built the world that we wanna live in yeah I think there's something called the Golden Rule in some book somewhere and. You know for me, it's also. There are look there's there's atheist groups that have membership, and you sign up, and you're part of it and that that's wonderful for the people who want it. Personally I kind of fight. The idea that there is an orthodoxy right, I don't think there should be I think this is a huge spectrum of beings. Look I I. Get emails. into the show all the time we have, we have people that love Jesus and believe in Jesus who love to listen to our show. And do should we just tell them to fuck off? Because yes, one hundred percent, yes? Yes all of your Jesus lovers out yeah? They find they find meaning in what we're doing. And they find meaning in our show, and I think they're part of our community, totally right, and and they should feel welcome as well so long as as those beliefs are not. Causing harm to other people. And I do want to hit on something that you said Mark, which is the the idea of atheist groups because I don't think that groups necessarily not. A dogma. That groups can be a wonderful thing, and that is one of my dues actually is, and I want to talk to people who are in eighty s groups. Do, remember that New People to atheism to to skeptical thinking. Many of them will be leaving their entire social network behind. They might have lost their whole support structure. They're going to need new friends. People to help out when they're need that sort of thing so. Churches are kind of awesome with that stuff The Mormon church is like being in the Goddamn mafia when it comes to like how they help each other. And, it's something that we can be good at too. So I think atheist groups should always be compiling resources now. A lot of these groups are way ahead of me on this stuff but I just wanted to list a few things anyway just because I. Think I i. want us to be thinking in these terms. Have a list of places where people can meet other people with similar interests, because look as great as your group may be not everyone is going to find a home. They're so how wonderful that would be then if we when someone I reaches out. Not You're not only welcome them to your group. You can also guide them to other groups where they can be their authentic selves and Felix accepted. I also think that it would be great for groups to have a Handy Dandy list of local therapists, doctors dentists. Who are non-belief friendly. because. That's not always an easy thing to find. Also make it clear that you're there for each other help. Each Other move that sort of thing. This is tricky stuff. You know what I mean when people lose their their support network. It's important for us to be there to help them out with that. Yeah, we do. US is a little group of unto ourselves. We do kind of. An an orphans thanksgiving. That's really important because. If you lose family when you lose your religion, which happens very frequently Suddenly you find yourself alone. In moments that are very challenging. And so. Do Dumb stuff like that have have. Fourth of July Events Pie here we have pie and beer beer day, which is coming right up. Yeah, it is yeah. So Yeah, look, this isn't meant to be a compendium of definitive ways to make sure everybody who leaves religion stays out and becomes a great ally in our righteous fight for a secular, society. I just want to make sure we're having the conversation. It's important that we give this concept. Some real conscious thought, because yeah, the trends are in our favor, but in order for those trends to be of use to our movement, and I would suggest society. We need to make sure that. When someone exits religion, they don't take one look at us and go running to another nutball belief system, right or feel abused or feel abused or feel. Yeah, downtrodden, yeah! Because because we weren't meeting them where they needed us to meet them right. And we need to make it clear that there's joy and fun and kindness on our side of the fence that it isn't just a life of grumpy angry misery the way we're portrayed in the churches in the media. Because look. We're well on our way to a much better society. If we can keep the numbers flow in the way, they currently are doesn't look like that at the moment, but yes, the numbers are trending in our favor right, and eventually we might be able to undo the damage that our current president is doing and his worst. Madman surround him right the judiciary that they're installing currently. So I think we can rebuild the now dilapidated wall of separation between Church and state, we can relearn as a society how to trust the expertise of science regardless of political affiliation. But in order to do that, we need the numbers. We need people to join our fight. And people are skittish, scared little balls of emotion so as much as we wish that we were all guided by the best parts of our logical intellect. We're. Mostly not. We're slaves to our feelings, and that means that it's incumbent on each of us who have learned to live outside of religion to guide and help an embrace those who are just dipping a first tentative toe into the beautiful ocean of non belief. Yeah, and I would this is funny thing coming from a podcast, but I think of real trick to is talk less listen more. Right. Way Yeah. That may not be our ARGH but. For All y'all that's a great thing for you. Guys, 'cause because listen if we aren't waiting with open arms, there are thousand preachers and peddlers that are. So. Get out there, and and you know cove would. Embrace, somehow find a way to hug. New Atheist and make them feel right. Kindness and empathy go a long way further than anger and rage, and once you've given them that hug. Give them the link to our Patriot because that's exactly how this shit works. All right thanks, Dan, that was that was very kind. It's not really brand, but will allow it. Good, let's move on before the catches. Will friends. That's it for this week's show. Hey, we'd love to hear from you if you have anything to say about you know. Nazi continents please send an email at how to how to heretic dot, com, or if you WANNA, talk about Nazi incontinence deal. Leave voicemail about it at nine. Oh, three, eight, two, which is nine, hundred, eighty, four, six, hundred, ninety six. On twitter! How. And thanks as always to are awesome, incredible payments. And thanks to our own little Hitler that lives under the southern ice Cap Kobe late for any show. Thank you for tuning in by friends.

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