Ep 177: Kardashian Bonus Show: Season 1 Finale Recap


Guys. I'm I'm Julie, and we're the girls behind comments by CELEBS and welcome back to another episode of our Kardashian Bonus Show season one episode eight season finale how you doing? The leave it I've so happy. This was a ride rewatching this entire season. One was something I did not know that I needed to do, and I cannot express you the happiness that I feel for the fact that we did it. Can I tell you the craziest thing like I. Literally in this moment was like I would have been so happy with myself to just watch it as a personal thing. We watch it like and then it's like for the purpose of this. But the thing is I always say like I'm just so unbelievably grateful for like for being able to do this for having people that care as much as we do, but. I, don't know if I would actually just sat down and watched it like it would have been so enjoyable, but I don't. You know. Of course it wouldn't I would have. It's a rub you never would have. There's no shot I would've like I. Need this this careers so beneficial for my TV watching habits because it makes me do it like I just I. Don't know this whole. I'm just having one of those moments again. We're like this was the most exciting thing. Ever end the Courtney Scott Fever. The scene Kim started this businesswoman. Just all of it I'm telling you guys. We really you've come foreign this season like. I'm so glad to have you along for the ride. Because this was truly so enjoyable, no! It on my God the time it was I I'm just so happy. I'm in the Best Munari now you know me, too, and I also want to say so. You know last week. We were kind of talking about. What are we going to do going forward? Because as you know the reason we started doing season recap was because season seventeen just randomly went on hiatus and we were thinking. You know after this is over. Should we go into season two? What are you guys want? And probably I would say ninety five percent of the feedback was like. Please keep going. Do seem to season three. Keep going till there's season seventeen comes back. But, there were also some people that wanted more targeted episodes or deep dive, so to make everybody happy or we're GONNA. Do is next week. We're GONNA take a break, and we're GONNA do a deep episodes that may be on a family member may be on one specific episode for example showing the Mars wedding. I don't know yet or figure it out kind of like a pallet cleanser, and then from there onto season two and hopefully. We'll just continue with the seasons up until the season seventeen comes because I really think there's something very unique about starting through from the beginning, it gives you a sense of understanding today's Kardashians in a much more dynamic way. Don't you think absolutely? Yeah, it's. I don't know it's just. It's just a lot of fucking fought I cannot wait. Are you ready? I got. Let's let's do it. Let's get into it. End I. WanNa say net if you have a friend in your life. That's a Kardashian enthusiasts that enjoys just mentioned that we've been doing this guy feel like a lot of people don't know that we've been recapping season. One in like we get these people holy Shit I needed this. I had no idea like just tell a friend telecom dashing. Fran I want people to experience this with us because that's like magic, I feel. I so agree. Let's get into it. So as we know, this was the season finale and seen one. We start with Kim at the show, which is a car show that she's hosting. If you guys remember back in the day, this is around two seven, two thousand seven time Kim was doing a lot of these hosting gigs according. Khloe hadn't started too much, but this was really Kim's prime thing. And you know she gets there and she's autographing magazines taking pictures with fans, and some guy comes up to her and asked her if she's dating Reggie, Bush and she kind of response and she's like you know I'm not here to talk about my personal life and in her confessionals. She says she goes being in. The public is really cool. When people recognizing me is a real trip, but there's one thing that drives me absolutely crazy about being famous, and that's everyone wanting to know all the details about who I'm dating. And she saying that one of her duties of the DUB show is that she has to announce the performers, and the performer is fabulous. The rapper and she's like I've only met him one time before, but the tabloids have constantly claimed that we're dating. She's like so I decided to have fun with it, so she gets onstage and she's like so the next performer is once rumored to be my boyfriend so probably. After announcing today, we might get married. And she says her conventional. She's like listen. The tabloids come up with these rumors. People that I'm dating. Can you do okay star love to I. This is what I. This is what I mean when I say. Kim just has that energy unlike it just goes to show their different strengths remember when. X. Factor. Wow I, forgot about that. You just said it. Yup Out. Carly it was the core. Sandra has harmony that whole season. Yeah, there's a lot of nostalgia coming for mutually really I know I also want to say that one. I had no idea that they ever rumors about her in fabulous, but that's just funny, but also the energy that she carries here I. appreciate it like. She knew that she was new hot girl on the scene and I just think she exuded so much confidence that I was loving watching. Just loving it. It's funny, because I think. She exuded so much confidence for she was at the time, but like compared to now. It's like it's a different person. Owes totally different person, but you have to understand I. mean shouldn't have this billion dollar empire. She didn't you know all these things like for what? She was at the time line for what her career was I. think she really just owned it? I really do horse. I think she has so many qualities that are so similar that it's like when you're watching. It almost seems like it's like. Oh, she's she's never changed. But like when you actually pay attention or little mannerisms in the way she is like it's. It's honestly night and day. It is even something I wanted to mention just in terms of things at stayed consistent is something I noticed throughout the entire episode, and this is also something that any person, famous, not famous Waiters waitresses anybody that we've ever spoken to said that Kim Kardashian in person is one of the most like cordial nice to all staff type of person, and even this episode whether it was the audience she was speaking to you whether it was that Valet game, no matter who it was, she always was so like unbelievably polite and I do not think that was for the cameras I. Really think that just how she treats everyone I agree I think that's the one like one of the only things about her. That hasn't changed in the slightest. And if you remember, she said that she learned that lesson from Paris Hilton. which also? That's the other thing about Paris. Hear a lot of stuff about Paris, Hilton. You don't hear that she's mean you always hear that. She treats everybody around her with like kindness and Kim always said that when you when they were growing up, and of course Paris was more in the limelight that there's always at just be nice to everyone you never know and I guess you. Don't do the. Yeah I do. So neck scene is Kim. Courtney Claudia Dash and Kim gets a call from Cindy her publicist, which did you? The same experience of me is like Oh tracy like you'll. You'll be there soon. Enough Kid. Names have all the old people. Come up because I. Don't remember them. Yeah. It was like when Stephen was doing her makeup last week and I was like when does Mario Convince? You know yeah, exactly. So the publicist gets on the phone and she goes so people have called and I'm a little concerned about it. They were saying that you were hanging out with terrence Howard over the weekend page six called the post, but they have really specific things that they're asking me to confirm by the way I'm sure most of you know, but terrence Howard at the time was thirty seven at the time. You is best known for the movie. Hustle and flow, and of course now we know him best from empire, so Kim's like like what in interconfessional she goes off my publicist Cindy. It's her job to make sure that everything that the press writes about me is true. And saw him at butter and I. Literally we were completely separate tables like across the room, and we must have weighed each other for like a second and Christina goes. Why would they even think that then according to goes I? Mean I took a picture with him and he's like Oh. That's they confuse you and Courtney there. You have it in her confessional goes. I've been really trying to not let these rumors. Get me, but they're really getting out of hand. Can I say a couple of things? Yeah, because I think to say go. I know you preservers. My only thing is i. think it's so funny that that's how can describe the of a publicist. We. That's what I was gonNA. Say That's okay. Okay so guys. This is word for word. What she said. Let me just re Societas Okay I get a call from publicist in the end. It's her job to make sure that everything that the press writes about me. Is True what I WANNA say? You Julie Number One. That's hilarious description, but also. Those moments where it's so clear that this is season one because they realized they have to take the extra steps to explain to us. Such normal things quote normal things now that at the time it was like maybe you weren't familiar with the concept publicist, and like weren't a million with what they would do for the crashes, and it's just so interesting how they had to really set the scene you know. Yeah totally like literally the role of the publicist view actually wanted to describe it would be like. Yes indies by publicize. It's her job to figure out what to do. When people say a Lotta Shit about me, that isn't true. I don't. Get her get her more PR, but it was interesting because it was almost like she was explaining it to us while also figuring out for herself. You know yet to really funny. And the second that I wanted to say was terrence Howard was just the last person I've is expecting. Way, also, this may be a dumb question or like. Maybe really wasn't as deep as I may handle. Why would she show concerned about the fact that they would have been dated because she's dating Reggie at this point I think yeah, I think it was because of as we find out later with Ryan, seacrest interview I think things so weren't confirmed with Reggie. She didn't want to step on toes. I think I think I will make don't think he's. Yeah I don't think it had anything to do about tarrant specifically, also I wanted to say because I'm sure some of you guys had the same thought when she was saying that they weren't butter. I remember. Two Thousand, seven, thousand eight butter was the spot that was a celebrity hotspot I remember just constantly seeing in people magazine like Jessica Simpson. Whoever was leaving constantly? And when she saw the when she said it really brought me back, you know. Yes Am. We were talking about the. Butter I. When I think butter, no part of me goes through restaurant like obviously I think of butter. It's my favorite food, but also like if you're describing something. That wasn't butter butter I would think of the sweatshirts Oh my God! That's so funny! I totally think of the restaurant. I don't know why. It's interesting. I am shocked because you are a butter girl on I, know it. A broader sweatshirt, girl and I. I knew the first time I saw you. Okay so. Next know they get home and are kind of talking about these rumors and Kim sits down that famous spot in Calabasas House the same spot the she's video chat with Reggie at its. We see her doing a lot of stuff from this one laptop and looking at the articles Jews like bullish Kim Kardashian has a new man. The beauty has been out on the town. hunky actor terrence Howard they were all over each other she was sitting is laugh and he was rubbing her, but. She quits on. Another article is like who's dating Kim Kardashian and she's going down the list and she goes. Okay, let's see how many are true. She starts listening to Monte goes. Okay four out of ten. The Florida ten were Reggie. Bush Ray j Nick Cannon and Nicholas. And they just read where you that they that they zoomed in on the screen so that we could know exactly which four. I was thankful for you because you're doing the outline very doubtful. Lot of times when they do shit like that like they don't actually tell you for a time. Cracks rich specifically. They were talking about. Yeah, it was almost like we saw the answers to her budget buzzfeed quiz. You know yes. So we, we added in a little research. I think that you would find this interesting, so we know. Reggie Bush two thousand, seventeen, thousand ten okay, Ray J on the Internet, says they dated from two, thousand, five, thousand, seven on and off, but the sex tape was made in two thousand two, so we're not entirely sure the timeline. Nick Cannon they dated from two thousand six to two thousand seven. At apparently, they broke up because of the sex Jason in what Nick said on the Howard. Stern show was quote. This is my issue. We talked about the tape and she told me there was no tape. She's actually one of the nicest people you'll ever meet. But the fact that she lied and told me there was no tape. And then Nick O'Shea they went on one day to see the Davinci Code Two, thousand six, and he said quote shift about halfway through and went to the restroom, and then shockingly, there were twenty five points Rossi when we left the theater. That's what he told Andy Haunted interview he goes. I think there were other things in play at our little rendezvous. I did not know about Nick Cannon. Now I deal. That they broke the sexy. I somehow knew that I totally forgot about Nicholas. Like really clearly until. Nick O'Shea. I think it's because I've always had an interest in Canada. I don't know why you that I was like a wild announced. Stand for a little while right now I didn't. Oh Julia Out I. Like had a dream about being on it, no joke. Watch the God's sign her up. She wants to do it. I'm getting second hand embarrassment by the way just speaking about how we always talk Hollywood is. Like, constant pool, everybody dating the same people I cannot think of people that have dated more people than like. Nick O'Shea. Can't you know what I mean? They all operate within the same ecosystem. Yeah. I. Also note funny. Is that like this is why it's good that we worked at it like unique cannon I knew Nicholas we put together. We have a full thing. Yeah, lack of memories, complimentary Actually I. Think I agree. I agree. So Kim's reading. She goes I cannot believe that they have this as if it's fact, employees like. Why does mom have the picture of you as her screensaver, not me in court. He's like because mom gets ten percent. Which? Never gets old. It never gets old and it's just interesting. How as we get older as we get older as they get older, it transfers from Kim, Kylie to like both of them. Be mean either way. We're also getting older. Forgot for a second, not ten percent of really gets me the happiest when it's in the form of a comment. There was one I forget exactly what was remembering. Yes, yes, Carwyn Chris commented on Cardi and we were like screen. Shot the Fuck Outta that we have to put that up I know. Something! That really upsets me by the way. We'll post anything even when we hold off on posting so much crashing content because we know that although our podcast audience, our fans that like somehow are followers just aren't that that big of fans are they really like hating and like post? One thing is universally funny and the haters out of the woodwork, and it's like. Could you show for literally ten seconds like just ten? You know yet, literally I know. It's so infuriating anyway. So clawing corner, trying to get her to stop breeding with Jeff and telling Kim. Michelson it's stupid. fixate on it and Kim interconfessional goes according to claw. You're saying it's not a big deal on all of our friends and family know is not true, but the whole world thinks is true some already to appear on the Ryan seacrest radio show and I think this is the perfect opportunity for me to set the record straight. and. Kim is talking to Scott and Courtney. Oh, I got visit love. Can Talk has gone corny and she goes. I'm so excited to go on. Ryan secrets in the morning because I just feel like I can clear all these rumors of all these guys that is supposedly dated last question that I can finally given the answers, and they'll all realize I'm not a slower bag and Scott goes. You're not a slower and you know it goes. I know I'm totally anti. Slower and totally the anti slower. Scott picks up according the Rose are over his shoulders. You're not. You're not a slur, but let's go make for tenure for the night. COME ON SLUR! Favorite Line of like real season, I think. I I'm sorry like okay. Two things were happening while this is happening as I was watching this episode, which was like an hour, folks, I always watch right before we records with fresh my mind, one of my friends, my friend, Jess was sending me Courtney Scott Post from two thousand thirteen on Instagram, like because she really scrolled back and it was the like. The two of those things emerging me watching it onscreen, and also watching their like instagram relation I was having an out of body. Experience like I'm writing this. I. Also the other thing by the way that I really appreciate like there are so many couples at the time that we're so cute like for example, Reggie and Kim work couple, but the way the Korean. Scott were so sexually open with the audience, and with the family was so fun to watch, and they were so fun like they've been dating for a while at this point and I felt like they never lost that little spark they had. Yes it was almost like they felt like they were in their honeymoons. As even though they were in like a very committed relationships. Still I know I love it I love it. Love it. Love it. I want them back together. I kept if if we never watched this season. I don't think I would gone to that point. Nat enough like that in itself solely you, in addition to all these people inbox specifically you feeling that way is like worth enough for me. We're doing this because. Like? A prior to Sofia right, we have X. amount of time with Sophia which took up so much by brain space. Of them being there meet loving them together and I still stand by that I still like if they got back together, I would be so fine at that because I really liked them together, but then previous to that. My memories of Courtney Scott kind of like take up my brand space are all like negative memories I forgot what it was when they were like happy and positive I think it's a mixture of watching this season, but also there are so many tiktok sounds of Courtney and Scott where I'm like they sound happy there, unlike like brings me back I forgot what it was like when they were good. Will by the way talk for anybody that is an tucker isn't aware to knock is fully on accordion Scott. Campaign like they've really support this mission entirely, too. I like I. Like took a seven just like a little bit of Just now because I thought you were to say for anybody. WHO's not on Tick Tock Tick Tock this APP. TIKTOK is so teams according to the point where they put down Sophia which I really hate because like the two can coexist like this is the biggest thing that I wish could just be known more generally which I know, our audience agrees with because I genuinely feel like we have a very positive uplifting audience like. You can both things can be true. You can want corneas got together and also thinks gone. Sophie are a great couple. Think that Sophie is a beautiful proud woman, and the to do not have any sort of. Any sort of Conflict you know. Yeah, you want that to be trouble if you want. There's no limit to what you want. Exactly exactly how I feel. So okay. Oh, I won't last. Thing I'm sorry I every time it's gotten according stuff comes up i. just get so caught up, but I think you guys will agree with this. And I wanted to tell you this Julie I realized something else and I know this is a personal thing, but I'm curious if anybody else is having this reaction. So. You know when you're watching something like this. Especially a reality show in you're watching so in-depth like this young relationship at the time. They're in their early twenties. It's kind of like us. You put yourself in the shoes of the people that you're watching and. Something about myself that I've noticed just throughout like previous relationships. Is that I? ENJOY PD not to the point where it's disrespectful, but I really appreciate when like my partner can be affectionate around my family around people like is an embarrassed and again not only a disrespectful way, but like I want you to hold my hand I want you to like occasionally. Kiss me and make it not weird and something that I'm realizing that I like this so much is because I love Scott's comfort with doing that without making a disrespectful like I think I I see that in like the partner that I wanna just it. I. Don't know what I'm saying. Yes, and I. think that the best way to explain that is that I think that appropriate PDA in front of family. Not only like shows where your relationships at, but were shows like the comfort with the family which I think is a huge factor. Huge factor specifically here you know Ryan, I think that's also specifically why you like it. Because people were on cockrel around like their partner's family like ten till. They probably wouldn't show PDA like very stiff around them like it's. It's like them getting comfortable like you now, but like when you're comfortable in your and you know that like that, you know their family and your comfort their family. Thing is just becomes natural. Yeah, not for everyone. Some people are always opposed to, but yes, completely enemy. FAMILIES LIKE DON'T WANNA! See at all. Yeah, but I'm also. It depends on the person like there are some people that are just so opposed to that like it's just a personal thing. They don't deal with that, but I totally agree with you because yeah for me like with yes ivory. Okay moving on. Accident I the last episode, making a lot of comparisons, my own life and I'm sorry I don't mean to have been having these moments that come up, okay L.. Show like very narcissistic, and I want to move on, but I can't help because it just comes up. As, we all know Hollywood is shutdown right now, so all production stopped. Funding for new projects is hard to come by which is why they're really has never been a better time to kind of talk through the entertainment industry's issues and try to re imagine Hollywood, and that is what Hollywood the sequel, which is a new podcast from L.. A. Studios will be doing so basically. Journalists John Horn talk some of the most important upcoming actors producers directors about what we can kind of expect the future, of Hollywood to look like and honestly more importantly what it should look like so you know questions, like will there be greater. Greater Representation for women for people of Color, will there be a return to the small intimate movie, will there be a permanent shift towards streaming and away from movie theaters are you to take podcast reshaping the media landscape once and for all can movie theaters rebound from shutdown with streaming and social distances enorm- just like very interesting topics that I think we have all wondered about specifically for me. The social media aspect how that plays into it, so it's available. June twenty third download Hollywood the sequel for free at Elliot's dot com slash Hollywood, the sequel, or every was to your podcast. That's La ISD dot com slash. The sequel. Maxine so we are at the Ryan seacrest show. Going Courtney they're all on and Ryan's like so. Many earlier this morning we were talking about your history of the social scene in social circle. Income goes. You Know I. Just want to set the record straight. Let's be honest, asked me everything and he goes well. It's going to be very easy. Let me start with the list of guys, so I asked that Joe Francis and she's like no way to my sister's friend, then she. He Asks Pete Wentz which like were you like? We're the fuck you come from. I I know but then once. What was her answer? Was I knew where it came from? Yes, she goes. No, but I did kiss him I was in his video. We had a kissing scene, but I also kissed the monkey in that video. It was the thanks for the memories, video. That saw. that. I was GONNA say everybody just like take a moment after this episode. Watch appreciate it. Would you watch it because I? Did it was a killed me? Yeah Yeah Yeah I did I. Worry makes me. Laugh I actually to thanks to save report. We continue one thing that really makes me. Laugh is the idea of Ken having to. Put on like like seek out jobs like having. Somebody Got Josh Heard Agency got jobs where she's at a music video, but refuses to dance like the idea of that of her agent contact like being music video, but you can't make her dance as probably the funniest thing in the entire world to make. Larry kind of like for Milkman. Right and the second one I was. GonNa say. Is that something I got to be so classic. Kim Is that like the whole time she's talking to Courtney. Kim. I mean coordinating Khloe and she's like yeah, but I'm going on Ryan. Tomorrow I can just clear everything up like I'll just do one on their. Meanwhile, they're onto. I by the way I was expecting it to interview with I. Get there. We got there. We get there and earn note negative there. Or, just, watching They get there and clothing coordinator Mike and I was like wait. What the fuck I felt like they were just going for emotional support, which kind of just is really just a metaphor for the entire season or the early seasons as to how much of the center of attention can wasn't i? Don't think they minded, but I just didn't even realize. Running carry on that so any so thanks so Ryan asked about terrence Howard and Kim's like. Oh, the stories, hysterical importance like I was the one sitting on his lap at And Ryan Guests Reggie Bush he is, she's like. Reggie Mayer good friends and Ryan goes. A couple of things there was on. A pregnant pause, the new shifted eye contact. Have you ever seen Reggie Bush? His shirt off and she goes. Yeah I. Mean Aren't there. Lots of commercials and stuff with his shirt off and Ryan goes so we're GONNA put that as yes, but there's definitely potential there, because you do think he's cute and can goes no. No I said to myself I'm going to be single for a year. This is the only time in my life that I can focus on work. I have no time away from my family. If you date me, it's like you're dating my whole family and Ryan Got Wrangles Oh God oh God you're dating Chris Too. By the way before we get into it I just WanNa, say that. The way that Kim answered this question kind of like playfully and. Really not giving too much, but also giving enough for there to be a headline just goes to show in my opinion that like this is. The version of Kim, that we see on talk shows now and frequently discussing how poised she is and how much she was made for. This is the same Kim just a lot more refined now, but like she always had that in her. Yes, I always thought elections the natural talent, but she had. It is I do. You Go. Nogo. I was just GonNa say that like I, thought that ride wording that question like that was so weird. which question the Reggie with a short off like that's such a weird way to ask that. I know I think he was trying to I. It was our main Kaba with his shirt off. Does that mean we're dating? Honestly by that lodge. Maybe! In that case like there's neck as me and Jason memo are like more than dating. We are fully fucking like in love. that. Proves were dating if that's the case. seriously. So Ryan thanks for coming in leave. They walk into a separate room and Chris later. That was so great. And, she's like. Do you feel good? You feel like you cleared. The rumors and Kim's like I feel like with the rumors thing it happens to everyone, and I get really sensitive with that it when it's so true Chris like I think you just have to toughen up a little bit. Get a little tougher skin because that's going to start happening all the time. In that moment I literally felt like judge like. This. Around hold on. The way you just done done was like. Why did you harmonize the first dawn? You say. DAMNED UNDONE You. L. Like. Who would you literally like your Jennifer Hudson in that moment I don't know I just got into me. I'm so sorry I. Don't know does happen, but. Singer. Haven't. Flushing no, but. What I was GonNa say is the in that moment it goes to show like yes Chris this is going to start happening a fuck ton, and she is going to get tougher skin like it's so crazy that they have these moments on camera Yet is crazy. There is a moment later on. Remind me to bring this up because I think. There's a moment later on where it was like you're so lucky. You have this footage. Yeah, I know what you're going to I, know you mean I think I know okay. Next Scene Kim is in the car, driving in her weight Range Rover and she gets a call from Trish who as a title as Tabloid Magazine Assistant Editor? Trish goes. Listen. I want to tell you something. I could get fired for telling you this but I. Think it's the right thing to do so there's this photographer guy has been trying to shop these photos of union sister and trying to sell them tour magazine. It's a naked picture of you and your sister and there's some guy, too. I just thought you should know and can go. Wait me and my sister together enter, said yeah, he said it was you and your sister in some guy. And Kevin Hart. confessionals like I know where these pictures came from I thought I was already done with this. Let me. Ask You if there are more people in the industry like Trish Hollywood, Hollywood would be a much happier and safer place. I completely agree that is a stand up thing to do that is like I'm going to choose my morality, and this woman's like writer privacy over quick date, or at this Time magazine Bait, and I just think it's completely completely agree with you. I had a lot of respect for whoever this person is. You know we have the Internet or eight. Yeah I still think know obviously. We had the Internet, but I still being the magazines were like so much more of a thing than than like buzzfeed article, you know yeah. I mean there is TMZ, but yeah I know you mean no, but think about it. Two thousand seven. You're reading. Literally? Cracking me up tonight. I think that's telling you guys should know is that when we record this episode? We do it on Tuesday night, and so we have like Wednesday. We go back. We do any edits, etc, but we always look the entire today to do on Tuesdays. There's any rush. Were we always wait till after midnight or around eleven twelve? Just because we feel like our energy is the most exciting at this time and I knew I said to Julia is like we're GonNa have so much fun because I'm just feeling so alive, don't you? Yeah, Sam, yeah I derive. At midnight. Yes, you really do okay so Kim walks into the Calabasas House and she's crying and this was kind of like our introduction to Kim's crying face. And she's calling Chris and Chris like what's wrong and she goes those pictures of Courtney. And she sees courtney and chloe pulling up two thousand. According there I can't even face them I. Don't WanNa Talk to Courtney, so she runs off crying and she's in her bedroom, hysterically crying. She's like it's all my fault. You know what I mean and Chris goes. We're GONNA. Get to the bottom of this, okay. By the way I know if you didn't watch this episode, you're wondering like what the fuck are these pictures we're going get to that. In literally one minute Chris kind of does a big reveals Anyway so Kim's just visibly distraught and she's really upset about facing K.. Lennon Christie's please cry. I'm sorry Kim I'm really sorry I don't know what to do. And what I thought was really beautiful. Here was that these were pictures according which again we'll get into in literally a minute, but you can see Kim is not worried at all for south like she is just feeling so bad about the fact that. She is she feels responsible for this leak happening and she's like Courtney. I'm responsible for ruining someone's life. Chris Goes Kim. You're not responsible for something. Courtney did in high school. And this is when Chris says her confessional she goes when Corny was in high school. She unfortunately took some pictures of her and her boyfriend together without any clothes on. And Kim's crying. She's like I can handle. This is just courtney I've been through this and Kim. You're sixteen years old and she's like, but it was all my fault. You know what I mean and in her confessional Chris, says Kim's Joel. Courtney's pictures is a practical joke, but at some point she lost them and 'cause like we have to deal with the problem and not blame ourselves right now and interconfessional Kim is like I'm the one the stories from Courtney and left them around for somebody to get their hands on and I. Feel Awful that because of me taking these from her. It's going to ruin her life. One thing before we get into the rest of the team that I have a question for you. Am I missing something? Or what was the? What was the inbetween between someone saying came was also in these pictures to it. Just being according her boyfriend like was that just a someone was misspeaking or Kim wasn't the photos. What was the deal there? I was confused about that also obviously I. Don't think cameras in the photos. Photos but I think that whoever was shopping around knew that having Kim's name attached to it made them stronger so even if it wasn't actually in the picture to say like Kim and courtney naked photos, like would make the magazine more like enticed to buy then I. Don't know I thought the agree to, but I've from everything. I'm hearing like I don't think this has anything to do with like actually being in the photos. At, first to be honest with you by the way this was one of those time I obviously remembered. The scene by didn't remember the details like I forgot it was Khloe at Cornell her boyfriend I thought that it was like naked photos of Gordian Cam which in the bananas okay that makes sense, but then once court boyfriend was involved I was like listen. That family is close, but not close enough to like. Take naked pictures with your sister's boyfriend, you know. Yeah. I think it's also possible that like whoever called Kim, trust my girl. Just had the wrong information. It was a telephone in something just got lost in translation. That was just a moment where I wish, she would have explained that test, but anyway so Chris walks out of the room in Kim. Hysterical increases like okay. I need to get Khloe any doctor, so she brings close. She's like listen. I've got a problem Kim's in the other room. She's really upset. Do you remember those pictures that were taken? You guys were in high. High, school and close corneas photos increases like yes, they've resurfacing. We've got a big problem because somebody was trying to sell the pictures to magazine, so you need to help, get you know. Courtney busy enclosed like she's not GonNa, tell her drew's like she's GonNa. Tell her she needs time. It's very stressful. They're just go get her. Keep her busy until I deal with Kim. and. In Chris Confessional Checklist these girls when I really need to do is just get a grip in figure it out. I want to say before we continue with the scene because it was really intense like. Say What you want about. Chris and I think there are so many people that are like. She's a bad MoD. How could you be okay with US whenever in this moment? The last thing you need to be doing reprimanding your daughter for doing something quote scandalous what you need to be doing exactly what she is, which is comforting, Kim and also dealing with the logistics of it so to me like I thought she handled is beautifully. Yes, and I thought she handled it. Back for a second. There are times Chris where she makes two different approaches, and we still see this where it's like handling it as a manager in handling mom, and sometimes those two things are very different, sometimes they overlap, but sometimes those two things have very different approaches in very different goals, but I think that and I think that's where a lot of criticism comes from, but I think in this moment. This is one where it overlapped perfectly where she headed. Absolutely best case scenario is she could as a mom, but also best case scenario. She cut as a manager. Totally agree with you totally agree. So Chris go back into Kim's room and she's like Kim the home with her lawyer and the lawyer goes. Is there any indication that anyone is told that these? When these photos were taken and can goes I. Think People know they were ten years ago and Lura goes. The pictures are obviously Courtney's underage. The fact that She's underage makes them illegal and Chris like okay good point so Christner confessionals like this is a child pornography case. These kids are teenagers. They're in high school there. Underage and anyone. Who Do we selling or buying these photos? It's a federal offense. and Chris Alerts like okay, so we can go after the guy who sold them the lawyers like yes. And, in her confessional Kim says you know the last person who had access to these pictures that I know it was my ex husband by the way for anybody who's unaware, because I did not know his name off the top of my head either Kim's ex husband is Damon. Thomas and she was nineteen when they got married. He was ten years older than her marriage lasted three years from two, thousand, two, thousand, three, and Kim claimed the divorce papers. Papers he had Kim claimed the divorce papers that he had become controlling, and she said she said this later that she was on ecstasy when they got married I. Still by the way, this is like the least important storyline about this whole episode like I will never get over this I will never I will never have a moment where I hear this news that she was married for three years in two thousand and not be like Holy Shit, say. And I think that's actually creating that. We forget about it so often because I think it says it goes so much like who she is as a person, I think she grew up very quickly after that fact and I think it makes a lot of sense why. Totally and also by the way something that I wanted to quickly mention. I think that we will just continue to recap. The season's like. Whenever the car. Season is on hiatus and a lot of people. Were like Holy Shit, I cannot wait for you guys to get to the season's with. Kris Humphries because you will not understand how Kim was in that and this whole episode has got me thinking of how excited I am to like really deeply analyze those dynamics because I never ever understood that relationship. Yeah the only thing that ever made sense of that relationship and she said it will. Times was the fact that Khloe. was married to Lamar. That Horton had Scott. Ken felt like kind of the one out, and she felt like you know she wanted to get married. She wanted to have kids. She wanted to start that part of her life so I think she just picked who she was with and didn't really think about like. Is this person might? Is this I? I watch I love this person like why not and then I think in retrospect. She was like what the fuck was I think she put the idea of marriage and the idea of having family above like. The actually the person that she was going to be doing that. On paper I mean Kris Humphries. Was You know? What. I mean tall NBA player. fucking I thought he was so off. Me But I was like very, but then just everything about his demeanor was so. I always thought he was a knockoff Blake Griffin. He was Walmart Blake Griffin. Griffin is so sexy jewel. He, so fucking sexy! 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Sco Sif, she's free and chloe is looking at a magazine, trying to draconian like they're both sitting there reading these magazines in there, flipping through which like? I don't know there's just something crazy. One about watch seeing anyone looked through magazines in the way that they were like considering the fact that magazines at the time were like one of the prominent source. Sources of tabloids would also like the Kardashians looking at the magazines. Analyzing other celebrities was a bug out to watch. And close like they're in here, according to like, why don't you think Barron's? The MAG is? They were talking about Barron. Hilton. Right interesting I was thinking was around the same time. That Barron trump was born, and it was the photos of him that they had released when he was first born. But Barron Hilton makes more sets. Didn't even think of that. It must have been a must've bright hell. Aired about Barron trump. Yeah, exactly also. They wouldn't have known him by name. They would have said like trump's son I feel. Big Deal I remember no, it was i. just think the way they were talking about. It was Barron. Hilton Yeah. That's such an interesting point. I loved magazines. I miss the feeling of like flipping through a magazine. Oh same. So Chris in the other room with Kim, and they're on the phone now with Kim's husband and Chris, the one that's on the phone and she's like you know I just WanNa give I just want him to give you a heads up. At how far who's going and Kim in her confessionals like so call my husband. He seems to have an idea of who could be causing trouble. A friend wants stated his house and Chris the. axios that he take these from your house. Did he ever tell you who's going to sell them and then? She positives like no, he wouldn't tell you that okay. Confessional Chris like the one thing I know we have to do is listen to the people that are trying to help us and not try to take control this whole situation myself. This is the case for the FBI. You have that moment to Julie well. I just think it's funny because I forgot that like the context of that quote and I just think it's funny. The way we use it as like as a joke, but in this case it was literally a case for the FBI. No, that's exactly the thought that I had and I'm sure if you guys. Have you guys listen to podcasts. You. Guys obviously know the fact that we always anytime happens in television or a movie where we realized that's where the me incomes army. That's where the gift comes from. comes us, and in that moment i. had that exact same experience like. This is being used by us to so casually so. Fun and meanwhile this was literally a child pornography case. and. It's funny because we use it and making fun of Chris in the sense of like. When you when you I? It's funny because I had this whole thing played out in my head, what I thought that quote was from, and for some reason I thought it was just like something really funny in casual that they were trying to figure out like Chris being dramatic in a confessional was like. This is a case for the FBI. Had In my head like how the act that played out when it happens here I was like. I. Feel like when people see this as a medium. They don't realize that she was being serious in that moment, either. They definitely have no idea because if we don't have an idea, the average person. You know. I know. Isn't that crazy though? So Kim's lawyers like listen i. just got off the phone a special agent Bernie. He's FBI. They like to arrange a meeting with you as soon as possible. Making come to you, so Kim's like to do think any pictures are going out by tomorrow and the lawyers like. I can't answer that one for you because we don't know what this guy's done, but we do know that he's emailed a couple of the photos. So according to clear stone the room, they're looking at magazines close. Like Angelina has great boobs and Corey. There's like. The region. And Court! He's fed up and she's like I gotta go. So she knocked on the door the room. Kim's in and Kim's like I don't WanNa Talk I can't do it. Chris goes out and she's like listen will tell you what's going on. Just give us a minute and she's you're hiding. It is just bizarre. And, Interconfessional Chris, the two of us can barely bear the thought of telling Corny, what's going on? We know we have to because the FBI's on way, but like. Basically this shitty situation that they were constantly were dreading in like it was going to happen any moment now and I just could sense the anxiety in the room. Couldn't you yeah very much? So. Kim's like and I gotta just tell corn. Get it over with. So go into living room. Chris like Corny. We have something that we need to share with you. And Kim's like guests come back to haunt US Kim by the way hysterical, according to like my sex pictures and interconfessional cornish like in a weird way I was kind of prepared for this, because these pictures of always been haunting me. And Kim explains to her that you know. They got a call from someone saying that an agency is trying to shop them around and her confessional, according to these figures were privately that I took with my boyfriend long time ago and I never thought that anybody would see them and Kim's esther. She's like I. Don't care what they say about me, but when they said about you, that's when I can handle it in. Kim says in confessional so non-emotional that I. Know that she's probably really worried in really scared. She's like, but then again. You know we've gone through this before. And what Chris Sessions Listen I think that when this happened with him the first time around, it was really a disaster. Even though we ended up winning her lawsuit, she took on herself without any of us. And once we all got involved. That's from the whole thing turned around. She's like so this time we went straight to the FBI and that's who's coming over here now. The police, the FBI in the attorney Holy Shit. I know. Like. Like imagine that these weren't the Kardashians like just for your average family. This is the fucking big deal you know. Yeah, it is, it's a huge deal. I do think though like. Taking away, of course, the element of A child in the photos child pornography because that no matter what year it's a huge fucking deal and absolutely discussing, but like let's say in the Pictures Courtney was twenty two or something. I think that now these would be less of a quote. Panic as it was at the time because I think just like nudity in general is so much more like only fans is a thing like it's so much more widely accepted of course child pornography separates the case, but I'm saying that if this. This was just a regular like leak. It would net with the same panicked today's Day and age. What do you think well? No I agree with you but I. think that the reason for that is is it's less about like. It's not that big of a deal to have nudes, which no, it's not, and it's more like in this day and age. It was like Oh. My God, according to Your News cannot get out because like it'll ruin your career like people look down upon you. And I think for a really long time, even after this that was the case, and I think we're just now starting to get to a place where it's like. It's not even about your career whatever people looking down on you or whatever the public perception is going to be? It's more like we understand. What an invasion of privacy and how like? How awful that is feeling for you to have your privacy violated like that, and so much less about like the actual idea of the fact that you were taking naked photos exact-. That's exactly what I want. That's like such a perfect way to put in. That's what I wanna say like now the focus would be on how terrible it is that there was an. An invasion of privacy, and if a brand or a company or whatever it was wanted to not work with the person because they're news, really they would get shit. Do you know what saying right like the whole that was? What's interesting? wash now because I always like it's really hard to watch. These episodes tweet like with twenty twenty goggles knowing it's twenty twenty. Two thousand seven, like sometimes you have to really try hard to show off that part of your brain. Because the way we view things is so different now and I. I think we all find ourselves like. Not just crashes like anything when things combat. How was that okay how they do that? They have to know better, but like at the time. That was the mentality. We can't change. What the mentality! What? The culture was in two thousand seven that we can go back in time. It'd be like that is not what they should have been concerned about like. They shouldn't have been concerned about her career. They were concerned about her privacy. We can't change the fact that that's what the culture was, so it's really hard looking back on that and not. Automatically doing that because we think so differently now, but I really think that it's so interesting as a point to see how far we have come in that regard, and I think it's only just now that we're starting to move that way. Only in the past two or three years I think we've really made that change I so agree with you. It is so recent it's such a reason change I would. I would say the past two years and even still were not fully there, but like the the the. The shame elements again. It's still there like I'm not saying that it's not please don't think that I'm saying that, but the shame element has definitely become so much less in terms of like the way, the public shames people in that regard I think it's healthy a you're allowed again. not this case because of the child pornography element of it but I'm saying like you're allowed to take naked pictures and feel great about your body, and take naked pictures with your boyfriend, and like that is you're right. There's nothing wrong with doing that and I think society is accepting that, and what's so fucking interesting and so ironic about this is like Carter, the reason that. I want to be very careful with my words, because I'm not giving the crashing credit for this, but part of the reason that nude pictures are more are circulating more freely is partially because of Kim Kardashian and and their willingness to kind of do this type of thing about Kim's Webby. Speech Nude Selfish till I die like she is one of the celebrities that made that thing in. It's so interesting that the very thing they were panicked. About is the very thing that she was going to become so comfortable with. Will that's what happens when you take the power away and the best example I can think of right now is of most recent is Bella Thorne and I think that showed a the ability to take the power back and be like listen if you're going to lead these fucking like myself I don't care and the reaction that was. At Whoopi Goldberg when Whoopi. Goldberg was on the view saying. Listen like if you're gonNA, take these photos than you have to know that like. They're gonNA get leaked or somebody's going to hack them in. Everyone was like that's show. Not The point like I think that was the first time where somebody criticized. The taking the nude photos where they actually came back, and we're like everyone actually came back and was like that's so not the winter. Like. How are you GonNa? Miss the point of and that it's worse to have taken the photos in the first place. How is that worse than somebody invading your privacy and selling these photos in exploiting you? Exactly, that's such a good example. No, I totally agree I really do. So next scene and love and get passionate Julie. Thank you I so happy and like just. You should know do. They know that like? We don't do this on zoom like we can't see right now. We've never been able to other doing the podcast, so I just can envision Julie 'cause I. Know exactly how her hand moves when she gets. Going to say that. Just know you so fucking well and I know exactly what you probably. So he wanted to tell you guys about one of our favorite podcasts. Is Everything iconic with Danny? Pellegrino you. Guys may know him, but he's a comedian and a writer, and he has this podcast where he basically breaks down reality TV iconic pop culture moments the stuff that we all have to talk about real hassle is prompt. Rules Rom coms Cop music so much more Julian I actually went on that podcast in La the last time, and he is such a sweet guy, so he has different guests come on, and they dig deep kind of breaking down. What's going on in this? This drama that we all love, and he pokes fun along the way he's had a lot of people. Have you know award winning actors Musicians Reality TV stars drag Queens Comedians, everyone in between some of the notable guests are Jennifer love. Hewitt Elizabeth Olsen had again. He said so many Bravo liberties like Sassy Kelly Dodd Cynthia Bailey Kate chastain below decks so many more. Don't just take it from me. Everything iconic has over seven million downloads to date and here why for yourself so don't miss a beat enjoying. Danny Pellegrino twice a week on apple or wherever you get your podcasts. Next scene, Kendall and Kylie are play fighting Kylie's room in goes Mommy's at the FBI was coming in. That's why I can get my room. I think he's crying Catholic. Kim's crying chemicals I think. Okay sorry. I know this was like two seconds seen I was having I was thinking in my head. Like think about your average ten and eleven year old younger siblings like talking about the family drama. The last thing is like the FBI is coming over like what I know it is. It's so crazy. It's so crazy, so. Any other room. You know they're talking about according to listen. I don't want you to feel bad and feel like it's your phone like it is my fault. She's like yeah, well. We were young I took the pictures. My Phone Kim's like everyone has sex with her boyfriend. Everyone takes pictures and Chris is like will not everyone takes pictures. Chris I. Know You have a sex tape with? Even play that I know. I can't wait till I do that I. Really think it's so hot. So FBI arrives and crystal. Okay, girls the FBI. As! I did not I did not inter that with the power deserves. Chris literally goes okay girls the FBI. He just got so okay. We're other all sitting at the on Chris. She goes okay girls. The FBI's here. Look your best. was so good and grew walk into a bank. How Julie, how is that not the line that is viral versus the gift that's like this is a case for the FBI. Because it's so much more like reactionary like the FBI. That is the best lied. I Turn into a full on Jewish mother. In that moment, it was so amazing it was so meaning it was like. Oh my God I just loved every second of that. So Chris explaining the confessional. The FBI COMES THEY WANNA. Eat interview each one of them separately and Kim's like saying you know it's stressful because every single thing that you are saying they're writing it down. She's like I want to do it. As fast as possible, they can hurry up and they can get out there and find this guy and Chris goes as if the face as of the FBI. Interviewing daughters scary enough I still need to tell Caitlin was going on. So Chris Tells chloe. Take Handle Kylie in gasoline. Ee, I'm gonNA tell Kaylynn. You about that eating here. No because they're getting home Caitlyn's coming home with Kylian Kendall meanwhile, the seen before Kevin Kelly are already in the house in their room. Oh, yeah I didn't even notice that I. Really don't think that I like pay attention to that. Aspects I I fully revert back to like my first time. TV watching south, not paying attention to the little parts a reality television that I know now you know, yeah, also were like Berry different that regard because like annoying. I tried to find mistakes in movies and you don't do that. Yeah, I. Didn't take a terrible quality that I have because I have to like I also like I have to ruin it for everybody else. When I noticed it too like I can't keep it to myself. That's such an opposite thing that we have I like, so don't have that. So is like okay Kaelin. Shoes has like there's been a little situation. Gordon, the office right now with the FBI cameras like Oh really. She goes years ago to TV bloopers and practical jokes. The IRS was after me Chris like no. This is not a blooper or a practical joking hands like it's not something like that and she goes no I swear to God. And CAITLYN says according. She's like okay. What's going on now? And Kim's like for once? It has nothing to do with me. And corny cycles, and I'm just hoping that Caitlyn will be understanding. Wish like if we have seen anything. This is literally Caitlyn's worst nightmare like I was thinking. If you were pressed about them, taking became pictures at Joe. Francis House like just fucking. Wait you know by the way fuck that logic. I, totally agree obviously. Here, fuck that it. Killing goes when you're young stupide, make mistakes, but in today's society those mistake stay with you for the rest of Your Life One guy post one of those shots online. Is there for life? Your grandkids will be looking at them. Like. By the way, do you think your teaching? Her son lesson here that she isn't learning. In this exact moment, the FBI are literally in their house. Because somebody is trying to shop them around magazines and tabloids, and you think like the best time to explain 'cause effective actions is right now. She's got it this. Even like one of those cases like anything you could say to me. I've already said to myself like it's not her saying it's herself. It's like the FBI is at your house. She doesn't need a fucking lecture right now. It would be like if this was the name of wound and salt literally like Kayla fucking wrenching that wounded salts. Yeah it's like I. Don't like I had like a whole speech of what I WANNA to say. It just it was also I also the stark contrast between the way that Chris handed the way the Caitlyn held it which I understand like generally speaking. CAITLYN's views are a lot more conservative Christian something. We've seen throughout this entire season. Something that I think we continue to see later on in later seasons, but here was not that moment like here at the moment where we just need you to be supportive of your stepdaughter and really. Embrace the anxiety like just provide her sense of comfort, and like we didn't need your lecture right now and if we didn't need a she fucking held didn't need it. You know right like I. think that you have as a parent. Have shoe very distinct roles in a situation like this. One would be like winning. You know what happens like this would have been if you WANNA have this lecture Fryer or like? When these photos were first taken, and no one had seen them or take them whatever you want to have this lecture about. Thanks come to haunt. You fine. That's totally the appropriate reaction. Kids need to know that kids need to learn that whatever, but in this moment you needed to take on the role of protector and be like listen what you did is one thing, but like the fact that somebody's trying to explain he was a whole other thing in. You need to go into protection mode. It was, so it was. I felt like it was really Amiss placement of the blame. You know what I mean like. Oh Yeah. I don't know. It also came across the just like very like. Don't fucking blame her like as a vulnerable as vulnerable woman. Who you're feeling your body. You're by the way your child like your seventeen year. Old Body is being exposed. The last thing you need also I, think I was just taking I was just taking this I was really putting myself in this situation. And I was just like this is not what I would have wanted to hear. You know what I mean. The other thing that I was gonNA say I. Don't agree with the statement, but like it's a little bit. Like maybe thinking too much. But I kind of understood like how Caitlyn's relationship was so strained with her other kids in the sense that like. CAITLIN was working. Caitlyn was doing the Olympics heels doing all these things when they were little, and then by the time that they were kind of older and Caitlin was born involved in our lives like. The judgment that Caitlin has in so many situations like I think that would be literally unbearable as a teenager growing up when your father wasn't there for the first part of your life so like. Why'd you have judgment now? The especially like your relationships already strained in unlike the relationship. You do have I. Don't know their relationship I'm just assuming based on the way that Kaelin reacted in this situation and other situations that like if your relationship already strained. Because like you know, there was a huge aspect of your childhood that you missed because of work or whatever various reasons that like. To be more present when you're older with. The judgment that goes along with having teenagers I think that would be. That would strain anybody's relationship I. Think I totally agree and we? We don't really ever fully. We know from brody and from rand at their relationship has been an Israeli strain, but we don't know the full details. That's a really good question. Reminder if we ever have any of them on the show to ask that. Who's reminded of you reminded us because you know we're an organic. Yeah, so any according says you know like I'm GonNa Call Scott. I'm going to see you know. He's coming here on cans. Like does he know about it yet? And he goes no and cams like Oh God. So Scott arrives and interconfessional. Gordon's like I. Hate telling people things because they got really nervous when I smile and laugh I. Don't think this is a joke, because it's really serious A. Thanks to yes, a lot of a lot of like certain certain now you have certain qualities McCartney than a little bit similar. I don't mean that negatively, but you do you know because they called her? Don Emotional in the first half of the episode yeah. So you know she says Scott Down. So you know I have sex pictures when I was seventeen. Scott like no according to like you know with Jeff so much trying to sell them to everyone Scott goes, and that was before your job is your mad. Kushner. Scott and Scott Goes I don't know if you're serious. These are the FBI. They're not wearing very nice suits and cancelling. Outline all my God. Yes, Scotland fucking FBI would have come in with like a three piece you know. And canceling no is not a joke. I found that out Scott goes well. That's ridiculous canes like. A joke, it's the last thing that I wanna see as my girlfriend with somebody else, nor do I want the world to. and. Kayla Nassif courtrooms with anyone in them accordingly. Yes, Jeff's in one picture and Scott goes all right. I'm getting like a mental picture. I don't WanNa. Think about it. That's just disgusting. When go to the bathroom to throw up? And couldn't go into the kitchen and scots like so, how do you feel about yourself? According goes? I feel fine about myself. I was seventeen. I took pictures with my boyfriend and Scott's like you're saying because you're seventeen is not a big deal. She goes no it. It is a big deal and Scott's like. Why do you key meshing the age I? Don't understand like it was now. You wouldn't be mad and she's like I. Don't know I'm just saying you do things. When you're young. You don't always think about. Scott like I, didn't according to Okay Doll I'm so sure got sick I, didn't he goes okay and Scott Goes. You know that whatever not not even thing would ever happen with our relationship, just for the record and interconfessional, according to like I totally get where scots coming from. It's just really comforting to know that he's supporting me no matter what. quickly. I WANNA mention. I know in that when I'm reading that as I'm reading the transcript. It sounds like he was being very judgmental, but that was like very much, not the vibe from the scene. I, felt. Like. I didn't think that the way he rafted was how I would have wanted him to react, but again that could be like a twenty twenty, looking at a two thousand seven situation. But I do think that. Or any concern in telling Scott was that it was going to have some effect on their relationship if it got out so I think that Scott, telling her that like nothing would happen. was what corning needed to hear in that moment like all of his other stupid bullshit questions like giving her a hard time for the first minute, honestly faded the second. He said that what you should set it again. This is not me like rewarding men for the bare minimum I genuinely think that was the right thing to say, and also it was funny when he was like. No, I never like basically saying I never did anything. I was like honey just way too fucking year to. Lucy too soon. So You, know so camas is like okay, just everyone. Please say tonight when we go to bed. I'm so drained and they're all like. We want to just get into bed, Chris like get into bed and watch the bachelor, and they all know Christmas like I. Love You no matter what they go to bed. and Chris Walks into the kitchen. That's Kendall is and interconfessional Chris like when our family has kind of drama, it's hard on the little ones, and so candles is like. I was the FBI here Chris like well. The FBI was here because these are the people that you call when a really big grownup problem they come to help. I'll tell you more about it when you're when you're growing up, okay. And Kendall in like the most mature eleven-year-old like okay. Like, it was Kylie like no. Tell me tell me you. GotTa turn that into a really good learning experience for them, but they may have been a little too young. Young. Girl. Also something that I want to say is when Kim was saying like everyone. Pray tonight, and this is something. The commentators have spoken about in about the Kardashians for so long as like. This is a family. When they say pray, they really need it. They are very religious. Spiritual family and I genuinely think like they were praying like I. Think every single. One of them was genuinely praying with whatever it was. You know like they don't just say that term loosely. No I think so too I. Agree with you. Yeah, okay so the next day. Chris gets a call that they got the guy the FBI one in the middle of the night. They have everybody that they email the picture. Solicit them to they have the responses have the source of where the pictures originally came from an it was kind of like best case scenario, especially, because according to this time line had happened within twenty four hours. I don't know if that was really the case, but according to the skyline. Kim, according are so relieved according to like I kept waking up at four in the morning, and going on TMZ and like I, know just in the best mood, no pictures and Chris, like think. We've all learned a valuable lesson. Don't trust. Anybody and Kim goes I wanted to. Learn right most valuable lesson you can learn. Yeah, and can goes. I want to be known to not be mess with seriously. I want my lawsuit now. The FBI got this right away I want people to know that the Kardashians cannot be fucked with which like. They're gonNA. Fuck a couple years. By the way that was the part where I was saying where it was like like I'm so glad you have the footage of just you saying that because like. The way I had a picture in my head. You'RE GONNA. Laugh was way ahead of picture. My head was like them doing a movie, not a documentary, a movie about him going from a Reality Star to a lawyer, and like the opening scene was like Kim sit with her family, being like I just want to be known as somebody, who's not to fuck wit, and that it's like ten years later came in court. Yes, that's that's exactly. It was the lead literally back. It was it was it was. Shot Accord. You're looking for no I fucking love you know I. Did foreshadowing did come to my mind, but I I was gonna say like it was just very as a viewer. It was a proud moment I think for me, you know I too, and she has so many of. There's so many little things that she's pointed out. It's like even though I know at this point. She literally had zero intention of becoming a lawyer like. Zero actual intention of making this come to fruition. There are so many little things that she says Mike. If you only knew yeah, exactly and interconfessional, she says you know. Fame has advantages in definitely disadvantages, and whenever we do reflects on my family, so now I know it has to get it right so last seen Kylie Kylian Kendall or in their playhouse and in mind. This is the same playhouse that stormy has. That's a fucking trip now. I like. It's too much for me to handle it really is. Especially, because Kylie's in posting so much that fucking play recently, I know. So Kim comes to get them by the way the Alpha they were wearing this that was obedient, even mentioned which we should have like the amount of Cheetah in this episode was. Truly like genuinely was more than like. Season One Jersey Shore. It was everywhere. Now, you're right, so she comes to get them showing these thigh high boots mistake i. don't even know and she's like. I know that you guys sometimes don't understand what goes on and I'm sorry. If at school. Maybe your friend said things to you or come to you in maybe things that you don't know the whole truth about you have three big scissors that you could always come to. And when you get to that point, you do like boys I want you to be able to call me and tell me whenever you want to and interconfessional when it really comes down to it, the most important thing in life is family. And it was just like a very sweet kind of seen in. You can just see the embrace in like. It's funny, because now we think of them as we don't think of Kylie. Income is the same age, but the different seem so much less because like they both have children. They're both bucking almost billionaires like this really does show the age difference than it was just interesting like watching the maternal aspect there. And you'll council listen. It's been quite here for our family. All the skeletons are out of the 'cause I hope, but overall I think we're a lot closer Chris is like we love each other a lot and we have each other's back for sure, and there's nothing like family especially those crazy Kardashians. especially those crazy Kardashian. Oh, my God Julie The fucking ride of my life. Like I remember the first season I am. I cannot believe we're watching this it is, it has been such. A gift is so much fucking fun. Can I tell you what I'm really not prepared for what? I'm really not prepared for Lamar I'm not ready to get hurt like that again I know especially in light of the fact that we're already. We're like mid getting her with her reunion like seemingly reunion with Tristen, so it was just going to be a lot I. don't know I just I don't know you guys I. Hope I, hope that you listening field I every time, but I really. Really. Hope that like you get the same level of joy that we get from watching it from doing. It's so much fun. It's such a nice one hour break. It is such a beautiful high point in my week and I just love every single one of you so much I know I don't know you, but I feel like. I do and I'm just so appreciative like we both are. Young is such a crazy experience. Where so so so appreciative and thank you offer carrying about this as much as we do. And also I wanna say this is like really not a growth tactic I swear, but like I. If you have a public story and you like tag us, watching the podcast, I love that I watch every single one. Even if I don't like, open it or respond, I see when you do that. Just makes Matthys alike dude. I love that. Anything on AD. I don't think so. Let me just end. You leave. You guys with this owner obviously going to talk about it next week, but Isabelle just said this. TRICIA paid his tweets. Talking isn't the fucking funny thing. Chachi crying over her brand, not having the best launch bish nobody cares about me either some over here figuring my pussy for five dollars. Get another job. WHAT THE FUCK! I can't I can't. I cannot this. I promise you were talking about it now. With this fucking Taty Shane, dowse endeavors are James. Charles Shit is so wild and like I literally I don't care like when happen the first time I really cared. I don't care this wings. I'm so disgusted by the whole thing like. I think just there's so much to really want to get into, but this tweet was just hilarious. 'cause like. TRICIA, it's quite literally the version of like nothing in council me at this point I like the lowest of low like I. Don't give a shit anymore like she truly does not give one fuck and I just feel like she's watching missile people caring so much and she's just like. was that when you literally have nothing to lose? You just do whatever the fuck you want you know. That's exactly I. also like it's so funny, the contrast between like how much we all care the first time and now timing the second women there are definitely people still care, but I feel like they're all expecting like people give. As much as they cared the first time they care this time in like. I mean like. I mean the nicest way that a person can be in this I. don't care about any of you like eat in the literal slightest bit and also I mean you can't ignore the climate like Corona virus, and and how prominent the black lives matter, movement is right now. Thank God, which is incredible, so I think people have this thing of like read the room. Kind of you know what I mean like the last thing. People are really carrying about as the indepth drama of the beauty world kind of vibe. Or we sort. On her youtube video, literally literally, there was probably a thousand comments that were like. And by the way the cops that kill Brianna Taylor are still not arrested so like. It was. Don't know I think that was just kind of general vibe which? I just. Like. I know. You could technically make that argument about any other thing that's going on like you can take the argument by any celebrity drama anything that's happening, but I think it's a lot different when like? Other people are reporting on news or other things are happening, and they just kind of happened simultaneously I think the idea of broadcasting your drama and expecting people to care about it and expects people to pay attention to it right now is very different than just like celebrity news. Being told it's you cannot compare the two things. Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox being spotted in airport together. Like an really you know putting in love. Fueling the dating rumors is totally different and from a news cycle perspective, taty makings entire video. Bring up drama from last year. That quite frankly is just so it's so. I like the I i. don't WanNa. Get into now because I really am hesitant to speak on these things until I one refresh my memory about what happened the first time because quite frankly I don't fully remember it. I want to. Jeffrey says anything just a piece everything together, but like at the bottom line. You are a grown woman, James Charles a twenty year, old man and like. That that whole thing I. Don't think I fully grasped how. Like, we're that was the first time around the fact that you were literally sought out. Even though she says she wasn't trying to cancel him that like. It's just so. It's so weird tonight, so we are to me there, so. Run into a more like on the actual product was like it's not even that I wanna talk about what actually happened. It's more like I want to talk about. The situation as a whole. I know. No I totally agree and a lot of people saying. Can you do emergency episode like I just said No. We're not doing it on I. Know the passions about there. It's literally doing a disturbance is this is like so? I don't know okay anyway. Love the fuck out of you guys. We will see you on Monday for our regular episode I. Don't think we have guess, but I guess that could change and. Let us know anything you want to see here. I don't know. Just tell us things, and if you feel inclined, please writer view. It really makes our day and help us lot. They love you love you.

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