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The Raptors are NBA Champs and B & G Honor Our Heroes


Boomer and GIO on the fan and the CBS sports network. From ian. Back studio for assize in Greg Jian Audie. Boomer and geo on the fan simul gas across the country on CBS sports, that work, go to Friday morning, another summer Friday, they are so Frejus as we head into the weekend, and we have a lot to talk about the sporting with a annoying Yankee loss and annoying mech game that is to spend it in still not over after Edwin d as coughs it up in the ninth in weird tarp. No tar rain delay game suspensions and a new NBA champion crowned. The last night out in Oakland. It was the last game ever at oracle arena, and it wasn't about the warriors. It was about the Toronto, Raptors Kowa Leonard Kyle Lowry, PASCAL Siaka Fred band fleet. They all got it done Nick nurse. Nobody's going to be talking about his time out anymore. And another major major injury for the. Warriors as we find out the Klay Thompson goes down with a torn ACL incredible stock from the NBA as we're on the cusp now of this off season. And the draft where the drama gets ratchet up even more. Good morning, boomer, our you, you don't wanna I'm doing great dodge. One thing different about was US open last night, because last night was like a sportsman fan stream. I got I got the US open on FOX in primetime. I got the Mets. I got the Yankees. Yeah. And on top of that, I got the basketball and unfortunately, for the warriors. Right. I mean just yet another just debilitating injury. And just goes to show you that Notre to win championships. In these sportsman, you gotta stay healthy and you got to be healthier, the longest and they were not healthier the longest they obviously lost Kevin Durant. And, you know, in Klay Thompson last night, just awful. Just awful the C, two guys going into maybe. I don't know if Kevin will go into it or not. But Klay Thompson getting. Hit free agency and you you talk about injuries coming at the worst time for these these players this right now. So congratulations to the raptors. I'm not gonna sit here and take away from them. But I would have liked to have seen them beat the warriors with the rent and Thompson both playing healthy seven games. And obviously neither one did that. So I, I don't know what to tell you, but I think that the legacy for quite Leonard cemented. Oh my goodness. I mean this is a guy now. He's one of three players to win NBA finals MVP's and championships. With two different teams along with Kareem LeBron, he's the first guy to do it in different conferences. He had a incredibly odd year last year with the San Antonio Spurs, and he was healthy or wasn't he healthy? And he wasn't trusting the team doctors and that team mates are begging him to play in the postseason. And he's just MIA. They end up trading him to a place that he wasn't willing to go to at first, but had no choice because he didn't have the no trade warms up to Toronto. Focuses in and goes in wins a championship for that city the. First one ever, and does it with one of the most remarkable postseasons? We have seen from an individual. I mean it is up there as one of the great all-time postseasons. And yeah, people are going to point to because it's a fact it's not an excuse. But it's a fact that this warriors team wasn't whole. Now it doesn't mean that what co- Leonard in the raptors did was any less spectacular, but it is part of the story, we're never going to know if Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson, we're healthy for the entire series how this series would've gone. But let's not take away the fact that they went into oracle won all three games there. And that is not easy to kind of like what the Saint Louis blues the bronze, they won three games in Boston. Yeah. I'm as just goes to show you that home, court and home-ice advantage and even home field advantage in the NFL. And all that other stuff. Just isn't what it used to be. It's just not what it's used to be. It used to be a lot of this really is dependent on health. And if your guys are healthy, you got a chance to win and you should win. If you guys get beat up and you're missing a guy a guy breaks jaw he's got to play with a stupid. Contraption on his helmet. I mean all these things play into the victories for the other team. But you don't wanna I certainly don't want to minimize it. And I do want to celebrate Hawaii Leonard because after everything that he went through last year to play the way that he played. And to get the finals MVP is pretty special. The other guy that's pretty special ESPN's, PASCAL. Siaka again a double double last night at the twenty eight and ten he was just an absolute force this whole series. And then cutlery probably had his best game on my goodness. I mean he came out like he was going to win a championship singlehandedly last night, all those threes, right off the bat, and he's someone of course, along with Tamar derozen and all those years of the Toronto, Raptors underachieving in the playoffs. He was talked about as choke artist. And you can't get it done into big spot. And these guys are frauds and he came out, and he said, no, I'm not gonna make this all about. What was in the past? This is about right now. And I'm going to be a big part of this championship. And there's a cool little video out of. Kyle Lowry waiting for Leonard to join him in an interview that's about to be conducted by Rachel Nichols. And they don't they don't know that it's being filmed at this point, they're waiting for the interview to start. And I guess maybe they got clearance to put it out there, but Kyle hours waiting for him in. Hawaii comes over enhance him the NBA finals M V P trophy and says here, he goes take this. She were the MVP tonight. This is yours too. And it just shows you that, you know, that coli last year with the Spurs. Well winning didn't want any part of his team he has changed the whole narrative around him back to the guy that was the leader in the MVP back at twenty fourteen for the Spurs. I mean this guy you cannot say enough good stuff about co letter and what's crazy about this whole thing is. Here's quiet Leonard the toast of the town, the man, the finals MVP, and he's good opt out of his contract to be unrestricted free agent. Any might leave this guy. One of the biggest heroes in Canadian sports, now, even though. It's always going to be hockey, but still brought the first NBA championship to candidacy. Around town leave did you see the raptors fans back in Toronto in Jerusalem? Aren't you can say whatever you want about, you know, they got their fan base bullying. And right. Yeah. And it's been very supportive fan base over the years. You know, here's the thing. I don't know what he's going to do. But I just I just can't imagine him leaving Toronto. Yeah. They pay him the most money. I think he's why. No, he's up there. Of course. And the one thing I will say about quite other than last year. Okay. Which was drama between he and his team, only sure there isn't a lot of drama around him. You know, there's none of this in, in the media, social media. He's extremely quiet. He's. You know, he is not a guy that's overly boastful about anything. He just kind of goes about his business, which is kind of interesting this day and age, especially in the NBA where the dramas flown every day drama is throughout special. I mean, you know, social media all the time. Probably one of the reasons why Kevin Durant tried to play was because of the attacks that he felt like he was receiving from social media Khalil. Enter doesn't seem to bind any of that stuff. So whatever it is about as personality. The one thing I can say is watching him play in this series. And now securing his second NBA finals MVP says all you need to know about what he is basketball player. And what he brought to the Toronto Raptors. Now they caught they caught a lucky break Durant got hurt Klay Thompson got hurt and this isn't Thompsons first injury in this series, don't forget, Mr. full game. Yeah. And you know, the, the warriors route their years in their championship years have caught breaks as well. We talked about. The rockets not this off season. But last, not this post-season last postseason with Chris Paul missing. Game six and seven when they were up three games to to the Cleveland Cavaliers being decimated. One of those championship years of Kevin love and Cairo Irving both on playing in the final. So they've had their breaks to it. Just so happened that this time it came around to get them and there's going to be speculation about the fact that these guys playing so many games going to five straight files. Just finally took a toll on a guy like Klay Thompson now, you know, the Kevin Durant didn't play five straight finals as he had only been there's only third year there. But a guy like Klay. Maybe something as there is something to say about all those games logged, and all those law should, you know, without question. Gee, I mean these guys have played so much basketball, it was June fourteenth today. Right. So it's twenty flagged as well. It's also twenty five years since the Rangers won the Stanley Cup. So that's right. So our twenty fifth anniversary. So I appreciate that, too. That's why I wore my red white and blue shirt on. Honor of the of the, the New York Rangers and flag day. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Berga. Thank you. Think about that. Shape that to but for me it's. It was really, it's quite the story for quite Leonard. He's got quite the book the right if he really wants to write it now. You that's right. And I now the rules and the salaries and the bird rights. I mean it really does. I mean, the difference is like sixty million dollars in a month. Then the season start back up. Yeah. Moved it up to dock Tober now to spread it out. So that fewer back to backs. And no more of those three out of fours, and all of that. So, so, yeah, I mean basically starts in October, you have the rest of the summer and then September and then towards around Halloween now this season starts, but it makes it very enticing for a guy to stay in a particular place because of all the guaranteed money and Leonard, always talks about championships. It's all about championships with him says, I want that Larry OB he wants the trophy and with Toronto right now in this team. Really, he's not going to have a better path. I mean if you go to the clippers, they could build something out there that could be pretty good in a year with awards are going to be down because they might not have either Klay Thompson, or Kevin Durant. They signed both of them for the entire season. So he could have a easier path in the west out there as well. But I just don't know if he enjoys living in Toronto. I don't know why you would leave that reason there's really absolutely no lease reasonably. I think the GM up there is going to do everything he can convince quite a stay. I think the fans are gonna do everything when they have their parade chanting his name, and everything we really hard for him to say. I'm leaving. I think it is. I don't know. But maybe he will, but he's a different cat. That's the thing. Right. You just don't forget. You just you have no IDE, how -fornia and his his home state might be such a draw for him. And he figured he wanted to play there at some point. And now he has his opportunity. And by the way, you mentioned the GM out there now it's a name that Knicks fans basketball fans. No Masai Eugenia pause. The Knicks one they wanted to talk to them. They want to target him in the past didn't work out. The raptors aren't going allow that to happen. He's also a guy was in the news in a big way because he went and traded Dhamar Rosen for Leonard and said, yeah, I know there's gonna gamble right one year left on the contract. But the gamble whether he leaves or not doesn't matter the gamble paid off. He's got a championship now to be the gamble that somebody may make for Anthony Davis. Right. And in exactly now the. Messiah Jiri apparently is going to be offered. According to woods last night, a deal that could approach ten million annually from the Washington Wizards and deliver him the opportunity for ownership equity. So this is what happens. What a team had success. The other teams try to go and poach that guy messiah Jiri. Now is that guy? Judas. Well, yeah, that's the amazing thing, right? Right. So that would be unbelievable finally get it right. You finally win a championship, and then all of a sudden, everybody wants a piece of your team GM could go could go. But I mean the people in Toronto right now. I don't think that they care. They're celebrating there's this hilarious video. I just watch this morning of this drunk, raptors fan carrying around a gigantic house plant, you know, he's walking around with this thing and reporter catches up with him. And he goes what the hell doing? He goes, it's a house warming gift for have you seen them. They're still out. Nope drunk loser. They're gonna do whatever it takes to try to keep them there. And. He's going to with Kevin Durant now heard and in the hospital bed. Leonard is now he is the biggest chip to either move or stay. He's the guy that's going to shake it up in a big way, and we learned yesterday that according to the, the Boston Globe of the Boston Herald that Cairo Irving. And the nets is something that really looks like a possibility that we have been talking about now for a couple of days. So you've kyri goes the nets Kawais either the clippers or the raptors Kemba Walker said that it'll take less than a max to make it work with the Hornets, so he could build up the roster. And he wants to stay there and the Knicks are going to be waiting around looking around and either signing Kevin Durant with torn achilles or just build up with draft picks. A by the way, I gotta get Joe beningo was cracking me. Up yesterday cracking me up. He was screening at Rick Bucur the NBA insider, RIC Bucher. Yes, screaming at him. And he I was actually like. One of those laughs where like didn't breathe for a second. He goes Ricca, you telling me that a nurse is gonna walk up him and Ospital bedouin contract and a pen and have him sign a max deal with the Knicks in bed with the contract that a pen, and nurses going to end. It might happen. Good. Good. Good. You could be sitting in HSS. Scott perry. Steve mills and Jim Dolan, you're like in the background here. Sign this contract saved the franchise. It's unbelievable turn of events. But now, now it starts really right? I mean now now for both leagues and Joe and the NBA don't forget about the NHL draft. It's, it's the day after the NBA draft, which is amazing to me that these, these elites are like in lockstep with one another and yeah, it's going to be an exciting time for both the Knicks and the and the devils arrangers to of course, the islanders coming off of their playoffs. There's going to be the nets are right there with everybody else. I mean these five teams, the fortunes of these five teams could all change in the next six to eight weeks. Sure significantly. Yeah significant. I mean it's amazing that we're sitting here with high draft picks with with money to spend in free agency. And lots of decisions to be made by general managers for all five franchises of our winter sports. Yeah. And the Knicks were supposed to be the headliners and they're probably not going to be any longer. Mac? Can't believe it. I just like you know, fun, right? At I about a month ago, we just like all Gideon, jacked up and everything was going on Williamson's pelican Cairo Irving's going to be a net. And Kevin Durant is sitting in a hospital bed at HSS, though. I'm think about that. So member that picture, you tweeted out of all, three of them Knicks uniform, yes, you've got Zion pelican kyri potentially a net. And Kevin Durant is going to miss a season. Well, maybe he'll still be Nick, though I just. No, no, no. Just that absolute cluster fudge is what it is on. I don't know what it is just that they just got. They have no luck. Man. Maybe Jay Barrett turns out to be Michael Jordan, then that's basically, what they need. And you know what? It's not far fetched. It's that far fetched. Michael Jordan was the third overall pick. I mean in RJ Barrett going into the college basketball season was a number number one overall prospect, Zion Williamson just turned out to be a behemoth. But now RJ Barrett. He was think it was the fourth leading score in the history of college basketball's a freshman. Right. So there, there's that. So it's not like this guy is some slouch. So he could turn into a superstar. Right. Let me just say this one thing to you know yesterday we played softball over there. Mass path queens. Yes. Middle middle. Middle village, right? Next to it. I had to go through mass Beth. Yeah, it only took me like an hour and a half to go. Six point two mile that happens. It was unbelievable, but, you know, well worth the trip was, you know, I think Lisa to his oh, and Christina lamb. Christine Lim actually put on an unbelievable day. Very powerful for us over there. And we as we. The NYPD team and it was just it was a great game. But it was really about the game was about the significance of the game in memory. You know, Joe Joe lamb who is obviously at American hero, both in an NYPD uniform and a US army uniform as well. So big, thank you to them for allowing us to participate in that was great to see the Commissioner yesterday. And it is a poignant reminder reminder, how every single one of the people that work within the NYPD the PD anybody that is a security personnel person in this city that keeps it the safest city biggest city in the world deserves our credit and our, our salute today because it is a reminder of really what they face on a daily basis. Yeah. Standing there. It was it was overwhelming to be quite honest as Commissioner. Neil was delivering a speech, and then Christine Leme got up and spoke. And there was a NYPD helicopter that flew over to game. And I was just so there was a, there was a moment there, where it was really emotional, because Lisa and Chris. Steen became friends, because their husbands were killed around the same time. And that's how the families got together and their kids go to school together, and they go to school together. And they made a plaque of both men together and said, look, you know, now, they're together like we're together and handed the plaque. And, you know, the kids seeing their, their fathers on the plaque and then seeing Christine, and Lisa react to that was, you know, there was no amount of traffic going. They're coming home. That was going to me after that, you know what? I don't understand really honestly. Which really pisses me off more than anything. It's the politics around all of this crap because you see these families, and you see what they have lost. And you see these kids, and you're like. Why, why is it seemed like they're always under fire when they shouldn't be I mean, they're the people that keeping us all safe? Yeah. When I think it was I think it was Commissioner Neil, one of the speaker said, you know, thanks for being here in a time, where it's not popular to support was like that. That's ridiculous. That's ridiculous. If it's not popular to support them in every every organization that's that that level and dealing with these issues is going to have controversy along the way. But this is one of those, I mean, look at all the good while the store, the story, you know. And I know that Commissioner Bratton lead into commission O'neil, but what Commissioner Neil has done since he is taking over with the community policing effort, and everything else. And going the going the extra mile to make sure that everybody kind of get works together because policing is not just about people in uniforms or undercover cops. It's about the community in which they are actually policing partners with the with the police force. And I think you know, I I don't know. What people are looking at are watching, or on why it's, it's always negative. It should never be negative. It should always be positive. And I, I don't know over the last two to three years. I've seen nothing. But s- and you and I have been a part of the police foundation dinner and everything, and we see these amazing officers that do so much more than that. They need to do. Yeah. And I said this in the brief time that I spoke yesterday at the podium is you know, we go to these games. These guys come up to us and say thanks for being here. We stopped that. And thanks for being here. I mean, there's nothing you're gonna thank me for I'm not accepting that thank you. It's very nice if you I'm not accepting that, thank you. But thank you guys for doing everything you do and having us, be a small part of it. So last night was, it was just one of those things like I knew when I, I was going to sit next to you, this show, that'd be it'd be a special ride. I didn't know how special because things like this, you know, I saw you do in the past. And but when you're there, and you're a part of it, it, it just changes you. I can't say enough about, you know, guys like Ricky DP tro, Matt. Morton that show up. Governor shows up and mess. Alone was great yesterday, Tom Izzo may be in the midst of his greatest moments. Yeah. Say softball FA, and t- me to come. Okay. You get to that. I've got a couple of hates get to that. And got a couple of hits yesterday had a sacked fly. I've not had a miserable defensive thing happened to me yet, so but it's great. I mean it's just it's just watching our team come together now you know our second game we played a lot better yesterday than we did to the previous game. I got I got a bone to pick with CBS sports network. I mean, they couldn't wait to play all the fat me highlights from last year. Right. Every time he was reloading the me pop in my hamstring running to first base. And now this year, I'm hitting the ball over the place. I'm spelt making defensive plays. I don't see any but. Matt Martin and Kirschner, and everybody else to me. Well, I gotta tell you. I think DP atro- might have had one of the best lines of the day yesterday when you were on the base. Now, the field was a little muddy. So you had to be really careful when you were running. When you finally got on base somebody said that, that was going to take at least six hits that make you score because you tend to be able to slow on the basis. Right. Well, I don't I'm telling you right now that track there and they worked really hard to get the field in, in somewhat condition. Yes. I was not busting my ass out there. That was not happening. I got a long summer ahead of me. I'm looking to have a good time. A walking boot is not something I was ready to strap. Next Friday night a week from tonight. We have our you came against the wounded warriors. That's right out on Long Island. It's going to be great tonight. I have my empire challenges the football helmets. Here's gonna be a beautiful night at Hofstra for hopefully yet another great game between the high school stores from Long Island in New York City, the last years have been unbelievable. Tonight's game starts at seven o'clock at Hofstra. So if you've got nothing to do come on out and support the local high school football programs around here, it's going to be great and look forward to the twenty four th year, the empire challenge in a big. Thank you to United Healthcare, the New York Jets under armor. Gatorade, hurricanes grill, and wings. And of course, Johnson Ville, the big taste grill that will be there giving away free free food and everything else. So I'll look forward to seeing everybody tonight at Hofstra.

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