Rashaan Evans returns to the DDFP!


I think he's like the new era bellichik Libyan friendly a lot younger He can he can relate a lot of the place you know a little better than we're Bella can because belly. His Age group is a lot older. Some of these guys damage football program available on Apple podcasts and at dot com slash. Now here's your host day damage. Shit I guess we should Take Rashawn Evans. His word seems to know what he's talking about. Where head coaches are concerned. Obviously he toiled with Nick Sabin down at Bama and making hey with with them titans in Nashville Tennessee. If you haven't heard about that it was quite a twenty nine thousand nine season especially come January and guess who ceded the my immediate left. Wouldn't you know it? It is the man himself. The guy who we really enjoyed kibitzing with now Nashville Tennessee around the draft back in spring of twenty. Nine thousand nine. It's Rashad Evans. How are you man? It'd be good to see here? I'm going to pick this. I'M GONNA don't don't bother them loud and clear and wait a second. You're not alone. Sixty six man. I got a little freya rare. This model mom we basically. This is my first son. This is my first call him Batman for right now. I'm still trying to figure out his personality to see the name sticks. But he's up on the table here on table. Yeah he's he's very eager to see what's going on right now he he's. He's a little bit. I think he took a nap just earlier. So you got a lot of energy right now all right. What kind of dog is he? He's a CANE CORSO. So get pretty big. Get UP TO BUY ONE THIRTY ONE. Forty minimum of so yeah. He's a big he's pretty he's going to be bigger than some place kickers. Hey so is. Is doggy here? Batman makes his way around the the thing. I'M GONNA vote. This is a maybe a hot take. I would rather than Batman go number two the number one news to weaken. It'll stink join up a little The one guy you know. That's that's going to be a mess and I don't want to be responsible for that. He's got a full afternoon. I don't you jump off now. Batman them you think he could flower cool man. Real bad man Campbell. I unless he gets on his His his bat wings. Let's talk to you. Were shot and like I say eventful. I guess what nine ten months since last week it. It's over there in Nashville Tennessee and had a had a grand time. And I guess. Let's talk about January first of all and it really began in the wild card round with the with the tremendous upset and foxborough. And we're talking about verbal. What does that guy? Because that was what a lot of people were talking about that. Game like Fray Bible is immune to the intimidation ballot. Check imposes on most head coach. They'd variable have any special insights about like. Here's what we need to do to win this. This you know like you say I think he is immune to that. I mean He. He's one of those guys where he's going to take something like that that gain their top again. You'RE GONNA take it personal like this is. This is this type of game. You leave everything on a feel They've they say whatever they said about your mother about your father. Whatever it is about your family find stuff like that. They kind of get you to the point where you're ready to run through a wall. So I mean he the the fate. He's able to do that. Man I think. That's that's very unique to because you know it's it's very hard to get guys to WanNa play for you and I feel like he's done that these past two years You know even even when he first came in his first year we were still trying to figure out a true identity as a team. And I feel like we've started doing that now this year and you know he's he's let everybody that way it's interesting to that The titans ownership you don't hear them complimented the same way that Andy Reid gets complimented for. Pull LISTEN THEY. Alex Smith Alex Smith was fine. He had that tight that chiefs team go into the play offs and everything else and they're like. Yeah good but mahomes better same thing. Is Jim Harbaugh way back? Wednesday and Alex Smith Good Colin Kaepernick better. And that's the same sort of dynamic that went on in Tennessee a couple of years ago. You'RE A playoff team with malarkey in there like good. Let's get even better as you look back on that where you like. What what are they doing? This feels like the right movement is filled like the right. Move me ever since I got paid. Just remember my first encounter with variable the first encounter was when he first put on a pat and we went one on one with you so you can tell just how our relationship obviously I wha if I did win I I'll probably win. Well that's an interesting choice. Calculate like I know I have no other choice to win. But he's he's one of those guys like he he likes tough guys guys that you know. They want their love the play football aggressive that are physical because that's that's his personnel. So that's how it kind of how we kind of Joe you know. As far as player to coach both both of us physical guys we ray Ray aggressive couple times. I mean I mean we don't. We don't wrestle with each other. So I mean is you know is a very unique relationship. I had when a minute. It's been amazing to to get coast spa but it's interesting. Though that the calculation is like I can't whip him too bad because it's still the had to leave him with his dignity a- yeah no doubt. I mean you beyond the true in that point I. It's in that. Didn't that set in when we were going one on one with these other I had. I was not even thinking about that. I was trying to literally squashing demolished in front of the coaches. But you gotta think he's a big guy too. He played in the League. I mean so you're not going to be able to do that but you know The fact I was able to go one on one with them was able to show my skills say was able to. You know be able to have that opportunity to be able to showcase my building in front of them. That's the reason why I'm here today. And then another thing that he did or the coaching staff and and beyond did was pull the trigger mid October. And say again. Mario data is good. Tannahill gives us a chance to even better. At what point did you guys start to feel it like you know what we're legitimate playoff contenders here? Man a beyond it kind of didn't even rain to we got into the playoffs like We really want even thinking about it. It was more of like we knew we had to win as many games as possible and as consistently as possible as we can because we started out tuna for you know at that point. Everybody thinks that you know you're not even GonNa make the playoffs. You start at two and four deaths on. We were able to change that stuff around. Change the mindset change. Just you know Nevada around Dogs Ation. You know when you lose games. Everybody from the the owner to the janitor feels bad like everybody just funk when everybody wins not atmosphere's totally different people. WanNa get wake up in the morning. Come come to work and do those so even from that man. I just feel like you know from that to afford to be in in the playoffs. It was it was like a blur. It was more of US trying to figure out what we needed in order to win those close games because a lot of those guys were really close. Was there a feeling though that it was the guy at the trigger that it was Mario vs Tannehill or I? It seemed to me that I hate the PAT myself on the back with. Spaghetti confirmed for me. I think I might even told you this rashawn when we it's I thought the move was Tannehill and I thought that he was a punch line a little bit because of the Miami stuff but he was a potential savior if in the right situation and then once those young receivers you guys got just wait till. Aj Round really hits his stride that that offense is going to be scary and then you get in there you go up to Foxborough. Was there a moment when you're warm up out there an hour hour and a half before the game and during the game at any point where like bill ballot? Check over there well. That's Tom Brady about eight feet across the line of screw from do you have those moments or youtube focused in. I'll have moments beyond. Well I kind of I kind of had a little bit of that moment when I I play Tom Brady my rookie season We were able to come out with a win but you know from that point on. It was more like like I want I want to. I wanted to in his career. I WANNA destroy situation. I don't even want to be with them to be whenever we played. I don't even want to think that you know it's GonNa be a complete blowout. I want them to actually have you no respect for for the Tennessee Times. But you know I knew that was something that had to be earned. It is did have that feel earned by the fourth quarter. It was like the titans aren't going to beat Patriots and they're breaking. They're breaking their speared. I Like I say about his dignity. Did have a vibe of like man they just they just truck them specifically was Derrick Henry. Who by the way? You're you're matriculated with down there in Tuscaloosa. Do you agree with my opinion on this. I've told him to his face. 'cause 'cause you know. I don't Jive people and I'm not. I'm not like that's not my way to do that. I told Carrie that he underachieved in high school because he got tackled a couple of times. Whoever tackled that guy? Can you imagine me at sixteen trying to tackle appointed? 'cause I mean if you look Have you put his patriots? Osco pitching you put his pitcher now. Almost identically right here. It's really weird to know a high school player to be that big that fast as strong at that point and still be able to. Not only you know gradually get better but just surpass all of the expectations. You think that you have at that point. 'cause I mean he's on almost every level he's been elite? He's he's brought to high school record in high school. He went to college one heisman. He's been he's been in. Nfl Now he's he's the leading rusher Despacito it's kind of like you know this guy The Sky's the limit for him. How great he can be nothing like he just getting started for the. He's now filling those three or four years that he's had I feel like now he's really truly getting that recognition that I think he he so long for for for for for the longest. I didn't think he I'll tell you I again no jive. I didn't think he was going to be a great. Nfl runner. Because I thought it took him half a step to get this off from the outside looking in I saw. I saw how that could be the case just because of you know. He had for him being a heisman. Trophy winning going to the NFL. Your expectations are very high. You expect him to be able to perform at that level. If not better immediately so I could definitely see how that could be the case and but at the same time looking from the From the inside looking out of you know there's so many things that play into how God perform gotTa Really Look at you know the you know schemes that he's and you've got to look at how the relationship between him and the coaches how how his environment has allowed to do with a lot of those things and finally. I feel like you're all came together man when braves came in Raves. Was able to bring kind of kind of brain Mazda back out of them. You know from Obama. You know when i Mazda came out you saw a couple times even from you know the year before you saw a couple of times what he could do you saw from the Jaguars game how dominant he could be. And then now you see from this past year what exactly what it looks like when it comes altogether so You know just the fact that he's had this year I've late. He can use this momentum going into the next year like I know he will and do you think he goes. Tannahill gets tagged in Henry Gets long-term or vice versus at Allen and company or asking Evans for his insight. Like you like you were matter. I mean I don't make any decisions but am my in my fantasy where I would I would definitely be. John buys me. I gotta go my God first. You gotTa Pamper is going to give him. We get deserves. That's fair you get you get you get those two those two back there. Everything else is limited so last thing for it because you're a busy man that they do and TV and all that is a Baltimore Ravens. My suspicion is what you tell me. You know better than I do with how you just shut that down. Was it the second look at it or was it? Simmons and Casey is that. Is that the key detail that you guys had those two guys right in the middle there or was it Evans. Or what you guys are doing collectively or is it something that everybody is going to be able to look at the tape and now do that in twenty twenty and slowdown. That Ravens Office is kind of a combination of it. All I will say more. It's kind of like sixty forty to sixty s more of just the fact that you know you. GotTa have those those those guys that you know that. Want to get to the ball that WANNA go. Full every play order to get the job done. Because you know you've got guys get paid a lot of money. Sometimes you know they know that they can get a segue they can get a tackle that stat line of good. You know what I'm saying so I feel like just the guys are on. Our team won't really really really care about that stuff. Man I mean beyond some of the guys on the team that should be you know the publicize more you know. Just the Mosit- of team I feel like that's the mazing thing in the blessing itself because you guys that truly don't even really care about being recognized. That's the trick code by Dan the lock. Nobody cares I mean. We've we've been expected to go with three and thirteen at one point one guy. I forgot his name but so in that. In that savvy kind of bills more of a a camera street for guys become closer now we against us against the world everybody that thinks that that whereas at Times Jersey thinks that we're mediocre not the fact that we played a league that we get paid just as much as some of these other guys in the League as well but just the fact that we wanted Tennessee Titans Jersey. So why don't we go out there and change the there is? There's not a ton of history after Steve McNair in some good teams and everything. But yeah you're right. I I always laugh at the last quarter century like no one outside. The locker room believes in us when the patriots as like people believe in you. You're the titans you know after Thanksgiving of twenty nineteen. Nobody believed about it. I realize that nobody believes in it but the game of football we. We love stuff like that. It gives you a different edge and it definitely makes the game a lot fun now because now you're like okay if they feel this way and I know that I can change that change that narrative to the point where I can make you a believer. That's that's what you live for. You live to be able to make those people that that said all those things about you to be able to eat. Their words and I felt like a lot of times in a lot of those things that they say we we. We let them eat so just to go back with the forty on on on the Mark Jackson and the Ravens. I I feel like Lamar. Jackson is definitely one of those elite quarterbacks in the League I definitely say just from his feet alone e- is probably one of the. Best I've seen on my opinion You know in in the past decade Just just on the fact of his. He has probably one of the most unique abilities as a quarterback because he I feel like he's more athletic running the any other runningback. I've seen it's eight or and he never gets alone up. He never takes a shot. He knows exactly when to go down. High wants you to hear him and he wants to hit you as far as his moves. And all that so You know a guy like that a good good thing. That very was telling me he was telling me about You know keeping him contained you can keep him contained and not worry so much about tackling him one on one U. S. collectively as a defence Worry about him. Going sideline to sideline. Yeah Keep Him. Stay right so grass faster than anybody else in the League. So if you can keep him from eating up those strikes You know it's it's very unique to see a guy that fast and that would that type ability you know in real life like realized situation. I didn't realize how fast he was until I got up on them. And then you're like okay the hype Israel so talking some of those those healers. Db's after Super Bowl forty five. They're like I knew. Aaron Rodgers had a big arm. I didn't know until I was on the field. Like whoa that ball by me. More quick must have been like that in the AFC title game. Two for you guys. Actually you took down that mahomes team. Look Man I would say in that situation man. It's funny how you win the first game and then you come into the second game you lose it when it matters but at the same time you gotta give respect when respect is due. Patrick Mahomes is you know. He's he's every bit of what people hype 'EM UP TO BE. He's A. He's a hell of a quarterback You know I can be buys and be like God. There was some things that we could. We did to stop that you know to stop the game and make it a different Situation where we up and they score so I mean you could say all those names better at the same time man. I mean those guys they they. They definitely came to play that game. You know it was a blessing in amazing experience for me to be able to have that experience. I know what it feels like to win. I know the feels like Louis. I know it feels like being as championship. So I'M GONNA take every bit of that into next year to know that you know it is not about how you started. Definitely how you finish You understand that you know everything else everything else. It comes learn that now. Yeah now you guys. You guys are going to be hard. It's going to be hard to break your will any future November and December after this experience. Go Man I could With you for another hour but you go do fancy TV stuff in. The meantime was really fun watching the J. Wary. Come on you personally and watching the team make it to run after we got the kids with you. Back there now bill. Happy Fauria and and Batman. Here he's slow. That means he's comfortable all right. Go ahead there John Evans. And by the way Batman or Iron Man. Who would win in a fight? I'm be honest with you. I think are man because he just because of all the technical stuff. How would you get through that but the thing about I would say as far as everybody else? I feel like everybody else loves Batman. More than do iron man to be honest with you. Because he's more of a site. I like Batman. Yeah you know what I'm saying is so rich smart. Both Rhys Mar guys. I mean so. It was kind of kind of hard not to like both of them. I say Batman got is Rashad Evans. Everybody THERE GOES. He said it all. Thanks for the time is always and Batman. Yeah no Duh. Good luck with the cross country. Flight there well. There he goes Rashad Evans. He still is one of my favorites. I was too fast though Spaghetti. You know you hit a lot of topics verbal brady. Derrick Henry Tannehill Hill mahomes large action. You've got everything and kept on kibbutz in you'll be well in fact SPEC SPAGHETTI. You can confirm as he was walking in. I knew we didn't have a ton of time so I hit as many subjects as I could with one is. If you are a listener you may recall that we visited or Evans and I visited a Zach's B.'s in Nashville and there was a cook behind the counter coup and he went wild. Everybody went wild to see Rashad Evans. These titans fans in Nashville Tennessee of course but especially a guy named ESPN behind the counter and he was shouting stuff at Evans and Evans was yellen back to him and at some point. Rashawn said I'll get you tickets for a game. I can tell you're a legit fan and I asked him did you ever hear from. Espn again and he said he did and he did get ESPN tickets. What a Great Guy Rashad Evans. He's an awesome guy not even shocked that he got the tickets and that guy was really hardcore fan. It was it was cool to see him white up when he came into the back area. The kitchen he was just talking with her Sean and just showing how much this has been a lifelong titans fan so really good job. I want and get into a game. This year and oddly. It was probably a great season to go see a really good team. So hopefully they some special in there in Nashville. I do suspect or you hope that you just sounded like you're giving Peoria no because I've been because I've been saying this is the theme of of me this whole year and talking about the The best story of the season and I always said the titans are one of the stories. Because you switch the quarterback. They haven't likeable team. Very was a likable guy as a coach. And I like when there's new teams involved instead of the old guard. Get rid of the old guard bringing the new guard. I'm I'm all for titans being one of the powerhouses but speaking of old new d. like their old white hat uniforms or do you like the. Navy I like to I like the currents they. They're one of the few teams that have updated and made their Jersey more modern. And I think that when they have right now is really good. I like all variations of it I know that. The buccaneers today. Put out a little teaser video. So we'll see what it looks like they're gonNa be read. I think they're going to go back to the red with maybe a cream skulls with alternate everybody want the cream cycle. What the what the titans though there. They have a lot of sword themes mythology based kind of team name and they're sort but why don't the pant stripes? Why aren't they still have become no charges? That had the the ball soared on the pan. Underrated Lulu it's underrated at the titans. Jersey they use two different shades of blue. And that's I can't think of off the top of my head on the same uniform that uses it that. I know the argonauts right in similar fashion to that foul one of those teams has two shades of green. Which is a bold stroke. It doesn't exactly work but I think the well love it. Love it spaghetti you. Oh before I ask you about Your weekend one other thing I ask for Sean about that. Football fans may care about is he was talking about being fiery a player trash talker as he was as he was getting in. The chair said so did rebel say anything before the game when he trash talk on. Balaji said he's a trash talker. That's what he does and then it was personal for him so it was personal for us. So that's what he that's what he had to say about the ballot. Check stuff. He didn't go into any specific detail. Although that would have been fun I mean that old man. How would have been funny? How many times was able caught in the sidelines like cursing at an appointing opposing player or coach? Wherever the guy you could tell that he has not fully transitioned from like a player to strictly just a coach. He still has the player mentality on that field. Fired up his guy so I definitely will believe what we're Sean Evans says. I'm sure that his speeches were you know they probably can't be replicated on this podcast. I'll say this and as a as a little quick Analogy and also a muzzle tuft Adam Karol and the Adam. Corolla show now on at the time of this recording. Eleven year anniversary of podcasting really one of the one of the the forefathers of the podcasting medium that everybody is in now I think they're seven people in the continental. Us that don't currently participate on a podcast. One place or the other but Corolla was was one of the very first if not the first to really break big in that and like. I say he'll eleventh anniversary of that. And we're still enjoy Yup with him on good sports which plays on the Adam Corolla show most days and but you know he always said that program directors uncreative people always say like when he when Corolla was young or when he wasn't you know when he was breaking on his old show with Dr Drew Love Line that the program directors would get in his ear and they thought they were being creative by saying like you gotta speak like the kids speak so that your relatable and Corolla was wise enough to say now. I don't care if I talk like them. They will see through that what they want is authenticity. It doesn't make a difference what age you are matters if you're authentic and people will pick up on that at any age and I think that's exactly right. I think that's the trick with with stuff like Yup and into a microphone like Corolla but head coach to right. I think that Andy Reid wins the superbowl. He certainly not relatable as like. Hey let's line up and go across from each other Rashaan Evans. I don't think Andy Reed's doing that anytime soon. But you can tell the players love him because he seems to be authentic. Sell thoroughly those guys himself. It would seem dead. Rashawn made the last year national. It's actually when he said that. Bray rebel is like the new age. Check Sabin guy because he has seen kind of mentality as them but he's a bit younger and he relates to them more and I think with players that goes a long way you want to Not only a players coach you know not just a guy pat on your back but a guy you could almost relate to and you guys in God that you trust because he did play in the League So yeah you could be the Andy Reid. Bill belichick tight. That's super smart. Great play caller every scheme and you can put the guy's invitation to every week but I think a lot of players in this league now especially these guys who were born in the you think about in the two thousands they want a guy they is more cl- closer to them in age and they could trust because I think players may like the guy did play in the league and was a name. I kind of agree with that. Andy Reid is an older guy and Pete Carroll is an older guy and bill belichick is an older guy and what I've picked up and nobody directly for record. Nobody ever has sat in this studio or in the Green Room. One on one with me she APP. And with no microphones on no players. Ever said Oh it's miserable in Foxborough. It's it's such an unfunny thing but you do get the vibe of the rules and you know as long as you leave all the nonsense at the door when you get to the facility and focus on football that trade off is I. Yeah we'RE GONNA be in contention the win the Super Bowl. We do this but you do get a whiff of. It's not Super Fun every day. There you do get that sense when you talk to the titans about the chiefs about Andy Reid in the seahawks about Pete Carroll that it's a more fun atmosphere and in the age of free agency you know. I wonder how these next couple of months ago and you know for for the record. Tom Brady has still yet to commit to the Patriots although I do still think he winds up that back here. He's the big chip Ben Rothlisberger as. I'm sure you saw over the weekend. He threw a nice and easy. He threw it. That's all right. You know what though I the all of Steelers fans across the world went wild for just went wild for because that is the ticket for them to be a legit Super Bowl contender in twenty twenty s rothlisberger. And without it we go back and listen to our last podcast. In fact if you want clarification all the hot takes out there from some national voices are a little weird. The the the weird assertions and assumptions being made about what the steelers want. What Rothlisberger is going to do but SPAGHETTI? I took the gang to Momo's in town. Mohmand pop opera in town and so I took them and all four kids to Disneyland and we went around Star Wars and we did the whole thing it was just dynamite but on the way down there we were we were just you know yapping about this that and the other about work and the name Eddie Spaghetti came up and both pat. Both my parents said You'll you'll be surprised to learn that for some reason year. Performance is somehow related to me. You know like any Spaghetti's really good. You've really done a good job with him. That's my that's my responsibility. That you that you do a good job have nothing to do with your performance but but anyway Mazal Tov on that professional note from from Momo but more importantly she said it looks like his girlfriend is beautiful each she is she really that beautiful in person because she certainly looks to be and I said she's a she's very attractive and he said yeah because she because I mean Eddie's nice looking but I mean she's really beautiful. How does that complement. It's not a great comedy and I I would agree. You're not especially attractive. But I I definitely disagree with that. I currently I've I've been better in better shape but you're attractive so at your peak so you feel at your peak for the long haul that you two are good match you guys. Limi- like just pure to the to the eyeball. Yeah I now. I'm just about like it's like when you and Jada walk down the street rather and stranger see you go by because you've played this game. I'm sure with your friends like what what's she doing with that lump without lump that. Kinda guy you feel. What do you think people say when you and Jada? Walk down the street my best. I think if people saw S- they would go. Let's make sense fine. I really think that actually do all right. I'm going to have to take a poll on that now around the office. At least I don't know I'm GonNa not today we're in. We're in sweats and like you know. I'm just came off an airplane and in the past or if I dress upbringing occasion you know. Fix the hair. I asked Jada this but this one might hurt though a little bit because she if she has to confront reality she might be like you know what Momo asks a good question you know. Maybe maybe I could do better. Is that a worry for you know. I'm pretty confident. Okay I think the the the personality and my humor my Smarts it saves me. Wow wait personnel humoring smart. You got a lot going for you. I think so How was you went off to Florida with your parents? How were they those great? It was great to get back down. There haven't been in like six years since my college Spring break and to just be on the water the the main difference far too looks like California and the beach area but the difference is the humidity and its way hotter down there on. Fortunately there's a lot of rain but but the rain comes and goes you're sitting Tiki bar having some Some fruit drinks. And it's It's very fun to to be down there and last thing is did you think it was appropriate for me to bring the dog for the dog. Sit on the council on the on the table here. Do we just broke. Fun is history. There was the first time I think dogs ever been on the table in any NFL media in that studios here in culver. So I think we it's. It's a historic day for us. Hey Mina kimes brings her dog lenny. Show her show and look how well she's doing. So maybe we can Bask in that reflect. This is pretty funny to Sean. Travel with his His dogs you said it's fairly new so I guess he has to be with the dog and train it and he's just walking around the campus. Today I just realized something though. He named it Batman Right. Shouldn't he named it like Bruce? Wayne is not a better name for a dog. Every I mean I think if you name a dog to names I think is really really. Funny Bruce Wayne root like a full name. Bruce Wayne's hilarious. I always thought it'd be funny to name a dog lefty there because you don't know if he's left because he is right you know that'd be fun going okay my if. I got a dog. My Dog's name Hank for Henrik Lundqvist. Oh okay not for handsome hank that I mean that too I think. Congratulations on Chris Kreider it's the rangers are going to be good in two to five years. Congratulations on that in advance. I think they're going to be ready very soon. Best reason why they kept them in the time. Marlow and everyone Rigas and meantime Cherie Koller me excited for for the postseason in the NHL this year. Oh it's GonNa be Great. I know everybody's getting geared up for Lakers and clips and nuggets and box and all that but NHL is going to be a lot of fun to all right. Oh the last thing is Football related note is Dak Prescott. Stay and his agent have not spoken to Steven Jones and company. Today started the season today. Steven Jones said they have not spoken to since September. So this looks like it'd be a power play from the cowboys to get him to sign that tag. Do you really think that that that. Because if Dad Prescott moves. That's Tom Brady. Moves to Dallas and Danny place with a where there would be a perceived incumbent like deck. That's what's really going to set the craziness off. The dominoes are going to start moving fast and furious if Dak is not their guy for next year then then who knows what I mean. Where's DOC GONNA wind up? I mean maybe New England I guess the place for him is of course for a team that does not should not be wasting a year to get up to speed with. A quarterback is the aforementioned where I've put Tom Brady any number of times already. The Los Angeles chargers makes so much sense in the world. Right doesn't that attack was available. Automatically is the best quarterback on the market bad better than better than rivers Brady. Whoever that's a strong statement spaghetti is it that strong competition. I mean. I guess you make well name-brand right. He'll be expensive but he's young. He's he had a great season. I mean he's A. I agree with you but I bet you there some. You could find somebody who would say I'd rather have teddy be at the end. I bet you could find not not pundits but you could find a head coach out there who say I'd rather have teddy bridgewater than Dak Prescott. I don't because he's just he's nice and safe but Dak is so versatile and you know he played in a while. I guess this year isn't that tough. I mean if he goes to a team like the charges he goes to a team like even the bears. Which I'm still because their defense in the running backs to goes to a team like the raiders I think of one of those teams that have pieces and have enough Castrates or have enough draft picks to to move forward in in compete. I mean I'll be happy. Is the giants finish out of the NFC EAST? I can tell you that. But I mean whenever team he joins. They're gonNA improve them. There's no way around it. It's weird also the news about Derek Carr is that he's a he's a really good fit for their heirs would be interested in Derek Carr. And what would that mean and Derek than I assume? Sign off on being part of a competition the assumption that we always hear from David cars is that he's going back or not going back. But he's moving from the East Bay of California to To Las Vegas along with Gruden but we'll see what happens there and again if Tom Brady or Dak moves to one of those open position I mean cam is out there all. This is going to be such a fun fun. What like five weeks. We have coming up here. Because what's Today the twenty fourth twenty four so yes. We're you know to less than three weeks away from the start of legal tampering. One of the great one of the great terms all sports in the twenty first century. All right so that's eight. Great thanks to Rashad Evans by the way. Go back and listen to. I mentioned podcasts. Last week go listen to our one with Kyle Long. I thought that was great. We We had a little more time with Kyle. and Got To talk about the state of the bears as we transition from twenty nine thousand nine into two thousand twenty. Mitchell trubisky all that stuff and Kyle like his brother Chris. One of the great delights in pro football to so so. Do yourself a favor and The DDS P A solid gold. And listen to that one comment raid all that jazz and we'll talk with you later in the week. I don't know Matt money. Smith he's in Indianapolis is we. Maybe we'll see if we can check in with him at some point. I don't know I have a devil-may-care attitude if you can't tell we'll see what happens and we hope you'll check it out one way or the other until then. Thanks so much. Football fans spent a thin slice of heaven.

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