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So you and your family can binging Netflix favorites on your new phones, call one, eight hundred t mobile or visit a store today. From the minute data on their network video streams at forty p small fraction of customers using over fifty gigs per month may have reduced speeds if you cancel balances to well, qualified customers, full price, seven twenty plus tax agreements required. It looks for two screens terms apply. You do the party, you. Strategic, be dipped. It was gone. You want juice sell the. And girls dreamed that they be honor. They be. You think this song is. Thanks. Jeez. When. And that gene. And one. Me. Some dreams. That song. Clouds in. And. See. When you're. And. Your we some world's guy. Follow. Still long time. Since I saw. How. Goes out. Last year. Yes. We. Do you understand. Got. You've got the hang. Now on the stay. Came in. Good. When are not, here's rich to see. Part of you meaning me. Down instead. Jeez. With. Scott. That's Julia stove. Just lack the way town. 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Talk to you later on next. Close. With. Give. How. Close. Those. Close. Am welcome Wales Steve Harvey's in the news? Yes. Steve Harvey morning show has been dropped from d w radio amid messy, lawsuits. Now Steve Harvey morning show radio, broadcasts is all the air in Dow of Fort Worth after broadcasting for fifteen years. Now, Dallas radio station k. are in be one, seven point, five confirmed to all SS. It has dropped premiere networks syndicated Steve Harvey morning show. Now in two thousand three. The show was I picked up by DFW radio and began airy on k. r. n. b. one seven point five FM smooth are in be and two thousand six. Now the shows I asked for okay, as reportedly on Friday, I'll just thirty first. Now, all the SS reported now k. r. n. b. announce that they poured aways with Steve Harvey show and plan or replace now. Spacious operations manager indirectly, George, geo cook told the new source. We will be announcing our upcoming plans for a m. drive soon. Now Harvey's radio show first aired on Kaby if be ninety. Seven point nine FM the beep van trysted to k. r. e. n. b. one seven point five. If. Now the show the morning show is the second major syndicated show to be released by Dallas Fort Worth station. In the past year, this news comes on the heels of tool Osu's levied against him and as many months now the widow of what's happening. Now, star free rerun berry powder of five million dollars suit in March claiming emotional distress, infliction of mental anguish harm calls to her reputation, harassment and witness intimidation. Now, in August, she fouled and affidavit, which was obtained by greater ally that accuses Harvey blackball her from the industry and having his associates bully her online. Now, April a former guess Fowler suit against the whole suing. Him for two million after she climbs. She was sexually harassed on the show. Now a her name was dominee call your. She was a fitness model. Alleges the show personnel had her change out of her room too early conservative clothing and to an outfit that was more Vealy now rather than call, you're being presented as a single professional woman who enjoys showing offer Luke's her feature was about family members, concerned about her to sixty style and getting a makeover to Land Day. WALE. How about that? You know, everybody thought Steve was the the the, you know, Trump Challe, nobody Cheam and all those allow soups that you know, SE berry, you know, she had Foued won a couple of months back and they said that she didn't file it ride this and that. And you know, see, Harvey af said, I will be for mayor his ex wife. She's been through high water and she had shooting and she alleged that Steve had property during the maj marriage that he did not speak about. And she found out that this lawyer that she had was working with all lot of underhanded stuff. Mr. Harvey has been doing. Doing, but seems like, you know, nothing has been done about it. You know, when he moved as show from Chicago, believe it was to LA, you know, he fired all stay of then all he so big and mighty, and he told staffers don't talk to him in the hall. If he sees them, don't you have to get a point? Oh yes. SIV SIV Harvey's just high on this high horse, but you predict that. Every Dow gathered day. Yeah. And karma is among. Me. Whether for me. So we'll keep track of what happens to Steve Harvey in these allegations. And then it was another GAM start almost, but I can tell you this. It was a novel lawsuit fouled with this guy who said that he was putting together a charity benefit for Seve. Harvey, Steve, Harvey, never painting, and he told the people that it was. Albra and. Title Perry's foul because they gave bad. He guests. So many underhand is stuff has done people wrong, but she don't don't do and give by sauna. I later you reap what you saw and. Is going to be interesting to see was Steve Harvey. So. All right, that will not so reap he'd are is so bad pro is, would he reads we woman, oh, about. Okay guy. They you so much for watching by video. Our view will lie share and subscribe to my channel and as always in party b. bless ya. No matter where I go. Season. But how. When. Knowing that. While. Missile. Been. Land. So. Far away. Just wonder. That. Would. Those of them went. And three. Yes. When would mean. Love you more ridge. Yes. Don't you. And searching. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes, that would. People. I can see what was. Love from you was so. So true. Strong. The price. I see you. Now, I know. Create. Water. Early. Drawing. St. Place to be for free airport, Robin. On clinker schools run down. Little hayes. Come trio. All these join seem share this song as we go from the floor. Robin. Really. And she doing the thing back may. Shame. Doc. Up in the morning. Computer. Still winning. What. The page. Away scale. On twenty four, seven. Trucks will call it. The microphone for chat room. The key as she doing the thing back may. Really. Doc. Game day. On the ladies. Conversation in Philly, where we doing. Still to bring baby girl the hoax. Like she's still doggone catch you in to mortis kitchen. Pretty close with the stepping Willie Brown. He's robbing from the cram like. We putting feel talk back. Trek back. With rapidly. She doing. Thing back may. In temple. Retune something. Straight. When you. Joel. Often. Good. Too many people trying to take care of. Can't even take care. What's your need to do is pick six months Meyer your own. Six months. Alone. All I'm trying to say. It's. What. Talk about. Do. On the, you know, wouldn't. The. Down. Band shell. Today. Joe. Hey. Doing role, you'll sale. At two p. Some. Some. How. How again. Clean. Reach. Just. Hello, everyone. Relax here up and coming Florida rapper and current viral sensation kid. Boo, did an interview with DJ Vlad from Vlad TV. And in the interview, the rapper claims to be a second generation clone who excape from cloning center. I guess you originally in jersey. Yeah. Yeah. Originally my first gen masecond now as why you see the celebrity bursts born in Toronto, but that's false. My first gen was born in jersey. However, I was cloned by Clonaid in Canada. My model number zero, one, five, six, eight. Anyone wants to see the registration cloning. Okay. The end up in south Florida. Okay. Actually Sicilian Puerto Rican? Okay. Celia Puerto Rican. Okay. Doesn't two genomes. Okay. Who's the Puerto Rico was what. When I was cloned white. A lot of memory when I stole the documents before scaping I read that the mother was Puerto Rican. The. His father surrogate you could say was the sperm donor was Cillian. Okay. Test. Yeah. And I guess you have a fraternal twin. Yeah. Brothers, sister, brother. Okay. So you guys fraternal twins, you know, differ from identical twins. Do you guys kind of civil or not really think anyone looks similar as me. Okay. You guys close? Yeah. We're close. Really. Okay. So you're actually raised by single mother. Yeah, yeah, that's true. Mom, single father. They said a lot of memories from Clonaid where he raced just so that way the new gen can move forward with whatever new programming was made. Made. I believe in new norm now, believe in new norm of leg like creation citizen DNA that we can live like immortality, like immortal clones, transfer consciousness, living proof now. Yeah. I mean, I've actually look in shot alone. Was that shut Clonaid. You could actually as soon as you die, they could actually freeze your body will what what happened with with my first gen is they took the skull because he initially had written a will to the really movement that if something were to happen to him, they can ship the skull over immediately to Clonaid. So they remove fragment of bone. That's located here and in describing bone stores all of your memories and consciousness. And with that, they can make a sufficient replica yourself where we productive version of you, including your memories can be selective as to which you keep don't. Keep process has been off quite some time Dali is she was cloned back to seventies early eighties mistaken. The. The quote, a lot of animals. Clonaid. Too much information this is going to be brought in, but they transfer the actual memories. Living proof. A lot of have because drugs and alcohol abuse, teenager. So it's kind of like burning MP three CD. Right. So let's say. We don't do this anymore day with a bootleg, CD the original copy. Put it in reads, the transfer the files the same exact, see the same thing, all the tracks. Everything every bar re hit from. Everything's gonna be on there. Now, if I scratched that CD. I mean, be able to read all the files, make an impossible to transfer a new one new copy. I think a amazing that even Gucci hoochie. They called him yet. I mean, I don't know clone who pretty sure that was from supper company, but clearly saying he was cloud as soon as guy jail look different. He talked. Even Tiv smile a lot more. Definitely. I like I like new Gucci. Second Gucci. Second, Jan Gucci Gucci was the I have call the second may. Maybe there's others. I don't know. I, I don't even think just pop. I consider myself more rockstar popstar. Michael technically, was I, if you. People think he was. Jackson. They've definitely perfected the process by. Somebody perfected something. This is another example of hidden in plain sight. This will just be passed off as a joke or an attempt at trolling in order to associate any conversation about cloning and cloning centers as jokes or trolling. And thus the masses will just ignore it or pass it off much like with Kodak black, no matter how blatant it becomes. Everything's just ignored or soon to be joke. However, this is not the case. This obvious form of symbolism has become far too frequent to be considered a coincidence by now. You should know that when it comes to the elite, there are no coincidences. Let me know what you guys think in the comment section below. Thanks for watching guys until next time. Kidding. Hitter. Dave. Days are. Are giving. Willow care. Girl. It's. Things. Prom. Trach. Man if door and. The mad. In concentrate. What real joy. The sale of grown. Hid it from the. Screaming was. Can't. The sound. Because it sounds name saying that. On the. By my own. Quiet. The bottom. Crazy. Feels often. Playing thing. Thing. Strawberry. Jeff. In. Something. Well. The payroll payable appears. That. Time. Like. That. Quiet. On them. Bottom. Streaming take. Fake. Serious. Seems. He can't. And. Coma. Creamy. Roddick. Wow. Car air. Bad. Bad. Eighty. I just. Here. Is Ron from is. Somebody. Alexa play hits from Queen. Okay. 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