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You could also tell him he's being asked the question. He was not really paying attention he was he was just like whatever he was looking to get himself. It's gotta be a reflection. Oh it's yeah. He is looking at himself in the zone. Like i'm doing right now. Welcome to highly questionable. We got my go jona. We got katie nolan and we will get to the glory of anthony outwards. let's go. Do you think fields can sway. The forty niners with his second proud or for two weeks ago just fields headache pro day. The kyle shanahan did not attend because he was attending mag jones day but now for the second one he will be available. He'll be there and we're starting to hear some things now that maybe just maybe. The forty niners aren't as locked into taking mag jones as we may have previously heard which would be encouraging because suddenly i no longer feel like how shanahan is a dummy because if you went gotten locked in on the idea of jobs to the puerto trade three first round picks in order to move up and take him. I had to ask the reasonable question as to whether or not he is a w this is. Why would raise the question as to whether or not he was a dummy. Not a soul ever considered the possibility of mack jones. Being that guy in that. Pick until chris simms who has called shanahan's initials tattooed on his body. Told us that may be if you want to have somebody who can start today that that's the guy that you go take and without doing a thing. Bank jones suddenly became people's is the number three pick in the draft. Except there's something. Mike greenberg a lot. That's a great point. Every single person that he has come on says they take justin fields over mag jones. The only person who wouldn't is the hypothetical kyle shanahan. I just can't believe you. Trade all those picks to go take that guy in this draft just or for me to grasp if it turns out to be field trae lance data make a lot more sense will we've been told is probably going to have. Yeah i have to give all the credit in the world to my co host radio chennai mckay for calling this out what it is. It's the bridgeton effects. Kyle shanahan reprising the role of the duke of hastings. Making matt jones looked like something that everybody wants to be around in this upcoming draft. And we kinda see. This tend to happen towards the end of the draft cycle every year. Where things start to sift out we get a little bit closer to the reason that we were searching all along hopefully in this. I'm willing to go along with some idea that this was an elaborate smokescreen to then go and take justin field still at this all. I'm willing to do that for my mental health. At this point the one encouraging thing has been the difficulty of the draft cycle always is when we have these conversations about zack. Wilson we have this conversations about mag jones and people's justifications for some of their takes they're very rarely supported by real concrete evidence. But what we've seen in defense. Justin field has been just that every weird narrative about that has popped up. We have seen a lot of people rushing to his defense providing concrete examples of. Here's him doing all the things that you've claimed he somehow couldn't do. Listen so maybe just. Maybe we're going to get to that place where we realize we did all this for some weird bit of direct pre-draft entertainment and now we're good to go from. I think you could also argue. Not just that it's a smokescreen. You could argue the kyle. Shanahan did want and may still want mac. John's he's a guy that's passionate about. Whatever quarterback he gets passionate about any kind of fixated on it. It's entirely possible. That shanahan wants to end. Might still take mack jones. But it's also possible that given the fact that they gave up so much to move up in this draft and that they put so much time between when they made that trade to move up and when the draft actually is that over the course of that month. The hopes were either from john lynch or from cow. Shanahan himself that he would change his mind and maybe look and see if they could do else with that. Pick which i know forty niners fans would be thrilled about. You have to remember the cow. Shanahan is a guy that has made a mistake in a draft before to sit by and let mahomes go by so that he could take kirk. Cousins is not something that you want to repeat. It's not a mistake that you want to make. Because you're fixated on a quarterback that you want and you instead miss the opportunities that you could have so you would hope that shanahan has learned that lesson. I think it makes sense for them to take fields or even trae lance. We have to remember his second. Pro day is on monday. And i'm sure that the forty niners will be interested in that. They both work with same Private quarterback coach. Which is john beck. Who has a very good relationship with kyle shanahan. So he's clearly getting information on these guys and hopefully he's taking that information into account and we will see him do that with the third pick of the draft. I hope i don't know. This is the thing about him in michigan. John beck is interesting does he. Just like them less talented. Like we all know that guy. Is he this guy who just likes them. Less time to think about this had colin kaepernick on the roster. Yes i know. It was complex but still. He remembered brian voyeur. Because brian hoyer new the system had the option of taking deshaun watson or mahomes in that draft decided to wait for kirk cousins. Why i don't know that doesn't make any sense from anybody has turned out to be a really bad decision. Then they went and got jimmy. Garoppolo was seems to be the case. Shanahan is he thinks his system is the star in the less talented dude or more likely to adhere to the system. Jon gruden that's a guy that likes some less talented right because he thinks that all stuck draws up matters more than the players. You will never win that way. Period is ben. simmons is trash talking. Good or bad for the seventy sixers Service bit hidden despises reminded me that his rookie year people used to want to find him all the time. Anyway sixers and the nets played at night if somebody has been simmons after last game. This was the best rivalry in basketball. Which is a little bit weird. But this is what he said robbery. Anything definitely but you know it's going to be hard to do that but now we we don't to pass chance the lakers. You know they want wanna championship. So you expect to though Obviously brooklyn as a lot of talent They know going one ball and you got to so now he s he has become the czar of defense and also slid in there to be hard to keep that team together. Don't they got engaged. That ben simmons away here he is being asked by rudy. Gobert these two guys defensive player of the year contenders. This is what this says about rudy gobert. And let's get back to your coach. Doc rivers because he came on the jump and he made a serious case for you as defensive player of the year like to me it just regards every position like he literally at times swallows players. And i've not seen that. Do you agree with him. Definitely one of those guys who can guard one through five Obviously respect for rudy. I know what he's capable of. I know he's down there in the paint but he's he's not gonna everybody And that that's what it is. I mean he got him in utah and forty two and apparently scores so it is what it is but i've respect for him at the same time I think i think it's mind as you yell. I don't think this is necessarily good or bad for the sixers right like i don't think anybody's going to care in that way. But this shave with a lot of passive aggression with seems to indicate to be. He probably does other stuff that the sixers really can't stand. He's always got a little under his breath Apparently not score. Who's saying that about you being who'd you want to hear that come in. I just wish he did it again with australian accident. Because i feel like we're losing out on that plot that is true we don't want to miss out on that element of it. I'm glad ben. Simmons is taking up for himself because this what's become abundantly clear. Very few people outside of philadelphia are gonna take for. Ben simmons in any sort of meaningful way right like he's never been a guy that the outside world of the national media has latched onto because once we figured out that his whole shtick was not ever even trying to shoot three pointers. We kinda put him off to the side and said all right. You can argue about defense all you want. it's a weird styles. Make fight thing here that we can try and do with him and rudy go bare. I saw. I think it was tim. Macmahon tweet out. The defensive ratings for each there on the court and off the court for their teams and philadelphia's actually goes down with him off the court so you can make a bunch of these arguments either two different to call. I'm just glad ben. Simmons loves himself enough and is stealing himself enough largely because of the work of joel embiid to come out here and let people know how good he absolutely. It does feel like he's learned from the master. he's finally starting to get a little spicy. He's campaigning. I get it. I'm all for him talking trash. I will say they lost that game against the jazz. So maybe making that game as an argument to say that you're better defender might not be the best one but i'm totally fine with it. I'm much more fun than doc rivers who loved but we need to talk about the fact that you said he literally swallowed and that is a complete and gross misuse of the word literally. I do not think. I've ever seen ben simmons literally eat a person on the court now. I there are some games. I've missed you know sometimes timezones it but i will say i haven't seen it and i think that i would have heard it and so i don't think you should be out here talking. That's by just make sure you use the right words. And then lastly is that rachel nichols kitchen. Because i need to. I need to move to a new apartment. I got bad news for you. They literally changed the definition of literally to include things. Your lower not literal know that happened but it. But i know i know ran. Did they know but it had. It's a long long year k. Nobody calls me up next on. Hq do you have any thoughts about growing up or anything like that. What you think about what he might bring to the team. We'll be baseball player. Talks i do you own or rent. Your home sherry do. And i bet it can be hard work you know. It's easy bundling policies with geico. Geico makes it easy to bundle your homeowner's or renter's insurance along with your auto policy. It's a good thing too because you already have so much to do around your home. Go to geico dot com. Get a quote and see how much you could save. Its gyco easy visit. Geico dot com. Today that's geiko dot com. Do you question if a rod should be offended by this. Okay anthony awards. Why possibly my favorite player in the nba y because nobody's given a better interview right now because nothing is a big deal to him. Don't believe me here. He is being asked about his previous athletic exploits. As a young man. I used to play baseball on. Yeah it'd be hi. How good a baseball player. Where i could have went to the mlb. And i am not surprised. I'm serious though you know i just. I love your confidence you play. I play pitcher. Shortstop third base centerfield are the prime is. They don't want that while. I'm trying to tell you man we talk. You could hit the ball but for him. You know what that me out. Three is the most atlanta player in history of the nba. Now here he is being asked about the new ownership group in minnesota which features. Alex rodriguez who you may have heard of because he was a very big baseball stop. Do you have any thoughts about em up or anything like that. What you think about what he might bring to. The team will be baseball player. Research on okay. I know he's gonna be on about about. All he knew about baseball is that he would have gone to the major leagues if he wanted to. But he didn't want to go to the major league so he hasn't paid a league of attention to it and all not surprising at all because anybody who plays shortstop third base pitcher. These aren't the team. Guys bats cleanup. These aren't the guys who lead the chance who know the names of your teammates. These are the guys who were like. I'm here because i'm good. I'm the best. I don't actually care how anybody else does. It makes perfect sense to me. I feel like alex rodriguez the businessman has to be a lot more humbled by this than a rod. The player because i can make some aides things all of this. But for a ride. Who i think's very much values his role as being someone out here in the business world the working on shark tank. I think that's the part that deep down at parties. He probably not ready to talk about in this. I'm just so thankful okay. Whoever that woman was. I don't know her name. That was interviewing him. In that i bought they found the perfect foil for anthony edwards and so much cynicism and disbelief and he picked up on it from the jump was having none of it. I want the buddy cop movie with those two going at it. I'm buying what they're selling the real test you by the way is does he know who jennifer lopez right. It may be that by working here. But because he's like nineteen years hito. We're not there hot people. They don't think those people are those are their parents. Yeah yes. I'm hiding doored. Do you question shohei. Otani is better at running than he is hitting or pitching or look that otani is basically turn in the major leagues in the little league. Where the best pitcher on the team is also the best hitter on the team. Because you're just the best player on the team now. Let's check them out at the plate. This will not be a mammoth homer other grounded in short as a routine play. Being out wrong is that we saw kun. You do In a very similar play. And yeah this dude is put enough. That kind of speed is throwing a hundred miles an hour in four to fifty foot home runs. Do we have a massive home run from him. We have one of those. Yes same game sees lee's going mild my goodness just to yes. It all looks right. Is exactly the way i wanted to say as well. That's exactly right it looks. He looks good and natural. Doing all of it and it doesn't seem to be a struggle at all. Now all i can think about all. I want is show this video to anthony. Thinks he knows that we asked if he knows that he's like when i was playing baseball. That is what. I've been trying to tell you up next on. Hq i feel like yes. It's impressive but it's the kind of impressive that's like never gonna matter. It's like you're never gonna take shot from there because it's not so it's cool. I don't want to take anything away from that but at the same time. It's like the at the same time got in the way of the i don't wanna take instead. I'll just say wall. I would never do that in jail. Boy am. I impressed tonight on. Espn mavericks grizzlies. All right this looks like a good game. Look at dances. Gotten his shot straight. Which was the whole in his game. Which is frightening to think of what it could be an job. Mirant is coming back tonight. But let's get at his brigade routine of sorts. I as nuts for what countries where they do this. All you know kick balls around. I mean what's he. It looks like it's going to the right that it's the wrong basket. The videos really grainy say i'm just glad that he got his shot on track because otherwise my thing would be too bad. He can't take that three pointer in the game because earlier this year yet. A better chance of making national. They need did anything in the field of play a quarter play. Whatever you call it a thing of play data you intrigue. Yeah i mean. I guess i'll cool. I like basketball. I just feel like yes. It's impressive but it's the kind of impressive that's like never gonna matter. It's like you're never gonna take a shot from there because it's not so it's cool and i don't want to take anything away from that but at the same time it's like yeah the the at the same time got in the way of the. I don't wanna take it instead. i'll just say well. I never do that embroiled boy. Am i impressed here. You go go you a tree. I am intrigued. And i think everyone's going to be really entertaining excited to show up for this the plan tournament. It's going to be an awesome trishaw waiting to see which teams can beat them to be. The eight seed happening right now. Cubs brewers all right. Oh you're not that intrigue because we're here anyway. Yeah the brewers got this thing about hitting them with baseball's it seems to happen live plays against them. I think we got a little video. Some maine's got again old with her apology. Either stein the jugular beulah frustrating. When you feel like this keeps happening over and over again what do you do a response mile and contrast it. I mean if you're going to get them back that's how you get him back in. His foot wasn't even like actually on the ground he almost gave himself a ankle sprain. He's joined the hello. Yes do that sudan that like are you allowed to show up the fans. You can't show up your opponent. I feel like you get to show up. The band's gator you drink you know not enough to walk out on my job. I do have to sit here and do the rest of this. I'll maybe i'll turn it on when i'm done. I do agree. That shushing fans is is a great move. And i'm sure they were. They took it really well which early injury. i'm intrigued. Shifting sands is a great route to go and during these social distance times. Make sense but if you really want to show them you're not to do to keep hitting like this you might want to just try fighting someone at some point yes. We thought advocating violence. Violence is not the answer in syndication jeopardy. All right air raja's still hosting jeopardy. You guys keep telling you sales. He's doing a great job all right. Let's what's more sixty s. These midwesterners earned five. Nfl championship trophies. Packers for six hundred. They swept over the nba winning the title every year. From one thousand nine hundred fifty nine to nineteen sixty six. Eric or the boston celtics. That one i do have to say. I would've thought it was a trick question. It would have been too easy there. Katie you entry Yeah i'm intrigued. I love jeopardy. I haven't watched aaron rodgers adams still back in my dvr watching beck episodes going very slowly through that. I just feel like you're already a very good quarterback you don't also get to host the best nerd show that's not fair point. Katie bill. the people the people that usually have everything always have one thing in common. They want more. Aaron rodgers is coming for everything that we wanna miss here. I am halfway on many sticky notes. He tweeted a picture of his desperate. They're like you don't have to try that hard we know. You're good at this aaron rodgers. He does have to try that hard. All right that is our show. Checkout katie nolan podcasts. Sports it has a question. Mark and my goal of junior and goal seven eastern on. Espn radio unless they have the right time at the binding. John's nobody loves me like you. Because golden gate never done that once never once. I know i'd mess it up. Hey this is bomani jones. Plus your favorite podcast. Let me tell you why that'll be number two after you listen to mine shaft week. And what a challenge you to keep up with me. As i discuss topics from the latest in technology music and people getting dumped on also get the very best analysis of the games and we watch them with the cyclopes level of store for connection. Plus we have got a community of guests that you build your closest friends in no top. 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