286: Learn How to Market Your Passion & Go Big - Amy Porterfield


I have been in this business for almost ten years now and following the women that were really good back then and are still really good now like the longevity all of them are producing content on a consistent basis. Welcome to the earn. Your happy podcast. I'm Laurie harder founder of the bliss project. Three time fitness world champion, fitness expert, and over model turned self love junkie lifestyle entrepreneur and author each week. I'll bring you a guest or a thought that will help you bust through your fears connect to your soul and get focused and clear so you can elevate your life business and relationships we don't wait until we're ready for someone to tell us. We're good enough. We take what we want and we annoyance ourselves. Get ready to earn own and on apologetically rocked your happiness every single day. Are you with me? Here we go. Welcome back to the show as always might deepest deepest gratitude to you guys. It means the world to me to see by sharing this with your friends and letting me know how much is just helping you with wherever you're at. I love to know. So that I can really have my finger on the pulse and create content that you guys want. I want to interview people that you want to hear from. And I want to talk about topics that you want to know. So before I get into today's podcast. I also want to remind you that I have my book tour coming up, and I really cannot wait to be in the rooms with you. So if you were in Chicago, if you're an Austin, if you're an Atlanta, or if you're in Nashville, I would love for you to share this with your friends, let them know that you're going or let your friends know who are there. Even if you're not in the city, it's a beautiful evening of connection and of tribe of pictures of fun of laughs of really connecting back to yourself. And connecting with other people. I'm telling you magic will happen. If you show up I am certain of that. Because after watching all of these sold out events and being in rooms with thousands of women. It's probably one of the most beautiful things I've ever gotten to experience. So that's why I'm doing around two is because I had a blast. And it was truly one of the most fun things I have ever done in my life. So I want you to be a part of that is well round two of the book to are. You can go to a tribe called bliss dot com right now to get your ticket. Make sure you go quickly because we did sell out on the last round of the book tour sell. Okay. My guest today. I've been following this woman for awhile, and we have so many mutual friends. And I already knew that I loved this woman. I could tell I just really authentically loved who she showed up as online, and I heard so many beautiful things about her from my friends. You know that feeling when you are like, I don't know you, but truly we have so many shared mutual friends that I kind of feel like you're just already, you know, in my heart. So I want to introduce you to Amy Porterfield. She is an online marketing expert and educator and the host of the top ring podcasts online marketing made easy. Go follow that Amy has worked with mega brands like Harley Davidson peak performance, coach Tony Robbins, where she oversaw the content development team and collaborated on groundbreaking online marketing campaigns through her bestselling marketing courses, thriving, social media, community and popular podcast, Amy inspires. A grounded tangible and self affirming sense of. Wow, I can really do this. So this is for over two hundred and fifty thousand online entrepreneur she's done this for she proves that by moving away from step by step into action by action, even the newest online entrepreneur can bypass and self doubt. And instead generate exciting momentum as they move closer to building a life and business they love and truly. I can't even begin to tell you how much this actual podcast in conversation helps me during a launch of my courses. So if you've ever done any products, if you have something coming up if you ever want to sell something online, or if you're just curious about how it works. This is absolutely the podcast that you want to listen to. So let's get started. Amy. I'm so excited to have you on the podcast. Thank you so much for coming on the show today. Well, thanks for having me. I'm excited to be here as well. Okay. Guys. Everybody listening. I just want to tell you that Amy's one of those people for me that we were just talking about we feel like we've met, but we've never met. And I don't think we've ever actually talked besides like via Instagram, but I feel like I know you because I have so many friends who we share just mutual connections in psi adore you. So I kind of already have that space in my heart where I'm like, oh, I to-. She's totally a soul sister. So I just I love what you do. I love how you're helping people in how you show up, and I went to your page, and I saw that you had champagne immediately on your page. I'm like ants. She likes puzzles. Other issues. Labral doodle laboratories. So I was like oh my God. So you mean, thank you so much for coming on the show today and taking the time because I also have another funny story. So my brother-in-law who does all of my marketing for me knew that you were coming on the show, and he's like, oh my God. I love her. She's got such valuable stuff. She's so good. I've gone to her path a bunch. Okay. I love that tell him. I said, thank you. So very much so funny because he is does he was downstairs Nigel any last thing. I chassis Amy before I get around. Your brother in law. Does your marketing. That's so cool to keep it all in the family. Oh my God. You know, what in this is such this will pertain to the podcast as well for what we are really about to dive into. But it's like in the beginning setting up your team is so challenging you don't even know what you're looking for. So sometimes it's about making sure you have somebody who already knows what they're doing. But other times, you know, we hired him for right where we were at and he kind of knew the stuff with that. But he was so willing to learn that he ended up being such a better option than hiring someone way out of our pay range back in the day and just kind of like growing with that. So it's been a really I mean growth look so different for everyone doesn't it? Yes. It really does. And you're you're so right about sometimes you don't even know what you need or who you should be hiring for what? And sometimes the people just grow into the positions. I know it's not always works out that way. But sometimes it's golden. Oh, my God that could branch off into a whole other conversing products. Right. So let's start with that. You know? I know that you do I went to your when I was really looking at your website. It's so clear and concise which I think number one is so beautiful for when people are at the beginning phases of wanting to start a business really having an idea in that period of I have this idea. I don't even know, you know, where do I begin to I begin with E mail. Do I begin with Instagram what's going on in this world? So I want to actually cover the three phases that you talk about which correct me if I'm wrong, but it's kind of like new to launching online in the online marketing world, and then when you face to would be like momentum when you're catching momentum people are interested in what you have. Maybe you're getting sales in your, you know, maybe they're becoming really interested in what you're doing. And then the third phase sounds like scaling faster, you've got momentum. You know what you're doing? But you're kind of like, okay. How do I make this bigger now? Yes. Exactly. Okay. Which is so. Oh exciting. Because I I was literally like, okay. Well, I'm going to ask all these on this one because this is where I'm at right because no matter what phase of business that we're in. I'm telling you. It's uncharted territory in everything is changing like all of the time. Jing so along with that. I thought it'd be great to talk about the woman you've had to become in each phase like something that's really either challenged. You come you know, really made you look at different parts of your life. So in phase one I just want you to talk maybe to the person who exactly are we talking to when we say new to the online world a lot of people that are new to the online world come to the space with so much skill in so much knowledge. Just they don't know the online space. So what I've noticed is that I worked with a lot of women who come out of really cool jobs, whether they be no names like Microsoft and Google or they've just worked in their their spear of excellence for a really long time. Whether they've been a teacher for twenty years or anything, actually, but they're coming to the table with a lot of skills and a lot of knowledge just not having any clue really how to grow an Email list or how create and all. My horse and don't even get them started with a webinar because there have no clue where to start and what I've noticed about. This group is that you can instantly feel like you don't know anything because when you look at building a business online, it feels very foreign like a totally different language. So there's a lot of confidence boosting that needs to happen in that just getting started phase. Because a lot of the women I work with feel like all my gosh. I'm starting from ground zero again. And I'm there to say, you're really not is just that you've got to learn something from scratch, and that is a scary scary feeling. I mean, I you just I literally feel that way all of the time, and I feel like it can be you know, so much about your expertise. But then you bring it somewhere else. And it can literally be debilitating. Like it can so many things stopped me in the beginning phases. Because you get so overwhelmed by the whole picture instead of focusing on one thing. So what are some of the first steps that someone would take in order? To start moving through. Honestly, it's just moving through the emotion. It's not even like, I don't know. What to do? It's just the emotional. Like, you said building that confidence moving through the emotions of overwhelm. Yes. So a lot of the times they will say to me, I don't even know where to start. And there are so many different things that you can do strategy wise. But I think emotionally one of the things you need to be really careful of is protecting your space and what happens in that stage. Is you compare yourself to everybody and everything? And I always remind those that I work with that you are comparing the back end of your business where you know, everything that looks like a total mess at the time. The back end of your MS business to the front end of somebody else's business. Very deceiving. And so you have no idea how long it took them to get there. How long they've been growing their business and what they've been doing. And you don't know all the details. So comparing yourself to what other people are doing online. Literally can be the death of you. And so it strips you of all confidence all passionate and what you're doing. So if you guys get the mindset, right right from the get go get into the practice of looking what at with other people are doing and just like congratulating them cheering them on and then kind of stepping away putting your head down and getting your work done. Because I do think that's a big thing that happens especially in the early phases. Yes. What do you think is most important in the early phases? At just getting your stuff out there to start seeing money come in. Or is it making sure that you I have the support that you need. What would you say is one of the most important things that you can do that will help break you through to face two. So one of the most important things you can do is getting down the habit of creating consistent, original content. So we say it's either a blog or a podcast or a video show. But I have been in this business for almost ten years now and following the women that were. Really good back, then and are still really good now like the longevity all of them are producing content on a consistent basis, and that is a big deal. So if you can kind of hold on in terms of making a lot of money right from the get-go, maybe taking one or two clients to pay the bills, but actually looking at the platform and saying, okay, I'm going to start creating consistent content on a weekly basis. And with that I'm going to hone in on my message. I'm going to listen more than I talked to figure out who my ideal customer avatar is and really figure out their needs. It you can stay in that content creation for even a good six months before you really decide on the core programs. You want to sell and core services. It will serve you. Well, so I think that's one of the most important steps from the get-go. Oh, I love that. Because I can literally find myself over and over in that phase. And even when I'm reinventing myself or pivoting that. It's like Ben my one through line saving grace for real is like just consistently speaking creating and connecting and having my like finger on the pulse of who am I talking to? Because if I just went in and said, okay. Well, I don't want to do this anymore, but tried to create something new I wouldn't even like, I wouldn't even know where to go, but there's like this through line that's been consistency around putting things out. I love that. You said that because it's saved me like, whether it's been, you know, consistent Facebook lives or the podcast or something like, plus, you're always in people's mind, you're always in people's minds. So even if you don't have a program, it's kind of like, you're still out there. Connecting with people completely. Yep. I'm right there on the same page. Oh, I love that. So let's move into when you're ready to or or next phases. Which kind of like Tommy about what the next phase would be. How do you know, you're ready for it? What does that look like? So the next phase would be you. Ready to start putting together some offers, and you are going to move into a phase where you're making more money so revenue become something that you're focused on more. So than when you first started. I mean, everyone wants to make money out of the gate, but if you can ease into that definitely will serve you. Well, because you'll understand your audience more in your message. So now, we're getting into starting to make some money. Whether that be you create your first online course, or you put together some coaching packages, or whatever it might be that you wanna do. Now, we're focused on selling more. But to get there to to in order to sell you've got to have an Email list. And so right away building your MLS becomes incredibly important. Now, if you were able to do that a little bit in those early maybe the first year business, that's really remarkable. Most people don't get it together. Enough to start building their list right out of the get gate, but if you can awesome most of us drag are. A little bit on this because we're not sure what to give away for free, and there's some setup behind it. And all that stuff. So once you move into okay, I've got to make some more money. You realize how valuable building Email list really is? And I often say it, it's not about thousands and thousands of people on your Email list. Even if you have let's say five hundred, but they know you you take care of them. They can respond to your emails and you answer like building that relationship with them. I've known a lot of people that have sold out on coaching programs or selling physical products, or whatever it might be with a really small list because that list is actually community. There's people behind that name and Email and not just a subscriber list that you talk about all the time. And so lists building becomes incredibly important as you move into. I've got a sell some things I've got to make some money. Okay. So this goes into the whole like you are not yet the person who's going to complete each goal yet. Yes. So when you're moving from phase one. One. Right. You're just in this like honestly phase one. I was scared of everything. How were you in phase one tell me about as one I had very little confidence for me. I was before I had my own business. I worked for Tony Robins in so I often tease I was literally behind someone physically big. But also like metaphorically bay and so coming out from behind. My computer was is so scary to me, and you don't have to have a job like that to still be scared. Like, I was scared of everything I zero competence. And there's this little voice in my head. That said who are you to be teaching this like you have been been doing it long enough or you don't know enough. You're not the expert, although I had some experience just like I said that people coming to their online business, they have some experienced poll from it's just so easy to forget that so yeah, I was right there with ya. So tell me real quick, and we'll jump back to it. But what was it? What were you doing before Tony Robbins that? Gave you the experience around marketing. So I worked for Harley Davidson motorcycles, and I worked at the dealership level. And so I would put on events and rides and marketing big promotions. So I got to learn marketing from like people that tattoo the logo on their body. I mean, there was fierce loyalty there. So that's where I learned about a tribe and people really believing in the product, and then from there moved onto Robbins, and then from there moved onto my own thing. Okay. So phase one huge. I mean, that's huge to to walk away from something that everyone on the outside would be like. Wow. Okay. You were working with Tony Robbins like why on earth, did you leave? And also, there's also a huge pool of like. Okay. Now, you have this desire to be teaching. And now, you're the front woman like just tell me a tiny bit about that transition. How did you know that it was time? So I knew it was time. When all I wanted to. To do was call call my call the shots. I wanted to be by own boss. I didn't want to be on somebody else's time or create content for somebody else. And I didn't even know what kind of content I would create for myself. So it wasn't like I had total clarity. Or like, I knew I was born for this mission. Or this this passion, I was after high just wanted freedom. So sometimes I'm embarrassed to say that because it's not like super inspirational to everybody else. Like, I knew I would change lives. That wasn't really the true. I knew I wanted freedom and I wanted to do my own thing. And I had a voice and I wanted to find it. No. I love that. I think it's so honest because sometimes it's like we get ashamed of the carrot. That's making us want to go to the next. And oftentimes my care. It was like I've just in pain right now because I hate where I'm at. So just be better than where I'm at in an I think that's reason in. Itself to start exploring in. That's your your first sign. It's because you're taking up too much space to find you know, what what comes next. I think sometimes those dreams require space in making making space for that requires a leap before you feel ready, which is pretty much every time. Okay. So phase one is like, I don't know. I'm not confident. I'm not really sure, I just know. I can't do what I was doing. And this seems like more of a natural fit a lot of times. And then phase two is you were starting to make money you kinda worked through a little bit of that. What woman are you now in phase two? So I'm a woman that knows I'm not going back. So in phase one you're like, oh, hi, my after go back to my J O B, or this is not going to work. I think I told my husband like one hundred times like I after go get a job like this not working after like a really hard day. So when you get him based to now, you feel like okay, I am starting to figure out this. All mine. Marketing bang. I know that I've had some some successes along the way maybe I was recognized to speak on stage somewhere or someone asked me to be on their podcast like I got recognized in. And I'm an I can hold my own. I'm not exactly sure how it's all going to happen. But you have this sense of it. This is gonna work out. And so that helps you to start trying new things putting out new lead magnets to grow your Email. This putting out an offer that maybe only five people take you up on. But when you make your first dollar online, it feels like the whole world is your voice start like everything starts to change so bringing in some money online gives you that competence. And you just stop thinking you're going to have to go backwards. Now, you're thinking, okay. I just not. I'm not sure exactly how I'm going to go forward. But I'm going to do it. Oh, man. Okay. Let's talk about that point. Because I've I have literally spent so much time in the I don't really know how I'm going to go forward. And I started making money. And it's kind of like it's so there there's this point in every phase where it's like plateau land. Yes. Yes. Yeah. And you it's like, you almost don't know how to get out of it because you have to go to a next level or to another scary place. But sometimes again, so overwhelming so wh-. I think there's a lot of people. Honestly, I think this is gonna fall kind of in the middle of where a lot of my people are is there in this phase of I just really don't know how to make more than I'm making an I think that this is also a conversation about up leveling who you are along with your business. So tell me about what advice you give around that plateau land. So with the plateau LAN one of the things that helps immensely is. If you have surrounded yourself with people that believe in you and are actually doing bigger things than you're doing. So this is something I learned back from Tony Robbins days. I remember he told this really cool story of surrounding himself with some guys that were just doing really big things. I remember Steve Wynn that Las Vegas mogul. He was doing amazing things and invited him on this trip. And he's like, I don't know all these guys are bigger than me doing huge things. I just I feel out of place. But I think I need to be there. And that's what. What you need to do you need to surround yourself with people that are doing amazing things that almost fills out of reach to you. But they're showing you what's possible. You'll also want to surround yourself with people that will pick you up when you are in a puddle on the ground. Usually that is a boyfriend girlfriend, a best friend, a mom adad, someone that just believes in you, no matter what needs seem you at your worst. I think you need both. So when you hit that flood to- these people are going to be coming in and saying get your butt up keep moving forward. I'm not letting you slow down or the people that are doing bigger things than you. All you need to do is look at what's possible. And you need to believe that that's possible for you as well loved that. And it couldn't be more. I mean is like exactly my life to a T. So and that's by the way, that's every phase. Right. It's like right now you and I are in a position of like like I don't want to go to that place right now. That's bigger than me. But I know that I need to. Like one edit. What is it? So true. I'm totally there with your. Yes. So when you were in phase two if you can remember back to your face to what what were some of your biggest blocks here in what do you wish you could go back and tell yourself I wish I could tell myself that every decision I make isn't set in stone. And that I'm going to be able to pivot and reinvent myself and do new things. So once you start making money every decision feels like a really big deal because you don't want to go backwards. Yes. Right in whatever, you put on your website video that you make the people you partner with just or the courses that you create everything they'll such like the biggest deal you'll ever make. And then looking back now since you, and I are both of beyond that. It's like, oh, my God wasn't that big a deal. I wish I experimented more. I wish I allowed myself to make bigger mistakes. I wish I. Gave myself quicker when I did make the mistakes and didn't. And then for me, I wish I didn't play small in those places where there were opportunities to play big. So I want to tell you all that. If you're in that phase right now, you get to make different decisions in the long the way I'm in a phase. And I'm sure we'll talk about this as we get to the next that there is some reinvention. I am starting to create a products for different avatars that I've never worked with before m I'm getting to create products that I never even thought were possible. But I at that time I thought, oh, no this is everything matters right now. Nothing's going to be different. And not is not the truth. Oh, my this was a huge thorn in my side. This was a huge block for me. Because it was you know, thinking that my message on my website or whatnot. You know, when you're creating because you are doing typically when you're in phase two, and you want to go to phase three I feel like you're starting to really invest more. So I'm putting this big investment into, you know, websites branding things like that. And you're like this. Is my message like this is like my billboard after I'd die like not ever. It's not an and I wish I would have just been like get it up. Get it out. See how it feels see how it's responding. We can change it in a few weeks. Like, yeah, you actually shit. So dot is so freeing to hear that and things will move quicker. I feel like if you can move through those decisions quicker. It's like, oh, my God so much clarity because action steps create clear, I love that that you just gave everybody massive freedom. So what's? What's the question? You wish? More people in phase two would really ask themselves in analyze in their lives are maybe not analyzed. So. Yes. A question to ask in face to. I actually this is going to be a little bit weird. But how can I keep things simple? The reason for that is I've noticed a lot of my students start wanting they make a little money on online. And then they take well, I should add this product in this coaching program in partner with this person. And then I renew we do this and do that. And then all the sudden they're doing so many things that nothing really gets their full attention and Matt's when you start seeing that you're starting things, but not finishing them. And that happens a lot face to. So you get going with an idea, but then sometimes at nice shiny object over there, grabs your attention. And you know that you've got some momentum. You've got a little money in your pocket, and you've got some momentum. So. That might work or that might work things are starting light bulbs. Are starting to go off use slow down a little bit think. Okay. I'm going to work on all of that. But I'm going to finish everything I start. And so for me, what helped me was I would say I need to put this on the back burner. I'm going to finish this launch. Like, I said, I would or put together this new coaching program launch it and be done. And then I can start something new. So if you become the person that finishes what they start you're going to be a whole lot more in a in a really prime spot to move onto scaling. But. Okay. So number one, I'm just wondering if you research to me on the whatnot. I recently came from Laurie Arturs path. Oh, I hear ya. I mean, we look back and like you, and I probably made so many of these mistakes, but not all of them were necessary. So mistake, she gotta make and you just gotta learn from. But there's some stuff that hopefully, people are listening, and they get to sidestep some of the mistakes, and they just work smarter. Because I know I could've worked smarter in those days. It's it's so important to I think here in have a path. And also, I think that so many of the things we do if if we can really look at why we're doing them to what what was powerful for me is looking back and being able to recognize like, so many of the reasons that I thought that I had to do everything is because someone else was and I just didn't feel enough yet. Like if I if I would've just focused on what I did and enjoyed rather than like what everyone else was doing. I could have been you know, and could have been whatever, it's it's great. I'm so happy with everything that's happened. But it's kind of like if we can save people from all though true. You just made me think of something another. Thing that happens in this second phase is that you really start to find your sweet spot. And when I talk about sweet spot, I always say it's that center spot where you are doing in creating what your ideal customer avatar needs in want. So you're speaking their language, you're creating for them, you know, what they need and you've got it down. But in in that same place, you are doing what you actually love doing. You're creating the content. You love your working with the people you love to work with and you've built a business that you genuinely enjoy and I don't think you hit that sweet spot in that first phase. Sometimes you do some stuff. You don't wanna do you end up on a stage that you're like these people are not my audience, but I'm just going to get the practice or whatever. But you start to find that sweet spot more in phase two, and you pay attention like do I like to do this or do I not like to do this? And because you're bringing in some money, you get to say, no, not everything. But some of the stuff you don't wanna do. You know, I think that's so good. And I yeah. So sometimes the face to stuff can leak in a face three because I just off on a stage last year that I was like oh, whoops, not right audience. Okay. To like love you guys. But I just realized this was not right. Okay. So stage one two and three obviously, I think some of the things especially with female entrepreneurs is like there's going to be some major problems that arise with relationships because the whole thing is navigating relationships as well. Right. Not only is it important to have people that we, you know, support us around us. But also because to have those people so important because there's going to be problems that arise things that come up challenges that arise that we have never encountered in that feel like are gonna take us down. Like, I don't care. What phase you're and you're like, this is a the more you grow the bigger the problem can grow as well. And I think that's so important to talk about so phase one, obviously, you're going to have everything feel like it's gonna stop you in. You're just gonna keep going. But yes, hopefully, you keep going face to. There's some stuff that comes up that. You're like, oh my God. Nobody else must be dealing with this. This has to just be me. Oh my God. I'm taking this so personal. I did this wrong. What are some of the things that came up for you in? Nice to kind of felt like they may take you down. Did you have anything like that? Yes. I mean, I would do let's say a promotion, and then it didn't sell. Well, I remember I did a webinar where I only had one sale. And I thought this is a disaster. Nobody wants when I'm selling. I priced it wrong. So those situations came up for me a lot or they're also worse situations where I would harder with somebody thinking, it was a great idea to work on something together that turned out terrible in the moment. I realized why did I make this decision? So I had some partnering mistakes in those early days and also just launches that didn't work. What can you when you're looking back? What do you think? Can you see now exactly what it was with the one sale and with all of the other things that had come up? Yes. So when I look back at that time where I did a webinar and I sold one. I know exactly what it was. I priced the product at a thousand dollars. But I didn't think that I could sell it for thousand dollar. So so much of when you look back at some mistakes, you made if you look back around the mindset or what you thought about that that typically plays a really big part? I did not believe I could sell it for thousand dollars. So guess what? I did not sell it well for thousand dollars. So I I think I had a lot of mindset issues in Rhode mind blocks in the beginning. And I didn't realize that so much about being an entrepreneur was your mind in how you thought about things and what you the meaning you put two different things. So I didn't do a big play or big focus. I should say on making sure my mind was always in the right place. Even coming off Tony Robbins, you'd think I'd just would have that in the bag, and I really didn't that didn't happen till I got discounting I work on my mind every day now where I didn't put a focus like that in the first two phases. And I wish I did. Okay. So it sounds like that's kind of the answer. Is you went into really focusing on your mindset? So what does I feel like maybe a question that's coming up for someone who's in that exact position right now. Right. They're like, okay. Well, I need to make money. I would like it to be more. Because I know I might be resentful. If I price at lower, and this is really what it feels like it's worth to me. But my mindset is not quite there yet. Would you say if someone does have something that needs to come out or they are launching soon? Would you say to price it lower just so they can get right emotionally with where they're at with their mindset. Or would you say to really like either hold off or do work around it? What would be your best thing? Let's the such a good question. I never thought of it like this. But I love this. So if you're getting ready to launch you're really afraid of that price point, I say that you do a little bit of combination of both. Maybe don't go as as high as you want. Here's the beauty. You could always raise the price. But also don't go is low as you'd like you shouldn't feel toy. Oh, really comfortable with that price in the beginning. I think you need to push yourself. Just a little I probably push myself a little bit too much, and what will help you if we're talking just pricing specifically, which I know we're not. But if I gave you a little tip around pricing. What will help you is is it you sit down, and you really think about what is the value and the benefit of salts if they were to do whatever it is that they're buying and they got results focused so much on the possibility in the value in the benefits and not on the features. Here's where I messed up early on in my business. I would talk so much about the features. When I would talk about the price, you get five videos and three cheat sheets into audios and one live session with me. So I had folk it I would just talk about that over and over again. Whereas what they wanted to. Here's what's possible. If I take your course, if I go the're coaching what will life look like for me. And if you paint that picture you will start believing in the value in you will think holy cow. I should. Charging more actually so get out of all the features in the the things you give them and talk about the opportunities impossibilities when they reached that place that you're promising they're going to reach. And when you do that you start to believe it more. But specifically to answer your question I'd go a little bit out of your comfort zone. But not so far that you just can't believe it, man. I love that advice so much just because I've launched so many courses, but it doesn't matter like where we launched. A new course run our second launched it. So funny because looking back now, I'm like I wasn't comfortable with the number. So I had a bit of trouble selling it on the first round. And now on the second round that I've like I've actually seen the value. If I would've sat knowing in done more visualization around like, I know this offers value, I know what it's done for my life. Like now that have actually tangibly seen it. I'm like, oh my God. This could be way more expensive like definitely charge more. So I love that. You're saying almost sit with like that picture it, you know, already being launched in. All these people already have and then sharing from that place. Like, you already have a group of people that went through it in our raving about it and experiencing it and talking about what it's done, and that's really powerful. Wow. I love that answer. Okay. So I think that how how do you feel about face to I feel good? I feel good. I feel good. I feel like we're women who are ready for phase three. I think we are. So phase three first of all what are you starting to experience? Emotionally. You're starting to think. Oh my gosh. I need help. I cannot do this alone. And phase two you might have a VA maybe one more person on your team. But you don't look at your team in think like I've built a business with like these this amazing team. I'm so proud of that typically doesn't happen face to and three is where you start to really focus on the fact that if you want to scale if you want your business to grow with minimal extra effort in time and money, that's what scaling is. You're you're continuing to grow. But you're not putting tons of money or time and effort to make that happen. And so it you want your business scale you've got to look at team. Oh, man. See, and I feel like this is never ending after phase three like, there's never ending never you. And I are so alike. And what we're thinking about all of this because I'm still. Still working on growing my team in finding the right people. And in I feel like I've been doing it for over a year. And I just I will once you start doing that. You never see the end of it because it's kind of like the growth of your people within that team and make you have third growing at making. Sure you. Yeah. And just, you know, making sure that if it's not the right person that you're you can be the person who can let them go quickly and make those decisions saw so many I have made many mistakes in this area. Scaling there's so much room. If you think you're making a lot of mistakes phase one into wait till you did vase three where there's like so many opportunities to make tons of mistakes. But the great thing is you have more confidence. You know, you know, how to do this like it? It's funny. My darkest moments when I'll speak to my husband about like, I don't know. I don't know if what if I lose it all like, I'm talking dark dark moments. I would if I lose it all something just happens. And I look at him in that moment night, literally answer my question. But I. No how to make money online. I know how to rebuild. I know how to do this now. So there's this knowing in phase three that even if things come crashing down you will rebuild, and you will be able to do it again. Now, that's like worst case scenario. But as entrepreneurs sometimes we need to go there and order just to keep moving forward. And. Yeah. So, you know, how to do it that is a huge confidence booster you still. Find yourself comparing yourself to other people at times, you find yourself doubting yourself or or thinking, I better take some more risks all that comes up. But here's the beauty of it you balanced back. Like, okay, I went there. And now, I'm back mindset becomes really important, you're stronger in your mindset, you know, how to to shift your mindset quickly, you know, when you're going down that rabbit hole, and you can come back. So there's so many great things that come with this. But I will say growing your team and learning how to be a. Good leader, not just a manager. But a good leader. The hats where you're likely going to spend a lot of your time. Okay. Some of the biggest plateaus of phase three. Oh, one of the biggest plateaus. I think is realizing you can get comfortable really quickly when you're growing in online business and things are going. Well, so I'm gonna speak from. Yes. And I'm going to speak from personal experience. I have three online courses, and I put them on evergreen. And so literally I could just keep doing that. And I would make money every single day. However as an entrepreneur, I want to grow my team wants to grow and do bigger things than I know that I destined to do bigger things and make it bigger impact. And so because of that I can't just stay comfortable. And so one of the plateaus was I had I was just cruising along. And then I realized we to second I can't continue to do this and be happy with it or make the impact I want to make. So I had to. Force myself to get uncomfortable and IT's with my students. I haven't been uncomfortable for a long time. So I mentioned I'm kind of making some pivots and reinventing myself in in new ways programs that are more advanced for an audience that might be faced to in base three where typically I live in phase one with my students. There are a lot of beginners. But I want to talk to an audience that they're doing bigger things as well. So anyway, my point being I had to get uncomfortable and think like what kind of game do I have to play to attract that right person? So for the last like six months, I've been uncomfortable. And I want to come out of my skin. Can you share a bit about where you're going? Yes. So what I wanna do is I want to create a membership site for people that have gone through my program. So I have a program to create how to create online courses and another program of had launched them online with webinars. So I'm very niche. I know what I teach I teach it. Well, but people ask well, what do I do? Now, I've launched. My course I've done really well, but like what's next and they're so much like right here in this phase, the scaling base building the team and creating something new and stepping out of your comfort zone. All of that stuff that I'm going through. Now, I want to go through it. And then I want to coach on it. And I wanna to talk about it. And I wanna see people create million dollar businesses beyond you know, what they're doing now. So I've got to step into that. And it's a scary place because I've been very comfortable teaching my newbie students in encouraging them, but it's a different conversation. Now. Okay. So I want to talk about that. Because we definitely have people on this is also a question for myself too. So if you are you, so you're launching your courses, you're doing really, well, you know, each one gets a little bit better. But there might potentially there's either a mindset block around seven figure launch or there is a belief system. Or maybe it's just you don't know what it is. That's keeping you from launches like that. What are some of the things that you would tell someone who wants to go from either six-figure launches some? Let's just say like really taking that next leap to like a seven figure launch. Is that possible? What does that look like what does that take? So totally possible. I shouldn't from just were. But I love it. I love it. I one I think is a hundred percent possible. And I think against rounding yourself with people that have done bigger things to remind yourself of what's possible is really important. But here's something that has helped me immensely. I. Believe that you need to reinvest in yourself in in your business to get there. So one of the things, and I know you, and I both believe in this is to join a mastermind your in a mastermind, I'm in a mastermind, they're expensive. But when you get into that scaling side of the business, you have the extra funds to reinvest if you choose to and so getting extra support at a high level, I think is really important. So either a mastermind that is led by one person who has done amazing things. I think that's important number two. Maybe you get a coach. So someone coaches you on a weekly or biweekly basis coaches, you personally, but they have to have done things that you want to aspire to. So I think reinvesting in yourself and in your business is really important. I'll give you a few things that tell you if you things I've invested in in the scaling base because I do believe it's going to take me to that X level. So number one in bays one into I was in a mastermind. Wind. So I actually invested early on. I did not have the money I had to pay monthly and it was a stretch for sure, but I invested in a mastermind of other women that were building their businesses that was really valuable for me. I did that for two years, and then I stepped away from that. When I was ready to hit that million dollar Mark with my launch. I invested in a coach one on one. So is expensive? I wanna say it was like five thousand dollars a month, maybe to get maybe a coaching every other week. But it was laser focus coaching this person knew my business. Well, the ins and outs and they had had great success. And so that was worth it to me that propelled me into my million dollar launches. So that was fantastic. Did they did they have success around doing their own launches similar to that? So that's a great question. This was a little usually I'd say, you wanna find someone that has this person had not, but they had major success where I needed it. So I'm so glad you asked this question. I had mindset blocks that were. Not allowing me to get to a higher level, revenue wise in my business, and this person was an expert with performance mindset in performance and going above and beyond. What you think you're capable of so bats where we focused and for me, I knew the mechanics of launching. I knew I had all the things in place. I just couldn't get there in my mind. So you might like not you, but whoever's listening, you might have you feel like, you know, what I I've done a lot of work on myself. I know it's possible. But I don't know which button to push our which strategy to do or which emails to right, then you would look for someone who had launched before and had great success with that. So you got to pick and choose depending on what you need. And so that helped me immensely I needed some mindset shifts for to get me to where I got to with that. And then one more thing I'll share with you. I wanna create this membership site. I've never done a membership site before. I am definitely I don't want to just wing it. I wanna put the time effort and money into it. And so I paid somebody Stu McLaren to be exact I paid Duma Claire and who's like an expert at membership sites for a one day session, and it was really expensive and I had to fly to Canada, and I don't love to travel for business if I don't have to and I got on a plane with my team we sat there for a full day. And I said tell me what I need to know. And so that's another thing when you get into the scaling side of business. You look for the experts that are very laser focused on where you want to go. And that's where you reinvest your money, and I feel like that's what's happening. Most in the scaling stranded are scaling phase of your business. So what are some of the biggest tools in that phase three that you use? So I was really looking at especially because I'm in launch right now. So I was like, you know, really examining your site. I laugh, but just you know. It sounds a lot like you lean heavily on webinars. Are there other tools that used you do Facebook lives a lot what are some of the marketing strategies? Besides actually, let's talk about all of it for people. What are what's your strategy around Email love Facebook? What when you're going to a launch. Let's talk about a potential million dollar launch. What does that look like for you? Okay. So a potential million dollar launch. I am definitely one a creature of habit. Like if it's worked for me. I continue to do it make it better. Number two. I do not like a lot of bells and whistles. So typically, you won't find me doing a challenge in to a webinar into a three part video series, and then into some complicated funnel like some people. Nail that stuff in. I don't overwhelms me. But really, really simple. So for me, I try to get enough time at least a month to do some prelaunch planning and prelaunch content. So what that looks like specifically as all get on Facebook live every single week. I'll teach on. Something I might give away something for free, but I'm teaching content. That's gonna lead me into a Facebook live that will promote a webinar. So I might do that for a month and on the fourth or fifth one. I'll say, okay, if you liked this training today, I want to invite you to a webinar so webinars are my jam. I'm very biased in that. In the sense that they just worked for me. So all do let's say I'll keep the cart on for ten days. And I might do five live. Webinars all identical all the same to on day. One of cardinal been to on day two of cardinal been and then maybe one right before cart closes, so at least five live webinar. So I give people a lot of times in dates to get in there. And I fill those up with Facebook ads Instagram ads and my Email list. I am more aggressive. I sure during a launch in this was a lesson. A friend taught me he said during a launch you need to Email until you are uncomfortable until you feel like, oh, that's that's a lot of emails, and I did it. One time. And I thought oh, I just don't know about this. And I couldn't believe the difference in revenue, and so definitely like on when my car closes their least three emails coming out if not four different emails, and I'm encouraging them to sign up. But I might tell story or case study or hate your time is up kind of thing. But that may be huge difference. So backing up a little I do these webinars, and I spend the bulk of my Facebook ads on getting the webinars filled up. So like eighty five percent of my revenue for ads is all to get people on these webinars the remaining let's say fifteen twenty percent that adspend will go to emailing people that signed up for the webinar and sending them directly to the sales page. So a lot of my ads don't go to the sales page. A lot of my ads just go to the webinar reg page, really really really important. The last thing I'll say is that I do a really big post webinar. Promo Email sequence. And lead say I've got five or six days before cart closes after a webinar. There is an Email going out every single day. Sometimes if it overlaps a weekend, I won't Email on a weekend. Open rates tend to be terrible for me. And so I might skip a weekend. But then back at it on Monday. And so I will Email every single day Lee leading up to that cart. Clothes, and I'll always do a Facebook live right before car closes like some time that day just a queue in a and answer any questions, and I always have a live chat on my sales page where my team is available to answer any questions. So any high touch I can get in there. Especially in the last moments. I will. Wow, thanks for that. Oh, good. So important. There's a couple of things I'm like, oh my God. I can implement that. Let me ask you about. The Email secret says because I don't think people understand when you say Email enough that it makes you uncomfortable. How many you have ten day Carso for people who maybe are in that. I know it's seven to ten days. But I love your ten day window, just because it sounds like in order to give that full experience and fit in everything that you want to fit in there, you know, ten days feels like a good window for that. So you're not like every single day doing something. But is bright emails how many emails are in. That sequence is at once a day. Or is it three times a day every day for the ten days or what does that look like great question? So if it's a ten day launch meaning the cardinal bins in the car closes in. We've got ten days in between all of that. I will do a few things if you signed up for my webinar, you are going to get a few emails just one a day. I typically do not do more than one Email a day unless it's the cart closed day. So you're going to get an Email. L once a day leading up to your live webinar to encourage you to show up live. Maybe tell you a story give you a video. So that's probably two three emails depending on when you signed up for the webinar because I typically have people sign up pretty close to win. The webinars going to be live because that helps me get my show up rate up that if they sign up closer to the actual live webinar, they tend to show up live. So that sign up is important the timing of that. So anyway, I might send a few emails just to encourage them to make sure they get on live. And then after the webinar I'll be just one Email a day up until cart closes and if all's over weekend probably won't Email on the weekend. Now, some people like what are you sending a lot of the times? I'll talk about the bonuses. Or maybe I'll add what we call a mid cart. Bonus doesn't always happen right in the middle. But we might add an extra bonus for twenty four hours that gives me an excuse to Email as well. So that tends to be a really good day. When I added bonus and say, it's only available for twenty four. Hours. And then I don't talk about it afterwards. And so that's another excuse to Email and looking for reasons that are valuable the Email. But once a day typically is what I'll do. Oh, so good. So I have some people who have asked me. And also this is a question that comes up with my team all the time. But we so we do bonuses. Like that throughout like, you know, it'll be twenty four hours just to kind of like incentivize, but some people have mixed feelings on. Okay. We'll you're giving a bonus in the middle. So what about the people who bought on the first day? Do you honor that bonus if all the emails come in about like, hey, I bought why? When I be honored on the first day when I bought, yes. And so we definitely do honor that so if you've purchased already you get the bonus, and I say I'll say about this brand new bonus. And if you already purchased don't worry, it's already yours hoping that I don't get twenty extra emails in my customer support. Because I make it clear. Oh, yes. So I actually say, okay. Wow. Isn't that really clears up a lot on the customer service end? Okay. Of clarity for all of that. Okay. That's amazing. So what are the last things that you would tell people who are really hoping to get the most out of their launch. Is there anything that they should do throughout any intention that they should be holding any specific wording that they should really hone in on? Obviously copywriters are useful. But what if you're doing your own copy that was like five questions, Amy? So if it's good, it's good. If you're doing your own copy, which many of us are usually whether you're in phase one of your business face to I didn't even have a copywriter till recently. So in the like last year, so I think most of us are writing our own poppy. And if that's the case one of the things, I think is really important is to find maybe two or three objections that you just know are coming up a lot. And I want you to weave that shoe everything that you do one of the tricks that I have that helps me a lot with messaging during a launch is I'm. Clear like what's going to stop them from buying? And I'll give you a little trick on a webinar right before. I go into the live QNA. I've already told them about my program, and they can buy it. And I've given them a link, and I'll say, okay, we're going to go into a live QNA. Now any questions you have. I'm here to answer them. But before I do at this moment, you might be thinking. And then I just go go through exactly what's keeping them from buying. So I'll say you might be thinking I wanna buy your course, Amy. But I don't have an Email list. Is it too soon for me? And then I talk about that. And then the next one I want to do this. But I'm so busy. I can't even find time to focus on another course. And I address it. So whatever it is that they're thinking, I genuinely address it with the solution for them. So we can wipe out those objections right away, and we can go into acuity that's going to serve them. But I also use those in my emails like I might even have a subject line. That says like I am not by another course, I have three that. I haven't finished. And so I talk about why they. Haven't been ish. And why this would be different. So I really drill into those throughout the entire launch. Oh, man. That's so incredibly good. So Ania can talk to you for like four more hours because truly I just want to recognize you for really honing in on your craft and going through every single phase in every single question, and I can tell that you have spent so much time with each individual customer. But also getting really vulnerable to share exactly where you were at to understand your people. So I know so many people are number one salivating to work with you right now because I'm like eating out of your hand. So I first of all just want to ask if there's anything else that you want to share before we go. I just want to share that no matter where you are. You will always feel as though you don't have total firm grant, like a footing, and I think that is normal. So whether I'm in the scaling vase now or not too long ago. I felt like I was just starting out. You never feel like one hundred percent like I've nailed it. And I've got this face down. You'll always have those doubts that creep in like I said, though, it's just easier that you are able to snap back from them as you move through these different phases. So give yourself a little grace so powerful. And so true. I mean, I I so mirror that I just want to thank you again for coming on. And where can we all find you? Where can we follow in? How can we work with you? Thank you so much for asking. So I am at Amy Porterfield dot com. But you could probably get the most value with my podcast. Cast online marketing made easy. So if you love podcast, which I'm sure you're do if you're listening to lorries, so you can check that out. And then how you would work with me is I have these three different courses, and you can learn all about them on my podcast, and you can get on a free webinar and get some value there. So thanks so much for asking. Oh, I'm so grateful, and honestly, I just think the value that you offer for free alone is mind blowing not to mention I can imagine for the people who are ready for that next phase, which I think is so many of the listeners of actual tangible courses to help them through to where they know they need to go. So so grateful for you. Thank you so much for coming on. And I always end on one last question. Are you ready? Oh, yes. Okay. So you've got like thirty seconds with a stranger. It's like in an elevator or wherever but. Santa such a weird question at first. And they look over at you. And they ask you how can I make myself happy? What do you say? Oh, love yourself. No matter what an all your imperfections in everything that is about you, just embrace it and love it. I know it's easier said than done, but I truly think it's the road to happiness so beautiful. You guys if you loved this podcast is much as I did. And you know, someone who needs it make sure you share it with a friend. And until next time earn your happy by everyone. Thank you guys so much for spending this time with me on the earn your happy podcast. I am. So glad that you stopped by if you could take one second to share this episode with someone you think would love it. That would be absolutely amazing. And we would be forever grateful. Also, please leave us a review if you feel so moved by going to I tunes and leaving us an honest thought and honest comment, tell us what you think tell us what you want to hear more of it would really help us out on our journey to helping thousands and thousands of people until then don't forget to earn your happy thanksgiving guys. Bye. Bye.

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