Coach Monica Aldama from Cheer: Sometimes I have to mat-talk myself.


I try to separate the coaching part and the nurturing part at let me sometimes talk myself to separate the feelings of I'm going to break this kid's heart because I'm not going to put them all. I'm Carly's Aken. I'm Danielle Weisberg. I welcome to skim from the couch. This podcast is where we go deep on career advice from women who have lifted from the good stuff like hiring and growing a team to the rough stuff like negotiating. Oh shitting your salary and giving or getting hard feedback. We started the skin from a couch. So what better place to talk it out than where it began on a couch today. We have a very very very special episode of skimp on the couch. We are joined by Monica Alabama. In case you do not know this name. I don't even know what you've been watching what you've been doing. She's the coach of Navarro College College cheerleading and has fourteen national championships under her belt. We are so so so fucking excited to do this. Interview or team team is the focus of the new Netflix documentary series. Cheer if you haven't seen it I just don't know what to say. Stop what you're doing and go watch it. The series defies as traditional stereotypes about cheerleading as it follows them through the physical and mental challenges of the sport. My God what they do you got to watch him. Also Showcases Monica's coaching style and the impact. She's had on her athletes on and off the Mat. Monica in case you have a notice. We're literally obsessed with the show. We cannot wait to talk to you. Welcome to skimmed from the couch. Stink you thank you for having me. Okay so we want to jump in which is just want to ask you to skim your resume for us. When did you start working? Just kind of walk us through each job you've had well. It's not much because I started really young. After I graduated from College I moved to Dallas for a year and worked at a computer company but it was really just just a job out of college. Just put something on the resume and I really wasn't happy there and a friend of mine that I had gone to high school with was the assistant baseball coach at the college. Judge and his mother happened to be mature coach when I was in high school so I had helped her some when I was in college and he called me one day and said that this job was open and I should apply for it so I did. It wasn't really something I thought I would ever do. And our only I think twenty two when I applied for it so twenty five years later and I'm still still there. What did you think you're going to be doing? I have a business degree in finance and then I have my MBA. When I was in college I really thought that I wanted to move here and maybe work work on Wall Street or do something in the finance industry? That's what I thought I wanted to do but God had other plans so I mean so much better. Yeah Yeah everyone in our office has everyone we know is absolutely obsessed with the show and part of I think why it's resonated so much is actually actually your role in the show specifically you represent the mentor coach. We all wish we had in our life and one of my friends at this me recently and I was like. It's a perfect way to describe you. It's like Tammy Taylor coach Taylor and I'm very curious g you see what other people see about your role with these kids. I don't you know I mean we're when we film this documentary were just opening up our lives to people and I mean I know the impact that I have because these kids tell me and especially after they're gone a lot of them reached back out to me and just let me know how much they appreciate a lot of times. They didn't realize how much that they should have appreciated me at the time but they really learned a lot so over the years. I think that's why I'm still here because because of the kids and the reassurance that I'm doing something right you know in their lives. I'm just there to in my job. I didn't really know that this was going to be so big. I WANNA start off before we get into it with just some and clarifying questions. That every time I talked to someone about share and I've been asking people and friends. There's a baseline of questions that they want to start off with just from the show. The first one is do four year colleges have cheerleading programs. That just are not as good or is it a different division. It's a different division. We're in junior college. Division and over the years division has really dwindled because for one reason number one they created what was called an intermediate division where you could do lower lower level skill so like the teams that were not able to really compete against us. Move Down to those levels. If we don't have the highest score we normally have at least top three are- out of the whole competition over the past mini mini. Since we've been winning and so a lot of people wanna go to division where they can have a shot at winning. A lot of people jump ship in our division is really small now. I have seen online. Some people confused about that but because it's so small people that are not in the world are like. Oh that's all that's all you be was one or two teams or whatever we always have the goal of going and getting the highest score there that way. If people ask we can say well we had the highest score. We beat every team. They're really that just validate says even more because the division has gotten so small. That's our goal and when we go out there and put out the best routine that we can and just get the highest score that we can the second clarifying question is. There's been news after the show aired that. NCA hasn't been so pleased with Netflix. Following this show Joe or just the publicity. Is there any update on that part. Yeah I mean I I went to La last week and we were working twelve hours a day. So I didn't really have time to get on social media much but as soon as we got down I got on the the van to go back to the airport and my phone had just Bologne up. People texted me my social media. People tagging tagging me a new store like actual actual news stories and the college was calling because we had news reporter showing up to the college about this big story that was breaking about how they had changed the roles and we can no longer do the show and compete. We'd be disqualified and none of that's true at all I have a great relationship with NCA in Varsity. They've always been very supportive. Supportive of me and what happened with that kind of news that Kinda got crazy. They had updated a rule in their stunts. Just some wording just verbiage and so anytime anytime they update anything they put the date that it's updated so they put up dated January. Whatever the day was when I guess someone decided to go and actually look at the rules roles you know because most people don't dig down deep until that really boring part of the rules but always read them all? So there is a clause in there that talks about documentaries and filming and and stuff like that printed that off last year gave it to the producer. Already knew that clause in there and it didn't say anything that we couldn't it just it's really more so about about you. Know they don't want something protrayed as reality. Yeah they say guidelines you know it just. It's not true at all. I have a great relationship with Varsity versity a great relationship with NCAA. They would contact me if they had a problem with things. Any updates on what the kids profiles are doing out they show 'cause I know we kind of caught Jerry in the hallway and the plan was to go to Louisville. Is that still the Navarro. He went to Louisville in the fall. And that what's his dream school. But when he got there I think he just didn't feel like that was really where he was supposed to be and so he had reached back out to me a few months ago and just said Hey. I really feel like that that I'm supposed to be back at Navarro and of course there's always a place for Jerry to be back at Navarro. Morgan came back for a third year. She actually graduated but she's doing like a dual partnership program with the university that we have a partnership with and Lexi Lexi. You know she got kicked off and the charges against her were dismissed but she did go to another school in the fall. Because I told you can't come back. she was cheering there and she also did not feel like that it. Was You know where she was supposed has to be. She finished school that semester but she quit cheering in the middle and her coach and her mother and grandmother all of course wanted her back Aveiro zero when they reached back out to me about giving her a second chance. I said you know. I feel like she's had enough time to reflect on it. Learn from it. I mean do people taking chances. So she's back and she's just just really doing incredible. I think this show was so good for her. Just to fill the love and support and just to build her company her story just breaks your heart when yes but she's doing great. I have a clarifying cautious. You before coaching was your level of cheering at the same level as these kids. Oh no I mean keep in mind. I'm old so what happened over. The years is people started putting their kids in all star. Cheer from like the age of birth or three years old and and so these kids became really Ali. Talented incredible growing up and being trained in the whole world of cheerleading. Changed tremendously since you know. I was in school until now and it's continues to just push the limits cheerleading. Just in general is a way different because it's a lot harder. Yeah people my age did not have those kinds of opportunities you you know. This podcast has a career podcast. We talk about people as managers. We talk about people when work. It's tough how they overcome challenges and what's so fascinating about the show and reading more and more about you. You have any job. You are very clearly a really strong. COO CEO why say that is because it's very clear that you you break down the information in a quantitative way you'd constantly in the show talk about cheering smart and really looking at from a numbers perspective and you also are very clear with your expectations. And you're tough I wanNA understand what's made you stay at Navarro. Do you feel your best. When you're like the big fish in the small pond or the small fish in the bigger pond? I think the a small fish in the bigger pond because you have goals and you always want to move up to the next level reach the potential of the people around you but you know and always intended for this to be a temporary temporary steppingstone. I mean at the time. I just didn't like the job I was in and I grew up in course of Canada. So okay I'll just we'll go back home so you know it was a good job. Aw because I had summers off could be a mother of course Canada's a little bit smaller towns so there's not as many opportunities but I still felt like I was gonNA move move even to that finance filled at some point. That was always my goal and every time I would think about it it was just hard. I felt like I created this program. It was my baby and given it up with going to be hard and the attachment to the kids. The longer I was there I just felt like I said I just felt it was God's plan that I was there there's many years I've thought should i. Should I think about next year you know move into different career moving and I just never did a lot of people that are listening into this and a lot of people are audience. Think about the decision of do I go to Grad School get an MBA knowing that they might not know what they want to do with it how do you think about your decision to get an MBA. Now I'm very happy about that decision. I mean I wanted to teach them classes at the college. I needed to have my masters to do that number one. Do you teach classes says outside of I did. I've taught Algebra for a long time. I just stopped doing that. I says yet another way that shows that we have a different skill. Set My life's too easy at all but I did it for a long time like probably twenty years and allocation too. So I would I even consider going back and get my doctorate degree but I just the time factor of it was just too much. I'm very happy about getting my MBA. and not tell these all the time you know before you have too many responsibilities go and finish school because you may not need it. You don't have to have a degree to be successful. There are plenty of people. Oh that do incredible things that don't have a degree. But what if that one job you want is the minimum requirements the degree. It's always harder to go back. And because because obviously so many doors are opening to you and to the students and I think some of those opportunities I assume would require them to maybe not finish tomorrow. What advice vice would you give them? I think this kind of opportunity is only comes around once in a lifetime. I mean this is a very rare opportunity to have this kind of exposure and in this situation I would tell them you have to take the opportunity you know I mean I would love for them finish school but there are ways especially Ashley This Day and age that I didn't have which you know you could take an online class here there. I mean you could take a couple and still manage all sorts of opportunities so I don't think that they need to miss any opportunity. This could be lock changing for them and take them into a career that they didn't even know would you know would be an option for them and of course their the future is one of my top priorities. I want to get into your management style. You talk a lot and it's clear from the way that the kids kids react to you that you set expectations. How do you actually do that? When someone's on your team do you give them a list? I think a hard thing for newer managers or even for us is is. How do you set expectations? How do you hold people to them? Well you know we have a big talk at the beginning of the year about expectations and what those are and their kids south Dr Ahmad Lem often. I've learned as I've gone along you know because you can't treat everything the same kind of deal with every situation differently depending on what it is but you know go to class these. These are easy things you go to class. And if you don't we have a simple rule the whole team runs because it makes them both man. Yeah A- and I've learned that over I mean I've had different roles before but that's kind of the thing. The one thing that I have found works the best because they don't want to run because their roommate is asleep so whereas before they might just walk out and go to class and let their roommate stay in bed now. They're gonNA make sure that that person for mad and they do get mad if someone's not there yet when classes about start they'll start texting them it just. It keeps us all accountable and like I tell them. I'm the one that gets called in to the Athletic Director's office this or wherever if y'all get in trouble and that's not fair to me because I'm not the one that did it. I need to feel accountability. Feels you know to each other because at some point you're probably going to be held responsible for other people's actions and you know you need to be accountable for yourself so you're not the person that makes people run or messes up in a job or whatever ever and and showing up some big thing to try to teach them if you have a job. Because I can't stand it when someone calls in and because I just thought going to work because it puts other other people out and to me that's just not fair. That's just a big thing for me like self accountability. If you have a responsibility you show up for it. If it's class you show up for it if it's practice you show up for it if it's a job you show up for it. 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Fifteen percent off very first I order all you have to do is go to third dot com slash skim to find your perfect fitting Bra and get fifteen percent off your first purchase. That's third love dot com slash skim fifteen percent off one of the things that I think we both struggled breath as relatively new managers in her life is how to push people but not push them too far. We want to avoid burnout. People have limit. Then you want to protect them from themselves. Would I was really just fascinated by watching the show. Is You clearly push people. They look exhausted. And you're GIMME PUSHUPS or they're literally injured. Heard especially because you yourself hadn't necessarily done those same cheer moves because she was just in a different state when you were coming up. I'm really curious how you find the balance to push them and not only. Do you do that but rather than showing any resentment there like. We don't want to disappoint Monica. We don't want to disappoint Monica. So I'm just fascinated needed by how you've been able to balance as a manager. Yeah I'm not crazy so another show looked crazy. I mean the kids get to sit out if they are injured. Our athletic trainer trainor makes the decisions on. If they're able to go in her out on the show. I'm like Oh what does she everytime stars like she's GonNa say they can't minded. Where is she needs to give them more research and we have a great staff and they're really good at having a treatment plan for every individual whatever their their needs are so we do take good care of the kids and we follow whatever? The protocol is for each person. But my thing is I don't yell you know they talk about a net Shields she gonNA get. But I don't I like to have a respectful conversation and speak to them the way I would want to be spoken to you because I need them to still be confident in themselves and to want to WanNa do it for me and so I need them to know that I care about them but what visit that. They need to do better or work on whether it's an attitude or whether it's a skill or whether it's whatever I try to show them compassion but still be strong in the expectation and still be there cheerleader. Because I thought that's how you get people to want to please you. Do they have to know that you care about them. You don't go in and just yell. People want to feel cared about. They want to make people happy if they know that. There's a reward not necessarily necessarily physically but just even a feeling that they get that yes. I've exceeded that expectation. And just like it's a way you talk to people and you make them feel feel like you care. How did you learn to be a manager like this is a common sense? When I started I was very young? I didn't know anything thing. I didn't know anything about coaching. And that's really why I used my business degree because I was like. Okay what is what's the ultimate goal to win. And so I kind of started from there. Okay let's work backwards. What what I need to do to win? And it was very black and white okay. There's a score sheet. I need to get a score. How am I going to get the score and I really started there but then quickly realized? Oh there's a whole nother coaching. I think that has nothing to do with the score sheet. And it's these kids that are bickering or they've worked with her boyfriend or okay. Now have two psychologists have to be an adviser have to be counselor. I have to be a mother. Her and I didn't realize that because you know when you're young you think everyone's like you. Everyone had the same upbringing. So that really opened my eyes to okay. I need to lrn myself. I've learned to be more empathetic and really try to put myself in other people's shoes and think about how they might feel because you know a lot of people they don't WanNa hear here they want to think about what they're going to say back as the response instead of actually hearing what is being said the thing that I keep coming back to is. How do you balance caring so much about these kids and all so many of these kids have just really come through hardship and tough times? How do you set limits? When I was watching watching the show I was like how do you not try to become a mother to each of these kids? And how do you do that year over year over year. I mean I do. which is why it's hard? Yeah you we know but I try to separate the coaching part and the nurturing part at let me sometimes I have to talk myself shelf because it's hard. Let's give us money just like to separate the feelings of I'm going to break this kid's heart because I'm not going to put him on that and I love this kid more than anything and I know what they've overcome you think about that but you know that they don't have the skills that this other person does and that's where it really Ali pulls at your heart strings and that's where I have to like Monica. You can do this. It's fine just separate it just separate separate it and I do. I always try to still circle back around and make sure they know like you're still good. You're still good enough. It's just it right now is not your Tom. Yeah we see your kids on the show easier husband and are they as in to the team in that or is it a home. You're totally separate and that's the way you know. No I mean they've they've been my biggest cheerleaders for me me. So I'm I've done this since before my kids were born so this is all they know and my kids have gone to competition since they were old enough to go and watch their my biggest supporters. I mean just. It's the other day I mean because we've been working so many hours trying to practice and still do the pr for this and stuff. I mean I think I worked like a thirteen hour day the other day and my husband called and he was like all Auburn. You food so that you can then go to the next thing and he just ran in and dropped off foods. I could eat while I was working and he knows he knows. There's Tom's when I'm going to be really stressed out. And he knows the the Thomson not talk to me just like going to step back and let her decompress. So let's talk about those times. Oh well Annette is my middle name and and I don't really like my middle name so many many years ago someone decided that that would be ma alter ego sasha fierce yes and and so I don't like to yell I like to have a conversation but what does it feel to get. There's no bar sale all all out. What one brings a net out usually? It's something big or it's a buildup where I've kind of let something go and like tried to really work work it out and they're just not getting it one time I can think of all the time ahead. Recently one of the guys was trying to get one of the girls trying to make her do a basket toss that she wasn't ready ready mentally to do and to me that someone in danger and a net popped right out and made sure he knew really fast. That was not acceptable. Yeah I mean. She doesn't make an appearance. It's very often but when she does. It's a statement and I think that keeps everybody in line you know. Are you a crier. nope not much. No there are moments in the show. That really Paul at the heartstrings. Like your relationship with Morgan is one of them. She very clearly looking for that and needed maternal figure in her life because she had such a hard childhood. When when you go home are you just thinking about that all the time? Are you like Morgan. Come over for dinner were like what are you doing for Thanksgiving. How do you kind of emotionally handle that for you? I mean we just have such a great connection sometimes with them more than I'm with my family so I don't have to take it home because I know she's taking care of my phone. Young is going off twenty four hours a day. I mean these kids that don't sleep. They'll call me at two o'clock in the morning like I'm supposed to be a way to answer that phone call. Do you get annoyed by that. Are you know I don't get annoyed. Oh you guys boundaries. Oh no no no no no no. It's just like my kids. If you call me not that I'll be awake to answer but I usually do. I feel like there's an open enough relationship. I don't have to carry that stress because I know that if they need me. They're going to call me. These kids are part of the family. Yeah a big aspect that I think comes across is not just how physically Siklie taxing the season is but emotionally as well one thing that we really have to take care of is watching for mental health and when when people bowl reach that point where there too overwhelmed or they're too burnt out. How do you encourage the team to take care of themselves? And then how do you take care of yourself as someone. That's working all all the time balancing family. Have you been able to find anything that works for you. I'm not really good balance for myself. I mean I know I should be better at that but I'm On I just need to get things done that need to get done so whatever that takes you know but I do have summer a few weeks in the summers off. And that's really my personal motivation. If I can just just keep pushing until then then I know I'm going to have a lot of time to decompress. Just get myself back mentally where I need to be in order to start all over and do it again and with the kids leads. You know I can tell. Usually when they're getting too stressed out first of all just try to pull him to the side and have a conversation with them. Give them a hug. What do you need? We just figure something out and Gabby was having a hard time last year and I said let's go to dinner so I took her to dinner and we had a good talk and she felt a lot better afterwards. Just it's really more of an individual individual thing I can usually tell when someone's having a hard time or sometimes they'll come to me without maybe I don't even know and they'll come to be careful that you don't look like you're playing favorites. I'm sure they think I play favorites. I tried to really spread myself out but some kids they come to me more. They need more from me and so it's not necessarily me going out out there in given more to someone it's someone that really just needs me more. That's wanting that from me and of course going to be there wherever that's needed. What's the dynamic on the rest of the team team? Obviously there's breakout stars who were profiled in the show. You know you're doing publicity tours right now at them. You're just sounds like you have really strong personal relationships with each. How does the rest of the team feel? We've been that question a lot first of all when we were filming this documentary. We had zero idea that the whole world is going to watch it. I mean you know. We thought got small little documentary. Just open ourselves up to the community and and we knew that they were doing home visits with certain kids and I mean everybody was fine with it. There was never any jealousy or anything. Now that it's out a still haven't seen any jealousy I think everyone's just in all that the programs getting so much exposure that they're they're just really happy about that but we're learning as we go so this is very very new to us and to you have a Monica in your life. Who's your coach in life and first of all my family is like I said my biggest cheerleader but I did have a mentor? When I was starting out coaching his name is Louis? Houston shout out to Louis. I talked to him still still all the time. He'll call me check in on me. But he was a businessman he worked for Shell Oil Company. We just really could kind of connect on how we see things and stuff and he really really you know to me as a young person and kind of gave me a lot of direction and advice. What's your help for the program? My hope has always been just to continue and you to be successful and to make it a place where it's impactful on students and you know with the show. Our goal goal for that was really just for people to see the hard work that athleticism of these kids you know. Because I don't think that that was really no so I just really was hoping to you. Know see see that these are true. Athletes The athleticism. The grit determination. What I think is one of the most passing parts of of all this with cheer? And it's really emphasized in the show is that there's no professional professional. Cheer to go onto after these kids graduate. So you're right. They are incredible athletes and just caliber. That's just extraordinary right. How do you feel about them? Pushing themselves emotionally and physically giving all their time to this giving their body to this. Do you want them to become athletes and other sports after they leave. What what do you hope that these kids get out of it? Well I think anybody. That's ever been in cheerleading. We'll tell you it's truly teaches you so much more than just physical things it teaches you responsibility self accountability. How to work with a team? How did not give up how to push the hard times? How dedicated to something and show up? When you're supposed to there's just so many lawf- lessons it teaches you and I want to teach them that and more but cheerleading is just if you've ever done it addicting it's the feeling of just having the advantage of flip all day flip all day? When I was young I thought I'll I'll do this till I'm eighty? I don't think that we need more but for some of these kids. That's where they go. Oh and just release all their problems. You know it's where they can go and just do what makes them happy and I think just having that goal like this is our goal we want to win this championship or or whatever it is and then you work so hard and then just that feeling of achievement for pushing through. I know it sounds crazy. It's just a little trophy. It's just a little piece of metal but it's beyond that it's just the feeling of accomplishing something the NC Double A.. Doesn't consider cheerleading a sport. And because of that athletes aren't protected under their safety guidelines. Do you think that should change. The cheerleading community has got lines and they're probably way more knowledgeable Jabbour about cheerleading than if it were to move over to NCWA. I'm sure that if it did it would they would coordinate that somehow but I mean there is a safety board. They overrules all the time. I mean our safety lines have changed. I've been here for a long time and I've seen them tightened up over the years so I know based on that six hours you got to see. It looks looks very dangerous and it is. I mean it's it's cheerleading. But they have tightened up the safety guidelines in hopes to lessen the amount of injuries from a management perspective. One of the things we talked about at the Schem lot is what it means to manage up and one of the things I was really struck by was jerry kind of learned the lesson of how to manage up. He was not put. But I'm Matt was friends or like go. Ask Her why go ask her. Why and he didn't want to be disrespectful or annoying and all the millions of excuses that we all kind of make ourselves when you see something like that because you've seen enough to know he probably should've asked you and eventually he dead? Why am I not getting chosen for this? Do you see your role as ultimately a manager to be like. Hey Hey you should be asking me this or wait till they come to you. Oh No I definitely let them know. I'm I'm very honest with them. And with Jerry and I even said it in the documentary Henry felt like he was not putting himself out there and tell them you know then then I feel like maybe you don't want it as badly as someone else or you don't have that fight in you. which makes me worried about? Are you going to have that fight. When go Tom? I will let them know. pull them to the side. I'm very honest because of how are are they going to know how we're going to mature lightning round last segment. I feel like we should do some matt talk you think so. Do you WANNA go. Gosh I don't know. Do we want like our studio audience which are team right now to do some mytalk guys. Are you ready give all right. We're not we're not known for about talk here. Okay Weitz the first call you make when you get good news now husband. What about bad news? How many days till Daytona you know what I don't even know because I haven't slept much? It's probably sixty seventy seventy. When was the last timing negotiated for yourself? It's been a while. Are you going to negotiate now that the show is such a success. We hope so do it. I'm working on that. WE WE WANNA see Monica's all star Jam. I mean you WanNa Line of Mahe sure. What's your biggest vice like when you re? I wanted to ask when you get home from a bad day at practice. Or when you guys lose our you know past time no gee you gave me that bottle of wine. Are you like a chocolate chips. And Salsa Okay Okay Yeah. I don't drink alcohol really. I mean maybe every once in a while but more so just because I'm old and I drink too much. I don't like the way of fill the next day and then I've also gotten so old that I like deigned. I want to eat that cookie or don't always use the cookie. Do you have any pre tournament rituals. That are good luck terms. We're very superstitious. And like I really liked the knuckling in the water. Yeah totally respect that we have. It gets ridiculous sometimes all the things that they'll do before but like right before they hit the stage in Daytona. Are you like always bring up. There's been times I've gone out to the Alabama. Oh my God. I didn't do it. I need to run back in and you would do something I gotta do that and then I just took it breath and then I just walk away. I don't want to be near them. I get nervous and I don't want to let that news out into the biggest pet peeve not being accountable for your actions not owning it season two. We're just happy to be here. Will you let us try out for. Yes yes yes you think that I with. No no experience could do a basket. Yes we just taught someone why why the other day you have like back issue. The first wine which enters I would be fine and the right coach. We'll be teach anybody any thank you so much I look forward to seeing. You can thank you Thanks for hanging out with us. Join US next week for another episode of skin from the couch. 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